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  1. My Nanna used to hoard salt packets when she was hospitalised. The matron eventually told the catering staff not to give her any so they stopped and she still managed to hoard them. When she was no longer able to get out of bed alone she told me the truth - she'd shuffled out of bed one night when they were short staffed and taken a handful from the staff kitchen then hidden them in her toiletries bag. I love her and miss her so much when I remember these kinds of thing
  2. its hard to take you in good faith when you say things like this. Surely its obvious that the term "social contagion" is very loaded with unpleasant implications. Words should be chosen carefully, especially where the subject matter is sensitive and if you can't see why the term social contagion in this context would set someone off you're either being wilfully obtuse or coming from a position of bad faith. I'll also add that this isn't exclusive to you, and is part of a much broader problem I've observed reading this thread and the articles that have been linked. A lot of the language used seems particularly loaded to lead to fear mongering and hysteria. "Alarming for anyone who genuinely cares for a child..." And then concluding with "...is an opportunity opportunity for unity." Did the author proof read this article before posting? Eta: To be clear, I'm not weighing in with my opinion on the subject matter here. I have one, to no surprise its the opposite to HoI, but I'm not interested in arguing it. I'm more concerned with the language being used in the discussion here and elsewhere on the internet which I think has the potential to be very dangerous and stir up a lot of emotions against a group many are already hostile towards
  3. when it comes to sleep alarms I always set it at 1 minute over, because those 60 seconds are going to make me feel sooooo much more refreshed...
  4. When Joe writes clichés it seems to be done in an intentional way, and there's always that Abercrombie twist that makes it his own. BSC is probably still my favourite book of his and at its core its a run of the mill revenge story but so well done Eta: Obligatory "please listen to the audio books because Steven Pacey is incredible"
  5. I agree with this, but I will say that its difficult to put into practice. We had a situation at work where A accused B of sexual assault. Obviously it was handled by HR and 'confidential' but as with any office environment, gossip spreads like wildfire so everyone knew. Because I didn't know either party well I had nothing to base any kind of judgment on, but even so, just the thought that it could have happened made me want to avoid B. I'm pleased to say I didn't allow myself that snap judgment, but I can understand the instinct to react in that way. And I think if you've experienced what the accusation is, be in sexual assault, physical or verbal abuse, whatever, the instinct to make a snap judgment is likely to be even stronger than your average observer
  6. I'm sorry for what you experienced, and for how its still affecting you now. Opening up about it is the first step - I'd encourage you to find a professional to help you process it properly and deal with these anxieties. You'd be shocked how much its probably affecting you even when you don't realise it.
  7. I will be renewing my Disney subscription for this!
  8. When we are talking about 'larger' accusations, i.e. Those which make the news, either because of the nature of the crime or the identity of the accused/accuser, I think a lot of the blame for snap judgments lies on the fact that media outlets or individuals with a large social media presence are reporting on the story too soon, before they have a lot of facts. I know there have been times where I've read such articles and come away thinking, okay I know what this person is accused of but know nothing about whats alleged to have happened. Which is fine, to an extent. There are often valid reasons information is withheld. But until a cohesive story can be pulled together thats been verified I think it can be irresponsible for the media to run these stories. And I'm sure there are exceptions to that rule but in general, that is the attitude I try to take these days - not to make a snap judgment until I have the information to actually do so. Wh
  9. maybe its just that I've been watching a lot of musicals lately but some of the shots looks so clearly like musical numbers that I thought it was fairly obvious. Like I say could just be my recent watches influencing my perception. I wonder how they will play it. The musical numbers being vivid imaginings? Events taking place in Harley/Jokers head? The trailer didn't excite me but I'm interested enough in the concept to go see it
  10. Him and 99% of all pensioners in the UK. Its pretty common for fish and chip shoos, and also pubs, to have some kind of special deal on Fridays for their fish and chips, particularly for pensioners. I think the fish and chips on Friday stems from some kind of Catholic tradition of not eating meat on Fridays but no just a much more widespread social thing that people follow. Today I made a kedgeree. Haddock and cod is insanely expensive these days so I settled for smoked bass instead. Still a very good flavour, and I've got leftovers for tomorrow. I also don't add hard boiled eggs, instead I poach an egg to get the nice runny yolk that mixes with the spiced rice
  11. They aren't really a thing over here. People buy chocolates for valentines I guess but from my experience they're just generic boxes of chocolates already on the market - Lindt/Lindor, Heroes, Ferrero Rocher, etc. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just thinking of the "seasonal" aisle in supermarkets and the three times of the year I can think of where we get themed chocolate/sweets are Christmas, Easter and Hallowe'en. And the last one is usually crammed onto the end of the aisle since the Christmas stuff comes in beginning of September.
  12. the latest kitchen novelty Edit: Actual question time, is an hour not a bit long for the chicken breast? Did it not dry out? Or did the onions, garlics, peppers, lime etc prevent that happening?
  13. They is obviously the shadowy Council of trans overladies running the country behind the scenes.
  14. eagerly awaiting a release date. Wil pre-orders be available?
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