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  1. you should all have the next round and a sentence to draw. you have until thurs 3pm
  2. I have all but one sentence in. we still have time however NAA! is hiking and is unable to open links. it will be late tomorrow (UK) at the earliest before the next round will start. I have bonus chains to keep you occupied if you want them. drawing tasks only right now.
  3. one day left till the current deadline is up. I'm hoping as its describing this one won't be delayed as long as the last round.
  4. Bonus rounds are available for those who have done the current round. right now for drawing only. although I'm only up for the next 10-20 mins. I may get time to send some out in my morning perhaps.
  5. Sorry for the delays. One sentence was sent out wrong and I only noticed when I got pictures back. There was then a delay in getting the right picture drawn. on top of that in in the middle of a kitchen replacement which is limiting my time online and ability to chase. However you should all have a picture to describe. if you don't have one please let me know. you have until Sunday 9th August 2pm. but please do them earlier if possible. remember its 1 sentence and its supposed to be short. If you can't describe in a short sentence try summing up.
  6. I have Lanys pic, Teri is gonna try and get the oopsed chain picture done by my morning. So it will just be @Eternally_His outstanding...... Bonus rounds are available, but ask me within the next 2 hours or I won t see till the morning. Hopefully by then I'll have all pic and can start the next round.
  7. 2 people have not yet sent in their Pictures. I have heard from one of these people who promise it soon. I also have my earlier screw up and need another pic drawn by either @Teri or @Yet another Arya ! If not I will draw it tonight myself. the pictures I have received for my screw up are different enough that I think they will end up in different places, so planning on just running with it therefore a different person is likley to get 2 tasks every round, and (most of) you will may receive a chain that looks familiarish at one point in the game. I have bonus rounds available for those that ask. 1 needs a description the others drawing
  8. No worries. Hope you feel better soon. I have also screwed up allready and set the same sentence to two different people I have two very lovely and very different drawings. So I need to work out how I'm gonna recover.
  9. I have 3 of the 7 needed pictures...... 5 hours before the deadline. I'm also not really here until later tonight
  10. I'm not sure, but maybe they have to wait until they are charged, and not just arrested. Might also be withholding his name right now as it could maybe identify to accuser.
  11. 26 hours before the deadline. Remember to send me links to your pictures.
  12. Bonus chains are extra chains not in the main game. They work the same way but there is no predetermined order and are more on a whoever asks gets if available. Most of these end up being very short as not everyone takes part in the bonuses. They where invented as a way to keep faster players occupied while waiting for slower players. It makes people less whiney. They are also open to those not playing the main game normally due to time restraints. People can only ask for one when they have completed their drawing or sentence and inted to get them back fairly promptly. Say in 2 days or less for drawings. You may also be in the same bonus chain mire than once if it has sufficiently mutated if no others are available. In the main game you can only be in each chain once unless I really f up. Which does happen occasionally. To request one, ya just post here or pm me something like. Hey Pebs ya got a bonus chain I can do? You should also state if you have a preference between draw or describe. If none stated you will get pot luck. You might not get your preference if only one type is available but I try my best.
  13. You should all have a sentence to draw. you have until Monday 6pm UK time. Bonus rounds are available when you have finished the current drawing.
  14. Game will start tomorrow. probably evening or late afternoon UK time. you can still sign up until the game starts. all you have to do is send me a sentence before the start.
  15. we now have 8 players signed up, which means we will start on Friday unless someone needs a delay. 9 Players would be better for a full game more are very welcome. @rocksniffer @The BlackBear @She who must be Obeyed @TitanCat @HelenaExMachina @honeyed chicken
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