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  1. Flights booked, so I'll be there. Family decided not to come, so I'll be solo. I'll probably book an AirBnB closer in.
  2. Cuellar

    Worldcon 2020: Wellington New Zealand

    I'll be there, probably will do a stopover in Fiji with the wife/kids. Usually you can fly out of LAX to Auckland with a stopover in Fiji for an extra +$100.
  3. There is usually an informal meet and greet at the hotel bar all day every day. If anyone is looking for BwB people to hang with, feel free to message me here or better yet on Facebook. I'm pretty recognizable out and about.
  4. Hotel reservations open up tomorrow at 1 pm pst. Last time they sold out in a couple weeks.
  5. My wife's coming, so we may opt for the Fairmont as well. So that's 3 votes for Fairmont, none for anything else! I'm actually flying from England to LA then driving to the con the next day, so I'll probably be quite the mess.
  6. I'll probably make it to worldcon. Will bring the family, and my wife keeps linking me stuff about Iceland on Facebook, so probably will stop off there on route. Maybe even bring the MiL to watch the kids (although she usually out drinks me, so not sure if that will work out the way I intend). There's even a nonstop from LAX to Dub!
  7. Yeah they just added that. I might stay at the fairmont at that rate, but don't really want to shlep back and forth from the convention center. If a bunch of people want to book rooms at fairmont, I'd be game to stay there. I always like meeting up with people in the lobby, so am a fan of designating a hotel for the BwB! Note: If you have SPG Gold (IE from AMEX Platinum) you can get Marriott gold, and land free breakfast in the lounge at the Marriott.
  8. I'll be there for sure. Debating on which hotel to book. Probably the Marriott, since I've stayed there a bunch of times, and it is closer walking distance to the Fairmont. Fairmont looks like a kick ass party location. We better score one of the poolside suites! It'll be just like LA. I'd consider staying there, but it will suck to keep walking back and forth, plus the rate will probably be crazy. I'll probably be driving up from LA on Wednesday. If anyone ends up needing a lift (either if it is cheaper to fly into LAX or you are from LA), we can coordinate closer to the date. Will give us a big car to drive around town if need be.
  9. Cuellar

    SpaceX--Spacecraft, rockets, and Mars

    For sure. Another option would be to potentially move the ISS to Mars when it becomes obsolete. Not sure what sort of lift/power would be required to get it over there, but seems to me repurposing/remodeling in space may be a better option that launching a shit ton of new stuff.
  10. Cuellar

    SpaceX--Spacecraft, rockets, and Mars

    I'd hope they use the extra power/space to put in a return option to do some sort of sample return.
  11. Cuellar

    SpaceX--Spacecraft, rockets, and Mars

    Pretty badass. With a low cost sample return mission, it also opens up the possibility of doing mining missions to asteroids.
  12. Maybe if we get lucky, one of the later books will have some scenes filmed in the US, and we can try to bribe our way into an extra position!