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  1. Right, this year we shall have 10 year anniversary of the last book! Shouldn't we have some sort of celebration in the fandom? Dunno, some contests with signed copies of "Wild Cards" as prizes, stuff like that?
  2. Huh. I guess twenty thousand bucks a day isn't that expensive, if you're not gonna pay anyway.
  3. @realdonaldtrump is banned, @WhiteHouse is not. Although I'm sure that account is being watched very closely, and any @realdonaldtrump-style shit would be taken down in a matter of seconds - minutes at most.
  4. He wasted a perfect opportunity to answer: "The three true branches of the government are: military, corporate and Hollywood". What a shame.
  5. Well, the Supreme Court's response to the challenges to the legality of the electoral process (i.e. holding the election during a de facto state of emergency) was "So we're not gonna dwell on that". And that was the brand new chamber of the Supreme Court.
  6. President of Poland managed to pull off the reelection (of a somewhat murky legal status - thankfully the checks and balances had been all but dismantled, so the point is moot), running on a platform of rabid homophobia. So it hasn't been all that bad for fascists, either.
  7. Also the fact that, thanks to the existence of the Electoral College, nothing can possibly be official official until the second week of December.
  8. A stray thought: the most stressful job in the world is, now and for the next two months, being the poor bastard carrying the nuclear football.
  9. Indeed. For those not exceedingly interested in the internal politics of Poland (and shame of you), a brief synopsis of the last few years: the Chairman of the ruling party has been doing a spot-on impression of Aerys II Targaryen (and I doubt he's even read the books!) for five years now, and it looks like this time he went too far for real. People have raised their banners. Now I wonder if someone's going to play Ser Jaime.
  10. A thought I had the other day: are we calling it the Great Spring Sickness yet? And if not, then why on Earth not?
  11. Why the sudden increase of toilet paper demand? One guy sneezes, a hundred people shit themselves.
  12. However: if you don't have the budget to make a decent battle, there's always an option of not even trying, and doing something both cheaper and creative instead. Like the Battle of Pharsalus in HBO's "Rome": Pompey the Great, not so great anymore, recounting the events of the battle while drawing a tactical map with a stick in dirt. At least one battle in an early season (Season 1 mayhaps?) of "Game of Thrones" got a similar "tell, don't show" treatment. And in one episode of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" the director put the camera at the bottom of a pool - it didn't see shit, and the sequence was probably more impressive and memorable than anything they could do with infinite budget. I personally would prefer something like that, instead of the half-assed battle of Cintra we got the dubious privilege of seeing.
  13. Pshaw. Take Vicky Greyjoy's chapters, imagine much more sand and much less water, and it's your Dothraki POV right there.
  14. "Super Freak", AKA the Tyrion & Shae love story. She's a very kinky girl, the kind you don't take home to mother...
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