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  1. I was thinking of the same thing. It might be tough to go after the president, but anyone who worked for him, should be put under a microscope.
  2. I figured the Fallout games and the Elder Scroll games would be the big ones. Maybe Starfield as well. I was also reading that this brings the Fallout franchise back within the realm of the people who made New Vegas, so that is some odd bit of news. And it looks like the answer is No, Sony won't be getting access to those games. Things could change though. On my own, I still will get a PS5, because I splurged and got a nice gaming laptop during a black friday sale, so I figure that would still give me options for any of those games
  3. So how hurt is Sony with Microsoft basically buying Bethesda?
  4. That is a bummer. The final boss fight was pretty great, but I am a fan of the old westerns and samurai movies, so that might have been my draw to it.
  5. It's this. Be amazed that people who you respected for their "investment and business acumen" are going along with this huckster. It's a fun conversation/
  6. I did my early voting with my wife. We got our ballots in the mail, filled them out and then dropped them off at city hall. It was easy, I want to do this all the time.
  7. Thanks, I will read that when I'm not so busy. I guess the statistic I wave basically recalling was the ratio of how much each state gets back for every federal dollar that they put in. I know, for New York, it is a net loss, for instance. (This may address it, I haven't been able to really read it, so I apologize if that is the case, nor I guess, should I just be asking other people to google for me either. )
  8. I knew for sure that New York did, I was just unsure if that was true for Washington and Oregon. (I am like 80% sure that is true for Washington, no clue on Oregon).
  9. I know during the pandemic those areas are hurting financially, but, don't those states the cities are in pay into the federal government more than they get back anyways?
  10. I am thinking the same thing. I need to be here for the people who need support and can't leave.
  11. Oh yep, it is on my reading list, but, for my own sanity, after he is out of office.
  12. It is, but more to illustrate a point. Our personality is really a social tool box in which we relate to the world. It is why all the personality disorders have traits that "normal" people share because those attributes are tools in that tool box. We identify an interaction and then use the appropriate tool to resolve said interaction. Someone with a personality disorder has a limited tool box. They can only approach each interaction from the perspective enforced by the disorder. The more severe the disorder, the more limited the tool box is. Trump, if he has NPD and it feels like he does, has a limited tool box in which to address any interaction. So anything he does, if you believe he has NPD, needs to be viewed from that lens. Like maybe his lack of education, in his mind, why does he need to learn anything when he already knows everything? Now most people with NPD when confronted with the reality that that lack of education would bring would run into some conflict and issues. Trump? His wealth and social status shielded him from that consequence. My understanding of personality disorders is that they are genetic (genetic predispositions), but then reinforced through nurturing. You basically treat them by building a bridge with the therapist who acts as your personality compass and tool box, until the other person is ready to then use those tools on their own. The hardest two, and most dangerous, from what I have heard to treat is APD, followed by NPD. ETA: Not yet, I will probably read it once this guy is out of office. I can only handle so much Trump.
  13. Again, if he had severe NPD, you are trying to judge him by comparing him to someone with a full toolbox to solve and adapt to problems, he doesn't have that, he has one tool in that tool box and uses it on everything. That is all he can do. His great wealth/social status has shielded him from most of the fallout and he continues on because all his actions and energy are focused on fulfilling the grandiose self image that he has of himself. He has no room for anything else.
  14. NPD is what I was referring too. Over my years in mental health I have had dealings with a variety of personality disorders (thankfully never Antisocial Personality Disorder). He reminds me of some of the more severe ones that I have worked with, he just has the means to support it. The only reason that I quibble on it a little bit, because if he is merely stupid then one could make the argument that he doesn't understand what what he is doing. I think he does, he just doesn't give a shit, as the payout he goes for is merely whatever makes him feel powerful and "the best." He is locked into that kind of mind frame. Calling him stupid could lead to the sense of underestimating him, or well not evaluating correctly the way that he makes decisions. This is really a minor thing, it is more, I don't think people realize what they are getting into when they deal with people who have personality disorders and presentation.
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