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  1. The illustrated version of ASOS doesn't release until November, though. Surely GRRM hopes to open his cinema earlier than that?
  2. A few months ago, I believe. He joked that that if he doesn't finish it before Worldcon, New Zealand has the right to detain him in the country.
  3. Anyway, the latest word from GRRM is that he hopes to finish TWoW before Worldcon. So we have two more months before we can officially cry out in frustration.
  4. I'm not an expert on the passage of time in ASOIAF, but Jaqen-as-Pate is still at the Citadel when Sam arrives. Why couldn't he just have taken whatever book he needed quickly and gotten out?
  5. ASOIAF is still worth reading, though. Even unfinished.
  6. Yeah, I think that's the only reasonable explanation.
  7. Be that as it may, the wait between books has gotten longer and longer.
  8. Speaking of which, I don't really understand the whole "cabin in the mountains" situation. Supposedly, he only goes there when he is in the finishing stages of writing, but he has been there since November, long before the pandemic. Has he been trying to finish the book for that long?
  9. GRRM said that he won't release any more preview chapters, though.
  10. Makes you wonder if these are intentional or not.
  11. I bet she would love for Sansa to be queen one day, and if Ned refused, Sansa's betrothal might have fallen through.
  12. I do believe that Lyanna is the Knight of the Laughing Tree, but I can't imagine how a young girl could convincingly portray a grown knight, without anyone noticing that something is wrong.
  13. In his mind, he might have been at the finishing stage for years now.
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