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  1. I don't think anyone disagrees with that!
  2. It might not have been against any specific rules, but it was still inappropriate.
  3. That makes sense. But it's not a problem the way full slates are; voters still get to compare that work against the other nominees, and make their own decision. Unless they fear negative consequences for voting the "wrong" way, but that seems implausible over something this trivial.
  4. Oh yeah, absolutely. The current rules explicitly allow for non-English works.
  5. Recommending a single work isn't a problem; slates are bad when they allow a single group to take most or all of the slots in a category and shut out all other voices. And most of the Western voters don't read Chinese and couldn't evaluate them for voting. It really doesn't make sense for "in English" not to be part of the nomination criteria.
  6. I'm pretty sure they were? Either way they're certainly organic beings with cybernetic extensions to their bodies, not AIs. And the way humans are linked into their own bots and VR overlays blurs the distinction further.
  7. Yeah, that looks pretty dodgy. The number of nominations for the finalists are bizarrely high - in previous years, the most popular novel might get over 300 nominations, and this year seven get over 700? If the numbers are accurate, it looks like some kind of large scale slate nominating, rather than works being disappeared.
  8. It does take a bit to get your head around!
  9. The humans start off heading towards Mars at the same speed as the ship. If the ship slows down but the humans don't, they'll be heading in the direction in the direction of Mars faster. Ie, the direction the engines are firing is down. If the burn continued for so long that the ship reached a standstill and then started moving away from Mars, nothing would feel different for people on the ship.
  10. Is there any difference between acceleration and deceleration? Either way, the engines will be pushing the ship forward relative to anything that was previously moving at the same velocity. Doesn't matter if the changing velocity is less negative or more positive.
  11. Happy New Year! I played computer games and posted on the internet.
  12. It felt like half the final episode was spent setting things up for the next season that we're not going to get.
  13. The US were already investigating her for spying thanks to Aleida, and would have arrested her if the USSR hadn't faked her death. It looks like the USSR no longer sees much value in her, but she doesn't have anywhere else to go.
  14. It could be the connection between cable and SSD? I had trouble getting my last SSD detected - tried multiple SATA and power cables that worked fine with other devices, but replacing the SSD with a different brand didn't help. What did solve it was pushing the cable in with an unreasonable amount of force. It wasn't going in noticeably further, but the BIOS has been reliably detecting it since then
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