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  1. The Wailing is indeed really good. It remained with me for several days after the initial viewing. I think I posted about it a couple years back. And now, thanks to your post, I've forgotten what I originally came here to post about.
  2. Finished Upload. Some good laughs to be had. Although the main leads are OK, its the recurring characters that are the interesting ones to look forward to. Will follow through with the next season, but my perception that this scenario could be in the realm of possiblility took a serious hit after listening to podcast recently. Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge - I was always partial to Sub Zero, but good ol' Scorpion gets some love in this release. A barrel of fun, and it doesn't skimp on action and gore. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War - WB's Justice League animated movies have generally be above average quality (especially when compared to the live action movies). The 'Dark' versions, with John Constatine and a few other supernaturals, add an excellent dimension to the usual JL crisis. The characters, both good & evil, are all familiar but this treatment was more than enjoyable.
  3. Not sure if it's been brought up before but - here's an article on the possibility of SARS-CoV2 persistence in the semen of recovering patients. There's reference to one study which indicates this, and a coulple with opposing results. Before anyone asks, here's how the first study got their info (not explicably, but you get the picture). It brings to the fore immunopriviledged sites. Immune priviledged sites are fascinating. They include the Eyes, Brain, Pacenta and Fetus, Testes and Central Nervous System. Basically, these are the diplomatic immunity zones where the local immunity police cannot go. They are foreign turf. Unfortunately viruses have figured out they can harbour in these sites when the going gets tough for them outside the sites. And by harbour it is suggested they cannot replicate here, but may persist. This has been shown with Zika, HIV and Ebola. And now possibly SARS-CoV2. The fuckers!
  4. In these unprecedented times, its nice to have something funny and unexpectedly nuanced to watch. I'm 2 episodes from finishing the first season and have so far enjoyed it immensely. I've belly lauged more than a couple times. There will be the obvious comparison to The Good Life which is supernautural in its bones. Upload is quite digital and with a nod maybe to a world like Altered Carbon. Got to like the main characters, even if they're all too damn beautiful. Amell (who plays Nathan) looks like a soft Christiano Ronaldo with a hint on Tom Cruise. And I'm really digging a few of the recurring characters. The title graphic, a simple progression of the series title, becomes more amusing with every epsiode - because lets face it, most will recognise and empathise (with frustration) at the hesitancy. Renewed for Season 2 by Amazon.
  5. @Iskaral Pust Yes indeed. It is the Fall Of series, so picks at the bones of past grandeurs, meant to be enlightening but can never avoid the inevitable melancholy.
  6. Finished this a few days ago and my estimation of it is growing. I could not binge watch it though, needed a couple goes to finish the 8 episodes. Yes its slow, but that's not a problem, the pacing is no slower than Devs and that turned out excellent. As previously mentioned in the thread it's hard to categorize. There's an arc linking several episodes, and other episodes that are standalone that make it feel like an anthology. The latter add to the sample of the world it is set in. I get the distinct impression that this is a world where the populus is completely accepting of the nature of the physics around them. Displacement in time and circumstance are taken in their stead without overreaction. Its seems very stoic. And I guess that's what there is to like about this series. The Sci-Fi aspects are interesting to us, as an underlay to the story on top, even though its normal to the inhabitants of this world. My only dislike was the episode... Rebecca Hall and Jonathan Pryce are a joy to watch, as expected. They did well casting the child actors and particularly with the kid playing Cole. Have to give credit to Jodie Foster who directed the final episode. Her previous directing was the Black Mirror episode, Arkangel. I recall her derectorial debut with Little Man Tate. She's clearly good at directing children, and it shows with the final episode. As I said, my estimation of this series as a whole is growing the more I reflect back on it.
  7. Since Passion of the Christ came out first I had the opposite thought. The first time we see Reece in Person of Interest he looked like Jesus in modern day NYC. I remember thinking WWJD here, and then... holy shit this Jesus is badass. Would've liked unshorn Jesus for longer, but Caviezel cleans up well and clean shaven Jesus in a Suit is just as badass. Edit to add: The Passion of the Christ: Ressurrection is on the cards for 2021, with Caviezel reprising his role, and Gibson at the helm.
  8. There are several options available for Simians of all branches. I use VLC media player as my one-stop shop rather than having several different programs for media consumption. It has a podcast subscriber/streaming feature which is simple, but works well. It works on my Windows 10 laptop, and there's also a mobile version which works on my Android phone and is the version I use most often to listen to podcasts on to & from work. There's also an iOS version available but I can't speak to how well that works. In the version I use on Windows 10, look for the podcast+ option down in the left had menu list. Add the podcast RSS link of your favoured podcast, and then when you click on that podcast in the sub-menu, the playlist will populate with all available epsiodes. If you want to download the episode for offline playback, right-click on the item and select Save, and then from the dialog box which opens, select Dump raw input.
  9. Irrfan Khan at only 53. Died of an infection stemming from colon cancer. Well known Indian actor with a portfolio of Bollywood & Hollywood movies, the likes of; Life of Pi, Slumdog Millionaire, The Darjeeling Limited. Probably my favourite movie of his was The Lunchbox. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0451234/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1
  10. Where did you hear of Season 2? I'm happy that this season finished satisfactorily if a second second never comes. With the strength of how it ended, the season is worth rewatching sometime in the lockdown future. I came across this catch on another thread and it blew my mind. And with the end scene...
  11. I finished all 10 episodes of the Fallofcivilizationspodcast - which were all great. If I could describe this podcast in one word it would be comprehensive. Not only is the research extensive, Paul M M Cooper's presented his own interpretation based on the latest research, and where theory clouds fact (which is often), he caveats the sources and offers supporting evidence from geology, meteorology, astronomy, agriculture and linguistics. He uses voice actors and the background music used is often from the subject era (often recreated & performed for the podcast). It's broadcast level quality, and really the ones he has added video to (4 so far) are basically documentaries. I have a couple favourites, three actually. The Sumerians is the most popular by far (if you count by youtube viewcount), they're still so mysterious, and its easy to lose sight that their tenure as a civilization is greater than nearly all other civilizations combined. To hear reconstructed music composed millenia ago, played on reconstructed instruments is haunting. Easter Island - Where Giants Walked changed my view on several things I thought I understood. It is revealing in its detail - and at the end, when events have compounded, one is left angry and saddened. A hardworking people, exploited to near genocide - to hear the children singing an ancient work song at the very end is heartbreaking. The Aztecs, imho, its the best of the lot. And at 4 hours by far the longest - yet that time flies by. I'll definitely watch the video version when its uploaded. Having spent 2 months travelling through the lower half of Mexico, from Mexico City and then down to the Yucatan, visiting numerous museums and archaeological sites, there was not much here that I didn't aleady know, but the way Cooper structured his narrative was quite rewarding, and his interpretation of events was refreshing. Highly recommended. Theda, I don't think I ever got around to giving feedback on your podcast. I've only listened to the first 3 or 4 - shortly after you had released them, and enjoyed them very much, thank you! You had only released the first 2 when I was travelling by rural bus to central Southern India. I was fortunate to have a window seat and to hear tales of the Mabinogion while landscapes of the vanquished Vijayanagar empire passed by was surprisingly surreal , I look forward to catching up on the rest of your podcasts.
  12. I haven't yet, and am not convinced enough to at this stage. I've found this to be a good review of the pros & cons of the Govt app.   tl:dr, I would wait until the source code has been made available for robust analysis before making a decision to participate. In the meantime I've been running a bioTrackingApp for a few decades. It's free. It can run in the background continuously. Unfortunatley it doesn't work when I'm asleep. When I'm out and about it can store contact information. The strength of the contact information is strongest if it is initiated by handshaking and reinforced by bioCamera input. There may also be some bioMic and bioSpeaker exchange. For accuracy and privacy, these are both regulated internally. I'd like to think I can divulge to health authorities the past 21 days of contacts for their tracking, but as the years have gone by I've found the period and strength of recall starting to wane. As of yesterday, 63.8% of Australia's all confirmed cases were acquired overseas. https://www.health.gov.au/sites/default/files/documents/2020/04/coronavirus-covid-19-at-a-glance-coronavirus-covid-19-at-a-glance-infographic_23.pdf
  13. Last night I added to my Covid-19 Kilos (Covid-19 lbs) with Lamb cutlets, slow braised in goat's milk with whole peppercorns, rosemary and thyme, saddled with roasted mid Autumn artichoke and winter carrots, with an onion & garlic gravy - or at least that was what I imagined I was eating inbetween spoonfuls of oatmeal made with hot water and a dash of salt, a generous knob of salted butter and a dollop of extra crunchy peanut butter for the hell of it.
  14. Finished what by September or October? I suspect it is only Phase I-II. According to the wiki on vaccine candidates, the earliest duration date of the 10 candidates they've tabled is November 2020 from a US-South Korea development. The others roll on into 2021 and a couple into 2023. There's no mention if these durations include Phase III trials. Phase III vaccine trials typically include subjects in the tens of thousands (to account for a 1 in 10,000 reaction for example), and then double that number for your placebo group. Also the possibility that a Chinese developer will suceed first. Would the US accept this vaccine for its masses? Would Trump go maga cap in hand to Xi for exclusive licensing. Me personally, I'd get in a queue for any vaccine that has proven safety and efficacy - but the world is in an anxious period nowadays. I'm not sure you could patent a vaccine either. It's not a cheap (or quick) process. The Lancet had a report from 2018 esimating the cost of developing vaccines. The cost of developing a single epidemic infectious disease vaccine from preclinical trials through to end of phase 2a is US$31–68 million (US$14–159 million range), assuming no risk of failure. Distribution to the masses is also about licensing and regulation, from what I could find. I'm not sure which standard China would apply to if they developed the vaccine first. embolded mine.
  15. In the cold light of day, when all facts are laid bare, one might react with a modicum of restraint. But if any of the allegations made against the driver of the Porsche involved in the Melbourne freeway tragedy hold true, then this sub-human is scum of the earth.
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