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  1. The 2022 Warriors are not as scary as the 2015 Warriors because the Big 3 of Curry/Green/Thompson are not what they were 7 years ago. But the other talent around them is just as good (different, obviously). We'll see if their stars can recapture enough magic to win again. I expect they're just too much for the Mavs. The Celtics in particular don't feel like a great matchup for GSW since they have so many great defenders to throw at the GSW guards. I expected the Warriors to win game 1 at home against a Mavs team that emotionally is still recovering from game 7. I'm sure that the Mavs will have a hot shooting night or two and get wins that way. But on a night when both teams are shooting about the same, I expect the Warriors to win every time. They just get better looks with their passing and have more defensive versatility than the Mavs do.
  2. The Warriors were going at Luka all night and it worked. I'm sure the Mavs will have a hot shooting night or two, but overall this looks like the Warriors series to lose. The Mavs have to balance between putting out strong defenders and dangerous shooters. The Warriors don't have to choose.
  3. First person account from a Russian infantryman. Like anything, it's almost impossible to verify if this is real or propaganda put out by Ukraine (definitely not Russian propaganda given how FUBAR everything is). Highlights include: Russian troops are given only 15 bullets to learn how to shoot, then sent to the front lines. Receive no training on how to use any other weapons and just have to ask fellow soldiers how to use things like machine guns or grenades. The company he is in was so understrength that it was in the field for a week with just 13 troops, 8 of them fresh replacements. They were so weak that Ukrainian military didn't consider them a worthwhile artillery target.
  4. But of course not everything is going the Russian's way. Further north (east of Kharkiv), the Ukrainians have made an official statement that they have crossed the Donets in two locations. Note that the Lyman in this map (east of Kharkiv) is different from the one surrounded by Russia in my previous post.
  5. For the first time in many weeks there are signs of real battlefield successes for Russia. The massed bombardment of the Donbas area seems to be paying off.
  6. The Ukrainians have demonstrated that they are not going to cower in fear at the threat of Russian nukes. If Russia says that Kherson and Mariupol are actually Russian territory, I'm pretty doubtful that the Ukrainians will change their approach at all. If Russia chooses to use nukes in Ukraine, then Russia will either be destroyed completely (along with much of the rest of the world) or will become a global pariah, abandoned even by their current allies like China and India. Absolutely no one wants to see nuclear missiles deployed, and a pithy statement about annexing territory isn't going to change that.
  7. It seems like the Suns have been trying to convince him that he's not quite a max player and should settle for a deal that is close to, but not quite, max. Exactly how good a players needs to be to get a max contract of course depends on that player's leverage over the team. It is hard to put into words just how bad that game 7 loss was for Phoenix. Not only are they out early in a year when they had the best record. But between Paul's age and Ayton contract (along with several other guys who need to get paid like Bridges and Crowder) there is real doubt about whether they can hope to have as good a team next year. This was a team taking a shot at a championship, and that shot missed. If they bite the bullet and pay Ayton whatever is necessary then next year Paul is a year older and the team is without at least a couple of role players as salary cap casulaties. Is the championship window still open? I'm not sure.
  8. About the Russian News, that one guy seems to be the voice of "winning the war in Ukraine will be hard/impossible". He made a similar statement on TV on Feb 20 that the Russian forces would have a very difficult time in Ukraine. He appeared a month ago saying that they were overstretched and Ukraine is not collapsing at all. Then this appearance. It is odd that this one guy seems to get a monthly appearance to give an accurate depiction of the war, and no one else. I don't know if this is Putin trying to keep his options open or if someone at a lower level is just able to squeeze this level of dissent in.
  9. I hope those men and women somehow get the medical treatment they need and find their way to proper treatment in POW camps. But I'm not at all confident of that. {further down this thread}
  10. It is hard to believe how bad the Suns were, in game 7, at home. This was a team that was undefeated at home this postseason and almost assuredly had 3 of the 4 best players in the game. If one guy is off, that happens sometimes in game 7 and you just gotta pick up the slack. But instead it was just terrible, terrible offense from all three Suns stars. In the first half, Paul/Ayton/Booker combined for 6 points and just one field goal (a dunk by Ayton). That would be terrible for any one of them, but for all three?!
  11. Doesn't always work that way. Stalin died in his bed after killing multiple generations of Soviet leaders.
  12. Putin health rumors really don't feel worthwhileto discuss. We don't have any way of getting information that can be trusted short of Putin making a statement and resigning. So any statement or rumor from other Russian sources is just reading tea leaves about whether it's propaganda or not.
  13. Further reporting that the Russians have run out of steam (again) and that they are moving to the defensive. They may still engage in small scale offensives like trying to surround and capture Sevierodonetsk, but by and large the Russian army is out of rocket fuel. The initiative has passed to Ukraine to kick the Russians out of their country.
  14. Alternatively, he could just be trying to renegotiate the deal. Twitter's stock is way down (all tech stocks are in the past few weeks) and a lot of senior people have left. If he could invalidate this deal, he could potentially buy it again in the near future and pay 50 or 70 cents on the dollar of what was previously agreed.
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