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  1. LmL

    Where Whores Go

    I think this is outstanding, good job corvo and @Darry Man !!
  2. Hey y'all. In case anyone is curious, my full arguments about the Great Empire of the Dawn being the ancestors of Valyria who built Asshai can be found in these two videos I did with History of Westeros: Although my very first write-up on this was back in March of 2015, and the arguments are basically the same: I will know respond to @falcotron, who's arguments I consistently disagree with: Yi Ti is a descendent of the Great Empire, they are not the same. The GEOTD was completely destroyed during the Long Night, and Yi Ti sprung up afterward, in the same place. They preserve the myth of the GEOTD, and we can assume they probably descend from people of the GEOTD, but the GEOTD was said to completely collapse and was not reformed, so Yi Ti is the culture that came after. I simply disagree with your point about the size. The factthat is is the largest city ever built in the history of the world does indeed suggest it was built by a great civilization with the resources and the need to build it. Ritual temples like Machu Pichu or Teotihuacan are nowhere near the size of a large city, let alone the "largest city in the world." Asshai also has huge land walls, which speak of defenses of a populus city and not a ritual temple city. We don't know what the oldest Yi Tish cities are like, anyway, as we are told all the current cities sit on many layers of ruins from older cities. Finally, it's fairly obvious some sort of disaster or transformation has occurred at Asshai, so it may not have always been greasy black stone. Maybe, maybe not. The territory is very loosly defined, and included all the lands bordering the Jade Sea including the Isle of Leng. Asshai is in the same neighborhood and is connected to Yi Ti by a land route. The phrasing about there being people in Asshai as far back as anyone can remember is not a technical statement which tells us when they existed in relation to the GEotD. We are told the GEOTD existed for tens of thousands of years, up until the LN. If people were in Asshai before the LN, they would have been concurrent with the GEOTD, according the myth (which is of course a myth and is subject tot he fog of history). We don't have any idea what legends they might have in Asshai. We are given a couple of them, who knows what all they have record of. In particular, the legend of Azor Ahai and Lightbringer comes from Asshai according to Mel, and look who pops up in the "Yi Tish" version of the GEotD myth - Azor Ahai and Lightbringer. Wrong wrong wrong. GEotD wrote the vast majority of TWOIAF, and he wrote 100% of the eastern stuff. As to why George put the Asshai section a couple pages after Yi Ti and put the GEotD in the YiTish section, that's easy to explain. 1.) to preserve a bit of mystery - the GEoTD is one of the big secrets hidden in TWOIAF imo, it's no fun to give it all away. 2.) Yi Ti is far more accessible to the maesters than Asshai. Of course we would be more familiar with the records of Yi Ti that Asshai. Asshai probably has records of the GEoTD also, if my theory is correct. The maesters just don't know much about Asshai. Your last sentence is extremely condescending and pedantic. We are all attempting to interpret the legends in the story, which are intentionally obscured and disguised as real legends are. Pretending like your reading of the text is "what's in the books" and other people's interpretations are not is just a jerk move. The reason why MANY people besides myself have made the exact same set of connections is because the evidence is abundant and the theory suggests itself when you read TWOIAF and think about certain scenes in the books, such as Dany's vision of the gemstone-eyed kings, all the stuff about dragons first coming from Asshai that is found in AGOT, the weirdly purple eyed Daynes, the fused stone fortresses at Battle Isle in Oldtown and the 5 Forts in former GEotD territory, etc. You don't have to agree with the theory but it's a solid theory based on lots of evidence, and that's why I wasn't the only one to think of it. Nobody is "desperate" to do anything, it simply makes a lot of sense.
  3. Hah, the one time I drop in to Westeros recently I see a new post on one of my favorite threads! Or a new thread in a classic series, you know what I mean. I think you are going to like my next series, which will be about the Others and will have my best symbolic case for Dawn being the original Ice. There is some stuff in there to support some of your arguments here I think. I'm not sure how I feel about the Black Gate being the NK, but I also don't have a good explanation for the Black Gate so I am open-minded. Also, you realize the reaching to high / reckless fearlessness thing is a perfect description for Azor Ahai, who stile the fire of the gods and broke the moon, right? Of course I have been zeroing in on the idea that NK is either AA or one of his kin for a while now. And we all know how Azor Ahai feels about moon women
  4. Hey all. I am no longer checking in with this forum as often as I used to, because all my time is increasingly going to creating content, so please come find me on twitter @thedragonLML and a lucifermeanslightbringer.com. You can also find my podcasts on youtube, as well as various collaborations I have done with other YouTube channels:  https://www.youtube.com/c/lucifermeanslightbringer

    I'll still drop in now and again but I won't be here every day like I used to. Much love to everyone, cheers. 


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      Which vid, Alaskansandman?

      Sweetsunray, you know it. I'll message you anytime Graham Hancock does an interview, lol.

      Scorpion, you're a good forum friend and a great commenter, definitely don't be a stranger!

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      @LmL Brandon of the Bloody Blade i think it was. 

      Just dropped a theory idea i think is interesting connecting everything kind of, even possibly the secret to Dragon Steel. Curious what your thoughts. 

    4. AlaskanSandman
  5. Yeah I'm all over it. Going to make an emergency video if I can. You saw the same thing I did my brother. And yeah, that Yoren quote jumped to mind for sure. We also saw that symbol when Dany burned Drogon - there was an overhead shot that shows it, I highlighted it in my video.
  6. LmL

    The Mad Dance, Pt. I-IV

    Cowboy I am in the process of reading this, just wanted to let you know. I am not at all a fan of Jamie and Cersei as Targs, but that's ok because I am not certain about it, and mostly because I got love and respect for you. And as you say, the symbolism is always relevant even if we come to different interpretations. I love one-eyed Sunfyre, our Odin-ized solar king. The scene with Sunfyre and Moondancer colliding and merging and falling to the ground is just such exceptional mythical astronomy. Let me just throw something out regarding hair color. I think there is an argument to be made that it is Lann the Clever who brought eastern / dragon genetics to the Lannister line. Lann came from the east and stole gold from the sun to color his hair - that's the stealing the fire of the sun motif, and specifically tied to his hair color. I like that you've keyed in on the specific beaten gold language, I had not noticed that. I did notice however that the Lannister's hair is always described as gold, and never blond, and that the Targaryens and Valyrians have hair of gold, silver, and platinum white. But the key to this idea is that the kingly ghosts with gemstone eyes that Dany sees in her wake the dragon dream - the ones we interpret as her ancestors (and all Valyrian's ancestors) from the Great Empire of the Dawn, whose emperors were named after gemstones (including the four named in Dany's dream as the eyes of these kingly ghosts). The kingly ghosts have hair of silver, gold, and platinum white, and one of them has eyes of jade. It could be merely a symbolic way to tie these ghosts to the various dynasties - jade eyes for the Jade Emperor - but it could be implying Great Empire of the Dawn people with green eyes and "Valyrian hair." That could be Lann, and thus the Lannisters have "gold" and not blond hair. Now I don't think that necessarily means any Lannister can be a dragonrider. We can't assume all GEotD people were "dragon-blooded" by any means. However, we have to observe that both Tyrion and Cersei have symbols and descriptions which could be interpreted as dragonish, like Jaime comparing Cersei to the mad king with her pyromaniac tendencies, or Tyrion's dragon dreams and dragon obsessions, and perhaps these are clues about the Lannister lineage instead of a secret Targ theory. Now I do think Tyrion is a Targ - looking forward to your rebuttal of this - but I'm open to the idea it's just in their lineage. The other clue is that the more obvious Westerosi lineages that came by sea from the east - the Hightowers and Daynes in the Southwest, and the Ironborn in the West - basically surround the Lannisters and Casterly Rock. The logical way to see this is that the GEotD people had settlements all up the west coast, from Starfall to Oldtown to Casterly Rock to the Iron Islands. Anyway, just a thought. I am not sold on Lann as a GEotD immigrant, but I think it's a decent possibility. It makes more sense than the "Landal" theory imo.
  7. LmL

    Ironborn Mythos (Pt 3): The Monomyth

    The tall elvish NN types - the female Garth you mentioned - are showing us Tiger Woman, I think. Meaning, I DO think that there is another elvish race- what we know of as green men - and that this race came from the east. I think I can prove it all, but we will see.
  8. LmL

    Ironborn Mythos (Pt 3): The Monomyth

    Just wanted to chime in and agree with everything @ravenous reader just said about the Eyrie. I definitely think there was foul play involved in Nissa Nissa's death. I have been finding indications that NN's spirit lived on - inside the weirwoodnet, specifically (my next essay delves into this). There's a strong theme of revenge from this NN ghost, which fits in with the idea of foul play in her death. By the way the vengeful ghost of NN can also take the form as a vengeful child of NN - that's NN reborn in her child. A vengeful child bent on killing dad. In terms of my basic astronomy hypothesis, the sun kills the moon first. Then the moon meteors, which are like children of the moon and sun, or like pieces of dead moon, plummet to the earth and throw up the smoke and debris which blots out the sun. That's the death of the sun, and it comes at the hand of the moon meteors - which, avain, can be seen as EITHER the resurrected moon (ghost of NN) or the new child of sun and moon, a child who kills the father for his murder of mommy. Tyrion kills his father, and his father "killed" Joanna by impreganting her, just as the sun did. Tyrion is an AA reborn type, and his mother died giving birth to him as the moon died giving birth to fiery dragon meteors. I think in terms of the Vale, symbolically, Sansa is Petyr and Lysa's child. Petyr kills Lysa via the moon door in an obvious sun kill moon sequence, and we all know Sansa will kill Petyr somehow. Ravenous always likes to mention the woman in Bran's WF vision who asks the old gods for a son to avenge her. It seems like a recurring pattern.
  9. LmL

    Ironborn Mythos (Pt 3): The Monomyth

    Ha ha, Howland "Reed" helped smuggle baby Jon away from the Targaryens...
  10. LmL

    Ironborn Mythos (Pt 3): The Monomyth

    exactly, the table is set if Martin wants to play on that story. Come to think of it, might not the Moses in the reed boat story being coming into play for any of our baby switcheroos?
  11. LmL

    Ironborn Mythos (Pt 3): The Monomyth

    I think there might be opportunity for Tyrion to act as a wise councillor who saves Pharaoh's (Khaleesi's) bacon. I don't see much grain to store in Meereen, but perhaps Tyrion will see an opportunity to procure grain or food for her troops and / or for Westeros and the coming winter.
  12. LmL

    Ironborn Mythos (Pt 3): The Monomyth

    We'll have to stay on the lookout for a coat of many colors for Tyrion, or for him to make wise decisions about storing grain or something, ha ha. Perhaps the motley they made him sew for himself on the Rhoyne is the coat of many colors.
  13. I love that! Ice gerbil, confirmed. Now if we can just avoid anyone making randy gerbil jokes... Yes, because the wwnet is like a web, and Varys sits at the center of a web. Same for Rohanne (Rowan) Webber, the Red Widow, who will be in my next essay. What's awesome is that Sansa Stone in the icy Eyrie is analogous to Oathkeeper in the white sword tower, and Brienne is given Oathkeeper to find Sansa.
  14. LmL

    Ironborn Mythos (Pt 3): The Monomyth

    It's going to a 25 minute A-B-C's of Mythical Astronomy. The moon cracking in particular, and the concpet of ASOIAF archetypes being paralleled in the main text. Visual aids, me on camera talking, new theme music, spiffy graphics, that sort of thing. The idea is to make something easy to digest to lure more people into my podcasts, something easy to share and whet people's appetite for more. I am very excited about... now I am just practicing to get the best delivery as possible that doesn't look like I am reading. Getting better! Here is my youtube channel, subscribe so you won't miss it.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXNXT2MxtKPhsBmhFWE6xsg
  15. LmL

    Ironborn Mythos (Pt 3): The Monomyth

    Crap, now I am 2 @Crowfood's Daughter's threads behind!! It's a good problem to have though and yes, by all means I stand by my statement: Your essay is indeed one of the better things I have come across, though you know I love all of your ideas. We have responded to each other's research a few times now, and I certainly think we are both better for it. Chasing down the interplay of garth figures, grey king figures, and Azor Ahai figures has been a team effort. I am excited to read your new ones here, I am just in the thick of recording my first video and finishing off the script for my next podcast / essay, which is now behind schedule. @Unchained, always great to chat with you my friend. I want to say that your idea about this 2 stage battle is really fascinating, and I think I can corroborate some of your ideas. Ned as a dead Rhaegar makes sense to me. Ned is a King of Winter figure, and in ASOIAF, I believe the KoW equates to Azor Ahai undergoing fire transformation and entering the burning tree (the weirwood). Ned's grey wraith companions would be like the Night's Watch, I believe. As for what happens to Garth when he dies... we know he's in the tree, but being reborn out of the tree means... well, he has to take some corporeal form. Let me back up and say that I am finding two kinds of ghostly emanations from the weirwoodnet, at least. One one hand, we have the resurrected skinchanger Night's Watch crew that I have theorized; Azor Ahai is one of these. Undergoes a greenseer resurrections using the trees as a soul jar, much as Jon will do with Ghost (substituting the weirwood for Ghost). These are the black shadows sworn to serve the greenseers - the NW. But the Others also pretty clearly come from the trees as well. These white shadows are undoubtedly connected to greenseer magic / the cotf, but they are clearly something more than resurrected people. I don't have a detailed theory on just how they are made yet, but I can say they come from the trees and have something to do with greenseer magic. I also don't know how they got in there or where their spirits originally came from, though I have ideas on that. The Others might be most correctly expressed as the exiled spirits of the weirwoods themselves, displaced by the invading greenseers like AA, who inhabit the weirwoods as if they are wights. Wight trees. If they aren't the tree spirits, then they must be greenseers or the victims of greenseers. They were inside the weirwoodnet, and when they came out they became the Others. So the idea of Garth becoming one of the white swords, one of the Others, is definitely in play. It implies a sacrificed green man / summer king who lost to AA reborn being reborn as an Other. Perhaps the tale of House Manderly is instructive. They come from the Reach, and carry on the Order of the Green Hand thing proudly. White Harbor, however, is a monument to the idea of an icy moon. All of @ravenous reader's sea / see wordplay is in play here, with all of Wyman's undersea adventure wall art in his throne room bringing the metaphor to life. This is a green man stuck under the see (in the wwnet), and he's also living in the ice moon, because those equate to the same thing. My working theory on this is that both moons in the 2 moon scenario are symbolic of the weirwoods (the ww / moon correlations being plentiful and obvious).The fire moon, the one which is no mas, acted as the front door to the wwnet for AA (the sun or the sun's comet). Whoever went "in" to the ww net "died" in that first moon explosion... but the place they are now stuck is the ice moon. This is why I am really getting pretty solid on my idea of the black moon meteor (from the fire moon) lodging in the ice moon... it symbolizes the entrance into the net. Speaking in terms of the terrestrial plot, I think NN definitely went into the wwnet, perhaps even first. She might have been the original sacrifice to open the way for AA, I think, just as the fire moon was the NN in the sky sacrificed to forge Lightbringer. So, NN goes into the tree, then AA "weds" the tree, thus wedding NN a second time perhaps (lol). Or maybe that was the first wedding, who knows. My next essay will be all about NN = cotf / elf woman, so I think you will enjoy it. What I am unsure of is the role of "Garth" in all of this. I think AA was a green garth figure who transformed through 'fire magic' for lack of a better word, but I am not sure if there might not be a separate 'Garth' figure involved. One thing I picked up on in my new essay is Arya as a cotf, specifically in the chapters where a fellow named Greenbeard (whose beard is going grey, ha ha) is bringing Arya to undead AA Beric, almost like a green man bringing a cotf to AA for a sacrifice. That might have some relevance here.