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  1. It's only 5 games in. I am not too fussed. The performances have been pretty good so far this season, with the exception of Villa. I'd be worried if City was pulling ahead by winning all games, but so far they've also struggled a little. I am not too worried about Everton's good start (or Villas), as I have zero doubt that they won't be able to string together the type of winning streaks that Liverpool/City/Chelsea put together in the previous seasons. I doubt Liverpool will be able to put together a long winning streak this season either, specially with Ali and Virg out (for a quite a while by the sounds of it). Hopefully City can't do it either, so this season could be a super tight title race! edit: Are Isk and Rorschach scousers? I am liking the spicyness
  2. Not entirely sure I understand what you mean. But I feel like they gave a choice to people who didn't want to wait. Why do you have to wait? Clearly all the episodes are ready to release. These days, if you wait you get spoiled, thanks to the internet. While I personally don't care too much if I get spoiled, I still try to avoid spoilers wherever possible (still waiting on Winds of Winter before i continue my GoT binge.......). I stayed with netflix for good 3-4 years with a constant sub because of this. Wert's post above is also another good reason why. They had quality content I could binge on. Unfortunately (and perhaps inevitably), I kinda binged on everything of worth (specially the Aussie library, which is much smaller). Weekly releases turn me off if anything. I was super disappointed to see The Boys on weekly release. Same with Expanse. It doesn't mean they will get my money for 3 months, if anything, I make it a personal mission to give them as little of my money as possible and binge all their stuff in one month. The only reason I have weaned myself off netflix is because currently they don't have anything I want to see (as i binged it all over the last few years......>_>) and I wanted to make sure they were aware (as part of my unsub feedback) that quality was what was keeping me there, not quantity and they kept upping the price, canceling quality show (alter carbon ) and churning out lots of rubbish lately.
  3. To give the consumer what they want? I'd argue the binge-ey ness of their content was a big part of why they became so popular and successful. People can consume what content they want at whatever pace they want. I am not a fan of weekly releases because I don't particularly care for all the theory crafting (I've done my time goddammit!) and hype building that happens in between. I consume my tv series like i consume my books, in one goddamn sitting ideally! Not too happy about things going back to weekly release, but i do understand why it is happening. It definitely won't change my consumption pattern though. It just means I will have to wait a couple of months for everything to release before I sub to a certain streaming service for a certain series. I have set myself a limit of one streaming service per month. Binge on a streaming service for a month or two, then unsub and move onto the next one. None of these fuckers will get my $15 for 12 months out of principle!
  4. To get done like that by another Bowler as well, pretty rough! By your supreme lack of chill, I am going to assume you're a CSK fan?
  5. That chipped pass from midfield is going to be one of the biggest asset this year. None of our midfielders has it (closest is probably Shaq, who tries it every now and then). Fab/Milner/Hendo do long passes behind the back line for the forwards to chase, but not the super accurate cute chips that sets up a shot/volley for the forwards. We've had our long pass/shield midfielders (Hendo, Fab, Milner, Gini) and the driving midfielders (Ox, Keita) and with Thiago we will have added the missing piece of that cute chip to the arsenal (not to mention an upgrade to all of the above as well!). Really happy we got this done. For a while I thought this was another Edwards feint.
  6. I went to sleep thinking it was done! Super surprised to see the final result. Really good series that. Lots of unexpected turns and fightback.
  7. England did well to pull that back. Dangerous pair these two...
  8. Spurs have been average ever since losing the CL final. They've lost that 'Top 4' aura and seem quite vulnerable. Not entirely sure what happened to them as they are still a very strong squad. They were under-performing even before Mourinho. It's really bizarre. Feels like they still haven't recovered mentally from CL final defeat. They perform well, then lose a game, take too long to recover mentally, then perform well again, then lose again, and repeat. Or was it perhaps they were over-performing under Poch?
  9. Having watched the game now, I think both teams were pretty good in offense but with some poor decision making in defense (these go hand in hand I think!). This game reminded me of Klopp's first season. Just an intense game of counter attack and then getting counter attacked. Leeds didn't allow Liverpool to slow the game down because they were always in Liverpool's face with the man marking. And Liverpool couldn't resist attacking all that sweet sweet space (which then lead to turn overs). I don't know how Leeds will perform against more pragmatic teams. I expect they already came across it the last couple of years and have a plan. But the EPL defensive teams are going to have higher quality to go with the pragmatism, and are usually good at taking the few chances they create. I expect they will give top teams problems but probably drop points elsewhere. Looking forward to Leeds vs City and Leicester matches.
  10. I don't think team played us the same way last year the way they did the year before. Last season more teams sat deep and countered vs the season before when people still thought Liverpool was weak to counters/set piece etc (based on the years before). 2018/19 was the year we changed that and in 2019/2020 teams adapter and took a more defensive approach. Plus, I am pretty sure we created more chances last season despite the opposition being more defensive. It's the finishing that let us down last season (and going by this thread....has continued to this season!). Anyways, we are not doing well so I am gonna go sleep. I think me keeping an eye on the score is jinxing us
  11. Successful offside traps I'm guessing. I'd assume Liverpool would be up there with the most number of successful traps. Klopp clearly prefers to eliminate risk where possible and offside is one of his biggest asset in that sense (specially with VAR in play). Considering both Virgil and Gomez are quick and can recover most of the time, I think he is trying to take advantage of their speed and trying to push the whole group up the pitch to better counter how most oppositions plays against us (i.e. sit deep and counterattack) by having numbers around the box. (Not sure if that is the case this game as I am not watching it......because Liverpool always lose when I watch live ) What's the alternative? staying deeper? we'll still get countered because the opposition will utilize the gap between defense and mid (and if mid is also deep then attack will be toothless due to lack of numbers and we will be whining about that instead). I don't think high line is the problem as much as the defense just making more mistakes under pressure than expected and Ali not saving our bacon as much as he did previously. Also, I think teams are just getting better at utilizing their pacey attackers and staying onside.
  12. Damn you Kalbear (as the local MS scapegoat)!!! I got it as well and am trying out Wasteland 3 on it. $5/month though as I've already spent the $1 deal when Phoenix Point launched. I am glad I did cause Wasteland 3 is not a AAA title, like its priced. I am enjoying it, but I would've regretted buying it for $90aud. I have been using it as a way to scan for games i might want to buy, like Phoenix Point and Wasteland 3 when they are on sale/released on steam (I missed Metro Exodus....). Not sure if $10/month is going to be worth it though. I think going forward I will sub intermittently if enough of the games that I want to try out are on it. I do like 'owning' my games so spending $120 per year and not owning anything is not really worth it for me. How do the sub models work? do the game developers get paid by per hour a gamer spent playing a specific game?
  13. I'm in similar boat as you. I don't mind the combat, it's a lot more interesting in higher difficulties where you have to utilize smoke grenade/robots/debuff combos to kill the tougher units quickly and actually need a dedicated healer. The story is where it falls flat. It didn't hook me. It just doesn't have a sense of urgency and doesn't feel like there is a whole lot at stake (even though there supposedly is). The car/world map is ok, but nothing to brag about. The companion characters are a bit meh as well (just unlocked Scotchmo). Also, after playing Phoenix Point, I despise these outdated %hit chance systems. Missing at 98% is infuriating. I really like the control of Phoenix Point where you can go 100% or take a calculated risk if you wanna hit a vulnerable body part etc. Feels like you are buying into the risk and makes it easier to accept the misses. But the 95% 98% misses are so enraging!
  14. I know Gini is the local dead horse, but when I watch him play for Netherlands in an attacking role, I can't help but feel that the way he plays for Liverpool is simply how he is instructed to play by Klopp, i.e. Low risk, don't lose the ball, shield the defense etc. He lacks the long range passing of Fabinho/Trent/Virgil so he usually passes back to those guys (and ends up looking bad by comparison). Otherwise, he has good control, good in tight spaces, good at keeping the ball, good work rate, makes good runs when he is allowed to etc. Fits Liverpool's system/need very well. None the less, certainly won't be an inspiring signing for Barca. Why couldn't they go for De Bruyne god dammit!
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