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  1. Don't ask people on a public forum if they have prepped or not. Maybe after Brexit is sorted and any need for prepping has passed. Also Preppers are not panic buyers. Preppers leave the panicing and empty shelve fights for those that failed to prep. #Beansnbogroll
  2. Pebble thats Stubby

    Electric Cars - Advise?

  3. Pebble thats Stubby

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    your a giant. ya got 6 inches on me.
  4. Pebble thats Stubby

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    I never really looked at the Telsa or its completion to compare when I was looking as those where far too far out of my price range, I just know there is some so worth checking out in some way. Although my personal biggest criteria for a car is one most people take for granted. being able to reach the peddles and see over the steering wheel at the same time without needing a booster seat. This seriously eliminates a lot of cars. The garage belongs to Hubby, the house to me. I think I do best in this arrangement. the one thing I don't like about the leaf is the "gear" selector - Yes I know it doesn't have gears. to put it in reverse you have to push it forward. and to put it into drive forwards, you push it backwards. this takes a lot of getting used to and to me seems so wrong.
  5. Pebble thats Stubby

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    you don't have to park in the garage. my charge point is outside. A quick goolge says there are several EV's out there now several in the premium range along with the Tesla. And yes, I'm loving my Leaf. would not go back to a petrol or Diesel. I was in a similar position, I wanted to wait about 3-5 more years when I believe the range would be better for the price I was willing to pay, as it is my car forced me to make the jump earlier. However my 90-100 mile range (on my leaf at max charge) is not long enough for it to be the sole car of the household. I do need a longer ranged vehicle occasionally. Luckily Hubby has 2 other cars (3 if you count the race car) so I do have that option. His cars are the reason I don't park in the garage. I'm not allowed.
  6. Pebble thats Stubby

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    I'm not saying don't get a Tesla, just make sure you check out the competition for a similar price. it holds charge no problem. at least so far. I've not really had it long as you can tell if you read back in this thread. It remained charged after going on holiday for almost 2 weeks in the summer. There is no reason why you shouldn't charge up (to the 80% mark) after every journey if its convenient. This way you will always have a topped up car if you need to make an unexpected journey, and it won't take long to charge each time. Of course with a longer driving range there is no need to charge it up each time either.
  7. Pebble thats Stubby

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    Don't just limit yourself to the Tesla, there are several fully electric cars out there now with good mileage so do shop around and find one that suits you best for the price. My Leaf has 2 charging sockets. Normal and Rapid. Rapid is the fast charging things at most services which will kill your battery faster if you use them often. Rapid charging will always come with a tethered cable Tesla also has super fast - I don't know if that uses the same plug as the Rapid charger, but for my little leaf I won't go near them. Tesla's are designed for the superfast chargers mine ain't. Rapid charging works by overloading the battery so it chargers faster. say your battery is rates at 10kwh, its designed to handle at most 10 kw per hour so zapping it with 20kw will charge it twice as fast so 30 mins but its not ideal for battery life. zapping it with 60kw will charge in 6mins but is more damaging to the battery as its not designed to handle that load. Tesla has put in a lot more thought into their superfast charging and done things to counter the damage that would normally be caused by using them. With normal charging most public points will require you to bring your own cable. Your car will either have a type 1 or type 2 socket. (the only difference is the shape). When using a public charge point I plug my cable into my Type1 car socket and the other end into a type 2 (normally all you will ever see these days other than older 3 domestic pin plugs) public charge point. I can also use with my other cable any domestic 3 pin plug for a slow charge. I've only used public charging twice. (once at a free site) and the other I needed to pay. with pay public charger points you need to join the right group for that charger. most of them allow you to use an app on your phone to pay. some allow you to use a special pre-paid card (bit like an oyster). If you end up doing a lot of public charging its worth it join multiple companies with the pre-paid cards in-case of internet access failure (dead phone). if you rarely intend on public charging then one that your most likely to use (eg on the way too / from work). There are also schemes with some like monthly subscription then X number of free chargers. (these probably work best for those who can't charge at home)
  8. Pebble thats Stubby

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    when I bought my leaf the UK government would fund 75% upto £700 for a home charger. Then the dealership I was with also had deals with the charger company I used (probably others - the dealership never told me, but I found out when trying to order though their website) A cheap 3kwh charger would have cost me nothing. I spent £175 for a 7.5kwh charger. This charges my leaf to the 80% mark (my normal charge) in about 2 -3 hours and gives me a range of about 75 miles. ok it has a much smaller battery than modern Tesla's so would take longer, but should fully charge overnight. You also don't have to fully charge it each time or wait till its low to charge.
  9. Jo Jo has quit his government job last year to campaign on a 2nd ref. more details on his current quitting here https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/jo-johnson-resigns-boris-mp-conservative-party-protest-brexit-no-deal-parliament-family-latest-a9092751.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter&fbclid=IwAR1zlWSIIKS1qC8TYfq6uggS9P_jTSmoDvP22YgACwZPsVOjDW1GlYJ3KkQ#Echobox=1567679298
  10. if we do have Boris's election on Oct the 15th? would that make him the shortest serving PM ever?
  11. I was half listening to what he was saying. and kinda worried that he seemed to be making a lot of sense (for him) and being honest for a change apart from the fact he wasn't talking about Team Boris.
  12. that could result in the amusing circumstances of Lib Dem, labour and Tory rebels voting in favour of the government, while Boris fans vote for no confidence in themselves.
  13. Pebble thats Stubby

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    please attack the post / argument. not the poster. Or Get the fuck out.
  14. Pebble thats Stubby

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    signed, but unfortunately I believe this will only be debated after the Queen's speech.
  15. Pebble thats Stubby

    Japan Travel Suggestions

    can't help with tourist suggestions but do try the Calpis. (not suitable to vegan's) Its a non-alcoholic drink that normally needs diluting. it also has a very nice taste. Its also a traditional TitanCon beverage with the meadcon group.