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  1. ravenous reader

    Moments of Foreshadowing v.12

    Catelyn II, Clash 22  Jaime will be a kinslayer before ASOIAF ends, when he slays his sister and fulfills the valonqar prophecy. Perhaps Jaime's already a kinslayer... The beast *seemed* to be saying...because Jaime misheard the dragon...who said, "I know you KIN-slayer"! It's waiting for him to come, and it knows him, because he's one of them. If Jaime is Aerys's bastard, then he might be a Waters instead of a Lannister -- adding another level of irony to Jaime's impatience with encountering the gaoler Rennifer Longwaters with his longwinded tales detailing his drop of dragon's blood. From a psychoanalytic perspective, the subterranean descent -- i.e. critical stage of the Hero's Journey -- is quintessentially a quest for self-knowledge. Down there, Jaime is encountering clues to none other than his own identity.
  2. Dorian, your reputation in the forum has been rated 'mostly harmless'...LOL (perhaps it's time to revise your desire for 'revenge')!

  3. ravenous reader

    no kidnapping tyrion

    Yeats was wrong -- the fascination with what's difficult can be a pleasure! Sshhhh..!!! Be careful what you whisper to the trees... (the mother of his kids probably told him to grow up; that, and he couldn't weather the blast of Dorian's wit...like Quentyn + Viserion...pity, because Mac had his finger on the pulse of the old gods, despite his abrasive manner; and I miss him, strangely!)
  4. ravenous reader

    The Peaceful People of Na'ath

    Note the striking similarities between the Naathi and the Children/Crannogs in the following passages. What do you think it means? Leaf -- Missandei COTF -- Naathi the True Tongue gifted to Bran -- gift for tongues singing Songs vs. waging War The Others -- the Butterfly spirits Making and Unmaking with a word (#killing word) Hollow hill -- pyramid Godswood -- Dany's garden old gods/the Great Other -- Lord of Harmony What's the relation between butterflies and dragons? I suppose they're both worms, the archaic word for dragon being 'wyrm'. The danger of staying too long reminds me of your thesis of Bloodraven's cavern as a Hypnos/Lethe trap, as exemplified by this following quote: I'm pretty sure that pun (NAATHI--NAUGHTY) will not make LmL the Dragon's book of acceptable puns and anagrams for normal people, but glad you like it! To paraphrase D&D, "you want a good woman, but you need a Naathi girl..." LOL
  5. ravenous reader

    The Peaceful People of Na'ath

    Butterflies have compound eyes, made up of many eyes in one, as @Wizz-The-Smith has pointed out...how many eyes does a Naathi butterfly have? Could it be 1000 eyes and one?! Butterflies 'flutter' like moths and birds and hearts and heart trees... Naathi...naughty greenseer
  6. ravenous reader

    no kidnapping tyrion

    He does it because he's Dorian the Difficult-- and as it turns out, that is sometimes something quite Sensible (except, of course when he disagrees with me...). I think of this ambiguous line as foreshadowing thereof: The next line in the same passage is also quite interesting... Hmm...mundane figure of speech or tantalizing clue?
  7. ravenous reader

    The Three-Eyed-Crow is Old Nan, not Bloodraven

    The following might be a meta-commentary on his love-hate relationship with his fans:
  8. ravenous reader

    "The Others Take You"

    Curiously, the Others (and Long Night/Winter/old gods) are associated with many milk references symbolically, so perhaps that particular pun is not all that far-fetched! The evidence for this association is overwhelming, so I will only provide a few illustrative examples, not an exhaustive list, here: A weirwood is a giant, so Bran, like Tormund in the embrace of the she-bear, is a 'giant's babe' (and possibly also bane). Note how the weirwood holds the greenseers and supplicants in a motherly embrace. Bran is figuratively suckling at the tit of an icy wet nurse. Night's Queen symbolism. The Cold also takes ones ears, fingers and toes: After being insulted by the insufferable Lordling Waymar, what did Gared mutter under his breath, and what was the nature of the 'silent prayer' uttered by Will to the nameless, faceless gods of the wood..? Could they have cursed Ser Waymar, saying something akin to 'the Others take him'?! #killing word...
  9. ravenous reader

    Dissecting Names

    Orell -- R'hllor...sounds like a kind of pun/anagram? Also -- Perhaps unintentional, yet nevertheless pertinent, your 'Oral' pun! The bottomless hunger of some of the 'demigods' -- think of the burnt remains of children found in the mouth of the weirwood, or Bran and co passing through the mouth of the weirwood (Black Gate) as if they are being consumed. Yes, I would agree teamwork will be necessary. Perhaps Jon doing the brawny ground- legwork, teaming up with Bran the legless doing the brainy weirnet battle on the virtual 'flying' plane (I also think this final battle will entail skinchanging a dragon). I prefer @Voice's theory that the magic in the Wall, not Melisandre, zapped the eagle by disrupting the skinchanger-host bond, which might be a hint that the war in the mind is fought over a third party's mind (PS @By Odin's Beard, this is how one acknowledges the posters who've inspired you, by citing sources, instead of co-opting ideas and passing them off as your own...).
  10. ravenous reader

    Things you found oddly amusing

    Good catch!
  11. ravenous reader

    Wow, I never noticed that v.16

    She is on twitter at the same handle. She will also be participating on a panel at Con of Thrones if anyone would like to meet her. She will be pleased to hear that her videos are appreciated!
  12. ravenous reader

    Why Blood Raven is not the Three Eyed Crow

    @LiveFirstDieLater I was reading @redriver's topic about the Stark relationship to Winter, and was struck by his comment that 'a non Stark' says the words 'Winter is coming' to Bran in the coma dream. Perhaps the three eyed crow is not a non-Stark?! Another thing I've always found odd is that the three-eyed crow is very at home in the Stark crypts, even ushering the Starks like Bran into the crypts after Ned dies. Why would a 'non-Stark' be so intimately familiar with what Bran has called a quintessentially 'Stark place'?
  13. ravenous reader

    Cutting tongues.

    Good points! However, I think you're bending over backwards to account for something that's easier explained... Quite simply, fAegon is boring, because GRRM is bored by him. True heresy: The character is not important.
  14. ravenous reader

    Is Craster Bloodraven's son?

    Maybe Craster is Maester Aemon's son!
  15. ravenous reader

    Would Balon attacking the Westerlands really change anything?

    We could always throw in a bit of time travel -- that would surely right things...