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  1. The result will be legendary: I don't have a TV nor Netflix subscription; there is only one series I have watched since ten years and it's GOT. I will just invent stuff from nowhere :-D
  2. Is anybody interested in hosting the next issue?
  3. From time to time I unexpectedly get a real life and yesterday afternoon I went for a run with a colleague, then I had a nice diner with friends and we went to the theater after. Now you know everything about my Saturday! :-D @Buckwheat thank you for having hosted this game in this dire and challenging time for you! I hope it allowed you to somehow escape reality and to forget the classroom hell! Regarding the American Gothic chain, I read too fast "Farmer’s prong must be socially distanced in length" and I mistook the meaning, that's why I ended up by drawing a poor prong expelled from the farm. The blob/pig stuff was crazy indeed! And as usual I love the way Rocksniffer is always involved in our artworks! The Picasso-like Trump invading Westeros was especially mind-blowing with a bold style; and I loved the poor sad guy in his bubble: @Jez Bell your pictures are soooo cute and precise and well done! <3 @rocksniffer is it one of your friend who painted this? It's amazing! Is there a hidden meaning or a story behind the painting? Oh @RhaenysBee thank you, I love this game because it's a good opportunity to train and try new techniques in a funny way!
  4. I concur with @Pebble thats Stubby. Can't wait to see the solution, but before... @Buckwheat you must sleep and overcome your weekly PTSD! Take care! :-)
  5. I volunteer to draw a bonus-chain :-)
  6. I will! My bad, I guess it's up to me to present a new enigma. Sooooo... Daenerys Found dead in Dothrak sea, half-eaten by jackals, a fine Westeros dagger damascened with three silver dragons in the heart.
  7. @Buckwheat There is no stupid whiny post! You're facing a dire situation not only because of these children, but because it questions your overall calling. This is either a challenge this month and an opportunity to make up your mind about your future. You can be proud to have survived so far without going berserk into a murderous rampage in your school (sorry for my gallows humour). I've always thought that teaching is the most complicated job and I truly admire teachers. You know, I have a friend who is teacher, and when she started, obvously her first appointment was in a horrible high-school in a squalid suburb. Most of her students where older then her, some where former convicted, all had complicated family issues. Her daily aim was not teaching anything to them, but just having a relatively quiet day. Each evening she cried at home. And guess what: after one shitty year, she began to harden her mind; she learnt to deal with rebel teens; she became more self-confident. The year after she was given a better entry, she started to undersand her students and to gain their trust. Now, she still loves her job, and students do love her, but it was a long path to go through... As for the dark thoughts on remaining all alone, well, these are the traditional thoughts when we feel depressed. Dark mood calls even darker thoughts, and we end up by painting in black everything (our relationships, our society, our future...). Don't be lured by the "Dark Bucky" who lurks in the void, he or she is just the product of your temporary sadness. You will find somebody and generally, the right one just pops up when we don't expect anything! :-) Congrats for your translation! I guess it's a special moment the first time you open the magasine with your article... This is something positive to hold on to. Cherish this victory to cheer up when you're struggling with your children! Enjoy your week-end, refill your mental battery!
  8. SPOILER AHEAD from the series: I would answer Davos, because he wanted to save Shireen.
  9. @Buckwheat as usual I'm interested in anything to draw or describe. :-)
  10. @Pebble thats Stubby thanks; I'm far far far away from the US but I still feel concerned by the ongoing events. This is not the place to debate about it but I can't believe it's happening in 2020... @Buckwheatyou're brave to do this amazing and challenging job. Don't let a bad start undermine your morale; you went through years of university, you passed the exams to become a teacher, so you're stronger than that! I guess you can't order this bunch of nasty brats to do 100 push-ups...ah the good old time...
  11. Bucky, I would be happy to draw a bonus chain!
  12. @Pebble thats Stubby I fully concur. Let's ease Bucky's work. :-) @Buckwheat I guess you're professor in a high-school: if I remember well my own years as a high-schooler, I can tell that you've accepted an amazing job, but very challenging as well. Impose your style, eat the horde alive.
  13. Congratulation for your new job Bucky! At this time you are discovering a new environment, new colleagues... I keep my fingers crossed for you! See you this evening!
  14. If it was mine I'm sorry... ... No in fact I'm not.
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