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  1. I have read the Crows duology but skipped shadow and bones based on meh reviews here, I generally like to be familiar with the books before watching movies based on them, would a read of shadow and bones be beneficial in this instance?
  2. RIP to John LeCarre.. Who has not written a bad book imo. Agree with the consensus that the Karla Trilogy was probably the heights of his works, Smiley is a great character atmospheric, understated and dense.. A reread is imminent..
  3. "Against their will" Has there ever been a willing castrati?
  4. I fucking hate the silmarillion ... Blasphemy... Best History book I have read...
  5. A ferro logan hookup in some remote region would be sweet.. And no, I don't think we have seen the last of the bloody nine, think he is going to die on screen..
  6. Count me as one who thought Clover was Craw also.. I think the close relationship with Wonderful threw me off..
  7. did a re-reading of every single JA book in the series, in preparation for this book, which i quite enjoyed. Shame this one left me feeling so very meh. Maybe the glut did it Over sated
  8. I want to know about the Shanka's ability with flesh and metal and Cauribs resurrection, elements of magic and technology I assume..
  9. I had a thought about Orso and Rikke too, she is well on her way to being the King in the North she and Orso getting to getting together would make the Union immeasurably stronger, but that might be too tidy a resolution for our Joe. The first two installments of this trilogy has been pretty self contained, story arcs concluding satisfactorily, however I can't see the whole story concluding in one more book though.. I have read this book twice now.. that's a record..
  10. I hope we learn more about the Shanka's ability to bring back ppl from the dead though..
  11. Whoever said Stour Downfall up thread big up yourself. I was pissed at Joe for that last Clover Wonderful scene in A Little Hatred and the taking down of Stour has partly made amends.. lovely book, probably the best one yet, Joe is at the heights of his story telling powers. I have no nits to pick, everything worked for me Rikke is my new favorite character and Vick and Joppo.. u see where this is leading....
  12. Yeah Dune rocks, fear is the mind killer is i think the first quote from a sci/fi novel to make it into popular lexicon.. I had previously thought Herbert had lifted it from somewhere else..
  13. Yup, this is purely authorial indulgence as i am not sure this phrase from the book would have been in popular culture at the time..
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