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  1. Corvo the Crow

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    Not from the boks or anything, but I've just learned that Attila was found dead in his bed after his wedding, having choked and with blood coming from his nose. Since it's so similar to Joffrey's case, thought I might share.
  2. Corvo the Crow

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    Umber sigil is a giant breaking it’s chains. Greatjon is currently in chains. A foreshadowing perhaps? Also, Brandon of the Bloody Blade has driven the giants out of the Reach, while Brandon the Builder used giants to build the wall. Among the major lords, Umbers are the closest to the wall. Perhaps Brandon Stark forced these giants of the Reach to work on the wall and this one Giant(ess) broke it’s chains and took a human spouse?
  3. Corvo the Crow

    Why doesn’t Dorne have a navy?

    And where did the Martells come from, if not the sea?
  4. Corvo the Crow

    Renly's Plan and what he knew.

    Ned Went south with 50 guards. Sent 4 back with Lady. Lost 3 to Jaime. Sent 20 with Beric. Also had 8 with him when he went to court. Cersei had 100 guards and 12 knights against Ned’s 15 at the tower. Robb with 6000 men slaughtered Jaime’s 1500-2250. Trust me when I say nords are better.
  5. Corvo the Crow

    Neck Will be the New Wall

    An idea. The Wall is on the narrowest place in the north of The North and there are people left on the northern side of it, people who once were no different than their southern First Men brethren, having lords(magnars of thenn), bronze arms and armor(thenn again) and fortifications(fist of the first men). These are all left north of the wall once it was built against the Others, who weren’t fully defeated. What if the fight against the othes is an everlasting one where men is losing but very slowly, losing ground every few thousand years. The next bottleneck for a line of defense would then be The Neck.
  6. Corvo the Crow

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Show question: Was Sir Christopher Lee, may he rest in lights, ever thought for a role in the show. Every time I hear Charles Dance’s voice, which has so much authority to it, I find my self thinking Sir Christopher Lee’s was even more so. I would have loved it so much seeing these two oppose each other. Knight of the Voice he was.
  7. Corvo the Crow

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    Martell means hammer. Martells moved in near greenblood. Rhoynar are a people closely associated with water and Mors married that watery tart, their Princess Nymeria. Hammer of Waters perhaps?
  8. Corvo the Crow

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Even so, there are a hundred of these on both parts, some may very well be those who have lost their lord title, or are powerful enough to have a castle. not to mention a dozen and a score lords and the three additional castles under Osgrey name.
  9. Corvo the Crow

    Warship types in ASOIAF

    These ships do carry rams.
  10. Corvo the Crow

    Small Questions v. 10106

    We know Cape Wrath doesn’t have a hundred towns and castles, it doesn’t even have a third of it and Lord Manderly has 100 landed knights and a dozen lesser lords. That means Manderly alone(vassals included) can raise several times more men than that can be raised from cape wrath, right? Since this is a major part of the SL, where does SL’s strength come from?
  11. Corvo the Crow

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Right! Forgot that she said “Renly” would crush him beneath KL.
  12. Corvo the Crow

    Small Questions v. 10106

    That very same thing happened in Dance though. Yes in Dance they also had some Gold Cloak supporters but we see that Stannis has supporters among the populace, Antler men and Janos and a few of the officers are "disliked" among some members of the GC so he had his inside support as well. For a master of deception like Stannis(Ironborn, Wildlings and now Boltons), he may very well have loaded some fishing boats with men under the disguise of fishers and have them act a few days later to open a gate once his fleet arrives. What about Stannis and Robb? Robb is just a kid but Martell hostility towards Lannisters should have been known by Cat. As for Stannis, there is talk about marrying shireen to sweet Robyn so marriage alliances are considered and the Martells with a hate for Tywin and their supposed 50000 men are a better candidate for an ally.
  13. Corvo the Crow

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Stannis had 3000 soldiers,sellswords, freeriders and a huge fleet with all their crews, including pirates? Why didn’t he strike at KL while Renly was slowly moving and Tywin was busy in RL? We had something similar in Dance. Also why does no one reach out to Doran Martell? Renly expects him to fight with him but doesn’t do anything else. Stannis and Robb both should have asked for his help promising Tywin’s head.
  14. Ah! Can you at least tell if it has as of yet unknown locations?
  15. Is this something we can lay our mortal eyes on? Or will it blind the eyes of lowly peasants such as we and only those who are favored by Red Rahloo are worthy of seeing it in all it’s splendor?