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  1. Do you think it's a good idea for people to murder their whole family and everyone they know for the hell of it?
  2. I had a dream I had a pet pig named Bug Bite and if i got stuck in an annoying conversation he'd start eating the annoying person's shoes until they fucked off. Would pay good money for a pig like that in real life. He looked like a piebald version of Babe.
  3. Yeah, post 9/11 was the first time I witnessed it on a societal level instead of just reading about it, but it is striking how quickly it's rearing it's head again. Hopefully it's much more limited and fleeting here and now.
  4. Regardless of what someone does or doesn't know about politics, everyone gets the same vote. I hope your superior education and information brings you satisfaction. Re: ceasefire, ok, my mistake - I should have said asking for a ceasefire. Biden asking for a ceasefire (not a resolution to ask for one at some point when it makes sense, which iirc was the last proposal) wouldn't depend on anything Hamas does or doesn't do. It's not like Biden's Gaza response is some binary of full support of Israel vs sanction them. Just show the bulk of voters, who support a ceasefire, that he's doing more than giving Israel carte blanche.
  5. We've been over this before, and yes, I am fully aware of your disdain for, and your low opinion of, the hoi polloi. There's a difference between being informed and being stupid, between education and intelligence. I think you give people too little credit. You under estimate them at your own peril. Imo most politicians treat people like fucking idiots and people don't appreciate that. And as you acknowledge, it is transparent. It might be annoying for you, it's insulting the people you're talking to, and they aren't stupid. They just haven't made a hobby out politics (which is the arguably the saner route to go). Ok. Are they only voting for him for his full throttle support of Israel? Would they stay home if he negotiated a ceasefire?
  6. I don't think it's that zero sum of a situation. That assumes that all those Biden votes are going to change over this one issue. Something like 70% of MI Dem voters support a ceasefire. A bunch just voted for Biden anyway.
  7. No one is asking Biden to arm Hamas. This would be a start: Maybe the MI results will make him address this.
  8. I think you give people too little credit. People don't like to be treated like they're stupid. Some are, some aren't. This is something Trump gets that a lot of DC types don't understand. I think it's a mistake to underestimate people. Just because you don't understand the reasoning doesn't mean it's stupid or dumb.
  9. Not to mention, they showed up and voted in a primary where they knew Biden was going to win anyway. They didn't change their registrations to Green or GOP. They used the mechanism available to them to steer their party of choice.
  10. Non sequitur much? Trump being an existential threat is WHY you have to address this shit and let people talk and use what democratic tools they have. Sorry, I'm not chasing gonna start chasing bogeymen and being scared of my own shadow. I'm not saying he can't win. I'm saying that voting uncommitted and criticizing Biden on Gaza do not help Trump. These are things on people's minds and if you sweep it under the rug or try to crush it it's not going to go away. I'm saying that crushing public discourse and the democratic process is certainly not going to help.
  11. I disagree that any statistically significant part of his traditional base is going to vote for Trump out of spite. But okay, how about voters who voted "uncommitted"? Some are probably going to vote for Biden. Some might not. How are you going to get those voters back into the fold? Are you going to tell them they're fucking dumb?
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