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  1. Trump doesn't possess the mental acuity to perform the duties of Speaker. He would be some sort of Sino...aka....Speaker in name only!
  2. It's about time. The ball is in big biz's court to act now and ramp up mandated vaxx if you want to work for us. And it really is in their own interest. Our Safety Dept started re-requiring masks in their office Monday. Most of us believe the rest of the organization will be following suit pretty quickly and that every thing that was relaxed is going back into effect here in our workforce.
  3. I see the You Tube ptb has already made the Tokyo 2021 Elaine Thompson 100m videos ineligible for upload in the U.S. Anywho they are available for viewing at their site if anyone hasn't already seen her amazing race. As BFC mentions, the 200m will also likely be an amazing sight as well.
  4. The head of the AFL-CIO has endorsed vaccine requirement. https://thehill.com/business-a-lobbying/business-a-lobbying/565195-afl-cio-backing-vaccine-requirement-for-workers Various Local unions may not be yet on board, but that would be in defiance of their International Leadership and would be due to the democratic dissent of their rank and file as anything like that (to comply or not) would be put to a vote within the Locals.
  5. If we get normalized ties with Cuba again, can we finally find out what happened to the $2million Michael brought to Havana in GF2?
  6. I'm all for it, if we can't sell them we should hoodwink them into protecting themselves and others.
  7. Israel is going to be offering a 3rd Pfizer to those already vaccinated to attempt to lessen these aforementioned breakthrough cases. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/israel-third-pfizer-shot-delta-breakthroughs_n_6104cf05e4b0048f361d7a07 I hope the U.S. soon follows suit. The willing should not have to wait on the last footdraggers who have refused to act and get their shots by now. Besides we can do both at the same time. Continue offering the belated shots to the hesitant while offering the booster to those who've already did the right thing imo.
  8. Here, here! I couldn't agree more. It's almost as if normalization could foster.....normalization . Isolation and antagonism has accomplished nothing but hardship these many decades. Time to move beyond what hasn't worked.
  9. It may come as a surprise to the more well versed, but there could be some confusion to what's being referenced when you use the term breakthrough. This is especially true for portions of the public outside the medical community. Here's an article on Covid breakthrough and what exactly that refers to. Just feeling like some layman's terminology could be useful. https://www.health.com/condition/infectious-diseases/coronavirus/what-is-covid-breakthrough-infection From the article- What is a breakthrough infection? By the CDC's definition, a breakthrough infection is a COVID case that occurs in someone who is fully vaccinated, meaning 14 or more days after completing the recommended doses of an authorized vaccine. (Remember, it takes time for your immune system to build protective antibodies against COVID, so you're not fully vaccinated until two weeks after you've finished your vaccine regimen.)
  10. The current horrendous spike that has reared its ugly head reportedly has Prez Joe at his wits end with frustration. He had hopes we had turned the corner on this pandemic. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/31/politics/joe-biden-pandemic-turning-point/index.html Also from that article- A legal memo sent to the White House on July 6 — two days after Biden's Independence Day party — stated federal law doesn't prohibit public agencies and private businesses from requiring Covid-19 vaccines, even if the vaccines have only emergency use authorization. ^^^^^That's kind of a big deal imo. There's nothing legally preventing us from making life MUCH more difficult for the Vaxx hesitant. Time to crack the whip on these bastards imo.
  11. Well our elections are Full Stop proof that about 40 percent, if not more, of Americans cannot stand other Americans. With that type of prevalent haterology, it will be nearly impossible to be our brothers keepers (hence no masking).
  12. U.S. over 84,000 Daily New Cases yesterday.......and climbing.
  13. Didn't Kyrie Irving sit out games this year for exactly this, there were points where he refused to play despite having no physical injury, in recent history I thought?
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