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  1. If there is one continuity to choose, and one to lose, it's GOT's that I'd have second thoughts on........I'm all for just forgetting lots of their mistakes, like Dany and the Iron Fleet. Forgetting all of that works for me.
  2. These issues is why I do find the idea very messy, the changing of the Velaryon family. I fear I will find myself too much over thinking it. The addition of questions on the paternity of Rhaenyra's children, along with the known traits of past, present, and future Targs specifically, and Valyrians generally, give me pause. Granted, if we have other families of Valyrian ancestry with differing skin colors.......maybe it won't be so, so messy, story line wise, but.......... I'd like to be wrong, I'd like to just enjoy it, so I'm open to it, but not counting on it. HA! This brings me back to my original post this morning: WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?????????? (yeah, yeah, I know, they are somewhere in post production) I had seen some artistic conceptions, I thought that were show associated, and well, let's just say it worried me. GOT did pretty good with the dragons, although they did lose a lot of color over the years, it seemed. Then again, so did everything on that show, it got so dark one couldn't see much of anything. The dragon bodies and effects, though, were spectacular. No need to change much, just some color, and, I guess, some interesting jaw set for Vermithor. I am looking forward to seeing some of the dragons, Caraxes especially.
  3. Thanks for the answer. I was wondering on the finger count, should I include the thumb? and, of course, wondering what it could be about. I had noticed some of the Wild Card posts that GRRM had made, but there are many more of those books, so.......I kind of ruled that out. I hadn't thought of adding up all current projects, there could be something to that. Whatever it is, hopefully he feels good about it, and we'll find out eventually.
  4. I did like the scenes of Matt from the trailer, it's just difficult for me to think of Dr. Who having any, shall we say, sexual attractiveness, that being a trait I associate with Daemon. In the past, he's always just been one of the Dr. Who's to me. I may change my mind on the sexual charisma part, we'll see. Smith did have a good Targ vibe in general for the teaser, though. Alyssa is not the only Velaryon back on the family tree, iirc correctly.......Aegon and his sisters were born of a Velaryon mother. I can't help but wonder how many more are back there in the Targ family tree, not to mention how many will appear again in the Targ family post Dance of Dragons. I'm just hoping whatever story the show tells about this, it's good enough to make me forget all I do know when it comes to the makeup of the families. I hope I don't find myself watching it and thinking "Damn, it would have made more sense to just add another family." Too much thinking about the written story in comparison to the visual story.......will just take me out of it, and THAT is my main concern with it.
  5. So, with the release of a House of The Dragon teaser, it made me wonder if we have any other type of GRRM news. I went to the Not A Blog and found this latest post, only photographic. https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/ Any ideas what it could be.
  6. I've mostly stayed out of commenting, discussing, even over thinking on the Velaryons or Corlys being black, half black, with or without white hair that is also done up in dreadlocks because regardless of my thoughts nothing I say will change it. But, simply put, the mental gymnastics that ensue thanks to this change make it seem like not a great idea. From the beginning, I'd thought that if they wanted to introduce black families or characters of Valyrian descent, perhaps they should have just plopped down a whole new family in the middle of Blackwater Bay? It's the generational mix of Targs and Velaryons that make it so......messy, especially when it comes to the marriage of Rhaenyra and Laenor, it then all becomes extra, extra messy. It's not like anything I think or say will change how it went down, but I hope that IF I do get into watching HOUSE, I'm taken out of the questions on this. One of the best performances I ever had the pleasure of seeing on stage was Laurence Fishburne as King Henry II in The Lion in Winter with a mixed race cast (blind, not acknowledged), and the acting (and story, of course) were so good that the racial change was forgotten in moments. Stockard Channing as Eleanor was terrific as well, but again, House of The Dragon is doing this differently, so........ It's hard to have trust in the whole thing MAKING SENSE (that is all I want, things to make sense), and past experiences with Game of Thrones makes it hard to trust that too much rewriting without a good reason is a good idea. I hope I'm wrong to wonder. I hope that the story presented and the actors make it easy to forget. It's the past generational mixing of the Targ and Velaryons that leave me with questions on if the change is going to work.........and that long ago mixing of the families over and over again is what makes me think, perhaps, just creating a new family and dropping them in the vicinity of Dragonstone and Driftmark might have been a better idea. Then again, no one pays for my ideas, LOL, so again, I hope it does go well, for everyone. Hell, I'm still trying to get over Dr. Who as Daemon, that to me is the bigger question, LOL He just doesn't seem to have the Daemon Targ vibes that I have imagined, but that's me.
  7. It was mostly a joke on my part, but still, all that dragon talk in the promo is what made me notice the lack of any dragons. I get that dragons show up in post production, though.
  8. I just saw this on my Twitter feed, I was coming to see if it was posted here at all. I'm kinda put out......I hate to revive an old saying (that wore on everyone) but: WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS??? It just seems that a good dragon shot would have fit in well with the wording, LOL
  9. The existence of this thread reminds me of one thought (question) that crosses my mind at times. It took years for this question to come to me, but it is simply this: How much of an accident is it that Dany, a Targaryen, was given dragon eggs that had turned to stone by Illyrio, someone we know to be a partner in crime and time.....with Varys? It took me years to come to that question, quite honestly. When I find myself thinking too much about these books that I've probably read at least one too many times, I find myself asking: With all the knowledge about failed attempts at hatching dragon eggs that we've learned about in the succeeding books to AGOT........why on Earth (or Planetos?) shouldn't I wonder IF Varys or Illyrio (depending who is more in the know, be it one or both of them, together or separately) sent those eggs along with Dany (and Viserys, I suppose, LOL, though I can't imagine anyone thinking him a Prince or Princess that was Promised or an Azor Ahai) because he/they expected the miracle would, or could, occur? I do wonder why the idea of Varys or Illyrio (or someone behind them, through them) knowingly trying to hatch dragons through the last Targaryens isn't more of a widespread question.
  10. This is what HBO tweeted out today. When the suggestion of streaming all of Game of Thrones came across my timeline, my main thought was: What ever for? Why would I do that now? I can't imagine why?
  11. The above posts on Tywin settle it for me, Rhaegar should have offed Tywin......and then found ways to address the mess he made, with a bit of explanation for all of it, this time. I'm only joking, sorta, LOL
  12. I agree on both points, on doing Jaime all kinds of dirty and on the seeming juvenile receptions that they had to handsome actors and charactors described as such. They really did their best to dumb him down, too. It was all so obvious. They never were slick, but lawd, their pettiness had all the sutlety of a sledgehammer as the years went on. In spite of them showing a lot of Jaime's real character in the first few seasons........they retconned his first big act (and finest, according to Jaime) from killing Aerys straight up face to face, er face to neck, to actually having him stab Aerys in the back? Why?? It was a stupid little slight on the character and his actions, petulant even, but hey, that's the Ds.
  13. Arya is still dreaming of and connecting with Nymeria in her mind, from across the Narrow Sea, not to mention the fact she was seeing through the eyes of an alley cat in Braavos. Arya already is using skinchanging and warging abilities.
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