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  1. The Fresh PtwP

    Dany and child murder

    Jesus that's terrible, Stark independence war is more significant/important/justified than a war to free slaves. How is Dany on any sort of high horse at this point? And this is the point you seem to be missing. The "I'm going to kick some ass" portion of Robb's story cost thousands of lives. As did the "I'll retreat." part. While George painstakingly hits us over the head with the ramifications of Dany's actions, The same can not be said for the Starks and Robb in particular.
  2. The Fresh PtwP

    Dany and child murder

    Huh? oh don't mind me, I just sip wine and read excellent posts. *sip* I've been away from the forums for about a year and am disappointed to find that Northern superiority has gotten worse not better around here. I'm glad to see people using some objectivity in their perusal.
  3. The Fresh PtwP

    An issue with the Nights Watch

    Personally none of the individuals have an 1,000 year beef with the wildlings but the Night's Watch does. They vilify each other, "crows" and "savages" respectively. They have precedent for atrocities. Both are in the most inhospitable part of Westeros, so max desperation. Yet Gregor's attack on the Riverlands is twice as savage as anything we've seen either side do to their sworn enemies at the Wall. I'm not asking for patrols from the North. I'm asking why nothing was done about this? Big difference.
  4. The Fresh PtwP

    Timett will steal Alayne

    A.) True, it was also a statement about the nature of the Red keep and secrecy in general. B.) She knew. She knew, at the very least, not to tell Cersei. C.) Her goal is to get far from King's Landing and Joff. As to her dreams: Seriously though aside from ohMAhgaWd wOLfBloOD what do the Tyrell's get out of this? Is it really that hard to imagine that the #2 nicest family in the realm doesn't want the daughter of a universally respected man beaten and humiliated? Sansa is bringing next to nothing to the table, Dontos has 10,000 reasons to lie, and Winterfell has been taken. D.) The Reach has similar imagery every time someone describes it. The Tyrell's aren't romanticizing. If even Robert gets poetic talking about the Reach...it's literally that awesome.
  5. The Fresh PtwP

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    Tyrion volunteers to be in the vanguard. Manipulated through the suggestion of cowardice but still volunteered.
  6. The Fresh PtwP

    Timett will steal Alayne

    I'm not going to post the whole scene but it's obviously very clandestine. I mean Dontos says that because he works for Littlefinger. He's pretty clearly lying. Robb is still alive and the Tyrell's don't know the Red Wedding is about to go down, so the claim is dodgy. Besides Willas will inherit Highgarden, what's the play? Get Sansa knocked up, before Robb knocks up his Frey, so you can battle through Robb's kingdom and Moat Cailin just to get North, than drive out the Ironborn, than deal with Boltons and other truculent lords just to sit your arse in an inferior castle that could be legally taken away with a stroke of a pen...
  7. The Fresh PtwP

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    Off topic but I do really love that pretty much everyone is like "F*** this noise, this is my faction's comet. it's our time now!" I feel it's a very real example of human psychology...just think if a comet like that appeared here what would your Facebook look like? Probably similar.
  8. The Fresh PtwP

    Pick your favourite nickname from GRRM’s writing

    The Usurper Slayer of Lies Anything Aerion Brightflame calls himself The Bright Prince The Monstrous
  9. The Fresh PtwP

    A New Husband for Catelyn

    I just finished Storm and it seems that Lord Jason is trying haha It kinda feels like Robb is playing matchmaker a bit too.
  10. The Fresh PtwP

    Black Sword, White Sword, Red Sword

    Welcome! A.) I feel the color sequence matches really well. Could it not be his personal identity? That's the thought that I can't shake when I read this thread. B.) In "Black sword" he's a member of the NW and learns to work with his brothers. Jon gains experience and learns to become a leader. After Qhorin I would say there is an intermittent "Grey" phase. I don't know what color his sheepskin cloak is but, this grey phase begins when he fake defects. C.) Dawn is white. It's also in Dorne, and even if people thinking he's a Dayne bastard I doubt he would even be allowed to touch the hilt. At the least he's in line behind Ned Dayne and DarkStar. I personally think his "White Sword" phase begins when he (in order of importance) becomes LC, finds Ghost, and chooses to remain a Snow. D.) This blew my mind. I thought Azor Azai might be multiple people. PtwP and Last Hero as well. It never occurred to me that Lightbringer could be. So we need a water person, a lion person, and a...sacrifice. E.) This has to be the "Red Sword" part, matching with his identity theme he'll continue being a "White Sword" or a "Snow", a little after he dies. Eventually I feel him heading towards a difficult identity choice Snow or Targaryen? Probably awakening (becoming) a dragon (Targ) from stone (Winterfell crypts) in the process. Given the nature of Fire and Blood and all things red, the choice will be emotional, fiery and hopefully violent.
  11. The Fresh PtwP

    Timett will steal Alayne

    *sigh* I will never understand this. If Olenna didn't tell, and Marg didn't tell who blabbed the Willas plot to the Lannisters? I would've dropped Sansa like a bad habit too. At best, she can't keep a secret. At worst, she's a Lannister spy. Either way I wouldn't tolerate that nonsense near me. Back on topic, I highly doubt she will be kidnapped. But I also don't buy the Sansa political player angle. Well I guess it depends on how it works. Sansa has a habit of not realizing how she looks/sounds in certain situations which has happened enough: (Hands tourney, plea for Ned, KG beating, Queens ballroom during siege, UnKiss, both weddings, Winterfell snow-castle, Lying to Bronze Yohn) That there should be a pay off with that. I cant see Sansa really outmaneuvering anybody in the game but:
  12. The Fresh PtwP

    Dany and child murder

    1.) Dany specifically thinks that the tokar is the most impractical garment ever, so i'm gonna say no-go for the working man! 2.) When you start dressing yourself and choose not to wear a tokar... 3.) Yes and yes. 4.) Someone pointed out that she just makes up stuff as she goes along. 5.) Drogo absolutely, Rhaego nope. Dany...I feel Dany speaking up for MMD and not being a Dothraki set her apart... She's essentially a slave too at this point, so no.
  13. The Fresh PtwP

    An issue with the Nights Watch

    I agree. I feel Martin pulled some punches with the North/Wildling/NW relationship. First- We have a group with supposedly the "dregs" of society yet the worst we get are the mutineers and...Rast I guess? Like what's Pyp even in for? Jon has a bunch of teenage goofballs to play with instead of the thieves and murderers we were told resided at the Wall. And yes an 1000 year old border dispute between criminals and savages is going to get a lot more heinous than "Hey, go kill the prisoner." Second- The North. Why didn't the Umbers, Karstarks or mountain clans fight off the like 100 raiders the Magnar brought? They all boast about how they literally throw back invaders... Littlefinger surprisingly has the answer "Clean hands". I feel OP is right Martin has gone through some effort to keep the North unsullied.
  14. The Fresh PtwP

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    Really had to think about this one! I think Feast is more consistently "bad" but Dance has some things unforgivable for how overall "good" of a book it is...which kinda makes Dance worse. Like Dany's flight chapter is amazing. It's also her only good PoV in the book. Tyrion started and finished strong but Penny and Jorah make the middle chapters a struggle.
  15. The Fresh PtwP

    Which Castles are the Best at Defending Dragons?

    These were my first two thoughts as well. The Rock because yeah, Visenya said it and the Hightower honestly more for logistics than actual defenses (where would you even start burning?) Honorable mention to Storm's End for being insanely tough and having a watery escape route