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  1. LOL I'm only a couple minutes in, and I have to say, THANK YOU!! I needed the laugh, for various reasons. I am still both creeped out by, and love, those google eyes of Dany's.
  2. So, the script is officially gone from the Emmy site, it is the only nominated script gone from the Emmy site, and we have no idea why? Or should I say, we have no official reason why it is the lone missing piece.........of work, errr, shit? Oh well, the whole situation is amusing, unlike a certain missing script.
  3. That cat, like Drogon...........is outta here, LOL
  4. I wonder. It's a bit late now, isn't it? LOL
  5. It seems the script may be missing from the Emmy site. Not sure if it's just the GOT one, if it's only a glitch, but if anyone knows anything about it, let us know, please.
  6. I suck at computer crap, but it seems that the GOT script is now missing from the Emmy site, I'm not sure about the other shows? If anyone finds info on what's going on: ie, all scripts are gone or just the GOT one, please let us know.
  7. I think King's Landing could go down a number of ways, and I highly suspect any triggering by BELLS should have something to do with Connington, or it should, LOL I cannot imagine that what we saw is close to the actual KL battle. Also, as an aside, I'm tired of hearing that KL has a million people, more people than all of the North combined, etc., etc., according to the Ds and St. Tyrion of the Street of Silk. I also call BS on the idea that even if Dany burns the entire city (of whatever amount of inhabitants)........that she would be responsible for more deaths than Tywin and Cersei combined. MY GAWD, Tywin was warring and Rain of Castemereing entire families/castles for decades, before he was even a Lord or Hand of the King. But the Ds need their nonsensical numbers, an empty North that never remembers, and obvious Evil to hit the audience over the head to TRY and tell their story. Once the 'histories' are written of the time in universe, I suspect that the greatest sin may be that Dany is a woman. Reading Fire and Blood, and giving thought to all the supposed 'facts' about different powerful and/or well known women over the course of ASOIAF's history, I become more convinced that what may be widely thought of Dany is liable be an inaccurate mess. It's somewhere between sad and angering when I think about it and what it means, not just in that world but in ours as well.
  8. Found this on WIC, they said it was originally posted on reddit. I haven't finished giving it the once over, but I LMAO at Dany shooting the finger from atop Drogon, LOLOLOL https://i.redd.it/00hhmylyngb31.jpg https://winteriscoming.net/2019/07/31/this-fan-made-medieval-style-manuscript-for-the-bells-is-hilarious/ The Mountain looks a bit.......androgynous?
  9. Drogon's too good for that, I'd be happy if he left them on a deserted island after offering them a ride to the Emmys. Hell, maybe that's why we haven't see the Ds. LOL
  10. Yeah, you are reminding me of how much I wanted to scream at the original episode. The Dudebro's St. Tyrion show, it really was so annoying. The script makes it worse, cause to me, no, Tyrion wasn't done with wanting power, he got the whole shebang in the end, well...........all except a she to bang, that is. It felt so.......manipulative and cheap and I wanted to scream then, and I, too, like Book Tyrion. I have to remind myself not to blame Dinklage. I actually feel bad for him, not getting to play the 3 dimensional character that GRRM created. Yes, their Bran asides are cheap, too. They have that down to just everyone noting to themselves......that kid, what a weirdo, huh? I'm not sure they were clueless about GRRM's ideas for the ending, they just didn't know how to write it themselves.....they had a few seasons for setup and actual story, but blew it off.
  11. All the ideas above for Dany's possible fate are much better than what the dudebros gave us, the script is much worse than the actual last episode. At least the show had pretty pics, LOL One thing that is alluded to much in the books (and even in the show with Tyrion being left out of the Citadel's ASOIAF), is that history isn't always accurate. Dany may go being believed to be someone horrible by much of the masses, but perhaps some of our other POV characters will know that that isn't quite so, but it will be the 'official' version.
  12. Exactly, he doesn't even reframe it to: Hmmm, I wonder what it'd be like to play Kissin' Cousins with the girls, be it one or the other.