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  1. Back to back posting but I just came across an article I thought I'd share here. I don't know about any of you but I don't limit myself to "adult" books. I still read picture, children's, middle grade, and YA books. As I mentioned in the first thread it was the Nancy Drew, Judy Bolton, and Trixie Belden girl detective series that got me hooked on mysteries when I was a tween. So I've got a special fondness for girl detective series like that. Just read this article about such a series that I've been meaning to check out - the Murder Most UnLadylike series by Robin Stevens. https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/books/murder-most-unladylike-the-robin-stevens-series-brings-the-whodunnit-to-young-readers-1.3892209 I don't know if anyone has an interest in this or has a tween/teen in their life who might find it of interest. But I thought I'd share in case.
  2. This thread has gone from slightly dangerous to downright deadly. I'm going to have to use serious willpower to not order every book that sounds potentially interesting this month and hope I find a bunch of them at the used book fair later this summer.
  3. OOo you enjoy Sansom and C.S. Harris? I will for sure try the Sir Robert Carey series. I read the first Lady Emily book but I didn't continue. It was back around 2008 so I think its because the others weren't out at that time and I just failed to pick them up.
  4. lady narcissa

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    So the last thread reached capacity and has been closed. We are talking about the announcement that Benioff and Weiss will be running from Game of Thrones to take over the Star Wars universe with their first movie slated to come out in 2022. We might be talking about other upcoming projects from tv shows to games and other things I can't keep up with . Some of us might occasionally make a comment about how we didn't like The Last Jedi even though we aren't Russian bots and how we are pinning our last hopes on The Rise of Skywalker to save the franchise for us. Others will be talking about how great everything is. Some might talk with upcoming dread about JJ's potential use of flare lens and how small space is under his control. But really, anything Star Wars goes here. (Except for SWs books - there's another thread for that!)
  5. I agree not his best but compared to others, still very good. But nothing will ever equal Heartstone for me. That is my absolute favorite. Regarding Kett's Rebellion, that was actually something covered in some of my college Tudor history classes. But I didn't remember any of the specifics other than it was one of the many Tudor rebellions we had covered. I came away with a clearer understanding of it after reading Sansom, however, than I did in those classes back then! Of the series you listed, I've read a couple of the Falco. I enjoyed those. My mother has acquired a few more so I will continue with those. I've had the first SPQR book sitting on my bookshelf for a good few years now, I keep meaning to start it but I did pick it up after a friend highly recommended it. As for a recommendation for a medieval mystery, Sharon Kay Penman - who is a most excellent historical fiction writer whose historical is always incredibly accurate - wrote a 4 book mystery series. The Queen's Man is the first in the series. As I mentioned above, I was a huge fan of any mystery book based on a PBS Mystery series in the 1980s. They did some Campions back then and I found the series through that although I only read a few. I've got The Fashion in Shrouds on my shelf which was my favorite of the tv series. I need to read more though. I've read one of the M.C. Beaton Hamish MacBeths. It was set a Christmastime - I'm big into seasonal holiday reading. amazon regularly puts those on offer so I might pick up a few more next time they are on offer. My mom has been piling the Louise Penny's up on me. I've got a huge stash. I would really like to read an Australian based mystery! Sadly I think other than The Thorn Birds and a few historical romances, I've never read a book set in Australia. That should change. Speaking of locations, I also have a stash of Donna Leon's Commissario Brunetti mysteries set in Venice that I also want to read. Anyone read these?
  6. lady narcissa

    Star Wars Thread: Don't Get Cocky

    Let's just hope they don't include a poor droid being abandoned by their owner when they go off to battle the Evil Empire V3 so that the cgi money can be spent on creating Death Star V4.
  7. lady narcissa

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    Thanks for that information. Although now I will forever be worrying about them in the winter and wondering how they are doing and continuing to worry if I don't spot them sometime in the spring!
  8. I would not normally know so much about him but it was only because of the lack of information for 4 years about the next book that sent me hunting down every little corner of the internet every 6 months or so desperate for an update. I must have just looked right before Tombland was announced because I didn't find anything last year and then when I looked again this winter, it was already out! I was going to link the video of the interview Sansom gave for the release of Tombland whilst in Norwich Cathedral but sadly they've made it password protected. Too bad, it was really interesting as he talked about his research and various characters and events in the story as well as other things Tudor such as Elizabeth and his admiration for Catherine Parr.
  9. lady narcissa

    Star Wars Thread: Don't Get Cocky

    I think Peter Dinklage would be most excellent in the SWs universe.
  10. I've read and enjoyed a few Josephine Tey's but I've a few more to go. Ruth Rendell I've tried and enjoyed a few. The others are all new to me so that is great! Ha ha yes this is a problem for me too. I have a ton of books on my TBR pile but I am still greedy to learn of and accumulate more. Lots of new-to-me suggestions here! Shall for sure check out the Boris Akunin one. And regarding Sansom, yeah he I think is in remission currently but cancer is what greatly delayed his most recent book. At one point he feared he would die before he finished it and sounds like he went into great depression over this which delayed it even further. He thinks he has another idea for a next one but wants to be more detached from it and wants it to be shorter in case his cancer comes back because he can't handle the idea of not finishing a story he starts. There was an interview he did in conjunction with the release of his last book that is about an hour long and interesting that I will hunt up in case any other Sansom fans are interested. Christie is just so timeless. Throughout her books she's got these observations on people that even though they were written decades ago could be written today. People and human nature doesn't change and her books reflect this. I enjoyed them a lot as a teen but I really enjoy them now. And I better appreciate things in them now that I missed back then. I no longer have my paperback collection as I got rid of them in a misguided I'll never reread these again period in my 20s but I'm slowing acquiring them in ebook format now. amazon has them on offer every now and then for $1.99 so I scope them up when they do.
  11. I had to chuckle when I saw the nominations for the MTV Movie and TV awards....U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has scored 4 nominations. My personal favorite is in the category for Best Fight... Best Fight“Avengers: Endgame” – Captain America vs. Thanos“Captain Marvel” – Captain Marvel vs. Minn-Erva“Game of Thrones” – Arya Stark vs. the White Walkers“RBG” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg vs. Inequality“WWE Wrestlemania” – Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair I really hope she wins this category! https://variety.com/2019/film/news/avengers-endgame-game-of-thrones-rbg-lead-mtv-movie-tv-award-nominations-1203214680/
  12. lady narcissa

    Star Wars Thread: Don't Get Cocky

    That was pretty much my reaction to the announcement. I haven't even watched this last season of GOT but everything about it sounds pretty bad. They seem to be at their best when they have good source material to work with but when left to their own devices, not so much.
  13. lady narcissa

    Star Wars Thread: Don't Get Cocky

    Well the SWs movie slated for 2022 will be from Benioff and Weiss. https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-first-star-wars-films-after-rise-of-skywalker-will-1834749699?utm_medium=socialflow&utm_source=io9_twitter&utm_campaign=socialflow_io9_twitter
  14. Oh come back and report after you've read them. I haven't heard of either. I picked up a Swedish mystery and I believe a Norwegian mystery that are both new to me authors and series - the names of which I cannot remember as they are at home - but which seemed interesting. And I'd like to read more mysteries that take place in places other than the US and the UK. You mentioned Rankin, I read one of his and really enjoyed it. They are just on the pricey end in the US. I share mysteries with my mom so I always purchase physical copies and it ends up being cheaper to order them from the UK amazon then getting them in the US. As soon as we finish the Anne Cleves series we will probably move onto these. I believe I have the first Tana French Dublin Murder Squad. I need to give that one a go. Did you make it through the last Sansom? It was perhaps just slightly more than I ever wanted to know about Kett's Rebellion but I enjoyed it. I hope he is still able to continue writing despite his cancer.
  15. Ever since I was a tween and discovered the Nancy Drew, Judy Bolton and Trixie Belden girl detective series, I have been a huge fan of mysteries. As a teen I graduated to my grandma's Agatha Christie collection and then onto P.D. James and then basically any book that a PBS Mystery series was based on in the 1980s. And that was just the beginning. I've always gone through phases with certain genres but mysteries have remained a constant for me. How about you? Any favorites? I'm always looking for new-to-me mysteries. I will probably pass on the cat mysteries, however Current series and authors I am enjoying now... C.J. Sansom's Matthew Shardlake series - Tudor England historical C.S Harris' Sebastian St. Cyr series - Regency England historical J.K. Rowling...aka Robert Galbraith's Cormoran Strike series - contemporary England Anne Cleves - contemporary mysteries in the North East of England and the Shetland Islands Peter May - contemporary mysteries set in various locations but his Lewis Island trilogy is a stand out Some old favorites that I never tire of rereading... Elizabeth Peter's Amelia Peabody Victorian era Egyptian archeology series Elizabeth Peter's Vicky Bliss Art Historian with a side of the dashing John Smythe art thief series. Sarah Caudwell's Hilary Tamar contemporary Inns of Court series And of course, Dorothy Sayers and Agatha Christie.