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    My name's an homage to the grammatically incorrect Wat Tyler, who led the Peasant's Revolt a mere 640-odd years ago. The avatar is the Monty Python crew having a bit of a moan about Pedants like myself. My pedantry is keen, but unskilled I'm afraid.
    My principal hobby is rugby, from which I retired (hurt) just over a decade ago; though I still follow the game, and support both the grass roots level, and Bath in the English top flight. I seem to be a much better supporter than I ever was as a player. I'm a fan of historical fiction and comedy, with Terry Pratchett and Bernard Cornwell as my favourite authors.

    Beyond that.... I'm a chiropractor, and I work alongside Ali (massage therapist) as just the 2 of us in a small town that seems to spend half it's time under water since we moved here. We have 2 cats, 1 dog and 0 offspring are confirmed generation X-ers; and one of those lame-arse couples who got engaged a decade ago, but still haven't gotten around to actually getting married. My humour is generally inappropriate, but I enjoy bickering as well; so all's well that ends well.

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  1. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2022/06/28/silenced-last-anti-brexit-protester-steve-bray-has-loudspeaker/ I just want to get this straight. So Steve hasn't been "cancelled" because only the left do that - instead, the law has been changed, to strip 59.5 million people of their right to protest, because one person was "a bit annoying". And we're the snowflakes... and it wasn't cancelling... Have I got that right?
  2. First half agains the BaaBaas must be Farrell's best performance in the 12 shirt for England
  3. Do you think he even realised what he was saying? He's equated the current government - who are still in power - to Britain's biggest mass murderer - and want people to vote for him...
  4. https://fb.watch/dIDNc_nd5_/
  5. You see, this is where you lose the Americans and Tories. If your not going to use Imperial fucktonnes, then at least have the decency to use something abstract, like 20 elephant dung's of hardware
  6. I take it you already know Of tough and bough and cough and dough? Others may stumble, but not you, On hiccough, thorough, lough and through? Well done! And now you wish, perhaps, To learn of less familiar traps? Beware of heard, a dreadful word That looks like beard and sounds like bird, And dead: it’s said like bed, not bead – For goodness sake don’t call it deed! Watch out for meat and great and threat (They rhyme with suite and straight and debt). A moth is not a moth in mother, Nor both in bother, broth in brother, And here is not a match for there Nor dear and fear for bear and pear, And then there’s dose and rose and lose – Just look them up – and goose and choose, And cork and work and card and ward, And font and front and word and sword, And do and go and thwart and cart – Come, come, I’ve hardly made a start! A dreadful language? Man alive! I’d mastered it when I was five!
  7. If we're hijacking... As for "cut and dried" - the whole point is that it's finished, is over, the process has been completed - of course it has to be in the past tense. It's never particularly bugged me. The "new" phrase that does bugs me though, is "I could care less" - If you're trying to convey the point that you do not care, not at all, not one little bit, then you've just said that that's not true.
  8. Kept in the dark, with a diet of bullshit... French Election news: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jun/12/emmanuel-macrons-coalition-level-with-new-leftwing-group-in-french-elections ETA: Oh, and as for the end of the last thread - by "milkmen" I definitely meant "milkmen (and women)" not courier services or supermarket delivery drivers. And yes, we do still have milkmen here, though the electric floats seem to have gone now - though I'm sure they'll return soon enough.
  9. I was taught that the "rule" is about sounding awkward when spoken, so a vowel sound of a consonant sound. Which makes sense for the above quoted, "an hour" & "a universal". Regional dialects can make a difference here though. Beyond that, some words have an antonym of the same with a prefix of "a". Historic is one of these, with "ahistoric" meaning "not related to history, or historically inaccurate". In these cases, you would use "an" to avoid confusion when spoken. When written, you can tell the difference between "a historic moment" and "ahistoric moment", but not verbally.
  10. He's been reading my posts! (I'd done the same on Best for Britain this morning, except the total they'd reached was £64Bn; so I'd said "biblical")
  11. I used to do that sort of thing, but my head can't really process 60-odd million people either
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