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  1. "Will also be interesting to see where the second tier of guys like Sharpe, Ivey, Murray, Jovic, Davis goes. I hope one of these guys falls to 12 where OKC has their second pick." ^^^^^This is our position. The Pistons need a running mate for Cade, possibly Sharpe or Ivey, although Mathurin and Murray have been bandied about as possibilities. A lot of fans want to ship Grant for Portland's 7th and then draft the best big available in that slot. Shipping Grant would also create a very healthy cap space for us to use over either this ,or more likely, the next off-season when it's even clearer where we need the most help.
  2. Games 3,4, and Six in Boston. Miami is tasked with needing to win one of those road games to get the series to a 7th game. Winning at home for the 5th game alone won't salvage this for them, game 3 is almost a must win for these Heat.
  3. You forgot to include his time consuming anal bleaching sessions, poor guy, there wasn't enough hours in the day for him.
  4. The Baltimore Sun is running an op-ed by 2 psychiatrist arguing the Buffalo mass murderer should be given a state execution. https://www.baltimoresun.com/opinion/op-ed/bs-ed-op-0517-death-penalty-shooter-20220516-mcwdu37d7rgzfpso4wuhr3vvhu-story.html
  5. If the Celts have an Achilles heel, I haven't seen it yet. Then again Miami shouldn't be a cakewalk, another great series on deck for the ECF.
  6. Didn't the Chechnya forces pretty much set up in the "rear with the gear" earlier, giving the Russians the cannon fodder experience? The rule should be the guys that started it should lead by example. Of course they've all made their beds together so no pity from me which invader the Ukraine's pick off first.
  7. Is anyone actually reading this thread or is every 3rd poster just going to keep repeating previous posts?
  8. Can one even imagine a big 3 of Giannis, Tatum and Doncic? Could one imagine a team that could beat them, someone always, eventually, becomes the new king(s) of the mountain? Serious dynasty potential, they would make even marginal role playing teammates look good. Thing is Giannis has been very vocal about if you want to play with him, your coming to his team. Feel like Doncic may also have a bit of that in him too, less certain whether Tatum has the territorial competitiveness as the other two. But at the end of the day, for all three it's that competiveness that makes them tick and stand apart.
  9. We Are Marshall Very inspirational story of rebuilding the Marshall football program after they lost the entire team and coach staff in a tragic plane crash in the 1970"s. Great cast with Mathew McConaughey, David Strathairn and Ian McShane.
  10. Game 7 in Boston folks. Should be another clash of Titans, what a series!
  11. Hey I could be wrong but I'm stuck with this vision of a "charred no man's land" whenever someone mention the Nets/Sixers/Lakers. They are like defeated corpses, a most uninspiring collection of walking dead. Which is exactly perfect for these mass market, overpaying franchises if you ask me. RealGM Wiretap Joel Embiid Critiques James Harden, Wishes Sixers Kept Jimmy Butler MAY 13, 2022 1:05 PM
  12. Surprisingly for me, the Mavs are taking the Sun's to a 7th game.
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