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  1. Springwatch

    When characters are winds, masts and ships.

    Masts might link up to sticks and staffs, and, being wooden, maybe also to those amazingly animated trees. At the beginning of her journey, Arya fought with a stick, or a wooden sword. She was relatively weak, and the stick might represent her in the same way that 'sword' can mean the soldier that uses the sword. Arstan Whitebeard fought with a staff as tall as he was, and was totally lethal. Maybe the height of the staff is in proportion to his fighting prowess - and more, he casts a larger shadow i.e. he has more influence in the world. A mast would be a giant, or a god. Not sure what this means for Sam. Not fighting ability, but maybe another source of power? For winds, I can only think of the 'winds of change' - in that case, the Storm God is the bringer of intense change (creative destruction, probably). And the ship unites all these, crossing the wind and sea. Maybe the ship is the giant or hero, and the mast is his/her staff (in which case the fate of the named ships is important).
  2. Springwatch

    Who will Sansa marry?

    I don't doubt you at all - it's the SSM's and sundry other communications by the author that I have no faith in. Never have. There's enough possible foreshadowing to make Jon/Sansa worth considering, at least. Romantic love and/or attraction between them doesn't really exist at the moment, but could be written in if the author wants it. But if the driving force is Sansa's claim and kingsblood, a love match isn't really necessary. A dynastic match might be enough for Bad!Jon (Aegon the Conqueror didn't really love his first queen either). [Aside, but do we know for sure that the Promised Prince is the hero of Fire? This one is half ice, half fire - maybe either side can recruit him. And so far, this important playing piece has been held by the Ice side all the way.] Sansa has grown tired of her claim and the idea of being a queen, but events might force her hand. More than that, she has a history of being dazzled, charmed, swept away by the feeling of love. (It's interesting that she was dazzled by Joff and Loras when both were wearing blue, breaking the habit of house colours. Wearing blue, the colour of ice (the Wall is blue crystal) - might foreshadow an ice prince.) Inspiring love is her own gift too (the gift of queens - 'I will make them love me'), but she isn't very sophisticated yet; she could fall victim to romance once more. If she does, I think she will break through the dazzle eventually, as she has before. Ultimately, I think fairy tales are there to be torn down, not fulfilled. Raising up a King and Queen of Winter sounds very bad for humanity.
  3. Springwatch

    Who will Sansa marry?

    That's an excellent quote collection; thanks for sharing. What I think is that this probably isn't the happy-ever-after betrothal, but it could happen as a bad betrothal. (Personally I think it's 'bad' because I'm still looking for auspicious weddings, and Jon + Sansa would be winter on both sides, which is not a good sign.) The way it could happen is that Jon could be subject to a lot of winter spirit influence in his near-death experience. He might wake up disorientated and in full ice dragon mode, driven to claim Winterfell and the crown of winter. (What is dead can never die, but rises harder and stronger.) In that case, marrying Sansa (like a Targ) would strengthen his claim and cut out any rivals. (The Tyrion-Sansa marriage had better be more than a paper shield if this happens!) I'll take your word for it.
  4. Springwatch

    Who will Sansa marry?

    And how would we tell?
  5. Springwatch

    Who will Sansa marry?

    I don't follow SSM's (as I've said before), but I watched this, just for you . GRRM is talking about 'SanSan fansites', with (in his view) members who personally find the Hound sexy, and actively want a Sandor/Sansa marriage/affair to happen. None of this is me. I remember the Hound's description pretty well, and I said a few posts back that both sides would have to change a lot before a relationship could work. That said, I think I might start avoiding the abbreviation 'SanSan' totally if it means being treated as part of a collective I know nothing about. SSM's are a great opportunity for mischief and misdirection - something to entertain the fans while they wait, that's all. GRRM might be genuinely surprised that Theon has his admirers (isn't pity supposed to be death to desire, in his view?) - but he knows damn well what he wrote for Sandor and Jaime. And Jaime is overtly a super attractive individual. It's all nonsense. (There is still a lot to be said on the nature of love in asoiaf, admittedly.)
  6. Springwatch

    Who will Sansa marry?

    Do you though? SanSan is not a cult with a strictly defined set of beliefs. Everyone you're talking to here is an individual, and no-one I know of is expecting an exact retelling of Beauty & The Beast, the fairytale. But this isn't the 21st century dating scene; it isn't a case of like/not like. I dunno, I think maybe modern media has trained us to see no romance without lots of hot, sexy scenes. This is just a girl thinking about a man, without committing or embarrassing herself. Both of them would have to change a great deal before any actual relationship would be viable. The plot may not turn on SanSan (romances can be tragic too, for that matter). But the true self, and where lies stop and the true self begins is so massively important that none of it can be written or read casually. If Sansa truly becomes Alayne to her heart, she is lost, her selfhood has been swept away. Equally, if she can't appear to be Alayne to the heart, living her life, thinking her thoughts, she is also lost.
  7. Springwatch

    Who will Sansa marry?

    Yes, I don't think this is a case of maybe he did, and maybe he didn't; the pointers all point one way. This one too: No one would hurt you again, or I'd kill them. Sandor's perspective is that the hurt to Sansa comes from other people, and he is opposed to that. Sandor's sin against Sansa is threatening behaviour, and that is consistent through his entire story. Me too! I love 'anything could happen....' If we have to wait a decade for a book, at least we're in a golden spot for speculation. The Hour of the Wolf.
  8. Springwatch

    Who will Sansa marry?

    I don't know. I think the future books - life with the Others - could be more than a little bit sci-fi, a little bit horror, a little bit freaky. The game of thrones might carry on, but in a separate thread, just as Tolkien branched off the conventional warfare from the mission into Mordor. I'm fairly confident the theme of physical rape in the early books will translate into 'mental rape' - i.e. assault by perverse skinchangers. Arya's and Sansa's experiences of hiding their true selves will make them stronger in the face of such an assault. I'm certain Sansa will get another shot at her version of being a player - charm, lies, persuasion. I'm certain she'll get another betrothal (marriages have a lot of symbolic importance in the story) - but I'm not sure that her marriage has to be the big one that heals the kingdom and the seasons. She can end up small (and free). I think I get it. The idea is that Sandor reeled in his desire to rape Sansa. I don't agree - I'm no expert on rape, but purely as a reader, the reality of rape does not come across to me in this scene. He throws her on a bed, then demands, at knifepoint - a song - and waits quietly while she sings it. He doesn't offer or demand to take her away; he says I could keep you safe - which is as tentative and unforceful as you can get. Compare with now you're mine, which is (?) what he says when he's snatching Aya. No choice there. The fucked her bloody line was when he wanted the gift of mercy from Arya - it was aimed at enraging her; we don't know what he really thinks (though I'm sure he's gone over the bedroom scene a lot in his mind - it was pretty weird). Sandor had been fighting for many hours; he was traumatised by wildfire and the shame of desertion; he was very drunk and very sick. He was exhausted - I don't think rape was on his mind at all. A kiss seems possible and might have led downhill from there, but it didn't happen. Readers like plausible theories, but there's no need. This is fantasy, lots of weird stuff is going to happen. Sansa's not nailed to the Vale. She could leave by the Moon Door, stepping onto the back of a dragon. She could skinchange a snowbear or a spearwife, while her sleeping body is kept alive with honey water and herbs. She could be carried north by an invasion of Others, preparatory to a blood magic sacrifice of her special kingsblood. Anything. It's more difficult for Sandor, but if there is a Last Hero type expedition, he's sure to be on it.
  9. Springwatch

    Who will Sansa marry?

    And we've got assassins in plenty. Tyrion's head is worth a lordship. No problem.
  10. I've heard that paint made with lead is sweet to the taste. There have been cases of lead poisoning after children or animals found old lead paint and licked it. It all fits the pattern. I wonder what the maester's lead link is for?
  11. Very unlikely. Even when Cat found out about the moon tea, she had no recollection of Lysa being dangerously ill (or even looking pregnant). Yet the girls were close enough to know when each was having their period. Equally, Lysa was the most fertile of Jon Arryn's wives, bearing him a living son.
  12. Springwatch

    Who will Sansa marry?

    To the above: I more or less agree with this as well. The stand out thing to me is that Sansa has a romantic subtext with Sandor, but not with anyone else. Sansa's story is totally centred around love and marriage - it would be just extraordinary if the final relationship hadn't been set up already, and yet, apart from Sandor, there's no romantic subtext at all. Even Arya has made a connection (with Gendry) that might blossom into a later relationship, but there is no Gendry-equivalent for Sansa. That doesn't make a SanSan marriage an absolute certainty - the cloak could represent a marriage cloak, but it could also represent the cloak given to a soldier to show his allegience (it's a Kingsguard cloak after all). I believe Sansa's allegience will be to Ice - when the summer silks have been discarded, she will (metaphorically) be wearing her House colours. Maybe the most fitting outcome would be if Sansa calls an end to her list of horrible suitors and just decides to kick the can down the line to Arya - if Arya marries a king and rules his castle, that could be the opportunity for Sansa to just ride off into the sunset and find her own happiness.
  13. Nice idea; powder always seems to have a negative, unhealthy vibe. It has to be said, Varys used powder all over apparently, and he's fine - so non-toxic powders are available.
  14. Springwatch

    Cersei's thoughts about Joffrey's betrothal to Sansa

    What about Arianne? Lady Barbara? Cersei? Alysane Mormont?
  15. Springwatch

    Who will Sansa marry?

    Tyrion is only a year or so younger than Sandor; he's just as ugly, just as brutal (actually worse: his brutalities are on a larger scale, and he shows no sign of repentance or even stress). He pities Sansa, and despises her more than a little. He's not interested in her as a person at all - she's just a hot young body with a lordship attached. She's the wife he got out of a catalogue. I cannot understand why readers who reject a match with Sandor don't also reject Tyrion.