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  1. I’ve maintained a good workout schedule lately even as I returned to work. I’m lifting weights four times a week, even if the two midweek sessions aren’t helping my bad sleep pattern. And I might go for a run today. Getting my missing barbell plates has helped too as I blew through some false plateaus. For example, my bench press had stalled at 165lbs because it seemed a big jump to 185lbs. But I did two good sessions at 175lbs when I had another couple of 5lb’ers, and then moved up to 185lbs. I was surprised that could do 3x6 at 185lbs plus 2x9 at 165lbs last time. Same with deadlifts at 225lbs with the additional 45lb’ers, although deadlifts are still well below the 275lbs I was doing last February. My squat and deadlifts are taking longer to regain after the quarantine lay-off, but my form is good and level of effort is good. Progress will come eventually. It’d help to just be more consistent and to sleep better.
  2. It’s the Friday of a holiday weekend (US). I’m looking forward to catching up on some sleep after a grueling week.
  3. Congrats @Chataya de Fleury on the bonus payout. I was lucky this year that my strong personal performance outweighed the COVID- driven underperformance for the firm, so I still got a big bonus payout. My wife is ready to spend some of it on more furniture for our new house, and perhaps build a big patio + outdoor dining + outdoor grill + fire pit. I probably need to buy a second car fr us soon, assuming that I’ll need to start commuting to the office again at some point in the coming months.
  4. That sounds like the right choice for your situation at home. Best of luck. My son was just 9 months old when we moved from Seattle to NYC to take on a big job with a long commute and a chunk of travel. Career-wise it was worth it at age 30 to make that investment (and since we had just become a single income family), but I didn’t see my son awake four days each week for the next three years. I’ve avoided a long commute ever since.
  5. Thanks for sharing. His school has done really well to avoid any transmission within the school since they re-opened in September. But my wife is in full amygdala-override about COVID.
  6. Today was our son’s first day of in-person school attendance since March. He really enjoyed it but my wife is having a full-blown anxiety attack. She has always been over-anxious about germs, but I don’t want that anxiety to mean our son has to stay locked at home if his school has proven for months now that they’ve avoided any transmission within the school. (I know I’m tempting fate to type that)
  7. Seattle’s OL was poor again today, but that was true a few weeks ago when Seattle easily took care of the Rams at home. The three turnovers given up today, plus terrible third downs, was really the big difference today. Wilson went from an MVP candidate early in the season to an erratic thrower of interceptions who could no longer reliably elude the pass rush with his legs. He needs a better OL. And it didn’t help that Jamal Adams was playing hurt today. He’ll have surgery on that shoulder now. But of course the Bears will win tomorrow to prolong my interest in the playoffs. Of course.
  8. When we were in our condo in downtown Chicago, the building had 24/7 security doormen who were monitoring cameras, plus electronic fobs were needed to access the building. So we didn’t have any security precautions inside our unit beyond locking our door. I did buy my wife pepper spray to carry on her handbag — she was harassed by street people a few times, and one guy smashed a glass bottle at her feet that caused some minor cuts, but she never actually used the pepper spray. Even though we lived in a fancy condo building in the very nicest part of the city, street crime was still very real. Two people were shot in separate incidents late at night outside our building as gun crime became a city wide game of opportunity with rival gang members shooting at each other whenever and wherever they saw each other, plus armed car-jackings were endemic. I never got bothered on the street though; I’m probably not the profile anyone is looking to mess with. Now in the suburbs, our house has its own security system and external cameras. But that’s all. What good are guns for home defense? If they’re stored properly in a gun safe, then they are zero use in a home invasion. And, realistically, what are the odds of a home invasion in one the most genteel towns in Connecticut?
  9. We added back Disney+ to watch The Mandalorian S2, and then cancelled again. Now we’ve added HBO Max instead because a few of my wife’s friends recommended The Undoing (I’m not loving it so far), so we might keep that for another month or two to try some other shows there. We’re just cycling short periods for different services. Only Netflix and Prime are persistent for us.
  10. “If there is anything that this horrible tragedy can teach us, it's that a male model's life is a precious, precious commodity. Just because we have chiseled abs and stunning features, it doesn't mean that we too can't not die in a freak gasoline fight accident.”
  11. I think over the past five years, probably 90% of my cash usage has been to pay & tip the parking valet, make a donation during the church service or else give a few dollars to a homeless person. I cannot think of any transactions beyond that except the odd ones like tipping the guy who delivers the Christmas tree, or big tips for the furniture movers. Chicago’s typical valet parking price is $14-16, so the guy would always just receive a $20. (That pattern made it difficult to have any small bills for the homeless) A trip to the ATM for $200 would probably last me almost a month, and much, much longer now living in the suburbs (even without COVID). I always replenish the cash in my wallet when it runs out, but it’s pretty pointless stuff now. I have wondered about keeping a sum of cash securely at home for emergencies, like a prepper. Maybe it would be worthwhile if there was a mass evacuation while power and/or computer networks were down. But I haven’t bothered yet.
  12. We’ll need a national lottery to assign spots on the firing squads.
  13. It seems to me like this meets the “levying war” standard for treason. Maybe legal genius Giuliani can bargain it down to just sedition. There will have to be serious questions asked of the police inaction today.
  14. It’s not a mirror, just a clear glass panel (tempered glass). We have an internal wall and double doors, all glass, that separate the gym from the family room in the basement. But why the negativity toward mirrors? I’m not a fan of the gym bros who block the dumbbell rack so that they can be as close as possible to the mirror for their arm curls, but it’s still a good idea to have mirrors to check your form.
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