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  1. It's a bad book and a worse movie. Reductionist poverty porn by the "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" peddlers.
  2. Might need to do this too. Been forever since I last played DA:O. I skipped DA:2 after hearing how it was rushed. I did enjoy Inquisition - was a bit of a slog but I played while I was unemployed for a couple months, so it worked. I just started Hyrule Warriors - I've played a terrible amount of Dynasty Warriors and Zelda (LttP, OoT, MM, and BotW) - really enjoying it. It may be a bit dumb - or I am - I don't totally get Impa's move set. Big fan of Link and Urbosa thus far though.
  3. The ACA took far more political capital for less payoff than hoped - that said, it's a mistake to call it's passage a "squander"ed opportunity. Fuck Lieberman for blocking the public option - we'd be in a different place if it could have passed fully as it could have. Alas, it didn't. It takes some 20/20 hindsight to view the response to economic calamity as only a failure.
  4. Ding, ding, ding. Also, would like to see more of this:
  5. Nevermind -- DMC put this better than I did. h/t to you, sirrah. Some good news is welcome break from the aforementioned circular firing squad. Other good news re: the first point.
  6. Democrats as a whole? There are zero? Not a one? If yes, then you are not a serious person behaving as a rational actor here. That is demonstrably false and, frankly, insulting to a lot of excellent folks that have been let down by the leadership. The leadership is old, frail, and calcified -- we need to move on from Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, et al -- and I generally agree that they lack the political will to make changes that younger, more progressive members of the caucus advocate for.
  7. Consider the fragility and defeat in this. Consider for a moment voting as a woman or black american over the last 100 years (in the elections they were allowed to vote at least).
  8. Stay focused on the actual discussion at hand as opposed to the axe you are grinding that -- clearly -- folks have tired of. You said I said You focus solely on the half of that supports your victimhood. The "Left" getting punched. Not the poor form of smearing anyone that disagrees with you as a "centrist, establishment Dem" or that many people actually agree with your viewpoints if not your methods and behavior.
  9. So, folks like Kal as well as myself and others here are establishment Biden-stans that came out punching at the left? Who are you arguing with? I'll happily agree with you that Chuck Todd, CNN, NYT Opinion writers, and whomever else you are shaking your finger at are a bunch of fuckheads. You are projecting a response that most of us agree is fucking bullshit onto the same people who believe it is fucking bullshit. Then you bite at anyone who extends an olive branch. What's your next move?
  10. The space between "not allowed to express an opinion" and "choosing who you want" is vast and it is all all open space that Kal invites you to consider. The immediate railing and gnashing against anyone to the Right of far-Left is exhausting. You aren't advocating for an agenda or even any individuals -- just pointing out the supposed failure of not doing what you want.
  11. Nor am I -- though from what I've read (Vox and others), she sounds like an extremely effective leader and executive manager. I expect that Biden's relative dovish outlook will blunt the hawkishness.
  12. Who might that be though? We brainstorms and came up empty. The GOP is barren and I don't see sufficiently engaged business folks coming in to lead the Right. There's a reason that one of Trump's main backers/allies is the MyPillow guy. They aren't sending their best
  13. It ain't crack. Maybe an overly strong indica. I was far more concerned about Nikki Haley pre-Trump though. She was in a position to triangulate Right and Left by wrapping up Right-wing beliefs in a palatable package - as opposed to another old white dude yelling (a la Gym Jordan - who to neglected to mention and insult in my OP on the topic). Her image - as with most of the GOP - has been tarnished by Trump. Irrevocably, I hope.
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