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  1. What I have been really fascinated by lately design wise is what I see on instagram. Half for the designs done and half for people doing the designing. Instagram is interesting because you get actual professional designers of the whole range - from the Architectural Digest set to smaller less known but very good designers. Then you get people with a whole range of tastes and styles decorating their homes and posting pictures of them - of these I tend to like those in England with medium sized manor houses and eclectic taste. But what fascinates me most are this set of stay at home moms in suburban homes who all have identical houses in layouts and style who manage to get very large followings of similarly situated followers. They get tons of free things from businesses because they have such large followings from carpets to decorative items to furniture and are constantly updating their homes with these free items and promoting them. All their houses look the same - white with mainly black and an accent of grey. Even the kids rooms are black, white, and grey. There is hardly any bright colors to be found except at Christmas when red comes in. Their followers aspire to copy their designs and will do their own homes as similarly as they can in hopes of getting a retweet and a follow. No judgement on this, its great they are able to find a creative outlet this way and free stuff for their houses. But I do find it fascinating to observe. And I wonder what they are all going to do with their Rae Dunn dishes when this all goes out favor.
  2. In the 1990s everything was beige. I was working on the construction of high rise high end condominiums at the time and everyone did their bathrooms and kitchens in shades of beige and brown. When I went looking for apartments for myself at that time I was hard pressed to find an apartment that did not have beige carpeting. I longed for grey and actually ultimately ended up paying more for a rental apartment that came with grey carpeting. So I certainly do not dislike grey, it is my preferred neutral color. But I do think the difference is a lot of people now use it as their only accent color while I use it as a neutral. Of course now you would be hard pressed to find beige anything. But I am sure it will be back.
  3. I used to enjoy that show too! HGTV used to have a nice series of decorating shows. It is a shame they didn't keep a few at least to have a better mix of shows. I don't need to know how to gut a small town or suburban house and make it all modern white and grey. I'd like a few shows where they just focused simply on decorating a single room with furniture and accessories. And I miss the Design Star show too. This is pretty much me. I have furniture ranging from my great-grandfather's Victorian secretary desk to my grandparents' 1930s faux Jacobean dining set to an IKEA bed and bookcases I made to Eileen Grey sidetables. My walls are also white because of the color from everything else and also I rotate in colored accessories (pillows, tablecloths, pictures) 4 times a year - red in winter, green in spring, blue in summer, and orange in fall. There is not one wall that is empty - if there isn't a bookcase in front of it, there are pictures. My pictures range from 18th century engravings of English architecture to NYC/Chicago construction photographs to a picture I took from the front piece of a Judy Bolton girl detective book from the 1930s, scanned, and printed at 5' high. My knick knacks are somewhat minimal because of lack of shelf space due to too many books but I do have a few glass, wood, and ceramic pieces.
  4. I wasn't able to watch this for the past few months but finally spent this weekend doing my favorite thing with these type shows - watching 12 episodes in a row so I am pretty much caught up and now can keep everyone straight. I am still baffled by MTV's lack of repeated airing of this show. And I am curious who they think the audience for this show is? With the endless 80s music featured are they thinking only GenX is tuning in? Or is 80s music popular with younger viewers? The one thing that has been interesting for me with this season is the minimized drunken brawls / relationship dramas included in the episodes. I have not watched any of the recent seasons before this one so I do not know if there has been a gradual shift over the years towards this. And I don't know if there just wasn't anything worth including this season or a deliberate choice on the producers part. But my recollection of the original years of the Challenge type shows was a lot of hooking up and endless drunken evenings and screaming matches. Some with this round but much less. Its in some ways nice to just have the main focus be on the challenges and I especially enjoy seeing all the gorgeous Iceland locations featured in them. I don't have the streaming service so I don't think I will be watching All Stars unless they actually air it on MTV. But again you wonder who their target audience is for these shows.
  5. Thanks @Fragile Bird and @Tears of Lys ! I think what I am really trying to understand with both the basil and the mint is if I cut off a branch or a stem, will that cut off growth at that point or will it split and start again from that point? For example, I have a jade plant and a branch broke off but now I have two new branches growing from the cut point - will basil and mint do this? Or will from the roots, the plants generate and send up new branches? I have a shamrock/oxalis plant that is constantly sending new shoots up from the roots as the old ones die off. My mint is in a pot and there are 6 branches that have grown 11" high. They are very orderly and contained just getting to the point where I'm wondering how much higher they can go before they start leaning over. And I'd like to use some. But if I cut off a branch is that the end of it? Or will it regrow?
  6. Just a couple of side effects of the vaccine that I have not noticed discussed here... Earlier this year I read an article about a woman who felt a lump in her breast, went to the doctor and had a mammogram and it was subsequently determined that the Covid vaccine is causing some lymph nodes to temporarily swell. It's gotten to the point where many ob/gyn doctors seem to be aware and up on this and there are now numerous articles regarding this. Looks like people are being advised to push back mammograms if they have had the vaccine. More recently I have seen discussions on twitter regarding people experiencing irregularities with their period and heavy menstrual bleeding after getting the vaccine. And some mentions of people with fibroids thinking the fibroids have swollen after the vaccine (maybe like the lymph nodes?). Of course discussions on twitter are not scientific but discussions there led to it heading towards the research point now: https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/9/22374523/covid-vaccine-period-heavy-survey If you have had the vaccine or if when you get it you notice any irregularities in the pelvic area, consider contributing to the survey that is linked in the article. Awareness of these symptoms and any correlation to the vaccine does not seem to have gotten down to most ob/gyn doctors yet. My doctor had not had anyone else call regarding these type of symptoms. I suspect we might see more reports regarding this as less elderly and more middle aged and younger get the vaccine.
  7. The best thing I did last year was take the time to order a good chair for my home to sit on while working from home. Please do this as well! And, if you can, spend money on a "good" chair because that is an investment in your body worth spending on. As good an investment as a trainer. I have a Aeron chair (by Herman Miller) at work which I love but I knew that wasn't going to work for my home but I went on the Herman Miller website and found another chair that would work, ordered colors samples which came right away, made my decision, and ordered it. The nice thing about ordering direct from the Herman Miller website is all your custom options are right there. Some of the chairs come in different sizes depending on your size. Others you can change the seat material - I need a mesh seat so this was great. You can get wheels or not get wheels. Plus many of them are great for sitting/working/posture as well as nice looking. Despite the customization it only took 3 weeks for the chair to arrive and it has been a life saver for sitting at home all day. I have no connection to Herman Miller, I just think they make good products, they make them in Michigan and ship direct to your home, and this limits your choices if you are overwhelmed by chairs.
  8. Not quite the same price point but I purchased a replica of the cane/wand Lucius Malfoy's character carries in the Harry Potter movies. It's 4 feet high. I too have zero use for a cane. But I have it in my umbrella stand in my entrance - which maybe sounds out of the way but its not and instead its really like a sculpture on display in my entrance. So not to talk you into purchasing your cane but something like that can always be treated as a work of art and mounted on a wall and enjoyed just for the way it looks like a sculpture. It doesn't have to be functional. Although as I joke, someday I might actually need a cane, in which case I am all set!
  9. We had a semester course in high school that was just reading Ulysses. The teacher was probably the best English teacher at my school and he was incredibly passionate about Joyce so the course was as much him as Ulysses and that made it work. That along with reading it over the course of 4 months with a group of friends. But yeah, I don't think I could just read it on my own for fun.
  10. @LongRider Very envious that you have all those books to read for the first time. Since you are coming at this from having just read about Cromwell and the Tudors, maybe start with her first book The Sunne in Splendour which is about Richard III and the end of the War of the Roses which prefaces the Tudors nicely.
  11. Can you provide more information on the "trimming" and what pieces should be trimmed and where to trim? I probably won't use the correct terms but - do I but off some branches from the main stalk? Or do I cut out entire stalks? Or both?
  12. Thanks! I'm good with no measurements, I've got the gist. And I've never met a recipe I did not change. But this will get me started and give me something to do with my mint that is growing like crazy.
  13. Yes for getting a professional. But in the meantime use the old fashioned mouse traps with the thinnest layer of peanut butter. Mice are clever, if you put cheese on them they can just get the cheese without triggering the trap. Same with a thicker layer of peanut butter, they can somehow get some of it off without triggering the snap. But a very thin layer is enough to tempt them and get them. Put the trap on the center of a piece of newspaper so you don't have to touch the trap and mouse, you can just pick up the newspaper from the edges, when picking it up to dispose of it. Also, if you do seal up any holes, pack the space behind with steel wool before sealing it up. And do not have any open food anywhere or any food in cardboard or plastic packages - everything should be in metal or glass or Tupperware like containers that they can't chew through. They can get into your cabinets so this goes for any food in your house except in your fridge/freezer.
  14. Thanks for sharing the information. I do get that. I am probably okay with that so long as he keeps writing the Peter stories - and enjoys writing them and has fresh stories to tell. But I do feel it speaks well for this world he created when the stories are not dependent on Peter being in them. Not all authors are so successful when trying to broaden their universes.
  15. I need this recipe, please! I have way more mint from my mint plant than I know what to do with so this seems a perfect way to use it.
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