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  1. God damn that first episode of the new season had some insane scenes. Imagine being the parent of a child actor in this episode. Child Actor: "Can I watch the whole episode I was in?". Parent: "Ah, hellll no!".
  2. A legit Forrest Gump remake, securing the remake rights in 2018 and shooting in more than 100 locations across India. Looks like a worthy remake. My local cinemas show Bollywood movies as soon as they're available, this might be worth an opening week viewing.
  3. Its difficult to describe it without possibly making it seem too weird for someone who's undecided about watching it or not. So better to just let Michelle Yeoh sell it and how she approached the role (Timestamp: 14:10) - emotional at the very end. And then go back and watch the rest of this video from the start to appreciate how awesome Yeoh has been all this time, I've seen all these films but had forgotten she did all her stunts!
  4. I saw the teaser trailer, when it played before DSitMoM, and like others if seemed inert. If anything, when I read the title, I got an itching to check out Waterworld again. I would still line up to watch it on opening week, heck yeah. Watched the original in 3D and that technical experience has not been surpassed, so I can't wait to see what Cameron has in store for this series. I remember, when Avatar came out, I was talking with my cousin and he said he couldn't get into it after the Na'vi started putting their junk into other creatures' junk and going about their business. I didn't have a reply to that.
  5. I thought it was hilarious too. As I walked out of the theatre I heard one kid bemoan waiting 8 minutes for that. Got to say, a week after seeing this, as much as I enjoy where 616 Strange is right now, What If? Strange is still my favourite. I can understand that Supreme Strange should be used sparingly, being so overpowered.
  6. Was going to post in the main MCU thread about the film then read calls for a separate thread. Saw it last night and have had a night's sleep to let it soak in. My thought's this morning are all positive, it was a good movie with Raimi bringing something different to the tried and true MCU formula. It also occurs to me, with respect to the villain, hero and love interest arcs, that the film is basically a copy of Spider Man 2. Not a bad thing as I still rate SM2 as my favourite SM film in large part because of Dr Octopus' story throughout, along with several other things. Here, Olsen excels as Scarlet Witch and the various Wandas. This is pretty much the conclusion to WandaVision. I do like Strange 616 more now, as the flawed version and not Sorcerer Supreme. The crowd I watched it with were all fairly young and though they were up with the lore with all things MCU no one seemed to bat an eyelid when Bruce f8%king Ash/Army of Darkness Campbell appeared. Some cool things happened. Scarlet Witch taking out the Illuminati was good, but probably my favourite thing, completely unexpected, was how bassass possessed Zombie Strange was at the end.
  7. Might be regional, its available here in Australia.
  8. Yeah, if they kill off Kai-125 I'd be pissed off. Must say they physically cast the Spartans well (no Tom Cruise/Jack Reacher shenanigans here). Master Chief and Vannak-134 actors are both 6'5", Kai-125 is 6'3" and Riz-028 is 6'1'. Poor Bokeem Woodbine (Soren-066) is a paltry 6' - no wonder he escaped the programme. The Spartan armour, for all of them, looks magnificent by the way.
  9. Goddammit! Who the heck brought up The 13th Warrior? Just saw it in my Disney+ recommendations and now... I may be watching it tonight too.
  10. I've always loved The Lord of the Rings, so made this animated film trailer of my interpretation of The Fellowship of the Ring. Here's Frodo, Gandalf, Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, Sam, Merry and Pippin in the first part of the epic story that will change all their lives. Tolkien's work is so great, it's daunting to adapt! For a fan made trailer to test one's skills, this is an amazing achievement.
  11. damn BFC that sucks! Bike can be repaired/replaced but I hope you back gets better soon.
  12. I've negotiated a buy price on a second hand 2016 Brompton for AU$1800(~£1020). Seller's located a couple hours up the coast from Sydney by train so I'll go there next weekend to view it and buy it if all is well. I had considered buying one brand new but that would mean an overnight train down to Melbourne, to the only Brompton store in Australia, and then forking out a minimum AU$2800(£1585). Absolutely. Came across a sale this weekend on bike accessories and one of the first things I bought was a memory seat cover. Pamper your ass!
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