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  1. ithanos

    Trailer Thread V

    The Bleeding Edge should be bundled in with To Err is Human This one has a Gone Girl vibe about it. A Simple Favor
  2. ithanos

    Youtube Videos.

  3. ithanos

    Ant-Man and the Wasp and the Spoilers

    Ant Man & the Wasp is the most Disney of Marvel's cinematic works, and if you accept that then you'll have fun with this installment. Rudd is great. Was completely sold on the bond between him & his onscreen daughter. So much so that I was quite annoyed when Wasp kidnapped him and jeopardize his formal release back into lawful society. And as much as I was happy to see Hannah John-Kamen from Killjoys here, I was was underwhelmed with Eva/Ghost. On the Infinity War tie in at the end; Best not to dwell on this. It's like pissing into the wind. Though on a different scale... I still wonder about The Universe on Orion's belt from MiB.
  4. Currently in the middle of The Realm of the Elderlings. I'm treating it as a 16 'chapter' big as book - like Zelazny's The Great Book of Amber. Started about 5 weeks ago and I thought I would need til the end of the year to finish all 16 books... however the first trilogy (Farseer) immediately led onto the second (Liveship Traders) and then the third (Tawny Man). Started the 10th 'chapter' (first of The Rain Wilds books) and it was too much of a switchback (from the Farseer/Tawny Man characters) so decided to take a break and watch a couple movies before coming back. Thoroughly enjoying it but I need to dig up the RoTE thread to post my gripes & frustrations about the series so far. Before the The Realm of the Elderlings I had finished reading Dune for the first time. I knew the story, having grown up with the Lynch movie, but I had never gotten around to the book. Enjoyed it immensely. Fully worthy of the praise it gets and its place amongst the classics. Then I decided the only (Hugo Award) follow up to Dune was Zelazny's This Immortal.. and I just couldn't get into for some reason, so parked it for another time.
  5. ithanos

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Re-watched The 13th Warrior. It must've been the early '00s when I last watched it. I had also watched in the cinema when it was first released. I was hoping for decent stroll down memory lane & also expecting whole parts of it to be cringe worthy- but it wasn't that bad. The great parts I really enjoyed, but I was still left feeling it could have been a classic, instead of just a cult favourite. I was wondering if there was a director's cut somewhere but that doesn't seem to be the case. However I did find a series of Extras interviews on Vladimir Kulich's YouTube channel which were fascinating to watch. Also managed to catch Ant-Man and The Wasp today. Heaps of fun. Almost as good as the first. The CGI used to de-age actors doesn't always work but in this case it works a treat with Michelle Pfeiffer, Michael Douglas and even Laurence Fishburne. The movie is standalone within the recent MCU arc, however the mid-credits scene (which is quite a long scene) contains a tantilising bit of detail.
  6. ithanos

    Youtube Videos.

    Try this mash up: 1. Open this video. MUTE the audio. Set the playback speed to 0.75. 2. In another tab, open this video (you will use it as your audio). 3. Play the second video and then go back to the first video and watch that in full-screen mode, preferably in a darkened room. Enjoy. <Credit to the comment in the Rogue Wave - Eyes video for this suggestion>
  7. ithanos

    Trailer Thread V

    That Mandy looks insano! With Cage taking every job that comes his way, every once in a while we get the Cage of old, hope this delivers. Here's a small production starting next week from the makers of What We Do in the Shadows.
  8. ithanos

    The Scent of a Man: A cologne thread

    The wool is certainly resistant to holding bad smells, like 2-3 days of sweat. That's why I selected them for travel. However the scented smells definitely linger, in a good way. Which makes wearing any cologne with them unnecessary.
  9. ithanos

    Uh Oh for Paleo

    Attia just released his first three podcasts on his website. The second podcast is with Rhonda Patrick. I'm halfway through it and they've already discussed the Ketogenic diet & Intermittent fasting - from their own personal experiences and from their clinical experiences. Fascinating stuff. The other two podcasts, which I'm just as keen to hear, are with Tim Ferris and Ron Krauss respectively.
  10. ithanos

    Exercise and Fitness: Keep On Keepin' On

    This is great stuff Kal, well done! Meal tracking apps. I did meal tracking years ago (long before smart phones). And it worked - but ultimately I couldn't keep up the habit of keeping track. Odd, because the habit of eating never stopped I installed Satchin Panda's myCircadianClock app but have yet to sign up for it - the study looks worthwhile but the app looks poor. Instead I've found it's a lot simpler for me to just take a photo of my meals. Knowing I will take a picture of what I'm about to eat subconsciously curbs any tendencies to over order or over prepare any foods. It's not perfect (because I need to include taking photos of what I drink - so as to reduce my alcohol consumption ) but it has helped me these past months. I've been slow travelling around the world and it's been an interesting challenge to maintain a balance between nutrition & training whilst enjoying the places I've visited. I saw mentioned above 'You can't out train a bad diet'. So true. I've come to understand that weight control is completely down to my appetites, consumption habits and my disposition at the time of consumption. My biggest bane is inflammation (particularly joint inflammation), when I succomb to poor choices and excess. With inflammation I lose mobility - and as a traveller I really can't afford loss of mobility. I've been too lapse in finding locations to train. Fortunately I get to walk everywhere. And I've fallen back on a push-up regime I used a few years back because it was the easiest exercise that I could do in a confined space (ie: in cramped hostels, on a yacht, in a tent). If I was to start the regime again I would change out the push up for a burpee - more joint extensions. I don't think I've posted here in over a year, but I do like to come back to this thread to see how folk are doing with their nutrition & training. To the regular boarders who keep this thread ticking over, thank you & keep posting.
  11. ithanos

    The Scent of a Man: A cologne thread

    In preparation for travelling overseas, with only one bag, I researched what deodorants & cologne I could pack with me. For everyday use I prefer to use an odourless deodorant/antiperspirant, when I can find it. And since I travel as economically as comfortable I'm happy to use the Nivea range of roll-ons that I can pick up at any convenience store. A small carry-on size roll-on would last me about a month to six weeks. For cologne its a different story. Solid cologne. I found a couple e-tailers selling solid cologne; Alfred Lane and Fulton & Roark. I ordered The Collection from Alfred Lane, a pack of 3 distinct colognes; Brio, Vanguard & Bravado. My friend at work knew I was testing out clothes and gear in preparation for travel. I asked for her assessment of them and she commented that, on their own they each smelled distinct and quite good (& inquired where I got them from), but she'd need for me to wear them as the scent can change depending on the person. Hmmm, so I did, and she was right. There was definitely a difference to how they smelled in their container to how they smelled on my skin, and even after wearing them for a few hours. Fortunately the changes were still good. She pointed out her favourite was Bravado. My favourite was Vanguard but was happy to wear any of the three. In the end, as they came in such compact containers (smaller than a tic-tac box), I packed all three with me. This turned out to be unnecessary. Solid cologne is quite potent, I needed just the one - given I would use it only one or two times a week when dining out or in the company of friends. The one I've been using is Bravado and at this rate it will likely last 2-3 yrs. To apply the solid cologne I slide open the tin container, and barely touch it with my finger, rub the finger on the inside of one wrist, then rub that wrist on the opposite wrist, and touch my finger to just above my Adam's apple. Done right I can barely smell it, if at all. The stuff is so good that one application lasts for hours! (I can smell it on my clothes the next day.) More than once, before I got the measure of how much to apply, I had to hop back into the shower to get rid of the excess - and then find I didn't need to reapply as there enough wafted into my shirt from the first application. Advice for travellers. # 1: mainly for those staying at backpackers. Have a shower! Even if you don't have any pride on personal hygiene, or have balked at ponying up for the cost of a towel, suck it up and take a shower - and wash! Once you've set this baseline standard of personal hygiene you can then choose to douse yourself in smellies or correctly apply a fragrance to suit your personal confidence. # 2: I can't speak for the laundry services in Europe or North Africa - where I hand washed my clothes, but across India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam every laundry service I used returned my clothes fragranced! Not just your standard laundry linen fragrance but almost perfumed. I would often only use an antiperspirant as the clothes remained fragrant throughout the day, and often in the next day's use. Note: Most of my clothes are lightweight merino wool, and these held the laundry fragrance much longer than the non wool clothes I have.
  12. ithanos

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    Yeah he says "A field trip to No..." the rest of what he says is hard to determine, as he gets pulled away. I'm sure someone will piece together where the school bus was headed. More random thoughts... Why is there both a Space Stone and a Time Stone? Shouldn't it just be a Space and Time Stone? Had this thought too. All those worlds Thanos & his cronies' visited. To be subject to another culling is just mean. And I know they didn't, but had his Black Order survived, would they have been subject to the dice roll?
  13. ithanos

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    I believe all the dusters will be revived. There may be some reality in which it doesn't happen, but this MCU simply cannot move forward after a loss of half the sentient beings in the universe. I was a little disappointed they didn't show the full extent of Thanos' flick. We're only shown the immediate aftermath at Wakanda and Titan. It would have held more weight to the stakes they were fighting for if we were shown, interspersed between the devasting losses to the heroes, the affect across the world and the universe. Sure they showed a little in the end credits scene* but by then I was only interested in what hope we had for the next installment. So I'm betting there'll be casualties among the survivors as they try to bring about a revival point, and those losses (like Heimdall, Loki and Gamora) will be permanent. I would prefer the scenario where Thanos through a redemption ark has a moment of clarity and rescinds his action, but I don't think it will come to that. I think they will give Stark the opportunity to put Thanos away. *Also interesting to read of people's in cinema end credits experiences. After 2 sold out viewings, both audiences sat in utter silence during the end credits - like a death in the family.
  14. ithanos

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    @RumHam thanks. That makes sense... because he looked just like a hooded skull, and now that I think of it, he was a tinge red, Guess I need to watch this a third time.
  15. ithanos

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    On second viewing this actually stood out for me. Why? Probably because of the fight fatigue to get several stages set up. I relaxed here and remembered my Thanos Quest. Such a fun mini read, but it showcased an important facet which Marvel chose not to take. That for each gem, Thanos tailored either guile or trickery, patience or treachery, interspersed with power. The Gauntlet felt truly earned at the end of it. Here, he blunt force takes five of the gems (admittedly the order in which he takes them becomes important if they are collectively used to gain the next gem), with the Soul Gem being the only one he quests to get which didn't require a show of power. By the way I think the 'gate keeper' at the Soul Gem place might have been Adam Warlock (or the In-Betweener?), since he mentions he is a former holder of the Gem and is forever burdened by it. Judging by what was left of Knowhere in Thanos' reveal it must have been a mean fight. Even watching it a second time, Cap's arrival was super chill awesome (last time I felt this way was when *comic-book reference/spoiler* Onslaught beat the X-Men into the ground, and as the dust is clearing there are glimpses of Cap's shield, Thor's hammer). It held up pretty well on the second viewing. There are flaws, which I'm sure will be well discussed here, but I'm happy to rate it a solid 8/10.