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  1. Really like the idea of making minors be vaccinated in order to attend the schools and mandating the armed service members be vaccinated as well. Ideally we would apply as much pressure as possible on anyone we can force to get immunized. It is a public health issue and these covid deniers are endangering the public at large. This or deport them to the mariannes(sp) trench and be done with it.
  2. Its been very interesting following the Pistons (currently at 3rd worse record) all season. I can honestly assess they have not purposely tanked or held back on trying to win all season. They legit just a collection of rookies and castoffs that have been fighting for positions in the NBA. The effort level from these type of players is often the diving for loose balls and fight like hell through the screen type play that is doing it's best to compete against every team they come up against. The majority of their wins have came against the elite teams that took the night off or coasted, while our young guys never let up. They are not throwing games at all. They are more entertaining than any team Van Gundy ever fielded here. With a bit of imagination you can see a young Rodman or Wallace out there or dream of the next Isiah in that draft from a 3rd pick that they earned on (de)merit while competing every night. I have faith in the direction of Weaver/Casey and know we will be coming up. No these guys aren't purposedely playing bad.
  3. Pistons competing for that other bottom 3 spot. It's not a lock, but they are definitely in that lottery mix.
  4. Haven't had the opportunity to see News of the World, Borat etc or Greyhound yet. Have seen Mulan, Midnight Sky and The trial of the Chicago 7. The trial of the Chicago 7 is a step above what I have seen this season, it's a movie that leaves that lasting impression long after you've seen it. Eta: I couldn't guess what the academy will do, rarely have they chosen to award what my favorite has been so my only guess is that they will snub Sacha and Tom Hank's who I"d guess had great performances although like I said earlier, haven't seen Tom's movies yet.
  5. Injuries are not an excuse in the playoffs, every team has had to endure the same long season and competition. If you fall to injury you were not as fit or able as the other guy, you lose end of story. @Nets no excuses you bought all your advantages now show up or get off the court. " If they fail to put it together, it's on them."
  6. I'm so sick of this phones autocorrect that I am through taking ANY responsibility for what ends up in my posts.
  7. I don't think your going to see any smokers voting Democrat next cycle. That's a big hornets nest Biden is poking, not sure it's wise.
  8. I'm shocked how much I've enjoyed the first 2 seasons of Cobra Kai.
  9. The importance of this is pretty huge for Organized Labor. It's also the type of win that could serve to ingratiate Biden to some of those swingstate labor voters who've drifted(foolishly) to the darkside. "Manchin Backs PRO Act, Bill to Eliminate Right-to-Work Laws" https://news.yahoo.com/manchin-backs-pro-act-bill-204306658.html
  10. Oh dear........ What is it with Africa and losing great libraries. Some, many, of the recent antiquities unearthed in Egypt are also irreplaceable and need to be protected at all costs. Thankfully they are on the other end of that continent. But after the library of Alexandria being destroyed by the Christians, I don't want to hear about libraries in Africa and the cradle of man being lost.
  11. Some police stats if the site let's me paste them- American police kill civilians at incredibly high rates: The chart above compares the annual rates of police killings in each country, accounting for differences in population size. This is the most apples-to-apples comparison we can make with this data. Eta: welp the site isn't letting me show you unfortunately. Anywho American police Do kill us at an inordinately higher rate than in other developed nations. It not just our imagination or sensational headlines. Tis shame it won't let me post the shocking chart that shows it though.
  12. So most of this area's restaraunts make breakfast burritos that are alarmingly lame. Solution: I'm now an expert at making the most delicious breakfast burritos at home. It took me two attempts though, my first batch a couple weeks earlier were not primo. This wknd I nailed it though, just the perfect mixture of ingredients, burrito fold perfect, browning perfect. Just like the ones I could get when I lived in the Southwest. Have devoured two and they are muy bonita!!
  13. This article is saying we have jabbed 50% of our adult population so that's better than I thought we were doing at least. "Half Of U.S. Adults Have Now Received At Least 1 COVID-19 Shot | HuffPost" https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_607c7919e4b058846f25a55c
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