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  1. @Xray the Enforcer you might want to give Anne Cleves Vera series a try: https://www.panmacmillan.com/blogs/crime-thriller/ann-cleeves-vera-stanhope-book-series-crime (Note to anyone who enjoys this series - a new one just came out last week!) Also, X-Ray, I do not necessarily recommend this next series to you to read because it really is light and cosy and has crazy family members and not great mysteries but I do want to bring these titles and covers in the series to your attention because I think you might get a hoot out of them. *punintended* https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074BQB7BH?searchxofy=true&ref_=dbs_s_aps_series_rwt I personally have spent the past three months reading Donna Leon's Commissario Brunetti series. I think I have 21 of them now? So only 8 more to go! They have sort of been the perfect thing to just read continually when there hasn't been anything new thats called my name. Its just been nice to have them all lined up and to just go from the next to the next. Not being able to travel anywhere its been great to "travel" to Venice. I keep my map handy as I read and just follow along as Brunetti goes out and about the streets and canals of Venice. I feel like I could just step off the the train in Venice and head off without a map and follow along in his footsteps. I like how the author manages to find new areas and buildings for each book so no matter that you are confined to a fairly small city, there is always something new to see and explore. I have enjoyed some more than others but I have enjoyed the range of crimes and people involved. Perhaps the only downfall of the books is the food...there is some much yummy food and I am always reading these books late at night and they make me so hungry!
  2. This is good to hear. I've seen these around on amazon and been mildly interested in them as I've been to most of the locations on the covers but the large amount of 5 star reviews has put me off. I've tried some of these well reviewed free on amazon series (but not seen anywhere else but amazon) and found them to be to mediocre at best. Sounds like its more of a mildly okay series with interesting locations which can be enjoyable when you need a lighter read.
  3. I don't know if you were ordering from amazon for cost savings but Herman Miller direct has been easy for me to deal with. I am in the same boat as you chair wise and I was not comfortable going to the HM showroom here or any of the stores that carry their products in person. So I ordered so fabric/color samples of the chair I wanted from their store website and got those within a week. Also got a personal email from a actual person at HM with their phone number in case I had any questions about the chair or needed more info or photos. Then just ordered the chair direct from their store website and should get it in 2 weeks. They are a Michigan company and they did shut down their production lines for a period this spring/summer but they are back up and manufacturing now so depending on the chair you want and the demand for it there might be a slight delay but they won't be cancelling an order on you and will keep you informed on dates and any delays.
  4. Ooo I do not know about this....how does one find it and activate it? Regarding the other, I do see a dermatologist regularly. I have tried every product known to exist and the only thing that has helped is getting older. Honestly this is the best my skin has ever been since I was 11 so I am not complaining. Just the luck of the skin draw. Rosacea has been ruled out - I just have that red skin from my Irish ancestors where if I were in Ireland with their temperatures and moisture level I would look like I had a healthy red glow but here, not so much. I don't think that is the issue with my eyes as they never get red, they just feel itchy...and omg I just looked at pictures of people with it and ICK! Yeah, no, my eyes look completely normal so there is at least that.
  5. So many topics being discussed here! Re the Clarisonic...despite my dermatologist telling me to stay away from it, I gave into temptation and purchased it back when it came out. I hardly have ever remembered to use it because of charging issues and never remembering to do so and it being out of power all the time but I did find it helpful to use once a month. Luckily the abundance of brushes I purchased back when I got it should see me through the next 10 years should I remember to use it. Re masks and acne...despite my age I still continued to regularly break out before Covid-19 - but generally only around the sides of my chin. So the whole mask wearing thing has been fantastic for me! I continue to break out in my normal locations at the normal rate only now they are covered by a mask when I go out so I no longer have to care or cover them on a daily basis. However.... I am beginning online teaching this week. It's only one night a week. But I noticed in my practice zoom sessions that my face looks exceedingly red on screen. I tried a Clinique product that is supposed to take the red out and it did. However, I have incredibly sensitive eyes. There are very few products I can put on my face that will not irritate my eyes - even if they aren't applied anywhere near the eyes, they seem to travel across the oils in my face and cause my eyes to feel irritated and/or itchy. Despite only wearing the product last night for 2 hours and washing it off, I woke up to irritated eyes. So does anyone have any recommendations for any other "take the red out" / green goo face products?
  6. That didn't/doesn't bother me because I know people that come to Chicago and have ridiculous not cohesive trips around the city like that. Also, so many movies in Chicago present the city in a non linear fashion - one minute they are going south on Lake Shore Drive and the next they are coming inbound on the Eisenhower and then they find parking right in front of Wrigley Field. I will just say, I've never been able to park in that parking garage even though its always been a self park and never had an attendant to go joy riding in your car. The one thing that bothers me now is the nonsensical parade. You'd never have a parade here unless it is a holiday and if its a holiday, school would not be in session. Plus I recently realized its supposed to be a Von Steuben Day parade which takes place in the middle of September, not at the end of the school year, so that doesn't work either. Don't get me wrong, I love the parade scene because I could never not love a scene in which Danke Schoen is sung. Anyone interested in the locations used in the movie can find them mapped here: https://chicago.curbed.com/maps/ferris-buellers-day-off-filming-locations-chicago
  7. This is a fun movie, I hope you enjoy it Gaston. It's a weird movie for me, however, because I was in Chicago and in high school at the time this movie came out. A kid in my high school has a speaking role in the movie. But we were all living in downtown Chicago going to high school in downtown Chicago. So it was a bit strange for us with this supposed suburban kid coming into Chicago and having the Chicago experience for a day that was our reality every day. We had limited exposure to suburban teens but the trio in the movie did somewhat remind me of some suburban teens I knew from the north shore suburbs so that did ring true to me. Some of the locations ring true but others are totally off. The 'fancy' restaurant they go to eat at is a private house in a residential neighborhood. Why they picked that building for the outside, has always baffled me. Seeing Charlie Sheen in this movie just makes me sad now. I remember seeing this movie and thinking omg !!!! who is that when he appeared on screen. Now, not so much.
  8. Like a million other people this week, I found myself falling down the youtube hole of those twin guys from Gary, Indiana who post videos of themselves listening to older songs (for them) for the first time. They do have some good reactions but I have found I am less interested in their reactions than I am in all the songs they have been listening to. Although I am familiar with all the artists and most of the songs, there are actually a number of songs I've never listened to myself and then there are some I haven't heard in ages. It's been a good reminder how much I used to just sit and listen to music and how I haven't done that in a long time and I admit I spent a good couple of hours watching/listening to the music in the videos and have really enjoyed it. It's also reminded me how much I miss albums and listening to albums as a whole. I tend to listen to everything as a mish mash of singles these days. And as I was watching them listen to Yaz (Yazoo)'s "Don't Go" - and their reaction to Alison Moyet's voice was great! - it just reminded me that "Don't Go" itself is fine but that they were missing out by just listening to it as a single instead of part of the album "Upstairs at Eric's" as a whole. Some songs really are stand alones but others are best appreciated when listened to in the context of the album they were created for.
  9. I don't think you are overdoing it. I do everything you do...plus more. I won't go out to restaurants - I'll only do takeout twice a week and I wipe everything down before opening it. And I won't ride public transportation - I'm lucky I can walk to most places I need to go and I'll just not go to places I can't walk to. I live in a large city and I live in a large high rise apartment building - just leaving my apartment, walking the corridor, taking the elevator and walking through my building lobby potentially exposes me to the virus.
  10. But does it annoy him more than Daylight Savings Time?
  11. There are so many Covid-19 stories, its impossible to read them all and so many tragic stories are missed. So I was really saddened to only learn about the Felician nuns in Livonia, Michigan (near Detroit) today. Apparently 13 of the nuns at the convent passed away this spring and others were/are ill. My dad's cousin is one of those nuns and apparently she was so ill that at times she prayed she would just pass. She has survived but of course there is no idea of what any long term issues there could be. She is just the sweetest and kindest lady and I am so sorry she and the other nuns in the convent have suffered so.
  12. I noticed that this week "Tales from the Folly: A Rivers of London Short Story Collection" by Ben Aaronovitch was released. It contains the following short stories that were previously published: The Home Crowd AdvantageThe DomesticThe CockpitThe Loneliness of the Long-Distance GrannyKing of The RatsA Rare Book of Cunning DeviceA Dedicated Follower of FashionFavourite UncleVanessa Sommer’s Other Christmas ListThree Rivers, Two Husbands and a BabyMoments One-Three I can't recall having read any of the short stories, I certainly don't own any of them so will probably pick this up. Has anyone read any of them? I assume they would be enjoyable for anyone who loves the series?
  13. Yes, last year the Lodestar nominees were a more main stream bunch than in 2018 and this year. And the person who won in 2019 was a new author whose book sold phenomenally well and was on all the best seller lists. And she apparently did not care she won the Lodestar because she made no mention of winning the award anywhere on her social media and she did not respond to any congratulations from some of the bigger name authors who congratulated her on winning on social media. I compare that to the excitement from the winners of Lodestar in 2018 and this year from whom the award apparently meant something. I guess I'd be fine with the Lodestar nominees not necessarily reflecting main stream YA - so long as the books are quality - if it means the books get broader exposure than they otherwise would get as a result of the award and if it meant the award would mean something to the people who win. I hate to see an award wasted on someone who doesn't care about it. Other somewhat tangential YA/Lodestar/Worldcon thoughts...today on Twitter Samantha Shannon was observing she had missed attending Worldcons in the past because she didn't realize you could just attend as an author, she thought you had to be invited to attend and present as at the book related conventions she was familiar with. She takes responsibility for not looking into it and realizing otherwise but it could speak to the broader issue of mainstream YA not generally participating in Worldcons, there is a lack of knowledge about it on their part. I think this comes down to the individual Worldcons. At Spokane there were a couple of bigger name YA authors but all told me they had specifically been invited by programming to attend as they lived in the area, they would not have ordinarily attended. But others might not make this outreach. I thought it was interesting that Veronica Roth attended and participated in Dublin last year. She is so successful that she has pretty much pulled back from attending a lot of YA related conventions she used to attend in the beginning of her career. But she was clearly attending Worldcon because she wanted to learn more about the community and authors and the Hugo nominated books. She has posted about reading the Hugo nominees and broadening her reading of SFF. Watching her and Patrick Rothfuss on a panel together in Dublin was one of the more interesting panels I attended last year. So I think there is a benefit to bringing in authors from outside the traditional Worldcon community.
  14. And here are all the statistics of nominations and votes: http://www.thehugoawards.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/2020-Hugo-statistics.pdf
  15. And we have the winners: http://www.thehugoawards.org/2020/08/2020-hugo-awards-announced/
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