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  1. Ugh. The loss is made worse by the sight of the Arkansas coach pulling his shirt off...
  2. We've been flirting with that damn 10 second call all day....
  3. Defense has been solid, just need to find some offense.
  4. After keeping it fairly close, N. Kentucky can't seem to buy a shot. Of course, they're taking a lot of bad shots, but even their clean looks aren't falling. A little surprised at how badly A&M is getting run.
  5. Might be? I think the only might about it is whether they're charge him or not. Looks like there is a little fight left in the Illini. Wow, Princeton looks like they've got this.
  6. Finished War Master's Gate and decided to move straight into Seal of the Worm.
  7. This is the first I've heard of it. Sounds like he had a stent put in, and will miss the entirety of the BigXII tournament.
  8. That would have needed the biggest asterisk of all time.
  9. I don't know who was announcing our game today, but today one of them said, “His name is Dick. Gradey Dick. And he is weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt in Lawrence!”
  10. Plus 25 points in the first 10 minutes of the second half against a top ten team, that was a fun.
  11. Eowyn Ivey has a couple of very good wintery novels (she's from Alaska, so she knows winter) - The Snow Child and To the Bright Edge of the World. It's been 11 and 6 years since I've read them, respectively, and I can still vividly see scenes from them in my head. I can still see scenes from Mark Helprin's Winter's Tale as well, and I read that in 2006. The prose can be a bit too purple for some people, but that's not a problem for me. They made a movie from it that wasn't that great, but I really enjoyed the book. Daniel Abraham's A Betrayal in Winter is excellent, but you would need to start in Summer first. His The Dagger and the Coin series has a lot of winter all throughout it as well. Gears of the City by Felix Gilman is very evocative of winter too, but you'd probably want to read Thunderer first, and that is not.
  12. Mild spoiler question: I'm waiting to start series more and more, just to be able to read them close together. Way too burnt out on long waits in between books.
  13. The Sea Watch was great, and was a nice break from the usual war (I certainly had to break up the series with other books too. The first four books definitely felt like they were part one, and I'm assuming the last three will be a final trilogy, as 5-7 were all fairly self-contained (kind of felt like Abercrombie's stand alones). The Scarab Path is probably my favorite so far.
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