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  1. Corvo the Crow

    A New Husband for Catelyn

    Mors Crowfood
  2. Corvo the Crow

    "Cursed" Targaryen Names

    Aegon. Most of the Aegon kings are cursed with their children; Aegon I, children warring for the crown. Aegon IV, the same. Aegon V, disobedient children.
  3. Corvo the Crow

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Roose wanted Barristan dead. It was Robert who “pardoned” him but Ned was present and could have easily talked to him not to. This also
  4. Corvo the Crow

    Dany and child murder

    Hope to respond to all but can only do 4 atm as it’s the one that’s possibly easily the most open to misunderstanding and you have done so. Dany is herself at the age of 15-16 during this time, if I recall. She thinks him a child not by his age but his looks. I am 26 years old myself and even though I’ve put on 5 kilograms and life went hard on me these last two years(both made me look older than I did before) people who don’t know my age still constantly age me between 23 and 20. At 20 years old I was always asked for an ID when I wanted to buy alcoholic drinks. Even when I hadn’t shaven for a week and had a beard, which made me look older a few years, not to mention highschool students are not allowed to go to school with a beard. At 23, there was a girl who started working at a place I went for coffee everyday, she just started to university so was at most 19. After 2-3 weeks she started to hit on me, but asked to see if I was 18 or older(you are considered an adult at the age of 18), despite sometimes seeing me with a beard. Same girl asked whether if a friend of mine, who is 4 years younger than me, is my older brother. Oh and I forgot, at 23 I was still asked for an Id to buy alcohol. Not always, but still more often than not. These are all subjective, you may say. But the point is not everyone is the age that you expect them to be.
  5. Corvo the Crow

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Nobles and knights can get ransomed, but what happens to the common soldiers who got captured? Ned was opposed to execution of prisoners so I guess that was common practice?
  6. Corvo the Crow

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    May or may not be intentional; the word root “shr” in arabic is related to dawn; seher is morning and sahur is the time before dawn when people who fast in ramadan eat. Ashara whose house, Dayne, has a sword named Dawn, is perhaps named after this word.
  7. Corvo the Crow

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    For all we know Aegon could be the pisswater prince. Targaryens’ looks are not uncommon in many of the free cities and is too common even among the commoners of Volantis and Lys. Not to mention all the descendants of any Valyrians that came to the Valyrian outposts with Targaryens or even before them and the seeds of the dragonseeds, who were/are themselves not few in numbers.
  8. Corvo the Crow

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    My whole point is Blackwood and Bracken were still weak even a decade later. With 15 years and one great war and another, smaller one, Riverlands would still be weaker in terms of amount of fighters than just before the War. North as well.
  9. Corvo the Crow

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    Of course. Otherwise they would still be the most powerful during Dance, especially after Aegon. I couldn’t remember the bit about Harren punishing them at the time but their private war alone should be more than enough to leave them weaker than before. My point was war can left you weakened even after a decade has past. And? Now you made me unsure on whether if my post was clear enough. Greyjoy Rebellion was much smaller in scale compared with the Robert’s Rebellion but surely it took it’s own toll as well, however small. My whole point was some regions were still yet to fully recover from the effects of the previous 15 years, while others aren’t. North takes part in both wars and we can see it’s effects with reduced numbers compared to 300 years ago. RL seems to as well. Dorne and Vale don’t join this time so we can’t really know and while SL and Reach do fight, we can’t compare them seperately. The West had sat out the first of these wars and the second was a minor affair, it destroyed their navy but men power would still be intact. As for Iron Islands, I think it may very well be the one region that got the worst of it; Theon seeing that one of the most powerful Lord’s crews have many beardless boys is proof enough. “Green boys” are not good for fighting, all the lords that make a comment on them agree. We see a village, Lord Goodbrook’s, still in ruins and told that it was Hoster’s handiwork. Couple it with the fact we don’t get much detailed information on the whole thing, and I think it’s safe to say there were. But even if no villages were torched, losing fighting men from two generations would be hard to replace if the casualties were high.
  10. Corvo the Crow

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    Something I’ve just noticed; From Fire and Blood, we know that Tullys have vassals that are more powerful than them, including Blackwood and Bracken. However, According to the World book, Tullies were the most powerful of Rivermen during the conquest and while it doesn’t give out the reason for Vances, it mentions Blackwater and Bracken battled it out again a decade before the conquest. So their feud left them weaker than Tullies even a decade later. The above is a very good explanation why North barely reaches the 30000 of the conquest era or the Riverlands only have some 20000 men despite being a very fertile region. Robert’s Rebellion took a heavier toll on the Riverlands and Stormlands than other regions with all the infighting, especially on RL since it was also the region most of the important battles took place. While Vale had it’s loyalist vassals as well, they were crushed very quickly, as opposed to the former two regions.
  11. Corvo the Crow

    Small Questions v. 10106

    @Ran World book says at the time of the conquest, Tullys were the most powerful river lords because Blackwood and Bracken fought again in the previous decade. However, there’s nothing on Freys, who are more powerful according to Fire and Blood. Does this mean Freys were yet to reach their later power?
  12. Corvo the Crow

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    Not everything warrants it’s own thread, this could have just been asked in the small questions thread. Can’t quote it now but the plan was to draw out Ned with the raids and capture him for an exchange of hostages. Jaime’s fight with him left his leg injured, however so he sent Beric instead.
  13. Corvo the Crow

    A New Husband for Catelyn

  14. Corvo the Crow

    Small Questions v. 10106

    It still strikes me as odd that Robb didn’t take Raventree Hall if it was north of RF or no one from Jaime’s host went there and sent a bird to Harrenhal and a rider to Riverrun, but what you say makes some sense. Also two more questions; is old ser Willum we hear of in the AGOT when Karyl, Vance and Darry ask Ned’s(Robert’s) permission to retaliate is actually Willem Darry? Raymun Darry seems to own one of those towns judging from what he says and a mention of an old ser Willum when there was a ser Willem from house Darry which holds land there suggest these guys may be the same. Is ser Wilbert the Knight of the Stoney Sept since it is asked if he caged the prisoners? Stoney Sept has a trout fountain, does the town belong to Tullys or at least owe it’s allegiance to them directly with Wilbert as a vassal?
  15. Corvo the Crow

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Sorry for responding a bit late and @Nittanian has covered most of it but there’s more to it These are the lands that Jonos Bracken wants Notice, he wants the eastern bank of Widow’s Wash so there’s a west bank as well, meaning this stream, at least from Crossbow Ridge to Rutting Meadow, is mostly North to South, or the other way around, instead of East to West. Jonos also claims they ruled this river. After subduing Blackwoods They are following the Widow’s wash which was mentioned earlier. Jaime sees the sun going behind the teats so he is to the east of them and he confirms it in his thoughts as well. there is a ford near the teats so the teats are near the river as well. Since Jaime has not crossed the RF after leaving the Raventree, Teats and the tree are on the same side of RF and Stone Hedge seems to be as well, judging by the lands asked.