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  1. You can zoom in here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1RUsWYu70oa2Ku617OcJupS0c-vGFulCW&ll=39.79510521942545%2C-89.26651350000003&z=6 The 4th district has been tweaked but overall retains its lovely ridiculous shape and area and I assume Chuy will be okay. I will be delighted with this redistricting if only for the simple fact that I will finally be out of Danny Davis' district! Of course a carved out portion of my tiny neighborhood remains in his district.
  2. Well for the first time I was a bit disappointed by an Anne Cleeves mystery. Just read her newest - The Heron's Cry - which is the second in the Matthew Venn series. It was a bit boring...if one can call a novel with murder, boring. I liked the murder and the murder weapon but the ultimate investigation and resolution fell a bit flat. But I'm just not taking to Matthew and the side characters the way I have taken to the characters in Cleeves' other series. And while I love the location - the north coast of Devon which I have visited before and I can visualize the locations - I just don't feel like Cleeves is really doing it justice the way she does with her other locations. I've had a really good run with Cleeves mysteries so I suppose its okay that this is the only one of hers that hasn't really worked for me.
  3. My 80-something parents got their booster shots yesterday. Bizarrely the hospital system which has been a huge supplier of the vaccine in our area is not administering the booster so they ended up going to the drugstore (Walgreens) to get it. Easy sign ups online. Able to get an appointment for the same day. No wait. Glad they were able to get it. I'm contemplating getting the booster myself. My 6 months from last dose isn't until next month so I will at least wait for that. If I get it before the middle of December I can technically qualify for it by saying I am teaching...which I am, but I'm teaching online this semester because I refused to teach in person. But most of the university is in person and they don't ask for that detail. If I thought I was preventing someone in need from getting one if I got one, I would not. But the doses and appointments seem to be readily available right now so that does not seem to be the case. I will probably wait until I've had my annual with my internist and see what she says.
  4. I actually ended up reading it recently. I got it on Kindle for cheap and just decided to give it a try. I'm curious to hear if you think it is 'horror' at all because my impression was it was pretty horror-light. Actually for a book billed as Gothic horror, I found it pretty wishy washy on both...as if the people billing it as such, had never read much of either. Window dressings of both maybe. I ended up skimming it and was baffled by the attention and hype it got.
  5. Ser Scot, hope your daughter recovers quickly and easily. I've just returned from making a brief appearance at what is undoubtedly a Covid spreading event. I was already a bit concerned about the event so had planned on only stopping by, but it was even worse than I envisioned. It was my cousin's bridal shower, it was indoors in a not large space with poor ventilation. No one was wearing a mask. As more people arrived, it got louder and louder and everyone stood together closely basically shouting at one another. If even one person in that group has unsystematic Covid, I can see the bulk of the people in the room getting it from this event. My aunt expressed dismay to me that some of the ladies had embraced and hugged her...my aunt is a doctor, was unmasked, and somehow felt unable to say no. Meanwhile, I stayed near the door and refused anyone who wanted to embrace or hug me - some non relatives were offended by this and I did not care! My cousins understood and put masks on when talking to me...but then took them off as soon as we were done. I was double masked in a N95 mask and a cloth mask. I only went because it was a few blocks from my house and I just wanted to show up and support my cousin since its been such a sucky year with the wedding being endlessly delayed. I left after 20 minutes. I am not going to the wedding.
  6. "So" Which when I can think of nothing else to follow it up with, I fill in by adding "do la fa me do re"
  7. There are deaths directly caused by Covid and then there are the deaths that happened because of Covid that will never feed into the official numbers but are caused by it none the less. Case in point....today in Violence Court in Cook County, Illinois (which is the county Chicago is in) - a man appeared, charged with murdering a 16 year old. He was previously - last August - charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm but prosecutors dropped the case "due to Covid". If only they had pushed forward with the charges, he might have taken a plea deal and served some time and that 16 year old would still be alive today. So many what ifs.
  8. Oh yikes, no fun. Is there a Marianos near you? I typically buy theirs instead of Jewels.
  9. It's even more painful to read if you live in Chicago since the Chicago in his book is not really Chicago. (He originally wrote the first book as set in Kansas City but there is another series set in Kansas City so it was advised he change the location so he looked at a globe, spotted Chicago and decided to set it there...but didn't change anything except the name of the city. Ugh.)
  10. Well Chicago is now averaging over 400 cases a day so we are moving back to mandatory masks in all indoor spaces starting Friday. The mandate is super specific going so far as to say people in corridors and other common areas of condominiums need to be wearing masks. The city doctor in charge of the health department in making the announcement was all this is not something to be 'alarmed' about but something we should be 'concerned' about. Back in the winter on the worst days we were averaging 1,200 cases a day so this is still off from that. But of course it is a mistake to only consider Chicago in isolation since we have people from Indiana and Wisconsin and other states coming through here every day as well as other parts of Illinois. Southern Illinois is faring far worse right now with a much higher rate of cases - they are at a 10% positive rate while Chicago is only at 4%. Looking at the Illinois tracker it looks like we had a day this week with over 9,000 cases in one day. Schools have started back but all schools in Illinois are under a mandatory mask mandate by the Governor so hopefully that will help keep those numbers from going up even more.
  11. Thanks! I wasn't expecting a whole additional episode like that but it did help get me clear on everyone. And it was interesting to see that the non-Americans got to get those fact sheets on everyone and scope out who they wanted to partner with so it wasn't quite as random as Episode 1 made it look. I was curious about what happened to Nam during Episode 1 so I looked at a couple of articles and it looks like its still a bit unclear but it unfortunately seems to be due to a Covid outbreak after the filming of the beginning of the first episode. I guess they actually had to take a couple weeks break as a number of the players came down with it. Either Nam got it and didn't recover soon enough or he had to leave due to schedule conflicts due to the delay - both reasons were stated in different articles. One of the things that impressed me about last season was how they were able to successfully film the series while Covid was going on without vaccines in place then. I read a few articles about how they handled it and it was really impressive how well thought out and run the whole process was. So it was a bit surprising about the outbreak for this season but apparently vaccinations were not required for participants. I was thinking with Episodes 0 and 1 there was a lot more focus on the personal relationships / possible hookups than last season. It's more what I remember from earlier Challenge seasons. Apparently while filming was on hold during the outbreak, the non-infected participants had to all stay in the house and it was very much the party house and drove the relationships forward. So I guess we will be seeing more of that this season.
  12. That was such a helpful review. I've been wavering about if I wanted to read this or not since it came out. But your review has swayed me towards reading it.
  13. Enjoyed the first episode! But so much going on and enough new faces that I will need re-watch before I can take everything in.
  14. I got derailed from the Mercy Thompson series after #8. It wasn't that I disliked the series, but I think I started #9 and got interrupted and never finished it. I did pick the subsequent books up whenever the ebooks were on offer so I have kept up with purchasing them. In any case I was reminded of them because amazon had the 12th one today as one of their deals of the day so I picked up it. Having 9-12 to read now, I think I will get back to them. Oh I did not think you were slandering her! I was just delighted to see the Plum reference as I love them. And everything you mentioned can be found in the Plum books, except dragons...although that being said, I would not be surprised to find a dragon tattoo mentioned if not a Komodo dragon reference.
  15. What do masks do? Well all I can say is on average I would historically get 5 colds a year. I have not had one since January 2020. The only significant change in my life since January 2020? I've been wearing a mask anytime I'm out and about since the end of February 2020. Even once Covid is behind us and mask mandates a thing of the past, I am never getting on an airplane or crowded elevator or train or bus again without a mask. I love them and I love not getting colds. Plus living in Chicago with our winters...my face has never been so warm in the winter, they are a forever winter staple for me going forward.
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