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  1. Pebble thats Stubby

    Name for decorator frosting

    erm What?
  2. As to Why it gets them fired up? I'm guessing hard core Brexiters what Jo to be irreverent in this election and not worthy of sharing a TV debate with Boris. Your guess as to the reasons are as good as mine. The data analysts have seen when looking at who and how people have interacted with this post show them being all worked up other this one in particular.
  3. I agree, However it makes sense to target mostly those seats you are more likely to win, that ones you don't stand much chance in due currently being what has normally been a safe Tory seat. We are not a primary target for the Lib Dems, but a secondary one. Its recognised as possible, but unlikely this time. We won't be getting extra people from outside our area this time. We are not being ignored by the main party and will get some funds from them for our area. One thing we are encouraged to do is to share the Lib Dem post when responding to Brexiter people on social media, (particularly the "Debate her") . although this gets them fired up, they then tend to -re share the the posts, and spread the post further reaching more people and getting positive responses from people normally beyond our reach.
  4. I have just come back from my local Lib Dem meeting. Our local candidate is very positive that this election will grow support in my area enough that in the next local elections in May we stand a very good chance of getting 2 Lib Dems on the council. (right now we have 0 - but he won 36% of our ward in may this year, previous to that we had no lib dem to vote for) after that the next General after this one we stand a chance of not being a safe Tory seat. A lot of effort is being spent this time on Chelmsford who they think they could realistically flip Yellow. we are a longer term target, but considered a worthwhile investment and flippable in the near future. For those in my FB feed. it was in the after meeting chats that I met the Geeky Lady telling me how awesome TitanCon is. - I'm a bit worried as a potential canvaser she seemed to say Belfast counted as foreign.
  5. Pebble thats Stubby

    A Super Necessary And All Important Survey Question

    or Pebble height adult.
  6. Pebble thats Stubby

    A Super Necessary And All Important Survey Question

    My sidebar is full of adds for Bounties (which I rather like especially dark choclate ones) and things that are most definetly NOT smarties. also the picture quality is poor so reads Sharties, - which is strangely appropriate given the anti smartie complaints from our US friends. I therefore propose for the avoidance of transatlantic confusion US Smarties to be Renamed Sharties.
  7. Pebble thats Stubby

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    Farage may want to be an MP, but you can't be a MEP and an MP at the same time. I'm not sure if you have to stand down your MEP status before you run for election as an MP or only after you are elected.
  8. Pebble thats Stubby

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    I think the EU have in a previous extension give 2 dates. so if you get the deal and legislation passed by X date in a few weeks you can leave then. if not then the extension runs out in a few months. I believe they will offer something similar this time.
  9. Pebble thats Stubby

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    Yep, it's almost as if he doesn't want the full facts known in advance. What is he hiding?
  10. Pebble thats Stubby

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    How can the possibly discuss and debate Boris deal in three days if it takes all day to debate if 3 days is enough. (Which is one issue and simple) That's proof they need more time.
  11. Pebble thats Stubby

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    if there are grants available, it might be worth getting a proper charger anyway. the 3 KWH charger for me was free with the combined government grant and what the dealership I bought the car of from. These grants (if you have them) may not be available when electric cars are the norm, as they are supposed to encourage people to switch. I say check out what is available and what it will cost before you say you don't want one.
  12. Pebble thats Stubby

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    I do a 50 mile round trip, My leaf is an older version and a 24kwh battery. this is enough for me to mostly just charge to 80%. for a 30 mile round trip you will have no problem, especially as you have a 2nd car available for the longer journeys. When you do a test drive make sure you try it with the Eco button pressed. It will feel different and you will probably normally drive most in Eco except when you need a bit more acceleration. As for a charger, it will charge fine overnight with a normal domestic plug but will many hours. I guess for a 110v supply All Night. When I got mine with Government grants and what the dealership offered I could have gotten a free 3kw charger, but I paid £80 for a 7.5kw charger. this charges mine to full in about 2-3 hours. I didn't need the higher charger, I just wanted to future proof my charger for the next car when the grants are less likely to be available. Obviously this is UK, but see if there are any grants available where you are, if the price difference is not much more then I recommend going for the better one. It is best though to have a proper dedicated charge point rather than use a normal domestic socket. he should get the 100 mile with the 30KWH leaf. I have a 24kwh leaf and get 60-70 miles on a 80% charge. I do 50 a day, and always have 15-25% battery left. I know it will not be as good when its cold, in winter, but so far I've just needed the 80% charge unless I'm going somewhere after work before coming home. hmmm this must be an issue with normal / tall people. if you are 4'10" the only way you see that beam is if you sit in the back seat.
  13. Pebble thats Stubby

    UK politics - The Yellowhammer Made The Robin Weep

    From what I've read elsewhere, if the deal gets approved by the EU and Westminster, then the Ben act does not come into force and we won't have an extension. However just passing the deal is not enough as we would then need to pass further laws, and there is very little time to do that and Boris could deliberatly delay on them. If we don't also pass those extra laws before we leave then we leave with No Deal. which may be why the ERG and DUP agree to just about any deal knowing there is no time to implement the deal after agreeing so get No deal by the back door. I don't know how feasible that all is, but might be whats going on.
  14. Pebble thats Stubby

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    Before switching I was paying about £60 a week in diesel (well a Week and a Day) after switching I pay and extra £8 a week in electricity. So even though my electricity is coming from fossil fuelled power stations, I think that the vast difference in costs means I'm using less fossil fuels to power my journey to work and back every day. Yes I know they are taxed differently, so making a direct comparison is not really that simple. but hey saving the planet can save you money.
  15. Pebble thats Stubby

    UK politics - The Yellowhammer Made The Robin Weep

    Probably vote Lib Dems (if I can). I don't trust Corbyn on Brexit. He's been far too reluctant for far too long. however I live in a safe ERG seat. I'll admit part of me is tempted to vote Brexit - I really don't agree with them but Realistically I feel they have the biggest chance of taking my non-local twat from being re-elected and it would mean one less Tory Brexit MP for Boris. - yes they could do a deal with the Brexit part but it might just be the most tactical thing I could do. I'd still have a raving twat for my local MP so no change there.