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  1. No I haven't, it had never crossed my mind, but I've just looked up several recipes and the simplest ones appear really easy to make. Now I'm intrigued, I have everything needed to start making some except for fresh cabbage, chili powder and a suitable container.
  2. Just finished a meal with Kimchi - and some other side ingredients. I'm infatuated with Kimchi and can't get enough of it. After discovering that my local store sells imported Korean Kimchi in large tubs that you'd think will last months, I've found that one barely lasts me a couple weeks. I'm having it with every meal, including breakfast. It matches well with any meat, fish & eggs I have on hand. My fondness for Sauerkraut is still strong, but I felt guilty as sin when I saw some on special in the store... and averted my eyes, walked past it to go check if the Kimchi happened to be on special too (it wasn't but I bought the Kimchi anyway). Culinary affairs are a bitch!
  3. I partly agree. Felt the previous episode was better, and we already knew from the season trailers who was in the team. It was still an awesome finish to the season. The fight scenes throughout this series have been amazing, and they really ramped up the intensity for these last two episodes. Nice to see the Watcher playing the long game. Captain Carter - badass again. Great use of Strange Supreme, its probably the only kind of setting he can be allowed to let loose - galactic level threats. In any other neighbourhood fracas he's just too OP to be of any interest.
  4. Halftime in the NRL Grand Final, an even arm wrestle with just a penalty in it. Brutal defence from both sides. Penrith have playing on defence these past weeks so I expect them to hold strong. If Cleary's kicking continues I think it will just wear Souths down in the second half, unless Reynolds & Walker can produce more inroads. Also, Benji Marshall is still to come on, it would be a fairy-tale finish to his career (if he is retiring) if he adds some magic touches for the bunnies. Great final. Penrith Panthers getting some relief after year's heartbreak.
  5. Agree on the performances of the main cast - they were outstanding. 456, the Ganster, the Defector, the Old Man, even the Policeman and the Frontman. But I was referring specifically to, 456 is a great character, but looking back over it, did he really change?
  6. NZ actually kicked more than SA in that first half. Intense finish, after SA pegged back the lead, several lead changes by penalties and a drop kick, and then the final leg taken by SA - who in truth were the better team overall on the night. Deserved victory by SA but it was close, again.
  7. Cracking first half between South Africa and New Zealand in the final game of The Rugby Championship 2021. SA came out with clear intent, and although they've continued with their tactic of going to the air they've peppered it delightfully with some excursions out wide. But, as is often the case, NZ only needed a couple chances in opposition territory to spring a dozen points out of sharp play - heading into the half 20:14 up. Earlier Australia had dispatched a spirited Argentina missing several players who made the poor decision to cross over the QLD/NSW border and found they couldn't immediately cross back without an enforced quarantine.
  8. Disheartening to see the numbers who turned out for that protest. Expect a rise in cases from this group in about a week, if they even bother getting tested at the earliest symptom instead of presenting to a hospital to getting confirmed later. I'd like to think healthcare could be withheld for those putting themselves and the wider community at risk.... but that's an inhumane thought in an emotive response.
  9. Finished it. Predictable ending, but not entirely so. The only let down was the quality of the foreign actors. Overall - amazing, and a little disturbing, https://www.ign.com/articles/squid-game-netflix-phone-number-korean-man-4000-calls-a-day
  10. Yeah we know. Black Widow was originally slated for release in May 2020 so timing could've worked, but we're not privy to scheduling so its just speculation.
  11. Sledge Hammer vibes with this one. And ah... face or balls?
  12. I thought Gladys handled the first pandemic outbreak in NSW in 2020 very well (after the Ruby Princess debacle subsided). The Delta outbreak, however, has been challenging to say the least. The timing of the resignation is a little baffling, with the state navigating various levels of restrictions and heading into the long weekend. I'm not familiar with her rise to Premier but a lot of what I've read suggests she's been a dedicated politician working for her state - so how serious is the ICAC investigation? And my second question to that, as someone unfamiliar with the history of the commission, how are the ICAC viewed and to what measures or standards must they set for themselves to run a fair investigation. Looking broader I read Palaszczuk took the opportunity to slam Berejiklian's slow response to delta, '8 days to respond' in an address a couple days ago. Petty political points I thought, but leading up to today she's playing a dangerous game of wait and see with South West Queensland's controlled outbreak. The NRL (and other sporting bodies) sure have some sway. Your reputation precedes you. Asking for a friend, who's your call for the NRL grand final this Sunday, Rabbitohs by +2.5 or Panthers -2.5?
  13. For the cinefiles, or for anyone interested in how things got done. A 20 minute video essay on a 10 second shot used in Brian De Palma's Bonfire of the Vanities. The Most Difficult Shot in Movie History (And Why It Matters) TL:DW The story of how the shot came about is told between timestamps 2:37 - 6:42, it's a great story.
  14. I'd heard that the Loki series was written after this season's What If? So whether the Loki writers dovetailed the TVA in (or around) What If?'s handing of the Infinity Stone workings is yet to be fully explained - if ever. Scott surviving the blip because he was safe in the quantum realm is a great thought, but we don't have any evidence that this is so, since he was an N of 1 and it could've just been random luck he survived. However, if he was in the one place where the infinity stones are inert, then I wonder how The Watcher could use that. Could the quantum virus that came out of the quantum realm have some immunity to infinity stone effects, and would the zombie universe be a useful staging place to confront Infinity Ultron - supported by Strange Supreme (raw power), Black Widow & Zemo (pied piper) and others from earlier episodes/universes? All good stuff to ponder before the season finale.
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