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  1. The Faith will rally to Aegon, when they do Ser Bonifer will declare for Aegon and HH will be Aegon's. Dany will bring a heathen army to Westeros, she and her forces will clash with Aegon and his in the second dance of dragons. Ser Bonifer will have to decide if he will side with his faith or the daughter of the woman he loved. He will choose his faith. In Bonifer and his Holy hundred we have an elite religious militant force for the Seven, in Benero's Fiery Hand we have the same for R'hllor. I expect the two will meet in the field in Westeros during the Dance. The Holy Hundred might get absorbed by the Warrior's Sons.
  2. Good theory. Davos's whole theme is the importance/power of words/language.
  3. It doesn't matter what they did, a great house takes hostage the son of another great house they very likely just started a war. If they believe they have a legitimate grievance then the way to go about things without starting a war is to bring it before the king.
  4. Nah, it can reasonably be assumed one great house taking captive by force the son of another great house could start a war. Only a dedicated Cetelyn apologist is going to see it otherwise.
  5. Stannis inexplicably not declaring earlier and Cat going from bumbling pawn to sage old advisor are the two biggest holes in the series for mine, they were done to suit the overall narrative and are inconsistent or illogical. Stannis needed to not have declared so that Robb would be named KITN. And GRRM wanted to point out all Robb's mistakes in real time (it's for a direct comparison, when Jon comes south he's going to have the same situations but not make the same mistakes) and so needed Cat to know what was the correct course of action.
  6. It's foreshadowing for when Sandor turns cloak from the Lannisters (Sansa/Tyrion) to Stark (Jon/Arya), and it will be a bigger blow than it would have been then because Sandor will be Kingsguard to Tyrion when he turns cloak for Jon's invading forces. When Sandor says Robb needs him, he just doesn't know it yet, that is foreshadowing for Jon needing Sandor for a reason he won't know until Sandor reveals it. Like every northern army invading the south crossing the Trident will be a situation, but Sandor knows the secret way through the QI, and when Jon trusts Sandor to lead him and his force(s) through there, the QI will have received their seventh Rhaegar ruby. The things Sandor says about Stannis/Robert are also foreshadowing for Jon/Robb.
  7. Am I to believe Littlefinger and Lysa were regular respectable type people while Catelyn knew them. Never in the intimacy that she knew them did they drop the facade and reveal a true nature that would make one wary of them? I find it hard to reconcile Cat's perceptiveness after the war with the naive trusting she displayed before the war, that she basically caused to begin (it would have almost certainly happened anyway but her actions decided it happened when it did).
  8. Her behaviour is that of a Lannister, she is an untrusting player in the game of thrones. And how Sansa treats family too.
  9. Sansa's wolf died and she's a Lannister now.
  10. Stannis will die and they'll back Jon as he'll agree to take on the crown's debts.
  11. Oldtown used to be Newtown.
  12. Rat Cook will be flat out about Bloodraven. It's white, Like Bloodraven is Albino. White rats typically have red eyes, like Bloodraven. The Rat Cook's great sin is, Also Bloodraven's greatest sin. And the two stories echo each other, the Rat Cook served the king the prince literally to eat while Bloodraven had Aenys head literally served on a platter. The Rat Cook was so cursed, particularly a curse that destroyed his young. Blood and Cheese are another associated story, Blood for Bloodraven, Cheese for the rat connection, again a story about revenge and a terrible choice involving killing children. The greyscale disease JC has gotten is said to originate from Garin the Great's (shrouded Lord) curse, another story of revenge. 'Great' is a moniker for a few related things (I forget but one of Lovecraft's gods has a moniker Great doesn't it?), Garin the Great, the Great Spring Sickness, and the Great Stone Beast. The coming greyscale plague will likely be a curse, the Great Stone Beast's breath, it's shadowflame, likely the great source. Being inflicted with the curse will mean a person becomes undesirable to the Others, they hunt by warmth and hate life, greyscale turns people cold and they're said to already be dead. And so it will be a false saviour and sought out by some, the trick will be to get the stone beast to breathe its shadowflame on you. That's what this is. Curses tend to have a source and when the source is eliminated the curse relinquishes. As per the vision, the Great Stone Beast is a lie, a false saviour Dany will slay, and when she does I suggest everyone who has this greyscale "curse" will be cured of it (though she may be the person in the first place who tells everyone to get the curse to better fight the Others), in a manner of speaking they will be reborn.
  13. Here Ghost senses Bloodraven behind Bran, and we get grey, stone and death. When Bloodraven was Hand during the Spring Sickness. No rats. If you're going to stop a plague, you get rid of the rats. If you can control the rats you take control of them and move them away or you kill (suicide) them. And really, what better animal to be skinchanging if your goal is to keep tabs on the land. To digress a little about how GRRM thinks conceptually. He said if he introduced dragons to his stories he had to think of how the world would react to that, for example would people even bother fielding armies if they would just get burned from the sky in the manner of a few dragon overhead passes? Certain magical abilities lead to certain questions and to just not address them in text rather hurts the world building. Think this is all one such question. If someone could telepathically become any animal, what's to stop them from controlling an animal for biological warfare or targeted assassinations. In the case of the Spring Sickness it could have simply given Bloodraven the idea that he could use these rats as a weapon. Or the Spring Sickness may have been a mistake of his, he may have been experimenting on using disease rats as a biological weapon for use against enemies but he stuffed up and it got loose on KL. Either way, fast forward to the future, and to a very probable Blackfyre Pretender, Bloodraven's mortal house enemy. And some convenient grey scale rats. 2000 killed. It's a Bran/Bloodraven theme at play. Bloodraven continuing to fight the Blackfyre rebellion rather than letting it go causes collateral damage, innocents suffer and die. Bloodraven is still fighting the Blackfyre rebellion, for the sake of the realm Bran must not do the same with WOT5Ks. Then the bridge of dreams, no rat but a very magical event and seemingly an attempt to kill Aegon and or Tyrion (possibly bastard Targ too), greyscale very prominent again. The net result isJC gets greyscale, he'll bring it to Westeros and we'll get the outbreak. So say that's Bloodraven and what you've got is Bloodraven's refusal to give up the grudge causing a mass death event in Westeros. Bran pieces together what Bloodraven did and learns the lesson. But as I said the greyscale will be seen as a saviour to many. It's going to take a very magical turn, it is the Great Stone Beast, a false saviour like the other 2 visions it is grouped with, a lie that must be slain. And like some of the stories in the OP I think there will be a mind control aspect to it too, a mass skinchanging type influence over those who are inflicted with the greyscale, like the Others mass control Wights.
  14. Thanks for the informative OP. Bloodraven is symbolised by rats (he skinchanges them), perhaps the worm too. The quoted paragraph is telling of what will somewhat happen in the series. Bloodraven will be (at least part) responsible for the spread of a form of greyscale in Westeros, how much will be by design or accident as he attempts other interference I'm not sure. What I am sure on is the greyscale will stop people inflicted with it from being turned into wights, and probably the Others won't be able to hunt them or care to do so, so it will be seen by some as a saviour from the Others. Unfortunately it will cost Westeros its children, how exactly I'm not sure, probably inflicted people are sterile, but the cost is always the children (think Rat Cook, Blood and cheese).This will become a strategy for the realm surviving TWFTD, to be rejected by Bran and the heroes of Westeros. The people who decide voluntarily to get the greyscale are probably a parallel to the death cults in the stories in your OP.
  15. Arthur Dayne is mostly about Jaime, as Jaime keeps saying, better than men than me about these historic legends and particularly Dayne. Is Jaime really a worse person for having stepped in and killed Aerys where Arthur wouldn't have? Was Arthur never compromised by Rhaegar/Aerys in ways we are yet to find out about? That's where this is all headed.
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