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  1. I'm not sure how you get more than "completely"...
  2. All the people who worked on it have already been paid. And I would hope they're not particularly proud of what they've produced. The more money it makes now, the more Rowling benefits, and she doesn't just have abhorrent views, she's actively promoting the persecution of a vulnerable minority - to me, that's worse than the more generic evil of Amazon etc. The game is also apparently extremely antisemitic. It's not like there's any shortage of other games to play...
  3. There have been a few threads on that topic, though sadly most appear to be lost to time.
  4. The elves would be the only characters that remain constant for the whole series, but that doesn't mean a changing cast of humans, dwarves, etc couldn't share the focus; their stories would just be completed in a single season. The bits with Isildur in the books span nearly 200 years; there's not need to condense that. He's already a grown man when Sauron is captured, and his ninety-year-older father is still sufficiently in his prime to go toe-to-toe with Sauron at the end, so it would be no problem to keep the same actors for the Numenoreans.
  5. I just assumed that they were far enough away from the eruption that it wasn't that deadly where they were. The heat and force must dissipate as the affected area grows exponentially as the radius expands... I would assume the big time skips would mostly be between episodes, not scenes. Maybe even between seasons. Adjusting the timeline to keep each group of humans around for one full season seems reasonable. But in almost any show we're only shown the important moments, with the vast majority of the time experienced by the characters skipped over. What's the difference between skipping half an hour of driving across town, a week of a starship monitoring a mysterious anomaly, or a century of elves getting better at making magic rings?
  6. Loved the Golden Enclaves; not flawless (I could have done with more of a reaction to what they did at the end of book 2, which should have been a pretty big deal) but a solid ending to a fantastic trilogy.
  7. @Buckwheat I hope you manage to get at least a few proper days off during the week! Good to hear the teenagers are treating you well, and the hair looks good
  8. Most instances aren't; some because they're not currently accepting new members (though I believe most servers let their existing users generate invite codes, so if you know anyone with an an account you can ask them for one), some because they don't meet the conditions, and some just aren't interested in being listed. There are more comprehensive lists at https://instances.social/ and https://mastodon.fediverse.observer/list Not defederating Nazis and spammers is definitely a bad policy. That's a key benefit of Mastodon - being a network of independent servers, it's not vulnerable in the same way a centralised privately owned service is. Though that does introduce additional complexity.
  9. Selling a house doesn't destroy it; the new owner will either live in it (instead of wherever they were living before), or rent it out themselves. Just ban AirBnB entirely.
  10. Yep, they're strict about meeting the eligibility requirements for a second booster.
  11. I'm assuming we'll get more on that thread next season; at least more detail on what happened on Kenari after Cassian left, if not his sister actually showing up. If there is no followup, I'd agree it's a mistake.
  12. Though the moral of the story was a bit confused. Dal's "mistake" was instrumental to their survival!
  13. Being Russian doesn't mean they automatically like the Russian government and want to remain under its authority...
  14. The Empire can trivially afford to replace the stolen credits, but it needs to allocate them and physically transport them across the galaxy; that takes time. The payment delays will draw people's attention to Aldhani.
  15. Except the whole situation with the prison was a consequence of the Aldhani job. Taking that away makes the story worse. And the first arc ends with him just running away rather than being recruited for a job; that's worse. And how and why does Luthen find him after the prison break? Does he still run off after the job, and if so, what changes his mind? Luthen was hoping to recruit him to the Rebellion. It was a disappointment that he took his money and ran once the job was done. If Luthen hadn't had such hopes for him, he wouldn't have dealt with him personally, and he wouldn't have become such a security risk. Depends on the information. Visibly reacting to what the ISB knows gives away that they have a leak, but things they don't know can be changed, eg he stopped Saw from joining Kreegyr and losing two cells instead of just one. Certainly he'd sacrifice Mon Mothma first if he had to, but it would still be a devastating blow! Replacing that money wouldn't be easy, if even possible.
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