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  1. ithanos

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS II

    Someone in the previous thread mentioned how disappointed they were that IW Thanos was killed so early in Endgame, and that it felt hollow defeating GotG Thanos. The more I think of this the more I agree. Firstly, there was absolutely no need to kill IW Thanos after they find out he had destroyed the stones. Blame vengeful fitThor for that. And ambushing and killing a severely weakened old man, who was only trying to enjoy a nice cup of tea after accomplishing his life's work, is pretty lame imho It essentially means IW Thanos died with the satisfaction that he'd won. His work was complete. He would never know the Avengers would eventually find a way to bring everyone back. IW Thanos dying when he did is IW Thanos winning. Now Imagine if fitThor stayed his hand and they left IW Thanos to enjoy his garden sans Gauntlet... and then continued along with the rest of Endgame. IW Thanos would find out something was amiss and make inquiries, and the prospect of IW Thanos + GotG Thanos, or IW Thanos vs GotG Thanos would've been intriguing. I really enjoyed Endgame for all its flaws but defeating IW Thanos at then end of Endgame would've been more satisfying.
  2. ithanos

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS

    An outstanding ovation for the MCU to this point. So much in this 3 hrs I need to see it again soon. Some thoughts... FatThor was great and well acted, and they had (ahem) the guts to not have him cheat his way into shape using Godly powers. I would warn my nephews the perils of excessive Fornite and dark beer but they might still view fatThor with awe. He'll probably show up in GotG3 all lean again. How did Old Thanos' ship come through the relatively tiny time portal? I don't recall any mention of him having technology similar to Pym Particles. Was that the Russo brothers at the meeting with Cap?
  3. ithanos

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    This. It was an emotional start. I thought it was good. It sits just above average in the MCU movie catalogue for me. Goose's reveal had a very Men In Black feel to it, which is appropriate since that was 90's movie (1999). I know the universe's are not related, though Marvel owns the MiB comic book source, but I wonder if Goose knows Orion.
  4. Can we include a broader description of this epidemic instead of just calling out Obesity? I submit Metabolic Syndrome or Metabolic Dysfunction. There are a cluster of conditions (of Metabolic Syndrome) that clinicians have observed which manifest across both obese and normal weight people. That's your; increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels - that when occurring together, increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Its easy for us to single out the obese (as they had exhibit the most visual of these conditions) because we can see them in our communities, at our workplaces, in our friends and loved ones, and in the mirror. But to ignore that normal weight people are also at risk leads to only targeting the low hanging fruit and not what's rotten in the roots. Here is a diagram showing the "Inclusive" view of obesity and metabolic dysfunction. The numbers are for the USA population but are staggering none the less. Sorry I can't find a link to the source data for this diagram, though Dr R Lustig is usually fastidious with his references. --------- Decisions made in the USA over 50 years ago (IE: whatever it takes, make food cheap) leveraged economies of scale to unwittingly leave us with communities resembling gingerbread homes. All very tasty and delicious... until we get sick. IIRC Hansel & Gretel escaped from their entrapment by tossing the Witch into the oven. So how can we do that now? Given that once we get rid of the Witch, we still have a gingerbread house to live in. <caveat: this may seem a USA centric view, but as someone who has travelled to over 30 developed countries in the last 2 years (including the USA) I can tell you this with certainty - multinational food companies, peddling high volume 'food' commodities, pervade the developed world. They're not all US companies anymore, but they emerged from their templates.> I was recently listening to the latest DietDoctor podcast, with Dr Robert Lustig, youtube video here, and full transcription here. And Lustig had some sobering views on a couple issues already mentioned in this thread. On sugar taxes... and on cultural tectonic shifts...
  5. ithanos

    Trailer Thread V

    Fantastic. As soon as he mentioned 'There are Two Kinds of Truth' my mind clicked, and from the shots in the latter half of the trailer it seems they're basing this season, in part, on that book. April can't come soon enough.
  6. ithanos


    That this has happened is not unexpected. Kurzgesagt made an excellent video primer on CRISPR/Cas9 - for us laypeople - predicting such an event. However, the way this has come about seems highly unethical. This version highlights those concerns. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/11/26/chinese-scientist-creates-worlds-first-genetically-edited-babies/ The second symposium is today, so hopefully we get more details later in the week.
  7. ithanos

    Trailer Thread V

    I don't think it's necessary but hell I'll still watch The Lion King. A lot falls on Chiwetel Ejiofor's Scar - get that wrong and the movie might only be eye candy.
  8. ithanos

    Luther (BBC): it's back!

    Started a re-watch of Season 1 and I'd forgotten how great that first episode was/is. Can't wait for Season 5. In anticipation for who might turn up in the new season I'm going right ahead and accepting this as canon.
  9. ithanos

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    Yesterday I weighed myself for the first time in 7 months. I had expected to weigh a few kilos more now than I was then - frumpier around the midrift for sure. But to my surprise I'm practically the same weight (+/-100g). Now this actually pissed me off. Why? Because it hit me that the lean muscle I had spent a good few years building has ebbed away, through lack of use, and in its place emerged a vest of flab (probably visceral as well) - it's not even hard suet, it flab! And as muscle is denser than fat, the fat is showing more than the muscle ever did - for the same exchange of weight. Fuck. I want my muscle back! Fortunately, the DOMs have abated and I'm settling into the gym work. The fat will ebb away with better adherence to nutrition. And I hope to rebuild some strength & muscle mass before the festive season kicks in.
  10. ithanos

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    The DOMS are real! Back home for a month and went back to crossfit on Monday. 15 months since my last workout. The only muscles that aren't causing aching discomfort are the ones controlling my eyeballs and my mouth. One good thing I learnt this week though, is that the couple years spent hammering in my Olympic lifting technique was well spent. Even though I had dialled back the weight on the bar, my technique for the clean & jerk, front squat, shoulder press and squat was still intact.. yipppee. That was for the strength component for Monday's workout. The conditioning component however, jeepers! What would have been a 12 minute workout a couple years ago ended up taking 22 minutes to complete. Just hit a wall sooner than I expected. Now I know where I am and what work is to come. I'll ask my coach if he can re-schedule that same workout in a month's time to see how I've progressed. One can't out train a bad diet so the other side of the ledger needs to be accounted for. An 80/20 approach I think. Time restricted feeding Mon-Fri and then ease up during social gatherings over the weekend. The macro-nutrient make up will probably tend towards nutritional keto Mon-Fri. In thinking about nutrition, Bob Lustig once said, 'The liver doesn't get sick after one fructose meal, it gets sick after a thousand fructose meals.' I like to rephrase that as, 'You don't get lifestyle disease after one meal, you get lifestyle disease after a thousand meals.' So I'm thinking of beginning a photo catalogue for my next 1000 meals. Easy to do in this era of smartphones. A thousand meals could be consumed within a year - with a traditional rate of 3 meals a day. But with Time Restricted Feeding (1-2 meals a day) and water-fasting days included, it might actually stretch out to a couple years or longer. It would be interesting to find out.
  11. Hey Fragile Bird, You're only upgrading the visual output component of your living room entertainment/content consumption space. So a couple things to also consider; 1. Don't neglect sound. In the old days of cabinet TVs, decent audio could be achieved using the cabinet space around the CRT. When the first panel TVs came to market they were still housed in ample sized cabinets with acceptable audio. But with the continued reduction of housing space, manufacturers struggled to design-in audio which complemented the video developments - hence the emergence of soundbars (as not everyone has or wants to connect their TV to their Hi-Fi system). Short story is that the sound from modern TV speakers is terrible. So if you don't already have one, get a sound bar to go with your TV. Even a bottom of the line sound bar would provide a better viewing experience than listening to the (often) tinny sounding TV speakers would. 2. Where is the content coming from, and how to get it to your TV for optimal display? Once you are satisfied with the panel performance of a prospective TV, check out the input panel (or have the salesperson demonstrate to you) to make sure it's inputs have the latest firmware version for today's (and the foreseeable future's) technologies. Think of firmware version as you would the year of manufacture for a line of car. 'Toyota Corolla' doesn't tell you much about its specification. But hear '2017 Toyota Corolla' and '2000 Toyota Corolla', and you can infer which one doesn't have a USB port for connecting devices. HDMI ports: Ver 2.1 is the latest, make sure at least ONE HDMI port is this standard (some lesser known brands may have multiple HDMI ports with only one being ver 2.1 and the others ver 2.0a/b). You shouldn't come across any, but if you see any HDMI port which is anything less than ver 2.0, walk away. Look to have at least 2-4 HDMI ports for your devices (Set-top box, Bluray/DVD player etc.). USB ports: Ver 3.x is nice to have but you might only see ver 2.0, which is OK. Good to have at least 2 ports imho. Use for connecting external media devices or a streaming dongle (like Chromecast). External Antenna Input : For broadcast TV. These days it should be a digital TV tuner - suited for your market. Audio In/Out: See 1. above. Ethernet port or Built-in Wi-Fi: Having one or the other is a sign the TV is capable of network connectivity and would have an operating system driving the menu when you use the TV (for lesser known brands it'll probably be Android). Wi-Fi standard should be ver 802.11xx. If the TV doesn't have either of these connections then you can get streaming/casting with an optional USB dongle. Anther option is to pool all your content through your set-top box or bluray/DVD player - older models might not have the capability but latter models often include tuning, streaming, casting and recording features. Then you are just connecting your TV as a display device (through its optimal connection, the HDMI 2.1 port). There are other connections I haven't mentioned but these are the main ones to consider. And the quality of connecting cables is also important - but I'll leave that for others to comment on.
  12. ithanos

    Marvel Netflix

    It would seem so. I think we can look forward to these shows remaining solely on Netflix - unless there is a sunset date for exclusivity stipulated in the Marvel-Netflix TV Series Deal. In terms of tone, I can't see any of the Marvel-Netflix shows fitting on a Disney service anyway. The Marvel TV shows that are in the works are being made by Marvel Studios (the movie outfit) so I expect their tone to be consistent with the MCU movies. So I can't see any reason why Disney would be chasing the Marvel-Netflix shows for their new service. However, the Fox deal brings up another possibility. Once/if that goes ahead then Disney will control Hulu and that might provide a venue for racier (and more violent) content - a bit like Touchstone Studios was for rated (Disney made) movies. Yeah a damn shame.
  13. ithanos

    Trailer Thread V

    Damn, that Spider-Man: Into the Spidey-Verse looks awesome. Reminds me a little of the Jack in the Box(es) from Astro City.
  14. ithanos

    Rank your 2018 TV shows throughout the year

    Now that we're nearing the year's end here is my ordered list for TV shows that have aired in 2018. Two points though; Firstly, thanks to recommendations in this forum (and similarly for book recommendations in the Literature Forum), I avoid the chaff that others have taken the hit for. So there is none in this list that I regret having viewed, even if the odd episode may have been flat or a particular character intolerable. Secondly, my original order was rather different to the one presented here - when I looked at it it was pretentious, though, and don't ask me why, but I would've recommended shows in that original order if I was to recommend to a friend. But stuff that - here is the list in order of 'most enjoyment from'. Cobra Kai S1 Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan S1 The Good Place S2 (mostly aired in 2017 but last aired 2018, and I only watched it last month) Bosch S4 Counterpart S1 Bodyguard The Good Fight S2 Sharp Objects The Expanse S3 Altered Carbon S1 Star Trek Discovery S1 iZombie S4 Elementary S6 Iron Fist S2 Killing Eve S1 Luke Cage S2 Jessica Jones S2 Not yet seen; Westworld S2 The Handhaid's Tale S2
  15. ithanos

    Trailer Thread V

    The Bleeding Edge should be bundled in with To Err is Human This one has a Gone Girl vibe about it. A Simple Favor