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  1. The Fresh PtwP

    The danger of Gerold Dayne

    He's from House Red-Herring, so *cynicism goggles on* i'm not expecting too much of a payout. A.) He's a highly skilled swordsman, cruel enough to kill an innocent girl, reckless enough to throw Dorne into war, and charismatic enough to gain some supporters from the people pissed off about Oberyn. Thus, dangerous. B.) He's working for somebody, is somebody, or knows something...(Okay saying it like that, Darkstar is pretty freaking mysterious)
  2. Ha, most people were screaming about retcons and in arms about why Dany and Vis weren't looked after... I don't think Viserys would make a good king, he's a very very flawed character. However, the mental illness terms (psychopath, sociopath) and "madness" aren't terms we can just slap on characters and call it good. Just like in real life, people with no mental illnesses have done very despicable acts in this series (looking at you Chiswyk). I will speak briefly of "madness", since it is the only term Westeros has for this type of thing. My personal belief about madness in the context of the story is honestly a question: "Can ["mad" person] reasonably function in Westerosi societal norms?" Obviously a lot of wiggle room and subjectivity in that question, and my criteria has more requirements but that's the summary. Since we can't ask a maester the Westerosi definition of "madness" there is some leeway in how we can define the diagnosis. Although if we could refrain from using the term so often that would be ideal...
  3. This is one of the most accurate assessments of a long-time favorite character. It's difficult to be normal when your earliest memories are of the fall of your House...
  4. I don't see how we are disagreeing... We pretty much agree the Hightower vs Ironborn battle is a wash, if anything advantage Hightower. I acknowledge Mace is walking into a defeat at Storm's End, but the Dornish won't make a difference in that. After the SE battle, as you yourself mention, Aegon seems likely to consolidate his power in the Stormlands first which will take some time...so if Arianne decides to bring the Dornish into the fray, it could't plausibly be until after SE battle and it's aftermath. I'm not 100% on Aegon/Arianne but it looks likely and doesn't change too much (as I just noticed you yourself pointed out.) Cersei was stripped naked and walk of shamed across the city, Margaery had a mob of people clamoring for her release...King Bread rules alone, and people remember who fed AND saved the city. Tyene and Nymeria just got to KL (at best). They also (somewhat) have bigger fish to fry then the Tyrells. Lannisters, Robert Strong*, Quentyn's whereabouts, Dany intel, Aegon. Lastly, what you said about Tarly is ultimately why I believe the Tyrells will make it out in good shape (which I never said in my last post btw). The Tyrells two signature moves throughout history seem to be: 1.) Join winning side 2.) Take ball, go home The Lannisters are a sinking ship and everyone knows it at this point, including the Tyrells. Their self preservation highly outweighs their ambition so expect them to... tend to their own gardens...I'll see myself out... *(One of the top 5 things i'm pumped about next book is Nym and Ty's reaction to FrankenGregor walking around. They are going to be PISSED! Guessing that's how Tommen dies...)
  5. The Fresh PtwP

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    1.) Aeron Greyjoy 2.) Ramsay Bolton 3.) High Sparrow 4.) Edmure Tully 5.) Mace Tyrell Bonus: Littlefinger
  6. The Fresh PtwP

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    What??? The goal is to see Gilly and the babe alive. So it absolutely matters which is more dangerous. You're seriously trying to compare Quentyn's entire arc, to asking for directions...and it's not even close. They wouldn't, just stop... Just to lay it out logistically: A.) Sail from Oldtown, avoiding Euron's fleet, sail across the Dornish coast, keep going up and across the Stepstones all the while avoiding pirates and the Golden Company and Aurane. Probably have to stop at Lys for water. Then on to Volantis which is teetering on the verge of a slave revolt. Then sail past Valyria which we know from Tyrion's chapters is stormy and hellish. After that though it is an easy slide past the Yunkish blockade and into Slavers bay. B.) "Follow the Honeywine until you see the giant green sphinxes."
  7. A.) This, I feel, is where the Blackfyre parallel comes into play with Aegon VI playing the roll of Daemon and weepy Tommen being Dareon the Good. B.) Your next two points is exactly why I think Tarly will stay true. Those stern militant types are THE ones who despise turncloaks and sneaks the most. Don't get me wrong there is a build up but idk it could just as easily not happen. C.) Preach! The Reach isn't in great shape, Rowan will turn, Mace is about to walk into a hard loss, and yeah the Redwyne fleet seems screwed. But on the flip side, Oldtown isn't going to get caught with it's pants down, they're ready for anything aside from unholy magic rituals and with whatever is going down in the Hightower they might be ready for that too. Tarly and the remainder of Tyrell forces are in the city, if Cersei or the High Sparrow try anything it'll go bad for them, not the Tyrells. Dornishmen is a true wildcard if they flooded the Reach yeah Tyrells are pretty boned but wouldn't they meet up with Aegon? Also Tarly IS a Marcher Lord, If the Dornishmen swarm the Reach, Tarly's loyalty to the Tyrell/Lannister regime is pretty much assured.
  8. The Fresh PtwP

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    This shows up a lot and I never understood how leaving Gilly in Oldtown is more dangerous than sailing past Euron, across half the world, and right into the teeth of Slavers Bay...with one ship. And no, Sam doesn't have enough time to forge a chain maybe ravenry and history though.
  9. The Fresh PtwP

    Minor/offscreen characters you want to see more of

    I'm going to start by saying I hold a lot of hope, but I feel Ned Dayne was the minor character most damaged by the scrapped 5-year gap. He knows Arya is alive, He vaguely knows Jon Snow, He's seen Sansa... he's a good looking, kind young lord, heir to a fabled blade...yeah knowing GRRM he's a got dagger to the back with his name on it (sigh). Oddly, Hallyne the Alchemist, sporting that faded black and red, obvious Aerys loyalist just kinda walking around untouched in the Lannister/Baratheon regime...wait...? Quaithe. Volantis in general. I think I'm going to get my wish. the two Volantis chapters reminded me of eerily of Tyrion's pre-Blackwater chapters in that you can almost see the political climate heat up in the city as Dany is getting pressured and the Mereenese knot begins to untangle. From low boil in Quentyn chapter to bubbling merrily in Tyrion's one and a half (Selhorys kinda counts for this) chapter(s).
  10. The Fresh PtwP

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    Hey all, so glad to be back, don't want to delve to much into personal stuff but things to a rocky turn, these books helped me a ton so i'm happy to be back in the fandom! I also love how things haven't seemed to change much around here...kinda like coming home and everything is pretty much right where you left it. Back on topic, @John Suburbs are you referring to Jon's last ADwD chapter here? The one with the strange pacing and unusual internal thoughts before he was stabbed? As for wacky theories I don't have too much input just a couple points: A.) The Daynes- should be House Red Herring, They are like a really tough pinata we've been whacking for some time, there is definitely going to be a payout at the end but how much and to what extent I have no idea, so I pretty much give a blanket pass for ALL crazy Dayne theories because something is going down with them. (Applies to a much lesser extent to the Hightowers) B.) Secret Identities/Parentage's - I like these, to me they are some of the most fun in ASoIaF. I think people somewhat misunderstand the point of most of these though. I'm not going to find the quote but I think Brown Ben Plumm points out that everyone after Aegon IV could conceivably have a drop of dragons-blood. Nobody is going to claim the throne off of that, but I think it adds cool element of world crafting, that Mance might be so badass because he's potentially Bloodraven's son. Or (inserting personal crackpot) Dareon and Marillion could be Tom O' Sevens sons.
  11. The Fresh PtwP

    Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    Which tendencies are these?
  12. The Fresh PtwP

    Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    So is Aegon II the exception or...?
  13. The Fresh PtwP

    Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    What about Aegon II? V(Viserys I) + nV(Hightower) but looks Targ.
  14. The Fresh PtwP

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Where was Maegor Brightflame born?
  15. The Fresh PtwP

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Was Ilyn Payne with Jaime at Pennytree?