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  1. It's definitely Tyrion for me. Just going by ACOK, he weeds out Janos Slynt and sends him to the wall, he concludes who he can trust through telling different stories about his plans for Marcella to Varys, Littlefinger, and Pycelle and seeing which stories come back to him through others. I would probably say Varys if he was a POV character, but since we actually know what Tyrion is thinking he gets my vote for sure.
  2. I'm assuming you mean Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time) passing and Brandon Sanderson finishing the last few books based on Jordans notes, of which he kept extensive outlines of different arcs. Unfortunately, GRRM has stated he does not keep many notes when asked about this specific thing.
  3. I think this is ideal but putting out something is better than nothing. I would assume his contract is more for putting out a certain amount of product rather than a specific series. Considering GRRM himself has gone from ASoIaF being a trilogy to a septology, I imagine his publisher is fine with getting things like tWoIaF, F&B, and Dunk and Egg stories instead. I personally think that the bad execution of the "broad strokes" that GRRM gave to D&D and it's poor reception in the last two or three seasons made him rethink some things so he started to focus more on history and lore aspects while he sorts it out.
  4. When you think about it, the first season of GoT is essentially all setup for the actual story as well. Though not truly a prologue, it serves a similar purpose in character and world building.
  5. I think that at the very worst, Sansa's responsibility for the Starks downfall is minimal, Catelyn's poor choices, Ned's inflexible honor, and Joffrey's lust for blood are much heavier hitters than Sansa naivety.
  6. Religion may not be central to the war, but it is definitely an element. Stannis Baratheon burns the wooden statues and converts to R'hllor in ACoK, changes his sigil to a burning heart with a Stag in the center, sees visions in the fire, and of course, Melisandre. I also think a good comparison for numbers would be to find casualties from "The Wars of the Roses," which is one of the main influences for ASoIaF, and "crank it up to 11," as GRRM would say.
  7. I disagree wholeheartedly. Content always plummets in quality when a spin-off is made. It's an entirely new project and most of the non-producers/directors/executive producers, will be completely different people. That equals hundreds of new jobs in set design/wardrobe/food services/stuntmen/extras, etc... This also means a separate budget and more money needed. The show does not need to be "Marvelized" so that there are multiple properties interwoven with each other to the point that "canon" is a very light term indeed as it has so many inconsistencies and errors because of the bloated staff size and increased amounts of miscommunication. I much prefer a slower-evolving and longer-running series where the group working on it is committed to the project, but hey, maybe I'm a dreamer.
  8. Which is exactly why I think it could work as one show. A showrunner is less likely to move on if the project they are involved with is continuously evolving in the story and in the cast. More people move on from a project because it is starting to get stagnent.
  9. I think the show is going great so far. The show is about "House Targaryen" and their royal dynasty, not just this one family. If you have read F&B then you know it is not a standard novel like the main series of ASoIaF, but instead a history book written by an unreliable narrator who is a maester with possible bias, piecing things together through old documents and writings of other maesters. It's more akin to Tolkiens' "The Silmarillion."
  10. I could definitely see that as well, they could really do it either way. I actually rather like the idea of a show whose main cast continuously changes, but spinoffs could work, though with spinoffs come new staff and showrunners. New people behind the scenes can lead to a general decline in quality as the spinoffs create spinoffs that create spinoffs, ad Infinium. *cough*Marvel*cough....
  11. Totally agree. Blackfyre rebellion would definitely be in there, I was referring more to these specific characters I would love to see adapted on television. There is so much excellent "broad strokes" material in F&B and TWoIaF that could be fleshed-out on screen that they could keep the show on for a decade if the quality stayed high.
  12. I'm not sure how far this show is planning on going into the different Targaryen Kings, but I for one would love to see the reign of Aegon IV. There are two reasons for this: One, the amount of debauchery, misrule, political chaos, and murder in this period and afterwards is ripe for the picking for great television. Secondly, this would potentially introduce us to Brynden Rivers, who plays a pretty big role in ASoIaF's narrative as a whole. Plus it would be easy to continue on through the next few Kings to get us the Dunk and Egg action we all have been dying to see.
  13. I think a big part of why some of the eastern areas feel "flat" is because the history we are presented is through the eyes of the people of Westeros. Even highly educated people like the maesters know very little about that part of the world so most of it is left to speculation based on the limited information that they do have. I've never viewed it as flat so much as unknown.
  14. Odin is one of the most referenced figures of myth in ASoIaF, especially in regards to the Starks. Odin's associations with crows(Huginn and Muninn) and wolves(Geri and Freki)are explored extensively through Bran and Jon. Being a warg itself is also a reference to Odin since he was known to take the form of a wolf and his ravens would provide him with eyes to see the world.
  15. For me, the use of actual historical figures and events as the basis for much of ASoIaF was one of the main factors that attracted me to the series and the fictional history an d lore that surrounds it. I have always been drawn to both Fantasy and Medieval History, so the use of the "Wars of the Roses" and House Plantagenet cadet branches; York and Lancaster as Stark and Lannister, respectively, has always been on of my favorite references to real-world history. This is only the tip of the iceberg though. Roman, Norse, Egyptian, and several other cultures have lent influence as well. I would love to know other peoples favorites as well.
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