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  1. I'm not convinced the context helps him much. It's not intended as an attack on farmers, sure, but it still grossly misrepresents the amount of knowledge and skill required by farming. And he appeared to be saying that blue collar workers weren't capable of learning to do modern jobs even with education? Does he have a solution to the job issue? That doesn't sound like a very smart plan. Just tax the rich and pay for free education that way; then you don't have the overhead of collecting fees and administering subsidies, and all the rich contribute, not just the ones whose kids are currently studying. If they're paying a reasonable tax rate, there's no need to be concerned about them getting the same access to public services as everyone else.
  2. felice

    Star Wars The Clone Wars [Spoilers]

    Does that mean there are only four genuinely new episodes?
  3. felice

    Cats: Threading their way into our lives.

    They're definitely capable of reacting to appearance; my cat freaks out when I show up wearing a hat, no matter how familiar my smell and voice are. She's not at all bothered by the hat when I'm not wearing it.
  4. felice

    US Politics - Primary Numbers

    What's the problem with the guy with the gun shooting us in the legs? He has the power to kill us, he's actually being restrained by merely kneecapping.
  5. felice

    Why does anyone like the idea of "the Singularity"

    Not quite. You know organic brains are capable of experiencing a sense of self because you have one, and it's unlikely that other organics would go round claiming to have a sense of self if it wasn't a common thing, so it seems like a safe working assumption. But you have no first-hand knowledge of what digital brain-analogues experience (if anything at all), and you'd expect a good simulation of a human brain to claim to be self-aware even if it's not, so any assumptions are on much shakier ground.
  6. felice

    Why does anyone like the idea of "the Singularity"

    Oh yes, it knows, there's just no way for anyone else to verify that.
  7. felice

    Why does anyone like the idea of "the Singularity"

    Or even if it's a person at all, or just a machine simulating the activity of a brain but without producing a self-aware entity? Even that doesn't do it; if the organic and digital versions are linked, how do you know the consciousness isn't exclusively based in the organic brain?
  8. felice

    Star Trek: Picard

    Yeah. Worf even let a Romulan die rather than donate blood to save him, and I don't recall his attitude softening later. He wouldn't ever be an enthusiastic advocate for saving Romulans.
  9. felice

    Hugo Nominations and Awards - Onwards to 2020

    Another Kiwi book worth checking out: The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep by H.G. Parry. It's about a young man who can read characters out of books into physical reality, and his relationship with his older brother (the primary narrator). While there are a lot of references to classic literature, Dickens in particular, it doesn't rely on familiarity with the older works, fortunately for me! The narrator isn't particularly well-versed in the classics himself, unlike his precocious literature professor sibling.
  10. felice

    TTTNE 476 - the ghost of series past

    Were there other photos of the shower that showed the acid wash option? If not, then it's absolutely reasonable to argue that you were expecting it to look like the photo, and if they intended to install something different, they should have cleared it with you first. And even if there were multiple photos, in any situation where there's a range of options they should have checked what you wanted.
  11. felice

    Locus recommended reading list 2019

    My partner thought it was great; it's on my to-read list.
  12. felice

    Star Trek: Picard

    As a retcon, I'd suggest the "cybernetics division" is a veiled reference to the Zhat Vash themselves, and in Unification Data isn't captive for long enough for the Zhat Vash to find out about (they're secret even from the Tal Shiar, so nobody would be officially notifying them). I would assume their primary activity was suppressing AI development within Romulan society, which would involve psy ops and subtle sabotage rather than front line combat. While they wouldn't have been happy about Data's existence, as a unique individual outside their sphere of influence, it wouldn't have been worth the risk to attempt to take him out; but mass produced synthetics as seen on Mars were too big a threat to ignore.
  13. felice

    The Good Place S4 - We Have a Group Text now (spoilers)

    Not in the last 500 years But now everyone gets a Special Place to mature into qualifying for the Good Place, and for kids that would presumably include growing up at least somewhat.