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  1. Harrenhal is just "too big to fail", but being that big also dooms it to fail. It's too big to abandon or try to demolish so it's kept as it is but is also too big to be maintained properly which also causes it to be kept as is.
  2. Lannister Legacy was already on the verge of being ruined before Tywin. Tywin delayed it but when he took over it was a ruin that could've been redeemed, now it's irredeemably ruined through his actions going as far back as Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion. Instead of opting to gain the respect of his followers through less violent ways, he had done so through intimidation. Throughout the long history of Westeros we've been shown, few houses were ever extinguished on purpose. Sure, there are plenty of houses that die out in battle but few ever suffered the fate of Reynes and Tarbecks. The usual deal seems to be that the rebelling house loses lands and perhaps even it's lordly status but is allowed to live on. With his actions Tywin has doomed the Lannisters. This was something I intended to open a thread about for a while.
  3. I wasn't even thinking about red wedding while I was writing this, great point!
  4. Or so Jaime would've thought, if he weren't such a hypocrite. Where does this come from? Well from Jaime's own mouth and thoughts as a defeated commander and knight. Below is part of a dialogue between Jaime and Catelyn "He took me unawares. A craven's trick." And What exactly does Jaime's father, Tywin do on his campaign against Riverlands? He's massing men without giving intent. Edmure sends Riders but no answer is given, he's unawares as to his intent. He has attacked and not brazenly but using trickery, under guise to create distractions, give him time to mass and march his troops and provoke an attack on himself. As the war goes on, he's still using trickery. He uses Jaime's host as a distraction to take unawares the Riverlanders. And this wasn't the only part of his life where he used craven's tricks. Though I'll not quote them as I can't recall most of them right now, he repeatedly employed craven's tricks against Reynes and Tarbecks as well. Tywin is the very definition of a craven, that is, in Jaime's opinion of a commander and knight.
  5. Yes, yes, yes on all points and I'd agree with you that Dune and ASOIAF had a common inspirator on these, if there weren't so many of them. Another one, houses that last for several milennia, and retain features. We may argue that these were inspired from medieval guilds, medieval noble houses and some of them being heavily inbred(Habsburg jaw and such) etc. but like I said, so many of this were so similar to Dune to be just inspired by it or share a common thing that inspired both. Night's Watch and FoT7 orders for example are definitely medieval military orders and monastic societies and original creations of George, I'll never say that they were taken from Dune which also had such like fishspeakers. I'm not sayin ASoIaF is a direct rip off of Dune: Even though that there are some characters taken from Dune(Alia of the knife and Arya, even the name is changed only slightly), most aren't, most are GRRM's own creation, yes of course they may have been inspired by another character or real person like Stannis with Tiberius but it is just that, inspiration. Though there may be some parallels in some characters' story, they are few and in the grand scheme of things small and unimportant with so many different original characters and many plot lines etc. but when it comes to the world building, ASoIaF was more than inspired from Dune. Many of the important world building elements are taken straight off of it. Not inspired, not share a common inspiration like how NW was inspired from Medieval orders etc but taken straight off of things in Dune. They have little more than name changes to be inspired by Dune or share a common inspiration.
  6. I've already said Sword Masters of Ginaz which is an oceanic planet with archipelagos and Braavos with it's water dancers. Tleilaxu Face Dancers and Faceless Men Bene Gesserit (and to some extant Mentats) and Maesters of the Citadel, though this may pass off as an inspiration. There are a lot more though I'm tired and can't recall atm. Maybe if I can find an older post of mine I'll add some more. Some more Shade of the Evening is Sapho Juice Weirwood Paste is Water of Life and from there Bran with his weirwood tree and Leto the Godworm. To be fair the latter couple is more an inspiration than being the same even though the method is more than that.
  7. Yeahh... no! Most stuff aren't even parallels, they are taken straight out of Dune. I love sci-fi and fantasy but although I like reading fantasy novels, I don't like sci-fi novels that much. In my opinion while a fantasy is better off read than watched, a book just doesn't portray all the flashiness off sci-fi to me. Even as someone who doesn't read so much sci-fi, I can see plenty of stuff taken straight out of one of the very few sci-fi books that I've read. Most of this stuff wasn't altered beyond a simple name change. I am, for example, not saying he took Targaryen purple eyes straight out off some other book even though I can name others, off the top off my head I can say Yennefer of Vengerberg from the Witcher series. Who knows maybe he was inspired from some book or another, definitely not from Witcher I think because as far as I know it wasn't translated to english until after the games, but it's possible, yes. BUT! and that is a huge but, inspiration is the key word here, being inspired from something and taking it exactly as it is are much different from eachother I think. Even with Dune there may be some inspirations but some things are as I said taken straightly with little more than a name change.
  8. Only in that he's in service of the Starks at the start of the books like Duncan was in service of Atreideses. Ginaz, ocean world with archipelagos, famous for it's swords masters. Braavos, an island nation famous for it's swordsmen.
  9. Well, there are some hints,clues, leads whatever about Jon's Targaryen name possibly being Aemon. For starters, he can't be Aegon since Rhaegar already had an Aegon as a son. We also know how he had developed a penpal quillpal relationship with Maester Aemon and that he revered him. Now to my random thought, Jon, who is in truth(to my belief of course) Aemon will, when lords come and try to install him to the throne will pass it off in favor of his brother just like his several times great uncle Aemon did. Which throne and which brother? Most likely Winterfell and Rickon.
  10. Helluva dance teacher if you ask me. Also one that sings about First swords of Braavos not running. They've even seen the practice swords, what kind of dance do you think that Lannisters thought he was teaching?
  11. I tell you who wouldn't. Jon. Just look at Jon and ask yourself whether he wants more power or not. We've even seen it through his eyes how he feels with all those duties, responsibilities, power... and believe it or not the character that's most similar to him is Stannis. We've even been told that by Melisandre but even if she hadn't, it's there to see. Stannis is an older Jon who's been embittered by frustration. Oh also one that's awkward when with the ladies. I'd say Stannis may be in constant denial of many things but not wanting the throne, well, at least not for the sake of wanting it for himself, is not one of these.
  12. And why wouldn't Meryn Trant brag about killing the First Sword of Braavos? Or better yet why we don't see his head on a stake like the rest of the Stark household?
  13. Well but to whom were those vows? Aerys II or Rhaegar the prince that was disinherited? Or was it to Jon whose real name is most likely Aemon(think how stupid it would have been if he was to be named Aegon when he already had a brother named Aegon, Rhaegar has made some dumb moves but he's not dumb) was yet unborn? It is bad for Dayne and Whent but even worse for Hightower who was both the eldest and the lord commander. As they said themselves, "they weren't there." Kingsguard's first and foremust duty and vow is to their king, the king may or may not choose to extend this protection to relatives etc. I doubt that Aerys has chosen three of his kingsguard to safe guard the abducted lady Lyanna Stark, so there goes their vows down the privy.
  14. Can a skinchanger welcome a dying skinchanger into his/her/or whatever their preferred pronoun is mind? If it can be done, would that lead into a Bene Gesserit other memory like thing?
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