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  1. I'm not saying they can't have different views. having a range of views is a good thing proving all people there are qualified. which myself I cant judge. I'm trying to move beyond their stated views to their skills and experience so see if they really should be appointed. the last few days this board has been "your only complaining cos they don't agree with your views" VS "we are only complaining because we cant see why he is qualified so we think he's only been given the role because of his views" and we have been going round in circles. Today is the only day where you have briefly mentioned why you think he has some qualifications beyond his published views. Even you have admitted Butchers qualifications do look a little on the light side. I don't personally know if Goodhearts works are enough to qualify him for the role or not or who he is well respected by. (I give more weight to respected when its from people with opposing views as that's a better indicator) As long as you can agree for people to be appointed it can't be ONLY because of their views, hence us wanting to talk about their skills / experience or what else makes them qualified. as long as this can be identified and is considered reasonable by all sides then I have no problems.
  2. I'm sure you have noticed media as in newspapers tend to focus in on things that resonate with their readership. I was going by what has been said in this thread which has been what makes them qualified for the role? (eg experience / skills) if these can't be stated is the Only reason they have been appointed because of their views? I don't really know either, I can say the few things I have read recently are kinda worrying, but I'm aware I'm not getting the full picture. Hence me asking for information about their skills and experience.
  3. Personally, I'm not sure as I've not really looked into it who sat on these comities in the past. the argument others have made with Goodhart is the only reason he appears to have been selected is because of his stated views and not because of any previous skills, or qualifications which would be a bad reason to appoint anyone to any position required to judge fairly. I would think someone with Human rights experience and or a legal background would be a good fit as they are likely to have a good understanding instead of just an opinion and being good at expressing it. Being well respected is only really a good indicator if you are well respected by a people who don't agree with them. I have no idea if these two do have the skills and experience, which is why I asked you as you seem to approve of them and implied it was not just because of their stated views.
  4. why do you consider them both to be quite sensible appointments? what qualifies them for this?
  5. I think there was supposed to be 32 MPs present from what I heard on the TV although the track and trace has only identified 9 people. Guessing the others where sitting a bit further away from the infected. I doubt most will have caught it, but it could easily have spread to several. To be clear I don't have a problem with Boris having a meeting with lots of people, not so sure it was wise for a meal to be served at the same time since that makes it hard to wear masks. especially when the country is in a lockdown phase. If you need to eat while at a meeting maybe do a Zoom. save the in person meetings to when you can mask up.
  6. He had a breakfast meeting with several other mps. So they were eating thus not mask wearing. It could be a potential superspreader event. On the night side Dom had allready left so won t need another eye test at Bernadrd Castel.
  7. If you can for one moment try and see things from my perspective - I'm not asking you to agree with it, just attempt to understand it, it may make you feel less hateful of my post and understand what I mean. First take as a fact that I believe any form of Brexit will lead to hardship and suffering. I'd love to be wrong here but I have zero doubt in this whatsoever. I believe that the harder the Brexit the more damage, and the more suffering. and Yes I really do believe people will die as a result of this. - you may call this hyperbole, but don't insult me by suggesting I'm lying about what I believe. I'm not interested in arguing the results of Brexit with you, we will never agree. So bearing in mind that I believe Brexit is going to cause lots of damage and suffering, and the current government seems to be going for a hard or no deal Brexit (although this may change without Cummings possibly) thus the suffering and damage will continue for a very long time. I don't want people to suffer. I see the way to stop people suffering as to move closer and more inline with Europe. I personally believe we would be better off inside than outside - One can dream about re-joining. So given this the quickest way to stop the suffering and damage is to move fastest from the current position. Hence me feeling that it being really bad should mean we might want to actually do something to stop the suffering instead of just trying to live with it and over time forgetting what is causing the suffering. I see it as a bit like an Addict, until they reach rock bottom they really don't seek help. and since I personally believe that on the current course Rock bottom is inevitable is it not better to get there quicker so we can come though the other side faster? I don't want suffering as a way of proving my point. I find it insulting that you would think I'm that callous. I'd love to be wrong and for Brexit to be a resounding success. I don't believe this is possible I think I have a better chance of winning the lottery and I don't even buy any tickets - hell someone my buy one for me. So now you know my personal beliefs on just how bad Brexit will be maybe go back and read what I originally wrote and see if you still feel I'm a callous evil bitch. Of and for the matter of the EU becoming an even worse thing, I personally have no problem with ever closer union, and would consider it a good thing to be part of. I know you and many others feel differently.
  8. I think as long as the EU is around long enough we will one day re-join. Its unlikely to be in the next 30 years and may not be in my lifetime. but eventually we will re-join. Personally I'd take the Euro and the loss of rebate excreta, if it meant re-joining. I would have voted against that while we where still members but I think its a price worth paying. I also agree a lot of people really won't be willing to get rid of the pound to re-join, but maybe one day. I live in hope and acknowledge its more of a wild dream than any chance of reality, but I hope we will get over our Brexit ways and really push for re-joining in about 15-20 years I know that won't happen, but I have a dream.
  9. I want a deal that papers over the very very worst effects so people don't die as as result. I want a deal so we actually keep our past agreement and don't break the good Friday agreement and possible touch peace In NI I also want things to go disastrously bad. This way people may finally understand that we are better in the EU than outside. Long term re-joining is in our interest, or at least very close alignment. this is not gonna be quick and things need to be really bad first. I would not be happy with BINO, BINO means never re-joining. But I could live with it, It would not be Terrible.
  10. I just hope google translate did those phrases the justice they deserve.
  11. Praeclarissime timidi redduntur infinita mentitum esse promiserat irritum horas domino nulli bona. might be more apt. Or there is always the clasic Tua criceta fuit, et pater tuo redoluit bacarum sambucus.
  12. For Boris, I think Quoting a few Shakespearian insults would work. extra marks if you first translate them into Latin. or throw a milkshake at him.
  13. Boris's priority is the same as Trumps. Staying PM / President. Boris is just a little better at U turns, when it proves the current course is harmful to his priority. Appearing to have good relations with the US helps achieve staying PM. And also a trade deal. This as the new President is keen on the environment, Boris will claim to be so, probably without ever doing anything other than talk big posh words about it.
  14. How is it that we do not know yet? also how are you guys doing in the getting enough sleep department? you been at this for a while now I'm worried about you all.
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