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  1. Recast, certainly. I've no idea who I'd cast. Gerard Butler, maybe? ETA: I see Liev Schreiber has also been suggested. If he can do the accent, he'd be my choice, off-hand. He's got the size and bulk, similar age, acting chops (moreso than Butler who seems content to be in one turkey of a film after another these days).
  2. Yeah, it has something to do with Redis, and I'm not sure why. I think I'm going to set up a script to periodically force it to regularly clear the session cache to see if that helps.
  3. I admit, I've yet to do that variation of the endings for Phantom Liberty, so what I have is mostly hearsay. I'll have to play it through to see how it feels, but from hearsay..
  4. The Beguiled was a good film, and a rare example of Southern Gothic these days, and On the Rocks is even better, so that's a nonsense claim. Lost in Translation is her last truly great film, though. But what a great film! I'm looking forward to Priscilla, personally, I think it's the kind of subject she'll have a great handle on.
  5. I didn't know Inosanto was a stunt woman and martial artist, but yeah, she moved in a very convincing way and sold the choreography. All in all, I think this show was very pretty and I "got" the idea that it was basically a high fantasy take on Star Wars which is totally fine, but on a writing level it was at its best mediocre. Baylan Skoll was the most tantalizing part of it to me, and he was basically left a complete mystery who had no impact at all on the finale. It was deeply weird, and terribly sad that Ray Stevenson's last appearance in the role is just to stare off at some distant CGI mystery. RIP. I'll watch a follow up, I guess, but I don't have great hopes. Filoni is not a good writer. ETA: Thrawn calling Ashoka a ronin was immersion-breaking silliness. It feels like Filoni may have become Disney's own mini-Lucas, with no one willing to tell him no when he puts forward a bad idea or script.
  6. The Edgerunner procs are unnerving. Got it several times as I waded in and mowed people down, and having the screen turn red and hearing David's maniacal cyberpsycho laughter ....chills the first time it happened. I will say that the netrunner damage numbers being thrown around here are just absurd. An order of magnitude more than what I could do with my melee build. It reminds me of CP2077 1.0 and pistol damage with various perks and such attached -- I think people were pushing past 1 million damage from a single shot of a Burya tech pistol.
  7. Fantastic piece of fan work, all around. Though I had no idea Huyang is supposed to be that ancient from the show. I know he was around before the Clone Wars, but after this video I looked him up and he's supposed to be a thousand generations old?!?!
  8. Got "The Tower" ending. Man.
  9. Yep, hence fucking up my first gig in Dogtown. Mostly I did it so I had no chance to try and rely on netrunning. I wanted to stealth things in the early game without it, and in the late game, well, master street samurai beckoned...
  10. If you give me a list of files -- the links to the actual files themselves, not the wiki pages, if possible -- I can investigate.
  11. So, doing some achievement stuff for PL, and decided to finally see if I could straight-up fight MaxTac on my lonesome to get the achievement for hitting 5 stars in Dogtown. Suffice it to say? Yes, yes I can. Touch and go for a bit there due to the turrets at the Dogtown gates, but by the time I got tired of killing Maxtac and the security forces of Dogtown, all my cooldowns were back up to full charges (helped by cyberware that reduces cooldowns on enemy elims) and I basically could have gone on indefinitely, I think. Maybe I should try the border station next... I need to find one more Relic point somewhere, but I seem to recognize all the place in the guides, so I'm confused and think I may have to run through most of them again to be sure... Post-"ending" mission stuff. The only serious bug I've had the entire game has been post the PL patch, when occasionally the game would crash at random. I've dutifully sent in reports, and hopefully they're crunching away at that. Otherwise, game has been pretty flawless as far as immersion goes.
  12. It's CDPR's official build planner, I just copied what I had in the game.
  13. Yeah, honestly, death by the end was either me being dumb or me being 45. Like, This is my build at end-game.
  14. I had to stay up to finish, finally. Holy shit, what a fucking game...
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