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  1. While the Democrats going +2 in the Senate in 2022 is possible, that is a very optimistic result. Even if the economy is doing well and Biden's COVID response is generally viewed favorably, it is still hard to imagine the Democrats do more than break even. Democrats love dropping the ball when things are going well, and the idea that 2022 is super low turnout election where a relatively popular president gets punished (a la 2014) is very possible.
  2. But shouldn't we assume that the Arizona GOP would just change that law in the event that Kelly or Sinema died? I agree with your larger point that appointing someone of the same party makes sense. If Ducey or Beshear find some milquetoast moderate Democrat/Republican, then that's fine, they're at least caucusing with the same party and representing the state in largely the same way. Hell, the Senate would be vastly improved if it had more Susan Collins and fewer Josh Hawleys.
  3. If you thinking about the numbers game, if your dating poll is a population of 20k people, of them lets say 25% are close enough in age that they are potentially dateable, and then that's 5000 people. If you only prefer one gender, that's about 2500 people. If say 60% of them are partnered up already, then the dating pool is 1000 people. But for a small town, it's probably much worse than that, because lots of young people (particularly the more motivated/educated/dateable) leave small towns for more opportunities elsewhere. Hard to estimate that percentage, but it could easily be another 50%. Then of those 500 remaining people, you have to actually find them, and many of them are not making that easy by staying at home (even before the pandemic). And that's not taking ANYTHING into account about some of them being complete jerks or violent or otherwise undateable. So yeah, it's tough out there.
  4. Everyone feels this. There are just straight up not very many interesting things that you can do if you have to do everything alone. Just try and find what creative outlets you can and cut yourself a break. This is also super normal. I feel like of people I know it's divided between people who's professional lives are falling apart because of stress+economics and people who's careers seem to be going well, but they still feel like things are falling apart. People aren't supposed to be living in isolation like this, and it's driving everyone a little batshit. It's better than fine. It is essential!
  5. It is indeed time for a reevaluation of America's relationship with Saudi Arabia. The power SA weilded in the 70s and 80s as the leading oil country is rapidly waning. In many respects, the Biden administration should welcome higher oil prices to accelerate a shift away from fossil fuels.
  6. I think you're really overstating how important attractiveness is for securing a relationship. Being physically attractive can make things easier (probably more so for men than women) but it's a secondary concern, and probably less important the older you get. Speaking more generally, I definitely do think of relationships and dating in terms of social capital. Social capital is the complete package of what you bring to the table that a potential partner can evaluate - looks, finances, personality, sense of humor, special talents, education, everything. Even if you've lost the physical attractiveness you had when you were younger, you can compensate for that in other areas. I am a lot more well read and well traveled than I was when I was 20, and if I were to somehow find myself dating again, I would definitely bring that up. There have to be at least some things that have changed about you since your 20s that a potential mate would find appealing.
  7. I'm sorry you're both going through this. When I was younger, I had huge problems with general shyness and social anxiety. Whenever I would try to talk/flirt with someone I was interested in I would feel like I was acting creepy or scummy, and thus I wouldn't do anything and instead just agonize over myself instead. Which, ironically, actually did make me a little creepy/awkward, for a nice feedback loop. I sort of got over it, at least in some circumstances, but I definitely remember that time, and it was really hard. Try not to be too hard on yourself. It sucks, for sure, but lots of people go through this sort of thing, and it can potentially change real fast if you meet the right person. Good luck.
  8. You can make the argument, but you'd be wrong. Defensively he definitely isn't where he was 5-10 years ago. Offensively his game is different, and arguably just as effective, but he's not physically able to take on the enormous offensive load for as long as he could in 2012-2015. His useage rate by necessity was lower in the 2020 postseason. He can still be Lebron Destroyer of Worlds, but only for brief periods until the final 6 minutes or so.
  9. The 2014, 2015, 2017 and game 1 of the 2018 Finals were truly awesome, even though he lost every one of those series. The 2015 Finals loss vs GSW is the most impressive basketball series I've ever seen from any player.
  10. Lebron's last bad playoff performance was 2011, and so really I'd say that Lebron's peak was 2012-2018. 2020 he was still great (enough to win another Finals MVP), but not quite at the level of his past selves.
  11. Hard to know, but I would think that between the Bills, Bucs, Browns and Packers at least one of those teams would have offered him $18 million guaranteed over two years (5 million less than the Cards offer).
  12. It is hard to know how much Watt has left. He's had a lot of injuries over the career, but elite pass rushers in their early 30s often have one or two more great years left. Just look at the impact that JPP had on the Bucs this year. He's not as good as Watt, had just as many injuries, and is a year older, but still he was a monster this postseason.
  13. I've no doubt that money was a factor, but it is really hard to believe at this stage in his career that he values an extra $5 million guaranteed over going to a true contender. He's already earned just over $100 million in NFL salary (not counting substantial endorsement money). $5 million is nothing to scoff at, but I'd think at this point a ring would matter a helluva lot more. Hell, just the additional endorsement money from being a super bowl champ might be worth $5 million over the rest of his life.
  14. The Cards are better than the Texans, but you need a pretty expansive list of "contenders" if they qualify. They were 8-8 last year, and seem to be on the upswing with some young talent, but still. Hard to believe that was a more appealing offer than say, the Packers or Bills.
  15. Shrug. Less powerful than other governors is still a pretty powerful spot to be. I'd much rather the Democrats have it than not.
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