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  1. Lysa spoiling LF brought the Starks into the war. Contemplating the commons loving Marge but trying to kill her. What Tyrion wants from her? They're all information/observations of pawn Sansa to grow to understand and use or revenge when she becomes player Sansa.
  2. I don't agree that she wouldn't necessarily step forward or be brought forward unless she had powerful backing. I think the new Faith of the Seven is going to be powerful and empower the small folk to a degree, at least they will earn some degree of trust with the people. Also Tysha may be desperate with everything to gain and not much of a life to lose, or just more greedy than smart. Think of the Faith's structure that Tysha would be going to as Septon Meribald on the ground level and the current High Sparrow up high, I think that's a fairly possible scenario. I think there's every chance they'd do the right moral thing by Tysha and hear her out, investigate (look for the drunken septon and soldiers that raped her) her claim and protect her body. It is after all Tyrion who says Though I don't disagree that Tysha may be a pawn of Tyrion's enemies. This could all come out before Tyrion is crowned, while the struggle for the crown is underway and be a way for his competitors to remove him from the race.
  3. The Grey King is a parallel/foreshadowing for Euron. Why particular the grey in the name is for something that hasn't yet happened, Euron is going to get the variety of greyscale that Jon Connington will spread to Westeros. It is the very reason why GRRM has named Greyjoys the Greyjoys, and why; he is a corpse, his face is dead and his lips are grey in the HOTU vision. The Ironborn side of things seems to lean heavily into Dany being associated with Storms, as she is the Stormborn and I suppose storms are the bane of sailors. So; Grey King, associated with grey, legendary Ironborn king = Euron Nagga, female sea dragon = Dany, mother of dragons and the Stormborn. (Although I hold out the possibility Arianne is at play here). And the Storm God = Dany, the Stormborn. And so, The Grey King tricks the Storm God into giving him fire. Euron tricks Dany into giving him fire. Euron tricks Dany into blowing the horn while pregnant, sacrificing the child to the fire to bind the dragon to him. Euron makes the dragon his seat, his home, and rules from there. The Grey King slays Nagga and makes her living fire his thrall. Euron tricks Dany into blowing the horn, the horn turns their child in Dany's womb into living fire, and allows Euron to make a dragon his thrall. Later; The Grey King dies and the Storm God drowns Nagga's fire. Dany defeats Euron and takes back her dragon.
  4. The TV show is fan theory with attempted forced shock moments. It is where D&D thought things were going, wanted things to go, and so forced things to go. It prioritised the desires of surface level character (Starks particular) fans, going hard to give them their bad ass moments. Frankly, having written as much as you have here, you've given it more credit than it deserves, more critical thought than the actual show writers did.
  5. It is GRRM's intention to have the dragon horn Euron owns on the cover of TWOW. My point is, the dragon horn really matters, it is going to impact the story significantly. Euron had his man Cragorn blow his horn at the Kingsmoot. This is Cragorn. This is what happened at the time. Cragorn died and Euron investigated further what the horn did to him. It is the most logical conclusion that blowing the horn caused the man to burn to death from the inside. The horn is Valyrian and supposedly made out of a dragon's horn, in Valyrian glyphs it has written on it, In Dany's wake the dragon dream preceding the dragons awakening in the funeral pyre she has this vision concerning her in the womb son Rhaego. And Rhaego dies and the body taken from the tent where Dany birthed him and disposed of by Jorah at the time is rather dragon like. Note the parallel through the symbolism of the bird tattoo on Cragorn's chest. I suggest the horn does deliberately what Dany did accidentally in the MMD tent of blood magic. A pregnant woman blows the horn, she burns from the inside as per Cragorn and what Dany could feel in the vision, the human child in her womb dies, its soul becomes fire. The child's soul can then enter a dragon or dragon egg. Blood for fire, fire for blood. And the dragon is bound in blood to the child's mother (no mortal man may sound me and live, GRRM is probably playing the Tolkien I am no man game here and the mother will survive), or father, or seemingly whoever the child decides. Dragonbinder. Sacrifice the child, bind the dragon, blood for fire, fire for blood. So suppose I'm right, what does Euron need to do for 'dragons'? The answer is exactly what he's doing as a first step, get a child on Dany. It has to be Dany because the bloodlines are assumed to matter, and as Euron himself says she's the last of her line, the blood of the dragon. Next step would be to make the horn a gift to her and get her to blow it while pregnant. Any setup or foreshadowing for this?
  6. Ramsay will probably take out Roose. Stannis will burn Shireen. The Bolton's will probably kill Rickon. Jon will destroy Ramsay for control of the north. Hodor will hold the door. Sandor will destroy Robert Strong but in completely different circumstances. Dany will burn KL but it'll be mid arc. Jon will execute Dany but for different reasons. Drogon will fly away never to be seen again. Everything else will be different.
  7. Forget about Harry, Harry isn't long for this earth, or Westerearth, whatever we are calling it. Harry is as dead as Ned. Here is the point to Harry. LF is getting careless and not paying attention to his pawns, specifically what SR is thinking and who is in his ear. Sort of like how someone was in Joff's ear and no-one was paying attention to that until he called for Ned's head and fucked a bunch of people's plans. Littlefinger also appears to not be paying attention to Lyn's state of mind, this seems a bit weird to be honest, how LF can not know Lynn's current discontent seems... like a plot hole. Or perhaps he knows full well and has decided it's time to put an end to his relationship with Lyn, in a dead men tell secrets sort of way, which will blow up in his face. The text is making it plain Lyn is an extremely talented fighter and that's not going to be for nothing. Robert Arryn's will and Lynn's desires and his skill at arms are going to conspire to end Harry at the tourney. Young lords getting ideas in their heads and accidental tourney killings, what goes around comes around, and there goes LF's plans. Poof. And all this stupid fucking talk about Sansa's next husband will have been for naught. The point of Tysha I believe is this. Tyrion is eventually going to become king, and key to him doing so will be Sansa as his queen. And at such a time will step forward Tysha, to claim her husband and that she is truly queen, or at least a shitload of gold to stay quiet. Jaime admits to Tyrion Tysha was not a sham and Tyrion has a pivotal character decision on his hands. A king can not be married to a commoner and Sansa will be important to Tyrion being accepted as king. He can either be king, or he can have his "true" love - Tysha, not both. Which is more important? I suggest the impact of a near decade of peasant life on Tysha's beauty is going to play a more important part than it should. . . And Tywin writ small right? Tywin's lesson was for Tyrion, high Lannisters can not be marrying commoners, so should Tyrion reject Tysha, deny her even, he would be proving Tywin's point.
  8. You think of everything in terms of what you like and that causes you to project onto everything else - my posts, Sansa's arc, and so on. And recency bias, Tyrion's mind state now is just that, the now, it was not always that and it will not always be that. It will change, it's an arc it must, and Sansa will be one of the primary reasons for the change (dragon riding another). I explained to you that Tyrion is susceptible to having his actions manipulated particularly through his need to be loved. Somehow you missed it despite it being key to his character. A great deal of Sansa's arc, that part relating to Robert Arryn (become Harry) is Sansa training to manipulate that very flaw. GRRM moved heaven and earth to get Sansa and Tyrion married and is teaching Sansa ability ying to Tyrion's susceptibility yang, the idea that they're getting divorced and moving on is just absurd, it's to basically understand nothing of their arcs and what you've been reading. But to give a straighter answer that your post deserves, Sansa will use Tyrion because she's already married to him, divorce would bring her down in the Faith's eyes, he will be immensely powerful because he will ride a dragon and that will allow her all kinds of military leverage, she will be able to manipulate him and a man to rule through will be even better than being a ruling queen as she can run everything from behind the scenes. It will also be in Sansa's mind that she won't actually need Tyrion if she can manage to get him to name a heir that she can also/better control. One of the actual direct useful lessons from Cersei whereas most the Cersei lessons are in the mould of what not to do. It will be a big sticking point of their relationship, Sansa will want Tyrion to name Robert Arryn his heir, and Tyrion will argue that's unnecessary when they can just make their own heir.
  9. No we don't know this for sure and won't until the text is ready to reveal it. It'll be through child sacrifice and second lifing that the blood bond required for dragon riding is initially established, we have the blueprint in the text, Dany and Drogo conceived Rhaego, Rhaego died, his heart burning out his chest no less, Drogo lost his soul, Drogon was the result and Dany rides it.
  10. Yes it was because of Mel's magic, and it was an eagle instead of a dragon. A dragon - fire made flesh, will innately burn within as Mel caused the eagle to do. There will be no acclimatisation, that scene exists to demonstrate what will occur when a skinchanger does attempt to skinchange a dragon. A dragon will not be able to be skinchanged in a useful way due to this, it will require one die and their soul to be set alight. Euron's arc is currently wading through this dilemma. No mortal man may sound me and live, fire for blood, blood for fire. One may never know if they can fly unless they leap from a great tower. Cragorn is the demonstration of what happens when the soul is set alight, complete with chest tattoo symbolism. It will be the same with fish/sea life, in that a human may be able to skinchange a whale but if they stay within it they're going to drown. Their soul will need to become waterborne, that is be drowned.
  11. I don't think Dawn and the Sword of the Morning/Evening have anything to do with house Stark. Before it reaches its end I believe the War for the Dawn will be broad with multiple battles, locations and heroic deeds that'll need doing else wise the realm falls, and the Dawn storyline will culminate in the fulfilment of one such heroic deed.
  12. Skinchangers won't be able to stay inside dragons any useful length of time because the heat/fire will force them out. It will be the same as what happened to Varamyr inside the eagle when Melisandre microwaved him from within and forced him out. To stay in a dragon a person's soul must become fire and that requires they die. So a dragon can be second lifed but not effectively skinchanged, it's a one way passage from which they can never return back to their human body. Setting a soul on fire is what Euron's horn does, and you can see through his dialogue with Vic that Euron has come to this realisation after thinking on what happened to Cragorn when he blew the horn. Euron was hoping to be able to skinchange a dragon, but he's realised that he must die for his soul to enter inside a dragon and that it'd be a permanent second life - if he can do it. I don't know with weirwood arrows, maybe the trick is that the COTF Greenseerrs/skinchangers are able to direct weirwood arrows in flight, and so can seek out soft spots like a dragon's eye.
  13. I don't want Tyrion to become king, I think, I don't really think about what I want, this topic has nothing to do with that. Why do you think of the series in terms of what you want? Why would that be the first thing you think to ask? I have a topic in my signature explaining the foreshadowing behind Tyrion becoming king and Sansa becoming queen. The circumstances of how that will come to be I suppose are part of this topic as they are Sansa's political actions. So this is generally how Tyrion will be redeemed and elevated in they eyes of Westeros (KL mainly). - Dany will be queen, hated, and kicked out off the throne, and Tyrion will play some part in that. Tyrion will be a dragon rider and Sansa will position him as the natural defender of the realm should Dany return. Dany will be seen of foreign gods or R'hllor and Sansa will point to Tyrion having historically defeated Red God Stannis and saved the city. - The Faith will be very powerful, the DWDs will very much be a religious war. Lancel is going to rise to become High Septon and particularly has good reason to believe in the judgement of Tyrion and good nature of Sansa. - Cersei will push for Sansa to be trialed for her role in Joff's death and will succeed. Sansa will demand a trial by Seven which will culminate in the unmasking of Robert Strong, this will see Cersei fall, she will be known to be in league with the undead and Tyrion will be largely forgiven as his trial was against an undead combatant and Cersei was his accuser. - Tyrion is a package deal with Sansa who will be loved by the people and particularly the Faith, she will stand in contrast to Cersei, Arianne and Dany as seemingly whole heartedly pure and of the Seven. There are seemingly never ending quotes I can point to from Tyrion/Sansa's POVs that are concerning the at the time current ruling situation in KL but double as commentary/set up for their own rule, and this is probably the most poignant of all. The mob will love Sansa so much she will bring them to accept Tyrion. - Tyrion will reconcile with Jaime and Jaime will come as part of the package too. During her reign Dany will publicly trial Jaime for murdering Aerys and Jaime will explain his actions, the public will overwhelmingly support Jaime. The Lannister brothers will be sold as having saved the city from first Mad King Aerys and then Mad King Dany. - The city will be starving and Sansa/Tyrion will feed it with food from the Vale, making sure it's known it was their doing. - Sansa's cousin will rule the Vale, her uncle will be reinstated to RR and when Cersei falls all the Lannister leadership is in Tyrion or Jaime. The Bolton's may swear allegiance before they're through but the IT isn't going to rule the north in any true capacity. The rest may or may not fall in line, Tyrion's and Sansa's rule is going to be a tumultuous.
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