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  1. lady narcissa


    I've been going to the same hair stylist since 1991. A woman in my class always had a fabulously cut bob so I asked her who she went to and that was that. Its really nice to be able to sit down in the chair and not have to give instructions or wonder what my hair will look like at the end. I vary between going regularly every 8 weeks to letting 6 months pass without a haircut. I've pretty much had a straight bob most of my adult life, I let him live it up once and give me layers but that was the end of my experimenting. He doesn't harass me and try to convince me to do something different and he never even brings up changing my hair color or adding highlights because he knows I will say no. He every now and then tries to torment me by pretending he has found a swath of grey hairs, ha! Someday it will be true and we will deal with it. I honestly don't know what I will do when he someday retires. I hope that is a long time from now.
  2. lady narcissa

    YA Hugo Nominations, 2019 Dublin

    Awesome. I sadly think I will have an easier time coming up with 6 YA artists this year to nominate than novels. Just to see what is out there and what is getting the media buzz on YA science fiction / fantasy to read this year, I'm going to start hunting down some of these lists and listing the books they are listing here. Take these lists with a lot of salt! But it might give us some titles to discuss and if anyone has read any of them, please let us know what you think of them. To start, Seventeen Magazine's 21 Best YA Novels of 2018 (so far) includes the following science fiction / fantasy novels: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black Everless by Sarah Holland The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton Dread Nation by Justina Ireland List can be found here: https://www.seventeen.com/life/g15072627/best-ya-books-2018/
  3. lady narcissa

    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    I have read no new Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance this year. Nothing has been calling out to me. But I was so tired of reading other books that were just not sucking me in that I found myself rereading the entire Sookie Stackhouse series. Its been super enjoyable. And its been nice to have had this non stop period of reading where I've been enjoying myself with some light fun reading. I don't know what I'm going to do when I finish the series in the next day or so. Also, if I might pimp a friends book...for those of you that enjoy fantasy romance, Grace Draven is coming out next month with the first book in a series called Phoenix Unbound. She has done pretty well self-publishing her own novels for the past few years but this is being published by Penguin and her editor is Anne Sowards who edits Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher, Anne Bishop, etc. So that is pretty exciting for her. And she is an excellent writer. So some of you might enjoy it. Plus on Kindle pre-order right now its only $4.99.
  4. Saw "Crazy Rich Asians" this weekend and it was enjoyable. The book has a lot of cultural details in it from food to architecture to fashion and I enjoyed seeing these brought to life on the big screen. Normally with a rom-com like this I wouldn't feel the need to see it on the big screen but there are so many rich details in every scene that this is the rare exception. Boy did the food look delicious! The book makes use of social media in the story for the spread of gossip around the globe and I liked how the movie visually represented that. All in all an enjoyable fun movie. I've also been binging the most recent season of "Younger". Strangely I don't get the TVland channel but I can watch the show on demand for free. This season has been thoroughly enjoyable. I love that they brought their version of GRRM - Edward L.L. Moore author of the best selling fantasy series The Crown of Kings - back for another episode. Even if they are nothing alike except for being fantasy authors with double middle initials!
  5. lady narcissa

    Hugo Nominations and Awards - Onwards to 2019

    I'd just like to request that if recommendations are made that the author as well as the title be named. Also, if its a short story or something not sold under its title name that you name the publication its included in. Some people have done this but sometimes its just titles being named and while a person might be eventually able to track down what has been listed, it certainly helps the recommended work if more information is provided. While maybe the majority of people reading this thread might be familiar with the titles, not everyone is.
  6. lady narcissa

    YA Hugo Nominations, 2019 Dublin

    Looks interesting @Lily Valley thanks for providing the link! So potentially a novel nominee as well as artist then? Speaking of art, I know this is a thread for the YA novel nomination but I think this might also be a good spot to talk about artists connected to YA novels that might not get too much attention in the Hugo thread. Plus assuming one likes YA novels they might also like art related to YA novels? There is so much great YA fanart out on the internet on tumblr and the like. A lot of these artists are female and young but still talented. Sometimes the books they are drawing art for might not be award quality and thus maybe their art gets overlooked as a result. But one artist I have noticed is Charlie Bowater. I first came across her because of the fanart she has done for Sarah J. Maas's novels. I knew Maas was a fan of her art and that elements of her art had actually been incorporated into the two most recent Maas covers. But in looking at her website for this I just realized she actually did the cover for a novel I thought had a really good looking cover the other year - An Enchantment of Ravens - and that she is doing the cover for Brandon Sanderson's upcoming YA novel. So professional artist as well as fan artist. Just perhaps someone to keep our eyes on to see what she puts out this year: http://www.charliebowater.net/
  7. lady narcissa

    Lost Brotherhood Without Banners Edition

    Not a one of us is a medical doctor? How did that happen???? I could have sworn someone told me they were a nurse this weekend though.
  8. lady narcissa

    Lost Brotherhood Without Banners Edition

    Yes, they will be the Rose and Bernard of our island. I hope to god there is no smoke monster...
  9. lady narcissa

    Worldcon 2020: Wellington New Zealand

    Yes, they were advertising on their website regarding the dates and seem to be having an airfare sale for the first 6 months or so. Regarding Chicago, if you want to know anything Chicago related for your trip or if you have time for a quick hey when you are here, let me know. But I know with work travel there is sometimes no time for anything non-work related.
  10. lady narcissa

    Lost Brotherhood Without Banners Edition

    It will, of course, have been Pod's fault. I will be in what is left of the luggage hold foraging through the luggage to see who smuggled a saw or other useful tools in their suitcase so I can start getting building material together to build a shelter. I might also be grabbing any chocolate I come across and hiding it. I think the X's will be distracted by all the unusual birds and the potential to increase their birding numbers for the year.
  11. The 2018 Hugos are over. Awards were awarded. The old thread has topped out and is closed. http://www.thehugoawards.org/ Here are the statistics for the votes and nominations for 2018: https://www.worldcon76.org/images/publications/2018DetailedResults.pdf Thoughts? Concerns? Squees? And onwards to 2019....what have you read and seen that you think you might be nominating? If you make a recommendation, please name the author as well as the title. Also, if its a short story or something not sold under its title name please name the publication its included in. Also, what award are you recommending it for? Best Novel? Best Novella? Best Novelette? Best Short Story? Best Series? Also, not attending Worldcon but want to participate and vote for the Hugo awards? This is achieved by purchasing a Supporting Membership for Dublin 2019 which will allow you to nominate and vote for the Hugo awards for 2019. Details regarding purchasing a Supporting Membership can be found here: https://dublin2019.com/join-us/ ETA: There is also a separate thread specifically to discuss the YA - Not a Hugo But Given out at the Hugos - Lodestar Award:
  12. lady narcissa

    Worldcon 2020: Wellington New Zealand

    I had no idea about direct flights from Chicago! Just looked at the flight times and they've got 16 hours to New Zealand and 14 hours for the return flight. And its less expensive than I would have thought.
  13. lady narcissa

    Hugo time! Your packet is available! 2018

    I could buy more into the argument of agendas and politics at play for the Hugos in general if the nominations and votes were made by a very small select closed committee as in other literary awards. However, there are thousands of people who are able to nominate and vote for the Hugo/Campbell/YA awards from all over the world. And the reality is the majority choose not to participate in nominating and voting. Last year for Helsinki there were 10,516 Worldcon members. I don’t know the breakdown of the membership types so I don’t know how many of those were eligible to nominate for this year’s awards but let’s assume at minimum at least 5,000 were eligible. Yet looking at the nominations statistics for this year’s award, only 1,534 people chose to nominate books for Best Novel and the numbers only went down from there for the other categories – down to 344 nominations for Best Fan Artist. The reality is it doesn’t take a large number of nominations to get onto the Hugo ballot for a number of categories. Only 57 nominating votes were needed to be on the ballot for the Campbell award, 69 for Best Short Story, and 52 for the YA Award. Within the 5,000 members any number of groups have the opportunity to get together and take over a category or two the way the Sad Puppies did a few years ago. And then stepping away from the nominations to the awards themselves…again you have low voter turnout. I don’t think they have officially announced the number of memberships for San Jose but if I remember correctly the number they stated at the Closing Ceremonies I think we can again go with 5,000 eligible to vote for the awards. Yet only 2,336 voted for Best Novel, 1,996 voted for Short Story, 1,336 voted for YA, and 1,356 voted for the Campbell. It only took 324 votes to win the Campbell and 454 votes to win Short Story. So the reality is there might be an agenda for some members with their voting. To the extent the awards reflect that agenda…well it’s because they are the ones nominating and voting. Worldcon membership is not 100% female social justice warriors. If people have an issue with who and what is being nominated and winning, there is a way to change that. Worldcon memberships are open to everyone. It does not cost a large amount of money to get a membership that allows you to nominate and vote. And it does not take that many votes to get a nomination or a win.
  14. lady narcissa

    YA Hugo Nominations, 2019 Dublin

    I almost wonder if Novik is an author who could get hurt by this. If I had to guess I would guess most people wouldn't think to nominate the book in both categories but would go with one or the other and thus dilute the nomination in both categories. Uprooted got 715 nominations for Best Novel in 2016. If for the sake of guessing you assumed that same number for Spinning Silver but assumed 1/3 would nominate for Best Novel, 1/3 would nominate for the Lodestar, and 1/3 would nominate for both that would mean around 476 nominations for Best Novel which with 2016 numbers wouldn't be enough to land her a spot on the top 5. Of course this is all guesswork but I think it means it would be best to focus on one category for a single work rather than risk splitting the votes. I did purchase this book and have it sitting on my bookshelf but have yet to read it. I'm guessing you enjoyed it?
  15. lady narcissa

    YA Hugo Nominations, 2019 Dublin

    I was not familiar with this book but looking at it on amazon and goodreads it appears to be thought of as adult fantasy not YA fantasy. I generally find when looking at people's goodreads shelves that inevitably someone will categorize a book YA that I in no way think is YA. But in this instance not a single person has marked it as YA.