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  1. I've had it on my mind to pop in lately (sometimes when I do I never manage to get around to making a post, LOL, as life will distract me) but I think, on top of just having things on my mind that lead me to think of ASOIAF and some of GOT as gods awful as it could be, Diana Rigg deserves a shout out. It's not her fault the Ds fell in love with the Queen of Thorns and her snark. I did like her Olenna, I would have enjoyed seeing more of her as written, too. https://www.insider.com/game-of-thrones-cast-and-crew-tribute-diana-rigg-death-2020-9 #RIPDianaRigg She was a beauty that kicked ass in The Avengers in her youth. I grew up on those old reruns, and did not begrudge my ex's obvious infatuation with her. I'm cool like that, LOL
  2. I am SO GLAD I stopped in. Please, please, tell me we are not letting Freys into the Night's Watch? What's even going on here? #FreyFamilyValues Because SOMEONE has to value them, LOL
  3. I thought this thread was going to be about...........all the threads that seem to point to the fact that there are many people with differing takes on the story and characters, before we even get into so called 'hate' threads. I didn't realize it was more about the OP's problems with drumming up interest in their take on the story? It seems the long lasting interest in the books pre abomination, during and even after, indicates that there are fans. Maybe it's me, I thought an examination of what IS the actual story of the books and does it have any or many fans........some interesting ideas for perusal. Then again, I do like a good joke thread, too, so, who knows?
  4. LOLOL As irritating at the long look instead of dialogue was, looking back it was a blessing. It was proved a blessing by those juvenile 'script notes' that filled up their bullshit scripts.
  5. Ah ha. Well, Unlikely Ships and Crack Ships........is that the same thing? See, I have a #LongShotShip: Brienne and Ser Hyle Hunt. As an epilogue, maybe? I wouldn't call that a crack ship though. It has some textual basis. That to me is the difference. A crack ship is out of nowhere, and a long shot is already some sort of a textual possibility or set up.
  6. I SWEAR..........the show's mangled my mind and turned everything into crack anyway. Perhaps that thread will refresh my memory on some of the OG Crack. That or my reread.
  7. It's the same thing with good old Nedbert. Surely you've heard of that one, right? It cracks me up, but I do think it's a joke, somehow, I'm not certain on the joke part with Jon and Satin. For me, Ned's descriptions of Robert (in his youth) and Jon's descriptions of Satin are because they happen to be the POV talking about them. GRRM needs someone to describe them, right? I think, hope, most people are joking about Nedbert, but and now I realize: Is there a smoosh name for Jon and Satin? I don't remember one, LOL
  8. I know it's the internet, thanks for the help there. I was still talking about the idea of Jonsa on THIS FORUM. There is a difference between it and say, Tumblr? And, I am not INTO the idea of Jon and Satin. I explicitly stated why I don't buy it, why I think it is a crack ship.
  9. LOL Tis true. I really am doing a reread now, like RIGHT NOW, I'll see if I can come up with some crack for us. I'm kinda drawing a blank for this right now though. I think abominations and Jonsa make me cross-eyed. Maybe I should just search out an old thread on Crack Ships to refresh my memory. I miss the days when Gendry was fought over for the Stark Girls. Sansa should forget who she is and marry a blacksmith after all, right?
  10. Where? I'm talking about here. I'm honestly curious to know if there were serious Jonsa fans here, on this forum posting such ideas on the book side before Sophie hit a certain age and Sansa's story went to WinterHELL, I mean Winterfell. Well, sorta curious, LOL, not enough to run a search in all honesty. Back then, seasons 5 to 6, I was around both sides of the forum a lot of the time and..........I'm not recalling a book side Jonsa presence. Anyway, I don't want to derail the thread: It's for Crack Ships in General, right? So: Weirdest Crack Ships I still go with Jon and Satin. After all, someone had to describe Satin's luxury locks, it doesn't mean Jon has designs on him.
  11. LOL And to you, too. Yup, most every idea for a couple can come up with a person or two to agree, but yeah, the Jonsa #SUPERCRACKSHIP seemed to materialize with show story lines, I mean scenes, as we knownot much story on that show after all.
  12. I will admit, I don't keep up much with every idea written around here lately. I've been here since 2012, and I honestly cannot recall ever having seen the idea of Jon and Sansa before the show's maybe.......5th season? Granted, I'd seen many ideas thrown out over the years, but for an idea that has traction with more than a few people, like the Jonsa one, it's hard not to think that it comes from combo fans, not just book fans. There are many here who have been around longer than me, I'd be interested in their ideas, as I cannot recall how far back the search function for threads even goes. I'm honestly not certain I'd really ever seen the idea of Jonsa here on the book side before a certain period in the show.
  13. Am I the only one that thinks half of these Sansa crack ship ideas (including Jonsa) really are thanks to the unmentionable abomination? Jonsa especially seems to stem from that, after certain seasons and actors aging up, but for ole time book purposes I will say: I find the Jon and Satin idea to be a crackship. Jon's chapters for the longest time are the only place GRRM has to offer up a description of Satin. That, and the fact that Jon is a decent person to him...........leads some to that ship o' the cracked. That's off the top of my head, I'm starting a reread through this not so fun social distancing period, I'll see if I come up with some others. Honestly, though, I think half the crack ships, and most of the 'newer' Sansa ones come from the Abominably Unmentionable.
  14. I've just started a reread to get me through the social distancing. I'll keep an eye out for any new, or old, ideas on this. The idea of a volcanic occurrence at Winterfell isn't something I had really considered, in relation to the Others or The Children. I wonder what ideas that new reread will give me. I am passed my first Cat chapter and couldn't help but notice the 'outsider' feeling she had in relation to the North, the Godswood and it's heart tree.
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