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  1. Corvo the Crow

    Possible Coat of Arms for House Unions

    I can see Tyrion's personal sigil getting some wolfs in addition to the lions. Or simply a quartered one like Darry branch would also work.
  2. Corvo the Crow

    Possible Coat of Arms for House Unions

    There are some; Vikaries, Kennings, Costaynes... but not that many, yes.
  3. Corvo the Crow

    Possible Coat of Arms for House Unions

    I'm not sure if early Andal invaders had sigils as well but First Men had their sigils long before the Andal Invasions which just happened 2000 years or so ago.
  4. Corvo the Crow

    Possible Coat of Arms for House Unions

    House Tarth goes back to the dawn of days but Tarth was also the first region of Stormlands to be conquered by Andals. Peace was achieved through marriage between Andals and Storm King and his vassals. Sigil of Tarths is a quartered one with sun and moon, so it is possible the sigil comes from the union of Andals and First Men.
  5. Corvo the Crow

    Should the giant population have replenished sooner?

    Agreed but it can be a lot of things. Karstsarks' sigil and words are "The Sun of Winter", a pun of them being Sons of the King of Winter. Umber sigil could be something of that sort too. Umbers are also the best candidate for previous owners of Karstark lands, so they may have rebelled, the rebellion is put down and they lose lands but got better terms than they did like Dornish did so they have become "unchained".
  6. Corvo the Crow

    What would Robb do if Ned took the Black?

    You guys are forgetting though; Robb kept the war going and Sansa wasn't killed despite that.
  7. Corvo the Crow

    What would Robb do if Ned took the Black?

    What is the point in agreeing to those demands if they are to keep Sansa though? Either Lannisters handover Sansa, Ice and any other Stark people like Jeyne in exchange for Ned going black or Ned doesn't agree to it or Robb doesn't hold true to it. You do not back down with 40 thousand men behind you when your enemy has fewer and is facing other, even more numerous, enemies beside you. Best the Lannisters can hope for is either hold on to nothing or betroth Myrcella to Robb and send her North if they want to keep Sansa. Robb stands to gain much either way; If he's married to Myrcella he has 4 realms allied to him, he can just wait for Stannis/Renly to take KL and get rid of Joff and Tom either violently or non violently, Sansa hopefully returns and once all the turmoil is over he strikes a decade later to claim his wife's/son's rights with more than half the realm. If Sansa is sent back, well he is in open rebellion against Lannisters even with her hostage so he perhaps marries her to someone for an alliance, Willas is a candidate after Renly dies and he'll marry Margaery or he can betroth her to his namesake in exchange for the troops her aunt held back so far.
  8. Corvo the Crow

    Wow, I never noticed that v.16

    This is Pyke This is Storm's End. Griffin's Roost. High Garden.
  9. Corvo the Crow

    Should the giant population have replenished sooner?

    Nice theory but Umbers ruled as kings and were only vassalized by kings of Winter much later.
  10. Corvo the Crow

    What would Robb do if Ned took the Black?

    And what makes you think he'll take it if given the chance? He can just say he will take the black but on his way to the wall he'll get rid of his escort if he even has any. Or he can just leave after arriving at the watch, remember going to the watch even with the intention of becoming part of it, whether as punishment or voluntarily, doesn't make you a member. You have to say the vows first and it takes sometime. His honor can prevent him from pulling any tricks but the same honor can also prevent him from letting the murders of his second father, foster brother and household and attemptet murder of his son and attack on his ally and good brother go unpunished. And even if he should take the black to chill out with Jon and Ben, he can just order Robb to aid Stannis getting the throne and punish the lions.
  11. Corvo the Crow

    Military Strengths and More!

    http://medieval.ucdavis.edu/120D/Money.html Prices for many things such as arms, armor, cloth, wages... I have also found this A Brigandine is more expensive than mail armor and usually worn over it. Compared with the below, Dustins could be better off than Freys in terms of wealth since even their vassals are able to afford better protection for their men. I especially used Freys and not some other house whose men also wear mail since Freys are described to be a wealthy house.
  12. Corvo the Crow

    Westeros Military Strength

    Nice if you have sources for these but this is the book side of the forums and Show numbers and Book numbers are quite different from each other. Here is one for the books among many other such threads. It's still a WIP and I try to update it whenever I can but most information from the books have already been added.
  13. Corvo the Crow

    Moments of Foreshadowing v.12

    Will add quotes later... Davos, who isn't a devout worshipper of The Seven and who hasn't much objection to them burning(not a true believer, or a false one if you may) has 7 sons, of which 4 die a fiery death on blackwater. The three (headed dragon) will take the power from the seven again. Ned and co. who are 7 in number defeat the 3 KG of the 3 headed dragon, so 7 takes place of the 3. However, of the 7 only Howland and Ned survive with a third, hidden character making them 3. Taken together, the false seven will burn and the hidden dragon to take their place will be revealed.
  14. Corvo the Crow

    Real life Cultural/Geographic parallels to GRRM's world

    The Neck is Karelian Isthmus with Fever River being Taipal. Moat Cailin could be Mannerheim,VT and VKT lines.
  15. Corvo the Crow

    Military Strengths and More!

    Just a small thing; other people may know it already but I just learned a man-at-arms is not just a professional soldier, but a mounted one serving as heavy cavalry, like a knight. So the 300 of Rickard Karstark are, while not being knights, men-at-arms.