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  1. That might have been thier intention, but the show did a very poor job of showing this cure with these people in this setting had even the slightest chance to work. If the show actually set up the dilemma as they intended. Then yes Joels actions where not correct. He was still totally right in rescing Ellie, and killing most of the guards. But should not have killed the doctor. If possible wait for ellie to wake up, wait a day or two and talk it through. Then preform the surgery with Ellies informed consent. If Ellie said no, then no surgery. No cure. Fine. In the situation actually presented, maybe Joel couod have just shpt the doctor in the leg to get the others moving. But every person their he left alive was a threat to future Ellie, and Joel needed to move fast.
  2. This. Although TV science is often very not real world science. So in tv land despite it not making sence it could be the brain that stopped the infection. Still need to gather as much data as possibke and check out the non leathal possible cure places first. As if they are wrong and tv science is not on their side then its too late to check the other things cos she is now dead.
  3. I think thats rather natural. I have a cousin who live on the other side of the world. I have only seen when she visited as a young child. I know she is far older now and had a child of her own. But I still think of her as that 6 year old I met. Its how I picture her as that is who she is in my memories. and that is someone I hardly knew. Not someone I interacted with every day for years. Joel remembering her daughter as a 14 year old and comparing her to Ellie as a 14 year old recognising that 14 year old Sarah and 14 year old Ellie would have gotten along is not wierd. Thinking of Sarah as a 30 year old when she died at 14 so never got to even be 20 as a default would be wierd. Its only when you stop to think for a moment and apply just how long its been can you picture them the age they would be and specualte what they might be like now.
  4. Of course they don't deserve to die, I don't condone the death penelty for any crime. But Joel and Ellie are living in a very different world. Joel killing them may not have been right, but in the circumstances I can't say it was totally wrong either. They where guilty of attempted murder. and there was every reason to believe if allowed to live and go free they would pursue Ellie with the intetion of collecting her brain because they are true beliviers this was the only way. and lets face it Joel was in no way able to ensure those fireflies would go to prison and thus be unable to comit more crime. You might be right Ellie's Mum was not infected on purpose. If it was accidental then I'm supprised Ellie was allowed to live given the chance she could have been born infected and just waiting like the mum to turn. If it was really accidetal and they where unaware of her imunity until the biting in the mall then it makes even less sence that they would not try to gather some data first before brain harvesting. If it was deliberate there is a greater chance of more Ellie's out there. cos you probably would not have just infected one pregnant mother.
  5. I get what you are saying but from what I saw Joel's actions where justified because the Firefly Scientis really where skipping essential data gathering and risking everything on a very slim chance of success. The government may have had a better chance of using Ellie to find a cure. Joel's actions are justified inspite of his reasons for his actions. The fireflies may have beleived they could save the human race the show really suggested for them that was a pipedream. If I was running Evil Imoral post appolatiptic experiments limited I would want as much data as I could before I destroyed experimental material that took over 14 years to make. For a start I would have infected the mother very differently. that was a risky as hell for no sensible reason. Put fungus Zombie in a cage, stick Mum's arm or leg in the cage to be bitten. then there is much less chance of zombie fungus killing Mum before she gives birth or killing babe if a Mother in the late stages of Labour fails to kill zombie fungus. I'd probably do this before Mum goes into Labour and then give her a C section. getting the timing just right if going for a natural birth has got to be hard. If this works as a reliable way to provide immunity in the child then this could potentially be a cure for future generations. (although halfing them and women get only one child.) You would also need to know if the child could then pass on the protection to their children. Gee you have Ellie who is technically old enough to bear children. - if only you don't cut her brain out first. I'd also want to know if a fully turned zombie fungus Mum could give birth to a immune child. guess this would involve strapping Zombie Mum down and artifiifal insemination. not sure you'd get volunteers do it naturally. If that works then you won't need to kill off healthy Mum's to make immune children and you could start a breading program. Its not a cure as such since this does not help those allready born. but could provide a future for humanity if a vaccine can't be developed. Please don't judge me by this, remember I said "If I was running Evil Imoral post appolatiptic experiments limited". I'd also be very glad I would not make good breading stock.
  6. I agree Ellie deserves the truth, but not sure she needs it straight away. I might be wrong but I get the impression this was not long after she woke up. I'm not sure telling her right then was correct. Might not be sensible to wait a month, but maybe a day. It is certainly an understandable lie even if its not right.
  7. As someone who has only watched the show they really ballsed up the ending if they wanted to make it seem like going though with the surgery had anything other than a faint hope of working to create a cure. Given that Joel did exactly the right thing. even killing the surrendering doctors. From that point on leaving any alive means Ellie will never be safe. If they hadn't had gone straight to the kill her solution, done a few tests took some blood, maybe even a scan or Xray to see if it really was in her brain as they think it is. There was nothing other than their assumption she had an infection from birth that made the fungus think she was already infected. it could easily have been something in her blood. If they had done a scan or Xray they could have Joel overhear the doctors talking to Marlene showing her where it is and what they need, maybe convincing her there is no other way and they can't get to any of it without killing her, they had hoped to get to some outside of the brain or the bits they could get to proved not the right bits. Joel overhearing that part - I mean at least they tried something else and did not straight away go with killing their best hope if this did not work. it would be a bit more of a problematic decision. And Yes Ellie should still have been asked. This would only have take another 5 or 10 mins of TV and made much more sense for all parties. As its presented in the show I also have no problem with Joel lying to Ellie afterwards, to protect her from the horror and guilt. I think maybe he should tell her in a month or two though when the initial shock and disappointment wane and if she really wants to sacrifice herself for a slim shot then I'm sure the government could be approached. Its not just the fireflies who have doctors and scientists.
  8. One adult for every three children under two years olds; One adult for every four children aged two; One adult for every eight children aged three and over (the ratio is 1:13 if led by a teacher). You are right this country is shit. also Nursery staff should be getting more than Minimum wage for the amount of work they have to do and the qualifications they need. Its also a shit dead end job with no or very little progression. I guess Norway's governement actually provides a lot more funding for childcare which greatly offest the costs parents have to pay. I wonder what the actual cost per hour is (combined government / parent paying). It might be closer than you think.
  9. they might not be allowed and it might not be right. But someone has to pay for the shortfall in staffing costs. Either the staff being paid less. Most are allready minimum wage. the government. the clients (by putting up prices) or the business. and if the business is already only breaking even where can they re-coup the costs from without closing down? Most nurseries really do not make profits. or very very little. edit - Let me be clear I am not against free nursery hours. I just think the nurseries should be paid enough to cover all the costs of these free hours. or they end up not actually being free. (yes I know they are not free cos Taxes)
  10. I can't blame the costs on the nurseries really. assuming the government only pays the staff cost at minimum wage for those free hours. then the nurseries need to recoup the costs of the building, utilities, meals and activates (paint/ paper/ crayons / replacing damaged toys) Plus there is a shed load of admin involved in childcare these days. Its a similar problem a lot of nursing homes face. the prices the council pays is a lot less and not enough to cover the costs so the extra is funded from the private resident fees making it more expensive for those that don't qualify for free care. or if they have too many council funded places they end up closing down. And now with the cost of energy its only making a bad situation worse.
  11. Looks like the BBC has U turned, and realised what a mistake it made. I hope the indepentent review really is independent and doesn't take too long. Maybe since Sue Grey is between jobs while she waits to be allowed to work for Labour, the BBC could ask her?
  12. Obviously this was bad cos the tweet has been removed and I have no idea what it was about.
  13. I'll do it. I know very little about football. It will be highly amusing and very tragic. I highly doubt they would ask me back a 2nd time though. I'll also donate any fees to a refugee charity.
  14. If I was Sky or ITV, I would right now be making offers Gary.
  15. and if you feel that short skirt lenghts are causing a distraction you really should educated the distracted that she was asking for it cos of what she wore is not an excuse. and if you want equality then make the uniform Trousers for all.
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