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  1. A cap for refugees/asylum seekers is even worse than on general immigration (and of questionable legality, from a human rights POV). Alternatively, is there a cap on the number of children that people can have? No?
  2. Of course, more security with guns which require teachers to have guns which will eventually require students to have guns. The only logical progression in their mind.
  3. Actual refugee? Here's another piece you may have glossed over from this refugee living the good life of a faux refugee:
  4. I imagine that the gunophile/2nd amendment lovers are fine with it. Fighting any and all restrictions on guns come with such consequences.
  5. Good thread about the dishonest moron that some people seem to think will save humanity with rockets to Mars. His focus and integrity seems to be ... off.
  6. It's blatant ignorance or gaslighting to suggest otherwise. https://www.theguardian.com/inequality/2018/sep/05/qa-how-unequal-is-britain-and-are-the-poor-getting-poorer https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-7484/ https://www.ippr.org/research/publications/prosperity-and-justice
  7. Amazing that LGBTQ+ people only exist as 'others' -- they couldn't possibly be parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, friends of family, or any other individual with a direct interaction to a five year old.
  8. Allegedly a white supremacist -- a follower of the frozen fish heir, Tucker Carlson.
  9. How many times does this falsehood need to be corrected until you stop embarrassing yourself and repeating false information? 10? 20?
  10. Clearly not endangered sea turtle eggs.
  11. They care about SEA TURTLES more than women. I tell you, I would sooner kick a sea turtle in the mouth than besmirch the honor of my lady wife or daughters. Fuck sea turtles! We stay laser focused on the Right issues.
  12. I thought it was crazy, old "Ben" Christ. Maybe those are just in the neo-apocryphal post-resurrection adventures.
  13. Wonderful. I believe that Binance also has FSB ties. So just the best people all around. https://www.reuters.com/technology/how-crypto-giant-binance-built-ties-russian-fsb-linked-agency-2022-04-22/
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