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  1. I downloaded that a couple of months ago after a some of my cousins were raving about it. Will read it when I'm next in the mood for some science fiction.
  2. Probably because they read the first book
  3. Considering book 1 was like that as well...
  4. My favorite of his books under the MR name is Fellside (love the Felix Castor series under Mike). Will probably read Someone Like Me as part of my October horror reading this year, and will save The Book of Koli until the trilogy is complete.
  5. I thought about buying this the other day, but couldn't justify paying $10 for a 200 novella. Will watch for it to go on sale. That's how I felt about the first book, I did enjoy it quite a bit while reading it, but haven't had any desire to finish the trilogy. And now that you mention it I seem to recall that McDonald is quite libertarian personally.
  6. Well I really didn't like Red Rising, so our tastes may not be entirely compatible, but here's some sci-fi series that I find to actually be great: The Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold either start with Shards of Honor or The Warrior's Apprentice and read chronologically from there, publication date varies significantly from chronological order so the quality can vary as well. The Expanse by James SA Corey (you should also read Daniel Abraham's - one half of the Corey writing team - fantasy books: The Long Price Quartet and The Dagger and the Coin) The Bel Dame Apocrypha by Kameron Hurley which also has a nice bit of fantasy feel to it, one of my favorite overall series from the past decade. The Tales of the Ketty Jay by Chris Wooding - every time I think about this series I want to reread it... should do that one of these days, it's also maybe more fantasy than sci-fi in content, but definitely feels like sci-fi. The Bone World Trilogy by @Peadar has some of that same struggle to survive that is in Red Rising Old Man's War, The Ghost Brigades, and The Last Colony by John Scalzi And one that gets recommended a lot around here that I keep meaning to read - The Culture by Ian M. Banks.
  7. It could also be like a coach trash talking their own player's performance to motivate them for the next game. However, you do have to consider Rothfuss' history of DNPs...
  8. Finished it Monday night, just don't have a lot of words about it. Put me to sleep a couple of times throughout. And maybe, it's the lack of its inability to fully engage me, but what the fuck was the deal with Iris? Was her hatred explained and I missed it, or just inadequately explained? I'll probably watch another season too, but it's definitely not a good show. Killjoys is fantastic, especially Hannah John-Kamen. Would also recommend the bolded. Recently watch Picard... eh. It was a show. On season 2 of Discovery, and I like it better than Picard, but it's still pretty forgettable. I do like the Spock actor much more in this than the one in the recent movie reboots. Really do like Sonequa Martin-Green, and Michelle Yeoh is pretty great too.
  9. I'll be watching this tomorrow night and Sunday. Looks delightfully bad.
  10. For a movie about immortal warriors, The Old Guard sure was boring as shit. Started it Friday night, watched a bit more yesterday, and finished it this morning while watching other stuff in between. At least the villain was only metaphorically twirling a mustache... Felt like it was paycheck movie for Charlize. Enjoyed The Warrior Nun more than tOG, and it was chock full of wooden acting and incessant internal monologue. I'm sure I'll watch a second season if it has one. If I were to compare the quality of this to another show, I would have to say it's at exactly the same level of Wu Assassins. Exactly. Weirdly so. I've watched all seven seasons of Star Trek Voyager over the past six months as my workout show. Finished it last Sunday. That show sure went through some ups and downs (lots of casual racism against Native Americans in the first season), but I enjoyed most of it. Before that DS9 was my workout show, so I've decided to keep Star Trek in that slot, and have begun Picard. Quite striking to go from upscaled 480p to 4K. Will watch Discovery before dropping CBS All Access, but that can't happen soon enough because I hate the service's interface on my tv. No skip recap? No skip intro? Die in a fire.
  11. "The elves went too far!" That shit was hilarious.
  12. It's been awhile since I posted in a reading thread, but I think the last book I had talk about was The October Man. After that I rolled into A Little Hatred by Abercrombie. That was a really good start to the new series, and I think I'm enjoying it more the further I get away from it. Although the ending was very unsurprising. Definitely looking forward to the next one. Then I went back to Aaronovitch with his latest book - False Value. I liked it, but didn't love it. Probably the least engaging of the series for me. I know it was supposed to feel smaller, after the end of the previous book, but that definitely led to that lack of engagement. I actually preferred The October Man - the smaller scope just worked better there. Next up was City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett. I was thinking it would be the same protagonist as in City of Stairs, and didn't care too much for Mulagesh at the beginning of the story, but wow, what a journey that was. Really enjoyed that one. I also read the latest Alex Verus novel - Fallen. Blazed through this one, after the first 40% was feeling like more of the same, it really kicked off in a big time way. Very glad I started taking a bit of time in between the latter books of the series, as now I don't have to wait quite so long before the next one is released. Saturday I finished Nightfall by Asimov and Silverberg. This one took quite awhile to get through. It's a novel expanded to a full book from an Asimov short story, and I think it was just too much. I had a couple of points were I was really interested (right before the titular event and right at the very end), but mostly it couldn't hold my interest as I had a very hard time ignoring how ridiculous the psychology of it all felt. The astronomy of when night actually fell didn't work that well either, as well as the biology of their eyes. Now I'm starting a full reread of The Dresden Files. Will probably be skipping the short story collections though.
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