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  1. Guy Kilmore

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    I once heard someone say that Tom Cruise gives the impression that he is an actor playing a Human.
  2. Guy Kilmore

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    Booker is the Tom Cruise of politicians.
  3. They have even said they are envisioning a limited run with a planned end.
  4. Guy Kilmore

    Within Temptation - Sinead

    You probably get more responses in the entertainment forum of the site for this post.
  5. Guy Kilmore

    US Politics: 40 Acres and Barack Obama

  6. Guy Kilmore

    US Politics: Reaching the Tipping Point

    I am kind of curious to see how more of these cases play out
  7. Guy Kilmore

    The history of this community board.

    I had this silly idea that I would get work done.
  8. Guy Kilmore

    U.S. Politics: You Didn't Think It Would Be So Easy, Did You?

    Yep, my guess is gun control is going to go the way that gay marriage did.
  9. Guy Kilmore

    Scott Lynch's Thorn of Emberlain is Completed

    This is pretty great news! I got to start carving time out more aggressively to read again.
  10. In regards to Dant, Drogon and burning the throne. I always got the feeling that with a warg the animal and the human kind of imprinted parts of their personality and nature on each other. We see that with the Starks and their wolves. It wouldn't surprise me if the Targaryens had similar relationships with their dragons. So Drogon had a little bit of Dany in him and I could see that part reacting with rage and hate towards the Iron Throne.
  11. When I sit back and think it all end, the later seasons all felt like that weird fade to black after Jon kills Danny. They didn't know how to connect it all so they didn't. It ended up being bad story telling because they forgot to do the story in the telling part.
  12. Guy Kilmore

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Varys was actually trying to poison her. The little bird was a girl in the kitchens.
  13. Guy Kilmore

    MCUniverse: Phase Four and Beyond(er) **maybe spoilers**

    Not sure about Jotunheim, but we know space travel to Asgard is possible. The Dark Elves do it in Thor 2 (They even go from Asgard to Earth, so their home world, Asgard and Earth are connected by some kind of space travel.) Loki traveled to Asgard via ship in Thor Ragnarok, they also left by ship and crossed paths with both Thanos/GotG. I guess it doesn't feel like a huge Stretch for Captain Marvel to get to these places.
  14. Guy Kilmore

    MCUniverse: Phase Four and Beyond(er) **maybe spoilers**

    I just thought they were different places and the bifrost is a way of traveling vast distances swiftly. Like earth and asgard are on the same dimension but different realms. I could be wrong.
  15. Guy Kilmore

    MCUniverse: Phase Four and Beyond(er) **maybe spoilers**

    With Asgard gone, no one is protecting the "9 realms" at the very least. I could see Captain Marvel suddenly finding herself filling that gap.