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  1. Week

    International News Thread

    Especially when everyone was rescued -- but, I mean, you gotta focus on the important stuff.
  2. Week

    U.S. Politics: Kraving for Kavanaugh

    Imagine if SP spent as much -- or any -- energy on a real problem for citizens that are not members of far Right groups in the midst of an unnecessary march or plan to march in a few universities or historically progressive areas.
  3. Week

    U.S. Politics: Kraving for Kavanaugh

    LOL @ White supremacist as a dehumanizing term. https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2017/3/7/14456154/dehumanization-psychology-explained
  4. Week

    U.S. Politics: Kraving for Kavanaugh

    http://www.wweek.com/news/courts/2018/07/04/maga-mayhem-fractures-a-mans-skull-as-right-wing-marchers-test-the-limits-of-free-speech-in-portland/ These poor, poor innocent Right-wingers that mean old Antifa is picking on. Unsurprisingly, the bully cries foul after getting punched in the nose in retaliation to a constant barrage of assault and abuse.
  5. Week

    MLB 2018: Sho(hei) Me What You Got

    Agree that the Yankees are a marginally better team than the Sawx. Fewer holes and a decidedly better pen. It has really only been the last couple weeks that have been really unfavorable to the Yanks (and positive to the Sawx) -- https://www.fangraphs.com/standings/playoff-odds-graphs?lg=AL&div=E&stat=div&year=2018 That's still projecting both for more than 100 wins ... which ... is pretty good. https://www.fangraphs.com/standings/playoff-odds-graphs?lg=AL&div=E&stat=exp_w&year=2018 To add - their offenses to date have actually been virtually identical (115 wrc+ -- Sawx have more average and the Yankees have more power). I see more upside in the Yankees offense going forward with more from Sanchez, Gardner, Hicks, etc. and a cooling off of JD, Benintendo and some of the other Sawx bats that have been off the chain. Yankees pitching has been a bit better -- my guess is that it is mostly due to the Yankees strong pen.
  6. Week

    U.S. Politics: Kraving for Kavanaugh

    Was this before or after a white supremacist murdered a counter-protester*? *Heather Heyer
  7. Week

    More Things Star Wars

    I'd rather stab myself in the eyes and ears than watch a 27 minute of some guy sitting on the floor of his basement while droning on. ... Unless it is a 27 minute loop of the Hoff eating a cheeseburger.
  8. Week

    U.S. Politics: Kraving for Kavanaugh

    Well, let's not go crazy -- are those children white? Overweight? Straight? Are their parents straight and married? Have they accused a republican of harassment or abuse? Going to need a bit more information before the anti-choicers support children.
  9. Week

    U.S. Politics: Kraving for Kavanaugh

    After taking a look through some of the twitted responses -- yup, @Frog Eater, those are your people. Enjoy the stimulating conversation among troglodytes.
  10. That should have been made even more abundantly clear with the human rights violations going on at the border -- somehow the WH seems like they are getting away with it. "Getting away with it" as in, at least, the continued employment and, as well as, the dearth of criminal proceedings for Kirstjen Nielsen, ICE, and contractors benefiting from in incarceration of children and families at the border.
  11. I assume you refer to lynching - the extrajudicial violence that had been ongoing for decades on the Left, Right? Or Heather Heyer? Or South Carolina? Or any number of incidents that anecdotally and statistically, in aggregate, uncover the puddle of intellectual depth that you've found refuge in. Guns = Good Left = Worse
  12. You really are quite confused.
  13. Do you think this makes what you said make any more sense or refute the point that I made? It does not -- even if it were a valuable point to make.
  14. I have my popcorn -- ready to go: It historically has been and there has been not been sufficient reconciliation or reparation to address this - especially at the institutional level. Yes. Both parties are -- but it's like when you have to pick the healthy option between a steaming pile of fat and shit or a cobb salad. The difference is clear even if that cobb salad is not going to do you any favors. Yup. https://www.vox.com/2015/7/13/8913297/mass-incarceration-maps-charts Yup. ...and we get to the illogical conclusion. There is no support for personal gun ownership as a salve to any of the above problems that you've identified. Your assumption is, somehow, the left should want to have guns as a bulwark against white supremacist institutions, corrupt politicians, oppressive/regressive justice system, trigger happy cops, etc. ... The two changes that personal gun ownership can make is 1) an increase in perceived safety 2) higher likelihood of dying due to gun violence. Why would any rational individual expect either of those two outcomes to address the problems that you delineated?
  15. Week

    MLB 2018: Sho(hei) Me What You Got

    Junior Guerra looks like he has never held a bat before. He's currently working on back to back no hit seasons. He was originally drafted as a catcher/outfielder for the first 5 years of his career.