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  1. what's so confusing ? he wanted to marry his sister . that's all . personally , I think polygamy is worse . unless , incest is between parent-child or creepy older uncle/aunt-niece/nephew .
  2. that's one of the things they had inevitably lost , when they decided on the structure . if they had done pre-dance in two seasons, say with child versions of the kids in season 1 ending with Rh&D wedding and with their teen versions in season2 , they could have enough time to establish alliances outside of the family , loyalties of council members , Velaryon and Strong families , etc. but I think with their decision to have 30 yrs in 1 season , they were successful enough to flesh out Hobert , Jason and Bormund. so , yeah , introducing all those characters will be a bit difficult next season , but it's a show that's introducing and killing fairly important characters per episode! yep, that's my team as well:) they could end season 2 with Rook's Rest and season3 with Gullet if they want . needs some imagination, but still possible!
  3. I don't think there's any problem with non-sympathetic characters . they can very well be interesting and entertaining . the problem is that they haven't been able to flesh out the characters ,thanks to the odd structure for season 1 in which characters inevitably change with every time jump before the audience has a chance to know their personalities, their priorities, their motivations , their allegiances and most importantly how those change over time . they would have had to invent a lot of things , since the book is basically ambiguous plot points . but that could be a great opportunity . with changing Alicent-Rhaenyra dynamic at the beginning there was the promise that they intend to use that opportunity and tell their own story. but they clearly didn't . they only changed the beginning of the story and went back to book version with leaving far too many things to imagination. still , the show is above average . although that's mostly because of sets , music , cinematography (except dark moments) and acting .I'd say it's a bit like season 6 of GoT . I like watching it because it looks and sounds good and the story and characters are already familiar to me (as a book-reader) , but it's not nearly as good as it could be . say like season 3 of GoT .
  4. that's my read as well . but the show made an attempt to make her sympathetic with MANY likeable qualities and for half the season at that , only to jump 10 years and change it 180 degrees . besides, if you don't want to have a smooth transition between the years and want to leave so much to imagination , it's better to use flashbacks for the past and spend time on getting deep into adult characters throughout the season rather than use a linear structure with far too many time jumps.
  5. yes , I think they should 1. show that Rhaenyra's decision to choose Daemon and fear was pretty dumb (they call her Maegor after all , and it can be for being fearsome and crazy ... rather than just taxes) 2. Rhaenys and Corlys get to know what happened to their son . .. otherwise it makes no sense . young Rhaenyra was a bit bratty and spoiled but that's a long way from showing her in actual negative light or to depict her as capable of doing monstrous things. in a way, adult Rhaenyra is still bratty , spoiled and quite frankly selfish . she 's just more matured now and has the merit of being compared to full villain Alicent. but the whole "Laenor's death" plot ,for example, is a stupid ploy to get Daemon and to think she needs him is just silly ! if there was the slightest chance to make peace with Greens despite Aemond's eye , it is all gone with Daemon at her side . and to be honest , I found the fact that she thinks she saves face quite hilarious! she's had three bastards with a dark haired guy with no similarity to her husband and she doesn't even make the excuse of being desperately in love ! one would imagine a need to be desired doesn't take 10 yrs with one politically incorrect lover .
  6. that's Aegon . and yeah , totally agree with your post . I hope they make Aemond competent and sympathetic to balance the Dance a bit . with whatever they've done with Daemon and Larys , I don't think we need more purely maniac characters in the show, especially on Green side.
  7. LOL. they did coexist , I haven't forgotten ! for me , it's about the role . what will be Laenor's role if Addam does what he does in the book? besides , Corlys brought Hull boys because he either wanted his remaining sons/grandkids to be with him after losing both his children and his wife ,or he was desperate for a male heir . with Laenor in the picture , there's no need of that and Corlys can't name the boys Laenor's to avoid disrespecting Rhaenys's memory . unless ,of course, they are actually Laenor's !
  8. I think that'll be a good idea . it'll be more understandable for people to call her Maegor if she openly runs her court with two kings . later on , Laenor could deal with Tumbleton and Alyn could be a cousin who gets Driftmark by marrying Baella as lady of Driftmark . I'll miss Addam though .
  9. alright then , I suppose you guys are right, cloaked guy must be Daemon. although , in some trailers before ep1 , Aemond was wearing a cloak like that as well. yeah , in my opinion they should have made the fighting a more fair match . for example Rhaena could take Joffrey's place in dragon droppings! or she and the kids (including Aemond )could talk about Vhaegar where she expresses her wish to claim it in her mother's honor or something and Aemond beats her to it , make her feel betrayed . what Condal said about the girls being pissed that someone on the other side of the family has taken their mother's dragon doesn't make much sense , because the girls are new there. they don't know this side of the family and that side of the family . besides , it's not like the kids feel that much of this side and that side for now . Jace and Luke were close to Aegon and they all pranked Aemond . the animosity between kids in the show should only be solidified after this particular incident . not before .
  10. I think he loves his children* (though, Rhaenyra is the clear favorite) but he doesn't have the patience and energy he had when Rhaenyra was growing up due to his declining health . so, he doesn't know them enough and probably Alicent who seems to think Helaena's weird , wouldn't inform Viserys about Helaena's prophecies which she probably doesn't understand at all. in the book, Viserys's second favorite child seems to be Haelena . I hope we see that in the show. * in ep3 we saw how caring Viserys was towards Aegon and in ep 6 he liked watching the boys practice , even called Aegon for being rude . and even in ep7 he was truly angry about what happened to Aemond and was desperate when he said "I can't restore his eye".
  11. is the dark haired woman in the trailer , the one in white waiting for cloaked guy, Mysaria?
  12. nahh. the news will get to Essos before the battle of Gullet . that'll be pretty pointless in my opinion . why would they keep him alive just to kill him off screen later on to bring a half-brother/son to ,again, die? they had every opportunity to give us a murder of passion when he decides to stand by Rhaenyra instead of Qarl.
  13. apparently these people have silver hair with black eyebrows and beard... sooo.. I mean , if you wanna think about it there are A LOT of problems with it . like, Laenor has time to shave his head but not enough time to put on another pair of boots? or isn't there any one else in that castle? and won't that poor unlucky guy's family notice he's gone? ... then again , I always say, details can be overlooked if the story is compelling and to some extend logical. so , if they deal with this Laenor alive thing later on , I'll be fine with it . because , it's so utterly stupid that Rhaenys won't know his son is alive and well and fight for Rhaenyra, presumably his killer . on the other hand , with having Laenor confess he deeply loves the boys , one would imagine he'd be pissed to find out Luke's killed or that he won't be so cruel to play dead when he knows they are already mourning their other father. not to mention , Seasmoke issue.
  14. why would it imply that? ! I've always read it with c in the middle. sounds better and can be pronounced easier . nope. goes like this: Aegon> Haelena > Aemond> Jace/Baella/Rhaena > Luke when ?!
  15. I could give you a list of reasons why he is the least likeable guy in the book (possibly only better that Aegon II) . in the show , I quite liked him . I didn't like him suffocating Luke and talking trash to him (I mean the kid didn't even understand the insult!) because that kid was arguably the most innocent kid there . but the rest of it was mostly self defense and lack of guidance . he comes off as a bit of an asshole but let's face it , this kid's been mocked by his peers for some time and now has rode the oldest biggest dragon in the world! besides, no one has apparently taught him to be sympathetic towards kids in grieving (who are stranger to him as well) . ps. I feel like they should have made it a more fair fight . Jace is my favorite book character and I don't like him made a bit aggressive .
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