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  1. Or at least that's what the staties would have written if the role with KU had been reversed.
  2. Massive choke job by K-State. They should live forever in embarrassment. Hit up a bar, just not that one.
  3. Your favorite UK alum is getting spanked by V-Tech. Lots of bad games tonight, at least ISU-OSU is competitive.
  4. RedEyedGhost

    Board games!

    I watch a lot of Heavy Cardboard, but it's while I'm doing other stuff. They rarely make rules mistakes (probably because Edward does such a thorough teach at the start of each stream, and all of the players will have usually played it together earlier that week or the week before) which may be why SU&SD's are so glaring. My favorites to watch in addition to HC are JonGetsGames, Slickerdrips, and Ant Lab Games. That Geek and Sundry show is good too, haven't watched their GWT video though. A Feast for Odin is fantastic, I think I've already played it 9 times this year (seven of them with the new expansion). Five of the times were solo, because I, too, am terrible at the game. I still love it though. The expansion does tighten the board up for the different player counts, if you feel that it is too wide open at 2.
  5. Bump for the other last minute pickers.
  6. RedEyedGhost

    Board games!

    Watching Shut Up and Sit Down's TI4 part 1 video... so many rules mistakes in the first 20 minutes Don't know if I can continue. Watched their play of Great Western Trail, and that was pretty bad too. Surely they play better when they're not on camera, and hopefully they improve as they do more and more streaming.
  7. RedEyedGhost

    Board games!

    Hopefully with an updated rule set.
  8. I like how large the counties are in Alaska. Didn't know that, but it certainly makes sense.
  9. Neat little map. I don't think I recognized that our game(s - hopefully) will be in SLC, that is quite the trip for Auburn...
  10. Probably because of how badly they beat your guys, and to then see them get absolutely taken to the woodshed the next weekend.
  11. 3 is the number you're looking for. 3 seed.
  12. Seems like the SEC got robbed after having such a strong season, but they still don't get a #1 seed. Tennessee getting destroyed in the championship game probably contributed to that though. Tenn beats UK twice in March and loses to Auburn twice in March Strongest schedule in the nation gets us in the "midwest," not that I expect us to get out of the first weekend to get to Kansas City. Auburn seems to be on quite the hot streak lately. I saw that in Virginia's bracket there are 10 teams that have adjusted tempo ranked in the 300s, out of 353. Sounds like a gift wrapped bracket for the slowest team in college basketball.
  13. Some people think it's a thing, it looks like the Bulls are pretty happy with Boylen though. Would be interesting to see who we would target if he did leave. There's not that many up and comers right now. Big XII tourney has been pretty wild. Looking forward to another game against ISU. They torched us in Ames, we got revenge in Lawrence, and I feel like our guys might actually be starting to get it... Famous last words.
  14. RedEyedGhost

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    Didn't he write that for his kid?