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  1. I was disappointed when it finished..wanted more .. so much more to tell like Scot said..
  2. I know a writer is skilled when Orsos death keeps lingering in my head and affecting my mood.. that shit hurts.. I will console myself with thoughts of him escaping and hanging out with Jappo..
  3. Nice take, Leo was always a narcissistic asshole and rode other people to his acclaim, not surprised he turned out bitter and ungrateful.. on Rikke's vision, the one where the weaver had some burning jewel/stone, could Bayaz have regained another seed equivalent that will magnify his power?
  4. Wisdom of Crowds has come and gone! Sigh... When again Joe.. Joe and Daniel Abrahams is the only certainty for me right now..
  5. Good book, the great change became a bit of a slog to get through, essayish as some have mentioned, the need for Broad also escapes me, a lot of stuff was telegraphed or we have become better at figuring out Joe, I wasn't fooled by Rikke's so called falling out for a minute. Where Joe got me was Orsos eventual fate, that was a sucker punch, I thought a last minute reprieve was on the cards.. I remember wondering how Hild would make anyone pay if anything happened to Orso and I guess we can see now how that is going to go.. I don't know if Joe is finished with the First Law world.. I personally would hate to leave things as they are..greedy I guess.
  6. Couldn't finish book 2, hard going, probably get back to it some other time, everyone in the book was some kind of evil..
  7. It's funny how when it comes to sports we lose all objectivity. As a Jamaican my horse in this race is Sterling, so by default I want England to do well, thus I am amazed by the criticism re diving.. any competent player feeling contact there would go down, and if he didn't he is a moron imo.. I wonder if the moaning is from people who don't want England to do well..show of hands all English supporters who think it was a dive or soft penalty.
  8. Shameful dive is a bit much. Sterling was relentless today and kept the Danes under pressure..big up..
  9. Why do I keep bouncing off The Girl and the Stars? This my second attempt at reading it and am finding it to be a slog..?
  10. Thanks for bringing this this book to my attention, I got through the trilogy in a week or so and thoroughly enjoyed it, the third book had some section that dragged but overall it was a triumph, gonna check out M R Carey other stuff now.
  11. Hooked, absolutely hooked on Robin Hobb now. Welcome to the club, Fitz will grab you and won't let you go..
  12. I have read the Crows duology but skipped shadow and bones based on meh reviews here, I generally like to be familiar with the books before watching movies based on them, would a read of shadow and bones be beneficial in this instance?
  13. RIP to John LeCarre.. Who has not written a bad book imo. Agree with the consensus that the Karla Trilogy was probably the heights of his works, Smiley is a great character atmospheric, understated and dense.. A reread is imminent..
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