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  1. It's not that transmissible, so for people taking precautions against covid there's virtually no chance of catching it. It's unlikely to become a real problem unless it hybridises with covid, which is probably impossible (but I'm not a microbiologist). As far as I'm aware it's not an STD, except to the extent that intimate contact with someone will expose you to any contagious disease they happen to have. Condoms won't do much to help - the risk is more a matter of breathing in each other's faces.
  2. Nothing is as bad as Discovery's turbolift void. The SNW Enterprise interior is nice, but too big and too glossy.
  3. In Space Seed he calls himself Khan because he doesn't want them to know he's Noonien Singh, and most of the crew would have no reason to be experts in whatever weird names were popular back in the 20th century. And it probably amuses him to get them all to effectively refer to him as Lord. "Project Khan" suggests that the title wasn't his idea, and could have been given to all the augments created by the project. Was it his project, or just a project he worked on? He would have been a more junior scientist back then, and his later solo work wasn't a great success (without Q not even Kore would have survived). Despite his passion for genetics, he seems to be better at engineering, with his shielding tech being world-changing in the Confederation timeline.
  4. I do! Well, obviously I'd prefer if my personal house uniquely skyrocketed in value so I could sell it and retire in luxury, but I'd much rather see all houses including my own go down in price than the situation we have currently.
  5. Also in the immediate term with reduced rents and people able to buy homes for the first time. Most of that wealth is imaginary, though. They haven't earned it, it's just numbers going up on a screen. Any measure of national wealth that counts the construction of additional physical houses as a decline is fundamentally bullshit. In real terms, total wealth has gone up, it's just being distributed differently. In the long term it will reduce debt-per-capita as old loans are paid off and new loans are smaller. What's the mechanism by which negative equity trashes the economy in the short term? If people keep making their mortgage payments just as they're doing now, they'll eventually reach positive equity again, and 100% equity when the mortgage is paid off.
  6. Would you be able to explain how that works at all? I'd expect greatly reduced housing costs to be directly extremely beneficial to the people currently worst off, and indirectly good for the economy as a whole because all those people will be spending more on other things. And it's good for anyone who already owns a home but would like to upgrade to something more expensive, because the difference in price between their current and new homes would be smaller. What's the motivation for investors, if prices are expected to stay low? Why wouldn't the properties be bought by owner-occupiers, when so many more people would now be able to afford that?
  7. Require banks to transfer existing mortgages when moving houses, so the loss is only on paper. They're still better off than renters who pay similar amounts and end up with an eventual value of zero. Yes, they're locked into high repayments, but that's the case even if prices stay the same. Possibly interest rates go down if you don't have housing contributing to inflation, which would help. Using https://www.rbnz.govt.nz/monetary-policy/inflation-calculator/: Wages have gone up 37% in the past decade. That would be equivalent to house prices dropping by 27% due to stagnation. The cost of housing would need to drop by 62% to return to the equivalent of the price a decade ago. And they were already unaffordable a decade ago. Unless you're planning on massive wage inflation, waiting a decade for an inadequate remedy doesn't strike me as a good plan.
  8. Beyond's box office was a 26% drop from Into Darkness's.
  9. ...then they shouldn't have let the asset prices go so high in the first place. House prices absolutely need to plummet. And the only solution is building more houses and apartments. Investors automatically cease to be a problem if the government is committed to keeping house prices low through guaranteed supply. Most homeowners aren't really any worse off if prices fall; they have to live somewhere, and it doesn't matter if they don't get as much from selling their current house if the new one is also much cheaper than before.
  10. The Wrath of Khan? Star Trek Beyond? Not "failures", but significant drops in box office following flawed prior installments. and TLJ had a 35% drop in box office compared to TFA; that wouldn't be considered "extremely successful" for any other sequel. It seems pretty obvious to me that box office for a film in a series is going to be strongly affected by the previous film. It's nothing to do with grumbling online - quite the opposite, the vast majority of the filmgoing public don't pay any attention to the conversation around the film. They just think "another Star Wars film - the last one was [great/disappointing], so I'll [see/skip] this one". It's impossible to decide whether or not to see a film based on the overall quality of the film, because you need to see it in order to evaluate it. You can only guess what you're likely to think about it based on limited advance information. For most people, that's mostly the trailer, and for sequels, the prior installments. Disney spend three years establishing a tradition of new Star Wars at Christmas, then released Solo seven months early. I'm sure that didn't do it any good.
  11. Maybe Khan was originally a title, and they were all Khans? Khan Noonien Singh, Khan Bob Dobbs, etc.
  12. I think it's Eugenics Wars plural. So the first Eugenics War is in the 90s, and there's another between the Second Civil War and WWIII. They're all interconnected, so people are often imprecise in talking about them. So Spock's "The mid-1990s was the era of your last so-called World War" is talking about a series of wars beginning with the secret Eugenics War in the 1990s and culminating in the somewhat less secret WWIII. Of course, all this retconning will look just as silly as the original version in a couple of decades from now
  13. I always like it when they turn up in my feed. I don't follow them, but they get retweeted a lot.
  14. Yes, and they convert droplets to mist with 100% efficiency, without absorbing any of the moisture at all, or even slowing it down so it doesn't travel as far. Amazing, really. And of course mist doesn't exist in nature; people only breath out large droplets. I bet we wouldn't have a pandemic at all if not for masks.
  15. The problem is that each new voice is just a drop in the ocean. New views and ideas are taken onboard, but they don't get to outvote the existing members of the collective. We're seeing more obvious change now in Picard with just two voices.
  16. And presumably they wanted to reuse the same film reels in different countries, so they had to wait till the local release was over before they'd be available to stick on boats to send around the world.
  17. Another issue is that for any ad-supported service, the users are the product, not the customer. Even limited advertising shifts the focus of a company for the worse.
  18. You are also only one person, not most people. Assuming more than about one and a third people exist, which seems like a safe assumption since I'm confident I'm more than a third of a person all by myself.
  19. The new actress is pretty much the same age Whoopi was when she first appeared on TNG, and she certainly shouldn't look older in 2024 than she does in 2365.
  20. It seemed likely, yes; the big question is why it matters so much to Q. "Your father can root around out there in the dirt while your brother toils away at school." It's well-established that Federation medicine can't cure everything; Jean-Luc's own Irumodic Syndrome, for a start. And shielding him from Yvette's unpredictable episodes without separating them entirely isn't a trivial matter. They might live in a chateau, but they're citizens of the Federation, not modern-day capitalists. Why would anyone want to act as their staff? Yes, I'm sure "thingy" would have been a much better storyline than what they actually wrote.
  21. But also Khonshu is a raving loony who does a terrible job of making his case, and the gods are disinclined to trust him at the best of times and in this specific matter they really don't want him to be right because then they'd be obliged to do something about it. I liked finding out what was up with the rest of the pantheon. I wouldn't rule out moving the moon, but rewinding the entire galaxy seems a bit much. Rather than strictly visual, my guess is he controls the sky that people believe in, which originates in what they see but isn't the same thing (we know intellectually that stars are other suns, but mostly we don't feel it). It's real enough in some sense to show up on camera.
  22. Presumably because it's what he's paid to do. It's reasonable to assume that attempting to stop escaping prisoners is in the job description without requiring it to be explicitly stated onscreen. Facts, yes, but "evil" is an opinion. It's possible for two people to reach different opinions on something despite having access to all the same facts.
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