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  1. C.T. Phipps

    Upcoming Cover Art VII

    Some of my upcoming art: Lucifer's World Wraith Lord Starships Online
  2. C.T. Phipps

    Amazing Book Deals V.2

    LUCIFER'S STAR is available for $2.99. Perdio Street Station is on sale for 1.99.
  3. C.T. Phipps

    Andrzej Sapkowski II

    The short version is you've been screwed over by both the oddity of Sapkowski's writing and Amazon's publishing. The short version is that the Witcher started as a serialized set of short stories in fantasy magazines. They're meant to be a bunch of adventures which have a loose narrative hook but are really just Geralt being the Man with No Name and two swords. The actual narrative you're looking for before Blood of Elves is THE SWORD OF DESTINY. Which was not published in English until well after Blood of Elves and The Last Wish. In other words book 1# and 3#.
  4. C.T. Phipps

    Persepolis Rising (Book 7 of the Expanse) - SPOILERS

    I just finished the book: I really liked the story of Singh who isn't even a villain so much as a story of a guy getting way in over his head. You can understand how a guy who is perfectly nice at home can completely go HEART OF DARKNESS once he's out of his element among people he's racist to. I think this is going to be the big problem the Laconians face because it's clear their soldiers are completely unprepared for life outside of their little interstellar North Korea. I'm probably the only Expanse fan who has no interest really in the Proto-Builder Killers. I don't really ever want to see the aliens who wiped them out, let alone see our heroes fight them. I'm here for the human politics. I also think the advances in technology have gone a bit too much as I liked the hard and nasty side of science fiction most embodied by the early books. Laconia, for me, is a decent "final villain" to the series by themselves. I can't be the only person who has picked up on all the Warhammer 40K nods. The attempts by Duarte to become God Emperor, the fact he's created his own army of Space Marines in blue power armor with an eagle on them, and his vision of a united humanity that will exterminate all aliens. It's kind of cool really. The 30 year time skip is a nonstarter for me as it seems like our protagonists have either changed too much or not at all. The idea they literally continued flying for 30 more years is kind of ridiculous, especially on the same starship. The Rocinante is a muscle car and those take constant replacing. I also feel bad about some of my favorite ships sinking like Bobbie and Alex. Mind you, I kind of like the fact Clarissa and Amos are in a platonic nonsexual effective marriage. Still, I'm utterly confused about some things. Mars was dying in the previous book. Is it dead now? The Belters were afraid of being wiped out but they seem just fine. What's going on here? I feel like this could have been achieved with a 10 or 15 year timeskip and while it'd still be unbelievable--it's more palatable. I like the Laconian Empire as villains as they're pretty much how I always viewed Mars as a bunch of fascists in the making (but now made). It feels kind of like Mobile Suit Gundam with the nation of Zeon....except, well, they have super suits so it's no conflict at all. I do dread the idea that there will be people who think they're "right" because that seems to be a common thing in sci-fi fandom. Fred Johnson's absence is noticed terribly and I wish he'd lived for this. I just realized the Laconian Empire is basically the First Order from Star Wars. They're a breakaway faction who hid in the Unknown Regions then returned 30 years later to wreck their revenge with a brainwashed new generation.
  5. C.T. Phipps

    Has anyone read Arabian Nights?

    Mind you, I like how a lot of the stories like Aladdin are set in the Mysterious Exotic Foreign Land....of China. Which a lot of people forget when adapting the stories.
  6. C.T. Phipps

    Has anyone read Arabian Nights?

    It's a really amazing book. I mean, the characters are about as detailed as fairy tales....i.e. not very. But it's very entertaining.
  7. C.T. Phipps

    Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    I WAS A TEENAGE WEREDEER and AN AMERICAN WEREDEER IN MICHIGAN is now available audiobook, paperback, and ebook form. https://www.amazon.com/Teenage-Weredeer-Bright-Falls-Mysteries-ebook/dp/B075TTN2FN/ https://www.amazon.com/American-Weredeer-Michigan-Bright-Mysteries-ebook/dp/B076DPQVH6/ Do you find shifters deerlightful? Are you ready to break out of the herd? Then read the Bright Falls Mysteries!
  8. C.T. Phipps

    Amazing Book Deals V.2

    I WAS A TEENAGE WEREDEER is on sale for 2.99 for the next three weeks.
  9. C.T. Phipps

    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    Agreed 100% For me the heart of the story was the Ivy/Rachel/Kisten relationship and the oddities involved but once that was gone, it became Rachel's romance with the former psychotic villain as well as friendship with her abusive demon patron. And that's just not cool.
  10. C.T. Phipps

    Andrzej Sapkowski II

  11. C.T. Phipps

    The Richard Morgan Thread III

    I think his fantasy trilogy holds with the other Takeshi Kovacs books. Altered Carbon is the only absolutely great one. A Land Fit for Heroes is good but never quite reaches the greatness of the first novel.
  12. C.T. Phipps

    Upcoming Cover Art VII

    Here's a sketch just done for CAMP DEERWOOD, third book in my Bright Falls Mysteries. I'm proud of this one. https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-jw1dIzfmL0U/WwaQSnXYPPI/AAAAAAAAIrQ/DGG3uXqCe9QLVLNhc84kl1k7C-CTYQeuQCLcBGAs/s1600/bfm_sketch02.jpg
  13. I admit, I have only read the First Law Trilogy. I need to read the rest of his work.
  14. C.T. Phipps

    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    I'm presently debating whether or not to pick up the Hollows prequel or not. The series was never the same after a certain character died and I was primarily interested in the books because of the strong Ivy and Rachel friendship. Frankly, though, I've heard the reason it becomes almost nonexistent was because of a homophobic fan reaction. I also wasn't blown away by the latest Alpha and Omega book and the previous one wasn't great either. Still, I love the ongoing Mercy Thompson world and hope it continues as my literary comfort food. I'm trying the Daniel Faust series soon. Currently, I'm wondering if there's anything like a slasher movie in urban fantasy as I think it's a natural fit since Buffy the Vampire Slayer is based on the premise of the Final Girl fighting back from the beginning. Mostly I'm reading these to get myself in the headspace to write my third I was a Teenage Weredeer book.
  15. C.T. Phipps

    The Rhenwars Saga by M.L. Spencer

    I'm going to recommend these books for being a Deconstructor Fleet (thank you TVtropes.org) to fantasy tropes without being grimdark. They really are exceptionally well-written stories that take pot shots at a lot of common storytelling elements. The premise of the books is, 1000 years ago (they have a prequel called Darkmage which details it), an epic band of misfits tried and failed to save the world. It turned out all of their dysfunctional angst-ridden personality flaws resulted in them screwing up and dropping the ball at the last minute. The world is thus divided between the Light and Dark Portions of the world with the latter always pushing against the former. Our protagonists are given the task of preventing the bad guys from taking over the world. And prove completely inept at the task, in small part because they sympathize with the foreigners or simply don't think heroes are enough to turn the tide. I think most people here would really enjoy these books.