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  1. Ya'll keep misspelling Morrowind when talking about the best Bethesda game. Also thanks in part to IlyaP and in part to Contrapoints I've reinstalled Morrowind after some bother over how to actually get the game onto my computer which is entirely lacking in a cd or dvd drive. I went looking for a mod I made oh so long ago and finding that most of the old mod sites had died did manage to find a copy on an old hard drive I had gathering dust in a drawer. While looking for it on google I turned up a few threads also looking for it which was fun to know that at least a few people used and enjoyed it, so I put it up on nexus. The OpenMW project looks pretty exciting so I'm gonna be using it to play in much more modern resolutions and with all the other fancy engine upgrades. Now I just need to go on a modding binge and spend a week getting everything to play together nicely
  2. I was always a fan of using the Boots of Blinding Speed for my day to day travel, with some resist magica for when I put them on so I could actually see. Edit: Powerful jump enchantments are extremely fun though, I definitely recommend giving one a go sometime IlyaP!
  3. There's a guy in uh.. Ebonhawk? no that's Guild Wars... uh Ebonheart who you need to have a chat with about the assassination attempts, if you tell any guard that the Dark Brotherhood is after you they should direct you to him, he'll then send you to a mage also in Ebonheart who can teleport you to the palace in Mournhold and yeah there's a mage there who can send you back and after that you can get teleported back and fourth at will.
  4. Well all those assassins do work very well with the creeper and mudcrab since they keep donating moderately valuable gear to you. If you want them to stop irritating you I believe that any guard will direct you to an npc who will then send you to Mournhold, the capitol city on the mainland, and iirc the attacks stop once you've visited at least once even if you don't pursue the Tribunal content (though it is good).
  5. That crab is definitely a helpful, uh, crab.
  6. Look bro, if you want to save the island from the scary dude turning people in to monsters you need proper government authorisation Edit: I think the point is that if you're really The Neravarine and proven/acknowledged as such then you are essentially the leader of all the Dunmer and to plenty of people that's a rather more pressing political concern than some Dagoth dudes that the Tribunal have mostly been keeping in the Ghostfence for generations. Hence the need to go shake some hands, murder some dudes who aren't down for the new regime, and present someone with a not at all problematic slave bride.
  7. I'm... unsure about this. I played so much Diablo 2 when I was growing up. Joined a nice community where we all played together in our own games - only legit gear we found outselves, shared everything, helped eachother with leveling and doing magic find runs and all that stuff - some of those people I've been playing various games with for over 15 years (holy fuck I'm getting old) and are real friends some of whom I've been lucky enough to meet up with in various countries. And yet... I'm not sure if I could do that again. It's a game that needs a lot of time and a lot of grinding and that often we only got the powerful stuff we wanted because we were both young with tons of time on our hands and working as pretty closed community with no concern for market trade value or whatever; I just don't think it'll be the same and I'd like to keep the nostalgia untarnished. Still I already saw this in the group chat and people are getting ideas so I might get dragged along for the ride. If enough of the old crew show back up for a few weeks or months it might be worth the price of entry.
  8. Ah mm that's crazy. It's a really great show, I definitely recommend watching it when you get the chance, I guess my sister and her friends all watching it kinda gave me an impression it was more widely known. And yeah it follows three related and different kinds of modern family, the typical het couple (Claire and Phil) and their three kids, a gay couple (Mitchell and Cameron) who've just adopted a baby, and a third which is made up of Jay, the father of Mitchell and Claire, his much younger second wife Gloria, and her son from her first marriage.
  9. I would dispute this. It's a pretty popular show with people I know anyway, though I do agree that with it having mostly been on Sky that tons of people won't have seen it.
  10. Well sort of, I mean I can win one when there's no one around locally anyway. What I do is I use This Discord to find people who want to join me remotely - I won't say it's a guaranteed win because you often get people who join who have no idea what pokemon to bring, or are quite low level, though just as often you get really strong trainers and most often it's enough of a mix that you get through albeit not with a ton of time left on the clock. Still I've literally never had trouble finding 5 people to join any legendary raid boss there, once you're set up with their bot and understand how it works it's very fast and efficient to post that you have a raid and get interest, people will be selected randomly from those who want to join and it's their responsibility to add you if you're the host so it's very little work on my end. In terms of picking my team and figuring out what the best mons to power up in general I've found the Silph Road community and their subreddit to be invaluable, as well as a number of other sites that produce guides, infographics, and ratings of pokemon for pogo, like LeekDuck and the PoGo part of Gamepress.
  11. I've gotten pretty in to raiding after a slow start, albeit just using my daily free pass. Do those of you who're struggling want some advice? I don't wanna offer any that's unwelcome though.
  12. Oh raids, right. I got a bit hung up on "team gym raids" like that was some new thing. I've been using a discord server to find people to join my raids via remote passes and just using my single free raid pass per day and haven't had much difficulty at all with them. The only issue I had is that I'm living in a pretty small town so there aren't many gyms, which means I'm at the mercy of what raids decide to spawn with the worry that the right ones won't be spawned when I'm available to go out and host them. I'm holding on to the free remotes they gave out for the upcoming mewtwo and bird trio raids.
  13. Is this something new? I haven't seen anything like that. I'm curious how the upcoming Kanto Day plays out, it seems like it's gonna be an incredibly busy day.
  14. That's a lot of random npcs in a lot of interesting places! Always fun to find a random Daedric cult or group of slavers or bandits or vampires or who knows what. It's one thing I really appreciate about Morrowind over, say, Skyrim, that almost all the enemies are hand-placed and aren't scaled or anything so these locations and adventures are all there waiting to be discovered and maybe you're out of your depth but they're there in the world. Makes it feel much more alive and like an existing setting and less gamey.
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