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  1. The UK is only vaccinating almost 18 year olds ( I think its 17 and 9+months) or 12+ with high risk medial conditions and high exposure risk (got to be both ). So its not open to all children over 12. There is no plan to expand this.
  2. dammit, Australia is just too efficient when it came to deporting her.
  3. I think announcing it now gives them the option of actually mandating it in September. although if things turn out better than expected they might decide its not needed and can U Turn. Doing it to Nightclubs first is as way of testing the water mainly effecting people who don't normally vote Tory so they don't care if it pisses the young people off. If it gets general support from their voter base they are then able to to make it a requirement for things their voter base does. Its a less risky way of doing it. They said Nightclubs and large mass gatherings like sporting events. and they reserve the right to expand this to other areas as needed later. I can see both sides to this. Yes I personally don't want to mix with unvaccinated people and want everyone to take the vaccine. I don't want to increase my risk of catching it by being with the unvaccinated. So on that level I would be personally happy with a Mandatory Vaccine thing. On the other hand forcing people to get vaccines is very wrong and often can work against getting the masses vaccinated. People are much more suspicious when they are told to do something or else. people don't like that. especially given the conspirisary theories with COVID this is not a good thing. It could also lead to people getting fake vaccines which really screws with any monitoring we do. and it could further undermine vaccine confedance and people with fake vaccines get ill and maybe die. So yeah on one hand I'm pro vaccine passports, on the other I get a really bad feeling this is not gonna work as expected and does not sit well with me.
  4. I think thats the Anti Gun Licences 2nd Ammendment people in the US argument in a nut shell. Sorry this is UK politics not US Politics
  5. sorry I thought I did not need the sarcasm emoji. but if they U turn the government may redefine cases somehow remember if they go up loads its our fault now for not doing the recomended not mandated
  6. well they can't very well being this in without waring and giving people time to get both vaccines. at the moment that's an 8 week gap between them. so giving warning now they are planning this is not a bad thing. I expect the details will be fuzzy for a while, and they need to work out if this also effects people who can't get a vaccine for medial reasons. If by September cases have not gone up they have time to re-evaluate and say the covid passport is not necessary. (or more likely too many people complain) If the vaccine passport is popular and deemed needed, they may well roll it out to other venues. What I really want to know if people working in nightclubs will need 2 vaccines and if so what about people working in frontline healthcare? if you can mandate one as necessary for the job then....
  7. I guess its only "fair" if they have the chance to get both vaccinations. also this mainly effects young people who normally don't vote Tory, so they can test vaccine passports on them and see how eveyone else reacts
  8. what is the fastest U turn Boris has done from announcing something? And did he U Turn this fast due to people complaining or because he realised he could miss the last PMQ's before summer shutdown?
  9. ah ha they have discovered we exist. yep there are lots of Moore.
  10. Just looked myself up. Duly - only 191 of us mostly in Colchester. Means "from meadow" . But my far more common maiden name Moore "This Surname does not currently appear on the flag. This surname contains all surnames in England with over 100 occurances,so this name must be quite rare" hahaha lol. what good weather?
  11. Gen X grew up as a generation of latch key kids. a large majority of us would come home from school to both our parents at work, so had to let ourselves in and fend for ourselves. often making our own dinner and looking after our younger brothers and sisters.
  12. I think overall I do too, it does get annoying at times though. especially as I'm also extra invisible due to my height and then get abuse for not 78% nitrogen 21% oxygen after I've been stepped on.
  13. If you feel this way now, count yourself very lucky to be a Man. being Mansplained to never stops no matter the relative ages or expertise levels. There are a lot of Older people who don't understand how much harder it is now for younger people. Housing and education are a lot more expensive. You used to be able to buy a house on one average income and didn't need a University degree, some wonder why young people like them can't just get a job and house like they did and if they can't afford a house then its the young persons fault for silly spending. - If this is where your feelings are coming from then its ok to OK Boomer them. also take some comfort that at least your existence are being acknowledged, Gen X is invisible. If there are some other areas where you feel people are insufferable knowitalls it maybe they love the sound of their own voice and treat everyone that way. If you would like to give a specific example of when you have been talked down to we might be able empathise better.
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