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  1. shortstark

    Favourite Books on the Arthurian Legend

    Warlord Chronicles, with Mary Stewart close second.. Stewart has my favorite portrayal of Merlin..
  2. shortstark

    Assassin's Apprentice Opinions?

    just reiterating what I have said on numerous occasions when this topic inevitably reappears Fitz Chivalry Farseer is the best fantasy character imho Ever.. Books are great too...
  3. shortstark

    Football: Attempting to stay ahead (in your) City.

    This is one of the main reasons why Wenger had to go, the mental block of Man U was a real thing, lets see what this new era of Emery does for this psychological aspects of the gunners. i am quietly optimistic and has even gone as far as placing a little wager with my rabid man u supporting nephew.
  4. I have just finished episode 8 and am making a decision to watch 9 next week and 10 the week after.. Just to draw out the pleasure of watching this show.. As an aside.. I really used to like aethelwold, what has changed to make him like this now?
  5. shortstark


    Deadwood, Firefly, The Wire!
  6. It is clear that there are as many reasons to do it, as to *not* do it, people's mileage might vary, calling it good customer service or to generate interest is much of a muchness imo. The suggestion that GRRM doesn't need to do it because of his immense popularity is kinda implied, and it sucks, assholes on the internet is a fact of life, I don't think authors should let them be their prime focus in determining how they deal with their fans..
  7. Say one thing for Logan, say he is very quotable
  8. shortstark

    Bernard Cornwell - warlord chronicles and beyond

    Mary Stewart Arthur novels, or rather Merlin novels are magic lite also, most events has a reasonable explanation, with a few that are ambiguous, they are my favorite Arthurian novels.. Warlord Trilogy run them very close though..
  9. shortstark

    The Broken Earth Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin

    Wert, how far in were you when you figured out the
  10. shortstark

    And now Barnes & Noble faces the Headman's axe

    Me too, came upon this weird looking book while browsing the fantasy section of Borders on Oxford street in London decades ago, this was a paperback copy games of thrones.. fond memories.
  11. shortstark

    Underwhelmed by Tolkien

    I think this is a common and understandable reaction from most new readers of fantasy, but what cannot be denied is that LOTR has aged incredibly well, and while the majority of current faves will be a dim memory 50 years from now i will go out on a thin limb and predict that LOTR will still be relevant then.. I can remember my first time reading these books and the Silmarillion vividly, i am talking about time and place, thats the impact that they had on me.
  12. shortstark

    R,I.P. Thread

    This one hurt.
  13. shortstark

    KJ Parker recommendation

    Just read KJ Parker story in Book Of Swords and quite liked it, problem is I think I tried a full length novel way back and bounced hard off it.. So what would boarders who recommend who have read that short story? I know there is threads existing, but this is more focused..