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  1. Tongue of flame? children of the forest who sing and not speak?
  2. Bran has yet to make a move on his own. He has been carried and guided throughout the story. When or if he gains his own autonomy of choice, we’ll then have an accurate way to judge who he is or isn’t
  3. Sometimes I think Benjen is Bron. All alive. Just maybe playing multiple characters.
  4. Bah, I didn’t see that. Now I’m thinking of the Targaryen coin toss with Fur/Life.
  5. A baptism maybe? The cleansing of the body to be reborn anew? Free of worms, leeches, ants, and parasites?
  6. This makes me think of Pyter and Sansa. Would be interesting to see Stoneheart’s reaction to their relationship.
  7. Nice ! GRRM appears to almost always align and combine natural science to the fantastic. Your discovery egg-cites me to egg-plore eggs and eggs-crement.
  8. Crows Eye appears, to me at least, to just be manipulating his captives and doing not much magic. He just always connives other people to do what he wants. Creating a feeding frenzy certainly ain’t magical. I wonder if there is a hibernating dragon sleeping under the water near the Citadel. Or some other creature or purpose that would shock my expectations.
  9. Thank you. Man, I had to actually look it up as I wasn’t sure. The show can really massage the mind towards corrupted thoughts. Like I sometimes think 3eyed raven instead of 3eyed crow. Tell them, Sam . . . tell them how it is upon the Wall . . . the wights and the white walkers, the creeping cold . . ." :Feast Sam4 This could read as 3 things. Wights,Walkers, and creeping cold. Wights and white walkers, dead things with blue eyes and black hands. Dance Dragon Jon5 This may also be 3 things. Wights, Whites, and dead things. Alone he finally reached the children, despite the efforts of the whitewalkers, and all the tales agree this was a turning point. Thanks to the children, the first men of the Night's Watch banded together and were able to fight—and win—the Battle for the Dawn: the last battle that broke the endless winter and sent the Others fleeing to the icy north. World of Ice and Fire: Long Night Despite the efforts? The first men of the Night watch banded together? So not a United group. Banded? As in chain maybe? The children made their homes in the vast primeval forest that once stretched from Cape Wrath to Cape Kraken, north of the Iron Islands (today all that remains of this great wood are the kingswood and the rainwood), and the giants in the foothills of the Red Mountains and along the rugged stony spine of Massey's Hook. WOIAF: Children of the Forest This last one I just thought was always interesting. Locations mentioned and stuff but not the North woods. And if ice is the same as water, could a Bravosi Water Dancer walk on snow as well as water? A human that has worged with a water strider? The Gerridae are a family of insects. pleuston
  10. Oh my! A new thought. Made me think of all the excessive foraging that went on. Especially from the Mountain and his men. Was this hoarding of food done with another purpose then feeding armies? Financial gain? An increase in sales of “Bowls of Brown”? A starvation siege tactic of a region? To allow someone to put “food on the table”of King’s Landing therefore making a hospitality issue?
  11. The theory makes sense. If White Walker is a descriptive phrase for “Walks on white”. Someone who walks on snow or just a snow shoe. It may make all the wildlings the walkers of the white lands. Interesting if it refers to immigration across an ice bridge. If it’s a snow shoe, could that mean Jon is an old boot? Or will he walk in someone else’s shoes?
  12. To Sansa it is very oblique. Tysha and Lollys closer. I shall endeavor to search for more evil Tyrion Sansa rape. If i discovery anything I shall delight in rubbing your nose in it! Good day sir! Couldnt pass up rubbing nose usage even tho it makes no sense. And the outrageous British last word
  13. The hound has a weird connection to his horse. Sandor sleeps in the saddle as the horse navigates paths. The horse named Stranger keeps an eye on Arya. Stranger and Hound share the same temperament. Tyrion had suffered such wedding pies before. The doves liked to shit on him especially, or so he had always suspected. Tyrion pulled himself back into his chair. All he needed now was for a dove to shit on him and his day would be complete. The wine had soaked through his doublet and smallclothes, and he could feel the wetness against his skin. The Hound poured a cup of wine for Arya and another for himself, and drank it down while staring at the hearthfire. "The little bird flew away, did she? Well, bloody good for her. She shit on the Imp's head and flew off." Stares into fire, and knows Tyrion’s thoughts about being shit on.(Not by pigeons but by doves) The dog is the easiest thing to worg into. Like an old boot. Sandor is called the Lannisters dog. Sandor may not have magical abilities. His behavior is close to one who may be more than he appears.
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