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  1. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    Just here to say: I've seen tens of "The RW was justified / good / we <3 Lord Walder / Evil Robb was Evil / compatible", but none of them appeared sincere. This one is no exception. The wait for the Book that Will Never Come and It's No Good Deluding Ourselves is exhausting.
  2. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    Evidence that Westeros is a post-apocalyptic world?

    Nah. I bet that if you dig deeper, you'll find many other words derived from people. It doesn't mean much, it's just language. For example: in the Slavic languages, the word for "king" is derived from Charlemagne's name. It doesn't imply that every fantasy story with kings and written in / translated into Polish, Russian or Czech is necessarily placed on post-Charlemagne Earth.
  3. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    Miss Sandy the Hostage

    I didn't immediately make the connection (obviously), but the scene of the execution had a rare gem in it. No-one else, but Sarah Connor engaged in a staring contest with Sarah Connor. That's classic Terminator stuff.
  4. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    Poor children...

    There's a song about such kids.
  5. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    the death of Jaime and Cersei & prophecies

    Discussed by the people who didn't notice that they were watching the show, not reading the books. They probably still expect Willas Tyrell to play a major part, too.
  6. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    Future of House Lannister

    Get real. A woman beds the love of her life (for the first time, and for her first time as well), and he gets killed two episodes later? There's no chance in hell she's not pregnant. None. It's biologically impossible. As is a miscarriage.
  7. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    What the fuck did I just watch?

    Hafta agree with you here: they won't. OTOH, they won't take a different turn, either. (Maybe we'll get Book 6. Maybe. Conclusion of the series? No way in seven hells.)
  8. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    Starkbucks Cup?

    Apparently, there is at least one, as we've learned this week. I wonder if there's connection with the famous hot springs of Winterfell.
  9. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    Starkbucks Cup?

    The question is, what name was written on the cup, Daenerys or Emilia? If the latter, then obvious revealing mistake. If the former, then no problem.
  10. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    Jon dying and resurrected a second time?

    Beric is a secondary character (if that). Not many people care whether he lives or not. Different rules.
  11. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    Jon dying and resurrected a second time?

    Nope. Jon dying and getting better again will look cheap, and as if the game had no stake.
  12. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    Arya Losin' It

    I'm really not digging your comparison.
  13. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    Arya Losin' It

    One can be quite far from average and still get horny, I speculate.
  14. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    That's exactly what I meant. Similarly, HBO AFAIK bought only the principal series, not the D&E stories, so about the only thing Dunk-related they have rights to is a throwaway line that once upon a time there's been the KG LC named Ser Duncan the Tall.
  15. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    My point is, that "no books" is not the worst thing, because GRRM has proven more than capable of giving Tyrion heaps of shitty dialogue.