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  1. This, and the professor's argument, ignores retention and the issues of work culture. Tech and Engineering jobs, though changing, still have a long ways to go to fully integrate diversity and inclusion. More women and minorities studying Tech/Eng and then recruited/hired into those jobs haven't moved the needle as much as one would expect because of the work culture. My company - on it's face is very open and progressive - discovered that we have a high turnover rate for women and minorities because of this.
  2. Pfully Pfizer'd. Felt a bit wonky/sluggish the next day and all a-ok today. Too little immune response?
  3. It's really terrible -- a solution to a 'problem' that creates more problems. The end of the Brewers/Dodgers game was harder to watch specifically due to the runner on second.
  4. https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2021/04/28/hawaii-covid-tourist-death-child/ Admittedly, death rates are extremely low for COVID-19 among children (HIGHLY UNLIKELY (near impossible) to be lower than death from the vaccine) and side effects from COVID-19 are also certainly more serious and common than for vaccines too. Pooh-poohing the danger of COVID-19 to young people while overstating the danger of vaccines is classic misinformation by anti-vaxxers. Just to show that these types of viruses aren't inherently less dangerous to young people: The Spanish Flu had fairly high rates of death in young people: Link to CDC source H1N1 had higher rates of death in younger people as well. Link to Source Re: Herd immunity ... again ... I'll point out again that your assertions about herd immunity are your opinion and not based in fact. From last thread: And as @Fury Resurrected added:
  5. Show your work. These assertions are very serious and lack any credibility. That is not what herd immunity means. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-00728-2 https://www.jhsph.edu/covid-19/articles/achieving-herd-immunity-with-covid19.html You are confidently declaring that we'll hit a certain threshold that we A) don't know what it is B.) is hampered by vaccine take-up in rich countries C) Vaccine availability in poor countries D) potential variants that erode efficacy of existing vaccines.
  6. Please show your work. You made an assertion to push back against people advocating for continued vaccinations. I have no idea why, clearly vaccinations are the only way out of the pandemic and we're pretty far from daylight worldwide. It's debatable because we don't know. How many deaths will still occur at your *pull out of hat* 70%? Why is that justified?
  7. Could you define herd immunity in the case of a novel virus that is extremely infectious? How does that compare to measles or small pox? What percent of the population with a vaccine is "herd immunity"? What does that mean for those who are immunocompromised? What are the long term dangers of the disease itself? If we're worried about the vaccine, which has mild and rare side effects, then we should worry about the side effects of the deadly virus that we've seen terrible long term effects already. These are all real questions that you shut down with "herd immunity" as a response that seems lacking in justification and common sense.
  8. Another recent example of police de-escalation. These payouts must start coming from pensions or police budgets.
  9. Another weapon needed to be removed from circulation among police - more justification as to why tear gas is banned for war (...but not domestically???)
  10. We get it. You believe -- the shooting was justified >> training is shoot to kill (shoot to stop is a euphemism) >> Ma'Khia Bryant was killed -- you believe she deserved to be killed. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/24/us/makhia-bryant.html It is absolutely abhorrent to believe that she should be condemned to die based on a short video -- as you have. How many times does it have to be pointed out that police are biased, dishonest, and actively violent towards non-police and particularly PoC? Yet, we trust this gang to properly ascertain whether they should use lethal force?
  11. Also GOP state lawmakers are legalizing other violence against protestors. https://www.vox.com/2021/4/25/22367019/gop-laws-oklahoma-iowa-florida-floyd-blm-protests-police
  12. Switching to chicken, at least, would be about a 50% reduction in carbon footprint, IIRC. Though industrial chicken farming does have it's own separate issues as well.
  13. Going back to last summer, documentary work on when Louisville police conducted a "power play" on peaceful streets which resulted in the assault of an innocent family and the death of a beloved member of the community. https://twitter.com/robferdman/status/1387053526459707396 Reminder of what happens when the police riot, typically in response to protests of police brutality. (Breonna Taylor's murder in this instance). A vicious cycle that feels like we're on our way into after events in Albany, Brooklyn Center, NC, etc.
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