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  1. It looks like you're operating on different assumptions than Martin must be.
  2. Kienn

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    I'd go 90% no, 10% yes. The blood that Bran tastes is explained by his visions. The last vision he sees shows a blood sacrifice to the tree he is viewing from. He is tasting the blood of the man that was just sacrificed to his tree. Alternatively... the red "sap" of the weirwood he actually ate prior to the visions tastes of blood because weirwoods are routinely offered blood sacrifices, so it is the blood of long past sacrifices, not necessarily the blood of someone(i.e. Jojen) that was just sacrificed for his specific ritual snack. The only really compelling part of Jojenpaste is that Jojen is perhaps the most appropriate character to die "off page" because his death has been so blatantly forecast.
  3. Kienn

    The Prophecy Glitch

    Prophecy is interesting to readers for the same reason it is interesting to characters, it makes readers think they can guess future events before they happen. Knowing that prophecy will bite your dick off just means you include that possibility in your predictions (i.e. you consider the various ways the prophecy may be misleading, yet true, in your predictions.) Obviously not all readers are the same though, some topics that are interesting to some are boring to others. Some things that seem subtle to some seem obvious to others. Some things that seem true to some seem false to others... For instance, for me thinking of King Robert as a callback to the Laughing Storm is interesting... but thinking of him as any of like 5 different characters in the "real life" War of the Roses that people have argued... is a snorefest since it seems totally irrelevant to me.
  4. I’d put them more like: Brandon - 6’0” Ned/Benjen - 5’9” Robb (GoT) - 5’6”, (full) - 5’11” Jon (GoT) - 5’5”, (full) - 5’9”
  5. Kienn

    The Prequel

    Do you have sources for these "GRRM said" statements? Both sound wrong to me. In the books the history is left intentionally vague so you can wonder about some of these things... GRRM has not said which dates are accurate or not.
  6. Kienn

    The impact of normal seasons on the North!!

    Yea I don’t see a special benefit for the North either... I think maybe OP is under the common misapprehension that the North has permafrost even though that doesn’t start until significantly north of the Wall? Realistically I think the Reach and Dorne would be wastelands from the constant summer heat without seasonal weather patterns giving relief. A return of normal seasons would help those regions in that case... however since they’re apparently fine with the long summers they’ll probably just have no major improvements by shorter seasons either besides the obvious benefit of shorter winters.
  7. I have to disagree with your conclusion that Summer is the wolf that Ghost can’t sense in DWD Jon I... As you quoted and underlined yourself: On the other side the wind was colder still, the wolf sensed. That was where his brother was, the grey brother who smelled of summer. To me it seems clear that the wolf Ghost cannot sense is Grey Wind. The larger passage is partially a callback to SoS Bran I: “He could not smell them, nor hear their howls by night, yet he felt their presence at his back . . . all but the sister they had lost. His tail drooped when he remembered her. Four now, not five. Four and one more, the white who has no voice.” In SoS Summer recaps his siblings and notes Lady’s missing. In DWD Ghost does the same for Grey Wind. This is also clear because Jon notes that “Ghost knows that Grey Wind is dead”. Jon is interpreting Ghost being unable to sense Grey Wind as Ghost knowing that Grey Wind is dead.
  8. Meaning what? Maybe you're not intentionally being vague but all I can tell from this statement is that he didn't think of the name "Blackfyre" or the arms until later... minor details My impression is he knew there had been a civil war, or series of wars, with a bastard branch but didn't work out the details until CoK/SoS/Sworn Sword (forgetting which atm). And is your "certainty" from a vague answer to a question or outline/working notes? Since I already disagree with plenty of your text interpretations how should I take your certainty on this?
  9. Kienn

    Did Grey Wind warn Robb about Theon?

    No, the wolves react to active deceit, they are not prophets.
  10. Kienn

    The identity of the Knight of the Laughing Tree

    Ah yes... 7-8 books 7-8 kingdoms 9 free cities ~30 PoVs 3 major languages (a ~dozen minor) 3-4 major religions (a ~dozen minor) But 1 Mystery Guess I'm just interpreting the series a bit differently.
  11. Kienn

    The identity of the Knight of the Laughing Tree

    Congrats! You've won a footlong sub for referring to the wrong quote for the 10th time.
  12. Kienn

    The identity of the Knight of the Laughing Tree

    I referenced Catelyn's comparison of current Ned (in AGoT) vs Ned during their wedding... Brandon is not mentioned. You guys are the ones trying to twist it into a Brandon comparison... Clearly impossible to debate people so dogmatic.
  13. Kienn

    The identity of the Knight of the Laughing Tree

    It's really just not worth arguing with anyone that can't even imagine any plausible scenario on their own for any theory. It is sad if you have so little imagination though, or are simply too stubborn to even make an attempt. Some things to consider if you do make an attempt: Ned & Howland's relationship, Ned & Lyanna's relationship, Ned & Robert's relationship, Ned & Brandon's relationship, Aerys' motivation for calling for Ned & Robert's heads, the known and unknown events of the Tower of Joy, the known and unknown events at the Red Keep with Aerys, Rickard and Brandon & co. Also good to drop your personal headcannon of Jon being the most important person/thing/idea in all the books and RLJ needing every sentence of the books twisted in its favor (that doesn't mean RLJ is wrong btw, it just doesn't need the entirety of the books). IMO there are many options for Ned being KotLT that are far more compelling than the popular Rhaegar + Lyanna in the forest fanfic. There are also a couple better options for Lyanna than the fanfic... but they still don't stand up to Ned. IMO if you haven't done an entire re-read of the series with a particular theory in mind... you haven't bothered to actually consider the theory yet.