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  1. Damn, Smerconnish is really sending the wake up call. The Biden Administration desperately needs a string of wins or our worse fears will materialize. He's arguing Joe doesn't look strong on any front. Smerconish: This is why Trump can win in 2024 https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2021/10/16/smerconish-can-trump-steal-2024---or-win-it-outright.cnn He (Smerconnish) sounds like he is frustrated as hell and not too confident things will improve.
  2. Right, it sounds more a case of raising it without using it. Plenty of room for sensationalizing what may have been involved between opposing sides.
  3. From CNN- CNN)A US Capitol Police officer was attacked on Friday morning by a woman carrying a baseball bat along First Street SW in Washington, Capitol Police said in a statement. The incident happened around 9:30 a.m. ET. When police approached the woman, she became agitated and raised her bat. Officers tried to take the bat from her, and during the scuffle she bit one of the officers, according to Capitol Police. Police identified the woman as 25-year-old Olivia Romero. Charges are pending.
  4. Voyagers This can be best described as sort of a Lord of the Flies only set on a long distance space voyage. I enjoyed it, could've easily been a much longer movie.
  5. So Biden speaks on the subpoena defiance. Biden says DOJ should prosecute those who defy January 6 committee subpoenas https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/15/politics/biden-doj-prosecute-january-6-subpoenas/index.html Weren't we discussing that for the AG to do his damn job he would probably need a push from the President? Well Joe time to start backing up your publicly stated wish and push that AG to aggressively prosecute the lawbreaking subpoena defiance.
  6. Best headline evah! Facebook told staff it would seal off some internal message boards to prevent leaking. The change was immediately leaked.
  7. Gronk is out- Report: Injured Rob Gronkowski Has Punctured Lung, 1 Broken Rib and 4 Cracked Ribs | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10013895-report-injured-rob-gronkowski-has-punctured-lung-1-broken-rib-and-4-cracked-ribs?hpt=ob_blogfooterold
  8. The Congressmen/women/Senators, like Sinema it's hard to really think of them as legislators. I think of them more as boxers paid to throw fights. Graphic example
  9. It's pretty hard for me to have faith in our system of divided "but equal" branches when I see no checks to the Executive branch, and neither the Justice nor Legislative branch apparently up to the task of checking the fascists now or in the future?
  10. Thank you Kal for encapsulating what needs to be pointed out. In street terms, we need to stop showing up to the gunfight with a damn jacknife and hoping the other guy will lay down his gun.
  11. Voters will not reward weakness. Not punishing an opponent(s) who've openly flaunted breaking suppeona's, refusing any checks on power and conflict of interest, not punishing any of that behavior or the insurrection leadership, well that's just handing the Republicans get out of jail free cards. Not to mention signaling voters you are weak, refuse to lead and should not be respected. Unless things change drastically pretty soon we are looking at a swift revisit to the fascist at the helm of our government.
  12. Talk radio was commenting that Goodell was butthurt over some of Grudens emails disparaging the commish's manhood or something along those lines. I'm starting to agree that a hitjob may have been perpetuated on Gruden but I'm just not too sorry for him, even though I fully support disparaging the commish as often as one can get away with. Never liked the guy.
  13. They still haven't played Cade in a preseason game yet. Now I'm worrying how bad he may have jacked that ankle?
  14. How is Steve Bannon even freely walking around? Is it possible for Congress to look any less feckless, toothless, powerless? JFC are we really going to set by and let Trump claim he can extend his exec. privileges to any of his minions( Bannon ) even post Presidency? This is an outrageous insult and blatantly, ludicrous to act like there's even any question over Bannon being eligible for privilege protection. Cuff him, shackle him and chain drag Bannon into custody immediately!
  15. You've also missed my favorite vaccine due to start roll out in India in the next month or so, ZyCoV-D. World's first DNA vaccine. Basically involves injecting a massive amount of plasmid DNA just under the skin. It's a deliciously low tech approach. Added it just now, thanks.
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