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  1. We continue to not learn lessons. The poor reporting around the current COVID spike is another example. Relying solely on waste water doesn't seem to really convey the potential risk/impact with a more vaccinated population. Though it does, so far, seem the long COVID can still impact those vaccinated as well.
  2. Covid-only booster or did the shot include RSV?
  3. ANH 60th anniversary special edition will have Obi-wan murmur, "mmm...zatochi" while Luke gets his ass zapped by the remote trainer on the Falcon. Or exclaim, "zat-OWCHIE! Amirite???" Depends on who is in charge.
  4. I'm going to need to see Sabine's midichlorian count.
  5. That was an episode. Sure. I'd prefer it they had just made more Rebels but it's fine.
  6. She'll throw a comb at you so hard that caesar dressing will shoot right through your mucus membranes.
  7. This is a safe space. There will be no kink shaming here!
  8. It must be so embarrassing for Joe Biden to keep having his son out there showing his whole ass.
  9. I'm sorry, everything between Worcester and the Pacific Ocean is a bit of a blur.
  10. Saw this over the weekend and was whelmed. It was a well directed movie and had some great performances. I didn't connect with the story or feel like there was an interesting/clear story arc to tie it all together. The juxtaposition of Straus' confirmation with Oppenheimer's security review was compelling on its face though it heavily leaned on Emily Blunt's and Rami Malek's characters suddenly having purposes. I'd much rather rewatch any of his other movies (excluding Dunkirk).
  11. I was definitely not going to a theater at that point in 2021 (also the two nicest theaters within walking distance closed permanently) and the film was streaming on HBOMax (RIP). It's notable that the film did as well as it did under those circumstances.
  12. Have you met the Democratic party? Very realistic. I actually found myself really enjoying it. Letting some of the nonsense either not bother me or poke fun at. It certainly steps over the low bar I had coming in (vs Boba Fett and Obi-wan especially)
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