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  1. Week

    Essence of socialism from Otto von Bismarck

    Spot on. "Rising tide lifts all boats - EXCEPT for THIS BIG FACKIN BOAT. Bismarck ho! Lali ho!" Pretty sure that's - like - the essence of Bismarck's socialism.
  2. Next home run - I demand ... NO BATS!
  3. @Frog Eater https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/vindmans-firsthand-account-of-trump-call-puts-gop-in-bind-emboldens-democrats/2019/10/29/fa110294-fa5e-11e9-8190-6be4deb56e01_story.html Corroborated by a decorated Army officer (also - not surprising - claiming the edited transcript omits additional references to Burisma and Biden). Anything relevant to say about Trump's criminal behavior or do you still have your tighty (formerly)whites in a twist over the timing of the staged photo? https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/10/29/president-trump-may-have-violated-criminal-provisions-hatch-act/ "It’s a felony to order federal government workers to further a partisan political campaign"
  4. So you crawled out from under the bridge to complain that the reporting about Cheeto Mussolini's 225th golf outing (upwards of $110m spent - mostly on his own properties) was incorrectly reported to be at the same time as another event that was actually 2 hours later. Thank you for your service. Feel free to chime in when you have something of substance to talk with about. Perhaps extorting a foreign government for political dirt on an enemy or covering up that act by putting the transcript in the code-level secure system and then continued obstruction of Justice by threatening whistleblowers and career diplomats. Any thoughts? https://trumpgolfcount.com/ Adding: https://deadspin.com/donald-trump-gets-boos-lock-him-up-chants-at-world-s-1839403261 "Lock him up"
  5. Why wouldn't this be considered criminal? Is it alarmist/stupid to suggest this could have (or could be) an attempt at unmasking the whistleblower or would that briefing take place elsewhere for their protection?
  6. Week


    Google is your friend. https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Syrian_Civil_War_map.svg
  7. So much winning. Wait, I'm sorry - I had that wrong. So much "whining". Ah, that must have been what Cheeto Mussolini meant. He has the coloring and is the consistently out- maneuvered bootlicker of other dictators that is destined to fall in ignomity as the pet of those boots he so loved to lick.
  8. We risk harming Thra at any greater depths.
  9. Bro, that's crazy talk. In what literary work do you find such nonsense. W. Is the womb and wet seed of our many ongoing mid-east debacles.
  10. Yes, 30 years of Republican smears were very successful.
  11. Time for the olds to explain themselves.
  12. Not impressed by Tulsi Grammar. ...for some reason I'm thinking of Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour outtakes.
  13. I did really enjoy that. Booker is not my guy because some of the decision making with schools in Newark, big pharma history, etc. but he's the best orator in the field.
  14. Liked it - Julian did call out for repoductive justice before, but the more said the better He bought his own podium. @Jace, Basilissa ninja'd
  15. Adding to the list of things that black people cannot do in America.