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  1. Reading yes another Christopher Buehlman book, "Between Two Fires." Good so far -- as expected!
  2. I enjoyed Ken Macleod's Beyond the Hallowed Sky, although it did seem to end all in a rush. Will definitely buy the sequel whenever it comes out.
  3. I'm starting Ken Macleod's Beyond the Hallowed Sky. I liked the start.
  4. Christopher Buehlman's "Those Across the River" was very good. That's the second book of his I've read and have enjoyed both. Will definitely try another. For now, though, my next read will be Chris Beckett's Tomorrow.
  5. I agree. I bounced off everything else of his I read, but The Fade was absolutely brilliant.
  6. I never met him myself, but that sounds like a lovely guy, all right! Strangely, I was just reading some of his work as research for a Wild Cards blog post I really like his Yeoman character.
  7. Yeah, Cage of Souls is right up there with his best work. But then again, I'm a big fan of the Dying Earth Genre. In the end, I didn't get on so well with 84K, though. Up next for me is Christopher Buehlman's Those Across the River.
  8. Will do. I loved Fifteen Lives and the House of Games series of novellas. A few others didn't work as well for me, but I'll see how this goes. I'm a slower reader these days due to commitments, so it may be a few days.
  9. I have started 84K by Claire North. Looks good so far.
  10. Books like Guns of the Dawn don't come along every week! I wish more people had read this one. In my opinion, it's his best, although in his own opinion, Dogs of War is his best -- that's only my number 2
  11. I enjoyed my first read of the year: Adrian Tchaikovsky's The Elder Race. It's a short SF -- about 200 pages or so.
  12. Christopher Buehlman's "The Blacktongue Thief" was tremendous fun. The worldbuilding was closer to D&D than my more preferred pseudo-realism, but huge amounts of thought and creativity had gone into it. The author even wrote some decent lyrics. Highly recommended.
  13. I'm starting The Blacktongue Thief by Christopher Buehlman. After one chapter I'm hugely optimistic about this one. I think it might have been @JEORDHl who mentioned it here first?
  14. Oh, meant to add, I have finished and been underwhelmed by the latest Neal Stephenson. Now starting Jame O'Brien's How to be Right. He's a liberal talk show host in the UK.
  15. I had forgotten all about this book, but I absolutely loved it at the time. So unlike anything else out there.
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