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  1. Nah, I meant it as a joke. It's rather absurd to snipe at getting high as a reaction to predictable, absurd news that many voted and organized against (not you or I at the time, other than verbally). Even moreso absurd considering the many people who can't vote - underage, undocumented, etc. - that are also carefully tarred by the invective toward the "America people". Love for guns and god with hatred towards socialism doesn't describe the vast majority of people in the US.
  2. Those elements existed and were building their influence -- i.e. Tea Party and Alex Jones&9/11 Truthers have direct descendants in the Freedom Caucus, Qanon, and MAGA.
  3. Small towns, cities, anywhere is all the same with policing in America.
  4. Anyone have any ps5 buying advice? I've been slowly trying to check in to buy one -- thinking that they'd be more available by now. Now I'm starting to get a bit impatient... Been on the Amazon and Sony lists for restocks for a couple months and trawl through target/best buy/etc every now and then. No such luck.
  5. What's wrong with that? They pay the most in taxes? /Asked in good faith -- completely ignorant of logic, administrative burden, and cruelty towards the working poor.
  6. I think so -- I think that I only know it from wookiepeedia and the like.
  7. Love it -- partly just how it is head and shoulders above Obi-Wan and Fett. The Andor/Box interaction reminded me of Han/Leia on Hoth in the best ways. A lot of Andor was the best of Han -- as an homage. Couple oddities (random thoughts): -- Timm spelled with two 'm's but you'd only know if you looked on IMDb or has cc on. Just funny -- Starting the show with 5 BBY without explanation. An unnecessary stumbling block for anyone that isn't hyper-invested. I knew and, perhaps unnecessarily, explained it to my wife who was super annoyed. Just say, "5 years before the events of A New Hope".
  8. This is some real evil. More from the GOP frontrunner for '24. Such callous treatment of people. I imagine we'll find out who 'Perla' is sometime today. Eta - Or this morning. Seems likely to be Christina Pushaw, DeSantis' rapid response director.
  9. Shocker The grift always has levels of corruption and vice signaling.
  10. Let's keep up vaccine skepticism. Really working out well for society. Love that for us.
  11. Michael Tr*cey, Matt W*lsh, et al are bad faith bullshit artists. No amount of analysis or argument is worthwhile with their ilk.
  12. You seem to have lost the thread of this discussion. Ok.
  13. "A" not "the". DWS is not the one being dishonest here. No, they don't.
  14. Anyhow, there ought to be some criminal penalties for a lot of people -- and dissolution of ICE -- after this.
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