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  1. That was my thought of Torchlight as well. I haven't tried 2 yet, but my friends say the same.
  2. Guy Kilmore

    MCUniverse - Nick hath no Fury like an MRA troll

    My personal theory is the ones that dusted are safe, the ones that did not are fair game.
  3. Guy Kilmore

    MCUniverse - Nick hath no Fury like an MRA troll

    Antman wandering his destitute neighborhood, oof. Knowing Hawkeye watched his family get dusted And in the flashbacks, the only color that Thor and Captain America can see is red.
  4. Guy Kilmore

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    Cancer, that was right. I had forgotten what exactly. I remember Pat's article. I gave her the benefit of the doubt because cancer is one of those things that can change a person. I never followed up on her later stuff.
  5. Guy Kilmore

    MCUniverse - Nick hath no Fury like an MRA troll

    I don't really disagree with you all that much with IM3, except I really "liked" seeing the PTSD Tony Stark. It just felt right, he is just a normal dude in a super suit and seeing that toll really resonated with me. I think as long as there is a story to tell, there could be some interest in those sequels. I hope that Marvel learned a little bit from their more recent forays in the "single super hero" movies is to be bold and experimental.
  6. Guy Kilmore

    MCUniverse - Nick hath no Fury like an MRA troll

    I have a hard time ranking these films, because for me they have moments that are incredibly well done. Like, in Spiderman when he is getting driven to the dance by his girlfriend's dad and they are having this moment where one realizes who the other is. The levels of anxiety going down are great. Iron Man 3 has issues, but I really bought into Tony Stark with his PTSD. I could go on. Even the Incredible Hulk with the fight between the Hulk and the Suped up Solider was impressive. I think I could do a ranking of my favorite scenes over that of my favorite movies.
  7. Guy Kilmore

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    Wasn't she involved in an accident that derailed her? I feel empathy, but yes, I too would love an opportunity to read The Captal's Tower.
  8. Guy Kilmore

    US Politics: compromising positions

    On thought I've seen on Manafort's sentence is that by making it light, it makes it weirder to pardon him. I'm not sure I buy that line if reasoning.....
  9. There is also Torchlight and Torchlight 2
  10. Guy Kilmore

    How do I buy a mattress?

    I have the King from Casper and love it. Around 1000 bucks. I used Consumer Reports to help make my selection. My understanding is their middle of the road option is the best (The Casper). Several friends have also enjoyed their purchase. There are places that you can go to try the online matress. Casper had a store in the Mall of America and there is another one in the Twin Cities that stocks online matresses you can try for example. Target also carries some of their products.
  11. Guy Kilmore

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    Just in that district, the tensions between the Jewish and Muslim constituents have a thing, it has been going on since Keith Ellison, so the national bent just happens to be local too. I mean, I have lived in that district and know people in that district. (I am in Minnesota)
  12. Guy Kilmore

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    I was going to say that they are playing a bit of local politics in going after her about this.
  13. Guy Kilmore

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    If you are willing to brave the cold, Minnesota is your friend. I'm in downtown right now and I am 30 - 40 minutes from farmland and cows.
  14. Guy Kilmore

    US Politics: Ready, Set, Announce! Bookering the Odds

    He was saying it was him that worked with Klobuchar or is at least familiar with her campaign staff. Tywin is the one. Hi Gogo is the name of the clip, referencing the character from Kill Bill, who is waving and saying "Hi".
  15. I forget exactly, but Spiderman makes a quip about them being away and mentions what they are doing.