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  1. chrisdaw

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Aeron Greyjoy is going to second life a leviathan. The possibility and history of second lifing a leviathan (whale) is what the Drowned God is based on. Aeron is becoming the Drowned God. Aeron's description at the beginning of the chapter. Later Euron's description of the drowned god. Note the similarities. The drowned god's physical description is that of a cross between a man and leviathan. The Drowned God's watery halls is a nod to the innards of a whale literally seeming like a great hall. With everyone being so focussed on Euron the real crux of this chapter is being missed. It is the most meaningful of Aeron's story, it actually reveals his story whereas before he could almost have been dismissed as simply a convenient POV to relay events. Aeron's story is a question of faith. This chapter is a trial of Aeron's faith. The very name of the chapter is a taunt, telling Aeron his faith is misplaced, misguided, wrong. This leads us, the reader, to the simple question of if Euron or Aeron is right. Will nothing come of Aeron's faith? What specifically is going to happen is in the text. Aeron is going to drown. The question is will he stay drowned? And the ending of the chapter is the answer. Aeron will drown and will begin a second life (with Falia) in a leviathan - the Drowned God's water halls. The Drowned God will set him free. The belly of the beast where it is always midnight. What is dead may never die. The Drowned God will answer his prayers. It is nothing the Drowned God has not already done for him before. He is not forsaken, the chapter title is ironic. His faith and god will prove true and see him through. And when he does second life a leviathan, basically becoming the drowned god, he will be set to meet Euron again and make good on all his threats and promises and all the foreshadowing. An epic showdown is brewing, Aeron the Drowned God leviathan vs Euron the new god Kraken. Second lifing as a concept is being brought to the fore in steps. It began with simple skin changing, then in ADWD a peripheral character second lifes a mundane wolf. Aeron second lifing a leviathan will be the next step as the series heads towards the big reveal, that Targs/Valyrians second lifed dragons.
  2. chrisdaw

    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    It won't happen.
  3. chrisdaw

    Who is Quaithe?

    Shiera Seastar. She is a curious sorcerer with an appetite for arcane knowledge testing the limits of what can be achieved. She suspects or understands humans can second life dragons. She is guiding Euron and Dany for this purpose, and so is bringing the two together. She may understand that it is Dany's destiny to second life a dragon and defeat the Others and is trying to guide her for that purpose. She may just be doing it for fun, because she's mischievous and enjoys the carnage she can create. She may herself intend to second life a dragon and its all preparation and manipulation to that end.
  4. chrisdaw


    Euron's horn will kill the person who blows and set their soul on fire. It seems it kills the person who blows it by burning them inside out. So if there is a connected pattern to the horns, then logically the others should do the following. The horn of winter should freeze the person who blows it from inside to out and turn their soul to ice. The Kraken horn of lord Celitigar should cause the person who blows it to suffocate/drown but turn their soul to water. In practice Euron's horn allows a person to second life a dragon. If someone were to attempt to second life a dragon without the horn having set their soul on fire their soul would simply burn and they'd be forced out (what happened to Varamyr in his eagle) or simply consumed. Similarly the horn of winter probably allows a person to second life/become an ice dragon or Other. And the kraken horn probably allows a person to second life a kraken (and other underwater life), whereas someone's soul who hadn't been made water by the horn would simply drown. That said the horns are not the only way to do these things, they're just a tool created to streamline the magic process. Drogo second lifed Drogon and Aeron will second life a leviathan without any horns.
  5. chrisdaw

    Why Does Darkstar Matter?

    I think the place to start looking would be here. This is the only time I can determine where the character touches upon a theme and isn't simply playing to Arianne's arc. I'd guess GRRM is readying to explore the virtues and trappings of a just and honourable resistance that is also a costly failure, and Darkstar has a role.
  6. chrisdaw

    We’re Missing the Point

    Ned didn't choose duty over love when he saved Jon from Robert. Ned didn't choose duty over love when he named himself a traitor and proclaimed Joff the true king.
  7. chrisdaw

    We’re Missing the Point

    Yes, but you're not describing what is the actual point. Ned Stark sacrificed everything in order to save an innocent child's life. Specifically he sacrificed that which is thought to be most precious to him, his honour, when he committed treason and betrayed his best friend by lying about Jon's parentage. He prioritised a child's life over everything. The point is that it will be in contrast to Rhaegar. Rhaegar had Jon for the purpose of sacrifice. Rhaegar will have prioritised saving the realm over the life of his innocent child. And so it will fall to Jon to choose which father's footsteps to follow in, Ned/Stark/Ice or Rhaegar/Targ/Fire.
  8. chrisdaw

    Can Bloodraven/Bran warg Patchface...

    Plausible. Also plausible that someone else is doing it. Bran and Hodor, Varamyr and Thistle, this skin-changing of other humans is obviously headed somewhere, though Patchface isn't big enough to be an end destination he would be a fitting step on the way that rounded things out.
  9. chrisdaw

    I don’t get the “Love is the Death of Duty”

    Cersei choosing love over duty went real well for the realm.
  10. I would assume that Mel is "hiding her true age" because walking around looking like a corpse would probably be distracting and a beautiful visage is more likely to get shit she wants done. How? Magic, she's a shadow binder. And the same would apply for Quaithe. Why would Quaithe/Shiera play a hand in waking dragons and saving the world? The character was a curious arcane boundary pusher. It serves her interests.
  11. She's like Mel, a shadowbinder of Asshai. What Quaithe wants is for Dany to remember she is more dragon than human, for her human death and her second life in a dragon, as that's what Dany was meant to be. That's what she means when she tells Dany to remember who she truly is and that her dragons know.
  12. The children exist as a dilemma to team Aegon (Varys vs JC) and then Dany. While they live they are threats to their reigns, they're a test, is the new king any better than the old king? I'm not at all confident on how either will die, but it will be in service to this theme.
  13. The answer is a simple yes. The visions or whatever one wants to call them when a character talks to imaginary characters (or perhaps a real magically appearing Quaithe) is just a literary exposition method. In this case it was to bring Dany to a mindset of planting no trees, fire and blood. At least one person wrote an essay about it that you could probably find if you care to. What I find far more interesting to discuss is where this is leading her. Put in place a fire and blood Dany for the one who attempted to balance the line between the cultural norms of Meereen with her own desires, then change Meereen to Westeros. What you get is a Dany who disregards the wishes of the Lords (Westerosi masters) and the Faith (Meereen temple) and who takes a lover who personally appeals to her for a husband (Euron, the Westeros Daario), rather than one that brings her peace (A Westeros Hizdahr).
  14. chrisdaw

    Who is the great other?

    No Great Other, Stannis will become an Ice Dragon and be the big bad.
  15. chrisdaw

    Gendry King's Landing King

    The realm is not breaking up and the throne isn't going to get torched lol.