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  1. A shorter piece referring to, and linking to, that was actually where I saw that she was in it and led to me watching it. I've had that open in a tab for the last week while I had time you watch it and can read it now lol
  2. Just to be clear, I very much hope you're right on both counts.
  3. At the time you posted this I would have agreed with Wert, but after the news about Kevin Spacey this week...not so much. The fact he's already getting work again is bad enough, but how fucking on the nose the role is? Yeah, Joss will probably be fine. The only thing that might make a difference is that Joss pissed off people with more industry power than him, instead of people with much less. Zorral has brought it up a couple of times and people seem to be dismissing the "this is not our timeline" point, but it presents another potential explanation for why Victorian England... I'd not been particularly interested in the show due to the Joss effect, but saw that Claudia Black was in it (and some of the details, so I was partially spoiled) and that was enough to pull me in. I definitely enjoyed it, for all the reasonable criticisms that have been lobbed in this thread. Ran - another point you were discussing earlier in the thread
  4. I'm not arguing against the special status of his work, but he's not the only mangaka in this, or a similar, category - albeit the expectations and perfectionism manifests in different ways. Eiichiro Oda (One Piece) is working to a (mostly) weekly release schedule and still only lets his assistants do the backgrounds - all major detail and character work is done by him. He's commented in interviews in the last few years (after his own health scare) that he doesn't sleep until 2am, wakes at 5am and resents those 3 hours a day for taking him away from his work. Some of you might be surprised by me bringing something like One Piece into the conversation when its tonally about as far from Berserk as you can get, but it belongs in the conversation for exceptionally ambitious in scope and scale long form fantasy and especially that with mangaka at risk of killing themselves for their work. My only fear with regards to the end of One Piece isn't that he won't stick the landing - just that he won't last until he gets there. I'm not as well across some of the other big series, but I have the impression from the way people talk about them that Isayama (Attack on Titan), Horikoshi (My Hero Academia), and Tite Kubo (Bleach) all keep/kept pretty firm grips on the reigns. To be fair though I have heard that Isayama regards the anime as the finished version with the manga functioning more as a draft where he discovers things that he didn't think worked the best which does imply accepting greater input from the team than just the solo auteur approach. The increasing level of details skipped over in the manga then fleshed out in the anime for One Piece might indicate similar for Oda as he realises he simply can't do it all himself if he hopes to ever finish it. I think they definitely deserve their autonomy to be telling their stories, but do need to let the pressure off for the sake of their health. That just happens to be a difficult tight rope when they're not simply authors of stories though, but also the artists that bring them to life.
  5. Enthusiastic Labor supporters on social media certainly aren't helping the party with the online demographic, despite convincing themselves that that's what they're doing. State Labor still feel like they're hiding out the disgrace from the 2011 defeat and expect the coalition to lose by default if they just play it patient, but it's been 10 years - that strategy is not working. At some point they need to be selling people on them offering something instead of just relying on the coalition becoming unpopular.
  6. Oh and I forgot the most important change in terms of combat etc - you get a jet pack that not only lets you jump, but let's you jump much more than a person could and can also be used for dodging in combat. It makes movement feel so much better and more fun. You can also hover for a while after jumping, and that hovered combat is one of the alternatives to using cover.
  7. Yeah what Rhom said. You need to know that for one of the best quest lines that winds through the game, I *think* they left before ME2 but it was definitively all planned at the final stages before ME2 and the trip took 600 years of them in cryo sleep so whatever happened in the original trilogy was a long time ago but they don't know about it. It uses the combat mechanics that they'd iteratively improved on across the ME2 and ME3, so it's going to play quite differently to ME1 - that said it actually deemphasized taking cover in favor of high mobility combat, so in that way it's actually more like ME1 than the other 2 are. It's also got much more inventory management, crafting (which you actually use) etc. For the story I actually wish
  8. I've got it in my head that's he's one of the actors that seems like a genuinely good guy, and he does a fair bit of voice acting these days as well so I think he would be up for something like that. And that does sound like a good choice.
  9. No love for Clancy Brown? I'd definitely be getting him and his magnificent voice in there somewhere as well.
  10. @Liffguard I really like your flipping of the order like that, you could definitely get something that worked for me with that approach. As others have said ME1 has the better core story, ME2 has the better characters. Another thing that's jumped out at me is that the dialogue writing in ME1 is definitely weaker than the other 2. I've actually settled on 3 being my favorite. The combat is easily the best of the 3 (and improved further in Andromeda), it does waste many of the ME2 characters unfortunately but they wrote themselves into a corner by letting you get them all killed in 2. It continues the stronger character focus of ME2 but you're not on the side quest anymore - the sense of urgency and stakes is very much there. The macguffin is a bit weak but aside from that the main story is quite strong - the tasks you're sent on actually make sense for getting civilizations to work together, and the high points hit the hardest of all 3 games for me, even if the very end drops the ball. But I also enjoyed Andromeda and am still angry they dropped it instead of doing the work to recover it. And that's before you take into account that the chia cryptocurrency might be able to do to SSDs and HDDs what Bitcoin did to graphics cards.
  11. I'd say you're seeing that in the component of this decision that the police presence around the pride parade will be a full block away, so yes. The whole conversation around pride marches etc and their acceptance of not just law enforcement participation but also corporate involvement is a very involved one and well beyond the remit of this thread. What is in the scope of this thread is that those who most need pride are also the ones with the strongest reason to fear police, and the last year has hardly improved community-cop relations. Varys I don't think there's anything further to discuss, we just fundamentally disagree on this. They've been involved and it hasn't been helping, this year seems like a good one to have the priorities they're showing.
  12. I think you're confusing some of the commentary I included to make the point that outright banning gay people who happen to be cops is not at all feasible with the rationale for no cops at pride. Again its not that gay/bi/pan cops are not welcome as private citizens, its that formal representatives of an oppressive organization are not welcome as part of the protest which started as a protest against that very organization. Especially when they have been allowed to be a part of it for years, and have both made people feel unsafe at pride and have continued to behave in a way outside of pride that makes the organizing committee feel that including them has not been working. Again, they do not need to hide that they're cops, they just need to come as private citizens and not as their job. Maybe it would help to put it in a cynical construct - you could see the relationship between cops as pride as a manifestation of the prisoners dilemma. Cops and the LGBTQI community choosing cooperate produces the best overall outcome, and that's what pride has been doing - its been choosing cooperate, but the police have not. Not welcoming them at pride this year is a taste of the stick to try get them to cooperate in the future. This isn't actually how I see things, but I think its a more useful framing than how you're looking at it.
  13. No cops at pride is about the safety and comfort of groups of people who are frequently victimized by police, and who are part of the groups demonstrating pride. I highly doubt the gay cops are being banned from the march, they're being banned from marching *as cops*. Who would know if they're simply showing up as themselves out of uniform, it's not like there's a wall of shame with photos of every cop to be prevented from entry.
  14. I've gone back and forth on making this point because I'm not sure its going to actually contribute anything, but I do have a lot of sympathy for the fear of antisemitism that an awful lot of Jewish people have and I think they're justified in being alarmed at the direction of the world. There has been a very substantial increase in hate groups that very much want them dead in the US, Europa, Australia, I assume Canada, and I think its entirely reasonable to be afraid because of that. I'm afraid of all the anti-trans shit that's being pushed by the far right and TERFs so I very much get it. This isn't a justification for any of the atrocities being committed against the Palestinian people, I absolutely condemn the hardline Israeli government which has been awful under Netanyahu. The government, and many of the people establishing settlements are acting to stoke conflict, not resolve it, and the settlements - as we can see in discussion - have gone a very long way to making a peaceful solution almost impossible. I don't actually think most of them are acting from the fear I'm talking about though, if they were they wouldn't continue to act in ways that make the situation worse. They're motivated by an ideological drive and in many cases hatred of their own. But aside from them, just regular Jewish people from across the world who look at the trend over the last decade and find the idea of a safe homeland to be something valuable and vital to have? You absolutely get my sympathy. I will continue to disagree on actions taken in Palestine when I think you're wrong, but I'm not going to fall for the trap that those hardliners set - Jewish people are not synonymous with the state of Israel, or the government of Israel, and the actions of the current government are not the only way Israel could possibly be. By accepting these things are all the same you buy into a framing that the Israel that behaves the way it currently behaves should have the value of its existence judged by the merits of how its currently behaving, which just feeds the hardline view on the pro-Israel side and the antisemitic one on the other. Or that third option beloved of some US Christians of the pro-Israel antisemitic view which wants to check that box for the rapture.
  15. As someone that has made similar comments in different context and had people misunderstand what I've been saying I feel the need to jump in and give Tywin the benefit of the doubt on this. I don't think he was saying Spocky was antisemitic, I think he was warning that the language used has a loaded history of use by antisemites and that as such its both going to be more offensive to Jewish people than you'd expect from the literal meaning of the phrase, and that its likely to cause people to make an association between you and them. Its not saying you're antisemitic, its saying "hey you probably want to avoid that specific language".
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