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  1. If you could get any unpublished books for Christmas what would it be.. And no... Not from GRRM.. For me it would be another Goblin book from Katherine Addison and JV Jones next installment in the Sword of Shadows series..
  2. JV Jones Sword of Shadows series is very wintery.. it breathes cold..
  3. Loved it.. thought it was very cinematic.. expect to see it on Netflix soon...
  4. Loved Shards, second book not so much.. hopefully he sticks the landing..
  5. Enjoyed this much more than Red Knight which was the only other Cameron book that I read ...
  6. The Jade trilogy was excellent, I hope they turned into a high level TV series or movie soon..
  7. Been on a Tchaikovsky binge recently Read Elder Race Ogre and The Doors of Eden, Ogre was underwhelming but both Doors of Eden and Elder Race were well done, I have noticed a political slant to the writing though which is a bit heavy handed at times, but as it generally aligns with my leanings I don't mind it so much, others might find it jarring though..
  8. You are partially describing Bakkers magic system with the use of precise language both spoken and thought to conjure a thing, with the gnosis going further by conjuring the essence of the thing itself.. classic example instead of a dragon breathing fire you get fire in it's pure form.. Bakkers calls it utteral and inutteral, with a more advanced form using a second inutteral to teleport.. fascinating...
  9. Interesting, what grabs me though is the mention of Andats, which to me is the most imaginative take on magic I think I have ever come across.
  10. Cavern is definitely the weakest imo, I recalled giving up on it back then, glad I persevered.. I would advice judicious skimming since this is a reread...
  11. Within the last two weeks I have read been reading Katherine Addison Goblin Emperor had been on my radar for a while but just got around to it and off i was on this ride, I really liked it, but that's a side issue.. Both Witness for the Dead and Grief of Stones are dry methodical and absolutely cannot be put down, I can honestly say I don't know why I find both these books to be so fascinating but they are, I will think on it and come back to this post, all I can hope is that we have not seen the last of Thera Celehar..
  12. Yup, same here, I am patiently waiting on Endlords, whenever a publication date is announced I will commence a reread... These books has so many made for TV moments, should have gotten optioned years ago..
  13. Just finished Eyes of the Void..book 2 of Tchaikovsky Architects series, it was originally promoted as a duology but is now a trilogy it seems. didn't enjoy it ..lots of bloat and exposition.. disappointed.. quite enjoyed Shards of the Earth..
  14. Re reading Strange Dogs and I have so many questions.. How did cara died and how long after the events surrounding Xan's death..were the dogs existing before the orbitals came online, doubt it else someone would have come across them prior to Cara, what are the dog's purpose... I have read all these stories before, but reading them back to back only highlights the quality.. hard to pick a favorite , Auberon and Butcher weakest to me..the others really excellent...
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