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  1. sorry this happened to you. so wrong. You could always try the premier Inn. Its not part of the con hotel packages but also very close and not too expensive.
  2. hi thread. its been a long time. So anyway I started doing the spring decorating game drawing. got a bit carried away and decieded that its a little too early yet to start the game so have not created the thread. anyway here is my artwork for your enjoyment. zoom in to catch the details of this sring from a distant future in an alternative timeline. https://i.imgur.com/71gku13.png
  3. I'm sure JRM won't be that upset to loose if he thinks Sunak will make him a Lord in his exit honours list.
  4. I went to a good comprehansive school. It probably helped that this was a small secondry school (although at the time I thought it was huge my primary had just 5 classes for catering for all 6 + reception kids with about 25-30 kids in each class) it basically just took kids from the surrounding villages. I think not being a Town or city school meant that some of the class pressures where not present. the school normally performed well in the leage tables of results normally sitting arround just under most of the grammer schools. accedmic success was encouraged and a majority of students went on to 6th form or colleage then univercity - espcially compared to other schools. normally one or two former students a year would end up going to Oxford or Cambridge for univercity. It was not unusal Those who where less able accedmically where given a lot of help and support. and encouragement to find what they where good at. The school was able to care for students on an individual basis and not a one size fits all approach. The school was not even in a middleclass area although probably higher working class on average with some parents who would be middleclass. the well off families sent their kids to a nearby small town school (still a state school) not this one, but they would have to drive them to school themselves as not bus was availble. It did have parents who were mostly fully employed with a stay at home mum or part time (I'm old) It had high levels of parental interest. Of course this was 30 years ago when I left and things may well have changed. When Blair was first running his Education Education Education election campaign I did not really understand what the issue was, although I was aware from friends I did my appreniceship with how crap their schools where. my point is good state schools do and can exsist. but the quality of state shcools is very varrible. The worst thing I can say about my school, my local MP was educated there (although only for 3 years not 5) and this was well before my time there.
  5. It will be full of Toffs but its also a very good school at getting results. It could give him a lot of advantages in ealy carear.
  6. I currently still have this Airbnb. https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/53488554?source_impression_id=p3_1705948511_CUs2KUFfbCuHV8%2Bm I have decided not to stay there and will be cancelling unless anyone here wants it. It has 4 bedrooms. 2 with twins and 2 with Kings (that concert into twins) 7th - 13th Aug total price £2,624.20 with 8 sharing it comes to about £55 per night. Its a fair distance from the con, but is walkable and there are publictransport options. (free cancelation until July - although I will cancel before then unless people here ask for it)
  7. lol I revived 3 e-mails all at the same time. I only have 1 memebrship (I hope)
  8. Con Hotel Bookings avaialable via the link in your e-mail they should have sent you. Premier Inn is not available via the Con bookings, only directly and (when I booked) and was onle of the cheepest. I have decieded to cancel my Airbnb and stick with my Premire Inn booking. (its so much closer) I am looking for a room mate Preferably someone who can tollerate my snoring although I can't tolleratre other people snoring. staying 7th - 13th. £844 per person £422 each. I have also edited the list above to show those looking for room mate and the dates
  9. I'm not too worried about the Rwanda plan until they spend money on the airfields. Until then the bill is just hotair. Its gonna get voted down in the lords anyway. and if not as long as Rwanda keeps its promise and refuses to go along with anything that breaks international law then its still a non-started. Yeah the money wasted on it is a crime. but they this government does like spaffing our money on nothing of benefit. If they did not send it to Rwanda it would only end up in their pockets or donor pockets.
  10. Thats nice, but really if they actually want to fly people to Rwanda, they really should sort out an airfield with the security needed first. I mean Airlines said NO because of potenial repuational damage. the RAF said we don't have a suitable airfield with the right security in place for such an operation incase of protests. give us some money to make one secure.
  11. I don't give blood because I don't bleed very well. after serveral stabbings they eventually get if started then withing 1 -2 mins blood will stop flowing. after taking up lots of people. trying both arms a few times and over an hour spent on the trolley they managed to get about 100ml. I was politely told never to come back. This was many many years ago now. I know this is still a problem as I have lots of differculty when it comes to blood tests. It takes a lot just to fill a needle.
  12. Yay, (can't get rid of the extra line spacing which is why there is now a gap)
  13. I think this is the list of people currently planning on going per this thread and some from facebook (If I can remember your board names) Thought it would be a good idea to collect names as people start planning hotels Planning to go - Has Membership Luzifer's right hand Raddison Red The Stubbies Ibiss DaveAx Hilton Garden Arataniello Moxy williamjm Raddison Red Pebble 7th-13th Premmire Inn Deedles Theda Baratheon Lil Red Head Filippa Eilhart Werthead DalThor + Mash + the Boys Pemier Inn Adz Hilton Garden Morment Corvinus85 Derfel Cadarn Hotel not needed lessthanluke TitanCat 7th-13th Premire Inn mcbigski + Tav Beniowa Maybe Ran + Linda Cuellar Looking for Roomshares Pebble 7th-13th Premire Inn No Breakfast £844 total £422 per person
  14. I just use MS paint. Sorry I've not been able to contribute so far. and doubt I will have much time coming up either. But have this contibution https://i.imgur.com/Jn5tuO7.png and Merry Christmas everyone
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