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  1. Am I alone in being completely unhyped to buy a re-release of a game series I already own and have played through completely several times? I genuinely don't get it at all. I love (fem)Shep and the crew but I can already play through their stories any time I want.
  2. I don't think it's unreasonable really to have the first season mostly focused on EotW + flashbacks to New Spring and the new Logain stuff given that they also need to introduce a hell of a lot of characters and concepts to the audience, after that though I would expect to see some rapid acceleration with my guess being that by the end of the second season Rand has his hands on Callandor, and honestly I think that's quite doable without much of anything of substance being lost. The books tend towards being very heavy on description and characters faffing around for hundreds of pages at a time either travelling places or sitting still in places waiting for other things to happen/catch up, plus the early books are rather structurally repetitive - what actual major plot points and cool moments are in TGH and TDR? There aren't that many, and a lot of it could be remixed in to one cohesive story - it's pretty silly for instance that the Wondergirls go to the tower, train for a bit, get kidnapped by Liandrin with Egwene getting enslaved for a bit, then go back to the tower and train a bit more before then leaving tower again on a Liandrin related mission where they get captured again - I'm sure there's a smart way to mix these things together in to one less repetitive story and likewise Rand really doesn't need to have three boss battles with Ishamael. Moiraine really should kill at least one Forsaken. Mat needs to get cured of the dagger at some point, realise that his protagonist power is being the luckiest man alive, and blow the horn. Perrin needs to do some wolfy stuff and meet Faile. The Wondergirls need to meet, train and head out on a mission together. And uh... Lanfear should probably be cougaring after boys centuries younger than her. And that's about it? Personally I'd like to see at least one of the girls do the Accepted test, the Portal Stone "What if? / I win again Lews Therin" thing, and for Mat to kick Gawyn and Galad's asses with a staff but none of those scenes are strictly necessary as such. Also shoutouts for Thom assassinating the king of Cairhien so subtly that inattentive book readers probably didn't even notice so that, while undoubtedly cool, is probably not making it in. What I would added though is some bigger picture stuff that sets the stage for what's to come. Siuan & Elaida doing politics in the white tower with the Black Ajah (and Mesaana!) in the shadows. Hints of other Forsaken pulling strings and spinning plots elsewhere and generally building up a bit of a sense of the Shadow accomplishing things and being somewhat competent in the short term, even if sooner or later there's gonna be a messianic wrecking ball headed their way with a Balefire suppository. Keep the Seanchan consistently in the picture a bit more rather than having them mostly peace out to regroup for 5 books
  3. Hah yes that's where I got it from oh so long ago. I still have my drawn paper map of X:BTF stored in the box! I haven't checked out X4 yet, no, I fell out of playing the X series quite some time ago in the time when.... I remembered being kinda confused and miffed when they released another X3 game - Albion Prelude which I wasn't exactly sure what they were going for with and then all signs pointed to X:Rebirth being... less of what I wanted to play. I do want to check it out but some friends lured me in to checking back in with Minecraft after a probably similar number of years which is currently eating my time and also scratching a curiously similar itch despite them being very different games. It's definitely on the list though. Sad to see that many of the Terran ship designs seem to have changed though from that video you linked. I particularly loved the somewhat overpowered and beautifully designed ATF ships but the white Space Shuttle / "iShip" was great too, in general they did a fantastic job with the ship design for the Terran faction. In other news this lengthy but interesting video really got my nostalgia pumping for a great series that was a large part of fuelling my love for Star Wars and evolution as a gamer. Dark Forces was also one of the first computer games that wasn't, like, an education game for kids that I ever played and wow was it a good one:
  4. Egosoft have made many janky games over the years but they've always continued to support, polish, and bring out new free content for them so long past when many developers would have bailed it's incredible, and that amount of free content in a world of DLC (looking at you Paradox, since we're also talking Stellaris and Crusader Kings in this thread) is something that earns them a ton of forbearance from me for varying levels of jank and performance, especially when combined with their enormous amounts of ambition. I loved the original X:Beyond The Frontier waaay back when and played the crap out of it, X2, and both X3 games and thoroughly enjoyed them all, imperfect though each of them was and I don't think any other games ever really came close to filling that Elite-inspired niche, to creating such a living universe filled with possibilities.
  5. This episode was a bit of a mixed bag. I liked seeing Sam being a Big Damn Hero. Really I did. There was some great shot framing of him, some big angelic energy there. He's a meaningful symbol, and he kicks ass. And as cynical as I am I really like to see some noblebright in my characters and much live Steve before him Sam is a true paragon hero, honest and good, true to his ideals and endeavouring to make the world a better place. I'm totally behind that. On the other hand Bucky was mostly wasted, this episode really was the Falcon Captain America show, and Bucky barely even got to play sidekick. Killing off Karli was a total waste of an interesting character too, and... I thought she was a super soldier? What's the big deal about the magic serum if it leaves you with the same crippling weakness to bullets that regular people have. I know we're fighting in a universe where many people arbitrarily prefer hand-to-hand combat over far more effective weapons but come on, even a normal vanilla human could probably get away with surviving a couple of torso bullets in this genre when a bona-fide Hero is nearby if it isn't a plot mandated death. I really didn't really like the way Walker an avatar of the military industrial complex was framed as having redeemed himself and come back to being somewhat of a hero, while Karli and the Flagsmashers - a bunch of displaced people fighting for the rights of impoverished and oppressed refugees - are presented as true villains who must die. I feel like there was some real character assassination going on in general with her and her group in the back half of the show, like they realised they wrote their designated villains way too sympathetic and gave them an actually reasonable cause so if the plot was gonna work they'd have to have them do a bit of moustache twirling so we'd understand that it was ok for them to all get killed in the finale. And the ending from Sam's speech through to the statue of Isaiah was all fucking bullshit, I mean I know this is Disney but it's such a saccharine whitewashed mockery of reality. Sam talks to power with an impassioned speech and the actual true villains of this whole scenario suddenly see the light and understand that being oppressive fascists is bad and maybe they should try something else? Really? That was the solution all along? Explain to the people in power that they're doing bad and they'll understand and stop? I feel like it renders the whole plot meaningless, but I guess they were afraid to allow the Flagsmashers to actually have any semblance of achieving anything at all because someone would read it as an endorsement of political violence or negotiating with terrorists or whatever so Sam has to come in after they're all dealt with and roll a 20 on his persuasion check with the world government. Isaiah gets to be a footnote in the Captain America exhibit and in history and that makes up for 30 years of imprisonment and medical experimentation? Where's the accountability? Where're the reparations? What about all the other black men in his unit that were experimented on, suffered various side-effects and eventually died or were killed? Is the US government getting him a magic portal so he can go see his wife in the past?
  6. Don't think anyone's posted this yet: Edit: apparently this trailer's been around for a while? Well it's new to me!
  7. Oh wow, you're making me nostalgic for some UO. I only ever played on unofficial shards though so nothing left but the good memories, and the memories of yelling at my mum because she picked up the phone to make a call when I was trying to play
  8. All this Stellaris talk is kinda making me want to play it again but urgh it's also really not if you know what I mean? The complete dismantling and remaking of all the major game systems left me with quite a bitter taste in my mouth. I dunno if it's a better game now in terms of how the pops and economy work (seems to be making a lot of lag though!) but it's not the game I a) learned to play & b) very much enjoyed. And I know I can set it to whatever version through steam but those old versions lack new features and mod support so that's a bit of a cop out answer really.
  9. Good thing you mentioned this because I 100% was not aware that there's a post credits scene, damn these things are annoying.
  10. Probably the best episode since the opener. Totally agree with the above comments - this show is at its best IMO when it's actually taking the time to explore the characters and world, not finding some pretext for more generic superhero fights.
  11. I don't think the criticisms of season 5 are unfounded, even though I enjoyed it thoroughly and thought that Dominique Tipper was fantastic in the Naomi segment, the whole thing did feel disjointed and badly paced. I haven't gotten to book 5 just yet but even just from the show I can think of ways they could have tied what they showed together better. And yeah the issues with earth's habitability discussed in this thread are pretty glaring in their absence, subtle hints aside - Avasarala should and could easily have used the state of the Earth when she's taking the war council to task and proving once again that she's the only responsible adult in the room of earth politics, for instance to make it clear to the audience how serious everything is and give context to as well as tie Amos's sidequest together with the rest of the plot.
  12. Pretty sure that here the Queen is the actual official head of state regardless of what the republicans in this thread might want.
  13. Honestly I'm pretty disgusted with the outpouring of vitriol from some quarters. It just seems.... I dunno gauche? Disrespectful? You might argue that he isn't deserving of respect and that's an opinion you can hold but maybe some respect for a grieving family, for a wife that's just lost a husband of many years? You wanna piss on the grave that's your prerogative but wait until he's in the fucking ground.
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