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  1. I absolutely agree, and I hope someone manages to get it through to him.
  2. I think it also has to do with how much his fame and reputation has increased over the years. He was dubbed "The American Tolkien" by Time Magazine way back in 2005, and that was before GoT became a giant hit and made him a household name. He surely feels that he has a lot more to live up to now than when he first began writing the series.
  3. There seem to be many different inspirations for Daenerys. In one video GRRM says that Dany is in part inspired by himself and a factory in New Jersey that his family once owned but lost during the Great Depression. He often had to walk past it on his way to school and thought "This was ours once", or something to that effect.
  4. Aside from all of his distractions, I think he has also become more and more of a perfectionist over the years and rewrites material that he would have left as is in the past.
  5. Is it really that surprising when you star in an HBO show in general and a GoT prequel in particular?
  6. If Daemon doesn’t have any children, wouldn’t Rhaenyra’s potential sons be considered for the throne?
  7. Still, whoever marries her will become a relative of the royal family. Which means a higher status than if you marry a daughter of any noble.
  8. Sure, but he’s pretty okay compared some to other characters.
  9. They used Spain as a filming location for both KL and Dorne, which might give the impression that they have the same climate.
  10. @Ran I'm curious about the climate of King's Landing. Both for GoT and HOTD, southern locations were used for KL, and the city has a southern feel to it generally. But as I understand it, KL in the books is based on London, which has a cooler climate. So what gives?
  11. But surely Beric knew what would happen when he gave his life for Catelyn?
  12. Given that he has been the internet's boyfriend for a while, I guess that's what people are into.
  13. Maybe she just wanted to get out of Dorne at that point. Willas would still make a better choice that another senior citizen in her eyes.
  14. It’s possible that some people take it too far, but it’s hard to blame them given that secret identities are so common in the series.
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