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  1. I wish that every movie director had to fill a form with two questions: "1. Are you Francis Ford Coppola? 2. Are you making 'The Godfather'?". If the answer to either of those is negative, then the movie can't exceed two hour limit. This trend of writing a 90 minutes worth of screenplay and padding it with an hour of fluff to make a statement: "we are making a serious blockbuster here!", is positively exhausting.
  2. Right, this year we shall have 10 year anniversary of the last book! Shouldn't we have some sort of celebration in the fandom? Dunno, some contests with signed copies of "Wild Cards" as prizes, stuff like that?
  3. A thought I had the other day: are we calling it the Great Spring Sickness yet? And if not, then why on Earth not?
  4. Why the sudden increase of toilet paper demand? One guy sneezes, a hundred people shit themselves.
  5. However: if you don't have the budget to make a decent battle, there's always an option of not even trying, and doing something both cheaper and creative instead. Like the Battle of Pharsalus in HBO's "Rome": Pompey the Great, not so great anymore, recounting the events of the battle while drawing a tactical map with a stick in dirt. At least one battle in an early season (Season 1 mayhaps?) of "Game of Thrones" got a similar "tell, don't show" treatment. And in one episode of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" the director put the camera at the bottom of a pool - it didn't see shit, and the sequence was probably more impressive and memorable than anything they could do with infinite budget. I personally would prefer something like that, instead of the half-assed battle of Cintra we got the dubious privilege of seeing.
  6. Probably. OTOH, it's best not to assume anything, in the world where a crow somehow has managed to become King in the North. In such world, who knows anymore?
  7. Jon's lady wife, for example. It would be a perfectly reasonable guess.
  8. Most definitely. I think those are the books he asked, and was denied, the access to. It is his reward.
  9. Greetings and felicitations.
    Would you mind removing the @Ran from the material you quoted from my post in the "Does GRRM Read This?" thread?

    I'm sorry the way I put it at the bottom of my own (admittedly specious) argument, makes it look like I am quoting him, but actually, his words are the quote that follows, and the part you quoted is all my own thoughts, I'm only speculating on GRRM's possible motives, and have no idea what Ran thinks about it at all, so if you could just take his name out of the quote, and let me bear whatever opprobrium your well reasoned rebuttle earns, I'll change my post to make the attribution clearer.

    (I did have a better argument - at the Edinburgh Book Festival in 2014, GRRM had said he stopped reading forums as soon as he discovered a couple of fans had worked out Jon Snow's parents, and that he wouldn't change the books on that basis anyway. He repeated his 'art is not a democracy' quote, but I can't remember the details clearly, and couldn't find a transcript of the interview, so I offered my own speculations on his possible motives instead.)

    Dankie in advance,


  10. Still not fixed, by the way.
  11. Huh, I didn't notice somebody had reported the same problem (and, I think, inspired by the same fellow user). That's... nice. (And good to know that it isn't my computer possessed by Satan/malware, that it's the board's problem.)
  12. A weird problem: there's a user who has a comma in his nickname... and therefore I cannot add him to my "ignored" list. Let's call him "X, Y, Z". I try (hover over his name, click 'ignore'), and the system seems to interpret it as if I wanted to add three different users "X", "Y" and "Z" to my list.
  13. "Server not found". Is it "forum.westeros.org"?
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