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  1. Overall, I definitely think Battle Ground is the best book since Changes. Frankly, I've felt Harry has been so far removed from Chicago, it was killing the series. Now he's back in the trenches, fighting for the people of the city. No more ghosts, no more island hermits, no more heists in other dimensions. Hopefully he can get back to detecting.
  2. I honestly hate Ivy's flat one-dimensional girlfriend so I'm entirely okay with ditching it. Is Rachel/Ivy impossible? Maybe, but I still root for it.
  3. I have to recommend everyone check out VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE the comic by Tim Seeley and published by Vault comics. This is a really solid comic book and really true to the World of Darkness with its politics, moral dilemmas, and struggles by the protagonists to not be as evil as their society tries to make them. There's only two issues out but I've already preordered the rest of them. I hope this becomes an ongoing.
  4. Not really. While some is just fun, a huge ton of character development is done in the battle scenes and huge numbers of relationships are re-arranged. Like Peace Talks and Ebenezer. But yes, if you don't want a big Battle at Helms Deep-book this is not it.
  5. Molly was actually the Key to Glorificus' dimension, brainwashed into believing she was a Carpenter child.
  6. Esoterrorism is available for .99c.
  7. I've read every Dresden Files book and this is easily one of the best.
  8. I think the battle is mostly very exciting. There's a couple of extraneous parts, though.
  9. I remember this is partially why TSR made the followers of Elistraea (sp?) which infuriated Salvatore because they kind of undermined his books' entire premise. OTOH, Bob was always very clear that the problem with Drow society was the horrific system they were forced into it and that the majority of Drow were victims of it.
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