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  1. That was my reaction too. I would have mentioned Italy, France, Spain and Germany before England. Maybe even Brazil. They all have weaknesses and problems for sure, but so do England. Despite England’s glut of young talent they struggle to score from open play against any decent side and some of their undroppable players are in terrible club form.
  2. This is like Lampard getting offered the Chelsea job too early in his career. It’s probably a poisoned chalice because he doesn’t yet have the experience or reputation to take command of the situation, but perhaps he cannot pass up this opportunity: a multi-year contract on PL wages plus a visible opportunity to show he can manage in the PL, and they’re so bad that almost anything would look like an improvement. I cannot imagine who else will be offering Rooney a PL managerial role in a well-financed large club who should be competing for the outer European spots, plus lots of fan goodwill.
  3. Liverpool’s win today felt like a return to normal service, even without Salah or Mane (or Thiago or Keita). But even if they sustain that form for the rest of the season (very doubtful), their league challenge is already over because of their dropped points over the prior four games (three draws and a loss). That has been the PL reality over the past 5 years since City’s financial doping came to fruition. It’s a sad state for Rafa and for Everton. I couldn’t see anything positive he generated for them this season, and somehow they’ve gone badly backward as a club since they were bought by a billionaire who wanted to fund their success.
  4. I watched Arcane (S1?) by myself over several weeks. Neither my wife nor son were interested. Very good steam-punk art design, animation and soundtrack, and reasonably good voice acting. The characters and central plot are very YA/emo, and the two main arcs are poorly connected. Similar to Peaky Blinders and other punk-toned dramas, we’re supposed to feel bad for parasitic characters who cause death and mayhem around them, but feel anguished that it brings them negative consequences.
  5. I thought the first couple of Harry Hole books were well written but then I got tired of the covert antagonist in books three and four and could not go any further.
  6. He’s looked slow and low on energy in every game since he had COVID. Similar to Trent last year (who just had COVID again, great!). And Henderson has been dire for a few weeks now. Accumulated fatigue is really affecting the MF now. And I think we’re not fully acknowledging how COVID affects players energy levels for a few months. There was a good data study in The Economist on the performance levels of pro football players across the major European leagues as they returned after COVID. I linked it in the COVID thread in GenChat.
  7. We’re rewatching The Witcher S1 before watching S2. Neither of us could remember anything much about the arc of S1. The world-building/setting may be ridiculously thin but the humor & dialogue are very strong for a fantasy series. I wish WoT could employ some of these writers.
  8. Your weight cuts are incredible. It took me three months to shed 5lbs. I’d like to drop another five, but the timeframe is probably six months. I really hate being in a calorie deficit. I need to let it develop gradually.
  9. That sounds very similar to a player who ruptures an ACL or tears their Achilles’ tendon. They are physically unable to fulfill their contract. He’s not refusing to play, he’s just not medically available to play. I don’t know that a players contract is necessarily voided in that case. I would guess either the club or the player (depending on who bears the risk) buys insurance, but that may or may not create cap room for them in the LaLiga calculation of allowable expenditure. Eriksen at Inter may be different became his new cardiac implant makes him ineligible to play in Serie A under their rules. And Inter seemed a little too happy to shift him off their wage book while telling everyone that he’s ineligible to play now so their hands are tied.
  10. How does that work if Aguero retired for medical reasons, not unlike a long term injury? Is his contract really voided, or is it that an insurance policy now pays his contract instead?
  11. I don’t think it received any mention here but City conveniently announced a huge new commercial sponsorship from the Emirates Palace hotel (owned by the Abu Dhabi govt) and from a renewable energy company (owned by the Abu Dhabi govt). I expect the AD govt will eventually have to create new shell companies whose entire expenditure (and operations) will be sponsorship for City.
  12. Another data-driven study on long COVID shows that professional footballers experience a persistent drop in performance for several months after COVID infection, even though these are individuals in their 20’s* with no co-morbidities. The Economist *And the COVID strains captured in this study were the ones that had less impact on younger people. Omicron has greater infection and initial effect on younger people but too early to say if it has similar long COVID as earlier variants.
  13. Has this been shared already? It’s a very rigorous (and very scary) review of published medical studies on long COVID. Ian Ricksecker (Twitter thread)
  14. The FDA finally approved the vaccine booster for kids aged 12-15. We’ll get an appointment for our son this week. He likes my strategy of Friday evening to allow time for the fever to pass.
  15. Agreed. I thought it was quite good, as I laughed bitterly at its accurate satire that will still change nothing. The Meryl Streep administration felt more like Veep than Trump to me, and I was able to laugh at it rather than throw objects at the screen.
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