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  1. Springwatch


    But Arya has already killed 'innocents': the stableboy and the guard were just doing their legal duty. And now she is a member of a guild of assassins. Her superiors tell her who to kill, and guilt or innocence has nothing to do with it. Arya's becoming an acolyte of the Stranger. If she's ever going to have a normal life, she needs to move beyond that, and being a kinslayer is not going to help.
  2. Springwatch

    GRRM swears fealty to Tolkien in this ASOIAF Easter Egg

    Great ideas - even if they're not true, I'm hoping something like them is. I will say: it is odd that the Inn of the Kneeling Man appears on a map of continental scale. No other inns do. It's very odd. And if GRRM is going to choose to put himself on the map (and why not?) - then Riverrun is exactly the place for him. It's the heart of the Riverlands, in a story where time is a river. Where else would a storyteller be?
  3. Springwatch

    Small Questions v. 10105

    It's a brave author who uses niggard nowadays, and the less the word is used, the wronger it looks. Nice to hear gallant etc. are still in use; and it turns out 'caromed' isn't archaic either - it's sporting, to do with billiards. (Why, grrm??? What does that word do for the atmosphere of the Serpentine Steps?) Then there's 'anon' - which I thought was archaic and unchangeable, meaning 'soon', 'presently'. As in the phrase 'ever and anon'. But grmm uses it to mean both 'before' or 'once' (when Alys Karstark says she danced with Jon anon) and future (Jon daydreaming; You'll dance with me anon). ETA updated list (not checked yet) anon, baleful, bane, baseborn, belike, beset, carouse, chivalrous, churl, comely, courteous, coz, craven, cur, doughty, fair maid, fealty, feign, gallant, highborn, leal, mayhap, misdoubt, niggard, nonce, nuncle, puissant, rude shelter, seemly, solace, thrall, warg, wench, wight, wroth
  4. Springwatch

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Thanks! How could I forget 'craven' - he loves that word. Really scratching my head here, but added gallant, chivalrous and courteous, and also fair as in 'fair maid'.
  5. Springwatch

    Tyrion will ride Viserion

    He really did love Joanna - this is possible. However, the things we do for love do not make us saints, and Tywin was a lousy father who made his children feel unloved and worthless. Tyrion spent his childhood not only dreaming of dragons, but also dreaming of escape from the Lannister family.
  6. Springwatch

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I've got interested in all the archaic words grrm uses, but they're hard to find without reading everything (again). I can only remember a few - help please? I've got: caromed, comely, bane, nuncle, coz
  7. Springwatch


    The major point is that Arya herself is on the path of vigilante vengeance. When she meets Stoneheart, she must see herself reflected, otherwise she has learned nothing. So, seeing herself in Stoneheart, how can she kill her? How can she bring death to an unwilling victim - which is exactly what Stoneheart does?
  8. Springwatch

    The Meereenese Knot started at the Tower of Joy in 2005

    To be fair, corn code is a pretty extreme example - even I thought it was nuts. If grrm ever says, 'no games and no wordplay', then I will sit up and take notice, I promise you.
  9. I believe you're 100 per cent correct here. But also GRRM is sometimes so extremely cunning that his clues allow multiple solutions (here's my take on it) - there might be some conclusive hints in all the books that spin off the main series, but I can't bring myself to read them all. I'm intrigued! Don't forget the solution... If he was thinking of puzzles and symbols in his map, he was probably thinking of puzzles and symbols he could use in other ways - and he loves describing colours; has done consistently, right from the very first book. In the earliest chapters, we get the blue eyes of death, the emerald eyes of Lannisters, the red eyes of Ghost. It's all there. The solution to your treasure map is going to very elaborate (except the one thing we do know, which is that rubies somehow end up on the Quiet Isle - I'll be very disappointed if they don't.) (Love the muppets link!)
  10. Tywin is not a role model. He rules his home territory with monsters like Gregor and the Tickler. But I agree that Riverrun takes Jaime closer - Edmure and Riverrun lose the will to fight and become helpless victims; they surrender passively because Jaime horrifies them. This peace is not a good peace.
  11. Springwatch

    Lannister Alcoholism

    It's not so much alcoholism as what you drink and how you cope with drink. Red wine stands for blood. The biggest drinkers are King Robert, the Hound, Tyrion and Dontos - the first three we know have a huge capacity for bloodshed, possibly a bloodthirst. When the wine was too strong for even Robert to handle, he died. The Hound gives Arya a cup to share the wine before they jointly kill the Tickler and company. Tyrion is not a fighter, but when bloodshed comes, whether he caused it or not, he doesn't really turn a hair. Dontos has an alternate identity as Ser Florian, the greatest knight, and Dontos is merely a skin of wine with legs - it's not a contradiction when you think about it: it just tells us that Ser Florian's capacity for bloodshed was infinite, it was his entire being (poor Jonquil). Jaime is an odd case. He can kill or not kill, drink or not drink, just on the impulse of the moment. I don't know where he fits in. Cersei drinks more red the more she kills, but she drinks golden wine early on, and lately has moved on to hippocras. Theories on those are debateable.
  12. Springwatch

    Minor characters you wanna see win and why?

    Tommen & Myrcella. Not to be king or queen; but just to beat the prophecy and survive.
  13. Springwatch

    What will happen to Gilly's son?

    It's in the name (sweet little Monster) - either he becomes a monster himself like Craster's sons; or he foreshadows the monstrous children of the Others. The wiki thinks she knows.
  14. Springwatch

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    This, totally. I still believe love will save the day, because that makes a great story, but the crazy-in-love stuff is just not working at all. It's either transactional on one side, or just doomed. I think passionate, romantic love in Westeros has been twisted out of shape; like the seasons, it needs to be rescued and restored. (I'm finding English is a terrible language to talk about love in. Not enough words - I'm sure other languages do it better.)
  15. Springwatch

    Tyrion will ride Viserion

    That sounds so cynical! Cersei + Rhaegal is my only ship, the only one I get starry eyed about. But seriously, does Aegon have to be one of the stars of this theory? If Dany gets to mobilise both the Dothraki and her Unsullied, then Aegon's Golden Company will be running for the hills. Also, why would Aegon need to court Tyrion? Aegon has new friends now; Tyrion has literally missed the boat. Besides, the only reason to court Tyrion would be for his knowledge of dragons, and Aegon is heading in the wrong direction to find one of those.