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  1. Icarium vs the seguleh 1st
  2. I read a book as a kid that was way too advanced for me and for decades I have been trying to find out the name and author, anyways it was about the prohibition, basically some rich dude planned it from start to finish and had control over numerous mobsters and politicians, in later years I keep thinking it's a twist on some real persons life but I can't make the connection..
  3. I reread Curse and Paladin every couple years and it's like the first time, have been reading LMB books for over 30 years and these are probably the best and thats saying a lot as Miles Vorkosigan is just below Fitzchivalry Farseer as my favorite fantasy/scifi character..
  4. No it doesn't actually, it's a bit of a slog but I persevered.. There was always something that kept me going..
  5. Jah know..have been saying RIP a lot lately RIP mamba ..legend..
  6. RIP I remember vividly the first time I read the Silmarillion, it was a truly memorable experience, thank you very much..
  7. shortstark

    Tolkien 3.0

    Very well done ..I enjoyed it..
  8. This is incredibly well done, and yeah Kal, it works for me too, this Erich is a much more 'solid' version of himself than we have become accustomed to, and yes it is he, the whole arm thing gave it away. Who else got the Andat mention? This one was Abraham's I think.
  9. Seriously? gotta get it now Just read the blurb on Amazon, is that the same Erich?
  10. Read this in a couple days, loved it, a bit annoyed at times with the lead character, but was engrossed in the story throughout, I thought it improved as it went along and the final third was a real page turner. I hope the second books comes out soon.
  11. I remember Federer tearing up after the 09 Australian Final and feeling unsympathetic, he has been at the pinnacle of his sport for so long and has been blessed, but I find myself rooting for him to get one more, maybe am getting old.
  12. Harden wasn't Harden then or wasn't hard enough then.
  13. Unlike anagogic sorcery the gnosis summons the meaning of the thing itself, to create fire the anagogic sorcerer creates a dragon head for instance and have it breathe fire, the gnostic sorcery does not require this prop, through precise language he can create fire, the essence of fire made physical. This is my limited understanding anyway and its a big part of the books from the prince of nothing trilogy onwards. But we are derailing the thread
  14. Yup, same for both gnosis and andats, making something physical from the essential idea of a thing.
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