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  1. Pffft, wait till we see a Vegas franchise in the not too distant future.
  2. Twitter Inc NYSE: TWTR Follow 51.65 USD −0.35 (0.67%)today Oct 5, 2:50 PM EDT • Disclaimer 1D 5D 1M 6M YTD More 505152Prev close 52.00
  3. "Athena" , on Netflix. The opening 12 minute shot gives one that "1917" experience of the loooong continuous one camera shot. Ive heard the opening described as like a violent ballet or opera like sequence.
  4. So Cade and Bey shooting was cold and they lost badly. Nice part was our rookies tore it up. Each rotation player got about 20 minutes, Ivey with 16 points on 6/9 shooting, Duren 14 boards. Each on first night against NBA players pretty nice. Duren is a beast already at 18 years old still and Ivey is at another gear fast than anyone else. Fun, but the overall team needs to bottle this talent and step up a level. My patience is wearing with Beys extreme streaky shooting. You never know whether hes getting 40 or going 1/12.
  5. How much of a premium will the $54.20 bid be for Elon? Quick check showing Twitter trading at $47.93 currently. I guess thats roughly 13%.
  6. Piston play Knicks on TNT tonight, I will miss it cuz work. Just ready to see how our new parts fit.
  7. Not certain of much on it since the controversy is years ago and havent read any recent ctiticisms. But i do remember well his bone of contention with the coverage over the 2 genocides. Of course this excuses neither of the genocides. I think his point was the media was willing to look the other away at an allies bad behavior (Carter had an arms deal with Indonesia), while thier behavior was nearly as atrocious as the Kmer Rouge's.
  8. My take was that the he fealt the NYT's buried the genocide in East Timor and he was questioning why the unequal coverage of the atrocities? It seemed more of a case of exaggeration than apoligism.
  9. Story of a teacher sent to remote, high altitude Bhutan, the roof of the World. Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom https://g.co/kgs/hS5YEE These elementary age students will make you check yourself over the things many of us take for granted. Eta: The mountain scenery is worth your time.
  10. Good heavens who is doing this? Can't say I've ever ran into such a strange position. Anywho duly noted you dont care for either, I can only hope Lula would be better for slowing the deforestration and for indigenous peoples protections. Bolsonaro leaves the impression that the rain forest should have maximum exploitation and thats its only purpose.
  11. Ukraine really has tremendous momentum. What does Putin do when the wheels fall off his mobilization?
  12. ^^^^MMMMMM get out the dipping chips! My apples are finally a nice red and sweet as well so of course im taking those. Im relieved everything survived this summers draught, it was pretty severe for a few months. Did way more watering than I ever have had to bother with. Neighbor lost a small row of pines because he thought i was "waisting my time and they dont need it", mine I watered are fine, his didnt come back after the draught. I cant just let something wither like that. My commute to work goes by several miles of pathetic, waiste high corn stalks with absolutely no ears to harvest. Not certain if this is from the draught as well or its some sort of 2nd planting that they just make a sileage from for livestock? If memory serves right i didnt notice any first crop, i think they just had a super crapola crop, but im no farmer, this is just general musing over the summers growing season through like 2 months without rain. Those that could irrigate were fine, same extrapolated for us backyard gardeners.
  13. https://basketball.realgm.com/images/basketball/5.0/template/basketball-icon.gifRealGM Poll Thank you for voting. Which player will win Rookie of the Year in 2023? Banchero 52.7% Murray 12.4% J. Smith 7.7% Ivey 14.8% Mathurin 7.3% Sharpe 5.1% Total votes: 830 ShareTweetDiscussFeedback Early polling heavily favoring Paolo to achieve the ROY.
  14. Thats why i threw in the derisive comment about "fake-ass" for the enablers, the actual Floridians voting him in when he could care less for so many of them. I think he thinks he's Rand Paul cool, making the tough guy stand. Shame on the voters that make him possible.
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