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  1. chrisdaw

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    Yes he has a plan, he told it to Arianne and then on her pushing told the Sand Snakes. As pieces or targets the plan involved Viserys, Oberyn, Tywin and the Mountain, and they've all (allegedly) died, and so it seemed like the plan was somewhat impossible to pull off now and pointless anyway, and he was basically about to call it a day. However having let eager Arianne in on things gave it a new angle and burst of life and the Sand Snakes, or Nymeria at the least, are going to take Oberyn's place, and out of the heavens comes Aegon to take the role that was Viserys' and then Dany's.
  2. chrisdaw

    the mad Cersei's plan to kill Trystane

    As Doran knows about it I can't see anything happening that Doran doesn't mean to happen as it would paint him as being too incompetent. Not the right timing for something like that and not with Cersei as the opponent. And I don't think he is that cold that he'd let anything happen to Myrcella on purpose. On the other hand, for one of the WOT5Ks dregs to be responsible for Myrcella's death would play well into Jaime's arc. Also if it becomes publicly known as Tyrion's doing that would help the "bad" Tyrion narrative being cultivated. First Joff, now Myrcella.
  3. Robert Arryn will sit the throne with Queen Arya and Queen Dowager Sansa weighing heavily into his ruling.
  4. chrisdaw

    Dragons and one lion

    The purple eyed ghosts in Dany's dream are her forbearers who had second lifed dragons and so their souls (or fiery heart in Mel's terms) had powered a dragon's flame. But their souls eventually burned out, as they do, so they're ghosts with white (exhausted) lightbringers and faded raiments. They are pushing Dany forward, urging her on, because she is on the verge of death and about to second life a dragon too, following in their footsteps. That's what the red door represents. And she's so close, through the door, about to become the last dragon as Rhaegar believed was his fate, BUT, she wakes, she lives, her soul returns to her body. But she was there, she has always meant to be there, the dragons know it and so does Quaithe. That's what Quaithe means when she tells Dany to remember who she is, what she was made to be, that the dragons remember her, that she is the blood of the dragon. It is almost literal.
  5. chrisdaw

    Dragons and one lion

    The big shadow is his on a dragon, GRRM is fixated on the shadows cast beneath dragon's wings. Aegon will ride Rhaegal and Dany will war him on Drogon, and Tyrion will remain neutral on Viserion. Tyrion in the middle. But not a passive middle, he'll be playing both sides for everything he can get, snarling, and when the dust settles he will be the only dragon rider left, so king. They're all gems with purple forms.
  6. chrisdaw

    Interlocking Sansa and Tyrion.

    Tyrion's not growing until the very very end when eventually it all blows up and he faces the fact that Sansa never loved him, and he doesn't destroy the world. That's his growth, to not repeat ADWD and try and leave everyone else nothing but ash because he can't have what he wants. Sansa was not a player, she did not understand how to use information to her advantage, when the two reunite she will be and will know. She's not going to look past his appearance and love him, she's going to look past his appearance and use him as a tool through which she can rule Westeros. Cersei to Robert, Joff, Tommen. Marge to Joff. LF to Joff. LF to Lisa. Lysa to SR. LF to SR. And now Alayne to SR. The series has shown how this is done and mostly within Sansa's eyesight. Little bird listens, learns and repeats. Tyrion doesn't have to look pretty to her for this role, she just has to be able to get him to do what she wants. He is her piece.
  7. chrisdaw

    Interlocking Sansa and Tyrion.

    No, the greatest portion of Tyrion's arc has been dedicated to explaining that he will allow himself to be manipulated if the person is able to make him feel loved, while Sansa is busy learning how to make people fall in love with her and manipulate them. Sansa is a player in the game of thrones and Tyrion is a Florian, that is what is being meticulously primed.
  8. chrisdaw

    Hardhome theories?

    There is no mystery concerning Hardhome. Hardhome simply exploded.
  9. Sansa's and Tyrion's coming arcs are interwoven. Cersei says to Sansa that Tyrion, like Robert, has this disease. Cersei is correct. The majority of Tyrion's story is his clamouring for love, longing for the lost love of Tysha and ignoring the hard truth to bask in the lie of Shae's love. He is like Robert in this, and in another related way. Here Tyrion directly says he wouldn't have killed the children, that he would have left that for Robert. Tywin then tells him that Robert wouldn't have done it because he wanted to be seen as a hero. Tyrion is the same as Robert, he wants to be seen as a hero, the big strong protector. It is a reliving of the Tysha scenario. Shae identifies this longing and uses it to manipulate him. It is the "giant of Lannister" line. He comes to her with the intent to send her away, one giant of Lannister and a root later and he's organising how to keep her around. Tyrion is attracted to young beautiful girls. He is especially attracted to young beautiful girls who can make him feel loved. And he is attracted to the feeling of being needed as a protector. To a manipulator these are weaknesses that can be exploited. Sansa up until about the current point in the series has been a pawn. She has been provided information but not known how or cared to use it. Back to the original quote. Cersei tells Sansa what Tyrion wants, however pawn Sansa doesn't understand the usefulness of the information, what she can do with it, the doors it may open. Pawn Sansa, nothing doing upstairs, by design, to contrast with the coming player Sansa who will turn such scenarios to advantage. Sansa has been learning skills in manipulation that Tyrion is particularly susceptible to. It is to the point where the language and themes Shae uses on Tyrion can be matched to Sansa and Sweetrobin. Turning him into a hero, making him her protector, and thus getting him to do what she wants. This is direct Tyrion training complete with the sexual slant. The central question of these two characters are these. From Tyrion's side, has he done it again? Is Sansa just another Shae? Sure she's his wife and not his whore, but does she really care for him? Does she love him at all? Or is it all an act? Her currency influence and power where Shae's was silks and jewels? Is he allowing himself to believe the lie again. And on Sansa's side, where does the false manipulator end and the real Sansa Stark begin? What is her real regard for Tyrion, and just how poorly is she willing to treat him or how much is she willing to give of herself in pursuit of her goals? Is Sansa Stark still in there or is there only Sansa Lannister now? Sansa and Tyrion are the largest part of each other's arcs. Each is designed to interlock with the other. SR is level 1 of Sansa's training for manipulating Tyrion and Harry is level 2. Tysha and Shae are for demonstrating Tyrion's weaknesses so we are familiar with them before Sansa gets in there and starts working them. Cersei having Robert and Sansa Tyrion, and both Robert and Tyrion having the same disease is also to allow for contrast. We will be able to compare Sansa to Cersei, how Cersei handled Robert compared to how Sansa handles Tyrion. The point is to show a good player, Sansa, from a poor one, Cersei, the differences in their techniques. Tyrion will in ways be more difficult than Robert, because he's more intelligent. Sansa will handle Tyrion better than Cersei, and she will do it through building him up rather than grinding him down. It will be a general rule of how Sansa operates, through the perception of love and inspiration as opposed to fear.
  10. chrisdaw

    “It should have been you.”

    The point of it is to show Catelyn always had it in her the ability to knowingly misplace blame and so hate an innocent party to a sin, for no other purpose than to make herself feel better. Stoneheart is the magnification through tragedy, death and magic of this character flaw. There will be nothing more between Jon and Stoneheart, her existence is primarily for Good Queen Arya's arc, secondly for Goldenhand the Just's and thirdly Brienne the Oathbreaker's.
  11. chrisdaw

    Why did Joffrey like the Hound so much?

    Someone who was always there for him whenever he needed. Unlike another man in his life.
  12. chrisdaw


    For GRRM to have bothered thinking up the dragons not being able to cross the wall rule someone in the series must attempt it. I would think probably king Aegon before the Dance, like a true king he answers the NW summons and comes to help defend his realm, only he can't cross the wall and so can't do anything in the now. So he pledges to come help them when the time comes and everything seems sweet. Then the dance happens and Dany kills Aegon and the pact is forgotten and the north/NW have a really good reason to hate Dany.
  13. chrisdaw


    The Silverwing and the wall thing is the punchline to this excerpt. For why he would want that info out there my first guess would be he wants to show there will be no Dany on dragon back rescue mission on the other side of the wall in the books.
  14. chrisdaw


    With his very greeting GRRM is signalling a character with priorities not as expected. A clear slant that defines the character. I'll discuss the topic in the manner I wish, you don't like it don't read it, and better yet don't reply.