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  1. Found this out today when I googled to see if there was any fresh news re a new Shardlake book.. Devastated...
  2. “She said that by our thoughts, we called forth forms. And those forms are what you and I call gods. Not really divine, but rather an expression of the congregation who summoned it. Summoned isn’t the right word. She uses egrygor . An Inlisc word that means ‘reflected lights.’ We focus and reflect these parts of ourselves into a thought that gains form and power. And that, she said, was what we worship and pray to, and what answers our prayer as well.” This the section that had me thinking Scot..
  3. Doing a re read of Blade of Dreams and am just realizing that the Gods that exist in the World are like Andats that exist in Long Price.. although these are not bound.. @DanielAbraham am I bugging?
  4. Just finished Tchaikovsky City of Lost Chances which was as usual excellent, the thing though I do not enjoy it, but was fascinated, it was unsettling and unpleasant but engrossing nonetheless, which brings me to the man himself, had there ever been an author as prolific and good as Tchaikovsky? What's even more remarkable is the diversity of his offerings in the Sci/Fi category.. I am constantly in awe of this man's output and the quality... Well done ...
  5. I can't do the spoiler tag thingy to save my life Can this thread be a spoiler thread.. I am sure Bryn A Sal is not dead and other wacky ideas ..
  6. Ok Next question Spoiler tag not working.. proceed with caution.. <spoiler>What's the best guess as to who Halev Karsen is.. has to be either Lord Kauth or the God Shau.. he is clearly opposed to the thread of Kithmar and not human. Lord Kauth said he was in the City</spoiler>
  7. Wad this always going to be a trilogy though.. Anyways I finished Blade of Dreams and loved it, the initial preview of the book left me a little underwhelmed, I wanted further adventures of Alys and Sam, but say one thing about Daniel Abraham.. This was great and gripping, it felt a little short as if Dan was leaving material out for this new to me third installment, the story from a different perspective actually worked, and I look forward to the final act...
  8. Good to hear, can you give us a heads up as to how close to completion the book is..plz....
  9. 14 years! Damn, we old as shit... Continue to rant and rave on the other level EHK.. I know resting in peace is not your style..
  10. Wanted more for Idris, bittersweet.. Am content though.. Adrian Tchaikovsky is amazing...
  11. Was just rereading the end of Kolis Fall..Love the Ramparts Trilogy.. Fall of Koli...
  12. Been on a Tchaikovsky binge recently Read Elder Race Ogre and The Doors of Eden, Ogre was underwhelming but both Doors of Eden and Elder Race were well done, I have noticed a political slant to the writing though which is a bit heavy handed at times, but as it generally aligns with my leanings I don't mind it so much, others might find it jarring though..
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