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    Reading (HP, Hyperion, LOTR, ASOIAF, comics, and old fashioned stuff from XVIII-XIXth century)
    Watering plants and ugly garden gnomes
    Running in the wood while listening movies soundtracks and inventing creepy science-fiction stories

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  1. Yet another Arya !

    Cats: Threading their way into our lives.

    New year, new cat! I picked up a young female cat at the shelter yesterday. She was depicted as shy, fearful little thing, bullied by bigger cats, who jumps at the slightest noise. She cried a lot this night, searching for her former cat friends and the shelter volunteers. Now she mews, purrs, runs, plays, and climbs everywhere! (the fridge was deemed funnier than the cat tree). But since yesterday, it seems she did not sleep at all (I had a very bad night, she wanted to play with me, clawed me, even headbutted me...), I observe her since and she never stops moving. So until proven otherwise I have an insomniac cat.
  2. Yet another Arya !

    Pictionary 46: open theme

    I'm in of course! Thanks HC for hosting again the game!
  3. Yet another Arya !

    Christopher Tolkien Passes Away at 95

    RIP Christopher Tolkien, son of JRR-Beren and Edith-Luthien... I will always be grateful for the sorting, assembling, writing (for a few parts) and publishing of the Silmarillon, and for the respect he showed for his father work.
  4. Yet another Arya !

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    @Knight of Ashes Yes the last episode was released late December. @Jez Bell Interested in hosting?
  5. Yet another Arya !

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Guys? Where are you hiding? Still stomaching turkeys/oysters/chocolates? Whining on the last Starwars and bingewatching again The Mandalorian to compensate? OK for a new Pictionary round? HC? CB?
  6. Yet another Arya !

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    @Count Balerion don't worry it was funny! :-D Or Holiday on ice in the Gift, Reveal your wild side in Bear island, Unleash the Krakken in Pyke...
  7. Yet another Arya !

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    I think that the busy holiday season is above all the blessed holiday season with enough time to draw quietly...
  8. Yet another Arya !

    How does one change one's rank?

    I take this opportunity to ask if it's normal if the number of messages does not evolve. I found out that I was stuck at "50 messages" since several messages.
  9. Yet another Arya !

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Nooooooo I'm still dealing with the trauma of Count Balerion's pictarys... But I would gladly participate into the next issue! :-)
  10. Yet another Arya !

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    All the Hermione/she-bear/Minnie and chestnuts/snitches/butterflies things are wonderful. But the most amazing stuff remains the executive highlighter/weird alien/traffic cones! :-D Thanks all for these readings and artworks!
  11. Yet another Arya !

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Here we go: 1) Last summer when I went camping, I was attacked by several demon-zorses in the pay of Hot Pie, and my cowardly dragon ran away! ==> F) A poor man is sitting by his campfire coming up with conspiracy theories, including the forests of Europe being full of free weed and dragons being vicious Zebra killers. 2) Although vacationing in the Summer Isles had long been a dream of ours and we had heard of the mythical "talking trees", we certainly weren't expecting the trees to teach us how to dance La Macarena. ==> b) While the (naked?) lady hangs out under a coconut palm with a chap in a loincloth, she thinks about pentagons; weird ghost-fish thing watch. 3) Last time I went camping, I was somewhere between France and Spain and I woke up early with the song of a stream among rocks and bushes, and the whistles of a whole colony of tiny groundhogs, afraid of the blurry shadow casted by an eagle. ==> G) At a wooded campsite, nestled in the pubic hair between France and Spain, a very thin man flips off a confused wolf and bird. 4) I like to listen to true crime podcasts while walking my Jack Russell terrier named Lucio through beautiful woodland. ==> E) A man with a beanie with pom pom walks in a path in a pines/trees forest, listening music on a old-fashioned walkman, and walking Teeto (from Nausicaa movie) on a leash. He seems unaware that further in the wood, two policemen are really surprised to see a stabbed guy crying. 5) The autumn camping trip ended when the chestnut tree decided to bomb the campers chilling under it. ==> A) A hippie man and woman sit outside their VW van by a fire, the woman holding her baby, while heart shaped butterflies fly out of a nearby tree that also has a rainbow flag. 6) The last time I went camping I took an executive highlighter with me, because the original just doesn’t cut it. ==> H) The last time Minnie Mouse went camping it was autumn and she sang a love song to a perplexed wizard under a beautiful full moon. 7) After setting up the tent, Harry and Hermione began to make out on top of the camp table causing the loss of innocence and a bowl of trail mix. ==> D) A girl with a backpack walks up the hill, a boy in a striped t-shirt is roasting munchmallows; they both have traffic cones with aerials circling around their heads. 8) We went camping in the Shenandoah Mountains so we could get pictures of the Milkyway but it was too cloudy. ==> C) A bunch of drunken hooligans set fire to the forest causing the smoke beast to consume the sun. And please, if someone could tell me what is an highlighter...for me, naïve non-native English speaker, it's just the pen used to mark interesting sentences on a copy...So an "executive highlighter" is just a kind of giant highlighter that can do the job properly...What else is it supposed to be?
  12. Yet another Arya !

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Done. an't wait to see the final result! I draw really weird stuff...
  13. Yet another Arya !

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    @Toth Nobody is useless, don't let yourself think such thing! And believe me a lot of people are like you in society, struggling with themself to pretend being at ease, having no clue on how interacting with others...(Half of human being fake being like the other half, you know, the so-called "normal persons"). Sometimes we can handle a full evening in a crowded bar, sometimes we just need to hide under our blanket at home. Does it make us useless persons? Never! I'm not good at telling nice stuff to comfort people, but cheer up: you're much more than you think!
  14. Yet another Arya !

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Busy this evening and tomorrow, it should be OK for Saturday evening.
  15. Yet another Arya !

    Tolkien 3.0

    @Ser Scot A Ellison, whatever the original language, we always miss something when it's translated, even if the translator did a great job. I read a lot of books both in French and English, and the original versions (so the English ones) always were the best, because the closest to the author mind (especially if this mind is complex and seeks to describe moments inspired from drugs experiences -see Brave New World!). And some puns are less fun once translated (in Harry Potter for instance). Even a "simple" book like ASOIAF was more interesting in English. I tried it in French but I gave up at page 24: the translation was really ugly and flat. So I can't imagine what I missed in LOTR and the Silmarillon...