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  1. As before when quoting "some random chiropractor from Tewkesbury" - I'm aware of this; but it's the only way of getting my pictures on this forum (and even then it's 50:50 at best). FTR though, you're referencing Twitter in the same post as criticising my use of FB...
  2. Quite honestly, I'm happy enough losing to Fiji - they've come on leaps and bounds since Rio; and hopefully the ladies will be able to take it as seriously as the men do, going forwards. Fiji's 3rd ever olympic medal, their first women's medal... and now... Allez Les Bleues!
  3. 4 Sportspeople withdraw from their events for reasons of mental health (I'm sure there are more, but these ones stand out in my mind). 2 of them are met with the utmost support, and are lauded for their stance. 2 of them are heavily criticised, and met with disbelief and accusations of cowardice. I look at the pictures of the 4, and I just wonder, is there something about these 4 that could possibly account for the different reactions they received? https://www.facebook.com/aidan.barry.967/posts/971521610088206
  4. Yep, one of the British gymnasts was talking about being first reserve, and training as if she was going to compete. In one of Simone's events (Vault?) the first reserve is another American, who would have qualified by rights, but for the "2 per country" rule; but she's still "just" first reserve, but she'd be one of 2 "first equal" reserves.
  5. I suspect that's a misunderstanding of how the twisties work; by what's been said here, and by the likes of Beth Tweddle on the BBC; they can affect a single move, a single apparatus, or everything; they can last an hour, or last forever. Simone herself says that hers usually last a couple of weeks, but can be a day or two - so giving herself an extra day or two makes absolute sense to me. Equally, it's the solo events isn't it? so not a team event, so team-mates feelings aren't particularly relevant, as they don't exist. Also in the news this morning is another white male withdrawing from a team sport for mental health reasons - roundly met with... support and understanding, with a general message of how brave he is for being open about his demons and having his priorities right.
  6. This link should work for the head-on camera angle: https://www.therugbyforum.com/threads/olympic-games-update.46443/page-11#post-1051253 The lady in Lane 3, really shold be stood somewhere between the lady in Lane 2 and the lady in Lane 4. As is, she's out of shot around the corner.
  7. It was incredibly obvious watching live - she was stood half way around the corner, despite being lane 3, she was a good 15m ahead of the athletes in lanes 6,7,8, whilst knowing that she should be slightly behind them. The head-on camera angle had 6 of the 2nd leg athletes all in shot; lane 3 obviously empty. Unpopular opinion - I don't have any sympathy for a professional athlete who knows so little about their sport that they don't know where to stand; despite everyone else standing in the right place. Yes, I've seen that a similar problem happened in a different round; but the grown-arse adults knew how to adult, and retreated to their mark. All the pundits seem to disagree with me though.
  8. It's also rugby - there was nothing accidental in the wording there
  9. Just done my graphs (from official data) for the rolling weekly. There's a firm trend is reducing case rate for the last 10 days. It's tentative yet, but it looks like the increase in hospitalisation rate has stalled. It's only 4 days worth, but it's a much more stable number. Death rate is back up over the average (and standard deviation). As before though, there are too few data points to be anything more than "interesting". Latest data point is 16/07
  10. Well that was an awkward interview "We're known for being a bit soft, but we've risen up, and we're hard now, not soft at all; even though we're probably smaller than any of the other nations"
  11. Far from being all over (as shown by GB v NZ yesterday), but it already shows what we know! ETA: Though you were much less confident than I was
  12. And it's an absolutely brilliant match. USA v France should be a real cracker too; I'd expect NZ to have (far) too much for Fiji though
  13. As ever, you need more data points to be able to identify a trend. As for the most useful data to compare, I very much favour the rolling weekly as it takes out a lot of the background noise.
  14. "I don't want to nit-pick" proceeds to spend a full hour doing nothing but...
  15. That was a great morning of rugby there - but it's hard to see past a NZ v Aus final.
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