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  1. Lady Fevre Dream

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I really don't hold it against Isaac for what he said in that article. In that article, he mentions he's had a year to adjust to it. Hmmm, it'd be nice if he realized fans haven;t had that year, but he's young, he's sticking up for his co workers I suppose. I don't think that petition is meant for more than chance to say: DAMN, this story is a real mess, that seems clear already, regardless of the finale. Also, iirc, in an interview or two over the years, Isaac has told us that he really didn't have much understanding of Bran, thanks to the Ds, the scripts, and the way things have been done.
  2. Lady Fevre Dream

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    Yeah, this probably sums lots up.
  3. Lady Fevre Dream

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    Bhahaha The Onion weighs in.
  4. I'd always thought that it would be a bit of Aegon The Conqueror, although after conquering, she seems to have a harder time than him establishing 'rule.' Then again, she doesn't have two other helpers that are also family. I don't doubt that something may happen that looks mad, bad, sad in the books with Dany, but I doubt it's the hit us over the head thing of D&D slaughter after Connington's Bells. I did always take her ADWD time in the Dothraki Sea to mean she would return as more of a Conqueror than ruler, perhaps. It depends if those visions meant it's time to cut bait in Essos and go to Westeros or not. Also, I do think there is a chance that her Burn Them All might actually be more related to the slave cities, book wise, than Westeros? Maybe? It's a hard thing to guess with still how far there is to go in the books and how stupid the show's story of SHOCK AND AWE instead of character development, where it's all leading. I do suspect that she will seem a combo of Aegon The Conqueror and maybe a few other Targs as well.
  5. Lady Fevre Dream

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    LOL Yup, it seems seeing Tormund, a Wildling that is already one of Jon's greatest friends, admire Jon and point out his strong suits was just too much for Poor Dany. One drunken wildling starts Dany's paranoia and has Varys taking ominous note of it.
  6. Lady Fevre Dream

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    The Ds have nothing to do with any GOT/ASOIAF spinoffs, though. HBO yes, so far, but with other production teams working on it.
  7. Lady Fevre Dream

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    I am liking the start of this video, I think I'll watch the whole thing. Oddly enough, I haven't quite braved the Game Revealed video (not totally anyway). Unlike the Inside the Epi, at least the Game Revealed ones have other people besides the Double Doucheberries talking to (at) us. Thanks for the vid.
  8. I loved Jacob with the basic: Hush, aren't you even THINKING about a possible Star Wars job. I do think it appears that the Ds have too much ownership/controlling interest on the creative end of things. 'Creative' what a joke. Plus, they did have many diehard show fans either defending everything they did for the past few seasons or actually honeypotting the missing answers for the writers themselves as well as the casual viewer that tunes in for some fun, beautiful pictures, and 'tits and dragons.' With that track record of success built on the first few seasons, the production values, the hand waving of problematic and nonsensical things, even if HBO had more creative control than I'm giving them credit for......I wonder how much of this season they would have objected to anyway, considering the track record of 'success?'
  9. Haha, I bet there is one of these 'I forgot....blah blah blah' for almost every occurrence on this damn show.
  10. I thought I had posted this here in the General Season thread, but it seems I didn't. I thought some might be interested in Joe and Jacob's take on story line, characterization, and future employment? LOL
  11. Lady Fevre Dream

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    Allow me to present some Joe and Jacob, Gendry and Greyworm.
  12. Lady Fevre Dream

    Tywin's Sack of KL vs Dany's burning of KL

    LOL Sorry on the misunderstanding, I found the notifications to posts from both you and the OP and got confused on that point. Obviously no confusion on my belief in Targ banners. I do think both are in some ways, equally horrible. It's just that Dany had a much more effective weapon? What would Tywin have managed with that and the Mountain and Lorch and a professional army as well? Ah yes, those Darry tapestries. I wonder if we will ever be able to see them. As I said to the above poster, yes, what Dany did was horrible, but she had a more effective weapon in Drogon. I have to admit, the idea of Tywin with a dragon, or two or three, is a bit scary. In the books, many of the common people are remembering the reigns of the Targs with fondness as I recall, Davos making note of talk in taverns, it's even mentioned, I think........in Brienne's and others travels through the Riverlands. The people have had it with all the wars, and look back on Targ times as peace. I don't think many, book wise anyway, consider Dany 'foreign.' That could change, but I don't see it yet. JMO
  13. Lady Fevre Dream

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    I think at this point, Nik was acting that it was passed the point of worrying about who fucked whom, honestly. Then again, I don't buy this exact scenario as Jaime or Cersei's end, but that's me. I do think Nik did his best to give it his best. The guy obviously knew the real Jaime from the books, and he knew when he was asked to tamper with that as well.
  14. Lady Fevre Dream

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    And, there's our answer.
  15. Lady Fevre Dream

    Tywin's Sack of KL vs Dany's burning of KL

    Your question is one thing, and you presented the choice to include Tywin with Targ banners at the gates of KL. That is just not backed up by any material, show or text. For 5 books and 8 seasons we've heard all kinds of things about Tywin Lannister, not one of them says he snuck in the gates of KL behind a Targ banner. If he had, I'm certain it would have come up in memories and discussions of the happenings of his sack of KL. Actually, I'm not even sure that Tywin or anyone spoke of the Lannisters army's intentions. All we know is that Pycelle spoke up for letting them in and Varys spoke against it when informing the king they were there. Both actions are terrible. By what we were shown on tv this week, though, I will say Dany's actions are worse. I have no support for Tywin's sack of the city, I just see no evidence of him doing so behind a Targ banner.