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  1. Is this like Pure Evil, or Near Evil, or Kinda Like Evil If You Look At It In A Mirror With One Eye Squinted? There's a whole spectrum, you know?
  2. I don't know about that. Varys was a fan of Ned Stark's, but that didn't sway him when he had the opportunity to set Ned free. I'm not arguing that Faegon is legit, I just don't think that we know enough about Varys' motives to deduce much from his actions. We do know that he can be ruthless when it fits his plans. One thing that Faegon presented Varys that his father (or not) couldn't is the clean slate. All that Varys recites to expiring Kevan Lannister is true because Varys got his hands on the kid and made a point of raising him to be King. It could be that Rhaegar was plan 'A', but when Elia started having kids Varys decided to check down to Aegon because he could mold him from birth.
  3. What about Dany herself? Did she know how to do what she did and if not, was there another influence on her? If she did know, where did that knowledge come from?
  4. I would guess that it would come down to where Bran is on his journey as a skin changer/ greenseer when it happens. Now that you put it out there, I could see it as a potential problem that Bran will have to deal with at a perhaps inopportune moment. Varamyr does say something like some of his own animals hate him and one would tear him up if they could (the bear?), so for a mature warg these problems do arise, but are surmountable.
  5. 'A Baratheon or a Stark will mean slaughter' Why? 'The outcome will be corrupted justice and something I would not like to have happen.' I have to say that it's the virtue and integrity of this community that's kept me coming back for all of these years spent waiting for Winds.
  6. Well, the army will be fed before the local peasants. The peasants will have to eat those secret Targaryan banners they've been making for the last 17 years. We've seen cannibalism around the peripheries of this story. Winter seems like as appropriate a time as any for it to take the center stage.
  7. The Freys aren't going to be wiped out. It won't be because they do or don't deserve it, it will be because the people with the power to take vengeance will choose mercy.
  8. I understand he lost his head as he watched his mother die.
  9. Well if we're doing the show, I got to give it to Arya: "Someday I'm going to put a sword through your eye and out the back of your skull"
  10. The last book is called A Dream of Spring, which suggests to me that we will end in winter. I still think they're going to find a way to flood the Riverlands though, so... magic... I think the Tullys and Freys will both survive, though I wouldn't guess at this point which of the two - or whether a third candidate will eventually sit as lord paramount. Whatever the case, Edmure's not going to take part in wiping out his wife's family. Some people will hang, but the family will survive. Probably not the Twins though, I suspect that at least one tower falls and of course, the bridge as well. (Has anyone ever done an accounting of the fates of twins? There are so many in this tale, but I can only recall the death of the two Kingsguards right now) I don't think the Brackens and Blackwoods are going to make it, I think their lines will end together.
  11. Probably war torn and slave ridden. Dany isn't changing people, she's just killing a few off and taking a few west.
  12. Dontos is the information. The fact that Dontos is dead the day after the event confirms his involvement. (I'm assuming that LF would still kill Dontos). it doesn't matter that he doesn't point straight to LF, it matters that he points away from Tyrion.
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