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  1. LmL

    Where Whores Go

    I think this is outstanding, good job corvo and @Darry Man !!
  2. Hah, the one time I drop in to Westeros recently I see a new post on one of my favorite threads! Or a new thread in a classic series, you know what I mean. I think you are going to like my next series, which will be about the Others and will have my best symbolic case for Dawn being the original Ice. There is some stuff in there to support some of your arguments here I think. I'm not sure how I feel about the Black Gate being the NK, but I also don't have a good explanation for the Black Gate so I am open-minded. Also, you realize the reaching to high / reckless fearlessness thing is a perfect description for Azor Ahai, who stile the fire of the gods and broke the moon, right? Of course I have been zeroing in on the idea that NK is either AA or one of his kin for a while now. And we all know how Azor Ahai feels about moon women
  3. Hey all. I am no longer checking in with this forum as often as I used to, because all my time is increasingly going to creating content, so please come find me on twitter @thedragonLML and a lucifermeanslightbringer.com. You can also find my podcasts on youtube, as well as various collaborations I have done with other YouTube channels:  https://www.youtube.com/c/lucifermeanslightbringer

    I'll still drop in now and again but I won't be here every day like I used to. Much love to everyone, cheers. 


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      Which vid, Alaskansandman?

      Sweetsunray, you know it. I'll message you anytime Graham Hancock does an interview, lol.

      Scorpion, you're a good forum friend and a great commenter, definitely don't be a stranger!

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      @LmL Brandon of the Bloody Blade i think it was. 

      Just dropped a theory idea i think is interesting connecting everything kind of, even possibly the secret to Dragon Steel. Curious what your thoughts. 

    4. AlaskanSandman
  4. Yeah I'm all over it. Going to make an emergency video if I can. You saw the same thing I did my brother. And yeah, that Yoren quote jumped to mind for sure. We also saw that symbol when Dany burned Drogon - there was an overhead shot that shows it, I highlighted it in my video.
  5. LmL

    The Mad Dance, Pt. I-IV + Apology

    Cowboy I am in the process of reading this, just wanted to let you know. I am not at all a fan of Jamie and Cersei as Targs, but that's ok because I am not certain about it, and mostly because I got love and respect for you. And as you say, the symbolism is always relevant even if we come to different interpretations. I love one-eyed Sunfyre, our Odin-ized solar king. The scene with Sunfyre and Moondancer colliding and merging and falling to the ground is just such exceptional mythical astronomy. Let me just throw something out regarding hair color. I think there is an argument to be made that it is Lann the Clever who brought eastern / dragon genetics to the Lannister line. Lann came from the east and stole gold from the sun to color his hair - that's the stealing the fire of the sun motif, and specifically tied to his hair color. I like that you've keyed in on the specific beaten gold language, I had not noticed that. I did notice however that the Lannister's hair is always described as gold, and never blond, and that the Targaryens and Valyrians have hair of gold, silver, and platinum white. But the key to this idea is that the kingly ghosts with gemstone eyes that Dany sees in her wake the dragon dream - the ones we interpret as her ancestors (and all Valyrian's ancestors) from the Great Empire of the Dawn, whose emperors were named after gemstones (including the four named in Dany's dream as the eyes of these kingly ghosts). The kingly ghosts have hair of silver, gold, and platinum white, and one of them has eyes of jade. It could be merely a symbolic way to tie these ghosts to the various dynasties - jade eyes for the Jade Emperor - but it could be implying Great Empire of the Dawn people with green eyes and "Valyrian hair." That could be Lann, and thus the Lannisters have "gold" and not blond hair. Now I don't think that necessarily means any Lannister can be a dragonrider. We can't assume all GEotD people were "dragon-blooded" by any means. However, we have to observe that both Tyrion and Cersei have symbols and descriptions which could be interpreted as dragonish, like Jaime comparing Cersei to the mad king with her pyromaniac tendencies, or Tyrion's dragon dreams and dragon obsessions, and perhaps these are clues about the Lannister lineage instead of a secret Targ theory. Now I do think Tyrion is a Targ - looking forward to your rebuttal of this - but I'm open to the idea it's just in their lineage. The other clue is that the more obvious Westerosi lineages that came by sea from the east - the Hightowers and Daynes in the Southwest, and the Ironborn in the West - basically surround the Lannisters and Casterly Rock. The logical way to see this is that the GEotD people had settlements all up the west coast, from Starfall to Oldtown to Casterly Rock to the Iron Islands. Anyway, just a thought. I am not sold on Lann as a GEotD immigrant, but I think it's a decent possibility. It makes more sense than the "Landal" theory imo.
  6. @Unchained, @hiemal You might simply ask this question as "does George think reaching for the fire of the gods is a good thing or not?" As much as I talk about the concept, I can't give a definitive answer. I know that he sure punishes the reachers heavily; but we all get the feeling that we are to have a situation where we need anti-heroes. We are going to need people to use the dangerous sword without a hilt. I think the green zombie series made this clear for me - raising the dead is wrong. It's a violation of nature. And it had to be done, I think. It had to be done because man did some other evil shit and something had to be atoned for ( @ravenous reader this is one of the best things Voice hit on in his miasma theory, the idea of atonement and a curse following an original sin ). So in terms of moon meteors and Lightbringer - look, Lightbringer was bad. At first, it was definitely an abomination. And that goes for the other form of Lightbringer, the other fire of the gods - skinchanging the weirwoods. Abomination, I say. But back to Lightbringer the sword. Just look to the original myth, and look to the reaction of Davos, a good man in the story if there ever was one. The original Lightbringer story involves human sacrifice and blood magic - abomination. Don't think that morality is somehow suspended or different because there is magic in this world - human sacrifice is wrong, don't question your instinct. Using blood magic and human sacrifice to create a sword - that's fucking evil. I truly believe Martin gave us this kind of story wrapped in the label "hero" to test us, or to cause us to examine ourselves, however you want to say it. On top of that, this abomination was so evil that it cracked the face of the fucking moon. What did the moon do, I ask you? So it eclipsed the sun for half a second, what's the big deal? So, before we figure out anything else, we have a story about some asshole who murdered his wife, worked dark magic, broke the moon, and ended up with a flaming sword for his trouble. Now consider Davos's reaction when hearing this story, the same reaction that everyone reading the book should have (unless you're truly twisted, you sick bastards you ): But Davos is made of the stuff of heroes, I think we would all agree. Precisely because he wouldn't stab his wife or some kid like Edric Storm to work dark magic in order to "save the day." He was also right when he smuggled Edric off the island and challenged Stannis to step up and defend his realm like an honorable king. That was the best thing Stannis has done in the story, though I think he will take Winterfell as well. Anyway, Davos is the man, and blood magic is abomination. Ergo, the sword made with such is abomination. That is without considering all of my more symbolic clues about black meteors and black swords and black fyre swords and black dragons and all that; symbolism which has me quite convinced that Azor Ahai made "Lightbringer" from a black meteor. Now, let's think about the Bloodstone Emperor and the Amethyst Empress. Some people prefer the Bloodstone and AA as separate people, some buy my and @Durran Durrandon's notion that they were the same dude (and I am ok with a father son thing myself). However, everyone seems to agree that Nissa Nissa and the Amethyst Empress were the same, because Dany so obviously combines the symbolism of Nissa Nissa and the Amethyst Empress. In fact, tinfoil you heard here first, Euron will kill Dany, completing her AE symbolism. She becomes a zombie, her and Jon live happily ever after, fuck all you haters. We get the storybook ending, but they are both half-dead. It's perfect. /tinfoil Point being, the murder of AE was the Blood Betrayal, and act of evil so heinous it caused the sun (in one tale) or the Maiden Made of Light (in another tale, because MMOL = the sun) to turn it's face, thus ushering in the Long Night. If AE = NN, then we are right back to AA causing the Long Night by killing NN, and that is the forging of Lightbringer we are speaking of, when the moon cracked. That all makes sense, if you like my theory - moon cracking turns out the lights. But to the point of our inquiry about the nature of Lightbringer, the creation of it was an abomination. Breaking the moon, abomination. But. But. Inside the problem lies the solution. We shouldn't have purchased the black moon pearl of great price, because it cost us dearly. Somehow, the LN events set in motion by AA / BSE the moon breaker resulted in an invasion of the Others in Westeros - that's bad. But, now we have this big problem, and we have this sword without a hilt sitting here... so... if anyone tries to pick it up and use it, it will destroy them (think of lightbringer like the one ring of Tolkien in this sense). But someone needs to do it. So, my guess is the asshole who was responsible for moon breaking might be the one called upon to become a crappy zombie and go into the frozen lands to fight the Others. Or maybe, it was his son, wanting to atone for the sins of his father. There are a few storylines which could make sense and find parallels in the main story. But whomever stepped up to wield the sword, I think that person also had to become a zombie (a greenseer zombie), so this would be a great sacrifice. It's in keeping with the idea of Lightbringer as an evil blade which extracts a cost on the wielder. The other big wrinkle we have is all the bajillion clues about broken swords and splitting and reforging swords. The LH broke his sword, Beric's sword broke (Beric's ancestor broke his sword too, in the founding myth of the House, just to make it clear), and Waymar's sword broke, like a tree struck by lightning. That broken sword is the fire of the gods - Lightbringer - just as the tree struck by lighting is. So the broken sword can still kill, and can still be reforged, as it is said: So, in conclusion, Lightbringer may have undergone a breaking and possibly even a reforging on the way. I mean christ, maybe it was turned white somehow. I don't think so, but it's definitely in play. What I do feel strongly about is that its creation was the cause of the Long Night, and was an abomination. But I suspect someone found a way to use it, at great personal expense, to help save the day, either directly or indirectly. You can also think about Lightbringer as a remnant of Nissa Nissa, so a redemption or cleansing of Lightbringer might be a redemption or cleansing of Nissa Nissa's ghost or some such. Also, I'd like to remind you especially @hiemal of an idea I have. The legend of Dawn says it came from a meteor. The we have a magic sword and a black meteor in the eastern stories, and I have pieced it together to say "black meteor sword." So, do we have TWO meteor swords, one black and one white? Well, maybe, may-be. But, what if Dawn is the original Ice, and not a meteor sword at all, but made of ice and magic and whatever else (white dragonglass = milkglass, perhaps)? There are a few theories out there about Dawn being original Ice, and I think it's at least 50/50 or more that it is... it could still be a meteor sword and original Ice, too... but it might not be a meteor sword, and here's how. The Daynes are descended from the AE and they took the meteor sword with them when they migrated, as migrating peoples do. In time the myth became localized. The original Ice sword (now called Dawn) was taken to Starfall to keep it away from cold magic users who are a holy terror with Dawn, just as Ned ( a King of Winter person) brought Dawn to Starfall after the ToJ. In time, the meteor sword myth became associated with Dawn, but the myth is from the east and Dawn is from the north, where the dawn lights are (aurora borealis). (hat tip RR). Here's where I am at: I am damn sure a black meteor fell in the east and became a flaming sword. I am not sure if a white meteor also fell in the west as well. I tend to think it did, and that we do indeed have two meteor swords (which is needed to have a good meteor sword fight, after all). But I wanted to simply introduce a possible rationale for Dawn not even being a meteor sword at all.
  7. Probably the right answer is that she is seeing a lot of layers of vision at once. It has meanings for the main plot as well as mythical astronomy (meaning both the dawn age and the future resolution).
  8. This makes the most sense on a storytelling level I think. It was my suggestion of a black meteor in the heart of winter and the ice moon which prompted you to make this declaration, but you still have not found any ice in the heart of fire, I would maintain. Not saying it isn't there, and I do love symmetry, but... I just haven't seen that yet. It could be that white hot fire stands in for cold somehow, but apart from that...
  9. The chronology is so muddled that almost any conjecture could be plausible. My own solution is a cycle of catastrophe's marking the outward expansions of each race and confrontations between an established race, making the Long Night the second such event most likely thousands of years prior to LN and the GEoDawn. I conjecture that the Breaking of the Seasons is from this first catastrophe centered around the CotF and the Deep Ones and involved the construction of structures like Moat Cailin and Battle Island. I see the Gray King as a the AA figure this go-round (and I am not convinced he was human or GEoDawnian although Garth Greenhands might have been schlepping about) and wonder if his stealing lightening from the gods doesn't indicate his own attempted apotheosis during the Nagga event to subsume the natural force of electromagnetism- which is why we don't have any magnetic compasses on Planetos. We are not told that the Daynes went to the Starfall site when the "stone" was freshly landed were we? It could be a thousands-year cold site that they were led to by prophecy perhaps. I am geerally not a fan of two separate meteor events - mostly because I have detected symbolism to suggests this - but on the occasions we've entertained the possibility, the big suspect is the God Emperor who descended to earth like an Evenstar figure and ascended back to heaven like the Morningstar, and specifically his pearl shaped palanquin. They have been carving swords off the palanquin like the ancient Ironborn carved swords from the seastone chair (my tinfoil). The simple explanation for the fiery sword tech in the hands of Dany's ancestors, presumably from the GEotD, is that they were not meteor swords, just magic flaming swords. BSE / AA would have taken their flaming sword tech and simply used the black meteor instead of regular steel to make evil Lightbringer.
  10. A man will be enjoying my next episode, I am thinking
  11. @hiemal, in regards what you said about the Lion of Night being the Great other: That's not tin foil in the slightest. That's just another way of saying that AA became Night's King in created the others, which I have thought to be the case for a while now. It has to do with the scenario I outlined above - the Night's King is analogous to the black meteor which is hypothetically embedded in the ice moon, with the ice Moon of course representing the corpse Queen, with her cold flesh as pale as the moon and her eyes like blue stars. Those black meteors are in many ways and now he gets to the lion of night, what I refer to in general terms as the dark solar King archetype, and that is how I see both nights King and rhaegar. Rhaegar impregnated Leanna, who would also be an icy Moon Maiden. Their child, Jon Snow, has many parallels to both gone the sword and to the others, both of which I symbolically link to the ice Moon and to each other.
  12. What's great is that the sigil of House Dayne is purple and white. I have long Peg them as descendants of the amethyst empress and the great Empire of the Dawn - I even call them amethyst Empress loyalists sometimes, them and the hightowers potentially. This is a really great find, because of course Dionysus is a stereotypical horned nature God type. As far as meteors go, what I am seeing is a bunch of black meteors coming from the second moon that was destroyed by the comet, with the one white meteor that made the sword Dawn being a bit of an oddball. Of course, the parallel, yet opposite symbolism extends to Valyrian steel swords when compared to Dawn. I have three basic ideas for where the white meteor could have come from: - its the pure heart of the fallen NN moon. It represents her ghost, the part that wasn't eaten by Lightbringer (which absorbed her blood and strength and courage and soul). - it's a piece of the Comet that fragmented off before hit the Moon, making it a kind of original star sword. The problem with this is that Dawn would then have no moon connections - it's not the heart of a fallen star, but rather, just a fallen star. The heart of a fallen star language always makes me think about the heart of a moon, but I could be wrong - my favorite idea is that Dawn is a piece of the other moon, what I think of as the ice Moon. That's the Moon that we still have in the sky, the one that didn't get obliterated by a comet. I have found a buttload of symbolism that shows one of those black meteors from the destroyed man becoming launched in ice, usually things which I believe symbolize the ice Moon. I think that Martin is conceiving of this as a kind of heart transplant, where the ice Moon loses its whiteheart and gains a new black heart. I have a feeling that there is a perfect parallel on the ground for this comma and that would be a black meteor in the heart of Winter which has something to do with animating the others. The others are very much like a model of my hypothetical ice Moon - they are beings of intense cold, but they have some sort of internal fire, which they have turned into a cold fire. The others eyes burn like cold stars, as if there is a cold star inside of their icy body. The TV show even has a parallel to this, which I will not to mention for sake of spoilers, but anyone who has watched the show will think about their version of how the others were created and know what I am talking about.
  13. Oh, do you think you can tell the difference between Siam cat and Lion of Night? They are both Lucifer. We are one. And now back to the thread...
  14. Lucifer Sam, siam catAlways sitting by your sideAlways by your sideThat cat's something I can't explainGinger, ginger, Jennifer Gentle you're a witchYou're the left sideHe's the right sideOh, noThat cat's something I can't explainLucifer go to seaBe a hip cat, be a ship's catSomewhere, anywhereThat cat's something I can't explainAt night prowling sifting sandHiding around on the groundHe'll be found when you're aroundThat cat's something I can't explain
  15. Oh my gosh you are thinking so literally about this! I think it's going to be a little more magical. The meteors as seeds is more of a metaphor for the magical action, I would think.