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  1. Week

    MCUniverse - Nick hath no Fury like an MRA troll

    Watched Ant Man and the Wasp last night. Mostly not good. The few pretty entertaining moments weren't really enough to redeem it.
  2. Nevermind, no point in engaging further.
  3. Week

    The Drunk Thread: Kraken Open a Bottle O' Rum

    Nap required in there fosho. Boulevardier kind of night, tonight.
  4. So if you were to Google research on income and obesity rate there would be no correlation? (Spoiler: you didn't - obesity rates are much higher in low income and low education achievement cohorts.)
  5. Week

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2019

    Now set for Sunday - March 31 @ 2pm Sorry to hear that JJ -- would later on that Sunday be possible? @Bronn Stone and @boiled leather -- still waiting on boiled leather to join which will keep us at 10 with JJ's potential departure (:( )
  6. Week

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2019

    I'd really like to do an auction for this -- would folks be able to do Saturday March 30 or Sunday March 31? I'd rather miss the first weekend of stats than try to get in a draft that may not work. Thoughts?
  7. Week

    US Politics: compromising positions

    I agree -- misogyny/sexism is far more broadly accepted than racism. It's enshrined (at least to a degree) in many major religions/denominations.
  8. Week

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2019

    Pretty much any time is available for a draft -- I don't think there is much of a restriction on date/time.
  9. Week

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2019

    @boiled leather @grozeng @Arch-MaesterPhilip @Mexal @JJ Lannister @fuentez1138 @PyroclasticFlow @RaceBannon42 @Jaime L @Bronn Stone This draft -- even moreso than football -- really requires for everyone to be present if we're going to do an auction. Note, we will have 11 in the league (assuming BL still wants to join). Could people rank their preferences: 1) Do a late Friday (i.e. 9pm EST on 3/22) 2) Miss the first couple games (i.e. draft on 3/29) 3) Switch to a snake draft
  10. Week

    US Politics: compromising positions

    I took her meaning to be broadly about the sacrosanct support of Israel in the US broadly -- to incorporate (truly, probably the focus) anti-BDS legislation in (primarily to start) Red states as well as the right-wing evangelical support. I did NOT interpret it as primarily directed at American Jews. Not sure whether that is the correct read or my bias in reading her comments. Also, I agree with Tywin -- @DMC h/t for the "Making Billy Joel a liar" line. Bravo.
  11. Week

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2019

    I'm not particularly chafed by the two -- I think that the market is big enough to support two franchises.
  12. There are billions of people who have no addictions to a lot of things that some people do have addictions to. I don't understand your point here.
  13. Uh ... there is a ton of history on a plethora of eating disorders as well as new research that suggest that there are similar behaviors and biological pathways involved in drug addiction and food. Considering the importance of sugar in the latter -- and the ubiquity of sugar-added foods (i.e. high fructose corn syrup as the first ingredient in a condiment like ketchup) -- there is a clear comparison to be made. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2235907/ Fairly clear in bold -- with a nod to the italicized point of "whether or not it is a good idea to call this a "food addiction" in people is both a scientific and societal question that has yet to be answered"
  14. Week

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2019

    Saw that -- excellent. Welcome!