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  1. Depends on the location and nature of the prison, normal gravity might only apply in close proximity to the ground - I didn't notice the clones following a ballistic trajectory in the time it took them to disappear - looked pretty linear?
  2. karaddin

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    There was a thing about him having stolen the armor, but I don't remember if that's nucanon or legends ETA: Checked on the wiki, legends version he was Mandalorian, nucanon he claims to be from Concord Dawn (a mando world) but is disavowed by the mando government who say he's a pretender. His armor is also regular steel not the fancy stuff Pedro is collecting in this pilot.
  3. karaddin

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    It's not a bounty hunter thing, it's a national/cultural identity thing that belongs to the Mandalorians. They're from a planet, Mandalore, which has a very martial tradition with a heavy focus on honor and other parts of a warrior code. They were a historical rival to the republic that, in the old EU/legends was defeated by the Jedi in a *very* brutal war over a thousand years before the current time (comes up but not on screen in the games Knights of the Old Republic 1&2). My memory is rusty on the more recent history, but Mandalore was a fallen empire shortly before the clone wars with a leader that was trying to change the culture and was the functional leader of a neutral faction through the clone wars, however it's leader was displaced in a coup by a terrorist group (called Death Watch) that celebrated the old ways and wanted to turn Mandalore back into an empire, only to have their leader challenged and killed by Maul which left the Mandalore faction being run by a criminal syndicate. This led to a Republic invasion to try liberate the planet in "The Siege of Mandalore" which will be shown in the upcoming season of The Clone Wars, only to have Palps execute order 66 right as victory was attained, leaving Mandalore conquered by the Empire. This led to it being pillaged by Imperials and collaborators and leaving the trappings of old Mandalore a highly symbolic thing, hence the reverence for the armor. As they could no longer be conquerors, those particularly drawn to the warrior code and not inclined to work for the Empire wound up bounty hunters.
  4. I didn't think the rights were indefinite, but at least another year. I had a quick look and couldn't confirm how long, but the characters are with Netflix for 2 years after cancellation so I assume the rights to the shows are at least that long.
  5. karaddin

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    This breakdown of the various ST teasers and trailers does a great job of analysing exactly how they're manipulating us (as all marketing aims to do) into being excited by these trailer reveals. And it really reinforced what I already thought, which is that the people making these trailers are some of the best at their craft. I definitely think that pretty much everything covered, especially the notes touching on saying goodbye to Leia, are intentional and speak very much to my emotional reception of these last two movies. The use of the counter melody from Leia's theme in particular seems a very clever and delicate way to evoke this absence. Remembered to post this after the conversation in the Mandalorian thread as I thought Relic might be interested in this break down of how we are played like an instrument.
  6. karaddin

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    What I would say is that Relic has high standards for entertainment which combines with his (reasonable) cynicism/concern regarding the market dominance of Disney to mean new Star Wars has a high bar to clear. I can definitely get why you'd have not been impressed under those circumstances. I'm watching with a low bar and willing to give the show a boost to get over it, and I enjoyed it a fair bit but wouldn't say it was perfect. A solid enough pilot with a premise I'm interested in that will need to improve - as many shows do after their pilot episode. I also love both cartoon series that Filoni has done, so I know I'm interested in stories he's telling.
  7. karaddin

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    It had too many moments that felt purely for fan service, but I enjoyed it and hope to see it improve dramatically. This was quite clearly the prologue of the story to come, and there have been many shows I've loved that start with an imperfect pilot. They're making Pedro's job even harder by barely letting him even speak. His entire acting performance is having to be portrayed through unusual stillness, which he's still making work, but I want more.
  8. karaddin

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Yeah that's my read on it too. "The future is powered by you. And we know you." Its that line.
  9. And I'll be happy that the plots are integrated so I'm consistent too :p
  10. karaddin

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    Oh it wasn't omitted due to forgetfulness. I guess I'll give them "board and card games an electronic format". I mean there was some kind of even in the sort of venue you'd watch opera at, during which a conversation took place that I do remember but have no idea what they were actually watching.
  11. karaddin

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    Generally speaking star wars has advanced hardware but absolute bollocks software. The exception is droids, but perhaps they are accomplished through some weird other mechanism. There's a real lack of leisure activities in general though, other than drinking at cantinas with live music and opera on coruscant.
  12. karaddin

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    Did he get the same healing treatment as Luther in Umbrella Academy? Is he going to be even wider now? Mikey Neumann/FilmJoy on YT had a 3 part series on the Harry Potter films and just how incredible an undertaking it was to a) produce 8 films telling a coherent story in 10 years and b ) not just manage to tell the story but actually make them mostly good movies with a variation in tone and style that matured with the audience the same as the books. For all that we get disappointed when these movies fail to string together its easy to forget just how high they're aiming when they try do this. The series really made me appreciate the HP movies more, and in general he's a fantastic youtuber for finding things to enjoy and love in movies - its certainly improved my enjoyment watching things I had never intended to watch after watching his take on what was good about it. Its an attitude shift from my previous cynical viewing that tried to find flaws, and I'm happier for it. To be fair to the PT (something I never expected to say) the love story is actually central to the plot, its the the weakness that lets Palps manipulate him. The problem isn't that the love story exists, its that its the most poorly executed love story ever.
  13. karaddin

    (Spoilers) Mr. Robot final season

    No nerd of Elliot's calibre and dedicate does enough cardio for that much running lol. That moment at the end holding hands with Darlene was worth it though
  14. karaddin

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    Maybe they'll get someone gorgeous to play an older Bo-Katan - surely she wouldn't have to wear a helmet so much anymore. I could happily swoon lots.
  15. You'd think some of the piles of money from civil forfeiture could be used to repay people whose houses they blew up