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  1. Pfizer shot for 5-11 group found safe and effective. So the target is around Halloween to have shots available for the 5-11 age group. Further good news is there was no indication of myocarditis in the test group. Less good news is the information Pfizer has put out is focusing on antibodies, not overall effectiveness. The antibody response was good (yay) but the fact that they aren't talking about overall effectiveness means it is probably lower than the ~92+% effectiveness found in the Pfizer vaccine previously. Which isn't terribly surprising with Delta everywhere, but still a bit unfortunate. I also wish they would just release the number, so we could know whether it is 85% or 75% or worse. But on the whole, I'm glad as hell that this data is coming out and we can finally get some protection for younger kids.
  2. It was a pretty good game, but both teams made some really big mistakes - the kind of thing that almost always loses the game. Washington had an interception deep in thier territory and a missed FG in the final 2:20. And they won.
  3. Both those teams deserved to lose. But I guess the Giants deserved it a little more?
  4. Both those teams deserved to lose. But I guess the Giants deserved it a little more?
  5. But it's important to add that the areas that Republicans are being less aggressive comes with the advantage (for them) that they solidify their weaker seats as well. So less sure losses for Dmeocrats, but less opportunities for a pickup too.
  6. Biden's strategy on COVID has been to rely on vaccines and virtually nothing else, which is disappointing. What about making rapid tests more widely available? Providing clear recommendations for schools on how to reopen safely, along with the resources to meet those recommendations? Making a federal standard for which masks actually work so that people aren't relying on cloth masks anymore? Making clear statements based on the science on 3rd boosters, rather than letting the govt get ahead of its skis and turning it into a complete fiasco?
  7. Our COVID response has been shockingly bad, and has improved less than I hoped with Biden taking over.
  8. That's really only true if you include "the past" as a region, because the majority of those deaths occurred before vaccines became widely available in spring of this year (in US at least). Deaths since March or so have been overwhelmingly among the unvaccinated, but that is still a much smaller raw number than we saw in spring 2020 or winter 20/21.
  9. Not only that, but what does that say about someone, that they expect you to be less than you are to better fit their needs? That is bullshit. I wouldn't want any friend like that, and even less so a partner.
  10. Season 2 is below 1, 3, and 4, because it feels so separate, and a lot of the characters don't have a ton to do. But it's still an excellent season.
  11. I definitely think it was remorse. He didn't have any puffery left at that point.
  12. That's right, last year the old broken down qb was Smith not Fitz. But you are definitely wrong that he was clearly not going to play in the week leading up to it, virtually all of the reporters and talking heads said that Smith would find a way to go for a playoff game. I don't know where you're getting the idea that it was obvious he wasn't going to go in the week before. Perhaps by Friday/Saturday it was getting to be fairly clear, but for most of the week (when prep was actually occurring) the assumption was that it would be Smith.
  13. It's a real shame that Heineke is not actually good. He looked decent (not great) in the playoff game vs TB, but that was because Tampa had clearly been prepping for Fitzpatrick all week, and they are very different players. Once teams know what to expect with Heineke, I fully expect some really ugly performances.
  14. I thought that was what the Architect said. That the One was an anomaly that the machines could not eliminate, they could only seek to control.
  15. Showing the best side of yourself isn't lying. You want to meet someone that helps you be the best person that you can be, so give them an idea of what that person would look like.
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