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  1. Hah, the one time I drop in to Westeros recently I see a new post on one of my favorite threads! Or a new thread in a classic series, you know what I mean. I think you are going to like my next series, which will be about the Others and will have my best symbolic case for Dawn being the original Ice. There is some stuff in there to support some of your arguments here I think. I'm not sure how I feel about the Black Gate being the NK, but I also don't have a good explanation for the Black Gate so I am open-minded. Also, you realize the reaching to high / reckless fearlessness thing is a perfect description for Azor Ahai, who stile the fire of the gods and broke the moon, right? Of course I have been zeroing in on the idea that NK is either AA or one of his kin for a while now. And we all know how Azor Ahai feels about moon women
  2. Hey all. I am no longer checking in with this forum as often as I used to, because all my time is increasingly going to creating content, so please come find me on twitter @thedragonLML and a lucifermeanslightbringer.com. You can also find my podcasts on youtube, as well as various collaborations I have done with other YouTube channels:  https://www.youtube.com/c/lucifermeanslightbringer

    I'll still drop in now and again but I won't be here every day like I used to. Much love to everyone, cheers. 


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      Which vid, Alaskansandman?

      Sweetsunray, you know it. I'll message you anytime Graham Hancock does an interview, lol.

      Scorpion, you're a good forum friend and a great commenter, definitely don't be a stranger!

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      @LmL Brandon of the Bloody Blade i think it was. 

      Just dropped a theory idea i think is interesting connecting everything kind of, even possibly the secret to Dragon Steel. Curious what your thoughts. 

    4. AlaskanSandman
  3. Yeah I'm all over it. Going to make an emergency video if I can. You saw the same thing I did my brother. And yeah, that Yoren quote jumped to mind for sure. We also saw that symbol when Dany burned Drogon - there was an overhead shot that shows it, I highlighted it in my video.
  4. LmL

    The Mad Dance, Pt. I-IV + Apology

    Cowboy I am in the process of reading this, just wanted to let you know. I am not at all a fan of Jamie and Cersei as Targs, but that's ok because I am not certain about it, and mostly because I got love and respect for you. And as you say, the symbolism is always relevant even if we come to different interpretations. I love one-eyed Sunfyre, our Odin-ized solar king. The scene with Sunfyre and Moondancer colliding and merging and falling to the ground is just such exceptional mythical astronomy. Let me just throw something out regarding hair color. I think there is an argument to be made that it is Lann the Clever who brought eastern / dragon genetics to the Lannister line. Lann came from the east and stole gold from the sun to color his hair - that's the stealing the fire of the sun motif, and specifically tied to his hair color. I like that you've keyed in on the specific beaten gold language, I had not noticed that. I did notice however that the Lannister's hair is always described as gold, and never blond, and that the Targaryens and Valyrians have hair of gold, silver, and platinum white. But the key to this idea is that the kingly ghosts with gemstone eyes that Dany sees in her wake the dragon dream - the ones we interpret as her ancestors (and all Valyrian's ancestors) from the Great Empire of the Dawn, whose emperors were named after gemstones (including the four named in Dany's dream as the eyes of these kingly ghosts). The kingly ghosts have hair of silver, gold, and platinum white, and one of them has eyes of jade. It could be merely a symbolic way to tie these ghosts to the various dynasties - jade eyes for the Jade Emperor - but it could be implying Great Empire of the Dawn people with green eyes and "Valyrian hair." That could be Lann, and thus the Lannisters have "gold" and not blond hair. Now I don't think that necessarily means any Lannister can be a dragonrider. We can't assume all GEotD people were "dragon-blooded" by any means. However, we have to observe that both Tyrion and Cersei have symbols and descriptions which could be interpreted as dragonish, like Jaime comparing Cersei to the mad king with her pyromaniac tendencies, or Tyrion's dragon dreams and dragon obsessions, and perhaps these are clues about the Lannister lineage instead of a secret Targ theory. Now I do think Tyrion is a Targ - looking forward to your rebuttal of this - but I'm open to the idea it's just in their lineage. The other clue is that the more obvious Westerosi lineages that came by sea from the east - the Hightowers and Daynes in the Southwest, and the Ironborn in the West - basically surround the Lannisters and Casterly Rock. The logical way to see this is that the GEotD people had settlements all up the west coast, from Starfall to Oldtown to Casterly Rock to the Iron Islands. Anyway, just a thought. I am not sold on Lann as a GEotD immigrant, but I think it's a decent possibility. It makes more sense than the "Landal" theory imo.
  5. LmL

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    Wolfmaid's ideas? Thats unlikely, particularly since we disagree on most everything. She turned up her nose at my horned Lord ideas when I first mentioned them to her a year ago, and I ran with my own take on that mythology, and honestly I haven't read her posts in a very long time. I think perhaps you make the mistake of thinking that a lot of people are reading your discussions at last hearth and if anyone has an idea you folks have discussed, they must be taking it from you. But of course it's only your small group over there, and most people have no idea what you talk about. And dont forget, a ton of people know their mythology, and Cerrunos ideas in the story are pretty easy to spot. Same for any other line of myth used heavily in ASOIAF. Do you think I run around telling everyone that figured out that dragons might be meteors that they're stealing my idea? No, of course not, anyone could figure that out. In short, piss off, enjoy your thread, spare me the gaslighting and feigned incredulity. If you have something to say to me, be an adult and tag me or message me and say it directly instead of talking behind my back. I guess this is the thanks I get for posting a prominent link to your forum at the top of my page for last year? I am considering this finished, if you have anything else to say, message me. I don't come here to bicker about stupid shit but I do have to defend myself when slandered. But this is not what the threads are for.
  6. LmL

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    And dude, I'm sure you're thread is great, they always are. I would have read it if the first thing I freakin saw upon coming over here was you taking cheap shots at me. I saw someone tagged me in your thread and I thought "oh cool, voice has a thread," and then that's what I find. It's a bummer.
  7. LmL

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    @Voice, come on man. What's with the behind the back shit talking? You know I am a stand up guy. I don't hesitate to give credit where credit is due, including you in a couple of the older episodes - so if I've missed you somehow on something, you need only reach out to me. Talking crap about me when I haven't even spoken with you for months or said narry an ill word about you - that's lame. Passing it off as a joke? Also lame. If you are talking to me, you can make a joke about me. What I am seeing here is a repeated insinuation of stealing material without credit, behind my back, so that's not a joke. You've made this insinuation before, and when I press you about what exactly you might be referring to, you don't have a specific example. If you do, let me know. Otherwise, you're just taking cheap shots for no reason.
  8. LmL

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    @Unchained you know I love you but the first thing I am seeing here as I read over is a bunch of what can only be fairly called cheap shots thrown at me @Voice, so I really don't have any interest in participating in the thread. I'm busy mining worthier threads so I can steal people's ideas without giving them credit, apparently? so I am understandably low on time. Yeah. Or something. Be happy to chat with you on another thread, peace.
  9. LmL

    Puns and Wordplay

    Wow, this seems a bit over the top. I am sorry you feel this way. - I never said or implied my / our analysis was exclusive to any other, not sure why you would take that meaning - the point of sharing analysis is to start a conversation, not kill it. Every single time I comment on your thread, it is because I imagine an idea I have might help you in your own analysis. That's the only reason I take the time to comment. You were discussing something we had been discussing too, so I shared our thoughts about pennytree, thinking you might enjoy them or find something useful to your own inquiry. That's what people do on the forum - not sure why my opinion, couched in qualifiers like "such and such CAN refer to" and "I believe that," comes across as an attempt to kill the convo when you don't interpret other people's comments that way. - "my friends" that I listed were, to the best of my knowledge, also your friends, as I know they comment on your threads and share ideas with you. I guess not? I mentioned them in the interest of not taking credit for other people's ideas or acting like a know-it-all. Unfortunately that seams not to have come across as I intended - the rest of your invective is just bizarre. I'm sorry you have such a grudge against me, for what, I do not know. I'll be sure to leave you alone though! Actually this was a simple mistake, it was a comment intended for a different thread. However I am glad the mistake forced you to show your apparent true feelings of hostility. Now I know better than to try to share ideas with you. I only ever did that because I respect your analysis and your insights frequently overlap with my own. Clearly you do not appreciate my input, so I will stop trying to contribute to your thread.
  10. LmL

    Puns and Wordplay

    edit: wrong thread
  11. LmL

    Puns and Wordplay

    Pennies can be stars in ASOIAF, and are made of copper, which is a terrific conductor of electricity.. or a good way to draw lightning. The 'lightning striking the tree' motif of the Ironborn legend, the burning tree which transmits the fire of the gods to mankind, refers to (I believe) the weirwoods, whose bloody hands leaves are also described as a "blaze of flame." So, the penny tree is a "star tree" by virtue of the pennies and also a "tree that wants to be struck by lightning." That lightning was actually a falling star, a moon meteor. That is why Dunk's sigil is a falling star and a tree - it's all about this idea of the lightning striking the tree. His horse is thunder, which alludes to the thunderbolt and also the deeper concept of a shamanic horse like Sleipnir, but I digress. This is not just my thinking; some of this comes from @Pain killer Jane and @Blue Tiger and @ravenous reader and perhaps a couple of others; I don't recall exactly but we pieced it together collaboratively is the point.
  12. LmL

    Puns and Wordplay

    I noticed in Theon's Winterfell nightmare of the two direwolf children chasing him, all the trees had faces, and all the faces were laughing. It seems like a pretty strong theme. It might be an extension of the "sex and swordplay" double entendres about bloody swords and "giving a maiden the sword when her moon blood is on her" , the childbed being a woman's battlefield and the like.
  13. LmL

    Puns and Wordplay

    @GloubieBoulga, weirwoods are also slaughter trees for what it's worth. I'd have to agree those words are meant to play off one another. There's also the link between laughing and slaying implied by the Crescent moon. It can either be a sickle, such as Bran's last ADWD chapter, or it can be a smile like a Cheshire cat moon. Martin is working that angle quite a bit. ETA: you might consider the scene from AFFC where Jaime and The silent knight Ilyn Payne dance beneath the horned moon, with Payne doing his choking laughter thing.
  14. LmL

    Puns and Wordplay

    Isobel, I'll reeling you back in from the brink; please accept my extended hand. You're awfully close to the edge there - the edge of madness. Don't slip Isobel! ISOBEELLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! NNNOOOOOO!!!!!
  15. Hey, LML. Big fan of your posts. I have a question...i am in the middle of writing a thesis for grad-school and it pertains to the philosophical "nature of things". The concept of "As above so below" of celestial beings and situations are echoed throughout eternity via life on earth in ASOIAF is beyond intriguing to me. In fact, it is the core component to my thesis. I an arguing in my thesis that there is historical and narrative truth in this "echo" reality. 

    This may come across as a silly question, but I wanted to ask you, do you feel like the "As above so below" has any merit in our real world as it pertains to our ancient celestial and astrological stories and our religions/faith-based systems? Also, are there any books, sites or organizations that explore this?