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  1. Yeah totally. In a story that features a moon cracking open and spilling out dragons you don't want to be referred to as a pomegranate. You're gonna get cracked open and your seeds are going to spill out.
  2. LOL. I'm not even sure what the story's about. is it a Targaryen Restoration? The return of magic to the world? The end of magic? Is it the story of the Stark kids or is it all about the invasion of the others? Something else entirely?
  3. If she isn't her she's certainly meant to evoke her. I didn't mention her on purpose but I would agree that she's a candidate (maybe a red herring?)
  4. Sansa's aware of it and she's aware of whether or not she could prove it. What was said at Tyrion's trial on the subject? Didn't Shae attest to their physical estrangement at some point? I know that 90% of what she said was BS, but it was accepted at face value in that sham trial. I don't think Sansa will need outside support though, having some maester or septa inspect her could be a power move that contrasts with Cercei's reflections on Margery Tyrell going through the same experience as a victim.
  5. Yeah, Westeros is a small town when Mr Martin wants it to be and a vast continent when it suits him. She could be out there. maybe she'll be one of the silent sisters he encounters after some battle or something.
  6. The marriage was never consumated which seems to make it vulnerable to annulment. LF's a pretty adept plotter too so I don't think that he'll have Sansa reveal herself until he's got the Lords Declarant involved in his schemes past the point of return. They're not going to be undone by an unconsumated marriage to an enemy so the marriage will be either annulled or outright ignored. Maybe Sansa goes all North and says it's irrelevant because there was no heart tree. Like I said above, I don't think the problem for Sansa will be getting out of that marriage. If the marriage remains relevant, I think her struggle might be to get back into it.
  7. My point was that when we get such a clear roadmap given to us things go sideway and never unfold as we were told they would. LF's plan is for Sansa to wed Hairy Harry. If Sansa was actually going to marry him though I don't think it would have been forecast, sort of like the whole Willas Tyrell thing turning into the marriage with Tyrion. Now we're going to see LF try and achieve his goals but before he gets to the part where Sansa actually marries Heirry Something (Sansa's rebellion perhaps?) will undermine his efforts.
  8. Given that LF spelled the whole plan out for us I believe it's safe to say that Sansa will never marry Harry the Hair in the first place. But were it to happen I think Tyrion is easily discounted because the marriage was never consumated and if need Sansa could prove it. If someone needed to get Sansa out of the marriage and was willing to dig a bit they might even find about Tyrion's preexisting commitment and Sansa could be released that way. Personally I don't think Sansa is going to have any troubles separating herself from Tyrion. My unpopular opinion (said it on here before and was castigated for it) is that she in fact is going to have cause to run back to the little man and beg him to consumate their marriage to escape a worse situation (or she somehow sees a value in him which she didn't appreciate before). To me their marriage is a gun hanging on the wall that's going to have to be shot at some point. Now I don't know what that situation will be or how it will come to pass but that's my take. I don't think Tysha comes back into the story (how small is this frickin planet anyway?) but if she does she could be a complicating element for Sansa.
  9. Maybe she's the 'least dumb'? It seems to be a theme of these stories that a ruler names a daughter as heir and then does nothing at all to ensure that his wishes will be carried out. Asha should have been an integral part of the running of the Iron Islands long before Balon's death. Damphair should have been brought onside as well. Did Balon and he never talk? "That girl of mine, she's going to rule all of this someday" "She's a woman. It would be unnatural" "Good, I'm glad we agree" It just seems like a lot of opportunities to lock her in as the ruler of the Islands were overlooked during the lead up to the books.
  10. Wouldn't it be interesting if with Jon's death we lose sight of the Wall until Arya shows up a few months after the fact and describes what she finds upon arrival? Jon's body might still be where it fell and Castle Black could be a graveyard. Either way I agree that news of Jon's demise will likely be the lure that brings Arya back to the North.
  11. I'm under somewhat considerable pressure from the wife to read Wheel of Time. I watched the first episode of the TV show though and it really turned me off. We'll see... I've been reading some Irvine Welsh just because there's not enough horrible in my life, but I think it's time to move back into fantasy. Like I said, we'll see... I could always reread Fire and Blood again...
  12. Maybe? I think that it's more likely that a weirwood arrow or whatever would make a dragon more susceptible to skinchanging, just because that power seems closer linked to weirwoods, or maybe the greenseer can better see the archer or something like that if they use a weirwood arrow? Just guessing though. I know we've seen a few weirwood weapons in the series but I can't recall who had them. I don't know how far to take the fire vs ice dichotomy, I think that assuming that a weirwood arrow would be some sort of dragonbane may be taking it too far.
  13. I'm with Vic. The man spoke no decent tongue, but only a guttural Ghiscari, full of growls and hisses, as ugly a language as Victarion Greyjoy had ever heard.
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