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  1. If you're trying to use a punishment as a method of adjusting someone's behaviour, the punishment needs to be timely. Yes - Putin got away with those, but that's already happened and reacting now is too disconnected to work like that. If its widely understood that highly damaging sanctions are the most the west is going to do, and you impose them before he's actually done anything, then there's no further deterrent to threaten. If there was a widespread impression that the west would actually get involved in the conflict, then this would be a different story - the sanctions wouldn't be the stick of last resort, but the impression I have and I'm pretty confident the impression Putin has, is that the west isn't going to do this. So if you go ahead and impose the sanctions now, he can either Capitulate completely and back off to the point demanded by the west to drop the sanctions Continue posturing without backing off, but also without actually going in while suffering the same international consequences he would for invading, or Decide he's already facing the worst consequences before even going in, so there's no reason not to go ahead with the invasion Personally I think (1) rather unlikely because of the impact on his domestic situation. (2) might be sufficient to stop his domestic power base from eroding, but given the limited cost difference between that and just going all in with (3) I wouldn't want to bet which choice he'd make. Imposing sanctions at this point would only make sense for an early round of much milder sanctions while still keeping the crippling ones as the stick of last resort, but you seem to be advocating for going all in at this point?
  2. I think The Expanse series just wrapped up nicely. It's not the very end of the story as far as the books go, but it's the ending of a bunch of narrative arcs and satisfying. I also though Dark made enough sense for me, but it requires viewing that story from the perspective of characters that are barely in it rather than the ones we follow I didn't find out that Naren was involved with Farscape for so long but it made me happy when I finally did. Everything I see from behind the scenes on The Expanse makes it clear that he set the tone for the production, and that that tone is encouraging, collaborative and positive. If you want to learn something, people will work with you on learning it and they made a great series together as a result.
  3. I think you may be confusing a statement that could have been due to Cintra being the most powerful for a statement that outright says it. The comment in season 2 that I recall was between the Redanian King and Dijkstra and it was that they could never have conquered Cintra directly, but now that Nilfgard had done so there was an opportunity. This could be true because Cintra were too strong, but it could also be true because Redanian aggression would have resulted in the other kingdoms allying against them. But with Nilfgard having made the first move they can sweep in as "Northern liberators" without the opposition.
  4. It never bothered me, but I think there's a very good chance they would make some changes in the adaptation that addressed these things. Especially with Alex gone in the show, they can bring in a new pilot and maybe a partner for Bobbie, a couple of other things like that. Drummers polyam belter fam will probably have grown again and she might not even still be the President of the TU. Hell, maybe they'll have Michio in the role by then, I actually think the personality they gave her in the show could very easily grow into that sort of role.
  5. But if that's our policy we need to be up front about it being the policy. We should not be giving a nudge nudge wink wink bullshit exemption only to renege because our party in government gets a whiff of political advantage out of it. If we're not going to let them in, don't say we will accept the exemption in the first place.
  6. NZ government hasn't systematically attacked the rule of law while giving the relevant ministry greatly inflated powers as part of a "let's torture asylum seekers to deter others from cooking here" policy though. It's all tangled up with Dutton grabbing as much personal power as possible and he was openly contemptuous of judicial review and drove multiple rounds of legislative change. I'm not even close to a lawyer, but my understanding of what was actually the bar in this case was "is the justification submitted by the Minister hypothetically in the ball park of rational/logical, whether or not it looks like that justification is actually why he did it". And in the case of "Djokovic's continued presence, given his public statements and now documented cases of not complying with measures here and in Europe, may encourage others to not follow public health directives". Which may or may not be accurate, but is a logically cohesive concern, even if we all know it's got jack shit to do with the minister's actual motives. ETA: And just to be clear, I think this is bad and just one of many examples of why it needs to be changed. Its just the only decision I think the justices could make under the current law.
  7. I suspect the numbers of risk/benefit anti vaxxers are greatly bolstered while you're succeeding at maintaining zero covid as they manage to fool themselves into thinking it can last indefinitely so they don't need to risk the vaxx. We had a decent number of 60+ that didn't get the AZ vaccine for months after they were able to as they had become convinced it was dangerous and ineffective so they were waiting for Pfizer. The number of these dropped considerably once the Delta outbreak started in June/July and the risk of covid went from negligible (due to no transmission in the community) to substantial.
  8. I'm sure they also would have liked to rule on the question "is the minister a dickhead for ruining our weekend by dropping this at 6:30pm on a Friday night". But yeah, I very much disagree with the law but it was pretty clear to me this was the only decision they could reach
  9. You'd probably be fine, but I'm not sure I'd want to deal with any countries immigration at the moment and especially not ours. Let us know if you do come though!
  10. Yeah I really can't see him winning this appeal. The powers are utterly fucked, and people getting outraged about that is what I was hoping might be a silver lining to this, but few people actually seem to give a shit. I don't really care about this particular case, I care about what we do to everyone that can't afford fancy lawyers and get massive publicity because if we're willing to be this petty to him you know it gets a lot worse. And there's a bunch of casual cruelty in how this is being done purely to flex having power over a guy like him.
  11. There was a comment last night about the majority of NSW hospitalizations still being Delta amongst the unvaccinated which is really saying something given the huge amount of omicron going around. We may still be having the disease wash through our community, but those ~20 months of delaying it accomplished a lot and saved a lot of lives.
  12. Naomi really deserved those fuck yous from drummer and she knew it. I think it speaks to one of the strengths of television as a medium that we have this incredible character who - despite being a composite of multiple book characters - is at this point a creation of the show, and only exists like this due to the performance of the actress blowing the show runners away. Books only get limited options to incorporate feedback from close sources, and even movie series don't have much leeway for recognising "this actor+character are great, we should find a way to increase their prominence" but some of my favourite characters in visual media have come from this exact dynamic in television.
  13. Oh I'm not, I know exactly what his guiding principal is and he doesn't tend to be shy about it. I just like to point it out for others when he tries to participate in the importation of his flavour of culture war into Aus
  14. My point was that your logic is inconsistent because it's actually irrelevant, your perceived ends justifies whatever you say in the moment.
  15. My opinion is that there shouldn't be the need for an exemption at this point for the reasons Impmk2 already laid out, and think this whole thing is down to a conservative PM thinking he can get a cheap win out of it - ironically FN has been a fan of Morrison in the past. Fuck this idea that he should get special exemptions due to who he is though. Claiming that's tall poppy syndrome certainly doesn't rank among the more intelligent things you've said. I'm unclear on whether the exemption in question is an exemption on needing to be vaccinated to enter (presumably due to recent infection granting the immune response) which seems above board if those are a thing we grant, or claiming a medical contraindication to the vaccination in which case that sounds like a pile of shit. The main issue on the exemption front would be if lower ranked players were unable to claim the same thing he was. I actually do think behaving like this is really shitty behaviour from a foreign affairs perspective, but again - FN was singing Morrisons praise for pissing off the French which was a lot worse, so not really sure he's got much ground to stand on for this being poor form.
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