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  1. I can sorta see the "gotta protect myself from being sued" angle, but this does seem to boil down a bit to running a creative writing class and then including a clause saying that any and all work created during or as a result of the class actually belongs to the teacher.
  2. Wow I hadn't seen this, what a shitshow. No idea what's going on behind the scenes but sounds like nothing good.
  3. I'm having an absolute blast in Hades, another massive success in my eyes from Supergiant. Only Pyre really didn't land for me and that was only because of the bizarre pyreball games, rather than the art, writing, music, etc. which was excellent as usual. Anyway Hades yeah it's really great, I love the character designs, the writing, the voice acting, the music, the story that gradually unfolds as you play is definitely the best done narrative experience and story I've experienced in any roguelike or lite game, by far, and as for the gameplay... it has a very compelling and tight roguelite loop where you're always raring to jump back in to another escape attempt, it's rare that any instance of damage or a death feels anything other than entirely preventable and fair, rather than random, out of my control, or unfair, as I have felt in some other similar games occasionally. I think that's a good deal a result of how generally tight the controls and how responsive Zagreus feels. I don't think it's quite on the level of Dead Cells when it comes to near-perfect combat fluidity, responsiveness, and feel but it's certainly excellent. The only thing I'm a bit down on some of the sorta in-between run resource management type stuff that the game shares with other Roguelite type games because even more than Rogue Legacy or Dead Cells which only have a single currency type to dump into your upgrades, progression stuff, and cosmetics (gold, and cells respectively), Hades has like idk... 7 or 8 different currencies? for unlocking various different things which are at various levels of availability in your runs through, and which you can also trade at differing exchange rates back at the House of Hades. This stuff really sets off all sorts of fomo, completionism, and decision/optimisation paralysis, and to be honest it feels kinda overly complicated for no real reason.
  4. There have been some sci-fi shows I've enjoyed in recent years but several of them have leaned in to that formula to some degree or other recently I must admit, and sadly my favourite of them (Dark Matter) was tragically cancelled. Honestly as a sci-fi fan I've really come to loathe the SyFy channel and the american network tv system in general because holy shit has it ever massacred so many shows.
  5. I do tend to agree with some of the criticisms of other characters/actors, particularly that somewhere between the actor, direction, and writing Holden has ended up feeling very flat and uninteresting which seems really hard to achieve given that the character's the captain of a group of mercenaries flying around on a powerful warship, with a heart of gold and all. That said Avasarala has consistently been my high point of the entire show for me: I look forward to her scenes and she tends to steal them, and I enjoy every aspect of the performance her actor brings to the role.
  6. And yet Lash somehow managed to receive far more character development in ~2 books and come off far more sympathetic, human, and interesting than Lara has this whole series as a recurring character. I've been resisting jumping in on this for a while because I've been having a really shitty mental health time and kinda don't want to read a book that I feel is likely to further disappoint me right now but I think I want to echo some comments above suggesting that we see and read these books and characters in vastly different lights. You talked about empowered female sexuality earlier and a feminist perspective earlier when defending Lara and that in particular bothered me a good bit: she's literally a sex object, there to titillate and thrill - even if I'm very charitable and go ahead and just discount the especially male-gazey Harry perspective the books are written from and just look at it neutrally what does she do in almost every scene she's in? She hits on the male protagonist, acts seductively, and if it's an action scene Butcher always finds a way to get her clothes torn or burned off as quickly as possible. This isn't exactly an enlightened perspective, especially considering that she also runs, jumps, and dives straight into pretty much every negative stereotype about sexually empowered women - she literally is a monster who uses sex to manipulate, exploit and kill people. I don't really see how that can be spun positively.
  7. I don't remember what order I did the various factions in but do remember each of the three "final mission of this investigation" bits being a good bit harder than the rest, though still I found the game overall to lean on the easy side. That said I think that was partly down to my squad member selection, synergy, and the general snowball effect that does tend to be present in XCOM games where if you start doing well, not suffering wounds etc. you can get way ahead of the difficulty curve albeit at the cost of having no depth to your roster. I'm now curious to try this out at my first faction and see what that mission is like. If all else fails you can probably just get through by savescumming extensively, but I suppose I can envision a scenario where your squad just can't manage it for some reason. Some of the characters are definitely weaker than others or need to hit certain levels to really come in to their own etc. I remember being very underwhelmed by Godmother in particular until she was a rather high level.
  8. Yeah I don't think even Jordan had any idea what to do with him as the series progressed. This is where I have to disagree. I saw the opinion that the series was just too large and had too much stuff in and would need to be brutally cut down in order to adapt it properly a lot on various message boards when the show was first announced and my disagreement with that hasn't changed at all since then: WoT has a massive page/word count but as much as I love it (and I do, I think more than most on these boards) in terms of actual important major plot threads there isn't nearly as much there as the book/word count would suggest - the series is just really, really slow. I think we're all expecting the gang to leave the Two Rivers by the end of the first episode at latest and that's over 150 pages and one of the more dense sections of Eye of the World to boot. WoT hits it's well-known standstill in Crossroads of Twilight but throughout there's a whole lot of words/pages spent on a whole lot of... I don't wanna say "nothing" but y'know... things which aren't really relevant to advancing any major plot or character arc. I certainly expect changes, cuts, and compression (because there's a lot of stuff in there that those can apply to) but not on the enormous scale that you are suggesting here, and I also expect to see some expansion of certain things. Logain we know is being brought into the fore, a decision I absolutely approve of, and I don't think he's gonna be the only character to have their role expanded upon. Since it's a pretty central plot from the middle of the series onwards I expect to see the division in the tower with the plotting against Siuan introduced early, with an expanded role for her generally, as well as Elaida and some of her supporters, along with the Black Ajah, and Mesaana pulling the strings from the shadows (and also right out in the light in her cover identity). With an announced casting for Liandrin it seems like she's rising in prominence a bit, probably as our main known member of the Black Ajah for a bit, and Verrin's a no-brainer to get more screen time. Personally I'd also like to see more of Pevara since she's one of my favourite tertiary characters as well as the prime example of a non-evil, non-stupid, non-dickwad Red, and she's important in several plots later on, plus not hard to weave in to the tower politics stuff being a Sitter (she could also take any or all of Tarna's material without much work). Finally I expect the Seanchan to not completely disappear for 5 books (2-3ish seasons?).
  9. Sure but Game of Thrones is extremely dense with lots of important intrigue related dialogue, whereas Eye of the World is heavy on slow travelogue, descriptions of all the people and places the cast visit on their journey as well as other associated worldbuilding stuff. The only scenes that really hit the A Game of Thrones level of density in terms of "pages of content vs how long it's gonna take to show on screen" are the dreams where Ishmael screws with the boys, plus some exposition from Moiraine, Thom, and Loial. I love WoT but it isn't exactly chapters upon chapters of tense character drama and heavy, well-written dialogue. There is tons of interesting stuff going on in the background but Jordan only expands upon it much later and often tended towards the "gotcha/whammie" style of reveal so that stuff isn't shown on the page much and we're left to piece things together in the aftermath of a reveal. Hence my expectation that it's gonna need to be padded out with a bit more of that juicy goodness from the get go - Aes Sedai politics, the Black Ajah (mm paranoia, anyone could be a secret Black Ajah member!), villains who are low key actually successful and don't get a Balefire enema the second they show up on screen (BA+Mesaana rotting the tower from within and pulling the strings for the schism for a start), that sorta thing. I'd be surprised if a Liandrin is the only named character who has some plot later to be made a member of the group escorting Logain back to Tar Valon just to get the audience to know them / have seen them a bit (interestingly for Jordan none of the Logain escort crew are explicitly named - we get told that Cadsuane was involved in his capture but peaced out back to retirement as soon as he was shielded, so she's maybe a possibility).
  10. Haven't listened to that lengthy Dusty Wheel episode but my general feeling is that a lot is being made out of very little information and I'm gonna wait and see rather than panic. Also EotW really does not have 8 episodes of filmable material and I've always been of the opinion that they would need to introduce other characters and plots, expand the worldbuilding, and introduce important elements for later as soon as they can so there's nothing much here that's especially surprising or shocking. Since they're adapting something that's already finished they have all the insight and hindsight they need to figure out who/what's important and how to adjust the various story threads to blend together better for TV so that the principal characters all get ongoing screen time and there aren't lengthy lulls where nothing happens.
  11. You mean Redfall (the working title for Elder Scrolls VI)? They're not going to remove Skyrim from existing platforms, any more than they did for Minecraft. I was just being glib, I suppose I should've used an emoji to make that clearer.
  12. So Microsoft just bought Zenimax / Bethesda for $7.5 billion. Guess they really wanted to secure Skyrim for the NextBox. Edit: Sources [1] [2]
  13. Rock Paper Shotgun continues its recent downward trend - I didn't really follow Matthew's video content but Sin Vega's writing was among the best and most interesting that remained on the site and I'll really miss it. The site's really been making its way right down the shitter over the past few years which really sucks because it was pretty much the only gaming news site I actually liked.
  14. Good deeds do not cancel bad. You can be a completely shitty person and still donate a lot to charity. You can't buy goodness. You can make great art (not that Harry Potter is great art) and still hold abhorrent views. And you shouldn't still still be lauded, celebrated, and held up as a hero and example for any good you've done once the bad shit comes out.
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