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  1. Yeah, without more information, there's not much to discuss here. It'll be "interesting" to see how the variant does when up against a well resourced healthcare system, and a lack of religious holidays / mass gatherings. On the other hand, it's exactly that hubris that resulted in the first wave, with reactions to data repeatedly coming... later than ideal. On the plus side, if enough is known about this "outbreak" that the press pick up on it; then it should be safe to assume that SAGE & PHE are on the case (whether they can convince "bodies pile high" Johnson to act is a different matter).
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/may/12/indian-covid-variant-calls-in-question-17-may-reopening-in-uk-say-experts
  3. Mostly Hubristic IMO - "that couldn't happen here" "we saw with SARS and MERS, these things happen over there, they never really make it here" "Proper modern health care will deal with this relatively easily, there's no point bankrupting ourselves on the off chance that it can't"
  4. Parliamentary one as well now: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/576024
  5. This morning, I had to carry the venerable old lady upstairs for the first time I'm not ready for this. It's not my readiness that counts.
  6. Which, of course, means that the tories will have to change how the votes are counted, to make things a little less democratic. Oh look: https://londonnewsonline.co.uk/home-security-priti-patel-announces-new-voting-system-for-future-london-mayoral-elections/ ETA: Oh Look https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/may/10/queens-speech-photo-id-future-elections-social-care
  7. That's a pretty big statement - have you anything to back it up? It's certainly not how human immunity usually works. Even if so - it'd be dropping from a pretty big high. IIRC AZ Immunity is up around 80%, 6 weeks after the first shot; and still climbing at that point.
  8. The correct term is "adverse effect" and it doesn't matter how severe, normal or otherwise it is, if it's an effect, and unpleasant, it's an adverse effect. Whether you like it or not, whether it's helpful or not, it's still the correct terminology
  9. Quick update for those interested in the adverse effects. left arm is sore - but only about a 2" diameter patch and only really when I think about it - and I'm tired, but not achey, and not shattered. It just feels like I've had no sleep last night - back in February, it felt like I hadn't slept in weeks. I could comfortably work through this if I'd needed to.
  10. "Unlike Marlborough, Wellington, and Nelson; Johnson was a corrupt incompetent who believed that image and belief could make up for lack of will and capacity"
  11. Apparently; with this little contretemps in the Channel Islands - the French have been acting (well, talking about acting) in the precise manner in which the international treaty we signed with them said was how they'd react if we reneged on the treaty we're trying to renege on. And yet our sending the military in to deal with their civilians, is our reaction to their "almost a declaration of war" https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/eu-gas-electricity-supply-uk-fish-stocks-b1780376.html If only parliament had been allowed to read the treaty before endorsing it, maybe we'd have noticed this little aspect of "the easiest deal in history" ETA: Although, apparently, the Independent did notice in time, as that article is dated 30th December; but seems remarkably prescient now
  12. Yup. The story is told now. Not helped by talk of taking the big steps that comics take that put non-comic readers off. All this talk of multiverses for example seems to excite comic fans; but has plenty like myself just shaking our heads in despair. Time travel and resurrections they can probably get away with, but it needs to be one and done. They may have already gone too far in combining both of those items. They need to tread very carefully from here - and they may do; but I'm not holding out much hope.
  13. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9525729/Thousands-EU-bar-caf-workers-reject-old-UK-jobs.html Classic Daily Mail. Remember those foreigners we told to "fuck off out of our country" - well, some of them have had the nerve to go and do that - the ungrateful bastards - they've deserted us, merely for better conditions, better pay, and a feeling of being welcome. It shows that we were right to tell them all to fuck off; and now the government should provide support for those businesses who've lost their employees and demand that their foreigners return to work for them (whilst still fucking off out of the country).
  14. 2nd jab just received. I did well, brief rush of adrenaline as I entered the hospital; but the phobia generally failed to materialise today. Bus was fine, despite being busier than 12 weeks ago - no pair of seat had more than 1 person in it, everyone was masked and the windows were open for ventilation. The only problem today was the return journey bus being about 20 minutes late (and I was about an hour early, just missing the earlier bus) - Kingsholm is not the nicest neck of the woods to stand around randomly waiting for a bus. Now we wait and see if I get any adverse effects - I've booked tomorrow off work; and I've cried off from walking rugby tonight, as you just know I'd be receiving lots of aggressive tackles to my left upper arm otherwise. I must say, my wifi strength seems to have improved, and I saw an ad for those new SurfaceGo tablets - looks good...
  15. 6,000 years? Heretic! It's obviously only 4,000 years old. Oops, you're right, he did say 4000BC
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