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  1. I'm enjoying it well enough so far - not great, but better than a lot that's on. But... It's already got that feel of one of those shows that will go on for at least 4 seasons after its use-by date.
  2. If you can keep your job when all around you Lies ravaged from what it is you’ve done; If intellect and common sense confound you And if integrity you have but none; If you can lie and not be tired of lying, And pretend you act for the public good, But then leave the people to their dying And say you did, sadly, all you could; If you can dream – of nothing more than power; If you can think – but only of yourself; If you believe this country’s finest hour Is when the chosen few can gain more wealth; If you can flout the law with bluff and bluster, And not care whether you are believed, Or deny with scorn every single blunder And not care how many you may deceive; If you can stir up hatred, fear and violence To create division to suit your ends; And answer cries for help with silence, And then laugh about it with your friends; If you can stretch this country to its limit Or until it is you’ve had your fun, Yours is this land and everything that’s in it, And – as you wished – you’ll be PM, my son. Brian Bilston
  3. Also cakes are only baked once; whilst biscuits are baked twice (it's literally in the name)
  4. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint, but they've turned up - put on the wrong neighbour's doorstep. I guess I'll just have to assume that the murder they were investigating was mildly more important than which house the mug belonged to Seems unfair to me, but hey. But we don't. I'm afraid that's just the way the cookie crumbles. FTR, As we're in deepest Gloucestershire, I tried to convince the reporter to ask one of the cops "Actually, I just wanted to ask, "What's your perfect Sunday?"" He looked at me blankly, one of the coppers smirked and the cameraman near pissed himself. Also, just to clarify, we're all about 4-5 houses down from the scene, at the edge of the cordon, the coppers here are just keeping the gawpers away, and being visible, not actually doing any detective work - I would NOT bother them.
  5. Talking of "Don't Trust a Copper" - current evidence locallly to me suggests that Vimes had the right of it - trust 'em with the big stuff, but not anything small that hasn't been nailed down (joking btw) They've been parked up more-or-less outside my house for the last 3 days straight, cordoning off my driveway; where the press have parked up. I've been bringing them a pot of tea and plate of biscuits 3-4 times a day as they get reasonable coffee and gods-awful tea. This morning 1 of my mugs, and the milk jug have all gone AWOL! A] Poor little me, and B] I'm sure it'll turn up
  6. I'd also suggest that it's a single point on a graph, not that the end goal has been reached.
  7. Question - do you have the figures for firearms officers? or specifically the political and diplomat protection division? I would expect those to be much more male-dominated, and man-child / toxic masculinity dominated for that matter; and more relevant than the figures for the Met overall for these individuals.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/07/private-hospitals-treated-eight-covid-patients-a-day-during-pandemic-says-report UK's private hospitals accept £400M a month during pandemic to treat NHS patients and help with Covid capacity. Average 8 covid patients a day (between the 18 hospitals, not each), and treat fewer NHS patients than they did before taking the extra money.
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