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  1. Beat me to it. That's the fundamental idea that they have to hold on to no matter the cognitive dissonance. They believe that they've earned and deserve everything they have and their entire worldview is balanced precariously on this brick of arrogance and entitlement.
  2. Saw Everything Everywhere All At Once yesterday and I loved it. I thoroughly recommend it, but I have no idea how to describe it. I need to see it again.
  3. We're reaching "let them eat cake" levels of malicious privilege. Should I begin investing in guillotine stocks?
  4. I feel like for all the similarities in terms of long droughts on their main project there are much more important differences between Rothfuss and Martin. As much as I, too, have long since stopped putting any energy in to following and caring about updates or progress on aSoIaF Martin is someone with a long career as a professional writer who has produced a lot of work and who as far as I remember was pretty honest about the difficulties he'd run in to what with scrapping his originally planned timeskip and such. So I feel like there's more room to have faith that he's actually working on his series with the intent to see it finished. Rothfuss on the other hand wrote one book with some really nice prose and then rocketed from nothing to being the next big thing which clearly that did some major damage to him because he seems to have spent the 15 years since Name of the Wind was published in what I would charitably describe as a total breakdown.
  5. Taweret commented to the effect that people turning up there is a pretty rare occurrence, which suggests that it was him dying while dedicated to Khonshu that sent him in to the duat, not that everyone goes there / that it is the singular afterlife. I'd imagine that whichever god or other extradimensional being one dedicates one's soul to is the one gets first dibs on it in the MCU.
  6. No more than the existence of Thor, surely? And if one is giving serious consideration to religion in this universe then you'd think that religious leaders around earth would have given some kind of opinion on all of the dimensional and mythical shenanigans that've been going on on screen for the past couple of decades by now. Though really MCU earth wouldn't look anything so conveniently like the present day if all there've been a zillion alien species, extra-dimensional beings, and possibly actual gods at least with a little g if not a big one all meddling with human affairs since time immemorial anyway.
  7. The state of this fucking country. Meanwhile the champaign is trickling down nicely in parties held by our "leaders".
  8. I agree with pretty much everything you've said here, though I'll add:
  9. If only we could get back to 2010 and carry some warnings.
  10. Yeah this is the fundamental problem. Honour codes, unwritten rules, standards of behaviour and decency? None of these apply to the sufficiently shameless and crooked.
  11. Pretty clear demonstration of the priorities of our lords and masters and who they truly serve, if anyone had any doubt at this point.
  12. Pretty interesting list, I agree there's a lot of recency bias, as well as omissions and weird selections/orderings but the result is still a weird world where with 50 entries Esquire of all publications manages to puts together a better and more interesting list than Time's top 100.
  13. To be honest the sheer amount of alternative universes in Trek where humanity is pretty much pure evil does give some validity to Q's ongoing "trial" of what appears to be the rare moral version.
  14. Really don't like the trend of already successful brands using kickstarter when they don't need kickstarting. Also as much as I think Sanderson is a more readable author than some here I also strongly dislike the parasocial stuff he does to drive and maintain engagement with his fandom, which then leads in to projects like this where fans are forking over hundreds/thousands of dollars to a millionaire for what amounts overpaying for some books because of the promise of some extra fucking stickers or whatever in the mail every month. Maybe I'd be more enthusiastic if I had money, or if I didn't have a very strong feeling that the average age of a Sanderson reader is significantly younger than that of most other writers we discuss around here, but as it is his kickstarter projects and general way of engaging with his fans are starting to actively bother me because it really feels exploitative. Way too many of these people feel like they have some sort of relationship with the man, and a lot of the stuff he's selling via these projects (from his previous kickstarter I'm thinking stickers, pin badges, random pieces of artwork, coins etc.) feel like he's tapping in to/taking over the kind of market that I (and I think most people) would be comfortable spending more because they'd be made by fans and sold at cons or on etsy or whatever, except now it's official merch with extra FOMO.
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