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  1. Iskaral Pust

    Football: foreVAR confused

    City players have a long pattern of finding a way to miss international games, but this is new.
  2. Iskaral Pust

    Fourth Quarter 2019 Reading

    Finished Conquerors: How Portugal Forged The First Global Empire by Roger Crowley, which focuses primarily on 1490-1520 before a summary epilogue. Quite a good read about a crucial period in history: the connecting of the eastern and western hemispheres, the start of European colonialism, global trade routes, gun-boat diplomacy and state navies pursuing mercantilism for geopolitical ends.
  3. Iskaral Pust

    Careerchat III

    I delayed posting an update until the saga was complete: I accepted an offer at the new firm, gave notice to my old employer, managed the transition period with colleagues and clients, relocated my family to CT, and today started at my new firm. Very glad to be hear, but an exhausting process to make the move.
  4. Iskaral Pust

    Football: foreVAR confused

    Henderson was very good on Sunday but his prior few appearances weren’t great, even though he had some good games back in September. Gini also had a good game after a few not-so-great showings. Salah too. Nice that they could lift their game for the big clash, but hopefully they can bring that focus more consistently.
  5. Iskaral Pust

    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    Falcons with the upset of the day, although Browns may yet push them close for that.
  6. Iskaral Pust

    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    Bears could actually win, albeit with Detroit missing Stafford. One missed PAT makes it just a bit less secure than it should be. I have been informed that as a new resident of CT, I am a New Englander now and owe my allegiance to the Pats. Despite the local TV stations leaning toward the NY market.
  7. Iskaral Pust

    Football: foreVAR confused

    TAA looks vulnerable again. Hopefully Gomez can help there. Midfield subs were a good idea for freshness, but it ruined our organization there.
  8. Iskaral Pust

    Football: foreVAR confused

    Hopefully that’s some breathing room now, but I’m still tense. We’ve had every bit of good fortune we could hope for but I cannot relax yet to enjoy it.
  9. Iskaral Pust

    Football: foreVAR confused

    I wish more teams would attack City. Their defense is never very good, but it goes unnoticed while opponents sit deep and wait to be picked apart. Salah was onside. TAA’s handball looked accidental enough. It’s not the same standard as a goal disallowed for any contact off an arm. But considering Liverpool have had some goals harshly disallowed of late, I’m glad the VAR monster struck then rather than today. Nervy second half ahead. Liverpool’s defense hasn’t been great this season. Edit: and Bernardo Silva’s hand/arm contact with the ball immediately before TAA means a penalty is impossible there. Under the new rule, an attacker cannot benefit from even an accidental handball. Even if you want to claim that Bernardo’s contact was accidental but TAA’s not.
  10. Iskaral Pust

    Football: foreVAR confused

    City’s line-up looks pretty strong, even with Ederson and Laporte out, and Silva on the bench. Fernandinho (at CB) with Rodri, Gundogan and Bernardo Silva gives them lots of protection, while still allowing plenty of threat through KDB, Sterling and Aguero.
  11. Iskaral Pust

    Football: foreVAR confused

    Leicester are definitely looking good, but also benefiting from no European games. So they are better rested each week and don’t need to rotate players. They’ll have that advantage all this season, and then probably struggle next season to cope with more games. But good to see them playing good football after recruiting very smartly and taking a chance on a new coach.
  12. Iskaral Pust

    Football: foreVAR confused

    We need a new thread for the lamentations of Arsenal fans, anxiety of Liverpool fans, and sneaking glimmers of hope from United fans.
  13. Iskaral Pust

    Exercise & Fitness: Summer Bodies (TBD)

    @aceluby well done. Your diet control is seriously impressive. I did three sessions this week at the new gym, with another ahead on Sunday. I had to reduce weight on squats in order to master stability and form, but I expect to progress again once I’m used to the free barbell. Deadlifts with a hex bar were easier for form than with a straight bar. Pull-ups were awkward because none of the frames offer a regular straight bar; they’re all variations on angles. I also had an intro session today with a trainer. My body fat is 16% (about what I thought) and my overall composition is pretty good. He says I could definitely progress my lifts by 30-40% if I train with him because I’ve been too repetitive in my lifts. My old condo gym didn’t have enough equipment for significant variation. Of course he just wants a client, but I may try a session per month for a while to see if it helps.
  14. Iskaral Pust

    Important topic totally in need of its own thread

    I remember now that it was called Twist or Switch.
  15. Iskaral Pust

    Important topic totally in need of its own thread

    Long before we ever got an Uno set, we played the game with a regular deck of cards. Aces changed suit, jacks reversed, twos made the next person pick up two (and could compound) and eights skipped a person. I forget the name of the card game, but I bet that game was around long before Uno was created to sell a deck of cards customized to that game.