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  1. Corvo the Crow

    Military Strengths and More!

    Another horse:foot ratio Renly had 20000 horse, of which 10000 were knights. We later learn from Varys Loras left with Rowan and Tarly and a fifth of Renly's knights. This fifth could mean fifth of the knights so roughly 2000, or the entire 20000 cavalry may be considered knights since Varys may not know their composition, so it's 4000 horsemen. Stannis who had 3000 men camped in DS( could be slightly more in total with garrison) has by his words, twenty thousand men after Renly died and has, by Davos' words near twenty thousand knights, light horse and freeriders after his split so what Loras took was closer to 2000, a fifth of knights than 4000, a fifth of the entire cavalry. With that established, 2000 knights(more or less) is what Tyrells, Rowans and Tarlys have together with perhaps some SE men or some minor lords. Renly's 90000 had 60000 foot, 10000 knights, 10000 other horsemen and another 10000, Likely all foot as they'd be safe in Reach and he'll have the knights to himself. So he has 1 knight in every 9 men in an army made up of Reach and SL men. Reach, if they had the same ratio as WL, had 1:10 knight to rest so 1:11 in entire army during field of fire. if these ratios for knights, 2:10 for SL and 1:11 for Reach in the entire army persisted for both Reach and SL; Going with 10000 knights among 90000, so 1:9 , or % 11.11 is closer to 1:11 or %9,09 than it is to 1:6 or 16,67. Doing the calculation, Stormlanders are %26.65 and Reachmen are %73,35 of these men so SL: 23985 men of which 3998 are knights Reach: 66015 men of which 6001 are knights. Before anyone comes arguing, these all depend on the ratios being kept the same though, and may not represent the reality; say if SL has one lord with 1:2 knight to foot ratio with 1500 men and many lords with varying ratios and the overall 1:6 with 3000 knights among 21000 is coming from this, if said 1:2 lord doesn't join, SL's will have a lower ratio then 1:6 or higher if only said lord comes and such and so on... And what is reality, anyway? This is a fictional series with not much logic to it's ever shifting numbers; Like Tywin, the richest goldshitter there is only having 3000 foot and 500 knights, so one knight in seven whereas Walder the toll collector in a seemingly not too trafficked route having 1000 knights and 3000 foot, one knight in four.
  2. Corvo the Crow

    Military Strengths and More!

    Again a small thing on horse to foot ratio, mostly on Stormlands To cut to the chase, it's 2:10, knights to foot, explanation below: Stannis has 100 knights on DS before setting out, though these are just the ones who can read, he doesn't appear to have too many illiterate ones since his 400 cavalry in total is described as freeriders in boiled leather. He had 1300 men after Blackwater which is more than Aegon had at the start of conquest. Aegon took Mooton with him going to RL(he was there in field of fire) so men Orys took were men from what is now crownlands. Argillac in last storm had near twice the numbers of Orys and had four times the knights(though Orys lost 1000 men earlier, with unknown amount of knights) We see during Maegor's time CL has only one knight in ten and also later we see roughly the same in Mystery knight with 500 knights and 5000 foot from CL houses though it also has houses Mooton, Lothston and Blackwood. So CL seems to have 1:9-1:10 horse to foot ratio with the houses sworn(or then allied) to DS also having a similar composition with 100 or slightly more knights and presumably fewer than 1300 men in total. So with all these, Stormlands' overall ratio seems to be roughly the double of the crownlands, being two in ten. We see that Caron and Dondarrion raising 4800 men, 800 being knights so it's a 2:10 knights to foot ratio. Horse to foor rario could be more in Renly's Stormlanders with the light horse.
  3. Corvo the Crow

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    Is there a second RW in horizon?
  4. Corvo the Crow

    Most Powerful Houses- what evidence?

    Their case is different though, what was ir that mance said? Or was it tormund? Some people are shadowcats, some are sheep, some are stones that need to be kicked. Most northern lords are sheep with Roose a shadowcat and Manderly to a degree also one. We see with Stannis how quick they are to respond when there's a shepherd dog, or rather Mastiff in his case. Mountain clans who sat idly by quickly gather to his banner, Wood clansmen and Rodrik's remnant forces also. Valemen currently have their leader in Yohn Royce and his declarant buddies and LF for the other camp so unless they are stones, they'll follow one or the other.
  5. Corvo the Crow

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    I'd love to read it if there ever is a comprehensive one as it can also give us more idea on the background of the world, especially older, long forgotten events. Songs actually served a similar purpose in our own world, "coomon born" and nomads and such others who had no means to pass down the knowledge through writing did so through oral tradition and just as it was in ASOIAF, it changed over time, with new elements added, some others removed, some retained but altered.
  6. Corvo the Crow

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    I just ran into this And started to wonder who appreciates songs and music? Two lords that I can think of who appreciates music Tywin Walder We all know how much Sansa loves songs, though I can't find the quote she informa queen on Ned's plans, here's some music appreciation Who else is there that likes music?
  7. Corvo the Crow

    Lizard Lions in the Neck

    Loin fruit perhaps?
  8. Corvo the Crow

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    Nope. Janos assisting in Ned's execution and arrest was personal though. The gains he had for being part of both were very personal. Janos refused his rightfully chosen LC not once but twice and also insulted him and did so in the witness of other brothers, trying to undermine his authority. Whatever his intentions were, Jon never deserted, he never left the NW lands. Jon gave Slynt same "second chance" LC Mormont gave to him, more so in fact since he never deserted. Finally, LC Mormont gives all the brothers plenty of chances. Many of the brothers dig for treasure despite their vows and as I'm sure you know the very reason some of these are even in the watch to begin with is to avoid castration. Rapist joining the watch to avoid castration and yet breaking their vows of celibacy shows how lax Mormont's command was in general.
  9. Corvo the Crow

    Most Powerful Houses- what evidence?

    We know where these lords lands are located(though not their extent). That would give us some idea and we also have some idea on the lands of at least one other important house. Corbrays are lords of the Fingers. Little finger is the lord of the smallest one with only a small village and endless leagues of moores and barren rock.
  10. Corvo the Crow

    How did the Night's Watch go wrong?

    I think whatever the institute, it may outlast whoever found it but it won't last if the reason of it's founding is no longer there. NW was founded in response to the threat from the others but others are gone some 8000 years at the start. NW should have been allowed to stand but with a handful of men in a self sufficient way and passing the knowledge that mattered instead of hunting down wildlings that pass the border illegaly. Wildlings case is also curious, why no da king in da norf ever thought of offering them land and safe passage through the wall in exchange for not fealty or taxes but simply not raiding. They are only 40000, gift should be more than enough for them all.
  11. Corvo the Crow

    Most Powerful Houses- what evidence?

    Yes book language isn't exact so here's a tidbit of information to get a better understanding of the exaggeration in numbers; In Iron Islands every captain is a king on his ship and so they are called the land of 10000 kings when in reality they have barely over 400. We see this when Theon tells us near 400 captains, all in the islands, came with the exception of two lords who are on their way. So their number is 20-25 fold exaggarated. In Nymeria's case we are told it may be as high as tenfold. We are also told of two score ships put to the torch in zamettar or wherever. 40 is a rather unimportant number to mention next to 10000 it wouldn't even be mentioned the way the series handles the numbers. It becomes much more important though when you have say 2000-3000 ships of which only 200-300 are seaworthy. And as said above, Martells controlled a rather powerless chunk of Dorne compared to Daynes or Fowlers or Yronwoods who at times controlled a third.
  12. Corvo the Crow

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    I should have used quotes, I forgot an important bit; Farwynds of the Lonely Light reputedly are able to skinchange into some animals, among these animals are listed the spotted whales, "wolves of the sea". So a tall spare, lantern jawed and grey eyed(sometimes blue) melancholy lord who comes from a house(his branch) that reputedly wargs into wolves (of the sea) wants to build a fleet and cross the sea. A lantern jaw is a long thin jaw with a prominent chin. Could it be like Alys', a pointy chin on a long face? and this is Brandon shipwright He is tall with a dreamy face and not much else is told but no reason to believe he doesn't carry the other Stark features of long face, grey eyes, likely a pointy chin... Gylbert is certainly a descendant of Brandon Shipwright.
  13. Corvo the Crow

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    Wow, really? Thanks! I have never seen those discussions I believe so I would appreciate to be pointed towards those. Would especially love to read more on Brandon being sacrificed.
  14. Corvo the Crow

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    Not that it means anything but Gylbert Farwynd is described by Aeron as a "tall spare lord with a melancholy visage and a lantern jaw" and he has eyes changing color between blue and grey" The word melancholy takes place only 12 times in the series and though there are several melancholy characters, Starks are the most associated with it as it's not just the individuals, it is the house. Anyway,I'm sure most of you will remember the crazy Stark guy Brandon sailing his fleet to sunset sea. Guess what Gylbert does in kingsmoot? He offers to lead the Ironborn to the lands across the sunset sea. Though I don't propose all the Farwynds are coming from Starks, but Gylbert Farwynd is most likely a descendant of Brandon the shipwright. Perhaps he comes from Brandon and a female line of Farwynds.
  15. Corvo the Crow

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    This one really made me "wow!" weirwoods come in a variety of shapes, facial features and expressions so here's the one that struck me A face long and melancholy, like a Stark.