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  1. Corvo the Crow

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    Jon didn't send any operative of his, especially not a sworn brother. Melisandre sent lord of bones, a wildling chief eho is in fact Mance, a brother of the watch that has forsworn his oathes and is thoughtto be dead by the World. Jon had provided horses and supplies mance would have acquired anyway and gave him leave to take some spearwives with him, which would have joined him either way; Wildlings are prisoners of Stannis, The King IN(not of) the North and his steward in the North, Melisandre no doubt has authority to whatever she sees fit with them and she can also provide supplies to the Mance, either from Stannis' or from the stuf that NW give to Stannis. How hard can that be to grasp, why people came up with the same thing over and over again, I really don't know.
  2. Corvo the Crow

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    Sam’s a maester tutored son of a great lord, he’s into reading and had done some apprenticing to Maester Aemon which involved some work related to chain links. He’ll no doubt forge links regarding ravenry, history and maybe even sums rather quick, perhaps even more.
  3. Corvo the Crow

    What is the dumbest house Sigil/ coat of arms.

    Flayed men. If I were an enemy of a house with a reputation for flaying people alive and had the nerve to display a flaying man banner, I’d fight to the bitter end rather than surrendering and if I’ve triumphed over them, I’d flay all the members save the head of the house and make him wear cloaks and boots made of his familiy for the rest of his hopefully long life in a never ending parade throughout the land.
  4. Corvo the Crow

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    Jon doesn’t have just the one giant nor does he have 3000 wildling fighters, this is not the show. In the first 1000 wildlings captured He had what, 200-300 men of fighting age including the criplles? And fewer than a hundred spear wives. Double the proportions for Tormund’s 3000 and he has ~1500 fighters. Of giants and Mammoths he has dozens or more headed towards east watch so they can pass. As for his battle plan, we’ve seen what mammoths can do in battle. Now think if Jon used them against men on foot.
  5. Corvo the Crow

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    I've read your post on blue beard, blue bard and blue bardings and Daario ade me think of the bluebeard; a bluebearded man violent and lustful, with his wanton swords, he even kills his fellow captains to get in bed with Danaerys. Daario at least some parts of Daario may be inspired by this.
  6. Corvo the Crow

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    @Seams You may want to look at the tale bluebeard and the words “bluebeard” and bluebearding.
  7. Corvo the Crow

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    Way to conclude. Theon doesn’t mention the Stark banners in Rodrik’s host, despite a third of the entire force being raised from Starks’ lands. He doesn’t need to because no matter what, Stark banners will be there, instead he gives us a list of bannermen present there and also makea a comparison while doing so. Tyrion also gives us a list of the houses he takes notice of. Frey and Karstark alone make a quarter of that force since a thousand Karstarks roam the land and Green Fork was so bloody, Duskendale can’t have too many Karstarks so with Cerwyn, Hornwood and Glover added on top of that makes half or more that host. So Tyrion is able to see half the host but not the other half?
  8. Corvo the Crow

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    And? I am using logic and using Theon’s quote as an example. If you have another explanation besides “we don’t/can’t know”, I’d be glad to hear it. In Theon’s quote it’s spelled out for us that the house with more soldiers would have their banners “everywhere” and the one with few ones would only have their banners “here and there”, which would be harder to notice, as you’ll agree. Our observer, Tyrion, is able to see the right flank of his father’s army, Not only Tywin’s army has more men than Roose does but it’s also arrayed in a more open position as well, archers streching in long lines on either side with a depth of just three man and pike squares between those. If he sees Marbrand’s standard in such a case, he’d see the Manderly standard as well, even if they were located on the far left of the Northerner’s(or right of Westerners) and yet he doesn’t mention them. Again I’m sure you’ll agree, Manderlies are a more prominent house than Glovers or Hornwoods and such. A lack of Manderly’s mention but not these could mean a) Manderly’s aren’t there, which is not true with Wylisa’ capture as evidence and b) he fails to notice them. Now again, how could Tyrion fail to notice them unless if they have fewer banners and therefore, fewer men. If you’ve noticed, I’m not making the same case for say Umbers or Boltons or Lockes since we can’t know if they are on the front or not, we don’t see their flags but neither do we have anything to suggest they were on the front. Manderlies on the other hand are obviously on the front or their commander would have avoided capture. Now another tidbit, Brienne failing to see Tallharts may just be because she can’t identify them as she hasn’t seen their heraldry, this could be because they are a house not known outside the North while the rest are known or she has seen the rest in Riverrun but not Tallharts, so my earlier assumption on their 400 men in Duskendale being fewer than Hornwood etc may or may not be true.
  9. Corvo the Crow

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    I'll give this quote again; Now, can you say that we can't clearly tell that Hornwoods number way fewer than Cerwyns? Also a reminder, Tallhart had 400 men under his command when Edmure sent him to And why would he be focusing on those banners? He focuses on them because these are the banners he saw the men boiling over the hills carry. From his position, Tyrion can see the banner of Addam Marbrand, carried by a standard-bearer. Being carried by a standard-bearer means the banner is only as big as a person on a horse could carry. If he can see Marbrand's standard on the far right, he could easily see the enemy standards ahead of him as well, especially with them "boiling over" the hills. Now, there are only two reason I can think of Tyrion, a learned men by the standards of Westeros by the way, missing out the standarts of a house of such importance like the Manderlies, the second or third most powerful house in the North, the first being Starks and second being Dustins if not Manderlies themselves; - The First is Manderlies not being there, which is not the case as evident with Wylis getting captured, if he weren't on the frontlines, he could easily have avoided getting captured. - And the second is their banners, colored with a more noticable color compared to some many other northern lords we see were simply not noticed among the other ones because there were fewer of them. House Cerwyn even has the same background color as the Starks and yet their banners are discerned from them. If you have any other ideas that why he may not have seen/noticed the brightly colored banners of the great house of Manderly which fought on the frontlines during the Green Fork and is also a very powerful house in the North and has also been influential in the history of 7K, such as during the great council and the Dance, please do tell, because with all we have at hand, I really can't see any other reason.
  10. Corvo the Crow

    Stannis Baratheon becomes King, and needs an heir

    There was indeed talk of marrying her to Robert Arryn at the start of ACOK and I suspect Jon Arryn may have thought of it when he intended to send Robyn as a ward to Stannis. Not being a women's rights champion does not neccessarily mean he is against women getting rights. Also I'd like to see the quote on his thoughts with Rhaenyra. He isn't making Shireen out of neccesity, he may as well legitimise Edric, a "great bastard" and become a hand for his nephew, marry shireen to him or not depending on his choice.
  11. Corvo the Crow

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    Some more info and thoughts on horse-foot ratios. First, a small info; Baratheon force that went to KL during Dance had 600 knights and 4000 foot, so a ratio of 3 to 20. Reminder we see many 1 to 10s or 1 to 9s, especially during this time. Now, here are some thoughts, Tywin had 500 knights to 3000 foot during Reyne-Tarbeck; 1 to 6. Hightower had 1000 knight to 5000, 1 to 5. Manderly had ~50 in knights and squires but had 200 other horsemen besides, described not as heavy lancers but still as heavy horse(they were armored). to ~1250 foot. Could we say that cities (and perhaps towns) maintain a ratio of roughly 1 to 5 in heavy horse to foot/rest?
  12. Corvo the Crow

    Stannis Baratheon becomes King, and needs an heir

    Name Shireen the heir and marry Edric to Shireen. I suspect Jon will become something of a son to Stannis, being so similar in nature. So if Jon’s true parentage becomes known, marrying Jon and Shireen would merge the two claims and perhaps also end the feud between Targaryen and Baratheon since Jon would be the head of house Targaryen. Btw, Stannis needs no heir besides Shireen; he intends for her to succeed him and made it very clear with the order he’s given to Massey.
  13. Corvo the Crow

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    I’m sorry, how should I respond to this? Should I pull out the meaning of battle and commander or do something similar? Or should I say I never said Tywin isn’t a battle commander? I’ve no idea, really.
  14. Corvo the Crow

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    Yeaaa. NOPE again. Thread asks for BATTLE commander. If it was about who was the best Military leader, I’d say Tywin as I explained. So no, a big no.
  15. Corvo the Crow

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    Nope. He lost to ghost of Renly. If you mean the sea battle, it was Imry.