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  1. I went heavy over the weekend (by which I mean went out Friday, woke up still drunk Saturday and didn't really sober up before I was out again). This isn't usual for me these days so spare the lectures. Anyway, the drinks were good, lots of tequila and gin. Woke up Sunday with no hangover, somehow, but now we're three days on and I feel like its caught me up because all I want to do is sleep. Regrets
  2. I do appreciate when a cover, or the use of a song in tv/film brings it new life and introduces it to a new audience. Its a bit baffling to me when people get annoyed by it ("urgh they aren't true fans urghhhhhh"). Like why bemoan an artist/band you love a load of new fans? I know that's not what you're talking about here, to be clear, it just popped into mind as a somewhat related topic. After a....'heavy' weekend I've needed something quieter to bring me back down
  3. I truly love this. From afar, I'd find her insufferable if I had to look after her myself. That said, I was also this brand of obnoxious child when I was younger. Have you raised her in the vicinity of 70s/80s/90s TV and film with an emphasis of Britcoms with lots of innuendo by any chance?
  4. In the UK Easter chocolates appear as soon as the Christmas stuff is out of the shops. Generally beginning of the new year At our school we always did an egg painting contest, which is how I first realised, walking around and looking at some of the masterpieces others had created, that I have not a since artisitc or creative bone in my body
  5. Something about these gimmicky restaurants/cook-your-own really doesn't appeal to me. Not so much the hotpot/korean barbecue stuff, but steak? I'm a pescetarian but it seems weird to ask you to cook your own steak at a steakhouse. For why am I here, if I wanted to cook steak badly myself I could do so cheaper at home. Made a very simple meal of cod with new potatoes in parsley butter and a "sort of" salsa (I.e. I had peppers, tomatoes and red onions that needed using so just chopped them up and threw them together with some chilli and lime)
  6. are you suggesting that her trek over the Helcaraxe was a good idea? Interesting take
  7. I can't decide if I like this idea or think its in poor taste. Stunning cast though.
  8. So I'm assuming the split will be just after the riff?
  9. I once drank some "aged" brut (aged = I got it as a Christmas present and forgot about it for a few years) and let's just say it did not mature like fine wine, but more like whole milk
  10. Sorry if this was your experience, but its a pretty gross generalisation that undervalues both teachers and students. In my experience teachers in State schools show a lot of care for their students and do their best in difficult situations. I remember several teachers specifically who went out of their way to support me through some especially difficult moments in primary and later secondary school. And sure, you'll get some shitty students who say "Eww you want to learn?" Thats nothing to do with it being a State school. Its because kids are sometimes awful to each other. Saying that kids who go to State school have no ambition...sorry, I don't know how you intended this to come off but its really pretty shitty and judgmental
  11. Right. But socks, every use, for me anyway. I'm wearing them all day, I walk a lot, my feet sweat, its necessary for how I'm wearing them.
  12. I've only ever attended state school son 've no comparator, but there is so much wrong with the system and nobody seems to win out. We had such a high turnover rate for teachers because they'd simply burnout under the stress of teaching classes that were too large, too varied in ability and quite often too unruly. They didn't have the numbers or resources to give the time and attention to kids with behavioural issues, and as for diagnosed medical issues that can impact your learning -autism, dyslexia, etc. - well good luck with getting the actual attention required for that. I started school when our infant and junior schools were still separate (non-UK, this is from 3(?)-6 and 6-11 respectively). The junior school had been built in the 1800s and honestly, it showed. We did get a flashy new primary school which eventually combined them but, for all the money I'm sure it cost, it wasn't exactly "state of the art". We made do but looking back it was rough and the more i talk to some of my friends who had a wealthier background the more apparent it becomes. Things I consider normal are very much not to others
  13. Your posts make even less sense than the script for RoP
  14. I think Abercrombie has my favourite audio books, Steven Pacey is masterful at performing them. I usually read them first but I make a point of getting the audiobook afterwards
  15. This isn't film rewards related but since we're talking about the Grammys, Jay-Z really went up there and chose violence with his speech. "Some of y'all don't deserve to be in your categories."
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