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  1. A thought I had the other day: are we calling it the Great Spring Sickness yet? And if not, then why on Earth not?
  2. Why the sudden increase of toilet paper demand? One guy sneezes, a hundred people shit themselves.
  3. However: if you don't have the budget to make a decent battle, there's always an option of not even trying, and doing something both cheaper and creative instead. Like the Battle of Pharsalus in HBO's "Rome": Pompey the Great, not so great anymore, recounting the events of the battle while drawing a tactical map with a stick in dirt. At least one battle in an early season (Season 1 mayhaps?) of "Game of Thrones" got a similar "tell, don't show" treatment. And in one episode of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" the director put the camera at the bottom of a pool - it didn't see shit, and the sequence was probably more impressive and memorable than anything they could do with infinite budget. I personally would prefer something like that, instead of the half-assed battle of Cintra we got the dubious privilege of seeing.
  4. The thing is: the viewers challenging the Designated Villains' villain status is not a bug, it's a feature. As the books progress, the "good" of the Good Kingdoms and the "evil" of the Evil Empire is being questioned more and more often, and I expect the same for the show. The good guys will do some shitty stuff, the bad guys will demonstrate some unexpected virtues. Not unlike, say, ASoIaF.
  5. Wasn't it spelled in very big letters in Ep 3, where appear both a middle-aged King Foltest, and a preteen Prince Foltest?
  6. Here's one source: https://comicbook.com/gaming/2019/12/21/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-battle-royale-mode-bug/ Why would you say it's nowhere near four years? Not counting the short stories, the five novels span roughly a period between the end of one major war and the conclusion of the next one. Four years sound more or less right. Fan made timelines I find on the Internet place the battles of Cintra and Brenna five years apart.
  7. From what I've read, casting problems - they couldn't find a good child!Ciri, so they rewrote the part into a teenager!Ciri.
  8. Heh. The showrunners didn't aim at "local/familiar", they aimed at "exotic": it's not a saber, it's a katana (with some aikido thrown in for good measure). Fun piece of trivia: the producer of the show later would receive a 2-year prison sentence. Officially not for butchering the source material, but for something entirely else (being the main actor of Poland's arguably largest political scandal since the fall of communism)... but the fans of the books like to see it as some kind of cosmic justice.
  9. Oh, I think that it's a common trope in prose written by men (IDK about real life), that for a (pre)pubescent girl, any grownup boobs are Big. (As for "red" vs "chestnut" - it's in the eye of the beholder. And if the beholder felt like dragging Triss by the hair, she'd also pick the least kind adjectives available).
  10. Yennefer's breasts are consistently described as "girlish" and/or "small". Jaskier must've been referring to the force of the anti-aging effect, not the size.
  11. The line "Sometimes the best thing a flower can do for us is die" really does sound as an epitaph for the loser.
  12. It should serve as part of Stregobor's characterization (dude literally locks himself in a tower painted with his idea of a perfect world), but if it didn't work, then it didn't work. Maybe it would with some additional dialogue, a wise-ass comment from Geralt perhaps? Just as they could have dedicated half a dozen additional lines to flesh out the conflict between Stregobor and Renfri (in the books, Geralt had a very good reason for slaughtering Renfri's men - in the show, it doesn't appear that way). English isn't my first language, but I imagine Jennifer with a Y is more or less on par with Gerald with a T.
  13. That's not from the books, that's the showrunner's original invention. However, to me the situation looked clear enough: the girls-turned-eels aren't doing anything, really. They weren't the successful ones, they were the failures. They will live eel life in the eel pond, with their magic powering Aretuza. Matrix-like. The tits in Stregobor's tower have the justification of actually being there in the original material. Stregobor had locked himself in a "first-class illusion" of his liking. The orgy? No idea.
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