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  1. The original rules of basketball are all over the jerseys, not sure about the shirts, but it's probably that too.
  2. Back to back Big XII championships too. Pretty wild.
  3. Our ineptitude at the FT line is reminding me way too much of 2003.
  4. Twenty years and you're still bitter. Imagine if you could charge him rent for all the time he's spent in your head.
  5. I hate these fucking camera angles that they pull out every tournament.
  6. Hell no. I had thought after fourteen years at Oklahoma, I wouldn't have to worry about Brady Manek anymore. Hit him twice in the face, and he's still draining threes.
  7. How is your fanbase feeling about Davis? Probably quite good after the past month, but how about before that? I always liked him as a commentator on ESPN.
  8. I sincerely hope that your team feels that same way too
  9. There really weren't that many missed fouls though.
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