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  1. DireWolfSpirit

    International Thread 3

    For whatever reason the other thread is saying no new posts even though its only at 395 by my count. Anyways I'll start a new one here. More on Venezuela here- This is two Venezuelans debating Maduro's merits. A fresh perspective without "Propaganda Bolton's" paws on it.
  2. DireWolfSpirit

    U.S. Politics: You Didn't Think It Would Be So Easy, Did You?

    He sounds desperate to get his Obstruction of Justice out of plain sight. Soon I suspect he will be out on the WH south lawn breakdancing for the press ( who are about as hard to distract as my pet cat chasing some yarn).
  3. DireWolfSpirit

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Getting Sneaky

    Watched The Girl in the Spiders Web and its entertaining but I still loved the original Swede trilogy best, noone has touched Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth yet. eta: Also just finished The First Man. This is a movie about the lead up and accomplishment of the first manned lunar landing. Was a total coincidence to find Claire Foy (from Crown) was the lead actress in both the blue rays I rented lol. I wasnt familiar with her as I havent seen Crown yet. She has some brilliant blue eyes, rather striking. Ryan Gosling plays lead actor as the Neil Armstrong character, he's spot on as usual. The guy playing Buzz Aldrin many will recognize from the Strain show. My main regret is not seeing this in Imax which is not available in this backwater region sigh.....
  4. DireWolfSpirit

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Kawhi So Serious?!

    Toronto v Bucks 3rd game was just exhausting. Went 2OT's before the Raptors finally wore down the Bucks and squeaked it out. Giannis fouled out in OT, two Raptors fouled out and a few of the remaining players on the court were at 5 fouls as well. Bucks starters were all extremely cold especially Bledsoe and Middleton. Giannis at least was dominant on the boards and had several assists. In the end Toronto was able to win a "do or die" game at home and avoid going down a fatal 3-0.
  5. DireWolfSpirit

    International thread 2

    Well part of the context I see is that paragraph I quoted, where we see private land being confiscated, unequal rights for the peoples who have been on those lands and not surprizingly, we see rebellion to such restrictions. I just watched a documentary on the Islamic State and a huge motivation for the attempt to establish the new caliphate that spanned through Syria and Iraq was to declare that they do not recognize the Sykes Picot borders. Israel only exacerbates and fuels continuing conflict when it expands the settlements and disenfranchises Palestinians who should have rights as landowners too. I am sick of both sides and the unending behavior that draws the whole World into their bullshit.
  6. DireWolfSpirit

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Okay all you pleasant people can start a new thread now
  7. DireWolfSpirit

    International thread 2

    The above is absolutely inexcuseable, any objective person can see there is something wrong with a state that discriminates like this.
  8. "1. Why didn't Jon pet the damn dog." Ghost is not a "damn dog", he's a magnificent Direwolf
  9. DireWolfSpirit

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    This wonderful essay in Huffpost- https://www.huffpost.com/entry/overcoming-shame-of-being-asian-in-america_n_5cda521ae4b073aa0b32a5cd A powerful reminder for me to appreciate and recognize what is often termed "walking in anothers shoes".
  10. Bran as an agent of the Children of the Forest is a theory I hadnt considered. Not sure what outcomes with Jon unaware of parentage would entail, I have only viewed episodes 1-4, so maybe I will learn more yet from the show ending. I believe the book ending will differ quite a bit from show ending though.
  11. DireWolfSpirit

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Kawhi So Serious?!

    He may only get 3 more chances,
  12. DireWolfSpirit

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Biden has detractors on the left and some of his track record is not going to be popular. Im not feeling too great about whether he'll be effective at driving fence sitters to the voting booth. It seems to me running on ,"Trump is bad", will not be enough. People are going to need to feel motivated to vote for him on his merits just as importantly as Trumps demerits. Some of the stuff that is going to get aired on Joe-
  13. DireWolfSpirit

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Keep your filthy paws off our water!!!
  14. DireWolfSpirit

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    My theory on these are that those were all the thawed out remnants from a plowed bank of snow. It was a helluva winter in the midwest.