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  1. It says nothing about the Tower of Joy. Brienne will fight in a trial of seven though and some of this is foreshadowing for that, the Seven Swords one I hadn't picked up and is particularly nice.
  2. The red door is simply symbolic of home to Dany, where she will feel safe and a sense of belonging, which she believes is Westeros. Just do a search of red door, the text is very clear about it, GRRM wants you to know it plain and simple. Dany believes it's Westeros, when she gets there and the realm resists her she'll come to feel she was wrong. She will find the red door, it is the passage of her soul in death into a second life as a dragon. She went 99% of the way in her near death experience during her wake the dragon dream, but her human body survived and her soul snapped back from the dragon egg to her human body. When she really does die, and she will, her soul will enter the dragon. She was never supposed to be a human, she doesn't feel the way she feels because she's in the wrong geographical place, she feels how she feels because she's in the wrong body, she was always supposed to be a dragon, and as a dragon she will find safety, belonging and happiness, her home. Here is the literal only red door in the series that isn't a part of Dany's flashbacks or visions. It is not by accident that there's been no other red doors. There is an instance of doors glowing red hot, as in temporary red doors, fake red doors, and they relate to Euron as the language about them includes references to torture, iron, rusted hinges and the heart of darkness, as is his goal Euron too is going to second life a dragon - that is pass through the red door, and the dragon will be his new home. The doors are those which keep Dany's dragons captive. . . . The soul swapping of humans into eggs and dragons probably can only occur (or thought to only be able to occur) when the comet is visible.
  3. Translucent means light passes through, as in no shadow, but really life beneath Ice Dragon's wings would look like this. How Stannis will come to cast no shadow is straight-forward and well foreshadowed. Sunsets, fallen nights, low fires, shrinking shadows, it's all pointing the one way for Stannis unfortunately. When he's defeated and cornered in the north he will in desperation prove he has the heart of winter and ascent to Mel doing the unthinkable to wake a dragon, but It won't go the way it was planned, and we'll have our big bad.
  4. Yes it is speculative and I am not of a mind to try and convince any one person on specific foreshadowing. I have always been hopeful though that there will be people who will see design rather than coincidences, because this stuff is really not random, and if more people get it more insights will be provided. The Ice Dragon is a constellation with a blue star for its eye, ice dragons are described as having pale crystal eyes. Aemond is the chief baddy of the Dance and puts a blue sapphire in his lost eye. Daemon uses the sun to defeat Aemond, and thrusts his Valyrian steel sword through the sapphire eye. The dragons fall into a body of water with a massive splash, an ice dragon is said to turn to water when it dies. This is basically the culmination of the Dance.
  5. Can't find it at present, maybe I put my round up it in a reply to someone else's topic rather than making my own. This decade old topic was what kicked off the realisation of how the historic dragons were being used by GRRM, hence why I can't remember a lot.
  6. The historic dragons are foreshadowing characters (and Direwolves) and stand ins to foreshadow events. Sunfyre Jaime, Maelys Melisandre, Daemon's I can't remember the name of (I just always remember its description as a bloodworm) for Ghost, the one that hung around Trident the for Arya's Nymeria. There's a lot more weaker connections I've detailed in at least one prior topic but I can't remember it all off my head. Aemond on Vhaegar at the battle of the God's Eye foreshadow an ice dragon in what will be the determining battle of the final series. Saphire eye, turning to water on death for plunging into the water body below, death by a sword to the eye which is how the ice dragon will be felled. Moondancer and particularly its fight against the larger dragon that I can't remember where Moondancer is described as fighting in a dancing style is describing Arya's fighting style against a larger opponent in a particular upcoming fight (probably Jaime). It's mostly conveyed through close similarities in the language which becomes apparent when they're side by side. Like the brilliance of Jaime (Jon and Cat's descriptions at least) and the paragraph dedicated to swooning over Sunfyre's golden beauty. There's more straight symbolism in the current dragons because they are second lifes of characters we've seen in main series and will continue those character themes. Symbolism runs from their personality traits, physical attributes and naming. Drogo is Drogon is the alpha free roamer of the Dothraki plains who refuses captivity and basks in news of Robert's death, Dany's partner. Will be fucked with by pirate extraordinaire Euron as the Dothraki consider the sea water poison. Viserion is Viserys, the cruel younger brother who forever plays the victim and longs to be loved. Also longs for the throne and decries having been denied his birthright. Note the colouring is specific reference to Viserys death, and the cream egg with gold swirls is literally to mirror Viserys pale head and face being seared into by molten gold. Viserys is really the proto Tyrion (as Daario is the proto Euron), the cruel selfish brother, Tyrion will ride Viserys, betray Dany and eventually win the throne. There's a poignant vision Dany has of Viserys screaming at her that he will be crowned, consider that Viserys second lifed Viserion and that is his goal/future that will become Tyrions. Rhaegal, MMD, to be ridden by Aegon/Faegon. The betrayer, fake, who will begin as a friend, Dany may even give him Rhaegal. Note problems for Dany come in green, those uncomfortable green slippers that were given to her as a gift for example. Aegon will die screaming in Dany's fire after they've both devastated and ripped the realm in two, as MMD divided the Khalasar by killing Drogo, leaving Dany with a small power base from which she will have to work from (again). Dany will probably kill Rhaegal too in killing Aegon, though maybe the dragon will outlive its rider.
  7. It's rather convenient Groleo loses his head as Victarion is set to arrive. Vic will lead her fleets until Euron takes over.
  8. It'll be about the Great Stone Beast and the process that makes it one of the false saviours (a shadow flame breathing lie).
  9. Why would you jump to framing Tyrion being a Targ as being all about Dany?
  10. The forsaken is ironic. Aeron has not been forsaken by his god as Euron believes and taunts him by. He's going to die, but he's not going to stay dead, he will feast in the Drowned God's watery hall and rise again harder and stronger. The King's Prize makes me wonder if she'll be a prize but for another king. Asha gains an understanding of the northmen's loyalties in this chapter and that come around to helping make Jon. In the Sacrifice Theon turns up right at the end so the sacrifice may refer to him, which would align with the next (later) chapter, but he's not dying now at that tree. Some possibilities, - Asha may end up sacrificing something of her self for mercy (like accepting a marriage) for Theon, - she may later in the story sacrifice Leon to save the Ironborn or the forces she commands.
  11. I think Caraxes is a ghost parallel. Very confident he will fight Viserion (but not alone, during a proper battle) and very likely at HH/God's Eye. Probably he helps kill or severely injure Viserion, in the act he is possibly also killed or severely injured by Viserion. Possibly he lives so that there can be an ambiguous ending for Jon, as in did Jon really die or did he second life into Ghost?
  12. Volantis will fall by Tyrion. He literally thinks about how to take the city in ADWD. Tyrion will no doubt fall under Dany's command, though he will be just playing the happy helper for a time waiting for an opportunity to strike out for himself, but that won't be happening before Westeros. The questions are will Dany even be there. The scenario might be that Tyrion takes Volantis in Dany's name with or without her direction/blessing. If he is there, he'll simply advise her and prove his use to her and gain her favour when his plan is completely successful. Volantis will rally to her cause from the inside, and Dany's forces will dominate outside or at the walls, Tyrion will advise Dany or himself do what must be done to bring the taking of the city to fruition. He will light the fuse. Key to it will be Benerro, likely Tyrion either gets a secret message to Benerro via an agent or himself infiltrates the city in order to co-ordinate the attack with Benerro.
  13. No Dany is the moon. Moon of my life, Drogo sun and stars. Particularly the moon is pregnant Dany. The moon drank from the sun, Dany was impregnated by Drogo, the moon cracked and brought forth dragons, Dany gave "birth" to Rhaego and his soul served to bring forth dragons. That there will be another moon is foreshadowing Dany being pregnant again and again bringing forth a child to bring forth dragons. It won't play out that way, but Dany will believe it must, that she she must bring forth a child to sacrifice to bring forth a dragon to save the world, which will see her attempt to get pregnant by dragon blooded men culminating in a pregnancy by Jon. The AA story foreshadows her attempted pregnancies which will fail (miscarriages). Water for Aurane Waters (possibly Euron but not likely), Lion for Tyrion (who will ride Viserion so she'll believe has Targ blood), and finally Nissa Nissa fully obscures Jon because a Jon and Dany hook up is rather obvious and any real reference would be immediately puzzled out. There's many a foreshadowing for all parts to this but with specific regard to pregnant Dany being moon the description of the moon above Valyria in a Dance Tyrion chapter is most telling. Note the language used to describing the moon being akin to a pregnant woman (swollen, fever, the waves likely referring to contractions) and having swallowed the sun aligning with the moon having paired with the sun from Doreah's telling, which represents conception. Note also the nod with MMD's words regarding when Drogo will be as he was, when the sun will rise and set in the wrong directions. Monster is a constant in the foreshadowing, dragons are described as monsters many a time including by Dany, and that she is the mother of monsters. The bright stars (as Drogo is described because he was one) to the west are references to the position of the men to whom she will conceive and where she will conceive by them, all in Westeros. It's relevant to Tyrion and so pops up in his chapter because he will be one of the stars, one man by which Dany will conceive.
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