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  1. I didn't realise there was an extended version. Is it significantly better than original cut? I did mostly like the film although the finale felt a bit disappointing.
  2. I enjoyed the trilogy. It does definitely use some familiar fantasy tropes and the Russian-inspired setting is probably the most distinctive thing about it. At times some things were a bit predictable but there were also times where the story went in a direction I didn't expect. The characterisation was generally fairly good although sometimes the supporting characters were more interesting than the leads and the protagonist's best friend/romantic interest was dull enough that apparently I can't even remember his name now. I agree, I think that's the best she's written so far. I did also enjoy the Language of Thorns collection which is a set of short stories inspired by various European fairy tales set in the same world.
  3. Clearly Afghanistan are the new England. I was curious how many there had been in total. It looks like there were no 2-day tests between 1946 and 2000 but 8 so far in the 21st Century
  4. That one I definitely remember being terrible.
  5. I read it a few years ago, it does have some great concepts in it although I agree parts of it have dated badly.
  6. I think I liked most of them, although I think there were a couple of bad ones.
  7. Yes. Reading the original post again Derfel is referring to the Millennium special in the first paragraph and is then talking about Christmas Carol in the second, which is much older and much better.
  8. I watched Jackie Brown which I had last seen so long ago that I'd forgotten most of the film. It does feel as if it might be Tarantino's most straightforward film but it still manages to tell a compelling story. It had a good cast, particularly Pam Grier in the lead role although I think it's fair to say that Jackson and De Niro didn't have the chemistry that Jackson and Travolta did.
  9. Blackadder : Back and Forth was commissioned to be shown initially inside the Millennium Dome with TV broadcast at a later date.
  10. I did enjoy the first trilogy but it was a bit uneven. There were some bits I really liked but other sections where it had issues with pacing, which is not too unusual for a debut series. I thought the second series was better paced and I also found the characters more interesting.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if you are right, although with France there's definitely always the potential for some indiscipline.
  12. It does seem they're potentially on course for a Grand Slam (although the toughest game is yet to come) largely because of their opponents' indisciplines.
  13. The precautions we take are all about reducing the risks but I guess we can all get unlucky even when we're being really careful. I hope your symptoms remain mild and it all clears up soon.
  14. It sounds like they are showing some of Kaz's gang's earlier works which I guess could work. I can't really remember what the timeline is but presumably Kaz does come to Ketterdam some time before Shadow and Bone starts. They could also have Alina meet Nina when she goes to get trained since she would be with the other Grisha at that point.
  15. Doesn't Six of Crows start some time after the end of the Grisha trilogy? Although I guess it might be possible to move it earlier with a few modifications.
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