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  1. LmL

    Where Whores Go

    I think this is outstanding, good job corvo and @Darry Man !!
  2. Hey y'all. In case anyone is curious, my full arguments about the Great Empire of the Dawn being the ancestors of Valyria who built Asshai can be found in these two videos I did with History of Westeros: Although my very first write-up on this was back in March of 2015, and the arguments are basically the same: I will know respond to @falcotron, who's arguments I consistently disagree with: Yi Ti is a descendent of the Great Empire, they are not the same. The GEOTD was completely destroyed during the Long Night, and Yi Ti sprung up afterward, in the same place. They preserve the myth of the GEOTD, and we can assume they probably descend from people of the GEOTD, but the GEOTD was said to completely collapse and was not reformed, so Yi Ti is the culture that came after. I simply disagree with your point about the size. The factthat is is the largest city ever built in the history of the world does indeed suggest it was built by a great civilization with the resources and the need to build it. Ritual temples like Machu Pichu or Teotihuacan are nowhere near the size of a large city, let alone the "largest city in the world." Asshai also has huge land walls, which speak of defenses of a populus city and not a ritual temple city. We don't know what the oldest Yi Tish cities are like, anyway, as we are told all the current cities sit on many layers of ruins from older cities. Finally, it's fairly obvious some sort of disaster or transformation has occurred at Asshai, so it may not have always been greasy black stone. Maybe, maybe not. The territory is very loosly defined, and included all the lands bordering the Jade Sea including the Isle of Leng. Asshai is in the same neighborhood and is connected to Yi Ti by a land route. The phrasing about there being people in Asshai as far back as anyone can remember is not a technical statement which tells us when they existed in relation to the GEotD. We are told the GEOTD existed for tens of thousands of years, up until the LN. If people were in Asshai before the LN, they would have been concurrent with the GEOTD, according the myth (which is of course a myth and is subject tot he fog of history). We don't have any idea what legends they might have in Asshai. We are given a couple of them, who knows what all they have record of. In particular, the legend of Azor Ahai and Lightbringer comes from Asshai according to Mel, and look who pops up in the "Yi Tish" version of the GEotD myth - Azor Ahai and Lightbringer. Wrong wrong wrong. GEotD wrote the vast majority of TWOIAF, and he wrote 100% of the eastern stuff. As to why George put the Asshai section a couple pages after Yi Ti and put the GEotD in the YiTish section, that's easy to explain. 1.) to preserve a bit of mystery - the GEoTD is one of the big secrets hidden in TWOIAF imo, it's no fun to give it all away. 2.) Yi Ti is far more accessible to the maesters than Asshai. Of course we would be more familiar with the records of Yi Ti that Asshai. Asshai probably has records of the GEoTD also, if my theory is correct. The maesters just don't know much about Asshai. Your last sentence is extremely condescending and pedantic. We are all attempting to interpret the legends in the story, which are intentionally obscured and disguised as real legends are. Pretending like your reading of the text is "what's in the books" and other people's interpretations are not is just a jerk move. The reason why MANY people besides myself have made the exact same set of connections is because the evidence is abundant and the theory suggests itself when you read TWOIAF and think about certain scenes in the books, such as Dany's vision of the gemstone-eyed kings, all the stuff about dragons first coming from Asshai that is found in AGOT, the weirdly purple eyed Daynes, the fused stone fortresses at Battle Isle in Oldtown and the 5 Forts in former GEotD territory, etc. You don't have to agree with the theory but it's a solid theory based on lots of evidence, and that's why I wasn't the only one to think of it. Nobody is "desperate" to do anything, it simply makes a lot of sense.
  3. Hah, the one time I drop in to Westeros recently I see a new post on one of my favorite threads! Or a new thread in a classic series, you know what I mean. I think you are going to like my next series, which will be about the Others and will have my best symbolic case for Dawn being the original Ice. There is some stuff in there to support some of your arguments here I think. I'm not sure how I feel about the Black Gate being the NK, but I also don't have a good explanation for the Black Gate so I am open-minded. Also, you realize the reaching to high / reckless fearlessness thing is a perfect description for Azor Ahai, who stile the fire of the gods and broke the moon, right? Of course I have been zeroing in on the idea that NK is either AA or one of his kin for a while now. And we all know how Azor Ahai feels about moon women
  4. Hey all. I am no longer checking in with this forum as often as I used to, because all my time is increasingly going to creating content, so please come find me on twitter @thedragonLML and a lucifermeanslightbringer.com. You can also find my podcasts on youtube, as well as various collaborations I have done with other YouTube channels:  https://www.youtube.com/c/lucifermeanslightbringer

    I'll still drop in now and again but I won't be here every day like I used to. Much love to everyone, cheers. 


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      Scorpion, you're a good forum friend and a great commenter, definitely don't be a stranger!

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      Just dropped a theory idea i think is interesting connecting everything kind of, even possibly the secret to Dragon Steel. Curious what your thoughts. 

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  5. Oh and btw if anyone writes something they would like me to take a look at, I am always down. Just hit me up on Twitter or elsewhere and I will be happy to read. Cheers.
  6. Hey there friends. I just want to let everyone know that I have officially about had it with this forum. Seriously. I love many of you to death, but between the years-long struggle to just make this forum functional (I mean, FFS) and the degradation of the content and participants, the whining about GRRM not writing fast enough or about him having the f---ing temerity to enjoy his success... is just too much for me. In my opinion, this thing has become a walking corpse, a lifeless facsimile of what it once was, and I think it's time to acknowledge that. I was here when it was fun; and before the update, when the crashing was a little less bad, we all tolerated it because we loved the community. We all keep coming here for one reason and one reason only: each other. But lately it just feels too much like fighting against the forum to communicate. I know many of you do the same thing I do - we type any response longer than a paragraph in a separate window for fear of the forum eating it. It's just sad - I've never known another web forum so unstable, and this is a years long problem. It's just silly at this point. I have to imagine that is why most of the friends I used to have here don't come here anymore. But more than that, I just feel the community of good people here has slowly dwindled, and now it's almost as cynical and snarky as reddit. The recent thread about boycotting Fire and Blood until George releases TWOW is the last straw for me. How this thread was not taken down by now, I have no idea. So now the ASOIAF fan forum is the place to bitch about GRRM? Seriously? Count me out. I don't have even enough f-bombs for that, and I am not usually one to run short on f-bombs. So, with great sadness but firm conviction I must say that I will no longer be posting my essays here. You all know where to find me: lucifermeanslightbringer.com. Follow the blog to get updates on new essays, which come out once a month pretty much. I'm on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/lucifermeanslightbringer I'm on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mythical-astronomy-ice-fire/id1125579173 I'm on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lucifermeanslightbringer/ and I'm on twitter now, which, by the way, is where a lot of the best parts of the fandom communicate: https://twitter.com/thedragonLML If you've ever been my friend or chat buddy or anything like that, if you've ever enjoyed my threads, then by all means, hit me up on twitter to chat, that's the easiest way. You can always comment on my essays to discuss, and I also post all my podcasts on youtube, where you can also comment and discus. I'm a lot quicker to answer there than here anyway, even before now. I'm very grateful for all of you - though most of you have already left the forum anyway. But if you're reading this and we're cool, then hugs and kisses and dragonfire. Come find me at one of those places, because I won't be here. Kirk out.
  7. Yes, it makes sense - I think we are all beating around the same burning bush, i just wanted to see how you and RR would phrase it. It's the Stairway to Heaven, the ladder to reach the fire of the gods. Also Euron's Valyrian steel armor has glyphs and whorls.
  8. @Pain killer Jane, can you explain how "no one" comes into the finding Nemo story?
  9. Cool! Glad you caught it (and @Pain killer Jane too!). I am going to do a more organized presentation of these ideas with History of Westeros on Sunday afternoon at 3:00 est, on their YouTube channel. I think my dumb ass said "iris" when I meant pupil at one point, but hopefully people get the idea. The moon is a black hole eye, it is known. That's all fantastic, thank you - we've discussed some of these ideas before but kind of scattered about. Great to take a look at all the spiral and stair associations (thanks to @Pain killer Jane too!) in one place. So let me ask, given everything you said, how do you interpret the spirals being both over the sun and the tree? But of course. I thought of you as soon as I saw that picture! Astro-Bran!
  10. Yes I think we've seen this suggestion that green summer Garth turns to a winter sun white Other figure a few times now - it's probably most notable in Jaime. And yes I've noticed Craster and Casterly, but haven't made any sense of it. That is a great catch, I would have put that in this current episode had I known Arya compared herself to her. A white fawn is a white moon, it seems, and that reminds me of the house Robert defeated that has a sigil of two white fawns. I forget the name of the House. I'll see if I can wedge Wanda in somewhere in this episode.
  11. Basically, yes. I think so. I have been thinking of AA's theoretical black meteor sword and Dawn (original Ice) as a pair of Lightbringer swords for a long time now, and nothing has shaken that idea. I have wondered before if Dawn might not be a dragon killer, absolutely.
  12. I guffawed out loud (GOL) at that last bit. Get it in gear, man! I'll have to keep the offering of a child idea in my head. Clearly this could relate to the Others, don't you think, given Craster's offerings?
  13. One of those quotes I think about is Dany dreaming of roasting Robert's troops at the Trident, because they are "armored in ice." As for the wights, it's easy to see how they fit into the fertility god myth - they represent a halting of the cycle of life and death, just as the long night represents a halting of the cycle of Night and Day and of the seasons. When night time and winter got stuck in the on position, we also got undead corpses everywhere. However I'm not really sure how the whole thing got started in terms of the others or the night King resurrecting dead bodies. I've sometimes wondered if it's not being done by any person or entity, but by a big black meteor up in the north which somehow reanimates the dead, or some other regional magical effect. Thats a real mystery there.
  14. Yeah you're on the write track I think. NN taking up residence in the wwnet is super important. She raises the dead NW back to green zombie life, that much seems clear. I thought maybe she was making the Others too, but I'm not so sure of that. I am trying to discern what the relationship between undead NN in the tree and the Nights Queen might be. NQ figures show some of the same signs of being affiliated with weirwoods that NN does. In general, what I am seeing is that green men turn into both undead NW (AA reborn people) and Others. I think that the dead summer king might be aligned with the Others while the dead winter king is aligned with the NW. But of course I need to get into the Others full tilt to figure that out.... which us what I am doing after the next Weirwood Goddess episode ( which will be Catwoman).
  15. That's all very good analysis. Belwas seems to be yet another good example of someone combining tree and moon symbolism in the same scene. This is what I was just talking about - a configuration of the main events in which the Nissa Nissa character is not female. The thing is, it's one thing to break down these various permutations where gender is flipped around or whatever, but of course what we're all sort of trying to get at is the on-the-ground truth of the people who were involved in this original set of events. Maybe it's like the story of David and Bathsheeba, where King David had her husband placed in a dangerous part of the army so he would die and he could take his wife Bathsheeba as his own. Perhaps AA took NN from the green men. I think of Greenbeard taking Arya to Beric, but also implying the green to grey transformation himself. Perhaps @Crowfood's Daughter has insight here. And ditto on the recurring symbolism.