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  1. Well they're averaging 115 points a game, so I think expecting the Clippers D to do a bit better is pretty realistic. If the Clippers were losing games 100-97, I wouldn't be emphasizing the defensive end. The Jazz defense is too good to expect LAC to score 115+ against them four times.
  2. Doncic and Mitchell are good, but they are also the only really dynamic offensive players on thier respective squads. The jazz have a great defender in gobert, but his offense isn't special. In the playoffs, good defensive teams like the clippers are supposed to be able to shut down or at least limit one dimensional teams. That is why the clippers are probably headed for another second round exit.
  3. It is very strange to watch the Nets seemingly good defense in spite of not having particularly good defenders and the Clippers terrible defense in spite of having three guys who have been on all-defense teams. I don't know why the Bucks can't figure out the Nets defense, they weren't having any trouble with the Heat's defense, which was much better statistically than Brooklyn's. But if they have to rely on holding Brooklyn under 85 points to win then they are certainly not going to win 3 more.
  4. I expect the Bucks win tonight but still lose the series.
  5. Paul winning a ring this year would be pretty awesome, Phoenix is a likeable and fun to watch team. But I really really don't see it happening. I expect the winner of Clippers/Jazz to win the West and I don't really see how Phoenix could possibly handle the Nets. Maybe if the Sixers somehow make the Finals they could do it, but that doesn't feel likely.
  6. Yeah, both those franchises have been pretty wedded to practical effects and suits rather than CGI, which definitely helps them age. Aliens from 1986 still looks really great, aside from some of the technology the humans use in 2200 looks very 1980s.
  7. We are having real frustrations with vaccine hesitancy in my wife's family. She has a big family and almost all live in Delaware. Of her 7 siblings only two are vaccinated. Of the other five, they are varying degrees of anti-vax, but the overarching argument they all bring up is: - They already had COVID, so they don't need a shot. - Because they already had COVID, they'll probably get sick from side effects from the shot and for what? We explain that with the variants it's just a matter of time before they get COVID again, but they just ignore this. This is doubly frustrating because my father-in-law is immunocompromised and in poor health. He doesn't go out much and has been lucky enough not to get COVID thus far, but if he does, he will be in very real danger. But even that argument doesn't move people ("I don't see dad much!") It is extremely frustrating. And it makes us take way more precautions when we visit than we would have to otherwise and people are getting tired of dealing with that. We're tired of dealing with it too! If only there were some widely available free miracle drug that made it so we didn't need to take these kinds of precautions anymore Overall it sucks, and it has damaged my wife's relationship with her siblings.
  8. So I enjoy baking or grilling fish. My wife loves shellfish but has complained that whenever I make fish, it feels too dry (not the same as overcooked), doubly so since I like to serve it with rice. She wants her fish to be very saucey to make the rice more interesting. Do people have any recommendations for what I should do? I usually make salmon or tilapia, although I could find other fish I suppose. But even when I cover it with a marinade, like salmon with a honey mustard sauce or tilapia with soy ginger, usually most of it cooks off by the time the fish is ready. I could just add more sauce, but I worry about the fish cooking weird if part of it is submerged and part isn't. Thoughts?
  9. But we don't really know that the Prophet is indeed defeated. All our information on that is secondhand and from unreliable sources. We can be sure there's significant turmoil in the Gurkish empire, but it remains to be seen whether Khalul is regrouping somewhere or truly dead and gone.
  10. Big game tonight in Brooklyn. Harden has already been ruled out, so if the Bucks are going to steal one in NY, this is the time. If they are 0-2 without having to face Harden then it's safe to say they aren't going to win this series.
  11. Watched Train to Busan last night. Good zombie flick, and I don't even particularly enjoy zombie movies. I'm starting to think I should check out more South Korean cinema because the last two movies I've seen were this and the excellent Parasite. Definitely recommend Busan for anyone interested in a zombie story with decent characters and claustrophobic action. A few plot points seemed overly contrived:
  12. Porzingis looked like just a guy out there. Not bad, but nothing special, definitely not what you'd expect from a player earning max money. His game would seem well suited for the modern NBA, but for whatever reason it just isn't coming together for him. Some of that can be laid at the feet of coaching. Planting Porzingis in the corner does open up room for Doncic to drive, but it also means that he has to do everything. By game 7, it looked like Luka was exhausted trying to beat the Clippers singlehandedly. When the Clippers went small (which they did often), the Mavs didn't counter by giving Porzingis the chance to use his size to dominate the boards or do post-up offense. If he could have done so successfully, the Mavs probably win the series, because the Clippers really wanted to go small, and the Mavs were unable to punish. I assume that the reason the Mavs didn't do that is because the coaches didn't have confidence that Porzingis could actually dominate smaller players like Batum, George or Morris (all three are 6-8). Which for a 7-3 guy is pretty awful. But for the time being, there's not much the Mavs can do about it. Porzingus is under contract for the next 3 years and they are going to pay Doncic max money, so they aren't going to have a lot of cash available until 2024. They could potentially trade Porzingus for a different guy with a terrible contract like John Wall, Kevin Love or Kemba Walker (all three of those guys have contracts up in 2023). But that's about it. The Mavs gambled on Porzingis realizing his potential, and it looks like that gamble has failed.
  13. Without a doubt in The Rock Sean Connery is playing someone very much like James Bond. Whether he actually is James Bond is debatable, as I don't find much of the "evidence" posted above to be terribly compelling. I feel like if they really wanted to amp up the James Bond comparison they'd need to have him seduce some rich married woman in the ~ 90 minutes he was free.
  14. Sure, no argument there. I'm not saying it's a terrible trade, just one that I don't like. My philosophy is that you win under the salary cap by having guys who match or outplay their contracts. Julio is paid like a top 5 receiver, so the best you're going to get is him matching his contract. He also carries injury concerns given his age. In contrast, a 2nd round pick, while usually not as impactful as Jones, has a very good chance of outplaying his contract, because 2nd rounders are woefully underpaid. If that 2nd rounder turns out to be a decent starter at really any position, then that's a big win for a GM.
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