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  1. Shall we send her a wedding gift?" The king frowned. "A knife, perhaps. A good sharp one, and a bold man to wield it."
  2. Just a “what if” scenario. The story told to us about the events around the rebellion do not make sense to me. So I’m just having a baseless speculation that makes more sense to me. Maybe the helm that the Mountain wears has an influence upon him like the helm the Hound wears? A fist shooting skyward. Maybe the fist represents the hand of the king? The Kings Hand and Hound? Any who wear these Helms become under the command of someone else? All this has no evidence of being anywhere near accurate. I just can’t take the tale of the rebellion at face value. I just find the similarities between Gregor and Robert a bit too coincidental. A hammer most men can’t pick up, let alone wield one handed by Robert, and a great sword over 6 feet wielded one handed by Gregor.
  3. Just looking at what is not written and trying to see what fits. Unless we except Brandon and his 5 companions rode for weeks to KL without a second thought. The only plan was for 5 men and a squire to violently storm a heavily defended castle screaming “come out and die”. Is Brandon stupid? Or are we for believing such a tale? A rabidly violent brother saving his sister from abduction? A heroic knight saves kingdom and all from a mad king?
  4. Brandon left to join his father'swedding party, coming down from the north.[18] They were on their way again back to Riverrun for the wedding when word reached Brandon of Lyanna's supposed abduction by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen.[19]Brandon, along with his squire Ethan Glover, Kyle Royce, Elbert Arryn, and Jeffory Mallister, rode to King's Landing immediately Brandon yells for Rheagar to “come out and die!” So the story is.. Brandon leaves RR. Travels to meet his father’s wedding group. Travels back towards RR with group? Hears of abduction. Takes off for KL. Arrives with 4 men and a squire. Who was his father to merry? If you intend to challenge a prince would you not go with 7 men instead of 5? If Brandon was with a Northern Lord’s wedding group would not a lot more men have accompanied him? Or try to stop him? Brandon is quoted as “come out and die” threat or warning? Tyrosh,[24] and the city's craftsmen design gilded helms and filigreed armor.[23] The fantastic helmets can be shaped like birds and animals and are chased with precious metals. A leash for a wolf well heeled and hounded by his past. Strangled by metal hands, a choker.
  5. At times I have wished for a shorter or simpler story. Making it easier to follow the central plot. Also reducing the enormity for the author to write. Then I think of that philosophical question. If a ship has pieces slowly replaced. Starting with the smallest of nails and boards until the entirety has had a new part. Would the ship still be the same craft? If not then at what point? After reading ASOS I was hungry for more. AFFC certainly did not satiate that hunger left by ASOS. I loved the introduction of the Dornish. Dick Crab was an immediate favorite for me. I have yet to turn a critical eye towards him. I fear my view would change, thus losing him. When writing a book where each sentence can tell 3-6 stories, it’s understandable it would take 3-6 times as long to write. Consider Martins statement of 1 in a 1000 readers who see all that is written. I’m certain that’s not a biased boast. I’ve never reread a series of books shortly after reading them to see another story. I continue to find more. As much as I want to read a complete and definitive synopsis by GRRM, I can wait.
  6. I get how ya feel. There are many theory’s as to how it will occur. Some point to Arya and her stage play with false blood and bladders. As in Jon is staging his death for all to see. His duty ends at death to the watch. More attest his soul will migrate to ghost. Wile most just say magic. Then there’s the minuscule minority who point to worms and other life forms that are described throughout the books and that these things take possession of their host, or are unaware of a symbiotic coexistence, that results in supernatural phenomena. Some people may not be human or unaware that they are not men. Ibbenese, Brindlemen, Others, and Children of the forest as an example.
  7. When she wore a dress in place of a hauberk, Lady Maege's eldest daughter was quite pretty; tall and willowy, with a shy smile that made her long face light up. ?
  8. Gasp! A Frey oh my! What if Rickard Stark was away and his son Brandon was acting Lord Brandon of winterfell and someone ran off with Lyanna?
  9. One does not choose his companions in the black cells "I trust you realize that you are a dead man, Lord Eddard?" What if the black cells are coffins? Most likely just Lord Stark is dead. ...father was wearing his Lord Stark face. Promise me Ned Promise me Lord Lyannas dream calls him Ned then Lord. She may be talking to two people or asking one to wear/share the Lordship mantle-face. Yoren has access to all the cells probably comes like a crow in the night. Takes and does whatever he wants in the dungeon. Yoren was traveling with other NW guys I think previously. Just have another wear the face to be executed?
  10. I like it. (But I’ll add more tin foil .)You mean for Ned to exit the cells as Jaquen? Because he couldn’t walk with that wounded leg? He needed to ride out on a sled? If Jaquen can take any face, and murders like a terminator ninja, he’d be better off disguised as a crow or guard. Yea?
  11. Intriguing. A letter sent to the Sealord about V&D and in response Syrio is sent. Allows for private communication and protection of Sealord interests with an eye in court. Negotiations of some sort or plots of misdeeds? I likey. (Now I get to imagine Syrio sneak peeking around the castle ) Or if you’re a fan of the Sealord as lord of the IB and FM maybe Syrio was still protecting the Sealord or head of FM. If Bravos was founded by slaves and a wondering wolf or Bolton was captured and enslaved, maybe they founded the city? Could be the “Sealord” sent someone to protect his daughter and train her. Never much talk about how Ned looks 10-15 years older than he does, or his other face and eyes. Theon looks more like Robb then Arya does Sansa.
  12. A what if, of the domestication of a wolf into a hound and his furious foster brother.” Is kinda what I was going for.
  13. Oh yea, no salvation for anyone involved in such thing. Just kinda like what if the rebellion wasn't as pretty or mad king was justified. Total hypothetical.
  14. Nice. I never thought of the political advantages the song could bring to a couple. Makes me imagine. “Nope I’m gonna do it with winged bears!”
  15. Sigh. I do. My interpretation differs so much from the majority of posts. I’d like to understand every view point.
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