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  1. Aparrently the alt-text for visually impaired users with screen readers reads: "The poster depicts an iconic moment from The Eye of the World. Moiraine, standing beneath slowly moving clouds and wrapped in a blue cloak that is blowing in the wind with its hood down, looks over her shoulder at the audience as she steps through a Waygate into the unknown. She is inviting us to go on a journey with her. The words "Amazon Prime Original" and "Nov 2021" are overlaid on the image along with the Wheel of Time serpent logo and the Prime Video smile." Which would suggest that the waygates have been visually reimagined somewhat, and/or that the image has been altered for the poster (presumably the CG for it isn't there) since there's absolutely no sign of any sort of portal or gateway between those pillars at all.
  2. I finished Arkady Mantine's A Memory Called Empire yesterday and wow that's a hell of a debut novel. I'm definitely gonna be picking up the second one soon. I really loved the exploration of cultural imperialism, of the struggle of being rather in love with and wanting to belong within culture that sees you as other, and wishes to consume your own - Mahit's complex and evolving relationship with Teixcalaan was really the centrepiece of the novel for me.
  3. Do you play dudeshep? I dunno if the writing is different but feel like Hale brought a lot of real grit and badassitude to femshep's paragon lines where they felt boring and uninspired from Meer.
  4. Also I suspect part of why people are turning up to ERs more and more is because as I discovered when I tried to contact my GP they've made it absurdly hard to actually get to see a fucking doctor any more. It seems like they implemented a whole metric ton of gatekeeping on getting GP appointments because of covid last year but I also get the distinct feeling that it's here to stay. It was a total nightmare. Go through a pre-recorded thing that tells me a bunch of times to fuck off unless it's an emergency in which case I should dial 999, and that they won't give me an appointment unless it's an emergency (except they already said if it's an emergency I shouldn't be calling them??) and I should go get an e-consult (which seems to amount to googling my symptoms through their site, because the NHS equivilant of WebMD is exactly what I was looking for ) or fill in a bunch of forms on their website and maybe they'll email me back if they decide it's worth their time, and when I eventually get to a receptionist she basically tells me the same thing but begrudgingly passes on my message to my GP saying he'll decide if he wants to see me or not. I've always struggled seeking medical treatment unless it's very serious and with a bunch of extra energy-draining roadblocks between me and just getting an appointment with my doctor the likelihood that at some point I end up with something untreated that ends up being a major problem has definitely risen significantly.
  5. I never understood the love for the red ending aside from the little "shep lives" easter egg. Picking it totally invalidates the whole of the Geth-Legion-Quarian and Edi plotlines about the development of sapient synthetic life and figuring out how it can live together alongside organic life. Nah just throw it all in the bin, kill um all. I mean all the endings are a steaming pile of shit on a summer's day, and the little ghost boy can fuck all the way off so it kinda is what it is but yeah
  6. While I generally agree that the Seanchan could take Tear if they wanted without too much difficulty if there wasn't a large defending army of Rand's forces/Asha'man I would note that the stone has held against false dragons and that it was constructed with the power so I'd guess it's somehow reinforced against the one power in the same way the walls of Tar Valon are (it's noted when Elaida has sisters trying to take them apart to remove the solid harbour chain that it's extremely slow and difficult because of how they were originally made).
  7. Another very good episode, I don't think they've hit a dud so far.
  8. Yeah I agree with this. It seems pretty crazy that we're going back to the "let it rum amok through the population" strategy - as you mention the more it spreads the more it's likely to mutate into a new variant and get better at beating the vaccines.
  9. Well the big wolf/dog featured is clearly Lycanroc for a start, like possibly the exact same model down to the hair tufts though I'm no expert.
  10. Wow that escalated and got very dark very quickly.
  11. Apparently the title page of the first episode of season 2's script was up for a hot second on the official twitter before being deleted:
  12. Yeah I don't see a labour government win from further embracing centrism. Trying to be all the things to all the people gets you nowhere - they'll forever be too far left for the bigotry lot, and moving right has already alienated many of the young energetic voters Corbyn brought in, plus Kier being aggressively boring isn't helping either.
  13. I'm not saying those are extra-terrestrials but I am saying I know a few guys who just got reassigned to a subspace transceiver orbiting betelgeuse for taking a joy ride.
  14. I'd argue that the overall sense that ME2 was a sidequest of little relevance is more a problem with ME3 rather than ME2 itself - the level of character building and general investment you get into all the characters and the sorta found family vibe they build is great and the shame is that ME3 wasted so much of it in favour of another reset.
  15. It's my favourite of the three.
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