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  1. What a day that I agree on political matters with both this quotation from you and part of a statement from Nadine Dorries - that Truss has no mandate and should take it to the nation.
  2. Yeah what I thought from the quotation was that they'd been spread across time and space by whatever jank FTL method was first discovered and used back then. Regarding the current methods it seems that Stele travel is implied to be instant but only goes to pre-made anchor points (there's a comment about this in Harrow about setting up these being an important Lyctor job since they can go wherever through the river), and yeah it does feel like there must be some slow but useable method for BoE to get around under the noses of the houses. I get the impression that most of the time that human populations are moved it is by the forces of Jod forcibly relocating them after the planets they were on were killed and reached the point of uninhabitability though, but BoE feels too widespread and organised to be just hiding amongst those populations. To your other point:
  3. Caught up with She-Hulk. The most recent episode was definitely the best yet. I loved the group stuff and all the f-listers.
  4. Be nice if Charles responds by using those powers he's not supposed to use and dissolves parliament, setting the stage for both a legitimate Labour government and a serious discussion about the position of the monarchy in democracy in the 21st century (it should probably not have one).
  5. 300K now not that it'll achieve anything Signed anyway though. Gotta keep the pressure on and let our displeasure be heard.
  6. How much civil disorder do you need force a general election? Asking for a friend.
  7. Slime Rancher 2 came out into early access, it's awesome and a welcome wholesome distraction from the horrors of reality.
  8. You just know him, Rees Mog's firm and all their friends were shorting the pound in anticipation of this. They know exactly what they're doing and it's lining their own pockets.
  9. I enjoyed Nona a lot, though it is my third / least favourite of the series. I have a lot of currently very disorganised thoughts that I need to take some time to sort out and write down properly. Regarding the comments about FTL, something that stood out to me as interesting given some of what we learn in Nona was this comment from John early in Harrow: I feel like this off the cuff remark is more than just a casual one off line to explain why they travel via necromancy and opens up some interesting questions/theories.
  10. I have to think that if Netflix ditches it then one of their rivals, likely the Bezos Infinite Money Machine will pick it up, which surely must be part of their calculations.
  11. She doesn't have any views of her own, she just parrots whatever she's told and then waits for a pat on the head.
  12. She threatened physical violence against the foot fault judge at the US open. I'm sorry I don't care how fucking competitive you are that shit is so out of order if I were Grand Poobah of sport that'd be a lifetime ban. And no I don't think McEnroe or Kyrgios or any of the others I alluded to in my previous post when I mentioned others with similar or worse behaviour should get away with their antics either. Hell after his antivax bullshit and Australia shenanigans the Djoker will never be the greatest in my eyes no matter how many more titles he manages to bag in his desperation to receive the recognition and adoration he feels he deserves. I don't have any kids and I probably never will but if I did I sure as fuck wouldn't want them looking up to people like these. They all badly need therapy and anger management classes. And there are other options than emotionless robot and screaming rage. Plenty of tennis players have moved me with their totally healthy expressions of emotion in both victory and defeat, and earned my respect with their grace and sportsmanship in the latter especially - it's easy to show grace in victory, show me a player who's a good loser, that's someone to admire. Anyway I already put far too much energy in to this discussion so I think I'm done.
  13. I think conduct and sportsmanship are entirely valid qualities to consider when assessing a sportsperson's "greatness" - a great, especially someone you want to crown as the greatest should be someone who others should aspire to emulate, a hero, an inspiration. Whereas the examples shown by Serena (and others with similar or worse behaviour) mostly show how elite sport and our wider culture is willing to let people get away with inexcusable behaviour on absurd grounds such as supposed genius or skill.
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