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  1. I think its subjective of course, for me its Hemsworth delivering a sort of "forced humor" that Im concerned I wont care for. Im gonna be thinking "less humor more fury please" when I leave the theater. Could be wrong, as I memtioned its not a certainty till I sit through it, trailers arent always that indicative, but I have that nagging fear of rolling my eyes over Hemsworth lines aimed at chuckles, when im really craving a nice chainsaw fight lol.
  2. I have not cared for Hemsworth too much in the trailer for this that I saw recently. I'll still see it when it comes out, but I have a nagging reservation that Hemsworth will seem like an empty suit following the likes of Hardy, Charlize Theron and the previous level of great characters weve had in Mad Max movies.
  3. I get it the numbers for Goff seem inflated but I think its just the first contract of several that are going to sound too big, the TV money and payrolls inch ever upward and over time a lot of those Top 10 QB's will be getting even higher comp than the Goff contract, im confident in that. Further, if we didnt take care of all the other core pieces and did a overpay on Goff first, then id be concerned, but Lions mgt. did this in correct order and I think were in a really great window, so chips down, roll the wheel man, we are ready for next year (with an improved, deeper, secondary, which was the one achilles heel last season fwiw).
  4. It was so bad at one point I couldnt even manage to logout and try that. No functions were capable. Anywho I seem to operational again presently.
  5. I had those "431" issues for a few weeks and couldnt respond to this when it was being discussed. Everyone is locked up, extended, or on Rook deals w/ team options. They have literally zero issues with cap flexiibility for several years now. Penei Sewell is extended, Amon Ra is extended, Goff is extended, Jameson and Hutchinson are on Rookie deals with team options years out still, all this years draft picks are signed, the RB's and DB's are all locked up. All the major pieces are signed on multi year deals, the team has zero salary cap issues for the next several seasons even with Goff getting a slight overpay. They are in a terrific position to compete at a high level for multiple seasons for a change.
  6. Try a decently smoked Trout. The skin fall right away effortlessly and your left with rich, tastey morsels of filet.
  7. Loved the "Peoples Graduation". Mona Chalabi is a rock star, I could listen to her all day!
  8. Custard is straight garbage for me. I enjoy a good creme filled Long John, that shit turns offensive when idiots inject custard into them, that is no longer a Long John.
  9. Wow, ^^^^^^ thats the first time ive been able to actually post or do anything on the board in over a few weeks. "431" behind me( fingers crossed)
  10. Bannon going to the Big House soon! Appeals court upholds Steve Bannon’s contempt-of-Congress conviction for defying Jan. 6 subpoena https://www.cnn.com/2024/05/10/politics/steve-bannon-appeal-denied
  11. Morel shrooms are popping wonderfully and ive been harvesting them every few days.
  12. Not defending meant! I wish this forum would fix the damn 431 bullsht so I could properlt edit posts again!
  13. Also Kristi Noem(sp) is a nasty lowlife regardless so no im defending her, just talking about some farm realities.
  14. To be clear putting down animals that are in pain is not rare in the rural midwest of the U.S. I dont think its anything thats relished. I've known people that would pay thousands for the vets to do whatever they can to help their pets but at the same time, some of those same people faced with believing the animal is in terminal pain and they believe they are ending the pets suffering. I myself wouldnt do it because I'm not expert enough to understand a pets pain or whether its something terminal, I have a never give up hope attitude over illnesses for humans and pets, I wouldnt do assisted suicide for those same reasons. However a high percent of people do believe in such actions and as I said, putting down a suffering pet is something people will do and they will do it themselves without a vet, usually burying or cremating the animal themselves as well. Thats the sad end for for some farm animals, these people arent driving in 30 miles to hire a vet with a needle, they feel the end of life responsibility is thiers I think.
  15. Was a bit surprised to see headline in Huffpost that Putin didnt order a Navalny death according to U.S. intelligence. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/us-russia-navalny-putin_n_662f6b1ee4b09dcb783058ea Its a distinction without merit imo. Even if he didnt "order" his death, he certainly made all the condition for his demise possible and holds responsibility for the death.
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