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  1. You rang? I am the Lady of the Good Ship Fevre Dream. No, no, no. We'll go no more a roving so late into the night. And, having done this TWOW prediction game on and off since 2012? is it? maybe I should........go a roving, because a prediction I will not be making. I am sorta, at times, almost ready to give a somewhat, but not too distant date but I think I should just go back to my realistic belief: If we get it, ever, great. And, no, not counting on it or Dream. I'd take whatever GRRM has now, but that's not happening either so maybe I should go a roving late into the night.......while I think I can do so still walking a bit in beauty through that night.
  2. Weren't Elia and the children being murdered at about exactly the same time as Jaime was killing Aerys?
  3. Rodrik The Reader What a name, and it fits him well. After all, he has no problem dying old and craven in his bed, but at least, not until he's done reading.
  4. The Hound. It's perfect. I do think George has a great skill for giving characters nicknames. Big Bucket comes to mind, too. Kingslayer, it's so memorable, Jaime hates it, LOL
  5. Yes, Vaemond was basically alluding to most everything that was alluded to last week, when it wasn't said outright, LOL Having read that the show seems it will follow the book in regard to Vaemond and perhaps the Silent Five (?), it's a good setup for the claim to Driftmark, and of course Vaemond leaves out the girls. As you say, the theme of women being passed over for men is shown. It makes me wonder if that is Vaemond's natural tendency or further proof of his own self interest. Probably both. I have to say, though, the actor has brought Vaemond to life just as well as all the rest of the performers for House Velaryon. This episode made me really miss the idea of seeing more of them. All of them, all ages. Ah, interesting questions on different scenarios for Rhaenys and Corlys, but now I'd have to choose which version to try them all out on, book or show. Add in an offer to marry one of the girls to Vaemond or one of his sons and we'd have yet another possible layer. I am looking forward to seeing how things evolve between the Rhaenys and Corlys and how the show changes might take us different places than we'd expect as readers. HA: Found this on Twitter. I guess we weren't the only ones to translate Vaemond's eulogy, so to speak.
  6. I thought Daemon was snickering at Vaemond Velayron's not so veiled remarks about Rhaenyra and "Laenor's" children. He could hear the complaints and accusations of bastardy in Vaemond's glowing words spoken about what it means to be of House Velayron in relation to Laena and HER Velaryon children. I took it as Daemon hearing it as a comparison and that he couldn't help but laugh at Vaemond's crassness in using Laena's funeral to get these veiled insults on record. Hell, I suppose that is the main reason the writers had Vaemond deliver the remarks. Still, I want to rewatch it (should I have the time, barely have the time to post, much less rewatch) to get the full gist of it. These were my initial thoughts, though.
  7. This has been out on Twitter for at least the past hour? Seems legit, I already forget half the places I bounced around for the info.
  8. I've always thought that the island of Dragonstone and it's volcano hasn't yet had it's rocks eroded sufficiently into the fertile soil. The description of it lends to it still being an active geographic zone, not quiet enough to have evolved into good farm land. It seems the Spears of the Merling King in Blackwater Bay are more of a comparison to Dragonstone than the island of Driftmark, in substance anyway, if not size.
  9. OMG!! I thought the title question of this thread was: Is Tyrion INFANTILE??? LOLOL I was ready to read all kinds of interesting posts, and perhaps......toss out some thoughts of my own. Lawd, he can be a bit infantile, especially in ASOS, but, as Gilda Radner would say: NEVERMIND!!
  10. Ha, that was a fun read. I cannot imagine watching those shit seasons for the first time, NOW, but damn, thanks for sharing. It really is astounding how awfully, awful GOT really did become.
  11. I expect, like the recent HotD articles coming out, we'll hear even more interesting comments. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I'm in and out of here a lot, don't post much because Real Life is a bit crazy and will be for awhile, I think. I am going to watch HotD (or try), but I'm sorry, I think Daemon Targaryen should have a bit of sex appeal, and I don't expect I will change my mind on Dr. Who, LOL
  12. When I first read the "Drunken lout" idea for Aegon I in that article, I was a bit confused as well as a bit pissed off, but reading the above posts put together has changed my mind. I cannot think past the idea of Aegon I as a Targ version of past his prime Robert Baratheon, but now, The God Force Seven.......really does sound like Pulp Fiction's Uma Thurman's Mia Wallace talking about her failed pilot of Fox Force Five? (was it), and now, I really can't help but LMAO. Still, I'm not sure which is more ridiculous of an idea? Seven Save Us All, but how did such STUPID ideas get any airing with HBO??
  13. So, no one is talking about GRRM's latest Winds post? I found it on Twitter a little while ago. It's a lot of talk and thought about Winds, and even GOT, that's for sure, LOLOL I'm almost impressed with just the amount of info in it. Of course, you couldn't pay me to expect anything, though, HA https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2022/07/08/a-winter-garden/
  14. Cersei chapters should come with a gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.......as they usually leave me feeling the need for a shower.
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