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  1. That I'm officially setting the over/under on the number of times that Bol's crank flops out while on the court this year at 5.
  2. I agree with Hurley, that's a bullshit flagrant foul.
  3. 2K Empire games not going as expected (congrats Ramsay B.). I would love to meet Oregon in the tournament, just to see Azubuike match up with Bol. Hell, I think I could back Bol down in the post (I could get a shot off with him having 14" on me, but I don't think he could stop me). I thought Nike was doing well with money lately, so I'm surprised to see that they can't afford to provide Bol with full shorts.
  4. RedEyedGhost

    Board games!

    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell gets a board game. Disappointed that Childermass and Vinculus aren't playable characters. ETA: Still spending way too much time thinking about TI4... I did play Vinhos the weekend before last, and that was fantastic.
  5. RedEyedGhost

    Watership Down

    I read it 23 years ago. I remember there were rabbits, and that it was very good. Could use a reread... if only I had the time.
  6. It's always been 13 episodes.
  7. RedEyedGhost

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    I really enjoyed the original, as there was nothing like it on tv at the time. Other than maybe Lost. It definitely was riding that mystery train that lost started, but nothing else with a superpowers vibe. Seems crazy to type that now with the way that genre took over. 2004(-2007) was longer ago than it feels. I think the "reproductive prime" means that they'll be changing it up quite a bit. I certainly don't want a retread of the original. But I am worried about "reproductive prime" and CWishness. There is definitely a lot of potential here though, so I'm cautiously optimistic.
  8. More players named as FBI tells NCAA they can start investigating rules violations: Even Trae Young thinks the Williamson hype is too much. Sometimes it's worth it to throw in the towel and get that sleep. Reddish was excellent too, but Barrett was definitely the best player on the floor.
  9. RedEyedGhost

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    @williamjm Possible reboot of The 4400, with much more teenage angst given the bolded bit: This part does give me some hope: Limitless was a very fun show.
  10. Rhom, let me know if you get back in this, because I can't watch anymore. I'll leave this tab open, so it will alert me when you post...
  11. Just turned it on to start watching, forgot to switch off of ESPN when I set the recording this morning, and saw us up 15. I certainly don't expect us to maintain that the entire game. So weird being the early game, I think that's only been the case one other time in the Champions Classic.
  12. No 24 hour marathon this year? I must have missed that announcement.
  13. I don't know if that's "going off," but that is a pretty damn nice array of moves.
  14. RedEyedGhost

    The Haunting of Hill house [spoilers]

    You are what you eat