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  1. I think that the current NFL schedule is great, it has nice symmetry with the scheduling year to year being so predictable. Back when I cared, I could calculate just off the top of my head when the Redskins would next play the Raiders (my college roommate's team). That's cool. Letting more teams into the playoffs is bad. Teams that are bad in the regular season should not be in the postseason. And while postseason blowouts happen sometimes no matter what, they're gonna be a helluva lot less fun if it's a 13-3 #2 seed crushing a helpless 8-8 squad that never should be have been there in the first place. Both ideas are bad, but the 17 game season is worse, since it exposes the players to more punishment and injury, and for what? So that teams will be even more injured come playoff time?
  2. ? Are you agreeing with me? I'm just pointing out the huge financial disparity between Bloomberg and everyone else. When previously raising $3 million in a single night would be a great accomplishment, now it's just a drop in the bucket.
  3. Of course a great fundraising night for Warren was $3 million. Bloomberg has spent more than that in the past 4 hours.
  4. It's probably too late for Warren. Her support in polls is way down, and most of Nevada has already voted. So any momentum that she picked up last night will disappear when Nevada results come in and she fails to show much movement. Which is a shame, because she was the clear winner last night. If Bloomberg doesn't completely crater at the polls, it is proof that debates do not matter. He wasn't just bad, he was atrocious. He seemed unprepared, arrogant, callous and completely out of touch with the democratic electorate. It really did feel like the Democrats had invited an anti-Trump Republican onto the stage (which they sorta did). This is a good reminder that anti-Trump Republicans are very different from Democrats.
  5. Buttigieg and Klobuchar seem to genuinely hate each other.
  6. Bloomberg is getting destroyed. I have never seen a debate performance this bad since Rubio robot. This is honestly uncomfortable to watch. Bloomberg paid 400 million to let this happen?!
  7. In hindsight, yes. But I'm not sure even Bloomberg expected Biden to be quite this vulnerable, where anything but a win in SC could be a potential killing stroke. I think Bloomberg did what he did on the assumption that every other candidate was focusing on the first four, while he would have the ST states all to himself, and his boatloads of cash would go the furthest. This assumption seems 100% correct, a huge portion of the Democratic electorate seems to know Bloomberg only from his ads. In contrast, SC is a lot more saturated, and as a relatively small media market, Bloomberg would face a lot more competition from his primary rivals for ad space.
  8. Really not the time or place, but without knowing my experience with hospitals, you really shouldn't be joking about that shit.
  9. Warren's not a democrat? That's disappointing. Enjoy the wilderness, it sounds like we're gonna be here for a while.
  10. Vote Sanders! Only the third worst candidate in the Democratic Field!
  11. I'd like to hear more about this voidcrab candidate. Do you have a link to a newsletter or podcast I could check out?
  12. Drew Brees is coming back, just like everyone expected he would. Probably safe to assume this is his last rodeo though.
  13. Huh? Bringing together the Democratic Party cannot be done because "the system" divides them?
  14. But should it really be either/or? Don't you think that candidates should be making an appeal both to unity and to the changes they would make?
  15. Are you arguing the messenger does not matter, so long as the policies are good enough? That...does not match my experience.