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  1. That's the motto on the Kentucky state flag, isn't it?
  2. UK - 3, Duke - 2, Louisville - 0, UNC - 1. 3>3? Is that some kind of new math? ETA: Or are they counting the Q1-A wins too? Kentucky - 2, Duke - 1, Louisville - 0, UNC - 0. Ah there you go.
  3. One of my favorite comedies ever. I don't even know how many times I had to pause it to compose myself after laughing hysterically. Some amazing build up throughout the episodes. Watched the 4K version of The Lord of the Rings last Sunday. My god, just visually stunning. A few weeks earlier I streamed all of The Hobbit on a Sunday as well after having purchased the blu rays from Target for like $12 before Christmas. I had never seen any of them, and wasn't too worried about hating them at that price... but I actually quite enjoyed it Probably helped that I had extremely low expectations and was able to watch it all at once. Recently rewatched the first two seasons of Chuck. Such a fun show. Vicky Vail, Vicky Vicky Vail. After seeing a passing comment about Banshee upthread, I looked to see if it was back on Prime. It wasn't, so now I own it. Will probably watch that soon, but I also recently got the HD version of The Shield so that will probably come first. Watched Groundhog Day a couple of weeks ago, of course. Yesterday, in the same vein, I watched The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, quite enjoyable and decent ending. Saw Tenet last week, and quite enjoyed it. The audio was intense, a bit too much so at times. Will finish season 5 of Agents of SHIELD on Wednesday. Still liking this series quite a lot. This is probably my least favorite season though.
  4. That's about $1.97 too much. Just my two cents.
  5. We really need a player of Wayne Summers' caliber.
  6. We might be joining the other unranked blue bloods very soon. We have a gimme against KSU on Tuesday, but at WVU next Saturday is almost assuredly a loss. Seems like we've been regressing from the start of the season, and Jalen Wilson has definitely not kept up with his hot start to the year. Disappointing that we'll fall out of the ranking not too long after breaking the streak.
  7. He's too old for us. We like to get them early, and keep them long term. Plus, I don't think we would take your sloppy seconds. One of our guards (Braun) was taking a 3 right by the coach's box, and Drew pulled down his mask and shouted trying to throw off the shot. It didn't work, but god, what a douchey thing for a 50 year old head coach to do. During our Monday night game, they mentioned that this week was the first time both Duke and UNC were not in the top 25 since 1982. That's pretty amazing, and I wonder how far back that would extend if UK was factored in as well? It was Bilas talking about it so of course he only cared about those two schools.
  8. Baylor's good. Scott Drew is still a douche.
  9. Finally finished Legion. Watched season 1 when it aired, but never got around to season 2. Started 2 probably 2-4 months ago. The weirdness never grabbed me, but I was able to power through season 3 over the past two days. So, so weird, but it did end alright. The best part about the entire show was the rap battle between Jermaine Clement and Jason Mantzoukas. Finished rewatching Boardwalk Empire on Friday night. Not sure which was my favorite season, but it was probably 1 or 2 - 5 was definitely my least favorite. Been watching Agents of SHIELD as my workout show since mid-December. When it first aired I watched the first 3 episodes and bailed. That first half of the season was certainly not great, but really did improve. It's now something I want to binge as quickly as possible, but I'm (mostly) holding off on that. Nearing the end of season 3. It is very network-y though.
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