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  1. Find me on gchat or post in the league if you want to get in touch, thanks!
  2. Annihilated in a scrimmage? Deep breaths, please.
  3. What's also being missed in this discussion is the entire support system of athletes and teams. To suggest that it'll become widespread for a significant number of men to cynically transition solely for an advantage is absurd. Further, each league has its own governing body for fairness and safety. It makes no sense for any blanket rulings banning participation and it only fuels, and is mostly driven by, transphobia.
  4. That's pretty obviously not what is being said here. What a disappointing set of posts that you've made here.
  5. Ed Markey - the old but junior senator* from MA. He runs as a environmentalist, progressive and beat Joe Kennedy III in the last election. *Previously he had 20 terms as a Rep in the house.
  6. Fair. Didn't argue hard enough. You just let the thread impact legislation for other people's care. So it goes.
  7. What if he was told that he couldn't [have the surgery] because there were folks out on a Song of Ice and Fire forum that were really concerned about the safety of kids? That seems like it might be compelling.
  8. One would expect regret rate and detransition statistics to be through the roof with the amount of discussion that we all feel entitled to regarding myriad therapies that address challenges that most of us do not have. Instead, the loudest and most assured align themselves with, as I've said, the types of arguments that the pro-life crowd where -- frankly -- the hypocrisy and ignorance abounds. Learning more and seeking to understand is completely normal, understandable, and valid -- I do too. Seeking to stop, control, and shut down does not seem appropriate for the many of us lacking experience or a personal connection.
  9. Non-American interloper! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonald's I can't believe that this was carved in 1972 AND still exists -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_Mountain
  10. They're open -- it's just very, very dark in there. eta-- It's the same argument to the faux-pro-life movement. Conservatives seeking control of others on their terms. Any non-heteronormative cis white male should justify and ask permission to do anything outside of basic norms (which change arbitrarily -- vaccines use to be a part of the norm).
  11. I asked Chat gpt for some nicknames after seeing this story ... Naptime Nuisance Trump and Tootin' Trial Trump are my two favorites. I do like the straightforward The Flatulent Defendant too.
  12. Conservatives view history through the rose lens of 'member berries and intentional amnesia in order to justify their worldview. These facts are all too inconvenient and threaten the logic and foundation of their understanding and approach to life (social, political, and economic). Nuance and honesty are anathema.
  13. Yes, certainly - apologies, I was making a joke at SeanF's expense after his earlier comment above.
  14. Yes, a *check notes* good thing here. Picture the GDP growth enjoyed by ruthlessly exploited workers!
  15. The two statements you make lack causation or any credible analysis of why/where/whom these things happened. 'Good things' are not necessarily 'pareto improvement' and lauding progress of GDP is pretty no-duh. Papers over plenty of toxicity (which is what your response seemed to be intended to do).
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