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  1. Wiceums now has hyperthyroidism. They won’t do a colonoscopy because they won’t be able to sample the depth of tissue that they need, so they would need to do exploratory surgery to confirm IBD, and either way he’s apparently a bad candidate for anesthesia. He has been now prescribed more medication( (thyroid) that he won’t take. It’s a transdermal in-ear med, and he hides. And he won’t take his beta blocker now because he won’t eat his wet food. The mirtazapine was causing an IBD flare? Maybe? Correlation and not causation, who knows. He will only reliably take his budesonide. I wonder if I need to talk to the vet about which meds he really needs and what will make him most comfortable.
  2. Also, it probably says something horrible about me that I don’t care about people who were able to get vaccinated but chose not to. Their fates are their own. I do feel terrible for the people who were unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons, and who have had to and still do have to take “first part of the pandemic” precautions because of the idiots aforementioned. My brother is one of the idiots.
  3. Speaking of the Japanese - Unnamed Japanese doctors did an incredible amount of, and atrocious and not just ethically impermissible, but from a humanitarian standpoint, completely impermissible and unacceptable, set of medical experiments that put Josef Mengele to shame. Apparently, we - the US, and all Western powers - signed some sort of agreement allowing us to use the….results…of the experiments, without ever naming Japan as a bad actor. And these experiments were done mostly on US and Euro POWs, that’s pretty bad sh1t.
  4. He was engaged earlier this year, but the engagement was broken off. *I* wouldn’t pull an Anna Nicole if it were served up to me on a platter, in this instance.
  5. WELL - happy 90 days of employment to me. In other news, my boss (whom my colleagues and I call “Dad” behind his back) got into a very VERY heated and public ah, exchange of views, with our auditors, on Zoom. He yelled, he dropped MANY f-bombs; he didn’t stop yelling. This was in front of his boss AND our CEO. I was wondering if our auditors were going to resign. I had my camera and microphone off, and my eyes were just wide as saucers. Apparently, this event made its way around executive leadership last night. I was wondering if I’d still have “Dad” as my boss this morning at 8:30 am. I do. Whew. I really like Dad. He’s got a soft heart, but his bark can be loud. He’s gone around and apologized to everyone on the call.
  6. When Kal and I actually agree on something…you know it has to be right.
  7. But, did Sun Tzu conquer half the known world? I should also give a shout out to Alexander the Great, conquering the western half of the known world.
  8. Medical doctors, silly We all knew what ToL was implying
  9. I’m sure that you are a perfect catch and have yet to meet the right person. Now, get on that, so that there’s a viable thread, here.
  10. Ok - he is, in my mind, a keeper. If I were just in a situationship, I’d go for a 30-something who wanted a Mrs Robinson / cougar type. I have had those flings before, nothing wrong with it - they give me a working d*ck and low drama, generally. He really is a doctor, and has an extraordinarily healthy ego. His ego is in excellent health. He’s in private practice with being on call maybe once every few months, so unlike my dad, who basically lived at the hospital and my mom would take dinner to the doctor’s lounge between surgeries, he’s not saying “gotta go to the hospital”. All his on-call stuff seems to be very resolvable by telemed visit if anything. And I’m not worried about random nurses - he’s not really a cheating risk. It’s not his nature. I’m actually more of a risk, on business trips and late nights at the office with random buff sales guys also there. (Just stating relative risk, here). It’s that I have to decide what do I want. Do I want someone being somewhat cruel in telling me that he doesn’t like my clothing (for example). He can be very hurtful in that way. Time will tell.
  11. Hahahaha!!! Ok, I wrote the above in a moment of stress and weakness, and didn’t want to be too descriptive because I don’t want to taint anyone’s opinion of the Doctor. We leave for a nine-day trip to Hawaii on Wednesday to visit his best friend from medical school. We are staying at his house. Apparently, they have four cats and two dogs. I shall update y’all either in the interim if there is drama, or at the end of it, if good adventures were had and if I don’t leave him
  12. I was weak, today, and did not walk out when I should have. Then again, I need to do things like talk about my feelings. But for god’s sake, why, why, why do I possibly keep making bad decisions?
  13. Currently grinding my gears is arthritis. I have NO IDEA why evolution has put up with ridiculous pain while walking - spine and knees, though knees only up stairs, which, I suppose, we haven’t been bipedal long enough to solve the knees issue, but surely, the spine thing is really not necessary for having all this pain?? We are nothing if not vertebrates, the spine has been around for a long time, why have we not managed to fix it?? I blame my ancestors.
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