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  1. I loved how the last scene in the episode mirrored the very first scene in the pilot: the opening of the gate at the tunnel in Castle Black the leads beyond The Wall....
  2. Not after he's dead they wouldn't. And I doubt seriously they'd not accompany him to the Trident unless the baby would be a legit heir. They have a duty to perform no matter what the person they're protecting says. The POTUS can't tell the Secret Service to stand down, nor can the POTUS do whatever they want if it might cause them harm... like some wacky extreme sport like base jumping. The SS can stop them from participating in any possible dangerous activity.
  3. Because Kingsguard fighting to the death in the books isn't enough..... They protect the King. Not some bastard.
  4. I think the only thing getting destroyed along with the WW & AotD, is the Iron Throne. Dany already sowed the seeds of democracy in The Bay of Dragons..... My question is... what about the Old Gods & The New? Are the religions real? If so, which ones? And will they assist in The Great War? If so how? so many questions.... It's got to be Bran who tells Jon and everyone else who he is.. right? Do we have to wait until the last episode of season 8 for that to happen? When does Bran realize he just broke the Wall? Moat Calin or Winterfell gets iced? Or... ??????? WHATSHAPPENING???? I think my TV seatbelt is already broken.
  5. Loved it. Loved.... - The wonderful cold open. Family kills his own family in his own house, by Faceless Jedi Arya Stark, who tells them why. *This marks the second time a female has worn a male face. Badass. - Cersei as Lear. Lear's Alzheimer's drove him mad. Cersei's lack of vision has driven hers. The map. I think she's going to be the next/penultimate Big Bad... so Jamie can kill her, so Dany & Jon can save the world. I think I can see it... - I loved Jamie in the Euron scene. I want Euron to be the shortest-lived villain in ASOIAF. I want him to take on Quentyn's storyline. Hilarious and epic. And perfect. Cersei needs to rock the BAD. She deserves it. No reason why a female can't be the biggest in every category at the end of all of this. - Loved all of the North, except for anyone at this point not seeing the bigger picture - the Army of the DEAD is coming for everyone. Rewarding loyalty? Punishing...anyone who's breathing...? - We know they're past The Wall because Sandor saw it. Which means Bran removes magic. - Lyanna Mormont needs her own show. - Loved Dani's arrival. All of it. Including the silence. What I don't want to happen: Euron steals a dragon.
  6. Agree. I finally decided to make use of the Ignore function. I've been much happier.
  7. Agree. I also don't get that so many people have no clue about basic brazier/lantern/torch/candle technology. I can't be that old.
  8. Perhaps you're not familiar with the way lanterns/braziers/torches work. A lantern doesn't just have a wick. It must have oil in order to keep the wick alight. Same principal with a torch, and a brazier. That's how braziers work. They're not just standing fireplaces - no one would be able to breathe since there's no chimney. Braziers fuel is mostly the oil itself, which burns a long time, with very little smoke, like lanterns and candles. Dany would be familiar with brazier technology.
  9. She's been in there before, in season 1: - When she eats the horse's heart. - When her brother is killed. - When Drogo swore he would take the Iron Throne for her after the wine merchant almost assassinated her. As she explained in that scene tonight. Perhaps you missed that part. - Last episode when they brought her to the Dosh Kaleen. It's a central location, where lots of important Dothraki business happens. That has been established by the show with the many scenes that have already taken place there. And those are just the scenes we saw. I'm not one of those people who think character only exist when talked about or shown. I believe they continue to exist and talk and have things happen to them, even when not on stage. Dany has likely been in there a lot, especially when she was Kaleesi. I doubt the layout and location of the braziers changes much. They're heavy braziers filled with oil, and likely lit all the time, since there are no windows.
  10. Randomly? Did you see season 1? - Dany enters the bath, her handmaiden runs in to stop her, "No my lady! It's too hot." But Dany is fine. - Dany picks up a dragon egg from the brazier she's been baking them in. Her Dothraki handmaiden runs over and snatches the egg from her hands, burning them in the process. She turns Dany's hands over, which are unhurt, compared to her burned ones - the scene even includes a closeup of both sets of hands. - Viserys is killed via molten gold to the skull. Dany realizes the difference between them, he died easily from the heat, while she has been unhurt thus far in the show. - She walks into Drogo's pyre and survives with three baby dragons. So are all those lore-filled foundation exposition scenes random? Sure, if you've never seen any episodes from the first season, or any subsequent episodes where Dany and other characters continually go on about The Unburnt, or Jorah always talking about her surviving fire..... then sure, yeah, completely random and out of nowhere. Sure. okay. /sarcasm I think the show has done a very good job establishing that Dany is impervious to fire, and how that is unique to Dany. Even Joffrey talks about Aerion Brightflame drinking wildfire, and dying. Whereas Jon burnt his hand saving Mormont from the wights. So tonight, when she grabbed that hot brazier with her hands, no wonder the men just stared at her - your brain would seize if you witnessed that - because your brain couldn't process it. How is she holding that and not screaming her head off. How is her skin not sticking to the hot metal? Not to mention then trying to dodge a wave of flaming oil heading your way.
  11. 1. Roose let his guard down in the books when he signed his own death warrant by legitimizing Ramsay after he married. If Roose really knows what Ramsay is, why would he give him the Bolton name? 2. Ramsay murdered his father in front of two people in service to his family. The Maester is in service to the Lord of Winterfell. That's Ramsay now, no matter how he got the title. Karstark hates the Starks so he's probably thrilled Ramsay offed Roose, since Roose was dragging his feet about going after Theon and Sansa. Besides, everyone at Winterfell lives with, and serves the freakish Boltons. I don't think they'd be surprised, do you? Who are they going to tell? How are they going to get away from Winterfell to tell anyone? There must always be a giant psycho bag of dicks in ASOIAF. If not Ramsay, whom do you suggest? I mean, we need to meet the next ├╝bervillian before karma kicks Ramsay's ass, don't we?
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