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  1. chrisdaw

    Was Gregor Guilty?

    Regarding the trial, it was Tyrion's trial and Gregor's guilt regarding another matter is irrelevant. The trial would be the only known trial by combat it seems where the verdict was wrong. I lean towards that not being the case, and that Tyrion did kill Joff, and all trial by combat will prove correct. I think the validity of the trial may be questioned in future on the basis of Gregor's inhuman status. Should the Seven or parties in power wish Tyrion be pardoned, that what was supposed to be honest fair combat between two human men, was instead tainted by the participation of an undead demon, would be reasonable justification to throw the trial's verdict out. In the uproar that will follow UnGregor's unmasking, I don't think anyone is going to be too concerned with exactly when it was that he became a demon.
  2. chrisdaw

    What do people think about Rhaegar?

    Yes it is the truth of it unless you want to stray down the complete nonsense of R+L does not = J. Robert's whoring was the issue, and that's an obvious massive difference to Rhaegar's type of infidelity that was particularly with her. But it is a measure of degree and so hypocritical none the less, not in the manner that would make the narrative unrealistic but in the manner that people often are. And Lyanna and her selfishness and hypocrisy will prove to be the example for our heroes to reject, Arya particularly.
  3. chrisdaw

    Is Euron actually a red herring?

    Obviously those vision passages are rife with symbolism, whether Dany ends up physically witnessing them in her life or not. But analysing that vision symbolically should lead anyone to Euron. Euron's dream/goal in this whole thing is to fly, he won't know if he can unless he dares to leap from a tall tower. The stone beast takes flight from a tower. It is him taking the leap and successfully flying. In literal terms, he learned blowing his horn will kill him, it is suicide, akin to jumping from a tall tower. But it is a risk he is going to have to take to know if he really can become a dragon - fly.
  4. chrisdaw

    What do people think about Rhaegar?

    The next in line to the throne, father of the next two in line to the throne, ran off with a 16 year old high lord's daughter promised to another high lord's son, and impregnated her, while the realm warred and burned. Elia has not the power to absolve Rhaegar. For prophesy to absolve Rhaegar GRRM would basically have to do an about face, the lesson would become prophesy is a bad idea to follow for fire witches and uptight second sons, but good for pretty emo princes. The text took care to make sure we know Lyanna wasn't happy with Robert's character, Lyanna falling in love and running off with a prince of contrasting character to escape her fate with Robert is not at all out of character.
  5. chrisdaw

    Is Euron actually a red herring?

    Yes he is trying to recreate what happened in the tent that lead to Dany's dragons. It resulted in Drogo second lifing a dragon and he wants to do the same. He doesn't have everything completely set in his mind but he's close or on the right track. He's fact finding, trying to work it all out, he's experimenting. Cragorn was an experiment to see what the horn does, that's why he had an autopsy done. He learned it kills the blower, burns them from inside out. Falia is another experiment. He's not trying to use Falia and their child to second life a dragon, he's using her/it to try and better understand the process, probably he's going to try and skinchange a kraken out of it (Falia is to be a salt wife, Dany the rock wife, like sisters Falia said). Falia is the prototype for what he intends to do with Dany. I'm unsure if he will get to control krakens, but what I'm confident of is the sacrifice of Falia's child (Aeron's nephew, his blood) will see her and Aeron second life a leviathan after they die (that's the drowned god's Watery Hall). The horn must be bound in blood, and possibly Euron gave it to Vic hoping Vic would blow it and die and that would bind the horn to Euron because he and Vic both have the same blood. And/Or it's just about more general experimentation, and he's eagerly watching through dusty woman eyes what happens when Vic has the horn blown. To succeed Euron is going to need his own child to sacrifice (the more dragon blood the better, thus the more Targaryen blood of the mother the better, hence why he wants Dany), his horn to set his soul alight and into flight, and a dragon/egg on hand to "fly" into. And he is going to succeed (though with a child by Arianne, not Dany). Perhaps there will be an explosion, but it will happen during a great storm at the top of the tower/drum at Storm's End, it is the stone beast scene from Dany's HOTU vision.
  6. chrisdaw

    What do people think about Rhaegar?

    What would you base that on? The text is fighting Rhaegar on two fronts.
  7. chrisdaw

    What do people think about Rhaegar?

    Jaehaerys and Alysanne for the most obvious.
  8. chrisdaw

    What do people think about Rhaegar?

    He was a child who thought his life would have to be sacrificed to save the world. Then he became a father who thought his children would have to be sacrificed to save the world. And so he was grief stricken and most importantly preoccupied. Too busy diddling a young girl to save the world while his his kingdom burned, a dynasty was destroyed and his and wife and children were violently murdered. The moral of the Rhaegar story is going to be handle the shit you are directly individually responsible for first and foremost.
  9. chrisdaw

    Getting Away with Murder:Catelyn Stark

    Her power (and near immunity) is granted her tacitly by Ned and then Robb's regard. If Ned and Robb held no regard for her then no-one else would either.
  10. chrisdaw

    Is Euron actually a red herring?

    No Euron is not a red herring. His goal is not to ride a dragon but to become a dragon, that's what his horn does, makes a person's soul fire and allows it to fly. It requires he sacrifice his child to do it, and the bloodline matters, hence why he needs Dany. He will succeed, his soul will manage its way into Drogon and when it does he/Drogon will become the stone beast. The stone beast will not be like a normal dragon, it will reflect Euron's blood and nature, it will not breathe fire and become waterborne (sphinx). His story will explain how Valyrians were/able to ride dragons, the process of sacrificing children so that relatives can sacrifice themselves to become dragons so that other family members can ride them as humans. And this sets up the series climax, will Dany/Jon sacrifice their child to wake the dragon from stone (turn the stone beast back to a normal fire breathing dragon) to save the world from the Others.
  11. chrisdaw

    Does Stannis have a chance at winning in the end?

    A very large part of the text is an exploration of the debate occurring in this line. Stannis will make the sacrifice of one innocent child's life to try and save the kingdom, and doing so will make him the main villain of the series. That's his purpose, to make the sacrifice and become the villain, so that the heroes may reject his decision and then physically defeat him.
  12. chrisdaw

    What do people think about Rhaegar?

    There's fans and haters for everything.
  13. chrisdaw

    Favorite characters

    I described particularly in what way she will become Cersei along with how the other "parallel" characters relate to the contemporaries, continuing to describe the relationships as slapping as an old character on a new one and taking issue with it is just, whatever. Irrelevant.
  14. chrisdaw

    Euron or Jon Snow?

    She sleeps with Euron, thinks it's Euron. Then later with Jon, realises it was really Jon.
  15. chrisdaw

    Favorite characters

    They're not parallels or obscure references, they're point blank part of their arcs and in specific thematic ways, often the main meat. Before Jon comes to his climactic decision he will know Targs sacrificed children for their dragons, and that Ned at every turn held an innocent child's life above all else. Arya will see Stoneheart and recognise herself in it before deciding to turn from the path. Dany will be literally called the mad queen after her father and have to face the only thing she fears head on. In pursuit of her own power Sansa will play a role in ushering in the dance of dragons that will so ravish the realm, she will manipulate and betray the innocent and deserving alike before she's faced with the plain decision at the end of the story of putting the realm first, in a manner Cersei and LF would not have. And so my question, will the Sansa fans become denialists and apologists for the coming wreck she will leave in her wake (assuming the timeline gets that far in Winds), or turn on GRRM.