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  1. I'm not sure what is more terrifying, "Adult" Mav or the thought that YW might be attempting to use Mav to take over and impose his diabolical will on the board.
  2. there are always baseless rumours flying about. Most of the time they don't name people, unless the rumour features management. What is true and not a rumour is these 3 are off sick. hopefully that's all the truth to it.
  3. according to the workers rumour mill we have our first confirmed case of monkey pox where I work. and 3 other suspected cases (with symptoms waiting for official test results). I actually know the all 3 of these people, they work closely in the same area on the same shift. this means I should find out if its totally a false rumour or if its true at a later date. they are currently off sick.
  4. My Brother and we think my Dad have never managed to catch Chicken Pox at all. My Mum had Chicken Pox as a child and shingles when she was 19 or 20. I guess they might have had it without any symptoms, maybe there is some inherited protection that protected my Bother and mostly protected me?
  5. What is terrifying is our dear PM suggested Covid Parties like chicken pox parties to gain immunity (before the vaccine). We really don't want this guy in charge if there is a new nasty emerging pandemic deadly bug out there.
  6. I got diagnosed by a Doctor each time after the first as Mum was concerned with me catching it again. I don't know the exact number but Mum said it was a few more 5 less than 10. I can remember at least 3 times hey I got to stay home from school and had nothing more annoying than a few gnat bites. I don't know I just assume that my extremely mild symptoms meant I never really developed much of an immune response to it, hence why I got it several times. Chicken Pox parties where a thing here (uk) might still be as we don't give out the vaccine. the theory behind it, if you get it as a child its normally a lot milder than as an Adult. And normally once you have had it then you don't get it again.
  7. I had chicken pox about 8 times as a Kid. All very mild and never more than 4 spots at the itchy stage at a time. No other symptoms. I was 10 the last time I managed to catch it. I kinda guess that this may mean I have less protection against Monkey Pox than most people my age who just get chicken pox once. although I guess I might not get it as bad since I don't seem to get chicken pox pox bad.
  8. Unfortunately we don't currently have a functioning, successful economy and the way things are going its getting less functional and less successful. Over the long term we need to solve antibiotic resistance in bacterial infections, but we really don't have a plan for that, and wishing for a plan is not helping people currently with MSRA.
  9. I think most people in this thread think doesn't really work for any, those that do manage to escape poverty do so in spite of the system and not because of it, and thus should not be held up as examples of the system working at any level. _ which is why we have mainly been focusing on this part. But since you have agreed the system needs to be better and barriers removed agreement on exactly how badly the current system works/not works is not needed. And no-one is twisting things at least not deliberately. its what we generally interoperate what has been said and posted. Sometimes text is not the best way to communicate. I did not see the Maclean interview. Did they give any suggestions on how to make the system better? or remove barriers? or did they just suggest that some people manage so why can't all people if only they could budget better? Which to a lot of people makes it sound like nothing should be done. Politicians should be very careful with what they say and how they say things. its very easy to sound uncaring and horrible.
  10. So you agree the current system is not working? We should give more immediate help right now and make it easier for people not to need that help in the future? My Assumption was you did not mean everything the way it read to just about everyone else other than you, hence my words I'm sure its not "what you intended but you come across as"
  11. we should not have foodbanks. People should not have to need charity just to not starve. If they need to use foodbanks then something is very wrong and they are not getting enough state support. This does not mean I think we should close the foodbanks. but we should do what we can to eliminate the need for the foodbanks. You are saying we should make it easier for people to work themselves out of poverty and not give more handouts. I agree this is the end goal, but people are in poverty now and need more assistance right now. this does unfortunately mean more handouts right now. Even if we removed a lot of the barriers and made it a lot easier to work their way out magically right this second. it still takes a person a long time to work themselves out of poverty. Its like give a man a fish he eats for a day. teach a man to fish he can eat for life - if he does not first starve to death while you teach him to fish, also this assumes the man can afford the fishing rod and bait and fishing licence, when he was learning he was using yours. I'm sure its not what you intended but you come across as people should be able to work themselves out of poverty and as some few have managed it we don't need to give more help to people right now. maybe we can do something vague and unspecified to make it easier for people to achieve this but not if its going to cost any money. People need actual help right now and with the cost of living increasing and wages not then more and more people are going to need help. Suggesting the system kinda works cos some people make it is not helping people and makes you sound really uncaring.
  12. that would be true if the current system actually allowed the poor people to earn enough to work themselves out of poverty. Unfortunately you need a certain amount of wealth and security to do that. It is also true that things actually cost more when you are poor. you can't afford the slightly better things that last twice as long thus spend many times what the more wealthy do. you also can't buy in bulk if you can are allready choosing between food and heat. you also probably don't have the freezer space to store bulk foods.
  13. its also the uncomfortable realisation that not only are some people poor though no fault of their own, by the same token some people are rich and wealthy through no merit of their own and thus there is a possibility that they might not have earned their position and are not inherently worth more than those lazy poor people.
  14. hmm Boris won't resign ever. but lets just say the rest of the Tories decide to drop him and demand Stamer also quits cos the rules should apply to both. the Tories then have the problem if finding a replacement now made extra hard because the replacement can't also be someone who has been fined (or will be) for breaking the covid rules. I'm really not sure there is anyone who the the party would want and who has not broken the rules, and thats without considering anything else.
  15. I don't remember Labour gaining enough seats in 2010 to form a majority with a lib dems coalition. And without that we would never have a problem referendum. So I don't blame them too much for joining the Tories and gambling everything on the one chance of any kind on PR happening. I think they learnt that joining the Tories did not work and won't do so again for at least 20 more years. But if the referendum even A/V had gone the other way it might have been worth it.
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