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  1. lady narcissa

    Must do emergency travel

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mother and the rest of your family. Wishing you the safest of travels.
  2. lady narcissa

    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 4.0

    The cover glows in the dark? Oh my! Thanks for sharing that tidbit. I must procure it for sure then once this is all over.
  3. lady narcissa

    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 4.0

    I just started that this week as well. I got a little tripped up with the back and forth of the first few chapters. I didn't notice at first the months kept flipping and it was a bit confusing! But now I've gotten it straightened out. I normally order the English hardcover but didn't do so on time before quarantine set in and decided I needed a treat so purchased the ebook for now. Hope to get the hardcover once this is all over as I love these covers so much and like to have a physical copy for the shelves.
  4. lady narcissa

    Worldcon 2020: Wellington New Zealand

    I am so sorry for everyone that worked so hard on this and for those who were planning on having fabulous trips to New Zealand this summer. But I guess the silver lining is hopefully more people will be able to attend the conference virtually than were going to be able to travel in person? I for sure will be purchasing a membership so I can attend virtually this summer.
  5. lady narcissa

    The Books That Have Just Come Out: New Release Thread II

    I was born in NYC and I think its the NYC specific aspect of the new trilogy that intrigues me. I have all of Jemisin's previous books but have not yet been inclined to start them. This one just jumps out for me. I think especially with everything going on the in the world and NYC and cities and people living in them being so much on my mind these days. I will probably wait a few days, however. I'm not sure how to link to a tweet but Lauren Panepinto had a pretty interesting discussion on twitter about the creation of the cover, which was very interesting. There be tentacles...
  6. lady narcissa


    I've always been the sort to keep a pretty stocked refrigerator and pantry. And I've always bought TP and tissues in bulk. About 3 weeks ago before anything got official around here I did go out to the store and top everything off to make sure I had 2 months worth of things. Those were the normal items for me but then I also panicked stocked up on bulk treats from amazon - items I never normally purchase but have long shelf life and thought might sound good. (So far I am very thankful for the 5 lb bag of Jolly Ranchers I purchased!) I also went and topped off my medicine cabinet with 4 months supply of anything I might need that I can have control over medically, including months ahead of prescriptions. My mom has been in the hospital since January and just got out last week and I stocked up on absolutely every medical and personal care item I could think she might need. I live in an apartment and currently I have boxes stacked up in my corners with items for her. Honestly living in the heart of a city I just had no idea what things would / will be like. It isn't anything any of us here have an experience with to judge. Would the shelves be empty? Would supplies stop coming? I have found that the grocery stores we normally frequent were pretty emptied of things in the past week. But then we ventured to another part of the city and the shelves were pretty full of everything except TP and hand sanitizer. So now I feel a bit better about things. But am still glad I have stocked supplies in case. These are items I'll use eventually no matter what.
  7. lady narcissa

    The Books That Have Just Come Out: New Release Thread II

    N.K. Jemisin's The City We Became is out today. I'm curious about this one after reading the short story that precedes it. Is anyone starting it today?
  8. lady narcissa

    Star Wars Novels/Graphical Novels 2

    Initially I was thinking less of reading between the lines and more of just choosing among the stories that were at one point put out officially by those with the license to do so which may or may not be "official" anymore. So between all the movies and books and comics and tv shows that have been put out under first Lucas and then Disney - chose whichever stories work best for you. To the extent there are contradictions and variations between them, it does venture into headcanon territory since you are choosing between them. But I wasn't thinking of making up new things myself or writing fanfiction. I mean I got tired of being so bummed over the stories we got in movies 8 and 9 when there were other stories out there about some of these same characters I enjoyed more so I decided to stop being bummed and go with what made me feel joy for SWs again.
  9. lady narcissa

    Star Wars Novels/Graphical Novels 2

    At this point SWs stories are just choose your own adventure. Pick the stories and timelines that work for you. Anything is possible and everything you don't like just happened in an Alternative Universe.
  10. lady narcissa

    Things To Do In Chicago

    I'm really not a fan of Lou Malnati's either. I don't like their crust. Plus I feel like their deep dish pizza is more medium depth pizza and not truly deep dish. But lots of people think its the best. Personally if I were a tourist looking for the novelty of deep dish pizza I would just go with Giordano's because theirs is the deepest and you get that true DEEP dish experience plus the pizza is overall pretty tasty....especially if you eat meat and get it with pepperoni. As for football viewing, I am no expert on this but apparently there is an "official" Liverpool FC Supporters Club of Chicago (you can look them up on facebook and twitter) and they watch the games at AJ Hudsons. http://www.ajhudsons.com/info.php
  11. lady narcissa

    Star Wars Novels/Graphical Novels 2

    I have all of those on my SWs bookshelf...in hardcover! I will be rereading them all! I have no recollection of most of them, this will be fun.
  12. lady narcissa

    Things To Do In Chicago

    It's just a different perspective. Obviously the boat tours are limited to the Chicago River and some go out a bit onto Lake Michigan so you can only see what you can from there whereas walking or bus architecture tours are not so restricted. There is architecture to see in all corners of the city and not everything is on the river or the lake. But there is quite a bit to see on the boat tours. And everyone who I know who has come here and taken the boat tours has really enjoyed them. Your determining factor might be the weather. Its not so fun to do if not a nice day.
  13. lady narcissa

    Star Wars Novels/Graphical Novels 2

    Well despite not going to see The Rise of Skywalker I read the plot summary and desperate to wash that alternate storyline out of my head I decided to go back to the original SWs after Jedi stories. Been reading Zahn's Heir to the Empire trilogy and I can't tell you what a relief it is. I feel like I've been awoken from a nightmare and found it was all just a bad dream and I'm back in the correct storyline. Is it perfect? No. But I would so much rather read these stories than what the movies did. I also read one of the new Zahn Thrawn books. It was mildly enjoyable. What I liked most about it was it just presented the 'Evil' Empire as just government with the normal bureaucracy stuff. We are so used to looking at it from the Rebels perspective that it was nice to see it from the POV of people just operating from within it. I'll continue with it if I can get the other books in the series cheap.
  14. lady narcissa

    Things To Do In Chicago

    Here is the post I wrote for people on this board regarding visiting Chicago back in 2012 before Worldcon was here. While geared towards people coming for Worldcon and a few years old, a lot of this is still on point and might give you an idea of a few things to do: If you have any specific interests and want more pointed recommendations, let me know. I'll just add regarding the weather, in April, Chicago can literally be anything from snow and winter like temperatures to in the 50s and totally grey and raining everyday to sunny and in the 70s. So maybe check a few days before you come to see what the weather trend is like at that time if you want to be prepared for that. Especially if you are planning on going to a baseball game. I can't tell you how many Chicago White Sox opening games I've been to where you sat there in a down coat freezing! Regarding sports, depending on the days you are here and I suppose depending on how they are performing near the end of their seasons there is the potential that the Chicago Bulls basketball team and/or the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team could have games at the United Center.
  15. Not being a diehard basketball fan, Bryant's playing never figured too prominently into my life but he was so well known it was hard to not know who he was. I really only knew four things about him, one of which he was a fan of fantasy novels including ASOIAF. So perhaps a nice thing to remember about him and appropriate for this board: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-sports/kobe-bryant-meets-his-hero-game-of-thrones-creator-george-r-r-martin-115075/