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  1. If you counter charge a cav with a melee unit, you deal more damage to the cav lol Been playing dinos first. I was really enjoying the skirmishing playstyle of Oxy and teleporting around kicking ass. Then piece of shit Naggarond declared war on me and got Rakarth to join the war. So now, instead of teleporting around the world kicking ass, I am trying to fight off two fronts of endless dark elf army with only one army. Extremely annoyed. I am having to pretty much wipe out Naggarond and take over the north. Oracle unit is awesome. Really like it. Feel like I can finally use other type of lords than Life Slann thanks to the earthblood on Oracle. Will play the stunties next i think.
  2. New Total War Warhammer 2 dino dlc AND a Rimworld dlc. I am so hard right now
  3. It's probably harder to predict due to larger number of options, i.e. more people, more space to defend/attack, and therefore more options from the view point of the ball holder. But depending on how people defend/attack, the number of options can be significantly lower and you can predict it a bit easier. It depends on the players as well, who are the safe passers (Gini) and who are more brave on the ball (Hendo, TAA etc). Also, maybe you just haven't watched the same team with same tactics long enough to really see the patterns. Liverpool can be pretty predictable. They had the same coach, same players and mostly the same tactics for years. So you can start to see the patterns after a while (i.e. almost always attack down the wings in a build up, so you kinda know what is coming). You go for Chelsea iirc? so that might be harder with the different coaches and some new players. But if they stick together, you will start to see the patterns soon enough.
  4. You're not fooling anyone with your blatant attempt to curse Australia Australia isn't as good as Kiwis at the moment. So two shit teams going at it could be good!
  5. Ouch, that sucks. On the other hand, he was saved from watching England lose live. Silver lining?
  6. Is Walker being more adventurous at least? I would've thought that if England went with two holding, at least one of the full backs would be more attacking. I assume if England play 4-2-3-1 then they will defend in a 3-2 (two holding and one fullback stays put) and if they play 4-3-3 then they will defend in a 4-1 (one holding and both fullbacks stay put). With their squad, they should be able to easily switch if needed. I quite like 4-2-3-1 for England. I think having two holding will allow them to be extremely solid in defense while letting the front four really attack without worrying about things at the back. There is enough talent between the forwards, and enough variety in the type of attackers, to cause trouble even against a packed defense.
  7. What don't you like about it? Curious, mostly. Trippier at LB seems like an odd choice, I wouldn't have thought he is that much better in defense (or attack) than Chillwell or Shaw, but then again I haven't watched any of them that much. Not sure if there is any tactical reason for it? (i.e. cut in and pass with his right?) I don't have the sub to watch the game, but i am assuming they are playing 4-2-3-1, with Mount in centre? If so, that is a pretty balanced team. I know everyone wanted Grealish on the side, but from what little i watched of Chelsea and Aston Villa, Mount seems like a more balanced player (strong both defensively and offensively). I assume people want *Grealish in the centre rather than wing?
  8. Lucky stain, never to be washed! Or.....it passed the smell test, so good enough! edit: Good one Pax. You've started the collapse.
  9. Finally some proper cricket! Really hope the Kiwis stick it to England. Also, wtf , barely recognize that England batting lineup.....
  10. Damn, quite a few top managers are on the market. Doesn't look good for Ole, but the fans must be licking their lips with Zidane, Conte and Allegri all available. Conte's style seems the furthest from what the fans would expect (I assume) but he would be the one I'd hate to see at United as I think he has the capacity to topple City with United's budget.
  11. Hope they tell BCCI to stick it. IPL is garbage anyway
  12. I can't see Chelsea going for Kane. They have enough firepower on the forward line and a manager who will have a preseason to make it work. I'd much prefer he go to City (specially with Aguero gone, definitely a hole there) than United. With City, he isn't going to strengthen them THAT much primarily because they score shit ton of goals and win most matches anyway. While at United he will be make them instantly title challengers in my head. Him + Bruno have 50 goals in them, and he will also bring out the best in the wingers with his link up play. So I expect Rashford/Martial/the other hyped up young gun (forget his name...) will no doubt add a bunch more goals to their name as well. So the biggest impact will definitely be at United. The fact that Cavani is staying for another year makes things a bit more complicated at United though. I doubt Kane would wanna be second fiddle to Cavani. Also not sure if Rashford and Martial still prefers to play CF? Or have they accepted their role in the wings?
  13. Probably has to do with trust in the healthcare/testing system. They trust the testing system of UK, due to the regulation/quality assurance etc that the system is subjected to and generally complies with. While in India you could probably buy your negative test results if you knew the right person or are wealthy enough. Already a few people who tested negative pre-flight but are testing positive post-flight to Australia. Plus, its not like this Aussie government gives a shit about looking racist.
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