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  1. Lady Fevre Dream

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    You mean St. Tyrion will do more than look askance at doors, a la pre-boatsex scenes? You do have a good point. I mean, Cersei is left with The Mountain That Never Speaks and Qyburn, right? We know Lena won't do scenes with Jerome, so that rules out Bronn for talking to her. Maybe Cersei will finally have to give up some screen time, it's only taken 8 seasons to get to that point. Jaime was terrific, if dumb and brave, in those scenes, though. Plus, he was Jaime and not Larry the Lunkhead. That's always a bonus for me.
  2. Lady Fevre Dream

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    I've missed this thread and many of the peeps that show up for them. The question is: will I enjoy a read back from times past for the wit of the many here or.......will it only piss me off as I am reminded of the mess??? Glass half full?? Glass half empty??
  3. Lady Fevre Dream

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    The only thing worse than Tyrion's master plans is the certainty with which The Dunces will write Jon Snow as leaving his brain behind on his way to any battle. Just because Kit is pretty good in the sword fighting type scenes doesn't mean that Jon must always be without any brainpower to back it up. I don't get their instance on that. Hmmm, maybe if St. Tyrion points these issues out to him, Jon will finally be cured of it? HahahahahahahNO
  4. I was going to say I don't think Lancel will figure too importantly in the next phase of the books (provided we get them) BUT......it just dawned on me that with Kevin's killing in the last epilogue, Lancel would be Kevin's heir. I say would be because I am not sure. I'd have take a fresh look at it, but I wonder if Lancel swearing himself to the Warrior's Sons has also taken him out of the line of that succession, ie the KG and the NW. I do think the character of Lancel has reached a bit of an end, it may just be his own epilogue that we're waiting to learn. If he was a character of greater importance, I would say it could turn around for him, he could have another epiphany that takes him in a new direction, free of the machinations and circumstance that have brought him to his present place. But, I doubt it. I think we have the fates of entirely too many characters of greater import hanging in a balance, Lancel is just waiting for his epitaph, I suspect.
  5. I think both of the questions in the title to this thread are answered in the books already. Lancel makes it perfectly clear he is not interested in consummating his marriage in his convo with Jaime in AFFC. By the time of Cersei's Walk of Shame, Lancel is one of the Warrior's Sons. He's already forsworn his marriage, so I don't think they'll be any convincing him to get on back to Darry and being a real husband to Ami.
  6. Lady Fevre Dream

    Opinions on Ghostwriters for remaining books

    LOL Stephen King's Richard Bachman. There was so much about those writings that screamed out KING, KING, KING!! Thought I'd do a bit of Mormont's Raven there.
  7. Lady Fevre Dream

    D&D’s opinions on characters

    Did you leave out St. Tyrion as a fav? I'm not sure they hated The Blackfish. Perhaps the lack of story and sense on him and even Edmure had to do with some negative feelings on Cat as well as their other choices just running them out of room and time for the Tullys?
  8. Lady Fevre Dream

    Scratching the Surface of Epic Events in AGOT

    Hardhome was better than Bastard, for sure. But, I guess I just don't find it exceptionally epic as I don't really have the slightest interest in checking it out again. Field of Fire 2.0 seems to beg for a second, third, fourth look. As a stand alone, I find it impressive. I have mucho problems with Cersei and The Sept. One thing that takes away from the scenes for me are........the fact that Cersei blows up what looks like the entirety of the noble class in KL, as well as lots of others, but.....somehow the throne room is repopulated with unknown nobles for her ridiculous crowning.
  9. Lady Fevre Dream

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    I'm still not sure who the hell beat Littlefinger. I'm not sure what was more torturous, the long, drawn out wait for Batfinger's fall that seemed like a certainty kept on pause, or the terribly written grovelling scene of his actual death. I kinda feel bad for Aiden, and embarrassed for him, just thinking about it.
  10. Lady Fevre Dream

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    An oldie but goodie of a thread, and an oldie but goodie of a complaint.....but with a new find out on the nets. https://twitter.com/WiCnet/status/998246980219355138
  11. Lady Fevre Dream

    Should the giant population have replenished sooner?

    LOL Don't rule out the non-adult answers on my account.
  12. Lady Fevre Dream

    Should the giant population have replenished sooner?

    Ah, all this reminds me of GRRM's Book Fevre Dream and the lack of fruitful multiplication that plagues the vampires. Have we even heard of female giants in the story, presently, in the flesh? I had almost forgotten about the giants being sent to cross at Eastwatch. It's been a while since a reread of Dance.
  13. Lady Fevre Dream

    Scratching the Surface of Epic Events in AGOT

    Maybe it was the extra addition of the dragon or something, the visually stunning effects (all the money did show) and the sounds of that first scream from Drogon that made it something epic to me. Well, all that and Jaime was a good call for the scene cause if Cersei was there, I might have been willing to sacrifice Jaime to get rid of her, know what I mean. But, all of that to say......I agree, there wasn't anything epic in Battle of Bastards, or Hardhome even, those don't appeal to me. They even seem stupidly contrived, probably because most of those scenes seem to require Jon leaving his brains behind. He sure doesn't bring them with him. I really didn't enjoy most of the Ds ideas of Battle Epicness in these later seasons. There was just something different about the Drogon one here for me. As far as the books getting finished, I have my doubts. I've always thought we'd get something for TWOW, it's the ending I wondered about. Now, though, I'm not certain on that either. But, there's nothing I can do about it. I'll watch the ending here on the show just to see it. There may be glimpses of enjoyment, but I also suspect I'll be snickering at it. As far as the book story, I think I'll be leaving my book characters in some kind of limbo, with ever ending possibilities. That's all I can do, really, and it may be better than knowing what GRRM's outcome might have been. I can only control me in this situation, so that's what I'll try and do.
  14. Lady Fevre Dream

    Scratching the Surface of Epic Events in AGOT

    Yeah, you mentioned it, but it seemed to me it was more about that one second attempt on Jaime's part (which yes, is wonderful) but not the entirety of the scene, which is why I guess that statement didn't stand out to me, no offense. I actually kept checking the thread to see if anyone had anything else to say about it. It was a real long scene...with that scream setting it off. I just thought the whole thing was epic, not just Jaime's dumb, but valiant dash at Dany, LOL ETA: I didn't really think anyone there would die either, and it was Jaime's expressive feelings in general that added to the depth, my knowledge of what his feelings would be from the books, that is. The whole damn scene was impressive, though.
  15. Lady Fevre Dream

    Scratching the Surface of Epic Events in AGOT

    Hmmm, regardless of my feelings on the show's story telling quality going down hill, down the drain, past the pipes and into the sewer.......I still can't believe I haven't seen the battle from Spoils of War last season listed here for Epic Events. It is a stunning scene, all on it's own. The fact that the real Jaime showed up for it, too, is a bonus. The sound of Drogon's first scream, Jaime's double take, set the scene perfectly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_-wyiJgzm8 I do just wish the show delivered on the characters and story consistency the way they deliver on some of this stuff. Granted, I wonder if I'd have been as moved by the scene without being able to get show amnesia and see the Real Jaime peeking out from Larry the Lunkhead's visage. I know how much the burning would bother Book Jaime, so I think my knowledge helps, but.....I can't deny it was an impressive scene regardless. Anyway, I thought the scene needs a mention.