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  1. Yes - I think if Mieville had put out a Bas-Lag book every few years, a younger me would have been very happy. It was unique, and I tore through them, and the short story, in days. The closest thing to them I’ve found has been in graphic novels, Monstress and Saga. I’ve kept and reread my Tolkien and Lloyd Alexander, along with my Sandman graphic novels and GRRM. Wheel of Time and Malazan got purged in a move, because of volume, and i sort of regret that, because I likely wouldn’t reread without them at hand. A friend dropped off a set of the Eddings Belgariad, and some of the dragon lance and forgotten realms books he had found in storage we consumed like mad in late middle school…and man, it was like rewatching the original He-Man. Just…so bad.
  2. I was JUST thinking about PSS and The Scar, am definitely going to put them on the list for this year and re-read. Just started Exhalation by Chianti, and The Copenhagen Trilogy by Ditlevsen, and still working through a book of native nations poetry and a self-help book called “the tools”
  3. Sorry, may have miscommunicated - all of the post lockdown restrictions I’ve been in let you remove masks once you’re seated, at bars and restaurants - so didn’t really alter how we went out/didn’t “ruin” anything - it just wasn’t exactly what it was before.
  4. Little known fact #1 - Ted Cruz wore a plague doctor mask before COVID. Beak was stuffed full of lavender and cloves to cover the scent of his own odor, bullshit and fear-piss. Little known fact #2 - Ted Cruz has never “dated” anyone, he has only “attempted parasitic symbiosis” on them
  5. 100% this. Plague doctor masks and 6-foot social distancing whips are just the beginning. Also: how much could public mask requirements ruin a thing, besides raves and indoor arena sporting events? Be outside together or go private party, if everyone is vaccinated - how much time does anyone want to spend in the general public, besides restaurants/bars?
  6. That’s a red flag and you have a right to be pissed off about it. Your time is your own, and while it is acceptable to ask someone for more of it, projecting bullshit about where you spend it is not. It sounds like there is some jealousy he’s not admitting, or he’s not OK with you dating other people, but instead of owning his feelings, he’s trying to make your fault/a problem with you, instead of him. Sorry for rant - this has happened several times to me and my friends, usually with people who think they can be/be with someone ethically non-monogamous, but can’t really follow through on it (I.e., realize it’s not for them and bow out gracefully, or work through their own feelings), and end up blaming the other person.
  7. Tairy threads brought back some major memories of being unemployed right out of college and day-drinking whiskey…and I spent hours on the threads MST3King the hell out of those books. 15 years later, and I still know what a yeard is - thanks ASOIAF board!
  8. I mean, I hope it goes something like “Anyway’ like I was saying…there’re two words that describe my favorite fantasy race, and my dick: willowy and aloof”
  9. Not that it does much good, but there’s always a bible verse to hand back these folks - James 2:14-26, usually summarized as “Faith without works is dead.” Doubly ironic with the dead part.
  10. Vietnamese cold noodle salad with grilled chicken (Bún Thịt Gà Nướng) - top 3 favorite summer meals. Crunchy veg (matchstick carrot and cumcumber, chopped romaine), herbs (mint/basil/cilantro), cold rice vermicelli, and fish sauce dressing (nước chấm). Marinate chicken thighs for 24 hours in fish sauce, brown sugar, garlic, five spice, black pepper - then grill and chop. Serve everything family-style.
  11. Romulus and Remus would disagree…How sophisticated do you need to be, on the business end of a nipple? Wear a monocle and whisper sweet nothings to the other mammal? It’s quality calorie conversion from grass, and beats the alternative of starvation, as a lot of pastoralists seem to have discovered. In modern times, I use whey protein products to maintain/build muscle, and like milk for recovery and hydration - good research around it, though i prefer mine pasteurized.
  12. This can go in the “sad/funny but true” category. In discussion with friends, seems like most are used to raging hormones carrying the day for erections and they replaced them with blue pills when they started failing to get things going. It seems like they skipped over any learning what they needed for psychological arousal to lead to the physical - so there’s mental work needed to fix that. Same with the physical - a lot of dad bod and feeling self conscious, in addition to anything physiological preventing performance. I get the sense that porn and occasional reciprocal oral sex would probably be an acceptable situation for a lot of American dudes (since it sidesteps a lot of the mental and some of the physical barriers). It feels more like laziness than age (peer group is 40-50) Kinkier friends seem to have better luck, I assume because of the work already put into the mental side, and having plenty of options for arousal leading up to sex, and more alternatives to work with.
  13. Started vacation on Sunday, and wildfire smoke has kept us mostly indoors. I’m doing at least an hour at the gym in the mornings and then taking the kids to the pool - feel really good about being able to get back to longer (over 30 min) cardio bouts, as I still am not able to do runs/biking in the real world, and this is my first time back in a gym since March 2019.
  14. That doesn’t put any delicious triscuit crackers in my stomach, now does it, Carl?
  15. Dude, keeping a half box of delicious triscuit crackers in your yard? And then eating them a day later? Are you Robbie Knievel or something?
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