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  1. They may have done so. it could be the kind of thing beneath the notice or mention of Archmaester Gyldayn. Aegon III seemed a reasonably paranoid sort, not that a person would have to be paranoid to be uneasy about secret passages in his home. I wonder how Varys came to know of them in the first place.
  2. Thanks for the answer. This is an issue that's been bugging me for a while and every single post I see here which takes for granted that Lemore is AD really gets under my skin because to me it's as bizarre as Benjen is Daario or any of the other crackpot secret identities that you see theorized here. I don't get much of a sense of Ashara Dayne from what we're given of her in the books and there's probably good reason for her to be concealed a bit. She still had family though, didn't she? Her brother was dead, but she didn't lose anyone else, did she? Faking a suicide and ditching out on her family seems like a drastic and cold act. What could compel her to do that? Saving the Targaryen dynasty? Revenge? I'd believe revenge first, I guess or some matter that fell completely within the realm of 'family business'. Still seems like big move to fake her own death. Hm... I just checked the wiki page and there's no parents listed for her so it's possible I guess that they had predeceased her which would soften my position a bit, but she still had a brother and a sister out there that she would have been abandoning in the worst sort of way.
  3. Yeah, and there's no clear path of communication or anything to suggest a conspiracy between the Umbers and the Lannisters to undermine Robb before he even gets started. It's just that if anyone wanted to see the Starks taken down this whole King in the North business was a pretty good set up.
  4. Well, I'll grant you 'impossible or not, Nym believes she smells Cat' but that doesn't necessarily make it so. Could be as you say, quite the coincidence though.
  5. Pretty safe to infer that an oath was made. Ned put everything he had on the line when he made the decision to bring Jon home and raise him as his own bastard. Reed was either in the dark, compelled to secrecy or had to die to keep the secret (do you see a 4th option here?). Probably made the oath by ice and fire and bronze and iron and whatever else the kids' swore to Bran by. Ned didn't even tell his wife and he had like 17 years to come around to it, but he didn't think to secure a promise from his bannerman that he would keep the same fidelity? That would be pretty sloppy.
  6. Yeah, but she's a girl. Irrelevant if she takes the Throne by force, but very relevant if she takes any other path to the throne and potential male heirs are identified.
  7. It would have been nice to have been the first guy to post 'Jojen paste' or something as controversial to these forums...
  8. I don't know about 'completely'. You can see both myself and her mother when you look at my daughter's face and her mother doesn't look a thing like me.
  9. It's all possible... I like the idea that they'll try to burn him and he'll step Dany like out of the pyre... I like the idea of Jon coming back with wight hair, it's been suggested by a few folk I've read and there's more logic to it than just the Targ reveal... I'm a little hung up on whether or not he'll be 'alive' enough for his hair to grow. If he's back without it, he might not get it back. Again though, I like the way you tie it to Dany, he might get the same grace that the fires granted her. I'm expecting that many of us are going to infer a lot of big picture answers from the manner of Jon's resurrection and every little detail is going to inspire some serious theories, tirades and tangents.
  10. I sometimes wonder at his motives for doing so. Accepting the crown limited Robb's options to basically win or die whereas the lord of WInterfell always had a potential ally in Stannis or Renly. The fact that the Greatjon remains a prisoner at the twins (according to what we've been told) smells bad to me although the justification makes sense on its own.
  11. I've always liked his consistency, and I have to admit the guy that played him on TV gave the character some charisma that I've had trouble separating from the character in the book.
  12. I'm with you on Thorne doing an about face when he finds out who Jon really is and I very much doubt that he will die before he learns. I don't know about the specifics of your version of Jon's return, but they aren't the important part here so they're as good as anyone else's theories.
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