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  1. Article about "realism" of women in these roles because 1) Sexism has prevented equal opportunity historically 2) The women aren't subjected to enough sexism to be real. Commented concern: women are portrayed positively and men are portrayed negatively. I don't find the article convincing - portraying inequality and sexism because it's "real" is both a choice (it would be a slog of every show needed to have a sexism/racism/etc storyline) and perpetuates those issues (perhaps giving validity or doing it poorly and making a mockery of real issues ... Michaela Cole can't write everything). The latter is MRA-adjacent fragility seeking a slight to claim victimhood or some superiority because an "agenda" has been identified. Newsflash, shows with women and minorities in token roles with trope-y, insulting writing is the norm. I don't believe the counter "agenda" is true and, frankly, wouldn't care if it was in the grand scheme of things.
  2. Women should not be depicted in large numbers outside of the kitchen. It's unrealistic and reflects a suspicious misandry that we absolutely need to point out and fight against to uphold the patriar -- ethics of tv and movie writing.
  3. Alright, alright -- so that'll be 8. Happy to include more if other folks want to join. I've tentatively set the draft to be 8pm EST on Friday March 27. What days do not work for folks? Assuming we'll want to start at 8pm -- not too late for ET and not too early for PT.
  4. Whoa, whoa, whoa ... Tupac does not rhyme with CPAC. "Too-pahk" vs "C-Pack".
  5. Been playing GoW (and some MLB TheShow -- getting excited for the season). I have been getting my ass absolutely kicked. I've been playing on "Give Me A Challenge" -- which might have been a mistake. Thankfully, restarting after dying is very quick ... but goddamn, you can take about 3-4 hits and even less than that if it's a boss. I may need to crank back to normal and/or play while more sober. :p
  6. Especially if, assuming the hypothesis is true, it would be an enormous boon to the economy and lower/middle-class. That would be worth it from a macro-perspective, despite misgivings on a micro-level.
  7. I generally agree with the sentiment but your taking on an enormous risk and responsibility with a dog. Potential health care, behavior, temperament, etc. are all legitimate considerations. I know a family that wanted a dog with a certain temperament for kids in a busy area - moderate energy, not a big barker, etc. The kids chose a dog that - after testing - was a shepherd, whippet, and I forget what else. Bottom line, it looked like none of those breeds and had all the characteristics that they wanted to avoid - it's been a real challenge for them. I have family that after adopting one dog - who is awesome - adopted a second that has been really hard. Jumps on people despite training and correction, has a number of health issues that are likely going to result in a shorter, more expensive life that will be pretty sad for the kids. You can say that, hey, they chose poorly - my point is 'choosing poorly' can be luck of the draw and made in ignorance but can really suck for dog and owner/family.
  8. May be some momentum to tie a $15 minimum wage to tax breaks for businesses. No $15 minimum wage, no tax deductions. I like the idea although I worry that it could accelerate the contractor problem -- will have to see how they plan to counteract that. Eta- Bernie, Wyden, and Schatz have come out in favor.
  9. With regular increases tied to CPI -- that would be more palatable than giving up on $15.
  10. Us anti-Second Amendment folk need to get our rocks off somehow. The 75%+ in support of universal background checks can't even move the needle. I'll rejoice that the abomination of finger guns will remain limited to folks like Drew from Office Space. Gotta take wins where you can get 'em.
  11. I would measure their criminality and incompetence against that as a factor. I didn't get Dragon Age 2 (was still mostly a PC gamer at the time -- loved DA: Origins) -- but I did sink an unconscionable number of stoned hours playing DA: Inquisition. ... I think that was during the pandemic? No, wait, it was before ... I think that was during my (luckily) brief unemployment that I, at times, leaned into. I thank Bioware for that. Well that and the literal weeks of my life I spent on BG, BGII, Mass Effect I-III, Planescape Torment, and KotOR (some Black Isle in there ... but the Infinity Engine. Yeah.). Eta- this ramble is about ongoing affection for bioware even though they've dropped some turds.
  12. Thanks Slurk -- that was my general perception of the Souls games. Probably would have been among my favorite in highschool (also would have been amazed at the graphics -- in between the days spent playing Perfect Dark :p). Bloodbourne sounds more up my alley as a more straight-forward story with gothic/lovecraftian horror. Sign me up. Fallen Order -- good recommendation -- I definitely have a soft spot for Star Wars games from KotOR 1&2, Jedi Knight, and Jedi Outcast .. until some of the more recent stumbles (in my mind -- Battlefront, etc,) Always had an interest in GoW -- will be definitely this or FO. Well, probably both -- and will just decide which first. ETA - GoW and Bloodbourne are downloading ... GoW was on sale. Self-control is not one of my strengths during the panini.
  13. Unusually, I finished two different games in the last two days. I finished Last of Us 2 -- which I've been progressing in for awhile. Frankly, in the midst of quarantine, I needed a break from the bleakness. It was a great game. I think I prefer the gameplay of the first but the story of the second. Last night, I finished FFVII Remake which I mostly played during breaks of LoU2. I really enjoyed it -- the gameplay was fun and liked the new, broadened story. Really cool. Excited for the next chapter (and hoping I don't need a PS5 for it...) Next, I'm thinking of trying one of the Souls games, Bloodbourne, or Ghost of Tsushima. I think I tried one of the Souls games and the lack of story just didn't grab me -- I need at least a bit of a story. Thoughts? Recommendations? I also haven't played RDR2 (or 1) ... or Skyrim ... or any AC games.
  14. It's unfortunate though it's probably unrealistic to think that even the *perfect* set of nominees would all go through. The time this is all taking is really painful - it's frustrating to see "blue slips" will still be honored for judicial nominees without any apparent benefit. Comity, the fuck that matters with insurrectionists in the house. A return to norms with the GOP should extract some benefit out of that compromise. I don't see it.
  15. That's all fair - you kind of do it again here in the bold though. You're beating at strawmen in such a way that does not further "achieving equity".
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