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  1. Little by little, one travels far. Jrr Tolkien
  2. And she could fashion a nice covid hijab, matching of course. Seriously Trump is so out of touch with the electorate right now I think another round of his "birtherisms" will actually just serve to bury him even more. We are simply witnessing a sitting Pres that has worn out his welcome, he's become a caricature of a McCarthy type figure at this point. It always had to end like this, a pathetic creature finally unmasked.
  3. Nothing against being critical, on the upside, Bibi and Trump will be out to pasture eventually and hopefully more sensible leaders can chart the future.
  4. Loving this tech meets wildlife story from my neck of the woods. https://upnorthlive.com/news/local/bald-eagle-sends-state-department-drone-to-watery-grave-in-lake-michigan Bald Eagle simply "not having it" as drone encroaches it territory!
  5. It is good news. The UAE now joins Egypt and Jordan as the only Arab nations to have normalized relations. The more diplomatic relations these parties can create, the less chance there is of conflict. The Middle East needs more stories like this. https://news.yahoo.com/israel-normalise-relations-uae-historic-150225110.html
  6. Before were through one has to wonder whether we (the U.S.) will be looking at Spanish Flu level numbers? We are already approaching the halfway mark for deaths. It infected 28% of all Americans (Tice). An estimated 675,000 Americans died of influenza during the pandemic, ten times as many as in the world war.
  7. Just keep giving La'Donald more rope Joe, just keep passing him the line!
  8. I think I was about a 2nd grader in bible school when they told me the story about Abraham wanting to sacrifice his kid. I was all done with my parents religion right then and there.
  9. I'm glad for Michelle's sake (healthwise, as the job takes such a punishing toll) that she's stayed in a private capacity, but as I've noted before, she would've gotten my vote over anyone else if she had gotten herself pressured into running.
  10. I'm loving that both Michelle and Barack are speaking, I was concerned it would only be one or even neither, but both will be splendid from my perspective.
  11. You have been reported to Twitter and your tweet privileges are now suspended!
  12. I'm 3 quarters of the way through, doing a rewatch of all 3 seasons so I'll be properly geeked up for that 4th season come Sept.
  13. Regarding Wisconsin strip clubs- Wisconsin's "Safer at Home" policy was overturned when the Republicans sued and the State Supreme Court deemed it beyond the Guvs authority here. So everybody that wants to be open for business is free to operate afaik.
  14. He's so rich he can't afford to publicly release his tax returns. He probably only narrowly avoided another bankruptcy by getting elected in the first place. We're supposed to believe him at his word on what his financials are? The track record begs to differ, most Billionaires pay their bills. Trump has a long history as a deadbeat in his dealings, there's no way I'd believe he's a billionaire unless he disclosed his tax returns. He may be a billion debter, as in one who owes a billion.
  15. I want to start the week off positive, I want to focus on good news- "Obesity knocks 20 years of good health off your life and can accelerate death by eight years," the Mail Online reports. A study has estimated very obese men aged 20 to 39, with a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or above, have a reduced life expectancy of eight years.Dec 5, 2014 The good news, quite obviously here, is that Trump cant be long away from a massive chest exploding heart attack and will exit stage left sooner than later. Leaving everyone to feel much better about life and the direction of our previous good life here in the U.S. Just trying to think positive here at the beginning of a new week
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