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  1. It will be a different one. the question is will I have 1 or 2 shots of a different vaccine.
  2. For those of you who know me on Facebook, you may be aware I had my 1st vaccine this morning. I'm not posting on fb because that's far more public and I don't want to add to any vaccine negativity. I had the Moderna Vaccine, and had an almost immediate reaction. My heart raced, I had real difficulty in breathing and my oxygen levels dropped. they gave me oxygen, laid me on the floor and injected me with something else, everything returned to normal fairly quickly. they kept me there for about an hour before they let me go home, although I was not allowed to drive myself home. This is why they keep you for 15 mins observation. If you are gonna react badly it will happen quickly and they can treat you immediately. I'm fine now, apart for arm ache and a bit of a headache. I don't know what exactly is going to happen with the 2nd shot I think there is a trial happening about mixing the vaccines or if I need to have 2 shots of a different type.
  3. the ultimate thread that never ends is the one that is still being posted in when the board goes offline permently. the thread dies if people stop posting in in and the board goes on.
  4. Fly By spamming. this thread was started at the begining of December. we are averaging 3 pages a month. At the current rate we won't reach the end of this threadlet until mid March 2022.
  5. I was thinking those motivated to vote against him are probably already voting against him. I think its more likely to make his supporters less likely to turn up on the day and be bothered to vote
  6. Given that Covid has meant a lot (I assume) more people have requested postal votes than normal do we think all these sleaze stories is happening a little too late to have any real effect on the results? Especially for local council elections which are often much lower turnout anyway and not the ones for the Scottish Welsh parliaments and the Mayor of London.
  7. I think the point is not to leave it 10 years when there is a fund to use every year. If the fund is not enough because the state of the building (and not a desire to spend lots) that is another matter and an increased fund or one off should be considered. also maybe choose wallpaper that doesn't cost £850 per roll. I don't think its unreasonable for the Tax payer to pay for any babyproofing or even some basic nursery furniture. (or converting the a nursery to a non-nursery at the change of PM) I do think if we are expected to pay for it then better value for money should be expected or the PM personally pays for any excess.
  8. considering they get £30k every Year to just to pay for the flat maintenance and re-furnishing which is more than some people get paid (before tax) in a year you should be able to maintain it to a comfortable condition and still get your pick sofa.
  9. I think they will wait till after the local and mayor of London Election results. So probably not till a Week on Monday.
  10. The Dyson ventilators didn't work well enough IIRC. The 11,552 made by the company I work for (as part of the UK ventilator challenge) did not require bringing immigrants into the UK to build them for us. so we didn't need that tax rule fixed. we did however get the government to pay for all the wages of everyone including me while on the ventilator project instead of topping up our wages and keeping us all furloughed. (our contract says we get full basic pay if required by the company not to work). We did also have lots of agency staff on I think low wages making them. at least one of whom was a millionaire and doesn't normally work but wanted to be involved. Ya should have seen some of the very expensive cars in the car park. The people we had signing up to make ventilates proves that Dyson also would not have needed to bring anyone in, there was lots of highly skilled people here wanting to get involved and willing to do so for a very low wage (most had been furloughed by their normal employers.
  11. I have worn PJ's for several years now upon the advise of this very board.
  12. I have a couple of memories of when I was 2 or three. I don't ever remember seeing my Dad naked he has always at least had pants(UK) on or a dressing gown. I do remember my Bother naked when we used to share a bath I have also seem my mother naked several times growing up. mainly in changing rooms. - don't remember her being naked while in the house. I know my parents slept naked but I never saw anything. My friend who lived next door did kinda see my Dad Naked when she fell out of the bunk bed when on a sleep over we where 7 or 8. Dad heard the thunk and reacted without fully waking up. Mum grabbed his dressing gown and found (rescued) him with my friend in his arms and the corner of my blanket (I was in the bottom bunk) pulled to just about cover what should not be exposed to your next door neighbours daughter. . Her parents had a really good laugh when my parents explained what had happened. I guess I take after my Dad.
  13. I do hope the change in date is the reason and not due to any Hugo nominations.
  14. No one is saying there should not be any coverage of his death or even a lot of coverage of his death. No one has even suggested that all of BBC1 should not have been entirely devoted. No one is saying there shouldn't be lots of programs devoted to Philip over the coming weeks either. It does get a bit much when both BBC1 and BBC2 where showing the exact same program at the exact same time, at the very least the BBC could have staggered it and made BBC2 run and hour behind. although not much point when each of the special tribute programs seemed to be repeated every few hours. Maybe BBC2 could have shown some other carefully chosen programs (to make sure there is nothing sensitive in them) with maybe an hourly 5 min piece on Prince Phillip and saying more tributes and dedicated programming is available to view on BB1. If thy didn't want to run with a lot of their normal shows then perhaps find some in someway linked to Prince Philips causes and interests. - He was big on environmentalism and the natural world so maybe A David Attenborough Documentary for example. I am well aware lots of people have access to streaming services and there are lots of channels even with just Freeview. however a lot of our older viewers don't have access to streaming services and may not even have internet access. A lot of Elderly use the TV as company (which is especially important in these Covid times) and won't stray past the 4 main channels. Yes I'm sure most of these would be happy to watch a few hours of the same coverage but at some point they are gonna want/need something else.
  15. predicting someone's soon to be death is really in poor taste.
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