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  1. I meant to ask earlier: will there be a BWB tshirt for this Worldcon? If so I'd like to get on the list please. Thank you!
  2. My husband and I have a triple room for Dublin, and it's currently just us two, so we have room for a third. I'll message you privately with the details for you to consider. Edit: looks like you don't take messages here, so here's the information to consider: We got a triple accommodation so we had the possibility of finding someone to share with, and thus share the costs. Here are the details: Check in 2019-08-14 (Wednesday) Checkout 2019-08-19 (Monday) Location: Jurys Inn Parnell Street, Dublin, D01 E0H3, Ireland ("3* Hotel Triple Occupancy B&B") Here's the link from the Worldcon website: https://dublin2019.com/location/accommodation/hotels/6468-2/ Think about if this would work for you. Also, we're not big on partying or drinking and such (I'm actually here for the conversation, what?), but you wouldn't need to keep the same hours as us if you enjoy being out late. We plan to have a lazy breakfast in the mornings at the hotel because I'm not quick to move in the mornings either, lol. We could meet virtually beforehand too if you want to meet us before saying yes; we use skype and google hangouts. We also happen to live in the Netherlands, so we may be a few hours ahead of you. Let me know if this sounds good to you and if you have any questions. Thanks! ~Nikki
  3. Lil Red Head

    Video Games: It's On Like Donkey Kong

    I've just started playing Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) and I'm loving it. Anyone else on over there?
  4. For Dublin, we have a reservation for Wednesday night through Monday morning. It's at the Jurys Inn Parnell Street, and we got a triple occupancy room, so we have room for one more if anyone is looking to split a room. I'd rather share with someone I know or someone known by those we know, so any BWB pretty much qualify. Bonus points if you're a con volunteer (Worldcon or TitanCon).
  5. I did. I figure they're looping back to programming later. I'm running a con the week before and I'm just getting to programming stuff myself, aiming for February to get that rolling. It's a hugely different scale, the two cons, but the timeline makes sense.
  6. Just booked our hotel for WorldCon. We'll be at the Jurys Inn Dublin Parnell Street and we got a triple accommodation so we can take one more (currently it's just me and Billy). We check in on Wednesday the 15th and out on Monday the 19th. We haven't made any plans for how to get to Belfast or when yet, but we do have our TitanCon/EuroCon memberships. I've offered to do panels and/or volunteer at WorldCon, but nothing yet. I'll probably do the same for TitanCon/EuroCon, so if anyone knows where there's help needed, let me know.
  7. I recall that there was talk of bus tours to bridge the few days between Dublin Worldcon and TitanCon. Anyone know more information on that?
  8. Lil Red Head

    The Lodestar Award

    I was just re-watching the 2017 Business Meeting video (what, doesn't everyone do that?), and Kevin said 2021, but he could have been wrong then. Either way, yes, we should definitely make sure there are people at New Zealand and wherever 2021 goes (currently DC is unopposed). Billy and I will be at Dublin and plan to be at the Business Meeting each day (free ribbons and agendas, yo) so we can watch for shenanigans. We would love company. Bring your crafts. And thank you anonymous committee member for your post. I really appreciated all of the specificity that was provided, like at the 2017 business meeting, about why naming it after a person is problematic. I think Lodestar is a fabulous name. It's unknown enough that it doesn't have a lot of baggage attached; people who complain that it doesn't have a bunch of imagination or whatever aren't *using their* imagination. It can be whatever we want it to be! And isn't that perfect for a YA award?
  9. Lil Red Head

    Worldcon 2020: Wellington New Zealand

    Oh I recognize that I'm ridiculously spoiled when it comes to plane times. I've been in Denver for a while, and it's generally 2-3 hours to most places; a four hour flight seems long! And we've been looking at flights to places around Europe from where we are in the Netherlands and again, it seems like a lot of places are in that same 2-3 hour timeframe, so spoiled again. The flight over from the US is generally 9-ish hours, and I'm getting used to that. I trick my mind into thinking it's night, so that's my sleep time, and when we arrive, that's my day. (At least, I don't mind the flight so much when I can sleep, but that always depends on my neighbors). I haven't done a flights of longer than 10 hours I don't think, so an 18+ hour flight seems a little intimidating. Any tips for the longer flights?
  10. Billy (or Mr. LRH if you like) and I have attending memberships for both Dublin Worldcon and Eurocon/Titancon and we're very excited for next year! We're living in the Netherlands now (as of a week and a half ago), so it'll be "close" to us, except that we'll be in the US right before (running a convention August 9-11, 2019 in Denver), so it'll be jet lag for breakfast again (it's like a tradition now). Anything anyone would like us to bring from the US or Netherlands?
  11. Lil Red Head

    Worldcon 2020: Wellington New Zealand

    So tempting! I'm not sure how I feel about 24 hours of travel though. :/ And would we travel from the US or from Europe? Any thoughts on which is better?
  12. Lil Red Head

    The Lodestar Award

    Hurray that it passed! And serious, major kudos to all the people who put so much work into it. I've been in Europe for a week (we live here now!) and I sometimes forget that there's a whole day of things happening still in the US when I'm winding down for bed, so I wasn't sure what the status was on Lodestar and the meeting, etc. Thanks for the update, Ran!
  13. Lil Red Head

    The Lodestar Award

    Billy and I are kind of Worldcon Business Meeting junkies, so we're very likely to be at the Dublin business meeting and will be available to support the YA award, if this issue is yet unresolved.
  14. Billy (not on the forums) and I have supporting memberships to Dublin and are generally planning on converting to attending. I've just messaged him (yes he's in the next room but this was easier) with all sorts of information about that and prices for Eurocon/TitanCon too, with the suggestion that we get supporting for that as well and then upgrade along the way. So put us as yes for Dublin and I'll let you know when to convert us to orange.