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  1. Lil Red Head

    The Lodestar Award

    Hurray that it passed! And serious, major kudos to all the people who put so much work into it. I've been in Europe for a week (we live here now!) and I sometimes forget that there's a whole day of things happening still in the US when I'm winding down for bed, so I wasn't sure what the status was on Lodestar and the meeting, etc. Thanks for the update, Ran!
  2. Lil Red Head

    The Lodestar Award

    Billy and I are kind of Worldcon Business Meeting junkies, so we're very likely to be at the Dublin business meeting and will be available to support the YA award, if this issue is yet unresolved.
  3. Billy (not on the forums) and I have supporting memberships to Dublin and are generally planning on converting to attending. I've just messaged him (yes he's in the next room but this was easier) with all sorts of information about that and prices for Eurocon/TitanCon too, with the suggestion that we get supporting for that as well and then upgrade along the way. So put us as yes for Dublin and I'll let you know when to convert us to orange.
  4. Lil Red Head

    WorldCon Helsinki 2017 - Attendance list p1!

    I had a great time in Helsinki! So glad we got to break bread with a bunch of folks too. Feel free to friend me on the book of faces (I'm on there far more often than here) - I'm Nikki Ebright over there (the short red headed crocheting person who hangs out with the taller also crocheting person). We probably won't make it to San Jose, but definitely planning on going to Dublin!
  5. Lil Red Head

    Munster, Germany

    Not in the near future, but my significant other and I are looking to move to the Netherlands and plan to attend Internationale Spieltage SPIEL, or Essen Game Fair, sometime, possibly as early as 2018. Will have to remember to look for BWB folks too!
  6. Lil Red Head

    DC in 2021

    Congratu-dolences, and good luck!
  7. Lil Red Head

    WorldCon Helsinki 2017 - Attendance list p1!

    Yes, that is my understanding as well. There's an excursion they're putting together and they're trying to figure out how to get people their travel passes before that even, because the plan was to have people pick them up with their membership badges. We are arriving in Helsinki at 2:50 pm local time on Tuesday, staying at Citykoti Downtown Apartments, maybe the Punavuori area? (There's a big market we plan to visit in the mornings and it's not too far from there.) We fly from Helsinki to Amsterdam on Monday August 14 at 10: 40 am (and then from Paris a week later back to the US), so we have some time Sunday night to socialize with anyone still about. Will there be a planned BWB gathering somewhere at Worldcon? I'm on a few panels, so if nothing else, people can track me down that way if I can't find you!