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  1. It’s finally over. I was kind of just wanting it over so I don’t have a ton of complaints. Here they are: •Grey Worm went full psycho. I mean he did last episode too but jeez. •Jon was really frustrating me with his defense of Dany to Tyrion. Although, maybe Jon was simply worried he could be overheard and was simply playing the loyal servant, which would be shrewd of him. If he was doing that I have zero complaints. •Why on earth would Drogon not kill Jon on the spot for killing Dany? That makes literally no sense. When Jon came back to life he apparently got a lifetime supply of the world’s strongest plot armor this side of Arya. •Hard to believe the unsullied would imprison Jon instead of executing him given the way Grey Worm was behaving. •Jon’s legitimate claim is completely ignored by Sansa and Arya and others who have been backing him for awhile. They have to appease the Unsullied because...???? •Jon is banished to the Night’s Watch because again, the Unsullied must be appeased for god knows what reason. Less bloodshed, I suppose, but weren’t they really outnumbered? •Do the Dothraki respawn between episodes? •Bronn being master of coin is a bit ridiculous although I did find it humorous. •God they ruined Jaime. Yes it’s from last episode but it was so bad I have to mention it again.
  2. 1 for ruining Jaime forever.
  3. Well, if they started deploying and it lured the army of the dead closer, they could start picking them off, yes? Of course, I’m obviously no expert on warfare of any kind.
  4. It would be worth seeing if the NK would actually attack them methinks. If it was clear he wasn’t going to, then they could have gone to the strategy they used in this episode. There was nothing stopping the NK from waiting them out once they retreated. Besides the dragons of course, so I suppose the battle could have just been between them. Hard to see that ending in the NK’s death tho.
  5. That’s fair but it’s still insane that they met them in an open field. I had honestly forgotten about Valeriyan steel not permakilling the wights so I guess I didn’t think of it. If they did go the burning route (without Mel’s help that is) the army of the dead could have just waited for the fires to die down, or just sacrificed themselves until it was smothered if the fires were low enough. As another poster mentioned, they could have starved then out as well.
  6. Ah, but you forget about Cersei’s magic ballistae!
  7. I agree! It's not like the show is incapable of being good. It still has its moments for sure and is almost always entertaining. My rankings are based on comparison to the plots of the book and earlier seasons. They have gotten lazy and fanservice-y. I ranked this episode a 1 mainly because of the incest and the way we're expected to cheer for it tbqh. I hate it so much
  8. and how many rulers throughout history born of incest were psycho? Exactly.
  9. I'm getting really sick of people saying it doesn't matter if an aunt fucks her nephew. If they have kids there is a strong chance they will be defective.
  10. I just get angry with the direction the show has gone in because it used to be amazing. It still is definitely exciting and my 1 rating is based on comparisons to earlier seasons. In a vacuum it's not a 1 because it's still entertaining.
  11. Because I'm so emotionally invested in the story I can't just stop. Plus some episodes are still enjoyable.
  12. Dragons+sex is enough for a ten for so many people lol. This show set set a high standard and it should be graded accordingly. If it had always been like this that'd be one thing. But it hasn't.
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