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  1. Daario is Euron-lite. Euron is the Marc Antony of Westeros, he is the most charming and most attractive. He had his brother killed and sails in the next day. This would be ridiculous for anyone else to even try, but he's Euron, he's that bold, and not only do they not kill him, but he wins them over. He is the fire set against the mud that Barristan talks of. Euron is why this passage exists. Dany's whole ADWD arc, the competition in her mind of the floppy ears against her instincts of fire and blood is pushing towards Euron. Her turn to Fire and Blood at the end of ADWD signals the turn towards Euron. And of course Euron is this, Grouped with Drogo and Jon. Bride of fire, the implication is plain. By sacrificing his own child Euron will take Drogon from Dany, as is his plan. Dany will want him/a dragon back, for her own reasons at first but then to save the world when she learns of the Others. To get him back she will believe she will need to do as Euron did and as she did accidentally with Drogo, she'll need another Rhaego, and not just any bloodline will do. She will try with the old blood of Valyria, Aurane Waters, and miscarry, and then most likely with Tyrion as he will ride Viserion, and miscarry again, and when she learns of Jon and who his father was will proceed to get pregnant by him. It is the AA story, her pregnancies are the attempts to forge Lightbringer, miscarriages the failures, a flaming sword as the child sacrifice's soul is what powers the dragon's flame, her womb the fiery temple, the labouring sex and pregnancy, the fathers symbolise the elements used to temper the weapon (except Jon who is completely obscured), the sorrow in the final attempt as the time of sacrifice nears. Drogo, Euron and Jon are grouped in the bride of fire visions as they're the 3 that (will seemingly) father the sacrifices for dragons.
  2. She'll definitely partner with Euron, if she marries him or not is questionable, but probably. She will also sexually/romantically couple with Aurane Waters, a Lannister and Jon.
  3. It fell into her lap though, she's not motivated to leave the FM to travel the world to achieve this goal. I suppose Mercy could give her the taste for revenge that could set her off in the direction seeking more and drag her out from the FM's control. Or Jon's death as the OP suggests. I believe it will be Sansa in KL, she will fall into Sansa's circle and willingly trade one master for another, forgetting the FM to become Sansa's eyes and ears in KL. But to be honest I don't think it really matters, it could be any of these and the arc won't change, what matters is the why she will stop being no-one and start being Arya again, that's the crux of the arc.
  4. Yeah that's a fair point and it certainly does strengthen the argument the actions would be in character.
  5. I assume you mean she's going to leave the FM to investigate and seek revenge against those who killed Jon? Need more details than that, it wouldn't seem plausible given she knows exactly who killed Cat and Ned and hasn't gone to seek revenge against them. But you're wrong anyway as that's not how her arc is set up. She's not going to turn her back on the FM for revenge or a dead relative, it'll be for love and a living relative. She's no-one because she believes she's all alone, it's when she realises she's not all alone, or that she has the chance to be with someone who knows Arya again that she'll stop wanting to be no-one and become Arya again. It's her pack she yearns for in her dreams. It'll be to reunite with Sansa that she'll cast off the Faceless Men, but she won't reveal her true self to Sansa and won't become Arya again until she reunites with a returned Jon.
  6. Ice represents decisions and actions made by dispassionate calculation. To be governed by the logic and numbers, void of human feeling. Fire represents the opposite, decisions and actions motivated by passion and emotion, often hypocritical and illogical when scrutinised from afar. The series is firstly an argument that the best course is one of moderation through both fire and ice and one must remain versatile and wary to never go too far the one direction. Jon's arc is the primary, and his is to be a successful negotiation of ice and fire culminating in his decision making saving Westeros. It will manifest in the following manner. Dany will seduce Jon to become pregnant by him, the child she will intend to sacrifice to wake a dragon to save Westeros. If she is to sacrifice the child her success in waking a dragon will be believed to be likely by herself, Jon and most other people close to the situation, as the magic will be more understood at this late stage. It will also plausibly seem the only hope to save the world, as Dany's current dragons will all be lost/dead. Jon has the choice to try and save the child from Dany or not, and in his arc are the arguments for and against. The arguments for allowing Dany to sacrifice the child; - He didn't want the child, he was tricked into conceiving it, what Dany does with it is nothing to do with him. - He will be trying to save the realm himself, and if the sacrifice of this child's life will save everyone then isn't that worth it? Even if he is to save the child from Dany it will just die with everyone else when the Others win. The child is doomed either way, may as well let her try this. - Targs sacrifice children for the power to ride dragons, it's what they did. His father conceived Jon himself in the knowledge that Jon was to be sacrificed to save the world. This is manifest destiny. And this position is Ice. It is to distance himself from the child, his child, to forego a parental duty, to forego parental love. Jon will have seemingly come back from the dead, and the question for some will be if he has lost all his humanity in death (as was happening to Beric and has happened to Stoneheart), refusal to try and save his child would be their answer. The position of fire is to intervene to save his child, the argument for is fairly straightforward, what kind of monster allows his child be sacrificed? Ned would never. It is driven by emotion. It is not without purpose that in Jon's arc the unfeeling decisions of ice coincide with Targaryen culture and that the passionate fire feelings are the Stark (Ned) way. In Dany's arc her decision to sacrifice her child will be one of passion, fire, she simply can't sit by and do nothing while people die and suffer. Her desire to make amends for having lost her dragons in petty wars and her overwhelming desire to save people will drive her willingness to sacrifice her child. The same actions can come from different thought processes or motivations.
  7. It's symbolic of his personality when he returns. Where fire is passion, love and from the heart, ice is calculation, logic, and of the brain. Jon is coming back armoured all in ice, all warmth having fled from him, and so immune to the trappings of love. Or so it will appear, and if it is the case is the central question of his arc, and of the whole series really.
  8. Yes Harry is dead, and his death is the spark that ignites the Vale civil war. Harry dies at the tourney, probably Lynn kills him 'accidentally', his motive is to fuck LF's plans and we have the foreboding mention of how deadly Lynn is. If Harry is to die at the tourney I suggest the following is absolutely inevitable. Yohn blames LF, he will say and probably believe LF brought Harry to the tourney with the intent of bringing him to his side, most likely through an Alayne match. Yohn will say when Harry refused to have her (untrue but the world won't any different, they had a strained meeting at the gates and Alayne refused his favour so the world won't know he offered) LF had him killed so as to not lose control of the Vale should (when) Robert die. Yohn will demand LF yield custody of Robert, LF will refuse, Yohn will come to take him by force and the Vale will split behind either Yohn or LF. Yohn wants only a half decent reason to come for LF, Harry's death at LF's tourney will be more than enough.
  9. Because it would be too obvious. Tyrion is a Targaryen bastard, he will ride Viserion, he will be extremely powerful and influential, he will be king. The dream is simple. A large component of his arc will be his inner turmoil regarding embracing either house Targaryen against house Lannister or house Lannister against house Targaryen. That is what the dream is symbolising, one head for Lannister, one for Targaryen. In the dream he has turned full Targaryen, cutting down his father again and Jaime, destroying house Lannister, like he allegedly wants. But if that is truly what he wants why is one of his heads weeping?
  10. Tyrion will become king of Westeros after Dany's downfall and queen Sansa will successfully campaign to have Tyrion name Robert Arryn his heir. Tyrion will die when KITN Jon conquers the south. To reunite the realm so that they may defend it as one against the Others, KITN Jon and dowager queen Sansa will broker the marriage of king Robert and princess Arya and the north will rejoin the realm. Westeros will be saved and the series will end with a weak king Robert on the throne with Arya in one ear and Sansa in the other.
  11. It is grey, a point being well made by the series.
  12. King Tyrion after having been defeated may consider or order it be ignited, a let them reign over ashes situation, but will in the end turn to suicide and take no-one with him. It'll be used somehow in TWFTD by humanity against the Others.
  13. The prologues and epilogues allow GRRM free rein from the set character structure to provide wider exposition as he sees fit. He used it to show what happens when a skinchanger is inside a flying being that burns from within. Should you see no design in that then so be it.
  14. No the chapter concentrates on the fire and pain. It'll happen, a skinchanger will attempt to skinchange a dragon, probably Bran but maybe another, and this is what will happen to them, that's why these passages exist. Consider the particular imagery and words, trying to fly while on fire, crackling of his wings, the burning of his heart, the fire inside of him, his spirit forced out. Also the "madness", like how Targs are a little mad. It is all very purposely done. Look how it compares to what happens to Rhaego, Drogo and Dany in the Wake the Dragon dream. What happens to Cragorn (the blower of Euron's horn). A dragon can not be skinchanged because to do it a person has to make their soul and blood fire, and a human body can not survive this. It must be a second life, their human life must end, they have to set their soul on fire and their soul must then enter a dragon (or egg). It happened to Rhaego and Drogo by accident through MMD's blood magic, and almost to Dany too but she lived. Had she died she would have woken up inside of the dragon too, she was 99% of the way there. And using his horn Euron intends to do it too, and he's going to succeed.
  15. It won't work because the skinchanger won't be able to stay alive within the fire. What happened to Varamyr within the eagle when Melisandre microwaved it exists to demonstrate this point. The fire will force the skinchanger out. A person will be able to die and their soul/blood become fire and they will be able to second life a dragon, it's what Targs did and how the bond is developed, and what Euron's dragonbinder horn does. One can not set their soul on fire and go back to being human, one has to die to do it. The process of setting one's soul alight however requires the sacrifice of one's own blood, typically a child. It is why Euron needs a child by Dany, to sacrifice it so that he may second life a dragon. The dragon reflects the blood and characteristics of the person that second lifed it and the blood sacrifice. It happened accidentally with Drogo and Rhaego, and now their souls both exist within Drogon. When Dany dies she will too enter Drogon and reunite with those two, they are the three heads of the dragon. This dragon will take on Dany's characteristics, it will become massive and its fire burn hotter than any dragon ever, and this dragon will defeat the Others and end the long night.
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