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  1. The Best of Gene Wolfe: A Definitive Retrospective of his Finest Short Fiction is 0.99$ on Kindle. Alastair Reynolds' House of Suns is 2.99$ on Kindle.
  2. Adrian Tchaikovsky's Cage of Souls (shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke award) is 1.99$ on Kindle.
  3. Andy Weir's Project Hail Mary is 2.99$ on Kindle. Andy Weir's Randomize is 1.99$ on Kindle.
  4. Anna Stephens' Godblind is 2.99$ on Kindle.
  5. James S. A. Corey's Memory's Legion: The Complete Expanse Story Collection is 3.99$ on Kindle.
  6. Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns - 30th Anniversary Edition is 3.99$ on Kindle. Lots of Batman omnibus editions by Frank Miller, Chuck Dixon, Alan Moore, Jeph Loeb, Scott Snyder, etc, are also on sale.
  7. Lev Grossman's The Magicians trilogy omnibus is 2.99$ on Kindle.
  8. All 3 Unfettered anthologies, edited by Shawn Speakman and comprised of short stories by SFF authors such as Brandon Sanderson, Tad Williams, Mark Lawrence, Robin Hobb, Lev Grossman, and many more, are 2.99$ each on Kindle.
  9. Chris Wooding's The Ember Blade is 3.99$ on Kindle.
  10. GRRM's Fevre Dream is 1.99$ on Kindle.
  11. Robert V. S. Redick's The Red Wolf Conspiracy is 3.99$ on Kindle.
  12. Brandon Sanderson's The Alloy of Law is 2.99$ on Kindle. Shadows of Self and The Bands of Mourning are also discounted.
  13. There is a big difference between receiving very little compensation (librairies pay for those physical books and need to pay a lot more for ebook nowadays) and no compensation at all.
  14. Andy Weir's Artemis is 2.99$ on Kindle.
  15. Arkady Martine's A Desolation Called Peace is 2.99$ on Kindle.
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