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  1. Everything is amazing! Thanks @Jez Bell for having hosted this madness! I especially appreciated the weird evolution of my proverb about teaching an old monkey to wince. All evolutions were crazy, save the "math head" chain which was abnormally normal... And I must admit that I did not undersand the "Hey Azor Aharya, what's prepost of Preposteros?" (if there is indeed something to understand...) @Pebble thats Stubby I love the atmosphere of this drawing! (In fact I love all your drawings, you totally mastered Paint!) @Castellan I loved this drawing (surrealistic and worthy of Andre Breton; in a museum people would have found a lot of hidden meanings!), it could have let to so many different descriptions! And regarding this drawing, I would have depicted it as the Schrödinger cat experiment! Wonderful! @RhaenysBee, this out-of-the-blue Pict crew in your sentence switched the chain into a new dimension...loved it. @Castellan your "A very confusing picture" is the best description ever; Pebble drawing was indeed epic! (I guessed right almost all the parts! But not Mordane, Chayle and Old Nan)
  2. Done. The drawing I was sent is so mind-blowing that I imagine Pebble is behind it...
  3. Yes, the ancient magic of Pictionary is at work! @The BlackBear your comment nearly killed me :-D
  4. I'm still struggling to understand what could be this proverb... it's part of the magic of the game...
  5. You know what? I will find the person who wrote the sentence I have to draw, and I will pay him/her the best shrink I can afford. Because it's just impossible to write such a sentence according to a f*****g proverb!
  6. Definitly, take it as a compliment. Congratulation for your new job!
  7. Sent! Can't wait to see the proverbs (or other sentences)!
  8. Which question? I'm ready to answer any question (I can make up any answer!) in order to have you in the game!
  9. Happy to see you again TBB! I hope your days are not jam-packed as in April and you can enjoy a normal life (IRL and here!).
  10. I'm in! Thanks for hosting Jez, I wanted to do it but I can't be involved this much before the end of September. As for doodling/writting, no problem. And I promise I will show up here everyday to check my messages, wathever happens IRL.
  11. Good morning everyone, this is the first time I turn on my computer since last Tuesday and I apologize for my absence. I went hikking again and when I came back to see my parents on Friday evening, it turned out there were relatives at home for several days, it became a family meeting bigger and longer than expected, and now I'm taking care of my nieces until Friday. You know everything about my life now... I should have took the time to tell @Pebble thats Stubby but caught in the middle of the "family storm" I totally forgot. Again I'm really sorry for having ended the game and ruined Pebble's efforts. :-( To catch up the mess I can host a Pictionary in September. NB: @Eternally_His I love your minimalist tent; and for Iluvatar's sake, why Meaglin would visit Turkey?
  12. I just sent the sentence. I'm sorry for the delay!
  13. Heeeeey? Buddies? I go hikking for several days, but I will be able to send the next sentence by phone. :-)
  14. Sorry I did not see the latest messages. If needed I can draw something this evening (I spend the day outdoor).
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