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  1. I agree on both points, on doing Jaime all kinds of dirty and on the seeming juvenile receptions that they had to handsome actors and charactors described as such. They really did their best to dumb him down, too. It was all so obvious. They never were slick, but lawd, their pettiness had all the sutlety of a sledgehammer as the years went on. In spite of them showing a lot of Jaime's real character in the first few seasons........they retconned his first big act (and finest, according to Jaime) from killing Aerys straight up face to face, er face to neck, to actually having him stab Aerys in the back? Why?? It was a stupid little slight on the character and his actions, petulant even, but hey, that's the Ds.
  2. Arya is still dreaming of and connecting with Nymeria in her mind, from across the Narrow Sea, not to mention the fact she was seeing through the eyes of an alley cat in Braavos. Arya already is using skinchanging and warging abilities.
  3. And a couple years ago, they were doing Star Wars stuff? And now, they are not. Beyond old announcements and ideas, I see and hear nothing. They are just the guys that did, and destroyed, GOT.
  4. Considering they were already rich, I'm not sure that is the point. MY point is that we still haven't seen any WORK with their names on it. That seems to be what matters to them most, anyway. If Netflix doesn't get something out of them, then Netflix can worry about the cash they blew on them.
  5. My computer is still a nightmare, so let's see if I can get a simple message across. One good thing, I can't imagine seeing any finished product from the D&D bozos anytime soon. They seem to keep having projects taken from them. It seems no one really trusts them. I can't imagine why, LOL
  6. So, this is the clip that came by my TTL on Twitter today. For The North? Jon Snow centric? Honestly, I don't know whether to be mad or sad: It is so obvious in this trailer that there is a flow thread lacking in the whole thing. The beginning and the end are not connected by any kind of sensible middle? It's such a disconnect.
  7. HA!! I can almost understand Google's confusion. Why oh why would someone that's a supposed costume designer, fashion aficionado wear such things? You were kind not to give a closeup the clovenness, so to speak.
  8. Ah, Michelle Clapton of the Cloven Hoofs? I ran a search for that picture, alas, Google did not seem to understand my request, LOL
  9. Hahaha, I love it, although, I'd have to say: When you WATCH The Game of Thrones you either win or your die........or you should definitely stop BEFORE Season 5. Just my advice for a bit of sanity, after all.
  10. And, LOL, it seems they are adding marathons, too. #MaraThrone RME Yesterday, I noticed tweets trying to sell the #IronAnniversary to get views on HBO Max, I guess. Now #MaraThrone is moving it to actual HBO channel viewing this weekend. I have HBO and OnDemand, etc etc., and still, sadly, I don't really want to watch it.
  11. Ah, has anyone, everyone seen the: #IronAnniversary promotion from HBO, GOT, on the tenth anniversary of the start of the show? Here's the trailer put out. Firstly, I couldn't help but be annoyed at the St. Tyrion: Good Story opening, as it just instantly reminded me of the 'awful closing episodes,' but also.............watching just the trailer made me realize something. The show seems to be one thing when it started and a totally different thing when it ended. The trailer made me see, in so many respects, at least two different shows. That middle part could be a third show as well. Sadly, I really don't want to watch any of it.
  12. So, I had this strange desire to see some of the dragons, minus some D&D dialogue, found myself on youtube, AND......found some dragon action with it's own new dialogue. This vid is only about a week old, so I thought I'd share it. It made me.........glad that at least Drogon lived, mad at what was done to both Jon and Dany, but sorta satisfied my need to see the dragons. It is also a reminder that it really is such a shame that the Ds littered up such beautiful potential with such.......dreck.
  13. It seems the Ds became trapped in the idea of 'gee, I bet this would LOOK cool' as opposed to wondering whether or not something would make sense. Sadly, that always seemed to come at the expense of character and story, double or more so when it came to Jon and Sansa as the years went on.
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