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  1. Feast Jaime is entirely about playing Tywin's role. I understand that no amount of text quoting will convince someone who doesn't want to be convinced, but I find it amusing you say role when GRRM went so out of his way to so specifically give you a direct parallel of the two men playing the same role. I just have to shake my head and wonder.
  2. You don't seem to understand that this is a story of character arcs.
  3. Jaime will be Hand, more so than knighthood he's about what it means to be Hand, and the position of Hand is about serving the realm above everything, as GRRM coined the term, the King eats the Hand takes the shit. A large part of it is about serving the realm above one's own House. Tywin was a great Hand but he served House Lannister more than what a Hand should and sought to reach higher for himself than what was good for the realm. Jaime is to become the ultimate servant and shed entirely his self interest and that of House Lannister, Tywin was in this regard for the purpose of comparison to what Jaime will be. One of the defining traits of the Lannisters is that they're self interested more so than any other House and I would suggest that's what the Bowels/Heart of Casterly Rock represents and what Jaime is to overcome, and I suppose Brienne is to help him in this. If Brienne can step outside the box that confines a woman, particularly to the angst of her father, then surely Jaime can step outside the defining traits of his House and his father too. I think Jaime is going to end up saving the world, few will know it but Brienne will. I don't dislike the idea of the White Book recording Jaime's truth, but even if it happens I don't believe it'll cut through to the masses, he'll be reviled as a villain despite having given everything in service for the realm. I believe Tyland Lannister is a parallel for Jaime along the lines of these themes, in the aftermath of the Dance Tyland took no revenge for himself or his team, he forgot all and governed in the interest of the realm and its future.
  4. I disagree because I believe the point is that Jaime will be remembered to the masses as a villain, his honour and reputation is a sacrifice (one of his many) in service to the realm. Only those in close proximity will know the real person and there'll be no chance of changing the public image, they won't even try.
  5. He's half fighting to undo Tywin's legacy and half just reaching to put Martells back on the throne now. And yeah it's going to end terribly, Arianne is going to go full let the world burn mode when Dany kills Aegon and she loses her husband and queenship.
  6. Harrenhal is a parallel of Euron when he becomes the Stone Beast, its creation, nature and demise.
  7. All it takes is a knight to knight someone, Jaime will knight her. Cersei will accuse Sansa of murdering Joffrey and Sansa will demand a trial of seven, most likely Jaime will knight Brienne then so that she can fight in Sansa's defence. Brienne will be in Tyrion's KG as Sansa and Jaime will be heavy in the running of that administration.
  8. Then you miscomprehended it and I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve here.
  9. I think where GRRM is using them symbolically the iron and bronze meanings are what the text gives us directly.
  10. I've no doubt Brienne will be knighted and expect she will be KG but I doubt she ends the series KG because she's going to sleep with Jaime and it'd make a lot of sense for her to get pregnant by him, and I doubt a KG could remain a KG while pregnant or having so obviously broken their vow.
  11. They particularly worked out how to skin change/second life ocean life where everyone else would not be able to breathe when they tried. The key was drowning, flat out drowning and dying would allow for a second life and drowning and resuscitating as humans probably cheated the whole system and allowed for skinchanging. Obviously some would not survive the process, but what is dead may never die. More than one soul can fit into being, and all the Ironborn who were drowned or drowned and resuscitated during their life and die at (or near enough to the) sea will find a second life in something in the ocean. The drowned God is the representation of a drowned human spliced with a leviathan, it represents a second lifed leviathan. The Drowned God's watery hall is symbolic of a leviathan's innards. The precise knowledge has been lost but the customs and beliefs endure. To reverse engineer the Ironborn the way the author thought it up the logic would go; People in my universe can skinchange, so should I let them skinchange fish? Hmmm no, because they can't breathe underwater. I want a character to become a whale and also a kraken so lets make a crazy work around and imbed it into my viking adjacent culture. The Forsaken chapter leans into it all very heavily and sits just on the edge of reveal, with Euron calling the Drowned God a lie and stating that if he drowned Aeron that Aeron would just die. The point will be brought full circle, no the Drowned God isn't a lie, it represents something very real, Aeron is not forsaken and his faith shall be rewarded, when Aeron drowns he will not stay drowned but rise again harder and stronger, he the faithful will be called to the Drowned God's watery hall, he will second life a leviathan, and eventually the Drowned God will have his revenge on Euron.
  12. No, you people don't the text nearly literally enough. The text tells you what Lightbringer is, It's a sword that has been second lifed, of particular importance is the soul and blood. Now whose soul and blood is likely to set something on fire? And you get this kind of stuff. And the moon symbolism, always Dany. Targaryens sacrifice children to control "wake" dragons. Rhaegar thought he'd have to be sacrificed, then thought it would be Aegon, then came to believe he'd need to sacrifice three children of which Jon was the third. Dany accidentally woke dragons through the loss of Rhaego, she will lose her dragons (only one is really hers) and seek to purposely repeat the process to save the world. If I look back I am lost stuff. Proving herself the monster. Jon will kill her for it, because, in Dany's own words. It will be justice, and that's what a flaming sword represents. Part of her soul will go into the sword and the sword takes flame and becomes Lightbringer. But only part, where the rest of her soul goes is more important.
  13. Yeah I think GRRM pretty clearly put the possibility out there in AWOIAF, but really the possibility existed just going by the existence and established rules of skin changing and second lifing. The text basically gives us skin changing something corrupts the human's blood with that thing (and the bones remember). Through skinchanging, (forced) interbreeding and experimentation particularly desirable results are likely to be able to be engineered. I would suggest the results work best on children, and that Valyrians particularly were able to force souls out of children (including in the womb) and into other animals/beasts, including dragon eggs. And that's why you have no (visible) children in Asshai, as there are sorcerers there doing all kinds of skin changing/beast splicing experimentation and children are valuable commodities for use in these experiments. I think the sphinx (from the sphinx is the riddle) might refer to the different blood lines required to make a dragon. I don't think it all really matters much to the story plot, the point is just that a second lifed thing will reflect the bloodline of the thing that second lifed it, mentally and physically, because Euron is going to second life Drogon and Drogon is going to reflect Euron and turn into Cthuhlu. Actually on second thought, I expect Euron to similarly experiment to create his own set of beasts (probably trying to make a dragon so he can skinchange/second life it) through the forced mating and use of the children of his followers, and that's what the dwarves in the Forsaken represent.
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