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  1. I know Kay has already responded to this, but this seems a really unfair reaction to that post to be. Jace's apology was frank and honest and repeatedly emphasised her dislike of Kay in a way that also struck me as unnecessary in an apology, but also on it still being a clear and genuine apology. Kay's response was in the same vein of frank honesty and correcting the idea that the dislike is mutual is something that could prevent this kind of thing in the future, the main point is that her ignoring Jace is primarily about the tone wanted on this board and that ignoring her shouldn't be read as anything other than customising her board experience. An approach to ignoring that I thoroughly understand.
  2. The only surprising thing about that revelation was that someone would want to widely publicise a self own that bad.
  3. Yeah that's very much what I'm expecting as well @Xray the Enforcer In addition to the "out of the way" place, I also think this emotional response to the setting is intended, there is a lot going on and our perspective is so narrow. I definitely think the reread would be quite a different experience even if you aren't struggling with it.
  4. Well for one calling someone a centrist doesn't betray a bizarre fixation/anxiety around the idea of being made a cuckold. RINO probably would have been a better analogy. Also there's at least an actual major reason that drove the adoption of the left viewing centrism as a specific problem. As far as I can recall one of the original drivers of people using "cuckservative" was JEB! wearing mum jeans.
  5. Ironically the demonization of "centrism" largely stems from a great many people using that instead of critical thinking to determine the "reasonable" position. You don't need to analyse both sides and decide if one is completely valid and the other is without merit, just give equal weight to both sides, pick a compromise in the middle and you're done! You're the mature reasonable adult in the room and those that object to this approach are just being unfair. If you want to pick a single example of this to blame I'd point the finger squarely at the media and climate change. The backlash has spilled over into other areas and you certainly see the term used more widely than just cases of someone that treats their centrism as an ideology in and of itself, not I can understand where the back lash is coming from given that irresponsible shit is literally going to wreck our planets ability to sustain our civilization while that centrism - especially from the media - ensures we do nothing. On the lived experience thing obviously the level of trust you have in the person relating their experiences is going to have an impact on how much you take their word. For me I trust Kay enough that just her first post on the subject was sufficient for me to recognise that her assertion of a double standard with respect to under emphasising Warren's issues on that front, and also the issue more generally. I had primarily empathised with how one could honestly believe in this family story and check that box without intending ill, but that doesn't mean it's ok, and I had not empathised enough with the impact of this* on the Indigenous groups and that's a default perspective I feel I needed to change. Obviously if these assertions are coming from someone you don't trust then you're going to be less receptive to the message, best case you'll do further introspection on your own. Worst case you'll ignore it until someone explains it to your satisfaction or someone you do trust repeats the point. But in this case if you trust Kay's perspective on these matters that should really be all you need to hear to accept that this is an issue that causes a lot of grief to her family and that Warren could have done better. I know Kay extends that attitude towards other experiences that she doesn't have. *The impact of seeing the supposedly progressive party dismiss the impact on your community and refuse to take issues of racism against Indigenous groups with the same seriousness as other targets of racism.
  6. It was?? I thought I remembered it being advertised as GR. I don't really remember it at all. Maybe it was sold as Ritchiesque. Make that nothing since those two then lol.
  7. Simple way to avoid that problem is not to have watched his stuff post Snatch. I saw Layer Cake when it came out but nothing else since then other than the occasional rewatches of those two.
  8. Snatch or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels would be excellent comedies for this format as they still have plenty of room for speculation on how the twists and turns are going to play out.
  9. Declaring herd immunity when we haven't even been able to confirm surviving an infection conveys even medium-long term immunity, let alone lifetime immunity, is quite the claim to make. Especially when even if it does they haven't had near enough cases for herd immunity - even if we're generous and take the actual cases as 10x the confirmed cases that's still under 10%. I'm getting whiplash from people that normally would decry everything about the Eurocommie Swedes suddenly holding them up as exemplars.
  10. This can still fit into it being what Tyler wants us to see. There is of course only one person, the distinction is whether the invented persona is the radical terrorist or the relatable straight man. I'm not committed to it being that way, I don't think it's what Fincher had in mind but I do think it's another lens to view the movie through that still adds to the experience.
  11. I've finished it now and the explanation for what's going on was significantly more satisfying than my guesses, and I loved it as a whole. I'd only just read Gt9 and it was mere luck that it lined up right in time for the next book. There are a lot of details buried in the story and I suspect it would reward a second read quite a lot.
  12. To take this a step further and pose an alternative interpretation I've seen - is Tyler the delusion that allows The Narrator to act out before he's ready to accept it, or is The Narrator the relatable face that Tyler invents to get the audience on side because we wouldn't sympathise directly with him? Just another critical piece of Propaganda in the larger Project Mayhem. Watching the movie the second time is a completely different experience, but it doesn't remove Tyler's power and agency at all. Tyler is the one with an actual name and an actual relationship with another person.
  13. When I was able to notice "hey that's not how รถ sounds" they're a long way off
  14. @john yeah fair point. I think
  15. Just a follow up - looks like I may have been misremembering a fan theory as confirmed from the comic sorry. I stand by it as making sense though lol. At least as I explained it the second time.
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