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  1. Peadar

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    Inspired by Iskaral Pust, I'm reading "Stiger's Tigers". I'd love to cut a hundred words from every page on this one. A pale shadow compared to my recent reread of some of Cornwell's best. After this, I absolutely must finish Ian McDonald's Luna trilogy.
  2. Peadar

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    If I get time this evening, I will start the graphic novel, Starport. Adapted by our own Raya Golden from one of GRRM's TV scripts. Can't wait!
  3. Peadar

    Best GRRM Short Stories

    I loooooove that monster collection of stories. My favourites are -- in no particular order -- The Monkey Treatment -- Who am I kidding? This is the best. Unsound Variations The first Dunk and Egg story. I have a soft spot for The SandKings and many others too.
  4. Peadar

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    I'm just starting The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon. Shades of Shogun at the beginning... Looking forward to getting into it properly.
  5. Peadar

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    I have just started The Extinction Trials by S.M. Wilson. A sort of Hunger Games with Dinosaurs. YA/MG. Looking forward to it.
  6. Peadar

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    Reading Enemy of God by Bernard Cornwell.
  7. Peadar

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    I have just started New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson.
  8. Peadar

    Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

    Sorry, wrong thread!
  9. Peadar

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    Rereading Enemy of God by Bernard Cornwell...
  10. Peadar

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    It's certainly a clear translation. I'm enjoying having a more muslim point of view -- something I haven't experienced since I read a Moshin Hamid book a few years back. But yes, it's dense.
  11. Peadar

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    I have started Death and the Dervish by Mesa Selimovic -- apologies for my keyboard that refused to put in the correct accents. The translation is by Bogdan Rakic and Stephen M. Dickey. A Bosnian Muslim cleric reviews his life.
  12. Peadar

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    I'm reading Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve. So far, so fun.
  13. OK, @DaveAx! I got a response from Dave Lally: "see the f/bk pages for both W and for E: Enterprise Train Con (Wed 21 Aug): meet no later thAn 1430 at madigans in Connolly (we cathCh 1520 to Belfast)..." I think he means, check the facebook pages of WorldCon and EuroCon (TitanCon). They're taking the Enterprise Train from Connolly Station at 15:20 -- that's in easy walking distance of the Dublin Convention Centre -- on Wednesday 21 August. Meeting at no later than 14:30. I hope that helps!
  14. I have sent Dave L. a message to ask him. I'll report back when he does
  15. The distance between the two cities is less than two hours! However, if you are driving, you could do worse than stopping off in Carlingford for a bit. And obviously, anybody who loves archeology should book a visit to New Grange, aka Brú na Bóinne... A