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  1. Peadar

    Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    I have turned some of my short-stories into a podcast. You can find them under the name "CreepyCast" in your player of choice. Or check them out here. *Mods: if this shouldn't be here, your smiting will be righteous.
  2. I loved that book! I may consider a reread of it soon.
  3. I have just started Tombland by CJ Sansom.
  4. Peadar

    Writing a novel - advice.

    Agreed. The most important advice I could give anybody is already in there. You could also do a lot worse than joining an online critique group such as critters.org if they still exist. Criticism hurts, but it's necessary for growth. Online groups can be a good way to ease you into that process. Good luck!
  5. I'm reading the first of the Murderbot Diaries -- All Systems Red, by Martha Wells. Liking it so far.
  6. Peadar

    Bernard Cornwell - warlord chronicles and beyond

    I agree with the above statement for the most part. I also think the Warlord Chronicles are by far Cornwell's best work. The extra layer added by the magic pulls the whole work up to another level for me.
  7. I'm reading R. J. Barker's Age of Assassins. Just started, but fun, so far.
  8. I have finished yet another Adrian Tchaikovsky book: Ironclads. All of his books are highly political, but I was still surprised to see such a prominent mention of Brexit in this one. Enjoyed it a lot.
  9. Peadar

    September '18 Reading - A Labor of Love

    Before you give up on him entirely, I would recommend "Tyrant". It has a plot and the research felt pretty deep to me.
  10. Peadar

    September '18 Reading - A Labor of Love

    We're infested with them... Oh, wait!
  11. Peadar

    Yuval Noah Harari?

    I read the first two. Red Snow speaks for me in this matter.
  12. Peadar

    September '18 Reading - A Labor of Love

    I'm reading Vanished Kingdoms by Norman Davies. A book about European states that have almost been completely forgotten by history. Interesting so far.
  13. Peadar

    August '18 Reading- (Insert Clever Subtitle)

    I'm just getting the paperwhite. The big advantage of the Oasis for me -- not that I ever had one -- was the resolution. But the newer paperwhites have matched that now and I've never had an issue where a wet kindle exploded, killing thousands, while simultaneously opening a portal into Hell to release hordes of Peadar-eating-demons. What are the chances?
  14. Peadar

    August '18 Reading- (Insert Clever Subtitle)

    I very much enjoyed my reread of Abercrombie's "Best Served Cold". My new kindle arrives tomorrow, so I can get back to the Adrian Tchaikovsky I was in the middle of when I lost the other one
  15. Peadar

    July '18 Reading - What We Read in the Shadows

    I'm lost without mine. I was halfway through Adrian Tchaikovsky's latest. Ah well! Onwards and upwards...