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  1. C.T. Phipps

    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    It's similar with the VELVETEEN VERSUS series in that she has them available on Audiobook but can't get them on Kindle.
  2. C.T. Phipps

    Still Looking for a Good Space Opera Series

    While it's cheating, I do recommend two space opera series from the Star Trek: Novelverse. STAR TREK: NEW FRONTIER by Peter David which is a series about a new crew investigating the collapse of a former dictatorship on Federation space. It's none of the "known species" that allows our writer to be able to do whatever he wants. I always felt this was a great series that mixed comedy and action with drama liberally. I read something like 20 books of it. https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-star-trek-new-frontier-series-proves-how-great-tie-1774592145 STAR TREK: VANGUARD by David Mack (and a few others) is a another "original" series that is about a space station that is being used by Starfleet to cover up their investigation of a Precursor species in a disputed region of space. It's some of the darkest Trek there is but also some of the most well-written and I think its well worth reading the entirety of the series. I also feel it benefits, again, from an entirely "new" cast and self-contained stories. Book Reviews: New Frontier Omnibus 1# Star Trek Vanguard 1# Star Trek Vanguard 3#
  3. The timelines are a bit confused here. TSR caused the 4th Age of Dragonlance that Weis and Hickman destroyed. WOTC tried to get them back and licensed the setting out to Weis. She actually did a campaign setting with the post-War of Souls era. Hasbro then got rid of everything but the initial book sales.
  4. This is probably only a layman's understanding of the matter but TSR had milked Dragonlance as a cash cow exceptionally well due to the fact the books actually made a lot more money than Dungeons and Dragons as a whole was. However, basically, as often is the case--the authors felt undercompensated for their work as well as that TSR was very much happy to screw with their toys behind their backs. Infamously, they REALLY disliked what was done with Lord Soth by putting him in Ravenloft. The announcement of the SAGA system (card-based RPGing) was accompanied by, essentially, telling them to write another book in order to set up a new setting edition. However, they were given no real instruction on how to do it so they decided to basically wrap up all of the plots as well as have all of the elements that made Dragonlance Dragonlance leave. No Moons, No Gods, no Dragons or lances. After it was published with seemingly no one bothering to read it first, the publishers told the developers to write up a new setting for SAGA more or less from scratch--which they did by making Epic Level Dragons. It was a disaster poorly reveived by almost everyone. Then WOTC came around and offered a nice(r) deal for the writers to "fix" the setting. And the War of Souls was written basically around the premise of untorching the franchise.
  5. Without exaggeration, the authors torched the setting on their way out because they were told it was being taken away from them for SAGA. And I don't blame them in the slightest.
  6. I love how they sold something about EVERYONE. Lord Toede's book was great. There was a book about Hederick the Theocraft. The Nine Companions saved the world from Sargonas doing the exact same thing Takhasis would do in the main trilogy. The Legend of Huma was awesome. So was Kaz the Minotaur.
  7. I enjoyed Dragonlance and still think it's the best of the book series that was created for the old TSR setting. The first fantasy book I ever read was the Legends trilogy (before the original trilogy) and then I read like 40 of the spin-off novels set in the universe. Many of them were really bad, if not terrible, but others were quite entertaining. I also read the series up to DRAGONS OF SUMMER FLAME with attempts to read the subsequent books but none of them really ever matched up to the originals. My favorite characters were Raistlin (even though he's basically a magical incel), Crysania, and Kitiara.
  8. C.T. Phipps

    Still Looking for a Good Space Opera Series

    Yes, really, Space Opera just means, "Science Fiction and Fantasy both." The Expanse is kind of a subversion because it starts with a hard science(ish) setting that is basically invaded the same way the Mass Effect universe is by Reapers/Space Cthulhu and gradually becomes not too dissimilar to Warhammer 40K. Maybe Warhammer 3000 with people trying to be god emperors.
  9. C.T. Phipps

    Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    Congratulations everyone!
  10. C.T. Phipps

    Young Adult Books: Discuss!

    One great discovery among YA fiction I've made is the Alexis Carew series that is a steampunk space opera set in the far future but with starships that still use sails as well as rigging. They also operate like Age of Sail Naval crews. I really love Midshipman Alexis and her adventures through the sexist and egotistical Navy of Her Majesty. There's about six of them out and the series has kind of stopped but all of the books were greatly enjoyable. J.A. Sutherland has created a really great series here even if it DOES feel a little like Honor Harrington: The High School Years.
  11. C.T. Phipps

    Amazing Book Deals: The Third

    Lucifer's Star is available for 99c. - "R-Rated Star Wars" Wraith Knight is available for 99c - Dark Fantasy about a Ringwraith-esque protagonist
  12. C.T. Phipps

    Still Looking for a Good Space Opera Series

    Speaking of which on Space Opera, I think the definition of it is basically, "It is fantasy in space, not necessarily a world that has any relationship to actual science or space." It is the result on John Carter and Barsoom plus Flash Gordon transplanted to a new world. I think Dune explicitly qualifies because it is the fantastical and mythological in a sci-fi setting versus a plausible science fiction universe. Obviously, there's a bit of overlap as Star Trek goes from being military science fiction to space opera then social critique then back again to meeting Apollo. Star Wars is the easiest default measure to go by for a space opera just the way you can do, "What is a High Fantasy?" and then compare it to Lord of the Rings. Dune may not ever involve any space combat but it doesn't have to, IMHO.
  13. C.T. Phipps

    Dresden Files (most recent thread is archived) Peace Talks is finished

    I think Butcher is trying not to be homophobic but is clumsy about it due to his small town upbringing. He wants Harry to be progressive but doesn't seem to have much experience in showing it so he made some cringy bits.
  14. C.T. Phipps

    Dresden Files (most recent thread is archived) Peace Talks is finished

    It's the fact that they've been friends for decades, it's the entirety of the book, they have a working relationship that will be disrupted by such a romance, and the fact that in terms of power balance, Murphy is about 1000 times less appropriate than Molly in that Harry and she have superpowers while she doesn't.
  15. C.T. Phipps

    Dresden Files (most recent thread is archived) Peace Talks is finished

    Probably because Murphy and Harry would make a terrible couple, everyone knows this, and it's a dead horse romance that I wish would finally be let to die. I support Molly/Harry because I find it disgusting that we're expected to assume that men are to view daughters as the property of their fathers and not allow them to mentally grow up in our minds but forever be, "Michael's daughter" -- doubly so in the context of the fact wizards are centuries old. Basically, I strongly object to infantalizing women and I feel that a lot of the objections boil down to treating a 25+ year old woman who will now be close to 30 as a tween. But literally ANYONE is better than Murphy and Harry at this point. Harry/Butters? All for it.