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  1. shortstark

    Third Quarter 2019 Reading

    Read this in a couple days, loved it, a bit annoyed at times with the lead character, but was engrossed in the story throughout, I thought it improved as it went along and the final third was a real page turner. I hope the second books comes out soon.
  2. shortstark

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    I remember Federer tearing up after the 09 Australian Final and feeling unsympathetic, he has been at the pinnacle of his sport for so long and has been blessed, but I find myself rooting for him to get one more, maybe am getting old.
  3. Harden wasn't Harden then or wasn't hard enough then.
  4. shortstark

    Coins, Daggers, and re-reads.

    Unlike anagogic sorcery the gnosis summons the meaning of the thing itself, to create fire the anagogic sorcerer creates a dragon head for instance and have it breathe fire, the gnostic sorcery does not require this prop, through precise language he can create fire, the essence of fire made physical. This is my limited understanding anyway and its a big part of the books from the prince of nothing trilogy onwards. But we are derailing the thread
  5. shortstark

    Coins, Daggers, and re-reads.

    Yup, same for both gnosis and andats, making something physical from the essential idea of a thing.
  6. shortstark

    Coins, Daggers, and re-reads.

    This was me, then i met seedless and was hooked. I am always thinking about what Andat i could create. Tangent.. Anyone think of the similarities between the Andats and Gnosis sorcery?
  7. shortstark

    Coins, Daggers, and re-reads.

    Ahh more rhapsodizing about the long price quartet, did i ever tell y'all how many times i bounced of the first book? lots of times, it was the constant praise on this very forum that made me really gave it a shot, all i can say is thanks all, probably tied with Hobbs Farseer books as my favorite completed multi book series, its sublimely good, and he nailed the ending 10/10..
  8. shortstark

    Second Quarter 2019 Reading

    Read Children of Time and really enjoyed it, started Holy Sister but couldn't quite get into it, went on a reread of Lois Mcmaster Bujold 5 Gods trilogy, i had skipped Hallowed Hunt before as i could not get into it, persevered this time, was ok, not as strong as the previous two though. Might read something else by Tchaikovsky..
  9. Notable omission or i might have overlooked its mention is the Arkady Renko books by Martin Cruz Smith set in Russia (and other places) during and after the fall of communism, great books, i loved them.
  10. shortstark

    The Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold

    ista is the shit for real... i teared up when Caz replied to her request to go on the journey. Bujold and Hobb will make u cry..
  11. shortstark

    Coins, Daggers, and re-reads.

    Oh yes, i have not however read a bad book by Abraham, the quality is really top notch.
  12. shortstark

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    But But.. Duarte new abilities re cortazars demise is very goth like, the similarities to what is experienced during a consciousness attack is striking, so what do we get from this, has he been somehow coopted by the protomolecule killing aliens, will they use him as a communication device if so? Has there been any instance of the "goths" taking over or controlling protomolecule aliens artifacts in any of the books before? Edited to add that i think Duarte will have a more central role going forward than just as a figure for Elvi to study
  13. shortstark

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    Re Amos and the resurrected kids slight hesitation before responding. I am wondering if their brain has been augmented with something artificial and the hesitance is a process of them accessing stored info from their previous lives to respond appropriately. Although in the last interaction between Amos and Holden he seemed to be more "present" An augmented Amos would be even more formidable.
  14. shortstark

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    The description of Cortazar remains is eerily similar to the victims on the Falcon, Sagale in particular..
  15. shortstark

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    Yeah.. I was wondering what it looked like from Cortazar final perspective. But Duarte should be a creature of the protomolecule by now, so how is it possible for him to have substrate creatures powers, did he get co opted during the last attack on human consciousness? And if he has indeed been taken over by the substrate creatures shouldnt he be acting against the protomolecule systems?