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  1. Lady Fevre Dream

    Which questions need to be answered in season 8?

    LOL This is the one I think they may forget about. Or they'll clear it up with a sentence about Edmure's fate, leaving him unseen by us. I highly suspect that if Edmure is not seen, he'll be pronounced dead. I, too, remember the Warlock's assassination attempt on Dany from S3. That seemed to just be the setup for Ser Barry's return. I'm guessing any scenarios on the warlocks attempts for revenge are over, but.......will any mention of/appearance by Quaithe come up? Since Dany hit Westeros, I suspect these story issues will not be mentioned. Unless, of course, GoofyGuy Euron has a warlock or two up his sleeve on The Silence? I doubt it, though. In general, I don't understand why, show wise, there is any doubt left about Jon and his parentage. It's the legality of marriages and annulments and births I'd wonder about, book wise that is, at the very least. I do think Jon's parentage is the one thing that the Ds got from GRRM, they've made a big deal about it coming up in their initial presentation to George about doing the show. JMO.
  2. Lady Fevre Dream

    FIFA vows "open" World Cup 2026

    The BwB US Footballers? I LIKE IT!!
  3. Lady Fevre Dream

    FIFA vows "open" World Cup 2026

    @The Fattest Leech Your Dear Ownershipness, I was thinking of EVENTUALLY starting a US Football thread thingy, if that's ok.
  4. Lady Fevre Dream

    FIFA vows "open" World Cup 2026

    Hi Everyone, Just checking in, wanted to see if there's any news on the playing of European football on the fields of the US. Oh, that made me realize...........I wonder what they would look for in stadium usage here in the US? I'd think they'd want a big venue, perhaps the Pro USA Football stadiums?
  5. Lady Fevre Dream

    I would like to start a club

    Thanks for answering and everything. I got a bit distracted after posting, thank you. I'm with @The Fattest Leech with the club she started. Thanks, again.
  6. Lady Fevre Dream

    I would like to start a club

    Just popping in to see if there's any progress on the application process, etc.? I'm going to try shooting you a PM, @The Fattest Leech
  7. Lady Fevre Dream

    I would like to start a club

    We would need some foam squeegees, too, like those foam fingers.
  8. Lady Fevre Dream

    I would like to start a club

    Would it be too scary to put the word SQUEE into the title of said club? Oh, I got it. The Sports SQUEE Club or The Sporting SQUEE Club! LOLOL Whatchya think?
  9. I just think Tywin didn't much see past his idea of Cersei being Queen. It's also a distinct possibility he wanted to be certain of the personality of the type of woman who would be the future Lady of The Rock. He had such hangups about women and their effect on Lannister men. I wouldn't be surprised if one day during his obsession of making Cersei a Targ that Tywin awoke to find..........many first born daughters already pledged to others, ie Cat and Lyanna, etc., while he hadn't given much of a thought to what to do with Jaime anyway. Plus, I'm thinking Tywin would have probably preferred a meek wife for Jaime, or a cousin Lannister, like Joanna.
  10. Lady Fevre Dream

    Dark Sister

    And, whatever the reason that the sword was taken out of the chapter at the time..........does THAT still hold true? I agree totally.
  11. Lady Fevre Dream

    Dark Sister

    I've enjoyed peeking at old threads a few times this week. It's always interesting to see what old posters are in them. With this one, I read the summaries, only peeked at the next post, and had to LMAO at the poster thinking they would get to Tyrion meeting Dany in ADWD. HA!! And, here we are, still waiting, as Inigo says: I HATE WAITING!! I've gotten much better at it though, over the years. Waiting, that is. I'm good at not choosing one thing and over thinking much. I'm not the author and I've never felt comfortable saying: This is this. Cue Robert De Niro.
  12. Lady Fevre Dream

    Dark Sister

    LOL No problem. You know how even slips of the tongue can take on lives and stories of their own around here.
  13. Lady Fevre Dream

    Dark Sister

    Just to be clear, GRRM said that Bloodraven took it with him to the Wall when he joined, it's not a certainty that it's in the cave. Now, it could be, yes, it seems almost a certainty, almost, but..........
  14. Lady Fevre Dream

    Dark Sister

    LOL I'm guessing that would work on a Lord of The Ring's fan, but I am probably one of the few around here that hasn't read those books, seen those movies, nor has.....any interest to do so. I just want out of that cave, Dark Sister being there would be a help, I think.
  15. Lady Fevre Dream


    Once this thing that is LS realizes Cat has living children, how can you be certain she would want to continue in that horrid existence? While I do think there is something to the idea that it might take Arya too long to get to Westeros to be the one to send off LS, I do think once it is known to LS that some of her children do survive, any bit of Cat left in there may want release. That would make it both merciful and a gift. I do think Valar Morghulis (All Men Must Die) is the biggest religious consideration here, not that I think Arya believes in that more than the Old Gods, for instance. It is a sad fact of life, we all must die, and I think that is a bigger consideration in the long run than all the other competing religions and their ideas of morality. It's a simple statement of fact, Valar Morghulis, unfortunately. By things GRRM has said about the gods and the religions, I don't think it matters beyond people's own beliefs in story. In other words, I meant that regardless of individual beliefs, be it in heavens, hells, or in betweens, I still think it would be a freeing of a soul, in regard to LS, and best for everyone, and I think Arya could see that. I even think, once LS knows many of Cat's children live, she/it would agree as well.