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  1. The first two books are the worse, but they are all fairly simple. I actually didn't like the first two at all, but I was tired of waiting for the series to continue, so I took to reading the books. I prefer books with more substance. While I love historical fiction, I prefer books like Figures in Silk or anything by Sharon Kay Penman.
  2. This is one of the few examples where the tv show is so much better than the books. I know this rarely happens. the 4 main reason are 1) improved drama; 2) less myopic (the books give us very little of the family other than the main characters' romance; 3) The Great Experiment (now in it's 2nd and 3rd generation. I love this alternate history version); 4) modern music performed as classical rearrangements (I really do love that) I'm not sure why they skipped book 3 (Benedict's love story - my favorite-it's actually a good stand alone story) unless they plan on introducing the start of it in this season. It already seems like they are combining books 4 and 6, unless of course this is just the start of the Francesca story, which is till weird since that skips the Eloise story, which they have already partially set up (suspicious letter writing), still, the show is better than the books
  3. Space Babies was ok, and the story of The Devil's Chord was a good idea, except for one glaring problem: I know I am over thinking a silly sci-fi/fantasy show, but I can't help it.
  4. I think part of the switch from episodic to serial shows is the number of episodes they have. Back in the day, every show had a minimum of 22-26 episodes, some many more, and would drag out over 9 months, for 1 season. Now, seems the majority of shows are coming in around 10 episodes per season, only lasting 10 weeks, or fewer, so it iis easier to have one unified plot through out the season. I never minded the "missions" being episodic, as long as the characters were treated more serial (as in their continually developing and progressing relationships)
  5. Beans have made me gag since I was a kid. I've never gotten over it. I read a lot of British novels, and every time this comes up, I just shudder. For me, the number one "cheap" meal we had growing up was spaghetti and tomato sauce. Feed the whole family for just a couple of dollars. For my first husband, it was fried potatoes with onions and chopped up hotdogs. His mom actually named it "Poor man's meal." it's still a family favorite. (I top mine with some salsa)
  6. But they also bring awareness to many people who aren't fully aware of how bad some situations are. Not because they don't care, just because an issues doesn't affect their lives, but when they hear about it via news coverage of the protests, they become aware and could possibly take a stand. So maybe not always about changing a mind, but informing it.
  7. I just thought Butnham had gotten all zen on us. She does seem calmer, less impulsive, like she has fully grown into her leadership role. It's the "captain" voice, So while I thought it weird, I did come up with a reason for it. (ok, it's still weird)
  8. I managed to keep the romance with Astarion going through his ascension, but he broke up with Tav when we refused to become a vampire (or Tav with him, it was confusing, I was angry about a comment by the narrator) It was a 90% good playthrough, yet I had a very high rating from Astarion. First time it was that high, ever. It would be a fair thing to say that I sometimes have a hard time separating my feelings from my characters'. I thought I was doing better on this playthrough, we killed a guy we shouldn't have and Tav was making all sorts of comments about power and such, while still mostly being good, but there was a totally uncalled for comment by the narrator that absolutely pissed me off. This threw my game way off. When Astarion was killed on our way to fight Orin, I simply didn't resurrect him. (no worries, Withers took care of it at the end scene) When we saved Orpheus, I initially made the Lany choice, not the Tav choice and was very unhappy with my ending. I might have cried. It had been an emotional finale for me. After giving myself a couple of days, I went back and made the proper Tav choice. She wasn't mean, but she was a bit selfish and self serving. That lead to a much better ending. Overall, I think I prefer NOT saving him. They finally updated the final scene with Halsin so you can go with him, however, they failed to update the Epilogue Got the no party size limit mod to work just before the final battle, so that was cool, except the last person kept failing to follow when I jumped or climbed ladders or anything other than just walking. Still, it was nice not to exclude anyone.
  9. My 21 year old wanted to learn more about cooking things other than the "basics" so I have once again signed up for Hello Fresh, and I am walking him through the instructions. I like it because the recipes are for 2 people, the kits have all the ingredients, so you can try new things without spending a fortune on ingredients you may never use again, and the instructions are fairly easy to follow (plus pretty pictures to help with a lovely presentation)
  10. I found it disturbing, bringing to mind mostly forgotten childhood nightmares. Which means I can't wait for more. I haven't read the books, as I hate reading sci-fi (love watching it though, was a Trekie by age 12 and only TOS was available) I'm just a visual reader, so I have a hard time with most sci-fi. I really enjoyed the show, as an individual thing. (no books, no science, just the drama) especially the historical Chinese parts. I worked out a peaceful solution in my mind, but it lacks the drama of good story telling (but a good story makes you want to try and solve the problem too, so there us that)
  11. I have successfully incorporated 2 mods, while 2 others require additional stuff to make them work that is beyond me. Spawn #2 will be home in 2 weeks, so I'll have them help me. Bard sub-class College of Charm and Basket of Equipment are both working so far. It's awesome to be able to wear a sexy dress and still have a decent AC. The two I really wanted though, No Party Size Limit and No Romance Limit are the two I still can't get to work. Also went back to an abandoned game that was in Act 3 with the sole purpose of sexy fun time with Mizora. (I just learned yesterday that was even possible) Don't know if I have the words describe it Y'all know me, I'm up for pretty much anything, game wise, but this was a bit much. It's not something I'm likely to repeat any time soon. It was all about the pleasure of torture and the torture of pleasure. The best part was the Tav reaction afterwards. Very lazy, ultra satisfied, like a 10 o night when you just can't manage to pick yourself up off the floor.
  12. Haven't looked at the roof or solar panels yet, but my fingers are crossed
  13. We had bad storms last night. (Central Texas) Started late afternoon with a tornado watch to 5pm, then a thunderstorm warning until 7pm, that got extended to 8:15 pm, then 9:00pm, then 11pm. There were 5 distinct rounds of hail, first ones golf ball sized, last ones baseball sized. Couldn't tell how far the lightning was by counting the time from flash to thunder as the thunder was continuous for 30 minutes or more, and never came as a single boom. It was still storming when I went to bed at nearly 1 am. Went out early this morning. It was chilly, but my car and my baby tree both seem to be ok.
  14. One of the problems is confusing "withdrawing a complaint" with "false accusations" *by assault, I mean both physical and sexual A lot of women withdraw complaints of assault, especially by partner, for a variety of reasons, including fear. Men then use this as proof the accusations were false. When you look at the number of actual false accusations, it is very hard to see which were truly false and which were withdrawn for other reasons. I won't lie, this is a very personal issue for me. My sister's husband was abusive and she never followed through on several complaints against him. She finally did leave him and file for divorce and he killed her. It's not a unique story. I wish we had some way of better protecting people, especially women and children. I can't think of one short of not allowing the withdraw of complaints and that could be worse for many (I think a lot wouldn't make that initial call that stops the current round of abuse) In order to protect the most, we have to believe the claims, and accept that a few will abuse the system with false claims. That is the price of living in the world we do.
  15. Just for fun. Gives me different, minor things I can change on playthroughs. There are some weird and interesting things I had no idea were possible until I saw the achievements, like having an all alcohol long rest, petting Scratch and the owlbear cub at the same time. I mean, I didn't even know you could get the cub into your camp. Did a druid playthrough just so I could get him I also didn't know they were a steam thing, I thought they were a game thing. Anyway, just adds little extra goals for myself (and I like having more than my SiL )
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