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  1. You can read my review here. One of Kay's best, no question!
  2. P. Djèli Clark's A Dead Djinn in Cairo is 1.99$ on Kindle. Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars is 3.99$ on Kindle.
  3. Not SFF, but several Agatha Christie titles are available for less than a dollar on Kindle. One for as little as 0.29$!
  4. Adrian Tchaikovsky's Elder Race is 3.99$ on Kindle.
  5. Miles Cameron's Artifact Space is 1.99$ on Kindle.
  6. L. E. Modesitt, jr.'s Imager is 3.99$ on Kindle.
  7. Daniel Abraham's A Shadow in Summer is 3.99$ on Kindle.
  8. D. Djèli Clark's A Master of Djinn is 2.99$ on Kindle.
  9. Richard Morgan's The Steel Remains is 5.94$ on Kindle.
  10. Anthony Ryan's The Waking Fire is 3.99$ on Kindle.
  11. John Gwynne's Malice is 2.99$ on Kindle.
  12. Fonda Lee's Jade City is 2.99$ on Kindle.
  13. N. K. Jemisin's The City We Became is 2.99$ on Kindle.
  14. Evan Winter's The Rage of Dragons is 2.99$ on Kindle.
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