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  1. What is difference between the times Jon refuses her before, (and none of the wildlings care) and the "rape"? The difference is Jon lied and made a hostile move towards Mance and because of that his loyalty was questioned. The situation isn't his doing, but the threat that allowed this to happen kind of is.
  2. My thing about this is Jon is a spy, and a bad one. He chose (kinda), to spy on the wildlings. If he had legitimately gone over he would be free from the implied threat. He also draws mad suspicion on himself by asking too many questions and lying. Everyone knows he's still a crow, the "threat" was only brought up after he lied about the Fist, and we don't know how it all went down...Ygritte tells him to find a new place for Ghost and the chapter ends. We don't know how he responded. Jon just has too much agency for me to consider this rape.
  3. OP this is one of the best, new finds I've seen in awhile. Nice work. and i'm adding this to the "Stop the f/" movement, and " I Believe in Harvey Dent "uh... Varys
  4. Traitor, rapist, sociopath, vampire wannabe... I hate him too. The Bolton's as a House are like the Northern version of Darkstar. GRRM wanted them to be dark and mysterious, but instead made them seem like edgy goth teenagers
  5. Wow you were not lying with that biggest clue. The fact that Cersei isn't irate with the Hound is pretty damning. Good catch. Mind elaborating the LF angle?
  6. "Come Along" by Cosmo Sheldrake is how Daenys the Dreamer got the Targs to Westeros... try and convince me otherwise. I'll wait.
  7. I always viewed it as an initiation. I mean Jon was a spy. Ygritte/Mance just made his inevitable "betrayal" more difficult. Serious counter question: Do people really think Ygritte would've told Mance if Jon and her didn't have sex?
  8. Jesus that's terrible, Stark independence war is more significant/important/justified than a war to free slaves. How is Dany on any sort of high horse at this point? And this is the point you seem to be missing. The "I'm going to kick some ass" portion of Robb's story cost thousands of lives. As did the "I'll retreat." part. While George painstakingly hits us over the head with the ramifications of Dany's actions, The same can not be said for the Starks and Robb in particular.
  9. Huh? oh don't mind me, I just sip wine and read excellent posts. *sip* I've been away from the forums for about a year and am disappointed to find that Northern superiority has gotten worse not better around here. I'm glad to see people using some objectivity in their perusal.
  10. Personally none of the individuals have an 1,000 year beef with the wildlings but the Night's Watch does. They vilify each other, "crows" and "savages" respectively. They have precedent for atrocities. Both are in the most inhospitable part of Westeros, so max desperation. Yet Gregor's attack on the Riverlands is twice as savage as anything we've seen either side do to their sworn enemies at the Wall. I'm not asking for patrols from the North. I'm asking why nothing was done about this? Big difference.
  11. A.) True, it was also a statement about the nature of the Red keep and secrecy in general. B.) She knew. She knew, at the very least, not to tell Cersei. C.) Her goal is to get far from King's Landing and Joff. As to her dreams: Seriously though aside from ohMAhgaWd wOLfBloOD what do the Tyrell's get out of this? Is it really that hard to imagine that the #2 nicest family in the realm doesn't want the daughter of a universally respected man beaten and humiliated? Sansa is bringing next to nothing to the table, Dontos has 10,000 reasons to lie, and Winterfell has been taken. D.) The Reach has similar imagery every time someone describes it. The Tyrell's aren't romanticizing. If even Robert gets poetic talking about the Reach...it's literally that awesome.
  12. Tyrion volunteers to be in the vanguard. Manipulated through the suggestion of cowardice but still volunteered.
  13. I'm not going to post the whole scene but it's obviously very clandestine. I mean Dontos says that because he works for Littlefinger. He's pretty clearly lying. Robb is still alive and the Tyrell's don't know the Red Wedding is about to go down, so the claim is dodgy. Besides Willas will inherit Highgarden, what's the play? Get Sansa knocked up, before Robb knocks up his Frey, so you can battle through Robb's kingdom and Moat Cailin just to get North, than drive out the Ironborn, than deal with Boltons and other truculent lords just to sit your arse in an inferior castle that could be legally taken away with a stroke of a pen...
  14. Off topic but I do really love that pretty much everyone is like "F*** this noise, this is my faction's comet. it's our time now!" I feel it's a very real example of human psychology...just think if a comet like that appeared here what would your Facebook look like? Probably similar.
  15. The Usurper Slayer of Lies Anything Aerion Brightflame calls himself The Bright Prince The Monstrous
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