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  1. Just a small thing, proves nothing but Val is about the right age to be Brandon's daughter too. As for Dalla/Allard, there are only two Dalla's in the series. One was north of the wall and the other is... guess where? Dragonstone!
  2. Maybe you can make some use of this, then again maybe not.
  3. This isn't gibberish. I may have done some typos but this is what the runes on House Royce's coat of arms say. Anyone knows what does it mean? First part is obviously "House Royce from" and perhaps "twe" could be "the" like "Roise" is Royce" but what about the rest? Elder Futhark - Wikipedia for the runes. House Royce - A Wiki of Ice and Fire (westeros.org) For House "Roise"s wikipedia page.
  4. Tormund's ancestors ate them all to extinction, that's why. Tormund is ferocious in chicken eating, this is known. What's less known is he does so out of instinct, as he's coming from a long line of big chicken eaters. After all, what's a dinosaour, if not a very large chicken?
  5. No need for in-universe explanations, the real explanation is much more simple: a lot of things changed from the original plans. You can see it by reading the original plans and even if you hadn't read, there's an odd feeling in many PoVs and plotlines AFFC and onwards. I had that odd feeling the first time I ever read and after several years, reading the original draft made me realize why I had that feeling. Jaime being the ultimate good guy turned bad? Come on, it gave me a feeling way too awful as if it was changed mid way through and guess what, it really was. Jaime was supposed to be a kinslayer, slaying everyone ahead of him to get to the throne and he would blame Tyrion for the deaths but now we learn "oh no no he's this great hero that slayed the wildfiery lords of the mad king and saved a city of near half a million". Yea, ok. Aegon the Fake feels like it was added much, much later as well, so when Varys was talking to Ned, Mr. Martin didn't have him.
  6. Another Jon will become king thing, though not exactly baseless. Jon has one eye, in a sense. Orell's eagle gave him a handsome scar on one side(Left was it?). In the land of the blind, one eyed man is the king. Even after the Jafer and Othor, and worse, even after the Fist of the First Men and Sam's group encountering an actual White Walker, a large portion of the Watch is still blind to the threat they see, not to mention the rest of Westeros except Stannis. Jon sees the threat clearly and tries to act accordingly all the while the rest is still busy with their petty squabbles.
  7. A several years old interview that I came upon a few weeks ago. There were a few other theories mentioned as well. He was saying Roose wasn't some hundreds or thousands of years old vampire that changes skins.
  8. But they do. It’s just not hereditary except for the Thenns. If your father was a notorious raider, you can see people joining him. They may even stay under your command after his death if you prove able but this isn’t because they have to and certainly not guaranteed. Varamyr had established himself as a lord of sorts, “tax”ing several villages. If he had a powerful warg as a child he may have passed it on and perhaps even extended his land. Keep it up another generation or two and you have the beginnings of a hereditary rule, you may not even need wargs anymore. The healer that for all we know came from Asshai also had a rank and though she wasn’t a warrior, she’d have followers of her own had she survived to see Mance’s migration.
  9. She's never been mentioned as beautiful but I agree with Mance marrying her specifically. As for them coming from a family of whatever, here a theory of mine
  10. @northern_amnesia Can't recall if you've mentioned this but here's one Jaime/Jon "parallel" With his sword hand gone, Jaime, has a "ghost hand" and I recall him having some phantom pains. Jon has a... Ghost sword.
  11. I remembered it as if he became king after he returned from Winterfell, if not, yes, it's not going up... but in that case Dalla would be going up.
  12. Apart from his secret identities as Benjen who is also Daario Naharis and Butterbumps for all I know, one proposed candidate for Cold Hands was the Night's King, who was taken down by Brandon the Breaker. After a wolf dream, Jojen asks Brandon who he is. So who is Bran? He's Brandon the Broken, but perhaps the Breaker as well? Bran and co. questioning CH as to who he is. He's a dead thing, Brandon "the Broken" Stark's monster. He was killed long ago. How long ago we've not been told but this comes from a CotF that is over 200 years old. Worth noting is that even after they realize he is a dead thing, the Ranger still doesn't show his face. Why? Why hide your face even when your "secret" is discovered if you don't hide yet another secret under that scarf? A familiar face perhaps? A Stark's face. No, not Benjen's. He's still alive as evidenced by him not being part of Theon's dream of the feast of dead. Even Robb who is not yet dead at the time joins the feast but Benjen is not a part of it. This monster of a Brandon's face was probably the face of a Stark and he was killed "long ago", some 8000 years I think, by another Brandon to whom he was a monster to, a real monster that copulated with an Other and gave her his soul as well as his seed. Him retaining his cognitive functions, and eye color was likely because he wasn't wighted and brought back to life after his dead, but he was already "wighted" when he died.
  13. Mance. A wildling bastard of a NW member, he married Dalla, a wisewoman from all we know.
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