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  1. @DMC - this article https://www.asianhospitality.com/marriott-trains-half-a-million-employees-on-preventing-human-trafficking/ was linked in the second tweet of the Twitter thread I posted. Your acceptance of it as a bad thing will of course be contingent on whether you think most sex work is trafficking or view single women in hotels being assessed as potential sex workers as being ok.
  2. 1) A major hotel chain publishing that it's training it's staff in techniques that are clearly meant to identify sex workers and results in profiling all single women is not an anecdote. My example with the Uber sure, someone saying they were profiled in a hotel sure, but major company training practices are not. 2) They should not have passed the bill, they should not have been looking to pass any bill that will harm a large number of women and undermine the fabric of the internet. And yes, I argue that forcing companies to stop servicing customers globally to suit the law of one country is a major blow to what the internet was supposed to be. Bad action is worse than no action. 3) My point was a general one that people are trafficked into slavery in multiple industries and all of them are terrible, but the only one that gets any attention from the media or politicians is the sex industry. I'm out at the moment and can't dig up the statistics on my phone but I think in Australia the largest industry for forced labour was agriculture or construction or something like that - manual labour.
  3. The shut down of online sites hasn't just hurt sex workers in the US but even those in other countries where said sex work is legal. Maybe I'm misreading your claim on the last page but to suggest it hasn't hurt sex workers is having your head deeply in the ground. It's not even just sex workers being hurt, single women are now being profiled by certain businesses because of the possibility they might be doing sex work My wife and I are pretty sure she was being profiled last week by an Uber driver in Sydney while traveling in daylight. This shit gets done in the name of "stopping trafficking" but it results in reducing women's rights. Everything in the article in the second tweet in that linked thread is spotting a sex worker, not a person in distress. That's not a bug, that's the intent. And trafficking isn't just about sex work, but victims of trafficking in other industries never get raised as a priority by politicians or anyone else.
  4. @OldGimletEye yeah the criticism I've seen has been on the second score - her specific record, not the general fact of being a prosecutor. I'm not an expert on it myself so I'm not commenting on whether that criticism is accurate, but it is sincere from at least some sources whether they're right or not. I just think it's worth accepting that sincerity rather than confusing it for faux concern.
  5. karaddin

    Counterpart Starz Series (SPOILERS)

    There is an answer to how things/people could have been smuggled from one side to the other in the most recent episode of season 2 and it doesn't feel like a retcon. I'm not saying its definitely how she crossed over, I can't remember if we see her crossing in s1 or just things after the crossing, but its a way to smuggle which opens up the possibility its not the only one. They also don't necessarily have much intel on the others of people, intel gathering of some kind comes up in s2 as well. I'm not saying everything will be answered to your satisfaction, but for me there are enough explanations that I don't feel like there are glaring holes.
  6. karaddin

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Same. I loved the movie and I still wasn't convinced by that aspect. It just so happens that the parts of the movie that did work for me worked so well that this didn't significantly impact my enjoyment of the movie. I even think the "why they stopped in the middle of nowhere" is reasonably answered, but that answer doesn't make the chase work anyway. For the record I think that answer is that they were always going to Crait and simply stopped some distance away for <unspecified reasons>. In reality the unspecified reasons is "in case they're followed" which doesn't make sense in universe as they were not concerned about hyperspace tracking so its circular reasoning. I just don't think it can be a coincidence that the "middle of nowhere" place they stopped was within a couple of days of sublight travel from Crait, at sublight speeds you barely get anywhere at all. All the Luke and Rey and Kylo Ren stuff was more than enough to carry the movie for me and it wasn't the only thing I liked. When he finally took action, Luke's actions were the most perfect solution (to me) to the problem and the image of him meditating on a rock calling back to binary sunset as he faded to become one with the force was just such an emotionally powerful moment that I'd forgive a lot just for that.
  7. The federal government has completely lost control of the house at this point, I'm kinda amazed that the powerless backbenchers are still falling in line to hold onto "power" for as long as possible even though at this point its better in their long term interests to get the election over with and start rebuilding in opposition. And that's not even touching on the One Nation brawling. As I saw Sally Rugg point out on twitter, if a gay man had smeared blood on a door it would have been treated quite differently and more seriously - there absolutely should be criminal charges over this and the fight.
  8. I don't actually dispute your overall point that she's looking the strongest, but I think it would be a mistake to dismiss the people that have an issue with her history as though its just ideological objection from middle class white liberals or that sort. The people I've seen that have an issue are predominantly members of marginalised communities that have been on the receiving end of the practices she is defending. It's a genuine push back against harm they have seen done. I'm not saying that means you can't support her, just don't view it as anything other than sincere and genuine. I haven't seen anyone point this out yet, but it seems like things are getting to the point where the risk of assassination is part of the consideration for any Republicans that might consider "betraying" their own side. The emotion that surrounds betrayal tends to burn brighter and that would be up there for the sort of thing that would trigger an escalation, and I imagine the threat posed by extremists towards the other side is monitored more closely than the threat to their own side.
  9. karaddin

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Another illustrative if unpleasant example
  10. karaddin

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He's not the only example from current events. I wouldn't want Bolsonaro to have a death star either. And with the poor showing of competency and placing their own political fortunes ahead of the national good, I wouldn't way Theresa May or the current Australian government to have on either. There's no shortage of incompetency in national leadership roles at the moment. ETA: The rabid cur thing had a double meaning, it was ostensibly telling Kylo about Hux but it was just as much about Kylo himself and part of putting him down. It was stating exactly what Smoke was doing with him and it was a miscalculation on the part of the (less competent then he seemed) supreme leader that contributed to him getting offed. That's the part that had narrative pay off in the movie. I remain convinced the villains 'victory' at the end of the second movie plants the seeds for his ultimate fall. In the OT it was the loss of Luke's hand that reminded him of his connection to his father and pulled him back from the dark side that ultimately defeated the emperor. In this case Hux and the rest of the FO forces saw Kylo humiliated even in victory right after his ascension to the leadership, he will make the same mistake with respect to Hux that Snoke did with him. In the OT it was the redemption of Vader that saves them, I don't think that's going to be repeated and instead it will be the infighting and rabid ambition among the FO that does.
  11. karaddin

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are using the same meaning of incompetence. Money and numbers can more than make up for a short fall of competency if the difference is great enough. On the individual level someone incompetent and wild may do things that are harder to predict because they don't follow from a rational thought. Or they might harm themselves in a way a competent person would never do, that happens to harm you as well or even everyone just because they don't see or don't care about the consequences.
  12. karaddin

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, it's the entity as a whole that is the threat, irrespective of the incompetence of the individuals within it. I interpret that as being one of the main points, not an accident. We have a tendency to look at the prominent figures in a movement and dismiss the threat they pose if they're incompetent/a joke, but that can be a very bad idea that bites us in the ass. Someone wanting to carry out evil is a threat, whether we can understand why anyone would follow them or not. Take their promises of what they will do seriously.
  13. karaddin

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Incompetent or not, Poe still lost almost his entire fighter + bomber wing at the start of the movie and Ren wasn't even there for that. The only reason they didn't all die at the end of the movie was Luke creating a distraction and Rey being there with an evac ship big enough to carry the handful of resistance left and the ability to left rocks to clear the tunnel. The leader of the First Order military is a sputtering joke but that doesn't make them not a threat.
  14. karaddin

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I meant to detail more how I interpret it firing, it seemed to me like it charges from 0->100% in a linear fashion and 100% is what it could sustain as a beam, but once it hits 100% it jumps up to say 1000% for a pulse then shuts off which what we see as it "firing". Finn gets knocked out of the beam when it's probably around 75%.
  15. karaddin

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you seen the real world recently? The idea that Nazis are a collection of super efficient and competent people is itself a result of Nazi propaganda influencing how they were viewed. Evil people don't have to be competent to be a threat, the malicious motivations are what is the scary and threatening part. Not being bound by things like logic and integrity are really powerful when people on the other side keep thinking they're in a good faith debate. Regarding the Rose/Finn thing - it's not that his ship couldn't have reached the cannon before it "fired" - it's that the cannon firing isn't a single shot projectile - it's a laser beam powering up and Finn's skimmer was single digit seconds away from disintegrating in the heat and wouldn't have held together as an effective projectile. I don't think it's fair to criticise that from a writing perspective, but 100% fair to criticise it from not being clear visually that this is what was happening. I disagree, but what's clear to a person varies. I'm also amazed at someone in this thread acting like TLJ critics are martyrs when a significant majority of posts (and posters) in the last 5 pages are critical of the film. I wish it were otherwise because I personally loved it, but it clearly didn't deliver an experience that worked for the entirety of the SW fan base.