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  1. Its February already, damn. Early lessons after seven classes of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. One, keep your fingernails very trim. I was just discussing this matter with another practitioner and noting, though my fingernails were trim, that my thumbnails were a bit too long. Ten minutes later, after trying an escape, I accidentally gouge my chin with my thumbnail. Took some skin out and there was claret flowing. Got bandaged up to continue but couldn't avoid getting some blood onto my brand new pristine white Gi. I should have an interesting scar right in the centre of my chin in a few days time. Two, I never realised one could develop bruises on top of bruises.
  2. I started Brazilian Jujitsu earlier this month. I've never before done any form of martial arts in my life, but was drawn to the skills of grappling as an application of full body movement - so I'll try Jujitsu for a few months to see if I enjoy it and in turn find value, physically and mentally, from it. After 5 lessons I can identify my strengths and weaknesses, and where to apply focus and attention for future practice. My signature move is the tap out - I can tap with either hand, and when that's not possible I plan to incorporate a foot tap into my repertoire that doesn't look like a leg spasm. It's very humbling but I'm cool with that. I still go to crossfit classes, but these days I only give full effort when practicing the strength movements. If choose to do the conditioning work, that always follows a strength element, I scale back the intensity so I'm not burnt out. To avoid over-training I plan to reduce crossfit to 3 sessions a week, allowing 3 sessions for Jujitsu. So far, I'm enjoying both.
  3. Ash people, right? Cool, they could be Na'vi dwarves. I shall posit they're no more than 7feet tall at most.
  4. Seeing the results from France, would you consider participating to at least the 2nd season of this change? I haven't played since my early 20's, so I cannot attest to what it's like playing year in year out.
  5. Rogue theory. We got Unobtainium in the first movie. Amrita in The Way of Water. I'm predicting, in the next installment, a new Na'vi tribe will offer some other mystery of Eywa for the RDA to salivate over. Prolly some shining substance that rhymes with Mythrall. I see what he's up to. Cameron is setting up his own Infinity Saga with a clutch of magical elements. Assembling the five lions of Voltron so when Voltron Aywa draws back with that blazing sword she can pass final judgement on mankind and his greedy ways.
  6. New to the big screen this past weekend, I got to watch Puss in Boots - The Last Wish. Easily a candidate for top 5 on the Dreamworks animated list. Future viewings may see this rise into the top 3. Puss may be my favourite Banderas character, surpassing Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan (13th Warrior) and El Mariachi (Desperado). All the fabled characters are excellent and the balance between villains and frenemies worked really well. What a blast, that was fun. Recommended.
  7. I had the better part of six weeks off of any intense workouts - pretty much all of November with a week added either side. It was somewhat planned - as I was out of town for a friend's wedding which led to spending a few weeks visiting with friends & family. Before this break I was in the best shape of the year but i felt I was over-training, so having the time off became quite beneficial - physically, mentally and maybe more importantly socially. I think I will plan to take 4-6 weeks off of any physical training every November from now on, as an end of season thing. I found in December that my strength had only dropped a little. I was quickly at the same strength I was before the break and I feel stronger. Fitness though was a completely different tale - it had basically vanished after those six weeks. However, after 3 weeks of grind, that fitness has returned to recognisable levels - but shit that was hard to get back. I hit 51 a couple weeks back, and I'm looking forward to finding out how 51yr old me can develop, physically, in the coming year. I know my DEXA and have my VO2Max results to guide me. I've also looked into adding sprint training to my regimen and need to plot a force velocity profile sometime soon. Longer term physical goal (read: heath) is to build the best fortress I can between now and mid 50s so that I can defend it with a minimum of maintenance (strength training to jealously maintain muscle. In turn, with muscle anchored in bone, bone density should be maintained) and resources (a fixed daily protein target (not a %), with good fats and fermented veges). That is the physical health plan anyway. My break in November taught me a couple sobering realities - I need to maintain social bonds (which were great to revisit) and build meaningful relationships (F*&k). I think I'll be selfish for a little while longer and just focus on building the physical fortress for the next half year. I hate, hate dating but I guess I'll have to delve back into it eventually.
  8. I don't get it? Its gratitude I guess. To offer an analogy, if I've enjoyed a good dinner, I may thank first and foremost, the chef for the great meal - but then sit around, letting said meal digest, and ponder on the fine ingredients and how they all came together. What difference will it make to them? If I can be a little selfish, I stuck around during the credits out of my own interests simply because I was feeling "fuck that was amazing! lets see which FX studios were involved with this" at the time. They may never know and that's OK.
  9. No. It was not shown in my session. We got trailers for Ant Man 3 (nothing new) and the Super Marios Bros Movie, the latter looked really good.
  10. Caught a midday session today. I wear glasses and wore the 3D glasses over them for the viewing - there were no issues. Interestingly, the last movie I watched in 3D was the first Avatar movie which was easily the best 3D experience at the time. This time it felt just as seamless. I've been fortunate enough to have scuba dived in crystal clear waters and seen up close rainbows of coral, whale sharks and giant stingrays and immersion in the underwater world is simply breath taking. At times I felt like a child in wonder, thrown into the BBC's The Blue Planet. The technical achievement in this installment is absolutely incredible. Everyone who goes to watch this movie needs to pay that army of technicians and crew some due and sit through to the end of the credits. I thought the main action scene outdid the first. Story wise, I had lowered my expectations so it turned out to be a little better than expected.
  11. Took some doing, but I conditioned my mind to sandbox any details and any affinity I may have harboured for the Silmarillion and LoTR books and its cinema adaptations. Then, over an extended weekend, I binged The Rings of Power aaand did not hate it. I appreciated the high production values and was suitably immersed in the world. The acting was not consistent across the cast but it was serviceable. The writing became increasingly uneven but did not derail the overall positive experience before the season finished. Then at dawn on the fifth day after, I looked to the East and a memory crept back into my mind - and now I'm puzzled at how TRoP will dovetail into what emerges as TLoTR. Oh dear.
  12. There was a moment in the second half where, if Canada had pressed on to score, they could've led, which would have been interesting to see England chasing the game for once - alas a brilliant length of the field try put an end to that. Agreed professionalism needs to be nurtured across the top tier as much as possible. Absolute cracker in the second semi between France and New Zealand. Right down to the wire.
  13. Wow, what a game developing between Canada and England.
  14. A retired frog samurai wants nothing more than to be left alone and spend his remaining years in peace on the golf course. But when he unwillingly becomes the protector of a baby turtle he must draw his club for one more round. An animated amphibious adventure for golfers of all ages.
  15. The grinding forward dominant style of France and England and their discipline in implementing that style, rightly has them rated ahead of NZ and Canada. NZ in particular has had to rebuild their forward play after the disastrous end of year tour last year. They need that parity up front to then launch their devastating back play/open play style. It has improved but is still a weakness. Still, if one semi final turns out to be NZ v France, I think on the back of home advantage, NZ can edge out an injury hit France.
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