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  1. It does, I got that. I was thinking more of all those crazy ships and fanfics - I think Sansa's pawn status rubs off too well on the readership: plastic fantastic Sansa Barbie - she can be anything you want. She'll have male friends too; bit of a danger zone for a marriage. But this is too distant to worry about. If there's not some giant allegory going on, I'll eat my hat. Maybe George will confess it some time.
  2. Patrek's star is blue! - as @Seams says above, but I also just read it on a catch-up read, so it's my wow, i never noticed... I try to stick inside the books, but I'm getting quite into this foreshadowing, so I'll bring up the report that someone was making models of Melisandre and did a blue version, and apparently GRRM was very pleased with the concept. Or so I heard. Feels like there's some cool ice/fire mirroring going on. Or it could be that Mel could be turned, and be her own opposite. But anyway, the blue star is suggestive of a blue 'AA', the ice that burns. I like that idea very much.
  3. It is convincing - though, of course, nothing is binding on what GRRM writes in the future. I'd like to have read the Lovecraft stuff, but now is definitely not the time. I might risk the BBC Sounds podcast version - no doubt updated and dramatised to within an inch of its life, but it might put me in the mood for the genre later on.
  4. Bran's party didn't find much. Maybe winter stores hadn't been brought to the castle yet. Could still be in barns out in the country.
  5. Wow. That is genuinely astonishing. And thanks for reading the creepy stuff so I don't have to.
  6. Prophecy is treacherous; that has to be true; but from the readers' point of view, there has to be some kind of rhyme and reason to it, else the story is not satisfying; and fantasy is less forgiving to red herrings than detective fiction is. We've got multiple versions of the 'AA' legend - possibly there is a 'true' version which will manifest in just one individual, but I think I'd prefer it if, as the legend has evolved multiple versions, there are now multiple ways to be 'AA'.
  7. Loved the research - can't comment on LmL, but enthusiastic about weirwoods and castles, with giants as the link. It is very workable for giants to emerge as great powers composed of smaller lives working in concert - Tywin's army is explicitly described as such, castles obviously fit, and the old gods seem to fit as well, in the weirwoods. The heart tree with its face and character is surrounded by the stony castle (also characterful) like a crab within its shell. Interesting.
  8. Ser Patrek’s sigil is a star and he is bleeding. The darkness gathers Jon’s previous chapter, JonXII, ends like that Amidst smoke Amidst salt These signs are WEAK. Or if you prefer, cryptic. Very, very cryptic. It's not going off topic to say that stronger signs are possible. Do you have a theory as to why Jon's links to the prophecy are 'cryptic'?
  9. Very hopeful signs (I like Pod too) - but I'd hope for a lot more than a few short sentences, or a brief history, and only when he has to. I still wouldn't wish him on any girl on present terms. Her choice, as you say. So often posters make a match for Sansa just as Tywin would - we reward our favoured male (Pod or Tyrion or fAegon or...) with a beautiful young body with a lordship attached. Her preferences don't exist. I've got to confess: when Petyr said Willas would bore her spitless - I liked him for it. Not because it was true, or anything but self-serving, but because it acknowledged her personhood, just for a moment. I'm saying it. The woman who likes talk and wit and laughter may be saddened by a man who is emotionally reserved and relatively silent. As Pod still is. Opposites sometimes attract, I admit. Probably true. Illyn's not just a minor villain though - he's got a load of symbolic baggage (death, justice, Ice, monster vibes), which maybe Pod will have to pick up. Pod's fighting record is astonishingly good for a little boy, and it may be true that Tyrion and Brienne were invincible with him at their side. (Tyrion had a bit of divine help for sure - I don't think he ever fought with an axe before the Green Fork.) The gods of war love Pod, and he loves them. Is that great for Sansa - I don't know. Just my take on it, anyway.
  10. True enough. Sansa though - in good times she likes to chat and gossip, with Jeyne and Beth, with Elinor and the rest. She likes to laugh, and seems to enjoy the wit of Moon Boy and Myranda and (god help us) Petyr. She'll get none of that from (current) Pod. Current Pod is unable to share anything of himself (which is also sad for him), and since he hasn't talked to Sansa, we have to assume he's fallen hard for her looks, which is fine, but not exactly a solid start to a relationship. We don't know future Pod. He's a bit obsessive in his thinking - that could develop badly, but it's too early to say. As clues maybe, GRRM has put in some parallels with Ilyn - the chainmail hauberk, the sword over the back, the lack of speech, and some kind of focus on Sansa. Disturbing parallels, because Sansa gets terrible vibes off Ilyn, and he looks more like Death in every scene.
  11. I like Pod, but I wouldn't wish him on any girl in his current state of shyness. He can't talk, and he's hiding his inner self - he brings nothing to the relationship. If he gets past that stage, maybe his good qualities will compensate for (probably) being more mud than fire.
  12. Different stories - that's an important point. We know that the legends of AA and the Ptwp have the same origin, because of salt and smoke, but the traditions of Targs and red priests have probably diverged quite a bit (Targs show little interest in R'hllor or any god, use a different name for the hero, and besides, have prophetic talent of their own). It's even possible that each tradition will find a candidate with strong markers to be that ultimate hero. Otherwise the ultimate hero being AA and defined by red priests - that would be a stumbling block for Jon. His markers (salt and smoke, bleeding star) - appear only in a faint, shadowy way. But he might appear stronger in the Ptwp legend (which we don't really know about). (Weak things are still important, in my view, because I think they belong to the night somehow - but that doesn't connect well with R'hllorism either.)
  13. The more I think of this, the more I like it. The cloaks are flapping and snapping - sounds like Dany's dragonets. I'm reminded of Waymar's 'living' cloak as well. In real life, it's impossible that SR's bearskin cloak could flap and snap - a hurricane could do it, but then SR's weight wouldn't hold him to the ground. When GRRM uses impossibilities, I assume the image is important to him. The sweet drink from the lemon guy, is echoed with a ton of lemon cakes - a hundred lemon cakes, or a mountain of them. I like the idea of food codes, so whatever's coming to SR, there's going to be a lot of it.
  14. He could be a priest and a smith, or he could just be a smith that the priests prophesied would make a sacred sword and save the world. It absolutely does, you know. Lightbringer is not cheese on toast, it's a full menu from a restaurant with many michelin stars.
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