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  1. I don't think "swing the sword" should necessary be taken literally.
  2. Someone theorised that the only one who doubts Euron's stories is Rodrik Harlaw, who is nicknamed The Reader, which is a meta clue from GRRM that we as readers should doubt Euron too. I'm on the fence on that one, but I'd rather have Euron be a fraud than an MCU supervillain.
  3. In which it's revealed that Moon Boy is the one who dug that infamous tunnel to Chataya's.
  4. To be fair, Margaery was married to Renly, so those issues can always be resolved.
  5. We're in dire need of a new book about Moon Boy which describes, among other things, what he does in his spare time.
  6. Doesn't he also suggest to Cersei that they should go public with their relationship and marry?
  7. We know that Jeyne will be in the TWoW prologue. Do you think the Jaime/Brienne/Stoneheart scenario will be resolved by then? Offscreen, maybe?
  8. GRRM has said that he always writes "for himself", so I don't think he gets too affected by criticism.
  9. Also, didn't he say at one point that one of his biggest regrets is that he went on a long book tour after finishing ADWD instead of jumping straight into TWoW when he had momentum? My big hope is that he won't make the same mistake when he finishes TWoW, but if history is any indication, he probably won't be able to resist other projects.
  10. Do you think something similar happened with TWoW, which is why he was so optimistic back in 2015, or do you have a different take?
  11. If he didn't enjoy writing, he wouldn't have written Fire & Blood. I think he just has a hard time resolving all the different plotlines in the series.
  12. Which is probably for the best. After seeing season 8 of the show, I'd rather have the series remain unfinished than having a subpar ending.
  13. What I find frustrating is that even though we're past the five year gap (most characters are at the point in the story where they would be had the FYG been implemented) GRRM is still struggling to finish the story. It seems he encountered new problems while trying to solve old ones.
  14. ASOS is the longest book in the series and it came out just two years after ACOK.
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