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  1. The Winged Shadow

    12 Monkeys

    A nice way to tie it all up. Gonna miss this show
  2. The Winged Shadow

    Cricket 33: ODIs Still Aren’t Proper Cricket Edition

    Just waiting for Proper Cricket to start, obviously! Edit: Don't mind this team of T20 plebs getting smashed tbh
  3. The Winged Shadow

    Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    Because SK made it real (assuming it wasn't always) when SK got his body back. I remember there being a scene when SK gets his body back and buffs the Minotaur from the wheel chair version to the one with legs. I sort of took it as a show of how powerful SK got when he got his body back. Crippled Minotaur version being (potentially) only existing on the astral plan (same as SK) to it manifesting in real world due to SK's increased power level.
  4. The Winged Shadow

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    For me Karius has shown enough to be worth sticking with. Even in the Madrid game he made some damn good saves. Chances are, it will be really really hard for him to have a worse game, error-wise and occasion-wise, than the CL final. If he can get over this, it will be the biggest hurdle he will ever face as a keeper, and will hopefully result in him being a much more resilient keeper going forward. Buying a new goalkeeper won't guarantee anything and being a Liverpool keeper is going to heap a shit ton of pressure that most keepers aren't used to dealing with. It will only feel like you've dealt with the problem until the new keeper slips up, which they will, and the whole cycle starts again. Considering the money being touted for Allison and others, I'd much rather spend that money elsewhere. Ideally someone who can rotate with the front three without being a significant drop in tempo and quality (which Ings, Solanke, Ox, Lallana and other loanees are at this point). Even if Ward plays instead of Karius, it won't drop our game tempo and overall quality of the team too much, but Mane and Salah being out seems to completely stuff up our game. So I think fixing that is significantly more important than the goalkeeping situation.
  5. The Winged Shadow

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    I found the days to scan things to be stupidly long. It always got interrupted by some other shit (missions or higher priority items like supply drop etc). I liked the ideas, but the execution was a bit poor. Alas, I wish I read your pointers before I got myself in the hole. I spent my resources in too many other dumb shit instead of Guerilla Tactics School. That building should've been default! Squad number increase shouldn't have been hidden like that (for idiots like me). God damn Central should've prompted me about it instead of all the other damn dialogues! I wish I thought about using the Battle Scanner more. So stupid not to use one now that you've pointed it out! I got a lot more careful with my combat advances instead, even when on the turn-restricted missions. Pretty much always utilizing Overwatch and advancing very carefully. Couple of heart stopping moments where I just barely managed to Evac everyone on the last turn. I didn't realise you can sprint and Evac on the same turn. Would've made life ALOT easier on some of the earlier missions. On the plus side, I did eventually got the squad increase, but by the time I got it I already had an OP Sniper (LRM boat equivalent!) and an EXO Suit with Shredder Gun. Holy shit is the EXO suit with Shredder Gun super fun (I put it on my Ranger). These two things, along with Smoke and Flashbang grenades really changed everything. Combat isn't so challenging anymore. Now the Avatar bar is 3 pips and I think I am in the last mission (assaulting some tower?). Seems to be a very short game? I don't remember the first game being this short? Unless it isn't the last mission. But the way Central and the characters talk about it feels like it is. I haven't even unlocked all the equipment or buildings yet!
  6. The Winged Shadow

    Cricket: ODIs Aren’t Proper Cricket Edition

    Sounds a lot like what is happening in Australia
  7. The Winged Shadow

    Cricket: ODIs Aren’t Proper Cricket Edition

    WTF is up with England producing so many duds? They have one of the better domestic leagues, so wtf? overcoaching? not enough coaching? all good athletes pick other sport *side-eyes Windies*? Australia is on a similar boat too actually. But the current youngins are showing enough so that it at least feels like they have potential and one day will reach such potential. Or if that doesn't work, just cheat
  8. The Winged Shadow

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    Still pretty depressed about the CL final loss . It's going to suck for a couple of more days yet. Taking away the goal keeping errors, I thought the midfield was where the game was lost. The difference in quality in the midfield really showed. The first half was pretty even, Liverpool pressed and recovered the ball well, but in the second half the pressing seemed to get worse and worse. Modric and Kroos just dominated the play in the middle. So calm on the ball, all the flicks and cute passes coming off. They broke the press quite easily on the second half with the little chipped passes in midfield/wing play as well. The loss feels very...familiar. Hopefully Pool can take another step forward next season. Overall, this was a damn good season. From mid table to Top 4 to Top 4+CL final. You can definitely see (and feel) progress, and this was overall a pretty damn good season. Still feel like shit though
  9. The Winged Shadow

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    So I've started my first XCOM 2 campaign. It's off to a terrible start. I didn't realise you don't automatically get the Supply every month, and that instead you have to go scan it wherever it gets dropped off. So early game i neglected doing that. On top of that I didn't quite understand how the connections to regions and building towers worked (i didn't realise i had to stay and scan, as oppose to start it and go do something while it progresses....). My Squad seems to be made of paper and always injured (still not as bad as Dekker though....) because I am resource tied couldn't get appropriate upgrades. So I am in a bit of a hole. Avatar project halfway through and I've just started to get a handle on things. Hopefully I can dig my self out..... Really enjoying the combat side of things. Despite getting ass kicked. I generally find the turn-restriction stuff a lot more difficult since I am tempted to charge to in but then get my ass kicked because I've detected two squad of enemies at once. Not to mention that the base hit rate is really shit to begin with, so even partial cover means I have to try and flank the enemy to have a shot at hitting them. But then I keep discovering other enemy squads and then it's pretty much game over (specially if it's the last squad member who discovers a new enemy squad......). Really really enjoy setting up concealment ambush at the start of missions though. I find it is worth taking an extra turn to set that up because you can wipe the enemy squad in one go. Here's to hoping I can get out of the hole i dug myself because i didn't read the prompts >_>
  10. The Winged Shadow

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    I just finished the last mission, and got myself the King Crab . This time intentionally knocking it over 5 times, very carefully not attacking it while its down, or it's weak sides, and trying to knock it over a few times safely by going out of range so it Guarded (early on before it comes close). It's the only one I came across during the whole game. Also managed to get the last piece of the grasshopper i was after, from the mission before with the turrets. Very tempted to get a stupid dual AC20 build on the Atlas to partner the King Crab (friggin Atlas can do dual AC20 and 40LRM, fucking OP as hell). My final Lance setup was Victor (18SRM assault primarily used to sensor lock), Stalker (60LRM with jumpjets, just fucked everything up from the top of the hill) and Highlander (40LRM and Gauss). Took out 3 of the enemy Lance with relative ease at the start, using Victor as bait. It just stacked evasion pips and sensor locked, and the rest of the Lance destroyed shit from afar. After that, King Crab was piss easy. LRM are ridiculous. Either the damage or stability or heat needs to be nerfed. The whole game was pretty easy after I got an LRM boat.
  11. The Winged Shadow

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    Damn! Didn't know about this bit of the mechanic. I always stay below overheat threshold. I thought you'd blow up the mech if you hit max overheat! It's one of the reasons i don't like rocking the PPC. I can see why someone might like the PPC setup if they use the strategy you've highlighted above. I might have to try this out! They'll have to rebalance all the long range weapons (lasers and ballistics, probably sensors too) if they do that. And it will kill the sniper role :/
  12. The Winged Shadow

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    Just finished this mission using a slightly different tactic. I just parked a mech (Assaults in my case) on the front and side entrance of the base (with bulwark). The APCs couldn't get through, I then stomped the shit out of them! The hint for me was the road lines that leads to the base. I took a chance that I might be able to block them, and it seemed to work. The third mech was roaming and stomping as well, first on the front and then on the side entrance. Then I had a 5 jump jet, max armor Dragon with 20LRM sprint up and save the barrack. It was pretty tight as it got hit from the back a few time, but the max armour helped alot! And i think if the 20 LRM didn't kill the APC, the objective would've failed. That's probably the one thing I don't have a problem with! I think overall the customisability is pretty well done, but with some tweak it could be an even better system. I think overall LRMs are a bit too powerful, Melee a bit too risky and Ballistics a bit too heavy. It's really hard to beat a Small/Medium laser boat in terms of pure damage output. I find myself constantly going for lots of Med Laser instead of PPC or Large laser. I pretty much ignore ballistic weapons now because they are too heavy and can't compare to a Laser boat or SRM boat for DPS (although it does have the advantage of hitting only one thing and exposing armour quicker). Melee is what disappoints me the most. I came across a few melee and DFA mods that i tried out. But I found myself constantly flanked with back exposed. Considering the melee damage isn't all that much higher (even with mods) than what i can achieve with weapons, it was such a needless risk. Also, it seems like there is a short window where you can melee and still use Brace. But I am not sure if it's a bug? I wish they'd uncouple melee from move, or at least allow another move or brace afterwards. It's extremely annoying when you are right next to them and the melee option won't allow you to move behind them like it would if it was slightly further away :/ Also wish DFA hit one part of the mech, like melee, but I think it hits two different parts, one per leg? Which makes it an awful attack considering the risk to your own mech (and not to mention back exposed with no brace). Atleast if it hit one part, you could almost guarantee that a part of the mech was gonna get blown and it would feel like the risk was worth it! I would like some more diverse mods though. The double heat sink idea is excellent and I wish I could get more somewhere.
  13. The Winged Shadow

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    An allied turret got some much needed crits, injured the pilot, and landed me a Battlemaster Assault mech! Long live the turrets! Don't think I have got that mission yet. How far into the game is it? I've just liberated Itriom(sp?) where I had to save 1/3 silos from being blown up. Do you have any LRM boats where you can Scout + Sensor lock + LRM the shit out of it? The hardest mission I came across was fairly early on, where you had to save the ammo crates. But that's mostly because I tried to do all the side objectives. Took a good 6-7 restarts to figure out a workable strategy. So, I've been incredibly lucky with some enemy pilot injuries (mainly because I knock em down 2-3 times before i can kill em.....) which has landed me a full lance of Assaults! I did have to finish a couple of really hard missions against a lance of heavy/assaults to nail down the Stalker and Victor, but so far I've got 3 Assault mechs through pilot incapacitate (through no skill of my own....). So spoiled at the moment, got a Highlander, Awesome, Battlemaster, Stalker and Victor. The Stalker got 60 LRM . But wow it can't move for shit, specially as i didn't put any jumpjets on it. Gets a bit annoying on hilly maps. Pretty much purged all the Light and Medium Mechs from my setup. Using a couple of Dragons (full armour, 5 jumpjets with an AC45) as Scouts, mainly to sensor lock so my Highlander and Stalker can LRM the shit out of things. On the negative side, all my pilots keep getting injured from head hits. I work hard to keep things out of LOS and high evasion stacks, but one attack from the enemy and bam, head hit. So damn annoying.
  14. The Winged Shadow

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    Not a fan of Awesome 8Q not having any jump jets (stock). I've changed the setup with 2 PPC and 1 Large Laser, this helped with getting some jump jets in there and still have decent heat management and armour (took off a lot of back armour for front armour, i figured i shouldn't be getting flanked on a damn sniper with jump jets). It seemed a bit bad at getting into position without jumpjets, although on the last mission the map was very hillly so probably skewed my first impression. As for the Highlander, the varying damage output is what i don't like. I prefer a maxed out armour Mech as I don't run with a scout, so by the time i detect enemies i am pretty close and some of those long range weapons (LRM and Gauss) don't do too well. So I want to check out the build with 2xAC20 with 3 MGs for some serious short range flank bursts. If I don't like it, I am thinking about changing the setup with Gauss/AC45/PPC loadout and try out a 1xLight Scout with 2xAssault and 1xHeavy/Medium long range Lance. The different Lance/weapon setup and flexibility is what keeps me interested in the game to be honest. Really fun.
  15. The Winged Shadow

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    I caved after reading all the Battletech talk (damn you all!) and bought it two weeks ago, and have been binging ever since. Excellent game so far. Alternative was XCOM2 (loved the first one, but got put off it by talks of the second one having limited turns). I've just finished the mission where you head to an abandoned base and at the end of the missions end up with an Assault Mech as reward. I think the idea was to run away and get extracted, but i kind of missed that memo and tried to take down the lance of Assault Mechs that shows up. Long story short, i managed to beat them, and got "lucky" with knocking out the pilot of the Awesome 8Q. By "lucky" i mean, i tried to blow that motherfucker up real good, but barely scratched it, instead knocked it down 3-4 times and the pilot got incapacitated . And now I have a 3 PPC loaded Sniper Assault mech! (3/4 salvage was spent on this beaut). Unfortunately, I haven't played with a PPC Sniper set up before as I couldn't find a set up to my satisfaction that suited my combat style (and manage the heat). My typical Lance consists of 2x short-med range and 2x long range. The lance setup evolved from: 1) 1 light scout (firestarter with 6 flamers <3) - usually just spams sensor lock and then gets close to overheat/lockdown strongest mech for a couple of turns. 2) 1 LRM boat (stripped Shadowhawk with 35 LRM, no jumpjets or heatsinks) - stand and deliver ridiculous stability damage 3) 1 Ballistic focused med-long range (Blackjack with 2x AC5, no jumpjets or heatsinks) - focuses on the LRM boat target for stability damage 4) 1 Med-range laser bot (Vindicator with 4 med laser, max jumpjet and heatsinks) - this dude was all about flanking, stacking evasion and generally trying to attract and avoid damage. And focus fire on the knockdown target. This set up ran very well until more/stronger mechs started showing up with lots of firepower. None of the bots could sustain much damage as I ignored armor. Specially the light scout, which got sensor locked and LRM'd. So I usually ended up with a mech or two being severly damanged as a result (usually Vindicator and Firestarter!). So I started focusing more on armour and durability and ditched the light Scout. So my lance setup changed to: 1) 1 Heavy damage soaker - Dragon with almost max armour, max jumpjets, decent heatsinks , 12 SRM and 2 support lasers - with a mechwarrior in Pilot specialisation for max evasion. Idea was to get close, soak/avoid damage and SRM fuckers up, with Melee if there is an opportunity. 2) 1 LRM boat same as above 3) 1 Ballistic focused - Hunchback with AC20, mostly max armour and max jumpjets - focused on getting behind or on the side and ripping apart armour for quick take down, usually working with Dragon target 4) 1 SRM Boat - Centurion with 18 SRM, max jump jet, mostly max armour and decent heatsinks - this guy was nuts, made me fall in love with SRMs I love the amount of stability damage I can dish out and really fuck up a mech quickly with focus fire. But started getting caught out with Dragon and melee. Because if you melee, your evasion stacks aren't as high and can get focus fired/knocked down. This is specially annoying when you are next to a mech, but the Melee attack option won't let you go behind the mech to attack (and possibly 1 shot em) even though in reality the Dragon is mobile enough to do so (i.e. just do normal move and lose SRM salvo instead). I wish they allowed melee as a normal attack instead of it being part of "move". Anyway, I just got an Highlander and Awesome and will likely re-outfit both to suit my style. Highlander will be the new damage damage soaker/ballistic focused mech, with 2 x AC20 (*drool*), mostly max armour and max jumpjets. But not entirely sure what to do with the Awesome sniper. But i will try out the stock build first as it looks interesting, and if I don't like it I am leaning towards max armour, max jumpjets with 7 medium lasers. As you can probably tell, I hate mixed loadouts! I like my mechs to be focused on a role and adjust tactics to suit. When I get the opportunity, i might try 2 LRM boat and 1 long range ballistic and a scout build. Specially as more heavies and assault mechs start showing up.