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  1. Wow, that premise is my jam. Disappointing that it doesn't really land (will still probably check it out when it's available on a platform I get).
  2. Youtube recommended this to me today. It's so weird seeing him so young, and his voice sounding exactly the same.
  3. Last night I finished my rewatch of The Shield. So good. That moment when Olivia realizes what she's done is just great. So much tragedy in that final season. @Rhom's thread about Bond and The Rock made me want to watch The Rock again, so I did that after... That movie is like 98% action and 2% story, unfortunately I was not in the mood for that. All watching The Rock did for me was make me wish that I was watching So I married and Axe Murderer, so I'm watching that right now. "Head! Down!"
  4. I'm really looking forward to No Time to Die. The title of this thread had me worried that MGM had lost their damn mind and was considering the Rock for the next Bond... "Do you smell what the Bond is cooking??" I know there is zero possibility of that ever happening, but just for a second my mind went there.
  5. You and me both. This offseason with all of the transfers has my level of interest in next season plummeting. Hopefully the free pass transfers will be nixed after this year.
  6. I had to look that up and confirm it was a real movie. That trailer looks so much like a parody.
  7. I always thought he was dumber than your average bear as a studio commentator. So, it's not that surprising that he's stupid in real life too.
  8. I definitely need to read the book at some point (and the rest of Ellroy's LA books). I do think I'm been putting them off because I doubt this one would compare to the film. The only one I've read of his is The Black Dahlia, and that book was much better than that shitty movie they made from it. You really should. It's second only to The Expanse in my rankings of shows that are currently running.
  9. I thought that was because she saw Inej with the twin of the distinct dagger that was left in her brother?
  10. They should just go to quarters, and I'm not sure why that's not on the table. They're probably worried about having to restructure advertising prices/time. I would like to see the lane widened, but it seems like that has been shot down year after year for more than a decade. The opting out of FTs in the final two minutes is very intriguing as well (but I definitely can't see that happening any time soon).
  11. It really does, but in a good way (at least for me).
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