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  1. That is interesting. Why are they valued so highly though? I am assuming they generate similar amount of money to some of the EPL teams but pay players peanuts? Do they get more broadcasting money? sell more merchandise? more expensive merchandise? bigger ticket income?
  2. Saving up to get Mbappe in Jan, obviously!
  3. I am extremely happy how things turned out with Eng v Ind series. I was going to be sad if England won and slightly less sad if India won. Somehow they managed to create a scenario where they both lose and everyone is unhappy. This is great (let's hope Eng or Aus don't pull this shit for Ashes though.....)
  4. Wow, didn't think they'd screw up this bad. Definitely not even stevens now. I'd think India well in front. But Woakes and Ali can bat a bit, so there is still hope. Is the pitch playing up? Good bowling? shit batting?
  5. I didn't understand the City links. Since Ronaldo isn't exactly a pressing monster which I expect a City forward to be. United on the other hand aren't a pressing monster, so I can see him fit in just fine as a Striker. If Bruno wasn't so damn critical to the team, I'd bet my money on seeing some 4-4-2 action from United. But I am not sure how Bruno will fit into that. Bruno+Pogba midfield could be a crazy attacking option if needed though.
  6. Messi and Ronaldo mainly, I wouldn't include anyone else in that group. They are bigger than most clubs (financially/fame wise). I'd say Messi wasn't the main problem for Barcelona, it's all the other players that was getting ridiculous wages who didn't bring that level of value. Although, if Messi's contract leak was true, it was definitely pushing the boundary of the concept since Barca wasn't wining the CL regularly. So far, it doesn't seem like Ronaldo's deal is that level of madness though.
  7. I'd think Ronaldo deal will pay for itself. If anything, United is probably going to MAKE money from this deal. Expecting his face on everything United for the next few seasons (or however long the deal is).
  8. Didn't see the 1k number to be honest. I thought' we'd peak at 800-900 because we need to beat VIC (obviously!). But now I am thinking 2k might not be unreaslistic in 2-3 weeks time.
  9. The results haven't been there, so not point in having a high intensity approach if it isn't successful. If he was winning, i doubt anyone would care. But yeah, his days are numbered. He just took the team on at a terrible time. First the scandal, then covid. Poor guy couldn't catch a break. I wonder who is next in line.
  10. If you counter charge a cav with a melee unit, you deal more damage to the cav lol Been playing dinos first. I was really enjoying the skirmishing playstyle of Oxy and teleporting around kicking ass. Then piece of shit Naggarond declared war on me and got Rakarth to join the war. So now, instead of teleporting around the world kicking ass, I am trying to fight off two fronts of endless dark elf army with only one army. Extremely annoyed. I am having to pretty much wipe out Naggarond and take over the north. Oracle unit is awesome. Really like it. Feel like I can finally use other type of lords than Life Slann thanks to the earthblood on Oracle. Will play the stunties next i think.
  11. New Total War Warhammer 2 dino dlc AND a Rimworld dlc. I am so hard right now
  12. It's probably harder to predict due to larger number of options, i.e. more people, more space to defend/attack, and therefore more options from the view point of the ball holder. But depending on how people defend/attack, the number of options can be significantly lower and you can predict it a bit easier. It depends on the players as well, who are the safe passers (Gini) and who are more brave on the ball (Hendo, TAA etc). Also, maybe you just haven't watched the same team with same tactics long enough to really see the patterns. Liverpool can be pretty predictable. They had the same coach, same players and mostly the same tactics for years. So you can start to see the patterns after a while (i.e. almost always attack down the wings in a build up, so you kinda know what is coming). You go for Chelsea iirc? so that might be harder with the different coaches and some new players. But if they stick together, you will start to see the patterns soon enough.
  13. You're not fooling anyone with your blatant attempt to curse Australia Australia isn't as good as Kiwis at the moment. So two shit teams going at it could be good!
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