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  1. Great! Well when you and anyone else interested in Howth gets a better idea of your schedules and has a day that works in mind, let me know. I've just been yesterday and they are really fantastic and worth seeing. I don't know that its worth traveling all the way across Ireland as a day trip, however. Unless its your only trip ever to Ireland and this is your one and only chance to see them. Then perhaps, maybe. I've been staying on the west coast the past few days so it was an easy journey there for me but there is so much to see in the area and it would be better to wait till you have some time to see the area properly I think. Anyway, I'll be heading over to Dublin tomorrow. Probably won't get to the con area until 5/6ish. If any plans arise for meeting up for dinner or later in the evening, if someone could post here or send me a PM it would be appreciated.
  2. Great! I'm heading to Ireland today so will be less online this next week until the convention but we can chat there and figure out the details. See you next week!
  3. lady narcissa

    Board Issues 4

    On my cell phone I access this site through the internet browser, I don't use an app. I never have had any problem before until I got my new phone this week. Now every time I come to this site I get pop ups telling me my phone has been hacked or compromised. I don't get this on any other site I look at. It goes away if I go to another site.
  4. Great! Let me know what dates you'll be there and what dates work for you? For example, does the Tuesday after the con work for you for going to Gelndalough? For anyone interested in going to Glengalough (or anyone who has experience getting there), I've found this bus which goes direct from Dublin there but it leaves midday and would then limit the time we have there and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any other options? http://www.glendaloughbus.com/default.aspx There are also day trip tours that go there but they also go to multiple other locations so again, time limited.
  5. Great! Let me know your schedule, i.e. what days will you be there, what days work best for you. ROTF! I remember this! I was so sad/glad I got there the next day and missed out on this outing. I most likely would skip these steps. I have found a bus that goes there or alternatively if feeling very lazy, several tours go direct from Dublin.
  6. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week! In the event anyone has time and interest for doing some touristy things when in Dublin, I thought I'd throw out a couple of things I'm considering doing outside of Dublin usual touristy things... - Taking the boat to Howth and having a stroll around the coast there. The boat leaves from right near the convention center on the river. Then it is a quick train ride back to Dublin. This would be contingent on it not pouring. Probably a half a day trip. Some of us went to Howth when attending Octocon back in 2009(?) and really enjoyed it. http://www.visithowth.ie/ - Anyone into historic houses? I'm going to pop out to Castletown House one afternoon for a look around the house and grounds. Looks like there is a bus we can take out there. http://castletown.ie/ - Glendalough. Would be a full day so would probably do this the Tuesday after the con (August 20). No idea how I would get there yet but I'm exploring options. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glendalough If anyone would be interested in doing any of these things, let me know. I'm arriving in Dublin on Thursday and then won't be going home until Wednesday the 21st so will be fitting these in as I can amidst the usual con activities.
  7. lady narcissa

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    We are having the most delightful Plover experience this summer in Chicago. A pair nested on Montrose Beach (on Lake Michigan) and have been named Monty and Rose. They have had adventures with eggs and waves and a music fest needing to be moved and volunteers 24/7 to make sure they are not disturbed and now there are two little chicks running about for 2 weeks now. (They sadly lost the 3rd.) It's been so much fun to read the daily updates.
  8. lady narcissa

    Hugo Nominations and Awards - Votes are due July 31st

    Yikes votes are due tomorrow! I had great hopes of reading more than I have but at this point I'll have to go with what I have. Anyone care to share what they are voting for? Besides Peadar for the Lodestar Award for YA Novel that is...
  9. Oh and sorry for the double post but I think its worth its own post to remind people up here who don't travel down to the Literature Forum...votes are due tomorrow - July 31st - for the Hugo awards. Anyone who is going to Worldcon this year can vote. At a minimum vote for Peadar for the Lodestar Award for YA Novel
  10. I would be up for a group meetup on Thursday. I know there is a Wild Cards trivia panel with GRRM and Peadar on Thursday afternoon which presumably a number of people from here might go to. Arranging something after that might be doable since a number of us would already be grouped together for it.
  11. lady narcissa

    Trailer Thread V

    And his wife. And Ben Affleck. And Matt Damon. And...so on. I'm just glad that apparently Mark Hamill has enough work these days so he doesn't have to appear in this this time around.
  12. lady narcissa

    A Brooklyn State of Mind

    I can't comment on Brooklyn, but as to the above, as others have said, yes, you should get them a gift. Do not try to be creative. If they have a wedding registry just pick out an item from that. If they don't have a registry just get them a gift certificate to a restaurant in the location of where they will be living after marriage. And keep it to a price range within your budget.
  13. lady narcissa

    Third Quarter 2019 Reading

    You know, I find it so much easier to read about dinosaurs and other real but long extinct things struggling in extreme weather situations and ultimately dying out in a mass extinction million of years ago than I do fictional characters in fictional situations like in Jemisin's books. Go figure. So yes, I've got that book as part of the Hugo readers packet from that year but I have not made it through yet because it just depressed me.
  14. lady narcissa

    His Dark Materials Series

    Yeah, everyone/thing looks very good. I love the look of Pan. Adorable! And that of all the actors. Although I did also really like the casting in the film. To this day when I reread the books I still picture Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. They just looked perfect to me. I'm sure I will grow to appreciate James McAvoy and Ruth Wilson once the new version is out, however.
  15. lady narcissa

    Trailer Thread V

    This is just depressing. I loved the first one...or if this is a reboot, should I call it the original? I appreciate Kevin Smith wanting to give Jason Mewes the opportunity to make some money. That's some kind of friendship. But this just looks pathetic. I loved Dogma and Chasing Amy. I wish Kevin Smith would go back to doing original interesting material like those instead of this. The Cats trailer is just mind boggling. I enjoyed the stage production many decades ago and endlessly listened to the Broadway and London stage production soundtracks. But I'm going to take a hard miss on seeing this movie in the theater. Jennifer Hudson signing Memories sounds pretty great though so the soundtrack might be worth checking out.