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  1. lol that's stupid long and rambling. Yes the red door is home, where she belongs. She thinks it is KL, it isn't and she'll find that out. The red door represents her passage of death through to her second life as a dragon, joining Rhaego and Drogo. A dragon as she was always meant to be, ruled by instinct, needing no justification for her actions, burning then flying away. It can be likened to a Shakespearean tragedy in how her death unfolds but that's the lesser side of things, ultimately her emergence as a dragon will be a triumph, the biggest, baddest, hottest fire breathing dragon that will end the long night is who she has always been, it's her becoming herself, her homecoming, like the human life was just a dream.
  2. Like many you greatly underestimate how much content is left and the speed things will move when POVs start converging. Stannis will fail, Jon will rally his forces and defeat Ramsay for the north, and that will be the trimmer story line as the whole second dance will occur in the south at the same time.
  3. I have no issue with it. No-one wants any question asked to which the answer is because Laenor and Joffrey were in a homosexual relationship. It makes every sense it would go away. That was a fantastic episode, they're knocking this out of the park.
  4. One would assume Tatters has an idea of what it will take and that the queen's resources can see it done, or he wouldn't be barking up this tree.
  5. It may be morphed and melted by Dany's soul into a living dragon for her second life.
  6. The quote isn't about Tywin or Robb, it's about Jaime. It's immature to think taking such an advantage is below anyone. Watch the new Jaime take every unfair advantage he can sniff out, by hook or crook.
  7. She thought she and Viserys were of one mind, Daemon can't be trusted but Rhaenyra can, this shit is not in her nature. Like she thought Viserys and herself were the level headed team with the solutions here. Finding out he sent the moon tea means that no, not only is fucking about within Rhaenyra's nature but Viserys full well knows it is in her nature, and simply accepts she is what she is. It's just stupid little Alicent that's behind the times here and needs to get up to speed.
  8. The character work is great. This show reminds me somewhat of Wolf Hall in how it isn't handholding, it gives you a character's nature, mindset and then an action. That Cole was falling apart under the shame of his situation was portrayed well, him lashing out violently against someone who is the mirror embodiment of his own shame and provoking him (to Cole's mind) isn't only believable but a fitting climax. He's a violent man, he doesn't know court and intrigue, secrets and leverage, he's long been prepared to die and knows only one may to meet a threat. He broke and did what he does. Criticisms like why didn't someone stop him are stupid, it's turmoil and chaos, no-one saw what preceded the pummelling and the assumption of bystanders would be that the KG has good reason to be doing what he's doing. He is authority, and the other people with the authority in the room can't see shit and have their own problems going on, like where is the princess and the king fainting. The KG standing around scratching their asses and not going and getting Rhaenyra wasn't right though. Alicent work is strong. Not only can she not trust Rhaenyra, she can't trust Viserys. From her point of view there's a clique and she's not in it, she's an island of one. She gave up her whole life for those children, and what Otto said holds completely true, and the more she'd think about it the worse it'd be. In a world without Viserys what is Rhaenyra truly capable of? What is Daemon capable of? Even if wanton Rhaenyra who she doesn't really know isn't disposed to kill her children, when men rally to Aegon what will all those in Rhaenyra's ear tell her to do? The "ambiguous" Daemon/Rhea scene just doesn't work. But it does work that Daemon went there, tenuously, to kill her. He's loose, he's lost Viserys to the duty, to the realm, to "them", and now Rhaenyra is following Viserys. He's half out of his mind here as to what to do and has half a mad plan, kill his wife then steal Rhaenyra away. It was well done how they write what he's thinking, what he desires, through Rhaenyra's mocking, but as they've shown is his way he can only ever go half cocked.
  9. That was another great episode. This is really well written.
  10. If it gets finished yes. It's quite obvious he's writing the series for posterity.
  11. Dany and Hasty are associated and that there is connecting symbolism is not surprising, that he must be her ally does not naturally follow and you've not made any kind of cohesive argument for that to be the case. There is symbolism between thematic enemies throughout the text. The stork symbolism is a big nothing though.
  12. No he's a religious zealot of the Faith of the Seven and Dany's bringing a foreign horde of heretics to roll Westeros. Even if his own faith proves to be so false the religious zealots he leads are not going to all of a sudden change their whole life's perspective to follow the daughter of their leader's crush. The best he could do is give her Harrenhal by deception and imprison his own men. Bonnifer will stand against Dany. The numbering is relevant, at first GRRM likely intended the Unsullied to go up against the Holy Hundred at Harrenhal, and so the numbering is a nod to this. and The Holy Hundred are going to hold out an ungodly amount of time. It won't be the Unsullied they'll be up against though, I suggest GRRM created Benerro's Fiery Hand to take what was originally intended to be the Usullied's place in this. The religious zealots of Benerro and Bonifer will get to test each other's wills in battle. The series will explore the dark depths of religious fanaticism and Bonifer is poised to become the violent sword arm of the Faith. He's probably going to commit extreme murderous religious persecution, plain torturous massacres and believe it's just and godly. Tyrion will ride Viserion and Viserion knocking the pear to Dany's feet may symbolise Tyrion defeating and bringing Bonifer to kneel before Dany. A likely meeting as Bonifer who knew her mother better than anyone will probably tell her something like he's glad her mother died rather than see what her daughter has become. The whole thing is a lesson in being aware of trying not to cultivate extremists, even those that are for you, because they're also potentially your most dedicated enemy should they turn. The strongest love becomes the most bitter hatred. And there's going to be a lot of people turning on Dany.
  13. Jaime will negotiate their surrender and return into the King's peace, despite them torturing him. This won't happen soon, this will happen when Tyrion is king.
  14. That was a good episode, took care of most my issues, just a bit late coming. If it didn't carry the name it might have lost a lot of people before now. Want to see your death little girl? BOOM DRAGON TEETH FIRE
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