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  1. https://imgur.com/a/mGX0bnm And a planet-eating bauble.
  2. Colouring the tree would be a good next step; that gets tricky after people have started adding ornaments.
  3. Sorry! Well, I think we've established a theme for this year's tree...
  4. Nah, it shall outlast the very concept of "day".
  5. A vaguely apocalyptic background seems appropriate for this year... https://imgur.com/a/uD01SSA
  6. The prequel edits by L8wrtr are big improvements over the originals; I'm not sure how the Anti-Cheese edits compare.
  7. But he was only able to do it because Vader was distracting the Emperor during the battle... That's what fan edits are for!
  8. Nah, Vader is a double agent the whole time. He objects to the Death Star and lets Luke blow it up (you don't sneak up on a Sith Lord without being noticed like the Falcon appeared to), and kills more senior Imperial officers than anyone else.
  9. Well, room temperature as a rule; how cool that is will vary with place and time, but yes, certainly cooler than the average human in most cases.
  10. The searching isn't a change, it's that relocating Jabba provides a reason for needing to search. There's clearly a significant time jump between the two films, and they know Fett is taking Han to Jabba, so if he's based in a palace on Tatooine, what takes them so long? It makes more sense if the location of his lair is a closely guarded secret and it could be anywhere in the Outer Rim.
  11. Yeah, there's nothing wrong with Ewoks. The #1 change I'd make to RotJ if I could would be to link the Jabba sequence to the main plot. Have Jabba reveal that he's not afraid of Leia's "powerful friends" because the Empire has plans to deal with them, and that warning is why the Bothan spies go digging for info. #2, put Jabba's lair on a different planet; there's no reason he needs to be based on Tatooine, and Lando and Chewie spend months trying to track it down.
  12. I think Splinter of the Mind's Eye was the low budget option, if they couldn't afford to do anything on a bigger scale, rather than ever being the primary plan. Obviously Star Wars turned out to be successful enough not to need to resort to the budget option. And with repeat viewings, ANH had the advantage of a head start, and a lot of people saw it again because of ESB. For a sequel to do better than the original is pretty darn tricky.
  13. Surely there are other ways a followup to TFA could have been great, though? Being more like ESB might be an easy way to improve a film, but what's the point? The originals are great as they are, they don't need to be remade. It didn't launch the genre, but it did transform it. Blade Runner is half a decade after A New Hope; very much post change of game. 2001 was a decade earlier, and an extremely significant movie in its own right, but it's slow-paced cerebral SF, not an exciting family adventure film.
  14. Obviously neither Oxford is the one in our universe, though Will's is rather closer than Lyra's.
  15. The placebo group tells you how many infected to expect in a typical group. So you're dividing actual infected in the vaccine group by expected infected in the vaccine group. I'd guess the margin of error must be pretty big for such small numbers, though.
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