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  1. In The Bedroom is such a brilliant film. It's almost criminal that he's only made three films in 21 years, but Field has had the bad luck of getting deep into productions that never got off the ground. More than bloody month before Tár premieres here. Very sad.
  2. They're pretty decent representations of fungal growths on insects and animals can look like. It's pretty solid. If you enjoyed the first season of The Walking Dead, this'll work.
  3. Having just finished watching All Quiet on the Western Front, I can see the issues with it that someone might have -- I don't think cutting away the story from that of Paul and his comrades to show Erzberger trying to get the armistice really works, and certainly there's an unreality to some of its depiction of the conflict. It's a lesser movie than its two American predecessors, to a degree. And there are actually quite a few changes from Remarque's novel which I was surprised by -- one or two I could see as compression, but others seemed to be almost at a whim. It's very empathetically acted, though, -- I particular took to Albrecht Schuch's Kat -- and the cinematography is handsome (though the lingering shots of flares lighting up the night surely owes a lot to Roger Deakins's work on 1917). I am a bit surprised, in retrospect, that it grabbed quite so many nominations without a campaign, but on a technical level it's not undeserving, and there's a definite resonance of that story to what's going on in Europe right now with the Ukraine-Russia war.
  4. Having taken the time to watch My Year of Dicks, It's actually pretty chaste and charming, and no penises in sight at all.
  5. Luhrmann's a much, much, much better director than Snyder. They don't even belong in the same sentence together. Elvis is uneven and hampered by Luhrmann's apparent decision to have Hanks go overboard with the Colonel's accent (or, alternatively, Luhrmann failed to rein in Hanks on going overboard), but there's some real energy in the editing and cinematography, and Austin Butler is surprisingly good.
  6. The Love Death + Robots shorts fall under the Emmys as television rathe than films.
  7. Nope, never come up before, but I am fairly certain that if asked and it was noted that, hey, did Sansa mean his good-brothers, George would say yes, of course.
  8. Easiest way to reconcile it is that his "brothers" being referenced are in fact his good-brothers, Paxter Redwyne and Jon Fossoway.
  9. That's my understanding. It's a retro game, in the style of the original. Here's a playthrough of Shadowgate:
  10. It holds up. May I recommend Just Watch? It aggregates all the films available to streaming services in particular countries/regions. Like, just discovered it's available for free here on Sweden's SVT Play service for two more days. Hmm...
  11. If you were actually being suppressed, you wouldn't actually be posting that you were being suppressed, as the thread would have been closed already. That people are finding these outlandish theories ridiculous or nonsensical is something they're allowed to say.
  12. Forget it, Craving. It's Theorytown.
  13. Still waiting on seeing Aftersun, Banshees, and Tár -- it's absurd that they're taking so long to get released here in Sweden. Going to watch All Quiet on the Western Front, though -- I had resisted because of a very negative review I was regaled with while sharing a ride from Madrid to Cáceres earlier this year, but it looks like BAFTA and the Academy disagree with his take, so I'll see it for myself. Very, very pleased with Ana de Armas getting nominated for Blonde despite how divisive this extraordinary horror film was. I don't think you can say Riseborough is good and then be upset that both Davis and Deadwyler were passed over. Obviously, it's not Riseborough who pushed out either of them undeservedly, because she absolutely does deserve it (amazing performance). The person who "actually" bumped Deadwyler I'm guessing is Michelle Williams, who has been nominated four times previously without a win, so this is her chance at a legacy award, I'd guess. I also can't believe Fisher claimed Williams was "safe". Yeoh and Blanchett were the only truly safe ones, IMO. RRR was enjoyably kooky populist pablum but I 100% understand why Last Film Show was submitted by India over it.
  14. This is a real blast from the past. Used to have Shadowgate on NES back in like... jeez, 34 years ago? Kickstarter launching on February 18th, and they'll have a demo with the first 18 rooms of the game. Should have my new computer then, hopefully it'll be able to run it...
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