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  1. The second age ends with Sauron defeated so badly he's out of the picture entirely for a thousand years, and it's another two millenia before he's recovered enough to proclaim himself openly. That seems like a sufficiently happy ending to me, if the series does cover that whole time period. And for all we know, Numenor could be absolutely crawling with kittens. The writers will have to invent a lot of the characters and story detail, so it's probably close to an original series than an adaptation in many respects. They haven't really started promoting it yet, so it's too soon to expect your interest to be piqued.
  2. I'd have expected more of a three dimensional tangle of strands, rather than literal fabric.
  3. Possibly a prophetic vision, rather than something that actually happens during the film? I don't think we know exactly where the first film will end.
  4. I read that as hobbits not playing a major role in the stories Tolkien was telling about the previous Ages, and Sauron considering them insignificant, rather than them literally not existing at the time or Sauron not knowing they exist. This series is obviously going into a lot more detail than what Tolkien wrote himself, and I don't think it's a problem to have hobbits feature in minor roles.
  5. It did look like they allowed Sylvie to escape as a kid, which makes sense now.
  6. My guess is REG prioritised escape over trying to kill Thanos; TH could have escaped, but made a different choice. Rather unconvincingly, I thought. Gross incompetence, or did Ravonna let her get away for some reason?
  7. It seems like new branches off the sacred timeline happen spontaneously over metatime, with the universe just deciding "what if this happened differently at that point on the timeline?" with no time travel required. Or if not spontaneous, triggered by something that exists outside the timeline, like a more subtle rival TVA.
  8. I think also Loki is intrinsically prone to causing divergent timelines at a high rate, while most of the people of the universe never have even one variant.
  9. I assume it's that they become willing to trust each other and work together that makes the difference, rather than anything inherently romantic. And presumably that would have lead to them being able to somehow survive without TVA intervention - maybe combing their powers exponentially increases their telekinesis to the point where they can ward off a falling moon? Either that, or they're somehow vital to the sacred timeline, so their deaths becoming certain is what tiggers the massively divergent timeline?
  10. Genetically siblings, and socially effectively strangers (they certainly didn't grow up together, and while they have more or less the same childhood up to a point Sylvie barely remembers, they've had very different lives since then). But mystically, they're both God of Mischief, which complicates matters. Is that just a title, or does it make them the same person on some other level?
  11. Yeah, that was disappointing. Sylvie and Loki both sticking with the gender they were born into their whole lives is the opposite of fluid. You might encounter anyone of any sex, if it's just a matter of random variation at time of conception in different timelines. There's no reason to single out Loki based on what we've seen in the show.
  12. They talk about each other as if they were different people too, even though they started out the same. Loki certainly had a lot of interactions with his parents that Sylvie didn't, and Sylvie had at least some that Loki didn't. Unless Loki was told at a young age that he'd been adopted, it went very badly, and they eventually wiped his memory (Sylvie's variation splitting off at some point during this period)? In any case, they definitely seem to be talking about the same adoption. That is indeed possible.
  13. No, Sylvie and Loki had the same past up until the moment she became a variant, and she's been on the run from the TVA ever since. The TVA tried to eliminate her branch as usual, but she got away and grew up as a fugitive hiding in apocalypses. Presumably at least one parent escaped with her, unless it was telling her she was adopted that caused the variance.
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