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  1. Huh. I did always suspect that you didn't proofread your posts.
  2. Violence? No, I do not think that violence is appropriate. Yes, throwing inside with the intent to injure or avenge some glory is an act of violence. Tony Conigliaro can attest.
  3. Re-evaluate after something bad has happened. That sounds very Manfred of you. The implacable stance against cheating in a sport where cheating has been rampant since its start is pretty short-sided. I think what they did is wrong and should be punished (as the Sox and Yanks were) but the high-horse, holier-than-thou about it is - fuckin stupid.
  4. Eh, no. Flush him with the rest of the Stoolies. 'His trademark call for replays of A’s home runs is, “All aboard! Next stop...Pound-town!” ' I'm curious how folks would react to Joe Kelly if he seriously injured someone with a bean ball. There is no righteousness in throwing an object at someone in a fucking game.
  5. I don't understand how anyone can possibly think this is a hoax or can be taken lightly after this and the deaths coming out of Florida and Texas. Though I did just read someone on Twitter suggesting the Marlins could be in good shape now that they've achieved herd immunity. Funny as a joke ... I don't think they were joking...
  6. This honey pot thread needs more honey.
  7. Hey all, FYI - transactions (FA) have same day add into the lineup and waivers have been shortened to one day. Wanted to make it easy considering the speed of DL and COVID impact.
  8. Faux News and Ben Shapiro consistently have the highest engagement on Facebook with their posts. Despite many people here not knowing him or knowing him to be the moronic pipsqueak that he is. https://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-crowdtangle-data-top-posts-conservative-outlets-2020-7 Note, in the article Facebook "fact checks" by stating that these were not the most widely available posts and then agreed that they are still the most "engaging" posts. Smh.
  9. Somewhere at least! https://mobile.twitter.com/craigcalcaterra/status/1286013903604985856
  10. One hour folks - hope to see everyone in the draft!
  11. Cancelling Cancel Culture is Cancel Culture.
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