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  1. Edmure gets a bad rap for his battle on the fords. He bloodied Tywin's nose, almost killed the Mountain but that was only half the plan. Roose Bolton also takes Harrenhal to prevent...exactly what happened... So there's my question is this a plot point or did Roose betray before the Blackwater? Because there should have been no way Tywin's army gets to Kings Landing. At a minimum, Tywin's forces should have been harried or ambushed, leaving the Tyrells to do the heavy lifting at KL.
  2. They never do though, it's stated and repeated as gospel truth. Worse, it's tied in with the (F)Aegon theory so folks are really smug and condescending about it.
  3. Ok this has been driving me crazy for a long time now. A ton of people think Varys/Illyrio's plan was for Dany and Viserys to cross the Narrow Sea with a Dothraki horde, cause chaos, then Aegon swoops in with the GC to save the day and become a "savior king". It's been repeated many times and a ton of people treat it as canon. Except that "plan" is nowhere in the text! It's not even hinted at. It's a complete forum creation. That was not, is not, and never was the plan. We have little to no idea what's up with Varys and Illyrio plain and simple.
  4. So rereading, I'm at the point where the wildlings capture Jon and Qhorin and I'm annoyed. The wildlings are 14 with 8 hounds and we're all aware how ill armed they are. If the Night Watch members don't split up I really like their chances of cutting their way free. What do you guys think? Side note: Clash is the weakest book...
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