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  1. Yeah I probably shouldn't have used that word but I think we're making the same point. The far north likely isn't littered with unwanted babies that their promiscuous mothers don't raise because of the stigma.
  2. I sort of get a kick out of the notion that wildlings abandon their babies all over the place like north of the wall is just crack city, but I think it's a pretty big leap from their somewhat foreign arrangement of the sexes to the idea that all of these unions lead to unwanted bastards and the mothers just say 'oh well I'll just abandon my baby to the walkers. Who's next?'
  3. I think Alicent is terribly jealous of Rhaenyra and the freedom that she manages to wrestle for herself. Viserys is an amusing guy and all of that but he's physically not what most maidens are known for dreaming about (Sansa never waxed about dripping lesions on he future husband's back iirc). Contrast that with R's tryst with Criston and then the not at all secret romance with Harwin and I can see why Alicent sees herself as somehow a prisoner when she's supposed to be queen and Rhaenyra as shirking a family duty that Alicent was never given a chance to consider whether or not she wanted a part in. Throw in her father's version of the succession and then all of a sudden R isn't just some wanton slut that happens to be heir to the throne but she's a thief who has demonstrated herself to be unworthy of the inheritance she stole. Whether we agree or not, I think it's also pretty fair to say that Otto's version of events once R takes the throne with regards to Alicent's heirs is not at all unlikely whether the R we and Alicent know wants to someday kill them or not. Anyway I think in her view that accepting the proposal to marry Jace to Helena would be akin to covering R's lie for her and sacrificing her own family's birthright to do so. I don't have a problem with her for seeing that as asking too much.
  4. Possibly, but they could write the one with the other in mind. Actually replacing a lot of exposition in D&E about the Blackfyre Rebellions with an actual history from another show which the audience remembers and the characters could reference in conversations and such could help keep things going at a decent pace. There would be an interesting space to play with the whole unreliable narrator thing when we see characters refer to events that we've already seen but describe them in a very different light. The thrust of the two shows would be very different as well with the HotD focus on KL and the dynastic Targ politics and D&E being a deliberate contrast to that focused on two characters on the road and their decidedly pettier company and settings.
  5. I'm kind of looking forward to the development of Tyland Lannister. He's one of the characters that makes me hope they keep going after the dance and into Aegon III's regency. The actor they have playing the Lannister brothers is perfect too. 5 or 6 seasons from now, grizzled, twisted and veiled his relationship with Aegon III as his Hand could be some compelling TV.
  6. I think the fact that Ned didn't tell him shows us that Ned himself had no faith that it would have mattered. So he took it upon himself to amend King Bob's will - which didn't matter either.
  7. I'm looking forward to getting a better understanding ( I guess I'll settle for a hint) of what the extent of River's powers really are. How much could he really pull off by himself sitting in his roots? Could he have directly interfered in the encounter between Bran and Jamie? Seems like a lot, but it's been suggested that he's the animator behind Beric/ Cat and without going into whether or not that's likely I would say that if he could do one, he could probably do the other too.
  8. This has always been a problem with the Joffrey answer. Perhaps the milieu of the King's train was a little looser in Winterfell, but a straight line between Joff and the assassin that doesn't include at least one or two intermediaries seems improbable at best and impossible/ preposterous at the other end of the spectrum.
  9. Really interesting observation. There was another discussion about pov characters being skin changed and I can't help but wonder if we haven't seen it already happen and they were completely oblivious. Perhaps Lord Rivers has a subtler touch than Bran or Varamyr demonstrated when reaching out to humans for their first times. Maybe it wasn't even Jamie who said "The things I do for love". Anyway, deliberately luring Bran to the tower and his fall might be heinous enough to compare to Euron's treatment of his younger brothers. I wonder though how Bloodraven could have been confident that Bran would survive the fall. Is the flip side of this the implication that there was a specific goal behind Euron's depredations? That would seem to be consistent with what we've seen of him.
  10. I'm kind of hoping it doesn't. We've seen them jump time when necessary so far so why cant this story continue into Aegon's regency and beyond? I want the freaking Blackfyres! I want that crazy Sandoq the Shadow! I want Summerhall and Robert's Rebellion! They have about 160 years and there would be a tonne worth skipping, but I think they could make a good show of it.
  11. Yeah how much planning goes into an assasination when the would be murder you're hiring doesn't have his own knife? I think you're probably right that this was an ad hoc decision by the prince. This attempt on Bran's life and the mystery of who did it and why is one of the areas that doesn't stand up well to close scrutiny for me. For my money the author really shouldn't have used a vs blade (and how did Cat not get her hands cut off at the base of the fingers when she fought the would be killer for it?). Or there should have been something that had to be overcome that needed the VS blade - lock on the door it could cut or something else to that effect. it's such a 'look at me' tool and not appropriate for skulking and killing. Who was it that said 'Knight's work isn't night work"? it applies here as well I think. That it was an offhand decision and the murderer and tool were coincidentally at hand when it was made is probably the best explanation.
  12. I dunno, this is kind of like Varys' 'where does power lie?' riddle in that it's all a matter of perception. I think she was at her apex while she was burning the Tower of the Hand, after Tywin's death but before her disasterous deal with the faith, but I wouldn't rule out the power she had over Robert when he was king. She was largely checked during Tyrion's handship so it was as Robert's Queen or Tommen's regent that I would say she peaked.
  13. HR is still a lord. Slumming as Shadrich, stomping all over the Riverlands and the Vale is just so beneath him. I understand he's an eccentric of sorts, but that seems a little far to me. I could get into a "Shadrich is and agent/ family member/ ect. of Reed's" theory but not Reed himself. I like what you did here though and kind of regret being the naysayer in the group. I just can't get past the idea of a lord of Westeros playing hedge knight for any significant period of time and in the war ravaged riverlands of all places.
  14. Yeah, Harrenhall may be cursed but if it is it probably wasn't Harren that cursed it. The Targ arrival on the day it was completed almost suggests that Aegon was the curse's first agent.
  15. This is a pretty good point. I look at the Peakes and all of the chances they got before the crown finally put them down for good. The Reynes may have overreached themselves, but that's the game and they should have been swatted down a notch and left to carry on. How many times has a Lord or King of Winterfell not extinguished the Bolton line for a similar or greater offence? Interesting that they were both lions, but other than their arms, how many Reynes wore Lannister skins over the years? I doubt the number is high. He also wiped out the Tarbeks so it could well be that there are significant groups in the West hat are fed up with the Lannisters an perhaps sharpening their knives looking at the current, somewhat precarious position of the house.
  16. I hate to admit it but I agree. I like the idea of Syrio being faceless, but I can't quite adopt it. Couldn't waste the opportunity to use that quote though.
  17. In the books though she's described by people who are wise to portray her as a greedy grasper. Yeah, what would a Dothraki say? They aren't Dothraki though and I think that the killing of Joffrey could have been seen as enough of a buzzkill that they decided to step things up and skip a lot of the ceremony. Considering hte way they featured jousting in the first episode it's fitting to me that they took this killing indoors. Laenor is going to be devastated and I don't think anyone would have expected him to hang around the capital for a week smiling and celebrating. This episode could have been called 'no accident's don't happen - people get killed' but that may be a bit wordy.
  18. Joffrey made some pretty slanderous accusations about the heir to the throne. Maybe Cole will be chastised for ignoring due process, but down the road we're going to see people's tongues ripped out over the same crime on order of King Viserys. The fact that Joffrey spoke the truth isn't relevant and it's not a point he's going to be in any position to bring up.
  19. Meryn Trant? The greatest swordsman in the world killed by Meryn fucking Trant?
  20. The TV show would have been a Marvel production on Disney+. Couldn't have started as strong, but might have ended stronger. Disney+ probably would have deprived us of the mummer's cockwart closeup and the show may have lost some of its meaning and depth.
  21. Like the Incal. I wouldn't mind getting a piece of gum with every page though (if you meant Bazooka Joe). It's a different medium though and a lot of the things that Martin describes would be left in the hands of the illustrator which is fine, but right now he's using that space himself. I think of his initial description of the Vale when we enter it how he subtly likens it to a woman's woamanly bits and then we encounter the Tears of Alyssa cascading from the giant's lance but never reaching the floor of the Vale and we have this great metaphor for sterility. I think it would be harder to convey visually (without getting too direct or distracting). A 30 page monthly publication schedule would have a positive effect on things, especially if there was an illustrator to collaborate with who Martin couldn't leave in the lurch. Martin would have to make his decisions and then publish them, there would be little time for revision or the sort of soul sucking indecision which seems to have derailed the novels at various points along the way. I think the schedule would be the biggest advantage of the comic book medium. Sure we might lose a little depth, but he could make up for it with an ending. Currently we have no promise of an ending
  22. There was a doc produced a few years ago about his movie and what it would have been had been able to make it. It's compelling, inspiring (and Jodorovsky's a character, man). That would have been a helluva movie had it ever got done - much more like the comic he eventually did than Herbert's book. It was one example of a promising project that dwindled away to nothingness under the weight of its creator's ambition and the other attempts don't really change that in any way. Yes, it's a bit hyperbolic to make that comparison but the point I was making is that ASOIAF will become a forgotten curiosity if it's left undone. Sure, maybe not quite as forgotten as a movie that didn't get made, but 50 years from now I'd bet that difference would be negligible.
  23. Fair enough. The fact that the left Egg with Dunk after Whitewalls suggests to me that Egg was never a high priority of his. Who knows though, maybe Bloodraven's given him some assurances off screen that we aren't aware of.
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