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  1. I mean, in terms of succession, Renly was absolutely the aggressor. He forsook duty and family for the sake of his own ambition, as most Baratheons are wont to do.
  2. The rebels would never have accepted a Targaryen king whose father they’d killed in battle. What happens when that baby grows up and wants revenge?
  3. And then instead it would be Renly who has to deal with being a kinslayer. Though I doubt it would have bothered him much.
  4. Tywin basically held the rebellion in his hands. He could have sent his 12,000 cavalry straight to the Trident and fallen upon the rebels while they were recovering from their wounds. It wouldn’t have been hard to massacre them, especially if he waited for Ned to divide the forces. It would have been a matter of slaughtering both parts of the army one at a time.
  5. I thought that Alysane made it very clear that she wasn’t Asha’s friend, and she hated the Ironborn.
  6. So after Ramsay was hanged, who would have ended up with the Hornwood lands?
  7. Maybe, but the sickness didn’t hinge on their meeting. If anything, come to think of it, it might have killed Egg if he wasn’t on the road with Dunk.
  8. All those Dunk and Egg stories that we might never get…
  9. I don’t know if I’d agree that Maekar was okay with it. He really didn’t seem willing at all to even recognise that there was a problem with his sons. Egg couldn’t have done it himself. Dunk stood up to Aerion, he fought him in a trial of seven, and he was bold enough (or dumb enough) to tell Maekar to his face that his older sons were incompetent and he wanted to take Egg on the road with him. And do we know if Maekar would even have agreed with him if he wasn’t dealing with his brother’s death?
  10. Another speculation question, I fear, but one which I don’t think has been asked since I came here. What do you think would have realistically happened to those two if they never met? Besides the obvious prophecies, it’s clear that they both need each other in different ways, and neither would have ended up where they were without the other’s help.
  11. Not even Ghost could win that fight alone. He hasn’t even finished growing yet.
  12. Well, he definitely won’t go to Cersei, since he screwed her over. There’s a suggestion in Patchface’s prophecy that he might return to Stannis’ cause, but I doubt that. He might turn to Daenerys, but that means potentially clashing with the Iron Fleet. I think he might just go and occupy the Stepstones and be a less flamboyant Raccallio Ryndoon.
  13. Demolish every structure on the continent and eliminate all the humans. They’re nothing but troublemakers. Give the continent back to the Children and the Giants.
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