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  1. It's really not at all complicated or requires much insight. That scene only exists to give context to Jon's birth, that can't be a controversial thing to say. So then it becomes a question of what GRRM thought needed to be included in the scene, why the information is important. And had Rhaegar been around and the other two living when the third popped out a boy he might have shrugged his shoulders and named it Visenya anyway. He wanted three heads, he's got three heads. I don't think the genders are going to matter much because GRRM hasn't given us reason to think they do. And even if they did, two of the kids died so what does it matter now? Why would he make it matter when those two were to die?
  2. GRRM went out of his way to tell us Rhaegar's beliefs were liquid and at the time of Aegon's birth he believed there must be "one more". There's nothing regarding genders.
  3. Obviously it is Rhaegar's and Elia's first son, and the point remains the purpose of the scene will prove to be an explanation of the circumstances of Jon's birth.
  4. It is why the Rhaegar naming Aegon scene exists, those are the circumstances into which Jon is born, his is the song of ice and fire, they believe they're bringing the prince that was promised into the world, and what better name for a king.
  5. Nothing to suggest Rhaegar reciprocated Jon's feelings, and this isn't how it would be hinted. That said I don't think Jon Connington having the same name as the primary protagonist is without reason. Jon Snow's real name given by his mother/father will certainly be Aegon. So there is the pretender (f)Aegon backed by Jon Connington, both using Jon Snow's names. Perhaps (f)Aegon doesn't make it because of the baggage Jon Connington still carries with him. And the lesson is Jon Snow can't make it as Aegon Targaryen either because he was Jon, a bastard and Night's Watch member. The baggage he carries with him will mean he can't take his place as Aegon Targaryen on the throne, and he'd be wise to see that and not reach for it or he'll meet a similar fate to (f)Aegon.
  6. Instead of sticking around for the hangings he's gone back to the children, to protect them. Gendry is angry at the world because he was born a bastard and a bastard can't marry a highborn girl/woman. And he may believe Arya is dead. Gendry will be Kingsguard, the White Bull is his foreshadowing. The theme is love against duty, his love of Arya against his Kingsguard duty. He's going to break his vows the one time and bed Arya, and she will fall pregnant, just like the angry bastard Jon, Gendry too is going to father his own bastard. Gendry will be on the losing side of Jon's conquest south, and refuse to bend the knee, that's (partly) what the stubbornness is about and the White Bull's dialogue. Jon will be of a mind to oblige Gendry's stubbornness and take his head, only Arya will give Jon what he wants in exchange for Gendry's life, that is she will marry who Jon says.
  7. Might be TWOT5Ks, might be yet to happen. As with the vision that is assumed to be the red wedding.
  8. The Ygritte quote is, like a lot of pointed quotes in Jon's chapters, seeding for the inevitable coming together with Dany. Targaryen incest = dragons = monsters.
  9. Gendry wanted to leave the rest of their little pack because they'd get them killed. Arya told him no because she's better than that. Now Gendry spends his life protecting children. Gendry has literally changed his person if not for Arya then at least by Arya. Arya is primarily attracted to bravery. How do you think Gendry is shaping up in that regard? What is going to happen should be obvious. When the shit goes down in the BWB Gendry is going to be there on the right side and act extremely heroic, and not only is Arya going to witness it, so is Jaime/Brienne, and that's going to set him on the path to becoming a great knight. Eventually Kingsguard, like the only other character given bull for a nickname in the series. Forbidden love, the most dramatic.
  10. Arya's story is the great love story of the series, it is between her and Gendry. She will love Gendry but he is too lowborn, and duty will force her to sacrifice her love (and their child) for the good of her many subjects. The selfish wild child ultimately does the realm the greatest act of service and adheres to strict cultural norms. That's the arc. Jon will be her king and lord and will betroth princess Arya to who he decides for the purpose of sealing alliances and securing peace. Jon has had his love in Ygritte. His story becomes one of the cold hearted singly duty minded. The one time he lets his guard down to passion, warmth, feeling, possibly love, will see him impregnate Dany, bringing forth a bastard, the one thing he never wanted to do more than anything, thus securing in his mind again that love, feeling, warmth, passion etc are poison. The birth of his daughter will see him rediscover warmth and love. Arya's and Jon's future relationship is one of lord and lordling. Jon will become cold and no longer hold the warm regard he held for Arya, he will be expectant that she do her duty. Arya will be concerned that Jon isn't another Stoneheart, come back from the dead unfeeling, merciless and incapable of love, and thus no fit leader of men. His final act with his daughter will prove him to be otherwise, and the precise type of leader required to save the world at that time. And Arya's act of sacrifice will prove her to be the most dutiful subject Jon and the realm could have hoped for.
  11. These stories only exist in world to foreshadow what will happen in the series. Details only exist as they're required to be thought up.
  12. The point of the three visions the Stone Beast is grouped as part of is that they're lies Dany must/will/hopefully slay. Euron is grouped with Jon and Drogo as she is to them a bride of fire. They make complete sense in the context provided. One group is Dany's three big destined enemies, the other group are the men destined to second life her dragon. Euron is going to get greyscale, that is why the beast is stone. The Bloodstone Emperor (it is in the name), Nagga's bones (sacred Ironborn dragon, petrified over time and turned grey), Harrenhal (Ironborn stone monstrousity) and so on are his foreshadowing. The greyscale is for pushing Euron over the edge in blowing his horn. Jon Con is a cautious man and would not have abandoned the plan for Aegon to meet with Dany but for having gotten greyscale. Greyscale is a catalyst for drastic character actions. Euron knows blowing his horn will kill him as it killed Cragorn, and is wavering on if he should or shouldn't take the leap from a great tower and blow his horn or not. Then he will get greyscale. Urrigon exists as the end Euron rejects, instead of dying pitifully, painfully and slowly as the greyscale encompasses him, as he watched happen to Urri, Euron will take his chances blowing his horn. And when he blows his horn his soul will fly and he will enter Drogon and the result will be the Stone Beast. And the Stone Beast is a lie for Dany to slay, foreshadowed aplenty. As the Targaryens defeated Harren in Harrenhal, as the Targaryens destroyed Qarlon the Great in his stone maze, as Dany's blood melts away stone when she wakes the dragon. Euron wants Dany specifically for her blood, and it is specifically Dany's Targaryen blood that will destroy him. Euron blows his horn and second lifes Drogon, becoming the stone beast. Dany dies and second lifes the stone beast, becoming a great dragon that will save the world from the Others.
  13. Shiera is a splice of Maleficient and Loki. A "what if" one of these magical characters isn't concerned with saving the world, running and righting the realm, or other such things, but is purely interested in what wonders can be done for the spectacle of it, with playful contempt for the innocent little non magical humans that die in the process. She suspects or knows Targaryens second lifed dragons, and Summerhall will prove to be her attempt to make it happen again. She is the guiding light behind Euron in his attempt to second life one of Dany's dragons, and she is Quaithe, leading Dany on the other side towards Euron and Dany's own second lifing.
  14. Jaime, Stannis and Euron. I have high hopes for Sansa and Asha but need more of their arc.
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