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  1. Arthur the Arthritic will be using Dawn, though. Which is always a plus.
  2. That actually worked very well in Theon’s case, because we don’t see him at all for a really long time. And when we meet him as Reek in ADWD, it’s a huge reveal.
  3. I don’t necessarily see that as a problem. If everyone’s story ended midway through, that would be poor storytelling.
  4. Are you suggesting that meritocracy in the Frey family is determined by AI?
  5. I’m not entirely convinced that Ned would have brought Lyanna back to Robert after rescuing her from the Tower of Joy. Maybe he would have sent her into hiding with baby Jon.
  6. Well, we know from F&B that Aegon himself was tired of fighting Dorne and only continued doing it because Visenya and others pushed him on. It's very possible that whatever was In that letter gave him the off ramp towards peace that he wanted.
  7. It’s always possible that the outcome of the trials and the news of Kevan’s death simply haven’t reached Harys Swift and his entourage yet.
  8. Well, GRRM has said that all of Ned's children are wargs, so it's definitely possible that he was skin changing.
  9. Not necessarily. It's mentioned in the ADWD epilogue that the trials are supposed to take place a few days after it, so they can easily be featured in Winds.
  10. I just realised that if it was supposed to appear in Dance, then it can’t take place after the trials, since the trials don’t occur in Dance.
  11. We should remember that Dunk is very young when we meet him and probably got smarter with age. Victarion doesn't have that excuse.
  12. But Stannis was already fully on board with her before she had Cressen killed.
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