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  1. "Highborn ladies throughout Planetos had taken an interest in a new fashion, the use of a wonderful piece of clothing called brassiere. Westerosi ladies had named it 'Wonder of Braavos' after it's place of origin, Braavos, or for short ' WonderBra'.
  2. Stannis did NOT have 5000 men. He had some 3000, including a hundred or so knights among a total of 400 or so cavalry. These came from his garrison, his vassals and mercenaries. King has his household guard (not KG) of an unknown number, 2000 City Watch(Before Ned and Tyrion recruit more men to it) and Crownlander Lords, which number some few thousands. Cersei alone has over a hundred guards including a dozen or more knights, so King's household guard should be in the low hundreds. Lords, including the king have their household guards and household knights and vassal lords and knights with their own guards and knights as their "standing army". Lords ruling over towns/cities has more of these as city/town watch.
  3. Plenty of dragonseeds and the like around with the looks. We even have whores of Valyrian descent in King's Landing. Whether they came from the free cities or were born and raised in Westeros, we don't know, but they are there. Perhaps Ned took a fancy to one such during his time campaigning. Ashara is also the perfect candidate, there are Daynes with violet eyes and silvery hair. So a Jon with Rhaegar coloring would just get another cover story.
  4. If you want to argue that everything is a literal copy of one thing and only one single thing, well, Old Ghis was an empire and the city was destroyed and salted, much like Carthage was an empire and it's capital destroyed and fields salted.
  5. Brandon of the “Bloody Sword” is taller and more muscular than Ned. Karstark men are tall and big. Uncle Benjen is long legged and if I recall right, lean. Alys is lean and long legged.
  6. Could Valyria be (partially) inspired by Crimea? I had some other thread trying to connect First Men and Valyrians, which I may add here later. Long story short, we have the Daynes and Hightowers with Valyrian-like features. Hightowers may have gained them later on but Dayne features are their own, from what we know. Huns included some Germanic peoples they “picked up” on the Pontic Steppes, such as Ostrogoths (until their revolt after Attila’s death). Crimean Goths have also lived in the area, and existed as a distinct culture until recently. So, First Men migrating west on their horses are the Huns, First King whose “empire” dissolves into petty kingdoms of Westeros is Attila, Daynes/Hightowers and such are Gothic peoples that were picked up along the way and that got free after Attila’s death, Valyrians are the Crimean Goths staying on their peninsula, Valyria is Crimea and the Gulf of Grief and Slaver’s Bay are the Sea of Azov.
  7. I have just noticed that our mysterious Black stons’ description is quite similar to that of... bitumen/asphalt. Has this been discussed before?
  8. Northumbria The Last River is the Humber, Umbers live to the north of the Last River, and south of Hadrian's Wall, The Wall. Bolton is a town in England located in, guess where… Greater Manchester to the Southwest of what Northumbrias borders were, Manchester was sacked by and if I recall, for sometime it became part of it. Dreadfort anyone?
  9. Not exactly related to your thread, but i had this thread on families https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/148871-family-defining-features-will-no-longer-get-updates/#comment-8053766 Thought you might be interested… and who knows, perhaps you may connect the personality traits with the physical ones in some way or another.
  10. Sorry for the title, as it could've been better. I can't spend much time in the forums nowadays, nor do I have the time to do extensive research and thinking on the subject, so I would like to recruit(or levy if you will!) some interested people on connecting these 4 houses to each other; Stark, Royce, Crane, Dayne. Had some initial work on it posted to the forums as seperate threads or even part of some other thread, I may add those in a day or two but in summary they are as such; Crane-Stark Brandon of the Bloody Blade slays COTF near Blue Lake turning it red. Rose is of the RED LAKE, not BLUE LAKE. Brandon of the Bloody Blade also drives giants from the Reach and Brandon the Builder uses (forced?) giant labor to build the Wall. House Crane Coat of Arms is five gold cranes on a field of PALE BLUE. Roses, especially winter roses are associated with Starks and what color are these? You guessed it, PALE BLUE! Royce-Stark Jon and Waymar resembling each other (at least in physique) Royce is a matronymic surname derived from Rose. Blue roses, anyone? or perhaps a Rose as in a person's name? Some parallels; Both Eddard and Bronze Yohn send a son to NW. Brandon wants to become a KG, Robar actually becomes one. Crane-Royce A weak one, Rose of the Red Lake and Royce name perhaps? Dayne-Stark Can only come up with the Dawn.
  11. Somewhat far fetched but here it is! (Kar)Starks are long legged(Jon, Benjen, Alys, Arya and presumably Lyanna) Storks are long legged birds. Cranes are also long legged birds. Starks and Cranes are related! Joke aside, I had long ago theorized they had some relation, through Brandon of the Bloody Blade.
  12. So? It may very well be that he was born towards the end of the year and this takes place at the start of the year, making him 15. When Benjen takes him he says he’ll be 15 in his next name day. When Robb leads the army he is 15. Jon is younger than Robb, several months at least, based on Ned’s lie that Wylla is his mother.
  13. Long ago I’ve “theorized” or whatever that Targaryens are the source of most of the Valyrian swords in Westeros; they sold off all their holdings and riches and came to Westeros with just 3 ships. How did they carry all that wealth to Ds? Simple, turn it into the most valuable thing with the lowest weight and volume and turn it into gold when needed. Carrying a few hundred VS swords are much easier than carrying gold, or even it’s equivelant in gems. Once in Westeros they can sell it and perhaps even make a profit being the sole supplier.
  14. Hey hey hey! Jon was still a minor at the time, even by westerosi standards(16 is when you come of age) he was a child and Ygritte was an adult and several years older than him. So no consent there, sorry. She’s a pedophile and rapist. She all but blackmails him into sexual relations as well. She is quite the sex offender.
  15. I had one lying around, don’t know where though. It’s Most likely in the wow I never noticed threads from around that time, a few months before the quoted post at most.
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