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  1. Thank you - there are no such things as a “pie ovens”. However, pizza ovens are a thing, as you discovered. You could not bake anything recognizable as a pie in a pizza oven, as temps are a bit too hot. It is, but it’s not a pie - most flatbreads for pizza (I.e., pita/naan) will have yeast in the dough.
  2. You do know it’s ok to admit that pizza is not a pie, right? Because your non-responses indicate you don’t. Provide definition and how said pie fits beyond your opinion and one specific colloquial use with supporting facts - or just move on, knowing you were wrong. I’ll also ask you how the fuck using a veiled accusation of racism fits in with the silliness here.
  3. You’re out of your element, Donnie. I’m going to retract my statement - but the millions you mention do not literally believe that pizza is a subcategory of pie, are using it as a nickname and are not simpletons. I also do not believe that people who call automobiles “whips” believe that their vehicles are literally braided leather cords. But if they went to a pizzeria and asked where their coconut cream and potpies are, or try to get a slice of pepperoni at a pastry shop, or even claim in public that pizza is a pie, then that label might apply.
  4. I’m going to say a general definition might need to be pulled from a reputable source and not your ass. Hint: pastry crust versus a dough might be a good place to start. Nah. These would be under the “breaded chicken” category, just colloquial names for the same thing. “Pizza” is in the “pizza” category, doesn’t change into a pie because some simpleton calls it a pizza pie.
  5. It’s all in fun. But pizza is it’s own damn thing, and I will die on that hill. It’s not cooked in a wood-fired “pie” oven, and is more of a flatbread than anything in the pie family. Personally, I feel like a hot dog is it’s own thing (leavened bun and a cased sausage), but can see how someone might refer to it as a sandwich- but does it not also resemble a taco? I’ll answer your question with another question - if you bend a pizza slice in half, does it then become a sandwich or a hot dog?
  6. Loosely speaking, this is the type of logic that got Trump elected. This logic also means cakes are possibly pies based on prep and frosting/fruit, pineapples might be pie (has the word embedded in it and is edible), and most casseroles are types of pies, because of resemblance to shepherds pie.
  7. I’ve just enjoyed thinking about the recent “Do you like relationship advice threads” thread, and thinking about people cracking this open for advice on dating and trying to parse what the suffering hell is happening in the current dating world of the boarders, with pages devoted to the topic. Had a great date Saturday with Ms. M, at her place - recent job changes mean she might be available to see more than once every few weeks. It’s been a casual thing for a year+ now, and I think that might be all it can be - I’d like a bit more of an emotional investment/ a “girlfriend” relationship.
  8. The healthcare system in the US is not a pretty picture, man. It’s bad - but plus side is, you know who your real friends are, and also who has the smallest digit circumferences. But I think this is probably one solid slogan in the war in health misinformation “You will trust someone on Facebook or a friend at a bar about vaccines, but not a doctor? It’s time for your rectal exam…”
  9. I think most American men are scared of acknowledgment of their own mortality and health issues, genitalia included. I’ve heard a lot of handwringing about prostate exams from friends, and even convincing guys to self-examine for testicular lumps is an uphill battle. If anything could convince them to get a shot in the junk, a better erection would be the right incentive. Maybe that’s a key to better adult vaccination rates - first year, you get it in the arm, dawdlers after that time must get the shot in the genitals.
  10. To quote, “I said ‘Go back to the comments section, *****, this is real life!’, and I drove off”
  11. No, per the context of the jokes, it says something about a white society where you can kill a black person and suffer no career damage, but saying anti-LGBTQ words gets you in trouble.
  12. Yes, this is true. I thought it was an open heart discussion about the effects of his comedy in the real world (well, he went for jokes in there too, so it’s not all apologizing or accusations), and it had a lot more nuance than “horrible transphobia”. I again stress his opinions are not my own, and I don’t have any sense that he was trying to convert people to his “side”. Also relevant that he went meta about all of the rest of his specials (which really vary in tone and quality) and say that if there’s anything he’s been speaking out about, it’s white people. But that does not get the press.
  13. Easily researchable. “Where to stab needle in dick” in quotes, with a - heroin after into Google.
  14. Your mileage may vary - a lot of the material is about intersections of race and sex and LGBTQ, and his experience. I don’t agree with 100% of what he says, but there’s a lot of things I don’t feel qualified to have an opinion on. The closing 10 minutes are about a trans comedian he knew committing suicide after getting dragged on Twitter, and a trust fund he set up for her daughter, which I’ve not seen any coverage of in the press.
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