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  1. The soldier didn't like what Hayward was doing, so deliberately turned a blind eye? I assumed Agatha just hated the idea of becoming Agnes for real, and after the transformation she'd have no access to her real memories or magic; it wouldn't be an autopilot, she'd think she was Agnes. It's a pretty awful thing to do, but I'm not sure what alternatives Wanda has? Agatha has vastly more knowledge and experience than Wanda, so is far too dangerous to just let go when she still wants to steal Wanda's magic, she has no way to physically imprison her, and killing her isn't exactly a morally good option. The Agnes persona does seem suited to getting a babysitting job in the future... Presumably they were free to run for the exits as soon as they opened. We only saw a couple of seconds of trucks entering the Hex, it's not strange that no escaping residents happened to be right there at that specific moment. She did deal with Fietro, so not entirely unimportant. And she was a SWORD agent knowingly going into a weird situation (even if she didn't know exactly how weird), not an ordinary person having their regular lives unexpectedly transformed, she seemed to retain more independence than the townsfolk, and she got close to Wanda in the relatively short time she was inside, even delivering her kids, so it's not surprising that she came out of it more sympathetic to Wanda than most of her victims.
  2. Wanda had opened up gaps in the Hex at that point, so they were able to enter without passing through the barrier. People were running for the exits, but given the size of the Hex, it would take them a while to get there. Monica went through the Hex barrier three times - I don't think anyone else did it more than once? She was warned that it was already affecting her after the second crossing.
  3. The shark was Agatha; she wants to eat yo' magic. The last one is presumably a hint at things yet to come.
  4. I assume they'll only be on YouTube for a short time, and if people start watching a series on YouTube they'll need to get Paramount+ to keep going.
  5. A bad, bad article. It's raw numbers, not rate or risk: 2.2m died in one group, 0.3m in the other, with no weighting for number of people or number of covid cases in each group. Overweight numbers are harder to find than obesity, but 67% of countries have a mean BMI in the overweight range. It's analysis of Johns Hopkins and WHO data, not analysis by them; it's a press release from the World Obesity Forum, whoever they are (a brief googling was unenlightening). The countries with the most deaths might happen to fall into the first group, but I think there could be other explanations for why so many people have died in the US and Brazil. Does being overweight increase your chances of dying if you catch covid? Who knows, this article provides zero information on the matter.
  6. Also, these are kids in an SF show; surely they must have been subjected to massively accelerated ageing at some point?
  7. No, we see Odin use his root access to update the security privilleges of an extremely sophisticated device.
  8. To ensure Vision is convinced by her cover story of being just another ordinary victim, in case he was harbouring any suspicions about her?
  9. Learn a musical instrument? If you're stuck in close quarters with people who wouldn't appreciate the noise, an electronic keyboard you can use with headphones might be the best option.
  10. There's no reason TK can't be used to rearrange molecules, though the human brain can't even imagine the complexity of doing it just to Monica's clothes, let alone the entire town. And it appears to be happening even when she's not consciously aware of it; she seemed surprised to find the toy helicopter drone. My guess is some superhuman intelligence is using her powers for her in accordance with her subconscious desires, in which case, the question is does it have any desires of its own, and is it capable of twisting her desires to its own ends, or acting in direct conflict with what she wants?
  11. It doesn't explode itself, it just causes other things to explode because they were relying on it not being inert in order to function safely. It's like if the control rods in a nuclear reactor suddenly stop absorbing neutrons.
  12. The tension was great, but it wasn't at all clear what exactly she was trying to do a lot of the time. It screamed out "this is adapted from a book" in a way most of the show doesn't.
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