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  1. GoT has black pools and Jene Poole. Deep Lake by the pool?
  2. :Gasp!: You didn’t like Outer Range?! There is a lot you could compare a GoT and Outer Range. Outer Range is very weird in the way it presents itself. Written as a visual and audio story, where GoT is in the media format of a book. If the Royal from Outer Range was on the oil rig and went inside the “creature” or “Ring”, and now lives a life in a different reality. The big black hole in Outer Range being a black pool of oil, or a portal, or the consciousness of a god like world creature. Royal exits the “hole” into an oil field. Bah! It sounds lame when I type it out. I just liked the show and cast of The Rig. Made me think of Outer Range. If they decided to continue the story in a flat one sided way. Without the (or before the) Other story line
  3. An Amazon series worth the watch. If you liked the Amazon show Outer Range you could view the Rig as a possible back story.
  4. The wolf as master Waster of the slam The seat has a history of the title holders fleeing the Red Keep or fleeing Kings Landing. I need to read if The Justiciar was a new title or an old unused one.
  5. Makes me think of being at a great dinner party. You sit at table. Everyone has silverware. Save you. Thier silverware is just really long spoons. To long to feed themselves. They get spoons. Fed too. Fuck it. I must extend my reach, fill my hands, and take all that’s in my grasp. I should have robbed the place.
  6. Anyone know where I can find original pictures or a book? I can’t find any original copies of these pamphlets. All mentions of these things are not of folio quality. I saw a book once that had it all. I couldn’t afford it at the time. Now I can’t recall the title or find it. It had tavern songs in it I think.
  7. Years ago I went to the “Hunting?”library, they got over 8 copies, and everything else and they were straight jerks about me looking at them or even asking for copies of the original pamphlet’s and stuff. This one lady kept telling me she went to UCLA. Like every sentence started and ended with that claim. She didn’t know anything about the folio. I asked what UCLA had to do with working here, an honest question. She got all indignant. I hope she got a refund. Was that some ant eater boast of hers? To be fair i didn’t understand it wasn’t a Public library. I just don’t think it’s fair to hold all that stuff, in trust to muse, then be like, “Oh yea it’s all here in this glass case. Just out of your touch. Nah.. You can’t read it. You just get to look at the cover. Now piss off”
  8. Right! I’m hoping this site or HBO allows us to take a 3D tour of the model’s. Would be cool if tourists could post graffiti on the walls for people to read.
  9. This is what I hear when people complain of the darkness in HotD I remember my older brothers friend coming over and playing a cassette of this like 25-30? years ago.
  10. These pictures are so crisp. Makes me want to make a miniature steel plate to fit over my BBQ. Hot Dogs shall magically transmute into Hound dogs! Dragon dogs?
  11. Wowsers! This is cool ty. I’m so out of the loop. I’m getting old… if wowsers didn’t give me away.
  12. It’d be funny to watch her birthing scenes on an endless loop. Or the actual length of child birth. Its just so brutal. I can’t imagine what it would be like. The pain. The blood. The suffering. To be an innocent little vagina….Man makes me feel guilty all those times I pretended to put a condom on…almost. Its funny because I sympathize with the vagina, and not a fellow female human.
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