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  1. Definitly, take it as a compliment. Congratulation for your new job!
  2. @Buckwheat There is no stupid whiny post! You're facing a dire situation not only because of these children, but because it questions your overall calling. This is either a challenge this month and an opportunity to make up your mind about your future. You can be proud to have survived so far without going berserk into a murderous rampage in your school (sorry for my gallows humour). I've always thought that teaching is the most complicated job and I truly admire teachers. You know, I have a friend who is teacher, and when she started, obvously her first appointment was in a horrible high-school in a squalid suburb. Most of her students where older then her, some where former convicted, all had complicated family issues. Her daily aim was not teaching anything to them, but just having a relatively quiet day. Each evening she cried at home. And guess what: after one shitty year, she began to harden her mind; she learnt to deal with rebel teens; she became more self-confident. The year after she was given a better entry, she started to undersand her students and to gain their trust. Now, she still loves her job, and students do love her, but it was a long path to go through... As for the dark thoughts on remaining all alone, well, these are the traditional thoughts when we feel depressed. Dark mood calls even darker thoughts, and we end up by painting in black everything (our relationships, our society, our future...). Don't be lured by the "Dark Bucky" who lurks in the void, he or she is just the product of your temporary sadness. You will find somebody and generally, the right one just pops up when we don't expect anything! :-) Congrats for your translation! I guess it's a special moment the first time you open the magasine with your article... This is something positive to hold on to. Cherish this victory to cheer up when you're struggling with your children! Enjoy your week-end, refill your mental battery!
  3. Lius Sepulveda died today from Covid. He was a famous novelist, well-known for The Old Man Who Read Love Stories, an amazing book (don't rely on the hokey title, it's a very deep and interesting novel). https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/apr/16/chilean-author-campaigner-and-escapee-luis-sepulveda-dies-aged-70-of-covid-19
  4. @litechick I read a study some years ago, explaining that cats can see us as cats having just a weird shape, but fully part of their clans ("a clan of two", most of the time). If we adopt them young, they can see us as parents, still with this weird shape, but they don't mind (they are much more tolerant than we humans between us). And I read an article (the funniest part of owning a cat is all these more or less stupid things we read in the Internet about cats) saying that cats recognize us by the smell and the voice, but not really by our appearance. So they should more like "creepy this non-cattish smell, but indeed I learnt to love him/her for all the head scratches..." @KingintheNorth4 I'm sure she had a wonderful life with you, and she will till the very end. I sympathize with you, knowing exactly what you can feel...
  5. Yes @A True Kaniggit, she eventually calmed down and now she is exactly what one can expect from a cat: a nice creature that runs, plays, hunts, sleeps, purrs, cuddles...(with the right quantity of everything). Last but not least, after more than one week with me she is still alive (and in great shape): she broke the record of my previous cat (who died after only one week). @Ice Queen: I am interested in hiking with my cat, to let her boldly go where no cat has gone before... Have you tested your backpack carrier? Did your cat enjoyed it?
  6. New year, new cat! I picked up a young female cat at the shelter yesterday. She was depicted as shy, fearful little thing, bullied by bigger cats, who jumps at the slightest noise. She cried a lot this night, searching for her former cat friends and the shelter volunteers. Now she mews, purrs, runs, plays, and climbs everywhere! (the fridge was deemed funnier than the cat tree). But since yesterday, it seems she did not sleep at all (I had a very bad night, she wanted to play with me, clawed me, even headbutted me...), I observe her since and she never stops moving. So until proven otherwise I have an insomniac cat.
  7. @Toth Nobody is useless, don't let yourself think such thing! And believe me a lot of people are like you in society, struggling with themself to pretend being at ease, having no clue on how interacting with others...(Half of human being fake being like the other half, you know, the so-called "normal persons"). Sometimes we can handle a full evening in a crowded bar, sometimes we just need to hide under our blanket at home. Does it make us useless persons? Never! I'm not good at telling nice stuff to comfort people, but cheer up: you're much more than you think!
  8. I owe you an update regarding my new cat I picked up at the shelter on late August: she died one week after. She suffered from feline infectuous peritonite, a disease that kills mainly kitten in a few days. I went three times to the vet and the last time she had to be put down. At the end she could barely move... That's how ended my first cat-story. At last she had a nice last week at home; she was suger-coated with the best food I could find (did you know there is even organic food for pets?), she slept on my favorite hoodie on the sofa (the two last days I had to carry her to the sofa), she stayed with me on the evenings while I read or cooked, always purring, so I guess -I hope!- she enjoyed my company. To conclude, I think I will wait another month or two before seeking again a cat...
  9. I bet that as soon as they have noticed your presence, they froze immediatly and pretend to be totally normal cats (turning down the disco ball, hidding the spliffs and the guns, and staring at you with big innocent eyes like Puss in Boots in Shreck...). I picked up my kitten today at the shelter... Shall I install surreptitioutly cameras in the living room to see how it handles its first night at home? I should be surprised...
  10. Well, last Friday I expected to bring back at home a newcomer. I was keen to show it/him/her the appartment, the cat tree, the litter, the food... At the shelter, I choose a young male entirely black, rather quiet. I began to fill the forms and...It turned out that he had an injection against rabid a few days ago, and that I should wait 21 days to be sure of its effectiveness. This is mandatory when you cross a border in Europe (I presentely live in Germany and the shelter is in France), but I did not know. Thus I have to wait another week before taking the cat (he has no name at this stage, but I launched a big contest among my relatives to find a suitable name). And now I'm turning into a lame cat-addict, wondering everyday if the cat is doing well in the shelter, and counting the days before the official adoption. @The Mother of The Others I thought that cats ate only one sort of herb, and were not interested in the others. Good luck to find the herb that will make your cats forget the grass! (try cannabis?)
  11. @The Mother of The Others the Q is for queer (but a person L, G, B and/or T could himself/herself Q as well). We can add a I for intersex, a A for asexual, and the + for everything that we failed to describe/we forgot/that don't need to be labelled acording the persons concerned. To sum up, the very term "LGBTQIA+ and so on" is the most inclusive possible. :-) Thanks for the "gay" recipe!
  12. Tomorrow is the big day: I will be the proud owner of a cat! (unless this is the cat my owner...) I built the cat-tree, bought a lot of food, let in the living-room the empty boxes of my move to make hideaways... Everything is ready, but me: I feel the same kind of anxiety when I buy expensive furniture, or a car, i.e. something that implies consequences in my life, especially if I move in another city, or if I travel... something that implies responsabilities, and much more than simply check regularly tires or oil level of the car... something that is not "something", but "somebody". A new adventure! :-)
  13. @Jekse I acknowledge that a chapter with Rickon POV is all but likely, knowing Georges difficulties to writte a child POV. I would bet on Osha POV, and I hope she won't die as easily as in the serie. I can't wait to discover the cannibal inhabitants of Skagos... I'd like to see a little but more of Aegon, and how he was saved and raised overseas. His arc sprouted suddenly from nowhere, without hints in the previous books, so I need more details, more connexions with the traditional characters... And I'm eager to read Dany's reaction when she will learn that she has a nephew with a stronger birthright than her... That's why I...
  14. I'm looking forward to reading the meeting between Davos and Rickon on Skagos (with POV Davos but why not POV Rickon?). How Rickon and Osha have evolved through the last two years? Does Rickon has developped a strong relationship with Shaggydog, like the others? He is still very young and alone, with only Osha and his direwolf to rely on, so we can guess he could have slipped into Shaggy a lot of times to share his simplier and somehow safer wild life. Maybe Rickon is more wolf than human now.
  15. @Ice Queen and @felice : thanks for your kind replies, I feel reassured! (If needed baby whipes are indeed a good solution) My fear was to fail in "connecting" with my cat. I saw a lot of amazing relationships cat/person and kept thinking "why not me?". I thought to a grown-up cat, provided it is used to living in an appartement (I don't know at this stage if a cat can climb the wall of my terrace). Moreover I was told older cats are often overlooked by people visiting shelters: they prefer to adopt younger cats. But old cats faced a lot of bad stuff before landing in a shelter and somehow I think they deserve care and a warm home, so I was already inclined to take an adult cat. @Tears of Lys: I don't watch anything on Youtube but OST of GOT (I know it sounds like a creepy hard-core fan without social life, but I'm a huge fan of the music) and movies OST. Sooooo...I went on Youtube, typed "cat funny", and stayed a long time watching that could become soon a new addiction. But my tender heart can't stand the sight of people making fun of cats in distress (for instance, they laugh because the cat head is stuck in a box, or a quite heavy object falls upon the cat, or a cat falls into water -ok for this one I smiled). I like cat-based humor, but only if the cat is absolutely safe and doing well. Fortunatelly I did not see videos of feral cats being caught! I will go to the shelter the first week-end of August, can't wait!
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