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  1. Not your thread though, is it? If you want to impose your own rules on the discussion (pretty narrow rules, if you ask me) - then start your own thread.
  2. SR is ugly and scrawny, just like a baby falcon. He's crazy to see people killed, to see them fly. He's wild. That's all the proof we'll ever get.
  3. Springwatch

    Melisandre and Thoros of Myr

    But can he produce shadow babies?
  4. Springwatch

    Daenery’s Diaherrea?

    I'm pretty sure Barristan never needs to go to the toilet in his scenes. Nor honourable Ned. Nor born-again Lancel. I think the point is the contrast between the pure and the filthy, between the pristine, lifeless beauty of winter, and the sometimes gross and ugly attributes of summer. It helps divide the characters into tribes. Dany belongs to the summer again.
  5. What they did benefited her more than them. They put Joff on the throne and Ned in jail. I'm not saying they forgot their own interests, but they knew they were supporting her agenda. You're putting a lot of spin on this.
  6. Winning support is the game of thrones. Think Varys' riddle. Think of LF describing how he won Tyrell support for the royal marriage - he says flat out: that is how the game is played.
  7. LF is a player, not a pawn, even Cersei must see that. I think the pawns have got to be smaller, like the Kettleblacks (and it feels like everybody lost control of the Kettleblacks). It would be ridiculous to deny her achievements though. You don't have to approve, but they're all things she aimed at and got. Jaime becoming Kingsguard King Robert miserable, but still under her influence All her children fathered by Jaime All her children heirs to the Baratheon throne Death of Lady Death of Robert Fall of Lord Stark, the King's Hand Lannisters in power Wildfire Queen Regent It's a world-changing list. I don't like the character. I don't like her thinking or her morals, and I can see she's on a downhill slide with both. But. Male characters get a lot more attention on this forum focused on their achievements, and a lot less on their mistakes.
  8. Springwatch

    Negative image of bastards

    There's a quite a list of high status bastards: Jon, Ramsay, Edric Storm, Aurane Waters, Robert Flowers (LC Kingsguard), Cotter Pyke, Blackfyres, Alayne Stone, Ellaria Sand, Sandsnakes.... I agree their success usually depends on them getting a boost from high-ranking relatives, but it wouldn't be possible to promote them this way if society was just going to shun them. It looks like there a few people who really hate bastards, and maybe some prejudice more widely, but they are tolerated and promoted. Not just by family, either - Bran's advisors thought his idea of Larence Snow for Lord Hornwood could be a good one.
  9. I wouldn't rush to judgement on this one. It's got to be at least possible that each name in this vast array was not a unique inspiration, but generated by some kind of rule. I mean, patterns have been noticed and discussed: the 'Ty', the 'ae' e.t.c. If names are constructed like this, out of parts, maybe a Stark is just a star with a bit of extra 'k'. And what is a star anyway? Dany says Drogo is her 'sun and stars', Her husband and family, maybe?
  10. Springwatch

    the mad Cersei's plan to kill Trystane

    So there's problems with either scenario. The plot is unlikely to succeed and Cersei is unlikely to risk Myrcella. On the other hand we have a slightly shifty Kingsguard with a shady task.
  11. Springwatch

    A dark horse for the perfumed seneschal

    It's a great idea, well reasoned. We're sort of given that the truth of a person is in their smell ('a dog can smell a lie'), so washing clean is a way of hiding that truth, and perfume is a way of sending out an entirely artificial message. So the stinky steward need not literally wear a lot of perfume. There's some support for perfumed Jon in the idea that the sidekicks of a major character act as a foreshadowing or a reflection of that person - a banner bearer to their character basically. (I haven't thought about this theory for ages, it's probably worth re-visiting.) Anyway, Jon's last sidekick was Satin, the alleged boy-whore, who combed perfume through his beard. (It wouldn't surprise if whores foreshadow skinchangers; I bet the Others have got a lot of them.) I'm not sure sweetness is a bad thing, exactly, even though it is associated with poison. I'm guessing it's like an opiate - pure pleasure, but dangerous all the same.
  12. Springwatch

    Interlocking Sansa and Tyrion.

    Yeah, Tyrion. You're right about the politics (and the women, mostly), but I still don't understand him. Maybe that dream of having two heads is a pointer to something, some personality disorder, I don't know. Anyway, it's the same story with Tommen and Myrcella. Those kids really love him, he must have given them a lot of affection and understanding at some time. But when it comes to the game of thrones, he really does treat them like pawns on the cyvasse board - and when they're gone, he shows no sympathy, anxiety for their wellbeing, or anything. Not a backward glance. I don't detect anything concrete showing sympathy for Sansa and the Hound at the bread riots, but to be fair, there was another emergency starting (the fire) and Tyrion was right to move on straight to that. Sansa's own reason for not staying with Tyrion in the Tower of the Hand was that she needed access to the godswood to meet Dontos. I agree she didn't have time to think it through, and I don't think this shows distrust of Tyrion particularly. In answer to the OP, I have not a clue where the Tyrion/Sansa relationship is going. I'm only sure they'll meet up again.
  13. Springwatch

    the mad Cersei's plan to kill Trystane

    This. Is there any reason we have to believe this was a plan at all? It puts Myrcella at a lot of risk, and Cersei is very sensitive about threats to her children, so...? Maybe Doran just made it all up - he had the Sandsnakes eating out of his hand with this story.
  14. Springwatch

    Interlocking Sansa and Tyrion.

    Tyrion rescued Sansa from Joffrey - once. And the beatings were frequent. It's not possible Tyrion could be completely ignorant of this (gossip, informants, knowledge of Joff's character), yet he only intervenes when it happens under his nose. When Sansa was missing in the bread riots (and presumably getting gang raped and/or murdered) - Tyrion didn't care; his only thought was for Jaime. 'Kindness' for Tyrion is something he does on the spur of the moment to boost his self-image. I don't think he even notices the shallowness of it.
  15. Springwatch

    “It should have been you.”

    I don't think Cat came into this at all. But anyway, Ned seems to given Jon exactly the same upbringing as Robb. In some things, like swordfighting, Jon was the better of the two. He might have been cleverer (I'm guessing). It highlights that life is unfair. This is an interesting one. Sansa switched to calling him 'half brother' as soon she realised what 'bastard' meant. There is no evidence that this was meant maliciously at all. Considering that 'bastard' is what Jon is super-sensitive about, it was probably meant to be kind. After all, 'half brother' doesn't say anything about legitimacy. But both Jon and Arya seem to expect the worst from Sansa, which must say something. But we don't really see that 'something' in the text. There is 'horseface', but that seems mostly to come from Jeyne Poole. Edmure, yes. Edmure is a maximum of ten years younger than Cat - the exact difference doesn't seem to be known. I'm assuming the age gap is big because Edmure is unmarried, and sort of acts young. I mean, he accepts Cat being the bossy older sister, which he really should be over by now. Actually this is my major objection to Cat - sometimes she seems to be undermining Robb and Edmure when she should be building them up. And I think she was a bit patronising to Renly, but I can't really remember. The 'little cat' quote was sweet! I guess it foreshadows another vigil coming up. As to how it shaped her character, you could read it either way - either she learned patience, or she learned that the lord's job is to go out and fix problems.