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  1. Guy Kilmore

    US Politics: Red Whine Hangover

    It's been way too quiet and I'm in one of those competitive districts. The only point of contact I've gotten has been from Klobouchar.
  2. It sounds like this is something to wait on for a bit and enjoy more polished pursuits.
  3. Guy Kilmore

    US Politics: Red, Red Whine

    What second point? I was responding to when you said you didn't know what you were talking about and most likely wrong and then stating an opinion? So you are saying when you don't know what you are talking about, that is the time to voice your opinion?
  4. Guy Kilmore

    US Politics: Red, Red Whine

    I agree with talking tough Stating an opinion when you are sure there are things you missed or are flat out wrong about it is also, well, foolish. Those are moments to take stock, ask questions and take the time to read what is going on. Not to make declarative statements.
  5. I played most of the tabletop adventure campaign for Kingmaker and it is pretty epic. I kind of want to try this out.
  6. Guy Kilmore

    Bond 25: Hiddleswift Down

    I kind of look at the Bond Films like the Mad Max films, it is more a mythic representation of the titular character.
  7. Guy Kilmore

    Board games!

    I really like that game, I never get to play it enough.
  8. The pretty neat thing about a messageboard is those threads are archived, you can always look back to see what people said.
  9. Guy Kilmore

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Way to put yourself out there and now you know and you can do something about it. Either way, you were honest with your feelings and made them aware. Good Job. I'm sorry it didn't pay out. But yeah, I remember when my wife and I found out we couldn't have kids. It was a weird mixture of sadness/grieving, but we knew what was going on and what it was about. It also answered some other health questions and it felt...good and it was a relief to know. I guess moving on can feel good.
  10. Guy Kilmore

    Board games!

    That would be an interesting argument to make, if I remember right, Games Workshop pulled their stuff out before they went into the Star Wars Miniatures and from talking to employees there, them developing the line in Star Wars minis was, in some ways, a response to Games Workshop pulling out. Anyways, I know I have said this, but if you ever find yourself in Minnesota, Fantasy Flight Games has their own Cafe/Bar/Game Center place where you can sit and play and all that fun jazz. It is really nice and spacious.
  11. Guy Kilmore

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    It's better to know, you can mourn the loss of what you felt, do all you just said and be prepared for the next horizon
  12. Guy Kilmore

    U.S. Politics: Death and Tax Cuts

    I don't remember how it resolved in 2009 when they stopped. Now it is being done again, but also broaden. You'd think there would be at least a big payout...
  13. Guy Kilmore

    U.S. Politics: Death and Tax Cuts

    So now people are being denied passports and possibly looking at deportation because they are having their citizenship questioned. I thought we had settled this issue back during the Bush/Obama years, but it looks like it is getting revved up even more.
  14. Guy Kilmore


    On Netflix, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is the one to watch. My wife and I really like it.
  15. Guy Kilmore

    US politics: No sub rosa Omarosa

    Yep, so this race got real interesting in a nauseating sort of way.