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  1. Ran

    a request to the "Melders"

    A simple solution to issues like this is to report posts that do this. As others have noted, the book forums should not be a place where events of the show should be discussed.
  2. Ran

    Did Edmure save Robb's Life?

    I think that's a good assessment, @Trigger Warning. I won't go so far as to say that Robb's idea of leading Tywin to ground of his choosing was an outright lie, but I think his stated confidence in the plan was probably exaggerated, all part and parcel of browbeating Edmure into salvaging his relationship with the Freys.
  3. Ran

    Board Issues 4

    What device are you using? On Android they are pretty light. ETA: Ah, I see what you mean. The black boxes are pretty distinct, though in my skimming they act as an anchor that underscores the title more than a distraction. But I'll see if those buttons are defined sufficiently differently on mobile that the color can be tweaked to something a little less starkly black.
  4. Doesn't follow from their follow-up to the "canon" claim, which focuses wholly on how much money Amazon spent acquiring the rights and that the Tolkien Estate approves of it. It's not as if the Estate unreservedly approved of the films, for that matter. I thik they were just letting enthusiasm get away with them. So it goes.
  5. Yes, that'd be an approach. Something like this could work, IMO.
  6. Ran

    Did Edmure save Robb's Life?

    If Cat cared about Robb so much, you could say, why didn't _she_ raise the point that Robb needed to be protected? Obviously, Cat is a bad mother and cares more about Riverrun and Edmure than she does about her own son. ... The easiest explanation is simply that it didn't come up because it's clear to Edmure that Catelyn has already decided she's against it, so he has to defend his plan on its merits of success vs. its potential benefits.
  7. Ran

    Did Edmure save Robb's Life?

    Edmure definitely acted in the belief that what he was doing fit Robb's command and was in the best interests of Robb and his nascent kingdom. Robb could indeed have ended up dead if Tywin came to grips with him, regardless of his grand plan. Anyone who believes they have a fool-proof plan of action, or who believes they are immortal, is fooling themselves. The best laid plans of mice and men, etc.
  8. Starting earlier than I expected, it seems likely, but makes sense. The Thorongil period in Rohan and Gondor could be something for a later season, if they want to move things ahead. That said, wow, TORN is run by extremely optimistic boosters of any adaptation: "James, it will be canon. Amazon has INITIALLY spent $500 mil. on Tolkien’s published book rights, in cooperation with the Tolkien Estate themselves!" The fuck? That's not how canon works.
  9. Ran

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    @Mindset Done and done.
  10. Ran

    This new forum is the bomb!

    Oh. Hrm, different thing then I thought you were asking for. I'll have to see...
  11. Ran

    This new forum is the bomb!

    Where did it say this? I'm using it at the moment and I don't see a number related to total posts here. This may be something that IPS removed from all skins with the version we upgraded to. ETA: Oh, I see. You mean the way each post had a number next to the share button. I'll see if that's something that can be put back in, but I suspect it was dropped. ETA: As luck will have it, other forum users felt the lack as well and someone created a plugin that restored the number.
  12. Ran

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    @Mindset Quotes look great. As to the family tree, yeah, there's a grid on mobile. That probably does need a CSS change. Let me know what to do and where to do them and we'll get it sorted.
  13. Ran

    is the WoT series worth reading

    Folks, given that this thread was started by someone who explicitly has not read the novels, throwing in a bunch of spoilers seems a bit rude. Start a fresh WoT spoiler thread if you guys want to discuss them.
  14. Ran

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Done. Let me know if any more needs to be done. The 1.19 thing is out of date. Looks like the versions from v1.25 and up require 1.25+ That said, v1.24 looks like it worked, and the reference tooltips. If there are any useful gadgets we should have, let me know!
  15. I started wondering what the situation was with Nightflyers, but that one is in the right track -- Netflix has first run international rights from the get go.