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  1. Male Aes Sedai destroyed the world; female Aes Sedai have the power to do the same, men who can't channel don't. And almost everyone deals with non-channeler men all the time in their day-to-day life, while encounters with Aes Sedai are rare. It makes perfect sense that the general population would be more concerned about the latter. Assuming we're talking about heterosexual women here, are they supposed to crave weak and ineffectual men at their sides instead? Are you saying that in a world without magic where men are physically stronger, women should proudly and gladly submit to any powerful man who chooses them, and demands to be viewed as equals are without substance? Or Buttercup marrying Prince Humperdinck? Or Sansa Stark marrying Ramsay Bolton?
  2. The set of all integers is infinite, but it doesn't contain even one toasted sandwich.
  3. I think it's more secretly manipulating events on a global scale to suit his interests. Some of the things he's done would be well known, but not that he was responsible for them. I doubt the rings could have done anything, but I suspect Ta Lo would have been outside the area of effect. The idea was that it would get increasingly powerful the longer it was free, so they had to take it down relatively quickly. The dragon riding came across as a bit silly, though.
  4. Aes Sedai who have found a way to break their magical oaths against lying and murdering, and used that to discretely kill every member of a secret plot intended to ensure victory over the Dark One, but aren't Black Ajah? Well, I suppose it's not technically impossible, but personally I can forgive Siuan and Moiraine for jumping to the Black Ajah conclusion.
  5. What is the USA's overall purpose/goal as an institution? As I recall, Moiraine isn't officially supposed to be on an undercover mission; the Tower didn't judge her to be qualified for such work. But they don't know that's going to become relevant in their lifespans. As far as they're concerned, the Dark One is probably going to stay locked up in his prison for thousands more years. So they're just people, interested in what people are interested in. No, it couldn't. The Aes Sedai can't lie, and can't kill with the Power. Myelin's death was lied about, and a whole bunch of Aes Sedai were murdered with the Power (the rest of the Aes Sedai could write them off as death by natural causes, but Siuan and Moiraine were aware of the connection between all the victims that made that statistically impossible).
  6. I'm stuck on hold waiting to talk to somebody. It's singing "I can't get through to you" at me.
  7. One study suggested the actual direct Covid death toll in the US could be more than 50% higher than the official numbers. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but it is a legitimate study that does try to account for other factors that affect the death rate.
  8. felice

    Board Issues 4

    I've been getting a lot of Cloudflare captchas trying to access the site recently, which is a bit of a nuisance. Is there anything that can be done about it on the server side?
  9. Though that's assuming there's no undercounting of covid deaths...
  10. Presumably the virus needs functioning brains to thrive, and the brains of intelligent life work sufficiently similarly for the virus regardless of species. Getting the host to bite other intelligent beings is how the virus spreads; it's not really about feeding, since the victims become new zombies pretty quickly. We don't see any animal zombies, do we?
  11. Because that's what the virus does - it gives them an overwhelming desire to bite the uninfected that swamps any other motivations or interests that they may have had previously. If there's nobody around to bite, they wander aimlessly because nothing else matters to them any more. Wanda's feelings for Vision were strong enough to distract her briefly, but only because he wasn't biteable.
  12. Patents are part of the problem! And the more efficient production I'm talking about isn't profitable - it means making better quality goods that last longer and are easier to repair, which means lower long term sales. And you also need to ensure that everyone can afford decent quality goods, rather than being forced to resort to cheap crap, which is decidedly uncapitalist. https://samvimesbootstheory.com/ There is obviously some demand for more expensive goods, which to an extent means higher quality but also means paying to be "fashionable" which is another way to force people to buy replacements. A lot of quality improvements could be made for relatively tiny increases in production cost. The superiority of public healthcare services over for-profit healthcare and insurance is very obvious from international comparisons, and the problems of leaving housing to the free market are also obvious, eg in NZ it's become effectively impossible to buy a first home with assistance from rich parents (though counter-examples of good public housing are more limited - I'm not aware of anywhere that does public housing on anywhere like the same scale as public healthcare). I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that?
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