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  1. Regarding the 2020 field im still in the undecided camp. I do feel Biden and Bernie are not the best candidates due to a sort of ("they had their moment already") feeling, especially with Joe who passed on the shot when it was there for him in '16', plus Bernie is now in his 80's isnt he? Anyways I will take some time to hear from and read about the rest of the growing field before I decide my pick.
  2. I feel compelled to direct attention to yet another disgraceful, bald faced lie by our lying pos President. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/trump-abe-nobel-peace-prize_n_5c67b7a3e4b033a79942d86d Not only is the President either lying about the Nobel nomination, or , unable to determine the difference between the leaders of S. Korea and Japan? The article points out that 2017 and 2018 Trump Nobel nominations were determined to be forgeries!!!! Where Nobel officials determined that the same individual "assumed the the identity" of a qualified nominator. In other words this pos President is trying to steal a Nobel Prize just like he steals elections. What an embarrassment this imposter to the Presidency is, and oh, by the way Donald, ya aint 6'3" either, your shorter than Obama who measured 6'-1 and a half inches and is clearly taller than your insecure ass in side by side photos eh.
  3. DireWolfSpirit

    New Forum Census

  4. DireWolfSpirit

    New Forum Census

    I am a North American, a Michigan dissident of the Trump regime. Currently I have taken refuge across the waters into the Wisconsin territory.
  5. DireWolfSpirit

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    In a 13-3 battle they couldnt be bothered to award an MVP to a Defensive Player?
  6. DireWolfSpirit

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    Ditto this. The scriptwriting as well as the delivery by the actors/actresses is fantastic.
  7. DireWolfSpirit

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    Gladys Knight singing the National Anthem will be the only thing interesting for me, just cant get behind yet another mega market Championship matchup. But its not just me apparently, fan interest is waning https://wwl.radio.com/articles/poll-shows-interest-years-super-bowl-has-dropped How this pos Commish Goodell isnt fired yet is beyond me? I predict this will be the last SB we see the goon at.
  8. DireWolfSpirit

    NBA 2018: Fear the Deer

    Im loving seeing two smaller market franchises, the Bucks and the Nuggets, sitting, at the top of their respective Conference standings through some 50 odd games of this season. Also Toronto and OKC having high playoff hopes, Indy has to be hurt by losing Olapaido(sp) though and Boston looking like the underperformer of the season thus far. The season has been anything but scripted, would be nice if we could finally get some playoffs other than a ZZZZZ's fest that leads to another GS ring. http://www.espn.com/nba/standings
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    New Forum Census

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    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    Evan Rachel Wood shares her experience of being treated for PTSD, she was hospitalized (in-patient) at a psychiatric ward earlier in her career. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/evan-rachel-wood-gets-candid-checking-psychiatric-facility-22-absolutely-no-shame-183128122.html She describes the treatment as a tremendous help for her and mentions it as somewhat of a rebirth for her, for which she is grateful she sought that help.
  11. DireWolfSpirit

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    Absolutely, this POS Prez needs to have his nose held right to the lie he rode into town on.
  12. DireWolfSpirit

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    Those were Trump loving Christian students, wearing MAGA hats, that were disrespecting that Native American Veteran. America is upside down, this just cannot continue to stand, the cradle must fall soon. “This is Trump’s America,” wrote actress and activist Alyssa Milano. “And it brought me to tears. What are we teaching our young people? Why is this ok? How is this ok? Please help me understand. Because right now I feel like my heart is living outside of my body.”
  13. DireWolfSpirit

    U.S. Politics: Oh Donnie Boy, the Feds are calling...

    https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/trump-lies-10-foot-wall-180241838.html ^^^^ Trump exposed lying, for the 10 thousandth time, about a 10 foot wall around the Obama home. It looks like a 3 foot landscaping wall, more of a terrace maybe.
  14. DireWolfSpirit

    Vote On Forum Description of Trump Supporters

    What should a family that steals money from a charity be called? https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/19/politics/donald-trump-robert-mueller-michael-flynn/index.html Using their own charity as a checkbook to enrich themselves. Shame, shame, shame to this crook and his three shameless children, just breath taking indignance in full view and people still support them in certain circles.