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  1. Guy Kilmore

    U.S. Politics- SCOTUS 2: The Election Strikes Back

    Words are powerful, words can hurt, and words can destroy lives. Emotional abuse happens and it only needs words to do it.
  2. Guy Kilmore

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Not saying that they are immortal, but with cell regeneration and whatnot, who is to say that human life ends at around 100 years? Maybe things last longer. If that is the case, probably why Ford was able to get away with Bernard vs Arnold. If Arnold was a silent partner and only Ford really knew him, well, there ya go, it wouldn't look that weird if he looked the same he looked however many years ago. As to the Clementine Virus, I thought that the woke AIs couldn't really be effected by that stuff. It was why Lawrence was able to resist Maeve and whatnot. They can edit their own lines of code.
  3. Guy Kilmore

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    That is the one thing I am wondering, with the tissue regeneration and stuff; how long do people live? How healthy do they stay?
  4. Guy Kilmore

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    I am curious to read the link to that, because I wasn't aware of anywhere doing advanced polling days, just absentee balloting or maybe mail-in ballots.
  5. Guy Kilmore

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Or waiting until he retires.
  6. Guy Kilmore

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    The fear I have is that the court is going to figure out how to duck this issue on technicalities until something signals a significant change outside of the court.
  7. Guy Kilmore

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    Yep, I was going to post this, it feels a bit like a water shed moment.
  8. The Supreme Court Upheld Ohio's voter-purge law. I wouldn't mind it if there was an easy option for same day registration. Without it, I don't like the idea of people losing their right to vote because of bureaucracy. ETA: The court conservatives even used the same debunked study that the White House was trotting around a while ago.
  9. You are correct. However, I'm not making an argument, I'm advocating and making an appeal. I spend my day representing and working for those who are unable to make that appeal. Most adults, can, most children through biological development, legal and societal constructs cannot. Today I got tired of having to watch children grapple with something they shouldn't. So some of this is me expressing my personal feelings on it. Also you see, I'm not trying to appeal to you, your thoughts on children do not matter to me in the slightest, because the outcome you desire will benefit those that I care about. If I wanted to appeal to you I would make some disparaging crack about Tom Brady, witiscm about Military History, while acknowledging your sovereignty.
  10. It is because you will ignore all of the following that you are failing your children.
  11. See, I am not being sarcastic. I am being serious, more so than I have EVER been in this board in a long while. How many homicidal/suicidal kids have you spoken with? I do so on a regular basis. How many schools do you interact with on a daily basis? What happens with those school plans when the kids no longer trust the adults? I heard your argument and you dismissed NUMBERS, actual FACTS. Only 20 odd percent of Americans own a gun. What are you trying to say, by making something illegal, that number go up? That number will stay the same, that number will go down? What proof do you have of that change in the number? To get back to the sarcasm projection, the fact that you are taking what I am saying as "sarcastic" already bespeaks of the emotional blinders you need to put up to distance yourself from what I said. Because right now, the argument you are making makes you appear like you are choosing to FAIL America's youth and your kids. I can't do that anymore.
  12. Great, so get on your senator and representative, lets get the CDC researching gun violence. Lets look to see what other Western Developed nations have done to curb gun violence in their countries. The last isn't true, other places have curbed gun violence, what have they done? We do have clues, just people don't have the will for whatever reason. Stop failing your kids.
  13. I am just so tired. I work with youth and I am in and out of schools constantly. This week, I had three kids, ages 12, 15 and 16 tell me there plans on what they would do if there was a shooter, how they would protect themselves, those they love and hopefully live. How they are trying to identify kids who are at risk and find some healthy way of dealing with them. And they are asking me it is enough? And the adults in America, right now are fucking failing them. Failing them so god damn hard. They are finding reasons in their "clear eyed common sense" why something just can't be done, it can't change. Too many people in prison, people will just keep breaking the laws, then lets talk about prison reform, that is NOT an excuse. It is mental health, guns are just a tool, then lets stop cutting funds for mental health treatment like we JUST DID, for those MOST at risk. (Medical Assistance is no longer providing funding to children residential treatment centers.) Lets talk about what we need to invest in our medical systems and education to do it. There are NOT enough providers to address the mental health concerns that exist today. There isn't enough information to make an informed decision. Then lets allow the CDC to do actual research on gun violence, lets find out the information, lets do something There is too much money, Corporate greed. Then lets become educated consumers and inform ourselves. While we are doing all these fucking things, lets look and see if we can do something with guns and make our kids just a little bit safer. Make it a little bit tougher to mow down 50 people. You know, other places in the world have figured it out. I always thought Americans prided themselves on being able to take the best of what people brought to the country and making it better. What a joke. So when you just decide to sit on your hands, you are fucking failing your kids. I am tired of failing our youth, so very tired of it. And I know they are getting sick of it.
  14. Then what are you arguing about? Who are you arguing with? I'm hard pressed to find someone who said that there needed to be 100% ban on all firearms? Or are you just setting up a strawman to tilt against? You also said MOST Americans could get a gun illegally, I am demonstrating that MOST Americans when presented with LEGAL gun ownership opt to NOT own a gun. So why would they suddenly want an illegal firearm?
  15. I am an American. I have stated no preference to my policy stance. I just provided summary statistics as to what Most American think and feel Yes, prisons are overflowing, are you saying because there are laws? Is that your argument? Are you saying people do legal things at the same rate as illegal things? If you are stating that, prove it, your "common sense" should be supported by easily observed facts. Your "common sense" seems really flawed that I dispute the commonality or sensibility of it.