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  1. You should try the gyro control for pitch and strafe. With a bit of practice it gets very intuitive. You shouldn't really need to press the pads, though, but swiping is another thing that takes getting used to. Probably F-Zero on the Nintendo systems, or WipEout. And both of those owed a nod to Atari's S.T.U.N Runner
  2. I suspect they are very naïve about these things, and are genuinely well-meaning but just don't really understand the vast issues. I know at least one of the organizers is someone who has attended some Western cons, so he knows what the make up of these things is like, but... it just hasn't sunk in. It'll be Chicago.
  3. Folks, this is a rant thread. I think much of this discussion should actually go in the Episode 6 forum, in the spoiler thread for the episode.
  4. Hence the second sentence. But speaking of democracy vs. ochlocracy, Lincoln gave an address on the subject in 1837 which was prophetic in its time and, sadly, still seems relevant to this day.
  5. More commonly known as the Stanford prison experiment. They were extremely influential when first published, but have become increasingly criticized in regards to methodology and subsequent findings.
  6. I'm not sure that the court is saying that there is a constitutional guarantee of unrestricted access, to be fair. The judge cites a "qualified right" instead. In particular, from the judge's commentary leading up to the order it sounds like if the police have dispersed everyone else from an area they declared off limits, that the press then no longer has a right to be there as well because their First Amendment claim rests on documenting how police treat everyone else. Applying that standard to Cory Elia, half way through his Periscope feed the area that the police declared off limits was clear of protesters -- they stood some 20 yards back from their line -- but Elia and this other protester/journalist stayed right up with the police, harassing one officer in particular until the police moved in and arrested him. If their First Amendment interest is in documenting how the police deal with the protesters, there's no reason they need to be in a restricted area devoid of protesters. I think the most significant -- and I think quite proper -- part of the order is that police should not specifically target media for dispersal and arrest ahead of protesters who are being covered by media. The media should be the last to leave a location, rather than the first, and should be reasonably left alone as much as is feasible (see the judge's order noting that the city has no liability for the effects of CS/CN on media who are covering protests). ETA: I presume the candle photo was evidence of "stuff thrown" like "bottles", whereas I'm guessing the "explosives" were probably fireworks. I can very well believe some yahoos threw fireworks.
  7. As he said himself (when I congratulated him on being lead on this), this is no Game of Thrones. I think they intend to provide something on the level of Overwatch or Apex Legends, presenting background to the setting of the game and to the various characters you can choose (although so far they are not as distinct as OW/AL characters, there's no unique abilities), and perhaps writing up the stories behind future events and seasons of the game, much as OW/AL have done. It's (probably) "just" lore to give the game some flavor for those who care about such things, rather than something integral to the experience. that's just a guess. ETA: Apex meets Quake or Unreal Tournament seems right. Also the low gravity and movement in some ways reminds me of LawBreakers, the failed team vs. team game. I admit the one thing I had hoped to see was some ability that let you "rotate" gravity, so that you could run up walls or along ceilings for a period of time.
  8. The problem with this thinking is that it's the same thinking that has justified a lot of very illiberal things over the centuries, and certainly in modern times. Democracy may indeed be the worst form of government, except for all the others.
  9. @BigFatCoward At a guess, they'll say the use of force was because both men attempted to flee and resist arrest. The woman who had deliberately sat herself past the line in the second video seems to have gotten no more than a talking to from the officers, but then she never got up when they approached, just scooted back a bit. I do notice several policewomen standing near her by the end of the video, so it's possible that they were considering arresting her as well, but it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere.
  10. More context before @BigFatCoward notes the lack of it:
  11. Speaking of FPS, a new battle royale from Ubisoft called Hyper Scape is in beta, with a bunch of streamers playing it on Twitch ATM. Movement is very Apex Legends in terms of speed, but throws in elements from Overwatch (to pick an obvious example). Jesse Scoble, who was the lead writer of Guardians of Order's A Game of Thrones RPG (and who I'm friendly with), is the head writer. Not too much has been revealed about the characters and the setting yet, but presumably nearer to the public launch in July, I guess. ETA: Part of the idea of the game is that combatants are in a virtual city... and Ubisoft seems to have taken that to heart, because they're apparently recycling building models from the Assassin's Creed series (specifically, it seems Notre-Dame is virtually 1:1 the same as in Unity.)
  12. Jeddah has no chance. Well-meaning guys but very clear they have no idea what it takes to run a Worldcon, and the problems a large part of the membership would face attending (accessibility issues just to name the most benign of them). I wonder what the odds are of back-to-back European cons (Nice 2023 and Glasgow 2024)...
  13. Well, yes, but I want the ray tracing. Looks gorgeous.a FPS vs. third person, I tend to find first person decidedly more immersive than third person. Third person is nice for games with melee combat, which obviously Cyberpunk 2077 has, but it's less good for impactful ranged combat which I suspect most people will tend to go with in most occasions (will be interesting to see who goes for 'street samurai' style character who just uses a bad-ass tech katana and cyber blades, and how viable pure melee is).
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