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  1. Yay, we've found a coherent, consistent theme to HMG's pandemic response!
  2. Yeah but the tiers last time weren't the same as the 5 tiers from July (?), despite being called the same thing Mind you, the 3 tier system from October wasn't even the same as the tier system from OOctobe. What with tier 3 meant different things in different towns. Of course, it's our fault for being confused, not the government's
  3. RIP Christophe Dominici. One of the greats, and only 48! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/55056643
  4. That's not actually true. The very first post on the Goodhart was mine, where I pointed out that he was racist (you disagreed, but are wrong by everyone's definition of "racist" but your own); and didn't want him appointed because he was incredibly biased. We then went in circles about my wanting someone unbiased, and you insisting that I meant the precise opposite of the words I used. I posted 2 links, one from the Guardian, and one from a source I wasn't familiar with, so posted the Guardian as well to be a trusted source (as in they don't print lies, not as in they print HOI's opinion)
  5. My apologies, you're right, I'd misread.
  6. 131 cases over the 2 treatment cohorts, 0 severe
  7. Good thread by George Monbiot Sorry, dunno how to do thread reader stuff
  8. I'm sure you'd be amazed to hear what party both MPs are... (Hint: they dislike being called "nasty" or "scum")
  9. Just got off my weekly family Zoom. Not a happy one this week. Sister had a "chat" with her MP a couple of days ago. For background, Sis is 54, her immune system is essentially shot and she's been around 1/4 lung capacity since her late teens, and until her kids left home she'd typically spend 3-4 months of the year in hospital, with frequent trips to ICU. She hasn't left the house since February - during which she hasn't been in the same room as her husband. Her husband is a dentist - front line health worker, and will be handing out vaccines once authorised. Healthy 65 year olds are a higher priority for vaccine than people like Sis because "you're not leaving the house at the moment". Neither Sis nor Hubby are eligible for testing absent symptoms. MP signed off with "I take the train to London every week and have mild asthma, we're all in this together". My bbrothe works with a lady - 27F who's husband had a heart transplant 8-9 months ago, is on the strongest immune-suppressants going. Husband lost his business. They live in a small 1-bed flat and simply cannot live separately. She has to go to work and teach 150+ snotty-nosed kids every day. She cannot be furloughed, she cannot take paid time off work. School has allowed that they could arrange for her to have the entire academic year off - unpaid. Low priority for vaccine and ineligible for testing absent symptoms. She's late home after work every day as she needs to compose herself and confront her fear as to whether she's been exposed that day. The headmaster spoke to their MP on her behalf. "Some people just have to suck it up".
  10. http://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4425
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