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  1. If I had to choose, I'd worship the God of Many Faces . "Not Today" is the easiest of prayers I don't know about Starkness , we'd have to first argue what makes a true Stark . but as far as Tullyness goes , Arya's more her mother's daughter than Sansa ever was. Sansa is more Ned than Cat . for Arya , family comes first . Arya and Cat are not as sentimental and sympathetic towards people who are not their family ( by blood or adopted) as Ned and Sansa are . they lose their temper more easily and they do not have high values for honor in the same way Ned and Sansa do.
  2. I blame D&D for that. were people speculating "mad queen Daenerys" before the show's finale?
  3. as long as we only get 3 chapters of her , I'm content I mean her chapters are good, but not too many of them...
  4. honestly , I had never thought about CONFUSED Ygritte and neglectful Jon! but that does seem about right from her perspective! lol
  5. it's definitely likely that we'll get new POVs or at least more POVs than the 13-14 George had speculated before. I have absolutely no idea on whose that might be though . I'd like Aegon's (even more so if he's fAegon) or a Tyrell's(preferably Garlan or Willas)
  6. I tend to believe that YG is most likely the real Aegon Targaryen himself. One reason is that I think it works better for Dany's story, another reason ... Well, I've tried to put together facts and theories(guesses) to solve some of weird past events about Ned Stark and the Starfalians . And Aegon, being the real deal worked well with it. I will try to post it tomorrow after my exam
  7. D&D had most likely seen the Bells Madness hints in JonCon chapters and thought "how cool would it be if we have that!" then took a look at AA/NN story and thought "eureka! ... Dany's mother of dragons , so what if Jon is AA? .. a huge chunk of fandom theorize that ... they'll like it!" .. if only they knew how they were fucking it up.. . my point is , we can't possibly rely on whatever storyline the show had and think it's some distorted version of the books which we should try and work in the future books , save for the famous three plot points perhaps. anything in the show such as Cersei's wildfire plot , Bells , AA , etc. may or may not find its way to books but only as much as other fan theories . PS. SeanF , I like your scenario , you should have helped D&D
  8. are we sure none of them have last name? I mean if no one has a last name among smallfolk why would commoner bastards (like ser Rolly) without noble blood should have bastard last names? ps. Janos Slint has a last name too and unlike Clegane or Seaworth , it doesn't seem like a proper name he had chosen later in life...
  9. a random thought about the show: I hope they'll flesh out Laena a bit, considering she is the one who rides the oldest deadliest dragon at the beginning
  10. I don't remember if HBO's still working on Dunk and Egg project but imagine it does... then HBO will have three Targ projects with three Targ heros... and how depressing is that?!... Daenerys snaps into madness and is killed by her nephew, Rhaenyra gets depressed and is torched by her brother and Egg burns down himself and almost his entire family...
  11. the only people who benefit from these off-years are youtubers ! how else would people need "what happened thus far " videos?!
  12. eh.. now I am annoyed that he keeps repeating that he's annoyed . he may be more annoyed at himself than the fans. looking at positive side , we could get a decent show in HotD . by the way, has anyone watched Colony or any other work by Condal?
  13. I fail to understand your logic when you say "Harwin was Rhaenyra's third choice" .. if you have 2 ex-boyfriends you have loved deeply at the time but now you are with a third , does it make him your third choice and a lesser choice? I simply do not think so. she may have had a crush on Cole or more . and she obviously had an affair with Daemon but that doesn't change what she had with Harwin . in fact , it seems the way she had spurred Cole was twofold . on one hand she was marrying Laenor , on the other she took Harwin with her so right away that she had almost certainly been courting him then . Cole killed Joffrey and beat the hell out of Harwin (who probably survived for being pretty strong) . the man was jealous of both Laenor and Harwin. Rhaenyra in FnB is pretty much an extremely emotional person who doesn't think or act politically . otherwise , she wouldn't have opposed Laenor marriage as much as she did , she wouldn't have demanded to marry her already married uncle , she wouldn't have kept a guy who couldn't be further from her husband in looks as lover despite rumors about her first born had already been in place and she wouldn't have married Daemon so soon. if anything , she could announce Aegon III as fourth son of Laenor Velaryon and end all the bastardy rumors once and for all . the fact that she may have already started a relationship with Laena and Daemon or that she was moving on from Harwin before his death is not out of question . but again , if she had a relationship with Daemon then , why wouldn't she raise his son as Laenor's and marry Daemon in a more appropriate time? she and Laena may have been indeed more than fond of each other and that can not be neither proved nor discredited . as for the rest of your post , I more or less agree . although , it would have been a long shot for Strongs considering Alicent had already started rumors about "Strong" boys and king Viserys may had preferred his own son as consort this time around.
  14. that could be really interesting . especially if Cole gets to have a big role in the battle where Jace dies . in the books though, I am still pretty convinced that Rhaenyra Targaryen was a monogamist romantic . if she slightly considered the option of having multiple partners (including Daemon) , my guess is she would have at least tried to have one child fathered by a Valyrian featured guy . but she seemed pretty loyal to Harwin and Harwin alone ; which is why I think anything between Cole and Rhaenyra must have been completely one sided from Cole.
  15. I wonder what they'll do with Daemon-Rhaenyra relationship prior to their respective marriages. I think the proper way to this , is to have Daemon exiled after being found abed with Rhaenyra (in the scene kingsgaurd throw him down) , only to later return/ be invited by Viserys to Rhaenyra's wedding when her relationship with Harwin is already established .
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