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  1. Herbert was aware of that choice. He was very much anti the white savior and the charismatic leaders/great men of history. Paul, as the series goes, on is a demonstration as to why this is a bad thing. I'm not sure if you read the books, so I'm trying not to spoil.
  2. That or they were interested in their own takes on these stories.
  3. Yeah, too bad the stuff written by Son and other dude ended up being kind of poo.
  4. I know that, the movie doesn't quite say that yet, so I was trying to give a hint to someone that asked a question without spoiling it.
  5. Remember the Bene Gesserit told Jessica that they laid a path forward for her age Paul. Think about it, how did they do that?
  6. I always thought it was about humans throwing the shackles off of the humans who used AI tob control them.
  7. My wife with zero knowledge of Dune enjoyed it. I liked it too. I do think it's hard to say if it's good without the sequel, but it was exciting to see this partial vision of Dune.
  8. It isn't cheating to take mentorship from your department director. They offered because they are interested in you advancing in your career. This is one of those things where exposure and practice can help, you might not ever be comfortable with it. That is kind of a strength really, because it will keep you on edge and improving. There are classes you can take, I have never done them, so I can't say how effective you are. I know for me, it was just, instead of looking at the interview as them rating me, it is a two way street. They need to impress me as well. I mean, if they do a bad job, I wouldn't want to work for them, ya know. In my head, it is more of a formal conversation, where they will be asking questions about my experience, work ethic and background. I will be doing the same, so we can both get the measure of what we want. That helped decrease my anxiety, and honestly, sometimes asking insightful questions gets you a second look.
  9. Nice job! That looks good. I haven't played with uploading assets yet. I am enjoying 5e more than the Pathfinder system as a DM, I am finding it to be a little less to manage and easier to balance things. Even low level creatures can be threatening to higher level players depending on the abilities of the creature.
  10. I will give Wonderdraft a shot. They really updated inkarnate over the past year or so, it is, well, easier for me to use it to create my fantasy cartographer maps than to draw and scan.
  11. Also, separate note. Inkarnate is a fun map making tool with a free option, that works well, and it's paid option is great, along with being super cheap. I use it to design fantasy maps and whatnot all the time, so if you are looking for something like that, check it out.
  12. I sometimes have that burn it all down feeling too, especially at my previous place of employment. My stress comes with the nature of the job, working with who I do. The only thing, unless a better opportunity does arise, to not make these decisions during the pandemic market. It is all....weird right now.
  13. Yeah, always my philosophy as well. Anytime I run a module or something from somewhere else, I always stressed this was Guy's Version and not necessarily the version that everyone else knew. In part, I just didn't have it in me to learn the rules and to learn all the lore details. I remember when I ran Dragon Heist, I said the same thing, this is going to be Guy's Verision of Waterdeep as several of my players had a ton more knowledge of the Forgotten Realms than I. It usually works out. I only had one person ever had a problem with it and I invited them to go look for a different game.
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