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  1. Wraith Knight by C.T. Phipps is 99c now
  2. The Statement of Andrew Doran by Matthew Davenport is on sale for 99c Cthulhu Armageddon by CT Phipps is also for sale for 99c
  3. I think someone stated my opinion this way, "A friend of mine said it would help me get the writing done faster so I can get on with the editing. Why would I want the writing done quicker for the editing? The writing is the GOOD part."
  4. I mean Oompa Loompas are orange and green haired in the movie because the original version is overthetop offensive. However, that was the book that Dahl wrote.
  5. I feel like the author is passed and cannot give consent to having his works changed. If the publishers are worried about losing a big cash cow because of changing sensibilities, well, too bad. People can read new books.
  6. Author Bruce Bethke (author of "Cyberpunk") had this to say about it: Uh-oh. This is not entirely unexpected, but it's happening much sooner than I expected. Neil Clarke at Clarkesworld has had to close to submissions because they were getting buried in AI-generated stories. It's ironic, in a way. A science fiction magazine being buried in robot-written stories submitted as their "own" work by writers who apparently have never read Bester's "Fondly Fahrenheit" and don't realize how dangerous it is TO LIVE OFF THE SLAVE LABOR OF YOUR ROBOTS?!?!?! Kids, this is exactly the kind of exploitation that will CAUSE the robots to revolt and try to kill us all!!!!!! He was referring to this event: http://neil-clarke.com/a-concerning-trend/
  7. Cthulhu Armageddon is free from Feb 19th to 25th Dark Destiny is free from Feb 19th to 25th
  8. I just finished the fifth book. These are very addictive and perfect for reading if you're a Dresden Files fan.
  9. The eighth book of my Supervillainy Saga books, TALES OF SUPERVILLAINY, is now available on Audible. https://www.audible.com/pd/Tales-of-Supervillainy-Cindys-Seven-Audiobook/
  10. The Rules of Supervillainy is on sale for 99c this month
  11. https://scottlynch.substack.com/p/the-post-of-christmas-future Scott Lynch has posted an excerpt from his Lies of Locke Lamora novella, some thoughts on Twitter, and other cool stuff. Also a reaction to the cat pic.
  12. My Sweet Silver Blues review 3.5/5
  13. Hey folks, I've been searching for a new long-running series to read and decided to read GARRETT PI due to the recommendations to me as a long-standing fan of the Dresden Files. I was curious if anyone else had read the series and what their thoughts were about it. I'm only on the third book but figure I can finish the entire series by the end of the year. The premise for those who aren't familiar with it is it's a reversal of the Dresden Files in some respects. Instead of a wizard and magical person in the ordinary land of Chicago, Garrett is a mundane PI in a high fantasy world. I really like the characters so far and the world-building too. Truly fantastic noir.
  14. The book is one that I did think would have been more interesting if you'd seen more perspectives than Thomas' but you can't because, of course, there's arguably no perspectives other than Thomas'. He is the Demiurge of the Land even if they exist separately of them. In the end, we're still talking about the books a half-century later because, if nothing else, Donaldson did successfully subvert the Hero's Journey and make it clear he is NOT the kind of person you normally read about. It is a book that subverts and breaks the rules of fantasy.
  15. This confuses me as a response because if there's absolutely one thing true about Thomas Covenant, it is the books don't morally excuse him. There's absolutely no apologia, no excuses, or attempts to diminish the act. Thomas makes it abundantly clear he hates himself for it, it literally destroys large parts of reality, and there's no way to atone for it spiritually or mentally. Which is part of the book's central theme: that Thomas is not a hero, can never be one (all of this is his fault) and that he can never be a villain because he doesn't want to hurt other people to make himself feel better since it didn't. So he hates himself and tries (badly) to fix the unfixable. It's a story about depression, guilt, and self-hatred. Which isn't subtext but text. Which I mean with the Land being fake and all a dream, it is the fact that Stephen Donaldson doesn't really engage with any of the elements of the story other than this that he could have. There's a lot of interesting angles about being put into the Matrix (for use of a nother metaphor) and the holodeck that don't get addressed. Despite Thomas insisting it's not real, he never really acts like it's not. There's a lot to the books other than the sexual assault which is, indeed, a central element of the story. Thomas, of course, refuses to become a villain just like he refuses to become a hero. Which sort of thwarts Lord Foul just like it thwarts the Land's elders. He's just sort of the guy who is utterly trying to disengage with everything. Though Lawrence actually pulled back in a way that Donaldson didn't. But yes, I feel like the books are one that everyone is perfectly justified in dropping if they don't want to engage with Thomas Covenant after the scene. In fact, I'd argue there's a lot MORE reasons to do it because the books have The Watchmen sort sf deconstruction at the core. "If you don't want to deal with three books of a guy being the most absolute reversal of a hero possible and NOT in a villainous way but, 'Lacking completely in any heroic qualities whatsoever but suffering horrible depression and self-hatred' then skip it."
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