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  1. And I thought Hungry and Slovakia where part of the EU? they certainly did there own deals. and as for us approving it faster, maybe that has something to do with most of the experts and infrastructure was previously based in the UK. A lot of those experts probably stayed in the UK and just worked for the UK directly. The EU needed to train newer people in those jobs. this could have made the EU approval faster if we had stayed in. Also note although to start with we where ahead of the EU, we are behind them now. so yeah Big win going solo here.
  2. can we be nice to each other please. or ignore those who you really don't agree with. You should know by now that nothing HOI will say will change your opinion of him or his beliefs / views. Be better.
  3. facemasks and maybe hand sanitiser? Yes they did get very expensive for a bit but are a lot cheaper now as many more places make them and they don't need to be imported from China. Although I'm not sure how much they cost pre Brexit.
  4. If you don't use the handbrake when at lights or on a hill you fail your driving test. Most people here "drive stick" as you guys call it.
  5. I was informed that the ones on the A13 in Dagenham (and Old A13) all had fuel yesterday without queues of more than 5 mins. I've not really been paying close attention as I don't need them.
  6. My Cousin has cancer, Her treatment has been delayed again because there are no Beds because of unvaccinated people taking up the beds. Her cancer is inoperable, the only thing that keeps my cousin alive is regular treatments. Even without covid she had a limited amount of years due to the cancer. I find it very hard to find any sympathy for the wilfully unvaccinated, as a group they are killing my cousin. I can understand reluctance to get a vaccine especially if you have personally witnessed a bad reaction from one. however statistically that is very unlikely to happen. I really hope that your ( @lessthanluke ) girlfriend is able to find a spot in the calendar that allows her to take the vaccine without risking too much of her competitions. I'd really want her to take it asap but I can at the very least empathise with why she has delayed. I don't agree with the decision and find it hard to be polite let alone nice. Those not vaccinated are filling up the beds and are killing my cousin as a result. Yes vaccinated can still spread covid, but they don't spread it as much nor do they take up the beds in ICU anywhere near as much as the non-vaccinated. Its not the Vaccinated that are stopping my cousin getting treatment to stay alive. Edit - Sorry X-ray was allready writing this when you posted. Please deleate if it can't stay.
  7. I think this is the same story @Luzifer's right hand was talking about at the end of the last threadlet. Unless this happened again.
  8. It does seem that things have the potential to get very ugly with energy prices, lack of stuff in shops, potenial lack of meat (what a lot of people consider vital food) lack of fresh veg and fruit due to farms not getting pickers and again a lack of lorries. Over worked and over stressed NHS and still a Pandemic is happening. Its gonna be a very interesting winter (at least to future historians)
  9. That is so fucked up. I really feel for the workers that have to face arsehole throwing tantrums at them for doing their job. but straight up murdering them is taking things to a whole new level. I really hope the German Justice system also feels there is no way out other than to set an example and gives the maximum possible sentence to this guy after all the whole situation is his fault because he can't follow rules.
  10. To be fair it might not be "all black people look the same" excuse. I myself would have difficulty working out who was who unless Rashford was in their Football kit and I could see the back of his shirt. This is simply because I have no interest in Football or Rugby. Out of the current England team if you lined them all up I probably could only accurately identify Harry Kane. I could make some reasonable guesses with a few of the others but only if told these people played for England in Euro 2020/21. However he should totally have known who he was speaking to and paid enough attention to find out the sport. He was either provided with the wrong information before taking the call, or simply did not listen and just heard / saw black sportsman activist who talked about free school means. Yes its basics to ask who you are talking to if you don't already know, especially if you are going to then name drop them. But I'm not upset that he couldn't instantly recognise someone.
  11. Re: TP Hoarding. you are all armatures. Many many years ago there was a promotion on the back of packs of toilet paper for a free cinema ticket per pack. I think the promotion lasted for about 3 months. at the time a pack of toilet roll was about £3 and a cinema ticket was £8, to us they where printing money. Every time I or at the time my boyfriend (now married to him) went to the shops we would buy 2 packs. We did not pay for a cinema ticket for a whole year and we went a lot. We shoved the excess toilet roll in the loft and called it extra insulation. We did not buy toilet roll for 3 years after the promotion ended. This is what I call toilet paper hoarding. as for last years problems, well due to this thing called Brexit and the potential risk of a NO Deal it was predicated in some circles there would be shortages of many things including toilet paper. Well toilet paper is something that is easily stored if you have the space and has no use date. So I shoved a few extra Costco packs in the loft. (no where near what I had during that promotion) When the panic buying happened I supplied family, friends and neighbours. I was also able to provide pasta, rice and some tins to those having difficulties in finding food on the shelves. My Brexit stock also meant we where able to stay away from the shops other than for some fresh veg from the farm shop until things settled down. I have since replaced some of my stock over the summer and have a better idea of what we actually need. - this has provided some help with the current shortages happening now. I think the toilet paper thing in particular happened over here because in about January / feb there was reports of toilet paper shortages in Japan and their early lockdown, then gradually as more countries was hit by covid people went out to stock up in advance just incase taking supermarkets and suppliers by surprise, a few empty shelves in a couple of stores spread on facebook/ twitter causing more people to panic buy while they still could and it all snowballed.
  12. perhaps he shouldn't have told the staff that hadn't gone back to Europe to get jobs in Tesco during the early Covid lockdown.
  13. yeah. thats what the game keeper was talking about with the bred for petting zoo to small enclosure thing to be shot. what he does is basically culling to get to healthy populations but taking on a rich tourist who wants to shoot something then having strict controls over what that tourist shoots. it still sucks but at least the money is going in the right place and its the old /sick animals that are culled. its still an enclosed area, just a much much bigger one.
  14. Humans and wild animals don't normally mix well. thus most National Parks in South Africa (and I'm assuming other places) have fences to stop the lions walking into towns and villages and eating people and to attempt to keep the poachers out. Humans have a nasty habit of taking habitat away from animals. sometimes this areas get too small from the remaining animals you either have to relocate animals in which case you need somewhere for them to go or cull them. Yes a much better option would be less humans and let the animals have more of the planet but we all know thats not gonna happen in our lifetimes.
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