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  1. @Heartofice anti vax bullshit has been being pushed from both the far right and left and by highly privileged/wealthy dickheads in the center (Paltrow etc). I think we're only starting to see how big a problem this is going to turn into in the future, although the current political climate seems to make more people distrustful due to the motive for rushing it. They don't seem to realise that mega corporations don't really want to self destruct by pushing a bogus vaccine.
  2. Having seen the whole thing with Dawson blow up I have apparently missed how she distanced herself from it afterwards. I don't really want to depress myself by searching for it and probably getting a bunch of stuff from when it blew up, don't suppose you have a link to explain that or are able to do a quick summary? I guess Gina Carano also took plenty of heat onto herself on that particular issue as a much more problematic figure anyway.
  3. On an unrelated note - surely we can all agree that JRM is an odd man right? Who says this?
  4. The one thing I'll say in it's defense is I really enjoyed it and I think any criticism I might have had faded in the face of I was definitely left wanting more in this universe. Which is a common sentiment with his series
  5. Some of the other diverse viewpoints you can find in the Spectator include trans exclusionary radical feminism, the same trans exclusionary viewpoints but from a philosophy professor that doesn't even understand the faux feminism she's espousing and criticism of the way those trans "critics" have been silenced written by the very same not at all silenced critic who just received an OBE. Oddly I haven't seen any trans supportive articles in my feed from the Spectator, but I'm sure that's just a probably with the outrage machine not sharing the good articles that must exist from a publication with a range of views right? Not that that particular editorial slant is remotely out of step with British media's coverage of the topic, which the Australian media is now earnestly trying to import. ETA: Sorry, a bit of a topic jump. I'd just seen that latest article complaining about being silenced right before opening the thread so it was on my mind.
  6. Lol its decades old at this point, its just a sci fi trope not an idea to be stolen.
  7. He carried a little inertia from reaching for Naomi into his unconsciousness and drifted forward into the door of the airlock. He could have been saved if Filip could close the door, but from what we could see that wasn't possible. By the time Filip could suit up and get there it's way too late for him. The whole sequence of Naomi on the Pella is one of the biggest gaps between how it's portrayed on the page vs on the screen in that we're in her head in the book, whereas in the show we can't know her motivations as she's getting into the airlock. And they absolutely nailed it despite that big difference.
  8. Personally I think long covid and all the other complications that lead people into long term chronic illness/disability are almost as important as the deaths. That might be influenced by me already being in that category without needing covid to do it, but it's a major issue that will/does destroy life plans/dreams and rob people of years/decades of their lives when permanent damage leads to an early death. If you want a callous "non emotional" reason to care it's also going to lead to a significant financial burden on health systems, or just outright financially ruin people in the US. I still haven't seen solid numbers on how frequently this occurs though, and given the variety of medium/long term damage it's not going to be easy to get that data, but the rate at which it happens is obviously a significant part of balancing it against direct deaths.
  9. 100% agreed on both counts. That first part seems to be one of the primary motivating factors amongst conservatives in the anglosphere at least. It's very similar to the "no one under any circumstances can get high, whether by design or by happenstance in the process of taking medication for a purely medical reason" that's driven a lot of bad drug laws and continues to do so.
  10. It's far from the biggest issue with those parcels but the use of non-food packaging for stuff like tuna is just appalling. Tesco small zip lock bags are literally 7p each and these vultures are spooning tuna into unsanitary coin bags? What the fuck? They'd be spending more on staff to cut veggies and rebag food into smaller portions than just giving people full packages. I'm with BFC on what should be done with these evil fucks.
  11. Yeah it's just a classic bonds men's singlet. Obviously they're not all that brand, but picture that and it's exactly what's meant.
  12. I got the distinct vibe from the ones in the Senate that any others they caught were going to be "execution broadcast on the internet" style on the floor of the Senate chamber, Pence was going to get special treatment.
  13. I noticed the rope looked very short, there was no slack for the "long drop and a short stop" style breaking of the neck, that gallows was absolutely going to be the much slower and cruel strangulation.
  14. I feel bad for arguing to give them the benefit of the doubt with some of the larger issues people had early in the season. I'm really disappointed with the number of places it could have gone well but instead picked the worst route.
  15. If you're interested here's a thread detailing some of the steps to identify both this guy and one of the others from the Senate floor. They are doing due diligence on this, not just naming the first one they think it might be.
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