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  1. Poobah

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!

    Coming out of the woodwork for the hype. I definitely agree with other people here who’ve suggested that this TV show is a great opportunity to improve on the books. Especially I’d like to see a massive turning down of the third age gender insanity dial if that crap even has to remain in at all, frankly I’d much rather people had relationships that made sense, interacted like members of the same species and didn’t play in to some really frustrating and irritating tropes and troubling stereotypes over and over. I do appreciate there likely needs to be some gender-tension both because it’s part of the lore/worldbuilding and because it does inform major plot related decisions, tensions, failures to share information, etc. but they could certainly make it far less irritating. Faile I agree as someone said way upthread is gonna get a much more positive reaction in the TV show, because as was pointed out the only reason most people hate her is because of stuff she (usually only momentarily and probably not even consciously) feels that Perrin’s nose picks up and then he irrationally reacts to. Her actual actions and words when she’s not going out of her mind over how Perrin is acting so crazy when she’s done nothing are always supportive and positive and she has a reasonable number of levels in badass. The overly drawn-out Prophet/Kidnap arc takes place in the books that have the most capacity to get seriously condensed and it’s the most condensable plotline too so I can see a big upswing for both her and Perrin through that alone.
  2. Poobah

    References and Homages

    MMm I know the topic is discussing homages GRRM made within the books, but I was rather happy when I stumbled upon this while having a warcraft 3 revival. The final mission of the expansion is entitled "A Symphony of Frost and Flame" to think it'd been there for so long and I never knew till I was recommended these great books :) Also, *wave* I've been lurking a while after deciding to try out aSoIaF following alot of praise for it irl and on the WoT forums, and actually having some money to spend on luxuries like books for a change. Good to be here.