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  1. Now if the whole format could get cancelled, that would be great!
  2. Masterstroke from United fans. Denying Liverpool the chance of ruining their title run (long shot as it was...), denying City the title for another week, giving the squad a bit more rest before and after their European matches, as well ass pissing off some pundits/broadcasters. Well played
  3. Yeah I've given up on top four this season for Liverpool. I just don't see us picking up all available points, so even if the other teams slip up I don't think we will be a in a place to benefit. The front three needs to be quarantined, they've managed to infect Jota with their crap conversion rate.....
  4. Just a hypothetical. Not sure if Arsenal fans are still angry towards Wenger considering how things went since his departure. It seems like he managed to extract much more out of his squad compared to Arteta and Emery. At the time he seemed to be the scapegoat for all of Arsenal's woes, but in hindsight it looks like that might not be the case. Just curious if hindsight has softened their stance.
  5. Would Arsenal fans take Arsene Wenger back if he wanted to come back in? In hindsight, it does seem like he was getting the Arsenal squad to overperform if anything. Would Spurs fans want Rafa at Spurs? He is not the most attacking manager, so not sure if it will be considered too similar to Jose. Where is Allegri these days?
  6. I'd guess the argument would be that Clubs aren't preventing players from playing for the national teams, FIFA and UEFA will be doing that. I'd also argue that they aren't leaving the competition this year (they might get kicked out, but that is not the same). I'd assume they will simply choose not to participate next year. I assume there are rules where teams can pull out if they choose? Surely you can't force teams to compete in competition if they choose not to enter it in the first place (i.e. next years CL). (Part of me is really loving the power struggle in display )
  7. For the rich clubs Europa might not be worth the effort. But would the smaller or less rich clubs feel the same way? It could be a big stepping stone to increase their international fan base. Or at least another revenue stream. I am trying to think how the big 6 will convince the other teams in EPL that the ESL benefits them as well. And the big 6 being out of the way could be a good seller.
  8. In a lot of ways, wouldn't the smaller clubs be better off with ESL as they will get the European spots instead of the big 6? They get to keep the big EPL TV money because the big boys are still in local league, but also get the euro spots because big 6 are out of the way. Only loser seems to be UEFA Champions League as it will be devalued with the big euro clubs out of it. Not sure how much of Champions League money actually trickles down to small clubs and leagues. If EPL stays intact, the funding system for the pyramid stay intact, no?
  9. So what is the driving factor for Super League? There is so much opposition, it's weird that the clubs are trying to go this route. I am sure to a certain degree it is driven by money, but like....how? The local fans are against it, but maybe international fans don't care? Are more of the clubs money generated from international markets where the fans don't care about the smaller clubs/local league and just want big clubs vs big clubs every season? And the $$ are big enough to piss off the local fans? The pundits are against it, but are the broadcasters against it? I can't imagine BT/Sky etc would care all that much if they make boat loads of money from getting rights to the Super League (easy enough to replace pundits). But surely they would lose a lot of their small club customers? I guess if Youtube/Amazon join the fray they are not as vulnerable to boycotting football fans considering the diverse nature of those businesses. So maybe more money to be made for the clubs on streaming platforms? I don't get it. The reward doesn't seem to match the risk (could be I am just misunderstanding how big the reward is.....). Or is there more of a political/powerplay aspect that aren't as obvious or being discussed at the moment?
  10. Gini was supposed to go last summer but that obviously didn't pan out.
  11. Pretty sure Thiago was the signing to replace Gini. I really don't expect another midfield signing when Gini leaves. Fab/Thiago/Hendo/Ox/Keita/Jones/Shaq/Milner are plenty in that area. Pretty injury prone list though... But if Shaq (and maybe Milner) leaves as well, then I think we will have to get someone.
  12. So glad Facebook banned Australian news, less garbage on my feed. Much better meme to garbage ratio
  13. England being England again. Not good at all. Bangladesh might scrape through, but not looking great.
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