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  1. I also understand that the show should be at the point where production costs are on a downward slope - the CGI models have been mostly built and hard surfaces on clean vectors in space is a lot easier to animate than say...hair. If someone gets to it before any of the sets are torn down they have a good stock of that all built up. I'm not saying its going to be a cheap show by any means, but they have a lot of resources already done and the effects needed are often of the easier to do variety. There is also the potential to write the story from here to reduce costs if the budget had to be reduced, but that wouldn't even have come into the picture with the way the licensing deal with SyFy worked.
  2. The numbers for per episode that I've seen a $5million per episode, so the cost to make the show itself is presumably around $65 million per season. I understand that SyFy's licensing deal was paying for the majority of the costs given the rest of the international distribution deal was not a good one, so probably at least $50 million on top of that. Normally you'd then be adding marketing on top of that, but it feels like SyFy have barely spent a cent on that when the fan/actor/production crew campaign to save it seems to be the most publicity its gotten. The only real marketing its had has been the rave reviews from critics, not widespread advertising.
  3. I sure as fuck haven't. This was the one that I got argued into thinking maybe they had turned over a new leaf, but they're the same old cynical company that smothers their shows and cancels them far too easily. I'm the most upset that I've been by anything since Farscape and I've not been able to engage with any of it as a result. The show is so gorgeous, the actors are so invested. I can't believe its being killed off because of bullshit poor business choices and the same people that demand diversity and (rightfully) laud things like B99 for it don't give The Expanse a scrap of credit for the same.
  4. While I don't think its a redemption arc, I do think there is more to it than a bog standard narrative. I saw a video on youtube the other day running through Fords goodbye speech and it reads like it may be about William - most of them don't care about the narratives, they're just there to kill and fuck, but William has been searching for something more for decades, he's the one that is still watching. So the narrative of season 2 is written for him, which fits with how he seems to have special rules/oversight for his "campaign" in season 2. The best I see for him morally is something akin to Walter White and the catharsis of his admission to Skyler. My read on Nolan explicitly confirming Maeve's act was one of free will but being ambiguous on Dolores doesn't change my read of the character, but it does suggest that they wanted us to be uncertain. I just can't see that scene where the voices in her head transition meaning anything other than her awakening, unless the argument is that the bicameral mind doesn't grant sapience anyway - that was the pinnacle of Arnolds attempt at creating life and he failed. Maeve may be the culmination of Fords attempt and she has succeeded - she doesn't appear to have the voices to the extent Dolores has, or at least we've not seen them? It's her drive for her daughter that has exceeded her programming.
  5. Yup ^ Taxes have been cut repeatedly while we sold off all the revenue raising assets in the first round. Shockingly this has resulted in government revenue collapsing, so we just cut the rampant spending! It's a framing that entirely favours the small government ideology and if you believe in a bigger government that does more for its people you need to stop buying into it.
  6. They've explicitly said she's merged with Sam in the show, but I think there's a decent chance she's also merged with Pa. The thing with the conflicted loyalties is that she's pissed at Fred for working with Dawes and had gotten away from him on purpose, I don't see her going back to him but if the issue was personal rather than political she could jump over and go all the way to black sky OPA (who we have seen in the show - they tried to kill Avasarala). There isn't really a more moderate group to try. I did think the relationship with Dawes was depicted as potentially intense, like he had the power over her of an abusive partner. It need not have actually been a romantic relationship for him to have that and her to want to get away.
  7. This was my take - I said last week I didn't think it would have worked on Dolores either. There is clearly sufficient backing for both for differing interpretations, I rewatched just before the season started and nothing I saw made me feel like a dystopia was out of the question. There is the "disease cured" etc stuff, but that doesn't rule out a very unequal world still being possible. And nothing I've seen explains away the techs if its a utopia. Somewhere between the two is obviously possible.
  8. karaddin


    I tend to just think of it as "Firefly done right" since I'm in the minority of nerds that didn't love Firefly I do remember taking more than 4 episodes to get into it, episodic narrative generally isn't my thing. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with it, and it is absolutely the atmosphere but I'd also say its a character driven narrative which does generally work for me. There are some break downs of the technical skill exhibited by it that really enhance my appreciation of it as well, I love when you can pick it apart and have the mastery on display pointed out to you without knowing the craft yourself. I watched it around 2007-2008, so it wasn't nostalgia in my case, and by the time it finished I thought it was the best anime I'd seen (I'd still peg it there) and has one of the most perfect endings of anything ever. Re: Length of shonen - One Piece just cleared 900 chapters in the manga, the anime is up to 835 now. Its a ridiculously imposing thing to try and start, and the excessive recap times at the start of the episode etc don't help (they're one of the ways it does 'filler') - if you get in a groove of where you need to skip to at the start of each episode, cutting out the previously and the intro+credits gets it down to like 17 minutes per episode. I know there is a fan cut of it called One Pace which edits it to remove filler etc, but I think it only started a few arcs back - Punk Hazard. You'd still need to get that far on your own, or read the manga. The manga is fantastic though, Oda packs so much into his panels and normally a ton of panels per page - 1 chapter of bleach was the equivalent of like 2 pages of one piece.
  9. Because the reveries update included "these violent delights have violent ends" as a trigger phrase that started hosts that were close to waking up on the path to transcending their limitations. As mentioned earlier, most hosts that hit this point and were unshackled broke rather than waking, like what happened to Peter Abernathy after he triggers Dolores (and he was in turn triggered by the photo - I credit this sequence of events to Ford). The scene with the fly is shortly after he says this to her, and was to indicate that she has changed. @Theda Baratheon and I were arguing during season 1 that this is the kind of world we are seeing. In the middle of season 1, when grumpy tech catches Felix working on the stolen bird he says something like "they should have caught these defects and aborted you before you were born" which suggests a world with a very rigid caste system and genetic filtering of fetuses to comply with the caste they are being born into. Its also the psychological piece of the puzzle for why they went to such extreme lengths obeying Maeve to keep their crimes covered up - they would lose their jobs if they confessed to what had happened, and in such a society, losing your job means getting demoted a caste if not all the way to the bottom which would be a fate worse than death. That was only a theory granted, but it fits the behaviour we have seen from the staff, what we have seen of the world, and explains that behaviour. It even still fits with William and Logan's contempt for him - he was in the mid level businessman/bureaucrat caste and was extremely rare individual that managed to rise to the executive caste through working his ass off and playing the game ruthlessly - see Logan utterly dripping with contempt when he describes giving the job to William and how much it meant to William. Under normal circumstances this is as high as he should ever have been able to rise, and it was the pinnacle of his life - still fitting with what Logan says at the time - but the combination of marrying into the elite capitalist caste and psychologically destroying his boss and brother-in-law, leaving his father-in-law in need of an heir. From S02E02 he clearly continues his ruthless behaviour, freezing his FIL out of the company slowly and being the one in a million that manages to rise to the very top and ascend the throne. As was mentioned up thread there is even the mirroring of what FIL says to him in S02E02 "You're a cheeky cunt, not a man alive speaks to me that way" to what William says in (earlyish? to Lawrence?) season one "Out in the real world no one dares to talk to me that way" or something to that effect. In combination with the argument with the (Chinese?) solider/sailor where the Delos exec essentially says "we own this island, get the fuck off and don't say a word about what you've seen here" its seems to me that the capitalist elite have equivalent power to nation states.
  10. karaddin

    Feminism -- A continuing discussion

    On the relative difficulty of calling out racism vs sexism - I wouldn't say Australia is more or less racist than the US, however the racism is different. America is very aware of the existence of racial dynamics and tensions in society, regardless of where an individual stands on them. Australia on the other hand likes to go for pretending we aren't racist and refusing to see that its a problem, we're the "land of a fair go" or so we like to claim, even as we're enacting bipartisan policies that amount of "White Australia 2.0". That said we also like to be quite blind to sexism, I think it's my personal circumstances/history that make that easier to call out - I've been on both sides of the fence, so even if someone doesn't accept I'm right they're not so thrown that I'm bringing it up as a potential issue. And a bit of harmless* sexism is part of the Aussie larrikin spirit, along with friendly** ribbing, so its again more acceptable to be talking about it. None of which makes it any less important to be calling out the racism I see, quite the opposite in fact. But its just as important to do it right, people don't tend to learn when they get defensive. *Not actually harmless **Friendliness to be determined
  11. karaddin

    Feminism -- A continuing discussion

    Yup. Its really hard to stand up and do this, it feels like such a confrontation and (as someone who is generally very conflict averse IRL) I'm really bad at living up to my ideals on this front. And unsurprisingly, the part I'm the worst at is doing this when it comes to racism. Blatant racism is actually easier to call out in this regard than more low key stuff, since most other people will at least see it when you call it out, but when its more subtle and insidious that's less the case. And the kind of nagging doubts that get used to rationalise inaction is that I'll essentially use up my social capital on pursuing everything rather than calling out the ones that hit home, and there is a level of truth to it. But the solution is to improve how I call it out rather than avoiding doing so. I aspire to be as good an ally to others as I want people to be to me, and I fall short of that. Admitting the difficulty and the failure is the first step to doing better though. Recognising the importance of shutting down discourse like this is necessary to actually change it.
  12. I'd assumed that Logan's experiences in the park left him severely scarred, leaving him unable to work and leading to his decision to start using drugs. I don't think it was that that William displayed more of a killer instinct. Getting dragged around naked as an observer while your future brother in law commits heinous acts, then sends you off into the wilderness still naked and tied up under the hot sun is rather traumatic.
  13. Immortality was what I'd assumed Delos were angling for with their interest in the IP. The Facebook angle didn't even occur to me. ATK - that's much more in the ball park of what I was expecting. I was really thrown by people thinking it was the size of a US state, it had me wondering if the states are much smaller than I thought. That said, there is some truth to that - I'd have thought Arizona and New South Wales were similar sizes, but NSW is 2.5-3x larger. Part of that is just not seeing them side by side, but the Mercator projection really skews perception of this stuff as well. That's still an order of magnitude larger than what you're talking though at 300000 square kilometers.
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    Utena is great but I can see it wouldn't be for everyone, I'd definitely give it a try but if you find aspects of it grating then I'd trust your gut response. Cowboy Bebop is the one that's one every "must watch" pretentious list but actually is that good. Technically, narratively and emotionally its superb. Kill la Kill is by the same guy that did Gurren Lagann and also escalates awful fast once you get further into it. Stein's Gate is hyped up and I'd say deservedly so. Baccano! is also great and these two are in the category that actually have good dubs as well if you want to watch something that doesn't require the attention that subtitles do. The latter is a Guy Ritchie style heist story filled with zany characters and a narrative that is unclear at first. Worth watching just the title sequence if you can't be bothered watching the whole thing. FMA: Brotherhood always comes up. I missed getting on the boat for this early as I watched and enjoyed the original one so just put off starting the adaptation, it disappeared off netflix just as I started it. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (along with Death Note) hit at the peak of the golden age of anime, its a mecha political thriller. I really liked it, and its a good time to get on it as there is an unexpected 3rd season on the way now. And yes, ATLA and Korra absolutely. Even if you have country of origin misgivings, give them a go anyway.
  15. karaddin

    U.S. Politics: The Flood Shall Wash Away The Cobbs

    Happy to talk more, will PM so its not a huge tangent in here haha.