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  1. Got to watch Fatman over the weekend. Almost walked out before the movie started. Got in early and seated when the lights were still on, then had to sit through what felt like endless commercials, a couple trailers, and then more commercials. Forgot how boring this could be when none of the commercials or trailers register. Anyway, to the movie. Disappointing. Biggest problem was it didn't know what type of Christmas movie to be. It should've been in the Die Hard lane and stuck to its guns. But instead it straddled between that and some lighter-fare. Gibson was not bad, but then he's played this character before (most recently in Force of Nature). And Walton Goggins presence was wasted as a one dimensional character.
  2. I like the Western feel of the series, and the episodic structure reminds me of old serial TV - The Lone Ranger (who never took his mask off) on his trusted mount Silver, with friend Tonto always nearby. This could easily be re-titled The Man of Lorian and the Nevarro Kid. That actually makes sense. Also, apparently Razor Crest is the model of Mando's ship, and not its name. Though it could be the Razor Crest named Razor Crest, I reckon it could have a name with Silver in it as homage to The Lone Ranger's mount. if true to The Mandalorian, you never see his face - a manchild with a watch.
  3. For sure there's a lot of inconsistencies in the episode. That's why I'm limiting my retrospect to preserve my initial viewing response, which was positive. On the greater story, I hope they're not trying to dovetail into events that lead to the sequel trilogy. Unless these prove to be false starts, as a result of the Empire's remnants consolidating power & influence, I don't see why we need it to happen now. The ST is some 30yrs away still. Keep that shit 30yrs away imho. Also, Nice touch.
  4. Follow up to the incident a few months back, a shame. On the other hand, if we could clear the site before the invading Aliens who received the original SETI message come looking for the source origin, we can claim ignorance and plead for a few centuries of autonomy.
  5. I thought Weathers did a decent job here, glad Favreaux let him take the directing reins for this one. A bit more levity in this episode too. If this was a game, then this plays as fun a side mission. The only thing that annoys me is...
  6. I don't mind if we don't get too many Clone Wars & Rebels reveals this season, I've got discipline, I can hold out. But I reserve the right to become giddy if Ahsoka turns up. I'm more looking forward to when Mando can remove his helmet in the presence of Baby Yoda, with us in audience, and examine what being a Child of the Watch means to him after what Bo-Katan told him. If we revisit the season 2 trailers, and remove all the scenes we've already seen, then there's very little left - and what is left looks like it could be in this next episode. That would leave a completely trailer free remainder of the season, beginning with the Filoni directed episode 5 - wicked!
  7. In a Parisian suburb, a promising young boxer must find a way to finance the future of his little sister, a piano prodigy. The editing at the end is perfect. Phenomenal short film.
  8. I dunno. Looking at what you posted in isolation, it reads like the rap sheet of an angry young man at 15yrs and then 17yrs of age. A product of his peers and environment. Did this kid harbour racist ideology and act on them? No doubt. Did he succumb to this confinement of ideas and never develop out of it? or did he find some outlet to grow and learn of a world beyond hate & judgment? The evidence suggests he did. But I dunno, starring in movies like The Big Hit* and The Corruptor with Asian and black actors and then several more, he could have been faking it all this time. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt. As to trying to get his record pardoned, yeah that was silly, he should've just owned it and left it at that - and apparently it has been dropped. *Note to self, find time to re-watch The Big Hit, that movie was awesome.
  9. From certain angles the Razor Crest sure reminds me of Serenity. On the kid's appetite. To paraphrase Prince Philip; "If it has four legs and it is not a chair, if it has got two wings and it flies but is not an airship and if it swims and it is not a submersible, this kid will eat it." Regarding the next episode. Dave Filoni has confirmed he's directing only one episode this season, which he's also writing. It makes sense if one of his treasured characters is a part of that episode. But it won't be this next one, since Carl Weathers has confirmed he's directing this season's 4th episode (Chapter 12). We may get a cameo at the end though.
  10. An historic win for Argentina against New Zealand today, 25:15. I've got to find some extended coverage but the update feeds I've been following suggests an inspired attitude by the Pumas on both attack & defense, and ill discipline & poor handling on part of the All Blacks. Well done Pumas, its been a long time coming.
  11. Be warned you'll be severely challenged if you're doing no-nut November.
  12. As someone who thought the best action scenes in The Clone Wars and Rebels animated series couldn't be reproduced in live action for TV, I'm just gushing at this last episode. I gotta hand it to the virtual sets & the Unreal Engine driving it, reported $15 million per episode - worth every cent. I know some were disappointed in the 'filler' episode of last week but it paid off for me at the beginning of this episode. Endearment comes with familiarity, and that takes time. I'm glad they spent the time in The Passenger to build the familiarity with Frog Lady (we don't have her name yet!). Oh and the titular The Heiress in this episode, was badass!!!
  13. Re-watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall for a laugh, and what a good time it was indeed. Felt as fresh as when I first saw it. Then watched Prospect with Sophie Thatcher and Pedro Pascal. Both leads were great. First time I've seen Thatcher and she was a revelation, and its always good to be reminded of what Pascal's face looks like. Excellent low key sci-fi space western, really enjoyed it. Recommended.
  14. For sure. That kid eats nose to tail. In hindsight Mando got ripped off by them Tuskans with that paltry morsel of dragon meat. Gotta love the back-screen technology they're using in this series, it just looks amazing on highest resolution. So much that foreground desert rocks look clearly fake.
  15. Looks interesting, in a good sci-fi kind of way, but December 23rd release with bearded old man living near the Arctic - this better not be another Claus having a crisis.
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