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  1. Quick question. Is the response to BLM still that "all lives matter"? There are some kids on a dinghy that would like to know
  2. Yeah, TLAs are best avoided outside of professional settings (TBH, best avoided inside them too!)
  3. Yeah, that's called a boxers fracture - you get it from compressive force along the metacarpal - not from a kick to the hand
  4. An officer has been suspended after footage emerged which appears to show police kneeling on a man's neck. Video recorded in Islington, London, shows two officers holding a handcuffed suspect, who is black, on the pavement. A second officer has been removed from operational duty after the arrest on Thursday evening. Deputy Met Police commissioner Sir Steve House said the footage was "extremely disturbing" and had been referred to the police watchdog. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-53443641
  5. I see the lovely Mr Hancock has re-written history to suggest that the government did follow SAGE's advice to lockdown on the 16th. Do they genuinely believe this double-think? or they forgotten that A] people have brains, B] Google exists, C] written records exist? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/07/16/best-argument-matt-hancocks-got-public-inquiry-will-horrorshow/
  6. Don't tell Trump - he'll believe her!
  7. My memory of the "don't know how to fit it properly" discussion was that it was a discussion, not an attack. For that matter, my memory of the whole thing was that it was a discussion, not an attack. A lack of disciplinary action seems to bear that out. The criticisms were mostly valid btw - even if you yourself knew how to fit it properly. Equally, as an un-nuanced statement that "front line health care workers treating COVID patients have a greater need for masks than Joe Bloggs of the public" is also correct - however justified Joe Bloggs may feel. Welcome to the world of science - where you don't make recommendations without evidence.
  8. I do not believe that anyone came around to your house and stuck a pitchform in you. How many people were banned for attacking you? (If they were, then I apologise, and withdraw my claim that noone was attacked) Criticised =/= attacked
  9. No-one was attacked. People weren't mocked for wearing a mask, they were mocked (mostly educated / discussed - but yes, occassionally mocked) for their rationale in wearing a mask, and got some irritated responses for playing their part in preventing front-line workers from wearing a mask whilst dealing with covid patients, so that they could have a false sense of security whilst walking their dog (for example). The argument over the WHO has been done to death, so I don't really want to get involved (again) in that one. Some people think the WHO are there to give advice to the top 10% of the global population; others think that they're there to give advice to the bottom 30% who can't afford more personalised advice; others still think that the same advice isn't necessarily applicable to the whole globe in one shot as different situations have different solutions.
  10. So... this is going viral for some strange reason:
  11. Immediately countered by Gove's comments about not doing exactly that. On that - why is it always Gove? #Gove: "We don't need to make masks compulsory" #Johnson: "We need to make masks compulsory" #Everybody: "Which one of these statements is incorrect?" [i.e. a lie] Gove: "..."
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