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  1. These aren't related and the latter will not happen under sane leadership (it didn't even under insane debt/bankruptcy-obsession leadership).
  2. Resistance from previous infection is improved by a subsequent vaccination. This may be a 'reason' given, however it is incorrect to think there is no benefit. I imagine tracking/verifying resistance for compliance is more difficult to include suspected or even confirmed cases on addition to vaccine records. They should still get vaxxed. https://www.aljazeera.com/features/2021/9/14/which-offers-the-best-protection-a-covid-infection-or-vaccines
  3. Lot to digest -- thank you both! Will report back with - I hope - more success.
  4. I've been playing quite a bit too -- hitting a bit of a wall though. At around 20 runs with all weapons unlocked and gotten to the (presumably) final boss twice. I can clearly see that I haven't unlocked the next step in the game -- farming for Titan blood et al -- but kind of wondering how much I'll want to once I get there. Oh well, hopefully I'll complete a run in the next couple. The furthest I've gotten was my last run where I basically gave up in the midst of Elysium and then had a pretty significant turn of fortune lol.
  5. I loved every minute while high, drunk, and/or sober - twice (tho only once thru all DLC). Might need to oil up the blades again this Winter when Season 2 comes out.
  6. Heavy on the Mike Lindell drip -- I'm not sure that logic, facts, or honesty are going to have an impact on an implacable dunce.
  7. Kal, people can only like Star Wars for the reasons that I like Star Wars -- if they think differently then they are awful, deranged, morons that must have an agenda and/or poor taste. Also, I actively hate and denigrate all new Star Wars that does not meet my arbitrary bar of quality because all Star Wars content should only cater to my tastes. Conservative but not too conservative and It has to respect the canon that was so carefully crafted by that moronic piece of shit George Lucas. ...wait, AITA?
  8. Cis male nerd-rage needs to be studied -- harnessing that energy could easily break our reliance on fossil fuels. Such energy over the smallest perceived slights. It's really remarkable. If I haven't already bought one, a KotOR remake would probably spur me to buy a PS5.
  9. He meant 33 and one third! https://youtu.be/tit89ofCOt4
  10. If blindly trusting NYT or The Guardian is drinking Kool-aid then reading/watching the Daily Mail, Fox News et al is drinking dehydrated rat piss while complimenting the vintage.
  11. Right-wing publicans are well known for their rosy, positive outlooks interspersed with race-baiting, anti-Semitism, and, uh, fear mongering. Really quite rich to suggest it's the Left and not the Right that lives in a constant state of terror.
  12. What is the solution between an arthritic center-left party and barely veiled religious fascists? I'm seriously asking -- the GQP is a short-term threat to democracy and individual freedoms for women and minorities while Democrats are a frustrating long-term threat via inaction/limited action in the face of climate change, racial / reproductive / LGBTQIA / economic justice, etc . It seems to me like the solution is to keep pulling Democrats to the Left and deal with the bullshit rather than try to fight both as a third party. Which is, admittedly, frustrating as fuck. Is it the only potentially successful way forward though?
  13. That extra bit of sacrifice - totally warranted IMO - is also a good reminder that the job is one of public service that you do on behalf of your constituents. Not yourself.
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