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  1. Jon's Queen Consort

    Nymeria is poised to return

    I am not sure if I have said it before but in any case I know that this sounds crazy but please, please, humor me and tell me what you think In TWOIAF; A Hero convinced the Rhoynar to sing a secret song in order to bring dawn back. Now, which other race in GRRTH is known for their singing? Methinks that those who sing the song of earth. The question now is where do the CotFs live or at least have the most influence? I believe in two places one is Neck and Beyond the Wall. From the crannogmen we have the Meera’s and Jojen’s oath And from a priestess of the old gods; Jon was the one who sent Val to bring Tormund and who will unite the humanity against the Others.
  2. Jon's Queen Consort

    Bumping for Benjen Vol. VII

    Mirror mirror on the wall . Where is Benjen hiding?
  3. It's time for you to look inward and begin asking yourself the big questions. Who are you and what do you want?

    ~Iroh.Avatar: The Last Airbender

  4. Jon's Queen Consort

    Moments of Foreshadowing v.12

    I am sure than it has been mentioned before but in the Mystery Knight Dunk thought about Egg; And in the end it did killed them after a fashion.
  5. Jon's Queen Consort

    Last One Wins

    How can someone steal something from you that it wasn't yours?
  6. Jon's Queen Consort

    Nymeria is poised to return

    Thank you for that! My pet theory is that Val and Dalla, if she is really her sister, are not smallfolk. But I always thought that she came from the Umbers I had never thought about the Mallisters. Your theory is very well thought and created but I am still not sure about the Mallisters, mostly because they are Andals. But I could see her being a noble, trueborn or not, being raised Beyond the Wall in order to be trained. Which is something that had been happened before in GoT: telltale.
  7. Jon's Queen Consort

    Nymeria is poised to return

    One month without a single post in this thread is a long time so in order to resurrect it I will say something obvious that I have noticed. In awoiaf we learn that when the Rhoynar came it wasn't just Nym who married a Westerosi, some of her people also married with Dornish people. In adwd that has already begun with the marriage between Alys and Sigorn. In this case Jon told Alys: and he married her with one of the Free Folk.
  8. Jon's Queen Consort

    Last One Wins

    How do you know that?
  9. Jon's Queen Consort

    Last One Wins

  10. Jon's Queen Consort

    Last One Wins

  11. Jon's Queen Consort

    Last One Wins

    And who is going to let you?
  12. My random opinion is that I don't believe that ASOIAF is as surprising as people believe, imnsho it has many tropes and cliches. It's the bluntness that confuse people.
  13. Jon's Queen Consort

    Board Issues 4

    Since yesterday when I try to log in it keeps saying that it's not safe. What should I do?
  14. Jon's Queen Consort

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    To quote myself from another thread; I can see many parents from GRRTH sing it for their sons who have died in the war. Rhaenyra, Alannys and Cat, if she had survived are just some of them. "The Long Song" from Doctor Who series 7 episode 7 The Rings of Akhaten always reminded me of Azor Ahai’s, or any other messianic figure, rebirth. The warrior dies and he wakes up, the boy is dead but the man is born.
  15. Jon's Queen Consort

    Board Issues 4

    I don’t know if this belongs here or it needs its own thread. Can we report a post which is off topic and kind of spam but also a bait in order to create agitation in a thread which has stated multiple times what its purpose?