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  1. ? And why would killing off the Reformation and Enlightenment as historical periods be a more accurate way to present history
  2. Tides of thought have and do mark historical periods. Separating the Rebirth, the Reformation and the Enlightenment makes more sense than... Calling Karl the Great "Roman". Just go catch with Roman studies. Counter-Reformation is a thing though. Rather notable for Spain's efforts to turn its colonies into Catholic realms.
  3. I must say though I think the Summer King would perform poorly against the winter. He lacks the context required for such a tale.
  4. Really? We have feet on the ground for W5K, none for the Conquest.
  5. I meant using Dreamfyre and her riders as a breakthrough point to investigate how dragons choose their riders. If they show intelligence and preference for certain traits that make their riders more similar to themselves, then perhaps they could tell if a claimant's lineage is close enough to their previous rider(s).
  6. I meant Helaena's bug interest and apparent prophecy powers. Less clear on Rhaena, but I don't think her comparing herself to Visenya was some mark of gender, just queer-ness in general. Half-mad if I'm less generous, but the circumstances of that comparison certainly weren't happy. Imagine your lover stealing nukes from you, probably not conducive to not mad states of mind.
  7. Correct. In law and administration, there was never a clean-cut moment where Latin was "displaced" by Greek. In fact, the ERE kept the title Augustus as Augoustos for basically all the way up to the end - 1453. One of many examples where Roman identity clearly survives. Greek was also official bureaucratic language. See Theodosius' (401-450) edicts regarding the source material of his Codex. Ulfilas invented the Gothic alphabet to translate the Bible, we have no idea what he wanted for the Gothic population. There was a process of Hellenization in the High Roman Empire too, and you have a more important question to answer. How would you defend the Targs killing hundreds of thousands - possibly millions of people in their conquest?
  8. Dreamfyre might be a good breakthrough point, since her riders tend to be ... queer.
  9. Yes, but there is a million-dollar question though. We do know the Targs didn't colonize Westeros, they just conquered it, killling give or take hundreds of thousands of people. Why is defending them not colonizing Westeros a big deal when what they should be defended against is Geneva Convention bans on flame weapons?
  10. Nah, I don't have a Hell's Kitchen degree, I'm only in for the memes. Did you know? Emperor Leo (457-474) was already issuing laws in Greek. Looks like Greek was official quite a long time before 610, right?
  11. I meant we don't have data on treasury status during Balon's rebellion, so I don't get why you're smashing JonA out of all people. He was like Prince Viserys to Daeron I and Baelor, or Bloodraven to Aerys I. He held the realm together and his death started its unravelling. He was a good Hand from what limited data we have. If I had mone I don't want another man's kids getting their mitts on them, that's not being a prick. Of course, no need to resent your wife's childhood affair when said childhood love is now working for you and coming into contact with your wife.
  12. Great, still wrong answer. Keep trying Aerys, I'm sure you'll get it by page 11.
  13. ?LF wasn't even in central admin during the Greyjoy rebellion, what you talking about. Wut. Like, we may be proletariats, but nobles could afford to care - and thus give a damn - about virginity. It's kind of a big deal to have your own kid inherit your mone.
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