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  1. Sansa always wanted to be a queen when she was little, so she got one, that's how D&D look at it.
  2. L’Age d’or

    Arya the Explorer

    Basic common sense Game Of Thrones
  3. Sansa: A few scenes later, she walks among rows of northmen kneeling in front of her as she is coronated
  4. Isn't the whole subversion of expectations is what this is all about? I suspect that D&D used this as a justification to make big changes and write the ending of GOT in their own hand as much as they could. I don't think Martin would have Arya eliminate the WW threat or have Sansa turn into a snarky teen who can't stay civil for a moment; raze KL to prove a moral point etc.
  5. There are many houses who claim to be from the First Men south of the Neck too which as I said is technically possible due to the high rate of mixing over thousands of years. But nobody is non-Andal or non-First Man.
  6. D&D love the Starks, so they can get whatever they want from daddy Benioff. Everybody has to go along with it, even prince of Dorne who held the best position to crave out his own kingdom.
  7. George R R Martin: Again most everyone could claim they are descended from the First Men if they cared to, the point is that no one is just an Andal or First men. Claiming Starks deserve to be independent cause they are not Andals is ridiculous. The North is a 3rd of Westeros: https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/North#Geography
  8. They are Andals wtf? Only Starks a couple other houses claim to be able to trace their bloodline to the First Men. Also the North makes up only a 3rd of Westeros. Where did you get your info from?
  9. I just can't get over the terribleness of that moment and the lack of repercussions. Then as if to rub it in the face of the viewers a bit more they included that last bit where everyone bends to her and shouts Queen in The North.
  10. Bran was just used as a tool for the writers to "subvert expectations" yet again. Trying to rationalise it through a retrospective examination of Bran's decisions is reading too much into it.
  11. Dorne and the Iron Islands have always been as ready to proclaim their own kingdoms; I was expecting them to jump on the opportunity and set the whole elect a new king into shambles. What's the point of lords and ladies of Westeros to vote a king if they can call themselves kings and queens? Alas, as always I was wrong in giving D&D the benefit of the doubt, the reactions of the side characters is dictated by the mood even when somebody makes a complete 180 degree turn.
  12. L’Age d’or

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    Well Feminists are as mad as Dany and her destruction of KL could be an allegory for the ultimate goal of Feminism which is to destroy western civilisation and social harmony.
  13. L’Age d’or

    Cache's of Wildfire

    The wildfire threat turned out to be as big as the White Walker threat
  14. L’Age d’or

    was the Cleganebowl pointless?

    It was pretty pointless, it was done just as an afterthought, more like throwing a bone to book readers.
  15. L’Age d’or

    The Golden Company...LOL

    Another casualty of D&D's sheer lack of competence and intelligence.