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  1. That much is correct, he is a reluctant Tywin. It will be him because there's no-one else.
  2. Genna doesn't stop to consider she could have been wrong, it wasn't a bluff and Jaime's actions are completely consistent with Tywin's philosophy as explained by the man himself.
  3. Yeah that's right. Genna says Edmure is soft of heart and head and Jaime thinks it is the Blackfish that is the problem, that gives us all the elements at play in Jaime's head as he then sets off to visit Edmure. The conversation with Edmure as they walk is Jaime determining how Edmure feels about his wife/child. For all Jaime knows Edmure could believe Roslin just an enemy Frey who played her part tricking him into the Red Wedding, and not care for her or the child. Jaime isn't just poking fun or making conversation, he's determining that his threat is going to have teeth.
  4. chrisdaw

    The relationship between Sansa and Robert Arryn

    None on her side, he's a pawn.
  5. It isn't vigilante justice, it is demon slaying. And there is no-one more fit to decide if there is anything of Catelyn Stark worth saving within Stoneheart. Laying to rest a tortured soul will be a gift of mercy and Arya won't be the only one doing it, the Hound will provide his brother the same mercy.
  6. Not a huge unresolved thing. No big deal in the books, more a show thing, nothing there to be resolved. The decision to destroy Stonheart will come from the realisation Stoneheart has not the capacity for love, and Catelyn Stark without the capacity to love is not really Catelyn Stark, not human and not Arya's mother. Stoneheart is not fit to lead anything and should be destroyed before it causes more pain, death and destruction. When Arya does decide that Stoneheart's destruction was/is necessary it will mean the rejection of her own loveless path and a turn for (return to) the light.
  7. The quote itself has an implied future/present element. She says we got no Tywin anymore, who to protect us now? Jaime says hey what about me? She says no you're not built for that. But again, besides the point, as you can see in the post above, people want to take it as a correct determination of the characters current and future.
  8. He hasn't invented this face changing ability with all the possibilities it offers to barely utilise it with a nothing side character. Arya is going to learn it and she's going to be using it, a lot. No this isn't the show, part of the point of which is it allowed him to do fantastical things that couldn't be put on screen. His seven novel mammoth series isn't going out understated. And there's no dramatic impact in an "unmasking" at this stage. That Gendry is a bastard is half the point of him, she's going to fall in love with him (and become pregnant by him) and a faceless woman could very well have him (if he'd have her), but Arya Stark can not. Run away with her love or sacrifice him for family, honour and duty. Will Arya prove to be a better person than her aunt?
  9. Nope, that's her whole arc, why she gets the face changing pretender ability, her story culminates in the choice between the freedoms being a faceless person allows her vs the rigid duties required of Arya Stark. And that decision isn't made until end game time. For added drama there will be the question of if her family will still love her if they knew what she had done? So should she or should she not reveal herself to them. Will the new very judgemental Jon still call her lil sis and muss her hair? Unlikely that. With the BWB she's going to be a new Wenda the White Fawn, True identity and what happened to Wenda unknown. And when the BWB are destroyed/dissolved Arya will similarly disappear but just disregarding her outlaw persona. Though she will likely be carrying a sword that a very few, perhaps just one person, will recognise as Arya Stark's.
  10. That he will never crack a joke again is hardly the point.
  11. chrisdaw

    Did Rhaegar have dragon dreams?

    Yeah he will have, that he dreamt of sacrifices waking dragons will become a thing in the next books. First he thought it was himself, then Aegon, then he needed three.
  12. Arya will be witness to it and probably play a part in it and possibly make the killing blow, or maybe Nymeria will rip SH apart. Arya putting Needle behind the cracked and crumbling mortared stone at the HBW might be foreshadowing of her drilling Needle into SH's head. Arya will infiltrate the BwB in another face with an alias. She's going to be an outlaw like Wenda. And realise that life without the capacity for love, which is what Stoneheart now is, is no life at all. It is going to be a battle and an event. Possibly the BWB folding in half and fighting itself. Gendry will do extremely brave things and be noticed by Jaime/Brienne, and that will begin his road to becoming KG, and Arya falling in love with him. She is attracted to courage.
  13. The point isn't that Genna is bad at character analysis, the point is her words taken by most as evidence of Jaime's and Tyrion's current character and future trajectory should not be used in that way, because its purpose is to be proven wrong, as Jaime does immediately in the same chapter and next. We don't have to guess at how she characterises Tywin because she articulates it, which I quoted. Jaime is becoming Tywin in the manner in which she sees Tywin, their protector. This stuff. The arc is ultimately one of selfishness to servitude. Jaime condemned the realm to war through his selfish love of Cersei, his redemption (if he can be redeemed) is to become its greatest servant. Recall Tywin served the realm faithfully for decades all the while Aerys heaped shit on him. The reason he wouldn't marry Rhaegar to Cersei was that Tywin was his servant. The saying the King eats and Hand takes the shit in practice. Jaime's role will be to take the shit so that no-one else has to and the realm may survive. Aerys is really the first example, he carried the dishonour alone so that millions may live. He has that in him, to do what leads to the best outcome regardless of the methods and how they reflect on him. Riverrun is a return to character from the selfish hole he fell into with Cersei after Aerys. He didn't want to make that threat, and would rather have died fighting than have to carry it out, but there is more at stake than people thinking he's a cunt. So he carries the shit and forces himself to smile.
  14. About Jaime is the quote, not Tyrion. The point of Aunt Genna's quote said to Jaime in a Jaime chapter about Jaime, though often used in an explaining of Tyrion's character, is that it is wrong. Here's the quote. Starting at the start. She's explaining Jaime as she knew him before, as he was previously. But this is a character arc, Jaime has changed, he isn't the same babe on Joanna's breast he once was. That's the point, GRRM is using old aunt Genna who knew Jaime as a babe to explain where Jaime started from, the beginning of the arc. She goes on to explain why Jaime is not like Tywin. Something to understand first is that how she thinks of Tywin is almost certainly not how you think of Tywin. GRRM gives us her run down on Tywin. Tywin was big even when he was little. She sees Tywin as a giant character, a protector. The boy who saw the ills at hand and would act when no-one else, not even adults and lords had the balls to say shit. This isn't a good or bad person thing, that's not what this is about, it is about stature, about will and influence, leadership and service. Now the charges she levels at Jaime for why he's no Tywin. That is to say he takes everything too casually, has a bit of a laugh, a bit of fun, but isn't serious enough like Tywin. Tywin who infamously almost never smiled in his life. (Interesting take on things when in the next breath she will say Tyrion, the joker, is like Tywin. Sloppy maybe, but such a contradiction doesn't really matter, because the point here is Jaime and it helps make the Jaime point.) A character trait GRRM makes explicit on Jaime's speaking introduction to the series. You should be Hand, Tywin's long held position, which Jaime deflects by cracking a joke. Cersei explains the danger they're in, and again Jaime cracks a joke. The next charge. A charge probably better explained by a Tyrion quote. Better this one. Jaime's a fighter, he would rather solve an issue by fighting where Tywin would puzzle it out. Last and least there is Kevan. Jaime has it in him to serve, but he is not so large and great as Tywin basically. On a lesser level, less of a leader. Backed again in quote by Tyrion. Tyrion's quotes back Genna's quotes because like Genna Tyrion is still in the past with regards to Jaime. Jaime's changed/changing and they haven't been around him enough recently to know or realise. After Genna's accusation of Jaime being unlike Tywin Jaime goes and does two very Tywin things to disprove flatly her accusations. The first is taking Riverrun. In taking Riverrun he avoids a fight and puzzles out a way to do it peacefully. He does so by invoking Tywin's spirit and theme song, and answers Genna's quote straight. Riverrun is Jaime untying a knot rather than slashing it with a sword. One might say he didn't fight because he lost his hand or his oath to Cat. Not wrong, but it doesn't make false any of the above. They're just catalysts to bring about the character change. One may point out more pertinently that he wished to fight the Blackfish in combat, that it was only because the Blackfish refused that there was no fight. And that would be true, his change is incremental and he's not all the way there. But that he was raised to anger in that instance and tried to slash the knot then doesn't diminish the fact he still could have breached the walls and had an epic battle had he wished, but he forgoes that and solves things more neatly and efficiently. More Tywin like. Fight like Tyg charge disproven. The next thing Jaime does is go and sort the Brackens and Blackwoods out. In sorting it out Jaime takes hostages for the crown and it is all going well and easy and everyone is having a bit of fun with it. Losing a hand, a father, son and lover might dampen one's sense of humour, and so it is for Jaime. No longer does Jaime laugh along like Gerion, this is serious stuff. To hammer home the point Jaime is becoming like Tywin in the sense that Genna describes him GRRM had Tywin sorting out the Blackwoods and Brackens too. A mill being the prize once again. The Kevan comparison is not one to disprove. Kevan and Tywin both served the realm, Jaime will too, it is the manner in which he leads, deeds he accomplishes, the inspiration he provides and respect he commands that will eclipse Kevan and land closer (surpass) to Tywin. In summary Genna is wrong, she describes Jaime as he was but he is in the process of changing, and is no longer what she described. He is becoming the Tywin Lannister that she knew and described.
  15. chrisdaw

    Tyrion will ride Viserion

    Ned and Tywin branch all through Jon's and Tyrion's arcs. Tyrion literally thinks he is what Tywin made him. Call it a choice if you will, it makes no difference, each character is choosing to be influenced greatly by their fathers. Theon is what happens when the subject knows there is a real father out there instead of assuming the adopted father is the real one. Another angle to hit it from.