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  1. I’ve been holding off reading Norwegian Wood and Kafka on the Shore until the weather gets really rainy/moody - I think his writing is very easy to read, but atmospheric - and kind of a simple/deep prose with surreality, like Delillo. Last year, when looking for books by him at the library, the only one available was “What I Talk about When I Talk About Running”, which I oddly found very inspiring, both about fitness and getting older, and his parallels with writing and creativity. Highly recommend.
  2. Just finished “City of Last Chances” by Adrian Tchaikovsky - my wife picked it up on a whim at the library, and I was pleasantly surprised and sucked in by the worldbuilding and original story, I’d only heard the name mentioned here, but will definitely check out more by this author. Almost done with “Searoad: Chronicles of Klatsand” by Ursula Le Guin. Really odd and poetic set of short stories, very beautiful little vignettes that really is some of the best writing in/about the Pacific NW I’ve ever experienced.
  3. Your earth acronyms have no relevance in a galaxy far far away - some ideas of what you might have been trying to convey: Midichlorian incubating life form? Meesa Is Lando’s friend? Mandalorian I’d Like to Fraternize (with)?
  4. I mean, I guess there could be some fantasy scenario ground rules where it would be a good time (I.e., if Trump actually had to acknowledge your existence and talk with you as a person rather than just launching into grievances and ignoring you because you’re a low status loser [assuming he thinks this about anyone who can’t do anything for him financially], if he had to actually fight someone he pissed off instead of his lackeys or the secret service doing it, if you can record him vomit-weeping behind a dumpster, if he actually has to pay for shit). But I’ve been out with enough maniacs to know that the reality of being shackled to one for an evening is really far from pleasant.
  5. Electric meaning you get to watch a sober paranoid go wild? Show you some classified documents, brag and lie all evening, and then stick you with with the bill at end of the night? Also the high likelihood you’re sitting with the smelly person at the bar, and that you’re likely to witness the saddest and creepiest attempt at sexual assault you can imagine? I’d rather take a 20 homeless drug addicts out on the piss - far better company to keep, without most of the drawbacks.
  6. I feel like the advent of social media has really diluted the true meaning of Festivus - it’s almost year-round, nowadays. Even threads on this board really get that “I got a lot of problems with you people and now you’re going going to hear about it!” energy that should be shouted at a dinner table, right before you fight your father. Still - Happy Festivus, and may you all have the happiness of a miracle around your aluminum poles.
  7. Ouch. I remember being in middle school and loving homicide: life on the street, especially his character, Pembleton and how intense/brilliant he was in the interrogation box. My young mind was blown by the depth of his stroke storyline and how much it changed the character - I remember just feeling like “you’re not allowed to do this on TV, he’s the good guy and this isn’t supposed to happen, why can’t he get better and go back to the way it was before”. I legit mourned what happened to him, even when I was too young to understand how much it reflected the reality of debilitating illness. Such a great talent.
  8. Thanks for the reminder - from the same album, this song was my go-to to put on the jukebox in a bar when I hated what was already playing and wanted to piss off the people who loaded it up with Bon Jovi or whatever - music doesn’t start until around 4:10, the weird ambient sounds really mess with the vibe. But the song itself is one of my favorites.
  9. My 12 yo and I saw this in the theater - it wasn’t groundbreaking, but it was a fun watch, maybe the most enjoyable DC I’ve seen that I would bring my kid to (who loves comics), not too bloated or dark: “Snyderized”, I call it.
  10. The comparison is “clean” vs not, and every time people make that distinction, it’s always some personal arbitrary line without much data to backup their anecdotes, because lifestyle factors are hard to have great studies on. I know people who only consider grass-fed meat “clean”, people who only consume organic cannabis, etcetera. Cigarettes and tobacco have some well-documented bad health outcomes: No argument there. But you cannot smuggle “THC bad because my friend had a bad time, and I think there might be long term effects ” into the “not clean” club with that standard.
  11. “Toxins” and “clean” are both loaded bullshit term, and basically boils down to a subjective list of “ever-shifting stuff/activities I think might be bad”. Hence the moralistic overtone - do you include sugar in your list of “unclean” things, or is there some kind of objective split you can make with it? Is nicotine ok because of its brain effects, or is it bad because someone could overdose on it? What about factory farmed meat? Antibiotics? GMOs?
  12. I’m hoping (as others have said) the feelings talk included rehashing and rules and that’s what he has to think about over the days. I’m not saying second chances never work, but it’s the last time you get to with good conscience lay out everything you need that was missing before and enable you both to go into it with open eyes. Anything important not talked about will fester 5x worse than the previous time - and both parties have to be pretty clear on what is important to them, which sounds like it might be difficult with this one. Hope it works out the best for you, either way it goes.
  13. Or may there’s a “Benioff and Weiss will be forced to complete your series under duress”
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