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  1. Does it have anything to do with the fact that you just played Morehead?
  2. Christmas movies?? You all skipping over the amazing Thanksgiving movie (just fired it up myself) - Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. "People train runs out of Stubville."
  3. Been watching Love Life on HBOMax. It's alright, but doesn't feel very original. Perry Mason is why I'm rewatching Boardwalk. They just really have such a similar atmosphere.
  4. Took a break from the Boardwalk (good to hear that season 3 is better than I remembered) to get my ass to Mars. Watched Total Recall and am halfway through The Martian.
  5. Finished season 2 of Boardwalk Empire. Buscemi and Pitt did a great job all season. I seem to recall season 3 not being very good, but 4 and 5 being better? Might be because of the shorter episode count of the final two seasons, or it might be that I'm misremembering - I'll know soon.
  6. Not surprising. They have a young, well-liked, former NBA coach.
  7. It still fits if he has the #20 team in the country, and they're definitely good enough for that. I have little hope that this will be a full, undisrupted season. March just fucking broke me.
  8. Ehh. 12 of our scheduled 26 games are against the AP preseason top 20.
  9. That's definitely fixed in book two. Mulaghesh's arc is just fantastic. I still need to get to the third book.
  10. I've been jonesing it recently, and having never rewatched any of it I felt it was time to give Boardwalk Empire another viewing. Two episodes down, really looking forward to the ride. I really enjoy iZombie, Ravi is fantastic.
  11. I nearly bought an Oasis on prime day, but didn't end up doing it. My paperwhite (2013) is still working relatively well; the battery life is fine, but it's a bit slow on turning the pages. Maybe I'll change my mind and update it when they go on sale again next month.
  12. They also remind me of The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August and The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet. If they're referencing something else, then I'm missing it too.
  13. How gracious of you? That really felt like they cribbed a lot from the most recent Expanse books. Oh wait, that's season 7. 6 was alright. I just finished, and enjoyed, The Trial of the Chicago 7. Didn't really feel all that Sorkin-y to me.
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