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  1. Takiedevushkikakzvezdy

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    That's the nature of rebellion, though. Every time. Rebels are technically traitors, until they win. Then those who rebel against them are traitors, and so on.
  2. Takiedevushkikakzvezdy

    About the Trident

    And even if they did engage in combat, it's hard to believe that someone else didn't kill them before they reached each other.
  3. Takiedevushkikakzvezdy

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I think last season made it clear that the old Bran is gone. He is something much bigger now. Or... it could be that Bran being pushed around in a wheelchair doesn't make for good promo material.
  4. Takiedevushkikakzvezdy

    About the Trident

    I still don't understand how Robert and Rhaegar could have randomly met on the battlefield...
  5. Takiedevushkikakzvezdy

    What's going on with all this oath swearing and promises in ASOIAF?

    There are a lot of pledges and vows in the real world as well.
  6. Takiedevushkikakzvezdy

    Is House Martell underestimated?

    Doran himself admits that they aren't as powerful as some think they are.
  7. Takiedevushkikakzvezdy

    The goal of Reyne-Tarbeck rebellion ?

    I think they simply thought they could get more autonomy, given how weak Tytos was.
  8. Takiedevushkikakzvezdy

    "various book deadlines"

    IIRC, when A Dance with Dragons came out, he went to NY and finished writing there. I don't know if it's a routine he has or not, though.
  9. Takiedevushkikakzvezdy

    "various book deadlines"

    Another thing that gives me pause is that if GRRM really is delivering the finished book, surely an announcement would have come by now?
  10. Takiedevushkikakzvezdy

    "various book deadlines"

    To be fair, we don't know if it's actually true or not.
  11. Takiedevushkikakzvezdy

    "various book deadlines"

    https://twitter.com/GRRMspeaking/status/1081227526406656000 He posted this a few days ago. Some are speculating that he visited his publisher in New York.
  12. What makes you think that?
  13. Takiedevushkikakzvezdy

    Why did Tywin and Aerys stick together for twenty years?

    It could be something as simple as professionalism. You don't always like your co-workers, but that doesn't mean you can just quit your job.
  14. Takiedevushkikakzvezdy

    Wow small things that could be huge

    I don't know where to post this, so I'll do it here. Could this picture from the 2019 ASOIAF calendar be a scene from TWoW? https://i.redd.it/luz5xvyrep721.jpg Jon Snow seems to be fully alive and well...
  15. Takiedevushkikakzvezdy

    Biggest surprises from Fire and Blood

    Ah, okay. Is Riverrun specifically associated with Sesame Street?