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  1. Doing dinner at The Hole in the Wall at 7 pm tonight. Least 5 of us Will be there. Probably getting there for a pint around 6. Also, planning guiness tour at 4 if anyone wants to go. Will leave from con after saying goodbyes post george panel.
  2. Arrived in Belfast today. Sunny and good weather! (For Ireland). Fyi for folks coming to belfast next week, the convention center here has some giant GOT exhibition. Also for the complete travel newbs, remember Belfast uses GBP, not Euros.
  3. Well, I dragged my feet, and prices have skyrocketed. Hilton's $324+tax a night, conrad $280+, radi $334+ and westin $350+. Think I'm going to just book an airbnb, plenty of 2 bedrooms for $300 a night. Worst case I can stay at my uncle's house for free and just uber... If anyone still needs accommodation, let m know, since its easy to book a bigger airbnb. I'm staying in town thu-tue.
  4. Looks like Hilton garden inn opened up a ton of rooms (at least on their website). There a BwB designated hotel? If not, was considering the Westin or Conrad. Also, due to work, I have to skip titancon. I'm in Belfast the nights of 13th and 14th (taking the train to Dublin on the 15th). If anyone wants to tour with me, let me know. You can probably sponge off my room booking as well. If anyone has a hotel recommendation, let me know.
  5. Flights booked, so I'll be there. Family decided not to come, so I'll be solo. I'll probably book an AirBnB closer in.
  6. Cuellar

    Worldcon 2020: Wellington New Zealand

    I'll be there, probably will do a stopover in Fiji with the wife/kids. Usually you can fly out of LAX to Auckland with a stopover in Fiji for an extra +$100.
  7. I'll probably make it to worldcon. Will bring the family, and my wife keeps linking me stuff about Iceland on Facebook, so probably will stop off there on route. Maybe even bring the MiL to watch the kids (although she usually out drinks me, so not sure if that will work out the way I intend). There's even a nonstop from LAX to Dub!
  8. Maybe if we get lucky, one of the later books will have some scenes filmed in the US, and we can try to bribe our way into an extra position!