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  1. Symbol A peach sliced in half. A red heart surrounded by orange and yellow. Stanis banner?
  2. For fun and a dark laugh. Ned is a really terrible mid-wife. Totally butchers the delivery with Lyanna. But hey, shit happens when you do a caesarean with steel Valerian. Lyanna asks to see baby. Ned thinks fast and grabs Ashara’s baby with one hand and pushes her out the window with the other. Mr butterfingers returns to his sister’s bloody bed with Lyanna none the wiser. “Promise me Ned. Promise me that you’ll raise this baby.” ”This baby right here?” “Yes Ned. Promise your dying sister that you will raise this baby. As your own.” “My own? This specific baby? Or..” ”Yes this baby :cough: :cough: swear it before I die, hurry” ”………fuuuuuuuck.”
  3. For fun and tragedy. Jon is Barbrey Dustin and Brandon’s. Legitimate heir and true Lord of Winterfell! (Dramatic Chord) Brandon dumps Cat, she’s used goods, returns north to wed barbrey thus forcing Rodrick to agree to wed Cat. R & B die going south. Ned won’t give up the alliance or Lordship. Margery Tyrell’ish. delores Ed.
  4. I want to see something with three severed heads. Three Lord paramounts combine into a Magor the Monsterous. Mwhaha! maybe they mean something about his helm?
  5. Ahh man… Starks being Storks? A baby de-live-ry service! Nothing but surro-gate family planning! Bah! Thank you, for the food for thought. My imagination has been hungry of late. I’ve been chewing over The devil’s in the deTails but the taste has soured. Latin surrogatus, past participle of surrogare to choose in place of another, substitute, from sub- + rogare to ask — Was a Rogare ever knighted? Probably a little to heavy handed for GRRM to call someone Ser Rogare= surrogate. (wow I’m going down rabbit holes now. sorry I get excited)
  6. Moqorro was one of the many character’s who fooled me. And I love him for it.
  7. It may be reliable narration. In a story filled with characters, who possess and plot such grand deceptions, one should not judge a book by its cover.
  8. I always found it strange that Robert speaks to Ned about going south. As if Ned has never seen Kings landing or the south
  9. Bah! How much did she charge for the painting?
  10. Wasn’t she coming from the HighTower? And on Canibal?
  11. I always admired his naming of the body of lands. Reflects a more realistic sense than the fantastic. Also begs the question, Where is the Centros?
  12. (Nice. Ive been thinking of Elm trees.) Not sure if these two count as nameless but... Mad Axe and Mad Huntsman. According to the story, he took his boots off and prowled the halls of the Nightfort silently at night and murdered his brothers. The only noise he made came from the blood dripping from his axe, his elbows and his wet beard. Could elbows be Elm boughs? Or am I way off?
  13. Oh, it was a miller not a farmer. Jamie SoS 7 Jaime looked at the long line of wayns, carts, and laden horses. "Yet they still line up to pay?" "There's good coin to be made here now that the fighting's done," the miller in the nearest wagon told them cheerfully. "It's the Lannisters hold the city now, old Lord Tywin of the Rock. They say he shits silver." "Gold," Jaime corrected dryly. "And Littlefinger mints the stuff from goldenrod, I vow." I am getting the show mixed in with the books. I thought Stanis bought a doll from a Dornish trader. I always thought the Hound and Shireen may have had the same toys.
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