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  1. RedEyedGhost

    Board games!

    I've had that sitting unplayed on my shelf for I think about 6 months now... The designer, Richard Borg, has designed a sci-fi themed version of the system that's on kickstarter right now. Anybody else played Rising Sun? That's been my most disappointing game of the year probably. I backed the kickstarter and the production is absolutely amazing, but the game play just didn't do it for me. I love games that have that Puerto Rico like action selection mechanism, where one player selects an action, and then everybody has the opportunity to follow that action. It has that same mechanism here, and you and your ally get a stronger version of the action while everybody else gets a watered down version. My biggest problem with the game is that I never felt like I was doing enough over the course of the game - it's played over three rounds with 7 actions being selected in each round. I played it at both 5 and 6, so in the 6 player game I only chose the action three times for the entire game, and four times in the 5 player game. The battles also didn't wow me, as in both games I played the winner was the player whose troops committed sepuku the most often. You get points for killing your troops before the battle begins if you know you won't be able to win, and it also increases your honor - honor is also used as the tie breaker, and there are a lot of ties throughout the game. It's definitely very Euro-y in that you can't come close to doing everything (and tight Euros are my favorite types of games), but in this one it feels like you're doing way too little. Money is extremely important for the battles, and it is so, so tight in this game unless you specifically target money generating abilities. However, if you're doing that you're really missing out on other things. I do think there is a lot of depth and possibilities in the game; I just don't think it's for me. It's been a few months and I do intend to play it again before I decide whether I'll keep it or sell it, but I'm certainly leaning toward the latter. I played Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea a week and a half ago and this was what I was wanting Rising Sun to be. The action following mechanism is fantastic in this. I also preferred the battle system, although you still did mostly know who would be winning as you went into the battle (at least how we played it). It has a really nice resource management system as well, and extremely diversified special player powers (this is a very positive point for Rising Sun also). But this is a full 4X game, so I don't feel that it is fair to compare it to Rising Sun one-to-one, but I preferred most every specific thing more in HoLAaS to Rising Sun. The components are also very good, but Rising Sun's are definitely better. Keeping with miniatures heavy games, Sunday I played Mythic Battles Pantheon. Wow, that was a fun dice chucking skirmish game. Teaching it wasn't the most fun, but once we got playing everybody picked it up pretty fast. Played it at four, and I think everybody would have been happy to play it again right away if we'd all had time. I also played Orleans (Sunday) and Altiplano (four Sundays ago), and I really preferred Orleans. Same designer and similar mechanism on the bag building, but Orleans seemed to have a much better flow to it. I played The Voyages of Marco Polo awhile back as well, that game is fantastic and everything else good you've heard about it is true. Played two games of Hansa Teutonica a couple of weeks ago with different group (at 5 and then 3 players), this and Concordia have probably a very similar ratio between how fantastic the game is to how terrible the cover art is ratio. Wonderful game. Played Transatlantic two Sundays ago, it has a similar card play mechanism as Concordia, but it really does feel quite different overall and the artwork is lovely. I felt bad at how much I destroyed my competition by, because they undervalued the Trade Houses and then let me pick up a card that was giving me way too much money. Played Anachrony the same day as Altiplano, and I loved that one. I was a much better teacher for that (the three other players destroyed me), and I didn't plan well enough to evacuate survivors and left a lot of points on the table. Will happily play all of these again. For non new to me games I've still been playing Gaia Project and Concordia as often as I'm able. Halfway through a Charterstone campaign, we've kind of stalled out lately as life keeps getting in the way of everybody getting together for it. I still need to get Scythe played with the Wind Gambit expansion. Really looking forward to how it can modifies the game. Also still need to get to Gloomhaven, City of Kings, and 7th Continent. I just don't think I have the time for those epic fantasy games. Thunderstone Quest is on that list too, but that mostly because I haven't had time to sleeve the cards yet... That's go to take an entire evening.
  2. RedEyedGhost

    Chris Hardwick (of Nerdist) to be fired--from everything?

    You have a staggering amount of faith in humanity.
  3. RedEyedGhost

    12 Monkeys

    Episode 3 But we do need the drama, so I ain't really mad.
  4. RedEyedGhost

    March 2018 reads: share your latest books read

    Why does this March thread keep getting bumped?
  5. RedEyedGhost

    12 Monkeys

    "I wouldn't sweat it, Chuck E Cheese, I'm just doing my part." That my have been my favorite scene of the entire series thus far.
  6. RedEyedGhost

    Upcoming Cover Art VII

    Yeah, no way does Baen publish that cover.
  7. RedEyedGhost

    June '18 Reading - Something something witty.

    This is the first I'd heard about a housing situation, and it looks like he had an ama on reddit a couple of weeks ago which makes me optimistic that he will be back onto his pre-2014 writing schedule. I have only read the Dresden short stories in Side Jobs, so I'm still looking forward to Brief Cases, but that is disappointing that there's not much new in it (because that means the majority of it will be back in the time line).
  8. There were only the two posts: "What are rich TV viewers like?"
  9. I do like how @Martini Sigil immediately killed the next thread this guy started.
  10. RedEyedGhost

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Finished my rewatch of 12 Monkeys, season 3 is so freaking good, and from the early reviews it sounds like season 4 will be even better. Episode 9 is phenomenal, and 10 might be just as good. One thing I noticed this time Jennifer has such an amazing arc throughout the series, and I know it will be just as good in the final season. I did have to sign up for a free month of Hulu to stream it - other than The Handmaid's Tale what should I check out on there while I have it? Is Future Man any good?
  11. RedEyedGhost

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    I think I paid $5.71 for Avengers here in Denver. The theater I go to gives a slight discount on their matinee pricing if it's the first showing of the day.
  12. RedEyedGhost

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    Masterful delivery.
  13. RedEyedGhost

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    We all know how well he handles things that are already done.
  14. RedEyedGhost

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    I've been rewatching 12 Monkeys getting ready for the final season. Halfway through season 2. This show's so damn good.