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  1. Maybe the site doesn't recognize X?
  2. Geez, the old "playing to the level of your competition" is off the charts strong with us this year.
  3. Glad to see a some love for Christopher Buehlman in this thread. His Between Two Fires was easily my favorite book that I read this year, and The Lesser Dead is my favorite horror novel ever. The other two I would say were exceptional that I read this year are The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley (I'm apparently the outlier in this though, but damn, I loved it) and My Heart is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones (another of my favorite horror authors). Also really enjoyed The Licanius Trilogy, The Scholomance, Amongst Our Weapons, King Bullet, and the final three books of Shadows of the Apt.
  4. Wow. Four losses already for Gonzaga.
  5. I miss dipping my toe into that series every few books. After such a long ride, I still miss that fresh content. Maybe it's time to read the in between and after stories... Let me know when you start The Bear and the Serpent (book two of Echoes of the Fall) because I'd like to know what chapter a thing happens in, so that I can reread that myself.
  6. That was really fun. Newton was amazing, so damn clutch.
  7. Your game led off this week's Dice Tower News, Keith!
  8. Man, McDowell comes in cold and hits two FTs to seal it. Impressive for a freshman. Apparently hot chocolate flavored popcorn is of the devil.
  9. Started eating hot chocolate flavored popcorn -8, stopped eating it +8.
  10. Terrible free throw shooting down the stretch here.
  11. Geez, had a zoom continuing education tonight, and forgot that this was even on...
  12. My Heart is a Chainsaw was so good, being book one of a trilogy, it will definitely spur me to read the rest of it before this time rolls around again next year. It also got me to rewatch Scream which I don't think I'd seen since it was in the theater, and that was a lot better than I remembered it being as well. Oh my, and I see the second book is set around Christmas, so I'll definitely be reading that next month. The Devil Takes You Home was pretty incredible as well. Very interesting supernatural horror elements, and often fairly subtle, but just some wildly intense real world horror. Very deserving of all the accolades it has received. All the Murmuring Bones really worked well for me, and was a nice shift from the in your face brutality of The Devil Takes You Home. It also really hit a lot more of the seasonal tropes than I was expecting - a traveling troupe, witches, and even a brief werewolf cameo. I'm 70% of the way through Between Two Fires and it is just phenomenal. Cannot wait to see how it's going to finish. Such interesting monsters. There's just so many little moments in it that hit you in the feels in such perfect little ways. The most pleasant side effect of limiting my horror reading to this one time of year is that I'm able to have such a high rate of exceptional reads. The downside is knowing that there's many that I'm missing out on as well... Really wish I could live life like Bill Nighy in About Time.
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